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North Shore

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[Waves Pounding]
**[Dance Rock]
* Walking in a strange line looking at the walls *
* The walls are getting higher and I think they're gonna fall *
* They're gonna fall down over me push me 'til I scream *
*Now I'm only hopin' that I'm livin'in a dream *
*It's just a dream dream, dream *
*It's just a dream dream, dream *
*Fear lies over me I feel it all around *
*Somethin's lookin'at me and I think it's gotta drown *
*It's not a king or a queen but something in between *
*Now I'm only hopin' that I'm livin'in a dream *
*It's just a dream dream, dream *
*It's just a dream dream, dream *
*It's strange how things seem to be different *
* When you're living in a dream *
*It's strange how things seem to be different *
* When you're living in a dream *
* Wars and violence it happens every day *
*And I'd never know it was a million miles away *
*It's just like real life true life, living in a dream *
*And everything is better than it *
* That's the way it seems It's just a dream **
[Man On P.A.] The winner of the Arizona State Surf Championship...
is Rick Kane.! Oh, Ricky! Whoo!
Yeah! Yeah!
That cutback was radical! Yeah, bitchin', man!
Thanks, guys. Come on up here. Let's give him a round of applause.
[Crowd Cheering] Whoo!
Now, Rick, how does it feel to be the top surfer in the state of Arizona?
Huh! Great!
We've got some prizes here to make it even greater. First of all...
presented by the gorgeous Lisa, a sterling silver surfer's belt buckle!
And a kiss. And something else that'll buy you a few tacos: [Cheering Continues]
500 dollars cash!
In all seriousness, how do you plan to spend the money?
I'm goin' to Hawaii to surf the waves on the North Shore!
[Boy] So where are you gonna stay?
[Rick] With Ed Luskey, that guy from Hawaii. He came by the wave tank last spring.
Oh, yeah. That older guy.
Right. He's got a place right on the beach. You are in there, Rick.
Hi, hon. Mom, I won.
Congratulations. I'm happy. [Dog Barking]
What's the matter?
Rick, are you sure this trip is such a good idea?
Mom, we had a deal. We agreed. Honey, I know you love surfing.
But don't throw away your career. [Barking Continues]
Mom, this is Lance Burkhart. He makes $100,000 a year.
If that's not a career, I don't know what is.
I thought you wanted to be a designer. You've got a scholarship.
I've been going to school for 12 years. College is another four.
I don't want to be some wrinkled-up old geezer, 40 years old...
watching a surf contest on TV, going, "Yeah, I was good. I coulda done that."
No way. I gotta find out for sure. [Chuckling]
[Woman On P.A.] Aloha. Passengers arriving on Continental flight 928...
from Los Angeles may proceed to baggage...
How you doin'? I need to get to 322 Keamo...
Keamoku. Yeah, yeah.
You sure? Yeah, by the beach.
Right, by the beach.
[Man] What's up, brah?
[Woman Giggling]
Hey! Hey, man, five dollars. Huh?
That board extra. Five dollars, five dollars.
*Every time I see you... * Huh! Why, you...
l-I'm sorry. Watch it!
*Everything I'm feelin'... * Hey, Ed!
Hey! Yeah? Yeah, what'll you have?
It's me, Rick Kane. From Tempe, Arizona? The wave tank, about six months ago?
Oh, yeah, right, uh... Hey, you gotta buy a drink. That's the rules.
Hello. You surfer, huh?
Uh, yeah. Huh! You could tell, huh? Mm-hmm.
Ed, you said that if I was ever in Hawaii, I could stay with you.
I don't care what I said. Just drink up and take off.
Hey, surfer, buy me drink. Uh, a drink?
Mm-hmm. Huh! Uh, yeah, okay. You seem like a nice girl.
I take champagne, okay?
- Twenty dollars. - Twenty dollars for one glass?
[Glass Breaking, Man Whooping]
[Australian Accent] Yeah! Go on. Get up there and dance!
**[Continues, Indistinct] [Squealing]
Get off the stage, you fathead.! Come here.!
Ed! Help! Yeah, call the cops.
[Bouncer] You little geek! [Grunting]
Whoops! Gotta go!
[Indistinct Shouts]
Aah! My board, my board!
Get outta here!
- [Rick] Get me outta here.! - [Driver] Hop in, mate!
[Passenger] Where you goin'? Ain't this your lucky day! [Rick] North Shore!
Say, Yank, where you from?
Uh, like kinda outside L.A., sort of. Hey, aren't you Alex Rogers?
Yeah, that's me. And this is my mate, Mark Occhilupo.
Occy! You won the O.P. Pro twice!
I bet you read all the surfer mags, eh?
Alex! Up ahead! What is that?
[Alex] They're burnin'off the sugarcane fields, clearin'em.
- [Rick] What? Whoa.! - [Alex] Yee-hah!
What're we doing? Goin' after hot sugar! Okay, Yank, when I slow down...
- jump out and break off as many as you can. - There's a fire out there!
- It's your initiation! Jump! - Every surfer does it.! [Chuckles]
- Come on. Jump! - Jump! Come on, Yank!
Okay, okay. Uhh!
My board!
[Together] Ooo-whee-hoo!
- [Gasps] - Hey! [Speaking Hawaiian]
[Men Shouting] Hey, hey! What you doin' here?
- Come here! Come here! - [Rick, Panicking] Oh-oh!
There he is! Hey, Yank, you want a lift?
I could've been killed! [Occy] No worries, mate.!
- [Hooting, Whooping] - Uuh, aah!
How many did he get? Three? One? You only got one?
Let's go back. Are you crazy?
[Alex] We can share it. [Rick] Are my eyebrows still burning?
**[Rock] Oh, they're here!
Hey, Occy! Hi, Alex.
[Occy] Hey, Kia, what are you doing up here with all the chicks?
Put your board here. I'm going to get another beer.
[Indistinct Conversation] * This is Australia *
* This is Australia *
**[Rock Continues]
Whoa! This is Lance Burkhart's house!
Yep, he'll be comin' in for the season tomorrow. I'd like to meet him.
I don't see why not.
[Waves Crashing] Listen to the ocean.
Wow. Sounds like a ten-foot swell. Tomorrow should be pumping.
Yeah, sounds like it. I'm gonna go look at it.
Hey, it ain't goin' nowhere. Huh!
Hey, Alex, come and jump in with us. All right. I love skin diving.
Hah! Oh!
[Surf Pounding]
Hey, Alex, the swell's looking too north for here, I reckon.
Hey, Yank, we're going on the dawn patrol at Sunset.
Dawn patrol? Sunset?
Oh, Sunset Beach! Wait, wait. I'm coming with you!
[Rick] Wow. [Alex] Ooh.! Looks good, eh?
It's unreal, Alex.
[Alex] There's a few waves out there.
Oi, stash that! Someone might knock it off.
Gonna do ya up today, Oc. Yeah, right, mate.
I'm gonna surf the inside bough. I'm gonna go straight outside.
So I'll check you out the back.
Hey, Professor, are you going to get me in the magazines this season or what?
I'll watch you, Rogers... Like I watch everybody.
[Occy] Hey, Rick, you want some wax, mate? Oh, thanks.
Hey, isn't that Hans Hedemann out there?
Yeah, right.
Twinnie? No one rides twin fins in Hawaii.
- [Occy] He must think he's still on the mainland. - I'll be all right.
[Occy] Can you believe that one? [Chuckles]
[Alex] Let's go.
Check where he's going! He doesn't know what he's doin'.
[Gasping, Huffing]
Hey, Yank, the channel's over here.
- You'll never make it up to the lineup unless you duck dive. - Duck dive?
Like that.
I was wondering if you'd make it into the lineup.
The waves are dying down a bit, eh? Yeah.
Look at this one.
The surf looks good, huh, Vince?
Not bad.
Plenty haole surfers, but we'll blow them away, brah.
Whatevahs. We go.
Go. Go.
Whoo! Hah. All right. That was a hot wave.
[Chuckling] That wasn't a wave. That was a ripple.
- [Occy Laughing] Seen bigger waves in a toilet.! - [Splashing]
Looks like a big comin'in.
Hey, Oc. The hui, mate. Let's get outta here.
Hey, where you guys goin'?
[Hui Surfer] Take this one. Hey, haole.
Hi. Haole to you too.
He's so haole he doesn't he doesn't even know he's haole.
Here, haole buddy. This is our wave.
- Oh, yeah? Well, I don't see your name on 'em. - [Surfers] Ooh-ooh!
Bye, haole.
[Chuckling] All right!
Our surf, haole! Hey.! Get a-way back.!
- Catch the wave, brah.! Whoo-hoo.! - No way!
Uh! Damn haole.!
[Panting, Coughing]
You just wiped out Vince. He's somebody you don't mess with.
It was an accident. You'll be an accident if you don't get outta here.
So I didn't read the wave right. Where'd you learn to surf? In the bathtub?
Hey! Did you take my bag?
Bag? Bag?
I'm sorry I wiped you out, but I think he stole my stuff. You take his stuff?
Me? No, brah, I never take his stuff. Haole, you dangerous.
- Better you go home. - Yeah, kook, you don't belong over here.
[Surfers] Yeah.! That's right.
*Blue hotel *
* On a lonely highway *
*Blue hotel *
* That don't work out my way *
[Girls Yelling] Happy Halloween!
*I've waited long and lonely nights *
*Blue hotel *
*Blue hotel **
Uh! Excuse me.
How's it? Gnarly mask, eh?
Like it was the last one. Laters, brah.
Excuse me. Um, do you know where the police station is around here?
Police station? Yeah, the nearest one's in Wahiawa.
Wah... what? Wahiawa, about 12 miles up the road, yeah.
12 miles? Well, they'll come down here if I call, right?
Wow, beats me. I don't know anybody who's tried it.
Why you wanna call the cops? Some guys at the beach stole my stuff.
For real? Bummers. Hey, at least they didn't get your board.
You see who did it?
Yeah! Those guys in the black trunks who think they're hot shit. The hoae, the huey...
Hui. Hey, Barney, forget about it. Bag it.
Bag it? Wait. They got my stuff. They can't do that.
Hey, they're the hui. Nobody messes with the hui.
Stay loose, haole.
Hey, wait a second. What's a haole, anyway?
It's a local word for "tourist," like you, from the mainland.
I'm not a tourist. Whatever, Barney.
And what's a Barney?
Uh, it's like, uh, barn-o, barnyard.
Like a haole to the max. A kook in and out of the water, yeah?
Hey, my name's Rick. What's your name? Yeah? Turtle.
Hey, Rick, I gotta go to a party.
You got a date for me? Yeah, okay. Come on.
**[Hard Rock]
Full on. This is bitchin'!
Bitchin'? Yeah, right, Barney. It's bitchin', yeah.
[Indistinct Chatter] [Turtle] Wow, the Brazilians are back, more agro than ever.
Hi, Turtle. Yeah, hi.
Did you see those girls? They were gorgeous!
They... She... Twelve.
Twelve? No way. Really? Twelve? Good party, eh?
Wow. There's those hui guys. They're the guys who stole my stuff.
- I stashed it under a tree. They took my stuff. - Hey, you know what? Shut up.
Don't even look at 'em. Just stay cool. Go around 'em.
Go around 'em.
[Crowd Chatter]
[Man] Hey, how's it, Lance?
There he is. That's Lance Burkhart. That's him.
[Man] Where's all the women?
**[Rock Continues, Indistinct]
You're lookin' sweet, baby.
[Cameraman] Hey, wait a minute. Slow down. This way, Lance.
Hey, turn around.
[Turtle] Hey, cousin, how's it?
How's it, sister, a-kind? Look so pretty.
* The night stalkers We are the streetwalkers *
*Just you and me *
*A menace to society *
Turtle! I thought you were workin' tonight. Chandler. Hey.
Oh... yeah.
Who's that? That's the guy, brah. That's Chandler.
Best shaper in Hawaii. Maybe even the world even.
I sand all his boards. Me and Chandler skin tight. Yeah, like brothers, kinda.
Really? I'd like to meet him. Yeah?
Yeah. No!
Hey, Chandler. Burkhart.
Got my board ready yet? Need it tomorrow, first thing.
You'll have it.
Be good publicity for ya, me ridin' your board.
I'm excited. Beyond belief.
Turtle. **[Rock Continues]
[Alex] Hey, Burkhart, watch the dead dog.! [Yowling]
[Rick] Hey-hey.!
- Get it finished. - Alex, get me a beer.
Hey, Alex, hi. What, Yank?
I gotta go. I gotta sand Burkhart's board all night.
Hey. Hey, Turtle, wait.
Whoa, you all right? Yeah, thanks.
[Both Chuckling]
That's an interesting costume. Well, I didn't...
I didn't... Huh! My name's Kiani. What's your name?
Well, everybody's been calling me "haole," but I guess you can call me Rick. [Giggling]
Hi, Rick. Where you from? Hi.
Uh, from the mainland.
I just came to, uh, surf the season.
Thought you were going home.
Could you please explain what's going on?
Not in your lifetime, which looks pretty short. That's Vince's cousin.
[Sighs] Oh, man! Hey, do you need any help sanding Burkhart's board?
I don't know, why? What?
I'll help you sand it if you let me stay the night.
Maybe you can sweep up or something.
So... this is where you work, Turtle?
Only when the surf's bad, Barn-o. 'Cause when the surf's good, nobody works.
[Rick] Intense.!
Whoa, great board. His logo could use some work though.
Hey, don't even touch, Barney! That's a fresh hot coat.
This rhino chaser don't need no big haole handprint messin' up its whole trip.
Wait, rhino chaser? Big gun.
How long you been doin' this?
Sanded my first board, I was 15. Been full-on sanding since 18.
I'd like to learn how to sand. You gotta learn to surf first.
Hey, I'm pretty good. I can tell you're lame by the way you wear your shorts.
Hey, you know what? Someday I'm going to be a shaper like Chandler.
Why don't you just try?
Check this out.
[Whistles] No way!
This is terrific. You like it? I made it from scratch.
Shaped it, glassed it, sanded it, the whole trip. You're the first to see it.
- I really like it. - Yeah? No!
Hey, what's the deal with Chandler and Burkhart?
They act like they hate each other.
Chandler thinks that Burkhart surfs for all the wrong reasons.
Look at all the money he makes!
You're unreal, Barney. Should I get that?
[Rick] Whoa.
Flying cockroach. These things so big, they fy off with little baby Barneys and shit.
[Chuckling] Unreal, yeah?
Hold your breath. [Sander Revving]
[Rick Coughing]
[Turtle] Chandler told me to lay the glass on extra heavy. [Rick] How come?
Because Burkhart breaks boards, Barney, like, for fun.
Whoo.! Spit. Welcome to Pipeline.
Banzai Pipeline? The one and only, brah.
Go, Barney. Lance is waiting. When are you gonna start callin' me Rick?
When you're not a Barney anymore, Barney. I'm not a Barney!
Chandler, where's my stick? Here it is.
Here it is. Give it a try. Finally. It better work.
It will. We'll see.
**[Dance Rock]
* Talkin' 'bout nobody *
*Nobody knows *
He's amazing.
* Talkin' 'bout nobody *
*Nobody knows *
*I'm talkin' 'bout nobody *
*Nobody knows **
I thought I said a big board, but loose, Chandler. The nose is too thick.
I don't ride waves going straight, like some people I know.
It's a fast gun. It's built for speed, not hot-dogging. You have a single-fin mentality.
I need a big board with lots more rocker. I only make boards one way:
The right way. It's an old man's board, Chandler.
Look, you came to me, pal. I didn't come to you. Sorry it didn't work out.
[Shutter Clicking] Those shots. Burn 'em.
Alex, gimme a board that works... my board.
That's weird. Why wouldn't Chandler make the board the way Burkhart wanted it?
I mean, it is Lance Burkhart.
You wouldn't understand. I'm goin' out.
I'm goin' with you. [Sarcastically] Oh, really?
Yeah. You got any pointers?
About Pipe? Yeah, you're not ready for it.
I'm ready. Oh, yeah?
Okay, brah. The reef starts just about here, and it stretches all the way down to there.
There's a reef? That's right.
So when the wave breaks here, don't be there, or you're gonna get drilled.
Huh! Anything else?
You really coming? Yeah. Came 4,000 miles for this.
If you bail before the wave breaks, get behind it.
Otherwise, it might wash you into one of those caves down there.
They're always pullin' bodies out of the caves. Anything else?
There's the sharks. Sharks?
Yeah, somebody yells in time for you to pull up your feet... usually.
Great. I feel much better.
Look. Burkhart. He makes it look so easy.
It's getting awfully big out here.
I guess you surfwaves like this all the time, huh?
Hey, not this one.
Okay, this one looks good.
No, Kane, not this one.
Kane, no! It's too deep!
[Horse Whinnies]
Rick.! Rick, you took a bad fall, man. Hey, look at your back.
Look at my board! It was the only thing I had left.
I'll get the other half.
- You get reef rash if you don't put something on those cuts. - Reef rash?
Heavy scar, brah. Scar for life for sure.
There's bacteria in the coral. It scars the skin. Show him, Pao.
- So what do I do? - Scrub it, kook! [Chuckling]
Come with me. I can help.
[Chuckling] You ride pretty good... for a surfer.
Well, I am from Arizona.
This your horse? No, I work at the stables.
Thank you for helping me.
Come on, cowboy. Let's take care of your back. Okay.
What's that? The best thing for a cut.
A plant? Don't you use an antiseptic or something?
It's a natural antiseptic. It's aloe.
Lie down. Come on.
You seem different from the others. Ah-ow! Ouch.
You go to school or anything?
Yeah, I got a scholarship to an art school.
Bet you picked a school where there's good surf, yeah?
Right. New York City.
I hear the East River's got some pretty radical waves.! I'd like to go there.
- Why? - I've been here my whole life.
You really know what you're doing. I guess you've had a lot of surfer boyfriends, huh?
I've had a lot of practice.
Oh, really?
All my brothers and cousins.
I guess you're okay now. I gotta go.
Wha... Keep putting this on your cuts.
And don't surf such big waves.
[Door Creaking Open, Shutting]
Hey, Turtle. I know plenty guys surf good. Kiani don't look at 'em twice.
But you, brah, wipe out, get drilled. She gallops right up to you, huh? Unreal.
Hey, brah, hui chicks... Be careful.
[Door Shutting] That's Chandler. He's pissed about Burkhart's board.
He's gonna be in a bad mood.
Hey, boys.
You want me to unload the truck? No. No hurry.
What do you got in the bag? I got it at the pawn shop. I always wanted a set.
My drawing tools!
Bull. They are. They got stolen from me yesterday.
Who is this guy? My friend from the mainland.
These are yours?
Prove it.
There's a painting under there. I painted it.
I worked all summer for these. I paid 150 bucks for it.
[Chandler] You painted this?
Twenty bucks. What?
I paid 20 bucks for this.
I would give it to you if I had it. I got ripped off. My wallet, my money...
Everything. I don't even have a place to stay.
What's your name? Rick.
Tell you what, Rick, I'll make you a deal.
You let me keep this painting, do some sweeping up around my shaping shack...
and I'll give you a place to sleep, somethin' to eat, and you can have your case back.
Come on.
You comin'? No, he's got sanding to do.
[Rick] I've been thinking about your logo. Yeah? What do you think?
I don't know. It's a little '60s. Oh, is that right?
Yeah. Maybe I could try some stuff for you.
[Horn Honking] Daddy! Hi, Dad!
Yo, hey, there. How you doin', gang? [Boy] Hi, Dad.
Dad, I caught a lizard! Hello, honey.
There you are. Hey, mama. Got somethin' for ya.
Rick, this is my wife, Anela.
This is Rick. He painted that. He's gonna make us a new logo.
- You're a good artist. - Thank you.
[Dog Barking] Okay, Roger, let's go. Come on.
Watch this. [Barking]
[Girl] Come on, Roger.
[Barking] [Chandler] Come here.!
Go get it, Roger! Yeah. Yeah.
[Door Shutting]
Nice design. But it's completely wrong.
Wrong? How?
It's just... It's like a music video nightmare.
It's got no soul.
How 'bout something more like this?
Yeah, it's good.
Yeah? Well, it's a little "beach blanket be-bop" but...
[Sarcastic Laughter]
Damn! Wave's are comin' up. I'm goin' out. I'll be back later.
Can I come?
I heard you ate it pretty bad both times you've been out. It's really dangerous out there.
Rick wants to go surf. You take him.
[Sighs] On one condition.
You do everything I say. You don't question anything. First time you do, that's it.
Okay, it's a deal.
Come on. [Claps Hands]
I'm gonna watch from here.
Wait! Don't we need surfboards?
Oh, come on. That wasn't a question. I mean...
All right. It didn't count because I wasn't ready. All right?
What are we...
I mean, we appear to be watching the ocean.
Yes, we are.
What do you see?
Ahh... waves.
What else?
[Rick] The waves seem to break right there in the same place.
There. There's a reef right there.
See, a wave breaks in water that's half as deep as the wave is tall.
You've probably heard that the Eskimos have several hundred words for snow, right?
Well, the Hawaiians have just as many words to describe waves and ocean conditions.
Mom, where's Daddy? He's out with Rick...
[Chandler] It's ebbing sea. Decreasing sea.
Pretty soon it's going to be kimaloko... low tide, when the reef gets exposed.
Naah. Ehh.
Nope. [Scoffs] What do you know about art?
I took some classes... a long time ago.
Then I got married, started shapin'.
Speakin' of which, I better get back to it.
- Can I watch? - You can sweep.
Huh! I can sweep.
So, what kind of board are you making?
Gun. Big wave board.
The guy's about, uh, about my size.
And, uh, he rides the big waves like they're supposed to be ridden.
Yeah? Who is he? His name is Vince Moaloka.
Vince? The head of the hui?
Oh, yeah, I forgot. You know him.
That little punk he hangs out with is the guy who stole my stuff.
All us haoles stole these islands from him and his people. Ever think about that?
Well, yeah, but... Hey.!
You got a whole lot to learn.
So why don't you just... shut up and watch.
Okay. First, you draw the outline.
[Chandler] Once I cut the shape, I use the planer to carve the rail for a specific wave.
The big Waimea. Too little a rail, you dig into the curl.
Too high, you get pitched into the sea.
Pipeline, the waves break like this.
[Rick] I thought a wave was a wave.
Yeah, well, a lot of the pros like Burkhart...
think a wave's just for carvin' up, you know?
Hot-dogging. Imposing their own style of acrobatics on the wave.
What's wrong with that?
I don't know. A pure surfer goes with the wave.
I mean, he knows the wave.
He knows where it breaks, the best spot to be.
He works with it.
This is called "leftovers" here. It channels right through the middle.
[Rick] This is Waimea? Yeah, it's flat today, so it's a good day for looking.
A lot of surfers never even think about what's under the water here.
So why are we lookin' at the reef? You tell me.
It has to do with the waves. Right. The reef affects the shape of the wave.
Really? But if you hit the reef, it affects the shape of your head.
All right. You've learned the waves. Time to learn about a board.
I'm gonna ride this one! Heh! You are not ready for a board like that.
Well, when I am, will you let me use it?
When you're ready. But only after you've mastered all the others.
Starting with this one. Gimme a hand.
This isn't a surfboard. It's an antique!
What does it weigh, a hundred pounds? A hundred and 30.
It's made from koa wood, same way the ancient Hawaiians made them.
This is a canoe!
And it's impossible to turn. It doesn't even have a fin. Yes, it does.
Hey, whoa! There's your fin, your inside foot. You drag it in the water.
- There's one. - Go for it.
Get up. Drag your foot.
Your inside foot!
Whoo.! All right. You got it.
That was amazing. If I move my foot a little, it really made a big difference. Yep.
Looked good. Yeah?
Keep working.
- Yeah, that's better. - Yeah?
It's gettin' warm.
Gettin' warm. Heh. Whoo!
Rick, you're ready for board number two.
** [Rock]
**[Rock Continues]
*Am I the one *
* Won't you say that I am Say I belong here *
*Am I the one *
*I just can't hold back very much longer *
*Am I the one *
*I'm at the breaking point Oh, now I can't deny it *
*Am I the one *
* Won't you say that I am Don't try to hide it *
Hey, Turtle, wanna hit the waves?
Nah. Got work to do.
*Sunlight dancin' on the water *
*Painting pictures 'fore my eyes *
*Silver scenes *
*Fading into dreams *
*Ride the walls and feel the madness *
*I'm awake and ready for it *
*Fantasies *
*Fill my fantasies *
*Now's the time to be here *
*Again *
*How I love to see her *
*Lose myself in heaven *
*Again *
*Am I the one *
* Won't you say that I am Say I belong here *
*Am I the one *
- * Won't you say that I am Don't try to hide it * - Whoo!
[Chandler] Loosen up your knees.
Work on your turns.
*Am I the one *
*I need you to say that I am Say I belong here *
- *Am I the one * - Whoo-hoo!
*I just can't hold back very much longer *
*Am I the one **
[Chuckling] All right! Yeah! Ha-ha!
Isn't that art school of yours startin' up in a couple of weeks? Yeah.
You're goin', aren't ya? Maybe. I don't know.
Be a shame if you didn't. Waste all that talent.
* Pearly shells * ** [Singing In Hawaiian]
* From the ocean *
* Shinin' in the sun *
* Coverin' the shore *
* When I see them *
*My heart tells me that I love you **
[Vehicle Approaching] Oh, hey!
[Hogs Grunting, Squealing]
Thanks a lot.
Don't mention it, brah.
So, you eat, or what? Yeah, thanks.
Good, eh? Made this jerky myself. [Chuckles]
Pork jerky? Good, eh? [Chuckling]
Thanks a lot. I appreciate it. You're welcome. So long.
See you later. Okay, brah-dah.
Hi. Hi.
Do you know where Kiani lives? Where?
That house? Yeah.
Thank you very much.
Yeah? Hi. Is Kiani home?
For what? I'm a friend ofhers.
- Hey, what happen? - Nothing. I just wanna see Kiani, okay?
Who you, brah? My name's Rick.
- What's the haps? - I just wanna see Kiani. All right, guys?
What you guys doing? Some kook looking for you.
[Chuckles] I just wanted to talk to you.
[Laughs] These are my brothers.
This is Kako, Rusty and Pila.
Guys, this is my friend, Rick. Hi.
Hey, kook. I've really had it with you!
I'm cooking for a family luau. My aunties and uncles are coming over. You hungry?
I'm starving.
** [Singing In Hawaiian]
So, haole, you like some raw fish?
No, thanks.
Kiani. Come on. You come dance.
Come on. Don't be shy. Come on.
So, haole, you J.O.J.? What?
Just off the jet? That like F.O.B. Fresh off the boat.
From Arizona, if that's what you mean.
- Yeah, I hear he one hot ripper. - One bad shredder? He bust his stick he shred so bad.
- [Chuckles] - Go back to Arizona, haole. Leave local girls alone.
Well, it was nice talking to you guys.
I'm gonna go tell Vince.
This is the Haitia, a very ancient and sacred place.
I used to come up here a lot with my parents. Where are they?
[Sighs] My dad drowned about three years ago.
He was a surfer like you.
And then, about a year later, my mother died.
She used to tell me about the kahuna. Kahuna?
Priest kings. The ancient Hawaiians.
She said they used to take a tea leaf...
wrap up a lava rock in it...
and they'd place it on the altar, and whatever they prayed for would come true.
Make your wish.
[Thunder Rumbling]
Whoa. Come on.
Oh, no!
This way.
Where are we going?
We're almost there.
I'm soaked. I'm so wet!
That sign.
It's a sign of the club.
"Hui o hei nalu."
[Laughs] "Hui." The club.
"O hei." The slide.
"Nalu." Wave.
Wave sliding club. [Chuckles]
[Sighs] It's great.
It's okay.
[Laughs] Whoops.
[Men Chattering, Indistinct]
[Boar Squealing]
[Man] Hey, be nice, guys.
Hold on.
[Rocky] Look who's here.
Hey, haole. What you doin' over here? I thought we told you already. Go home.
Hey, that's my buckle. You did steal my stuff. Give it back.
He said he didn't.
Hey, this is between him and me.
No way, brah. It's between you and the hui.
That's right. Take his stuff?
- Me, no, brah. - Yeah, he did! That's it. He's wearin' it right now.
He's a kook. One haole trying to make one local girl. He get what he deserve.
Chandler tells me the hui are descended from ancient Hawaiian kings, not petty thieves.
It's between us. Let him and me fight for it.
You unreal. You must like getting drilled real bad.
Come on, Vince. We'll go pound him.
You took his stuff. You pound him.
- [Man] Go on, Rocky. - Rick!
Easy, easy. No!
[Men Shouting] Come on, Rocky. Get up. Rick.
I can't see you anymore. What?
Why are you letting these guys run your life? You don't understand.
[Car Approaching]
Oh, brah. The hui been giving you lessons or what?
I don't wanna talk about it, okay, Turtle? Get me back to Chandler's.
[Men Chattering]
So what you doing way over here?
L... I went to see Kiani.
So, you try to do her or what?
You did. That's how come your face all broke up.
I tried to tell you, man.
Nobody listens to Turtle.
I hear Chandler's trying to teach you how to shape.
I've been his sander for five years. Did Chandler teach me how to shape? Not even.
Chandler ask me home for dinner? Not. Coach me how to big wave surf? No way.
Look, maybe... Maybe it's 'cause we have this design thing in common.
Yeah, right, design thing. You designed me out of the picture, haole!
Here on the North Shore, we treat friends more better.
[Sighs] Turtle, why don't you come in?
[Tires Screeching]
Anela, can I use the bath? Rick!
Oh, what happened? You go inside. I'll clean you up right now.
You go to Kawai Loa village, huh?
Get in fight over girl, huh? Yeah.
You know, I remember Chandler used to fight with my brothers all the time too.
Anela, are you and Chandler happy?
I mean, a haole surfer guy and a local woman living here?
[Groans] Are you happy?
Other guys Chandler's age, they're mean, fat...
watch TV, yell.
Chandler, he's alive. He loves the ocean.
Chandler's a good man.
You know, I'm pretty lucky.
I think Chandler's pretty lucky.
[Giggling] I think you feeling much better now.
[Car Horn Honking] Thank you.
[Car Door Opening, Closing]
Hey, Rick, come on. Waimea's breaking.
Whoa, what happened to you?
Oh, nothing. I just got punched by the reef. That's all.
Reefs don't punch like that.
Did you get in a fight over that local girl? Jesus!
It's impossible to keep anything quiet around here.
Hey, wait a minute. That's Burkhart's board. You're not ready for that.
Chandler, I used the semi-gun at leftovers in Velzy...
and then I used the... that rhino chaser over there at Sunset.
And then I used this big gun at Lonnies and Pipeline.
And the six-five thruster at Backdoor.
I guess you are ready for that board.
[Laughs] All right!
Hey, can we stop by the sanding shack for a minute? Sure. Why?
Uh... unfinished business.
[Sander Buzzing]
Hey, Turtle. See ya.
Hey, that's my board. Where you going with that?
Hey, Chandler. Look at this. I think it's great.
[Chandler] Whoa. Nice detail.
Clean lines.
Good balance.
Classic big wave shape. This is great.!
- You did a great job, Rick. - I didn't shape it.
Turtle? You made this?
You made a big gun? [Laughs]
It's beautiful, man.
- It's almost as good as one of mine. - Oh, wow. Unreal.
Hey, listen. Waimea's cranking right now. We're just goin' out.
You wanna come? Come on.
I really like this board. So, hey, listen, uh, uh... You're gonna be a great shaper.
Thanks, Rick. Brah, brah, the kind!
**[Rock, Indistinct]
Paddle fast, man, before another set hits and closes off the channel.
- Ain't nobody out here but us soul surfers. - Soul surfers?
Sounds hokey, doesn't it?
That's what the hot-doggers call us old characters out here on our big boards.
I guess all the shredders are probably up at Pipeline, practicing for the Pipe Classic.
- Oh, shit, we better move. - Naw, let him get in line with everyone else.
Rick, look at the horizon.
- [Rick] Good set comin'in. - Where do you wanna be?
- [Chandler] Kid's got potential. - Maybe.
**[Rock, Indistinct]
Drop down. I'm comin' through.
Thank you. All right!
Hey, Professor. Who's out there?
That's Chandler, on my board that I made.
Chandler? I thought he was dead. No.
[Camera Shutter Snapping]
[Professor] Who is that?
That's Rick Kane. He's a friend of Chandler's and me.
Good, huh? [Camera Shutter Snaps]
He's got goodjudgment. He knows where the waves break. Little bit of that old style.
Yeah? You know if Kane's entered in the Pipeline Classic?
Naw. Chandler wouldn't like that.
Chandler is in his own little world.
Turtle says the professor's been taking some pictures of me. Oh, yeah?
[Chuckles] If you don't watch out, he'll make you cover boy for the surf magazines.
[Camera Shutter Clicking]
*It's the nature of the beast *
* To turn to the fire *
Whoa! * Tell me can't you feel the heat *
*See you walking on the wire *
*It's the nature of the beast * *Nature of the beast *
*I know you had the feeling *
*And it makes you lose control *
*And it makes you wake up screaming *
* Ooow-yeah *
Sequence rips. You're really shredding. Yeah? Think so?
Yeah, you tore it up. Whoa!
I can get you in the magazines. Yeah?
Well, wait... Don't I need a sponsor for that?
What you need first is to enter and do well in a big contest...
like the Pipeline World Classic.
* You never know any shame **
It's like a zoo out there.
Like every kook from Florida to Australia's shown up here to try...
and enter that Pipeline Classic.
Why do you hate contests so much?
They bring out the worst in the human animal.
Killer instinct, you know?
It's in all of us. Shouldn't be encouraged.
At least you're not out there trying to make the classic with all the rest of the Barneys.
What's this?
So, you entered.
Gonna go out and get famous, huh?
The professor arranged for the whole thing.
Yeah? You're gonna compete?
I don't know. What do you think?
You know what I think.
Can I use Burkhart's board...
in the contest?
Go ahead. Go shred.
Derek Ho's right behind you. Hey, Andy!
[Man] Hey, Derek.! No way.
You got it. [Sighs]
That's Shaun Tomson right there.
He's talking to Hans Hedemann. No way.!
This is unreal!
[Gavel Pounding] [Man] Okay, listen up, everybody.
I wanna welcome all of you to the North Shore, the surfing capital of the world.
And this is the 15th year of the Pipeline Classic.
Now, I can see we have here surfers from Brazil, Peru...
from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the mainland U.S. A...
and right here in Hawaii to give us the biggest field ever.
The 16 amateurs who survive the elimination heats...
will go into the main event to face the top ten professionals...
for the Miller Lite $ 10,000 prize...
[Applause] And the Pipeline Classic cup.
So, gentlemen, good luck to all of you, and go for it!
What's all this? Somebody's sponsor guy shoots this fashion video once a year.
Look like fash-dancers, L.A. Kind, huh?
Drop the clothes. Let's get the clothes down off the bodies.
Leave her hair alone. I hate those lights. Look over there.
Unreal. Go get her, brah.
She'll probably go lo lo all over you. No. Not my type.
[Director] Action.
[Turtle] Look at these guys. They look all lepo, man. They're not even surfers.
Still hung up on Kiani, huh?
- It's too bad, brah. She ain't got her mind on you. - [Director] Cut.
Back to your places. One more take. No, I guess not.
I'm going to bed. Gotta surf tomorrow.
Yeah, brah. The main event.
Shocka. See ya, Turtle.
Get... [Scoffs]
[Woman] Lance, we're waiting. [Man] Almost done.
- Can I get a ride? - Why don't you ask your new friend?
Can we just find a beach and talk?
[Laughs] Get in.
[Engine Starts] Hey, where you going?
We got one more take! Get back here, you bitch!
Hey, who you callin' bitch?
You know Vince saw us back there? Don't worry about Vince.
This is Laie Point.
[Sighs] It's so beautiful.
It's my home.
So I guess you're staying, huh? Staying?
Yeah, you're getting everything you worked so hard for.
Entering the contest, a chance to go pro. I don't know.
Maybe Chandler's right. Maybe I should take that scholarship. And go to New York?
L-l... I thought this was everything you wanted.
Well, it was. When I first got here, more than anything.
And now?
This classic features the world's best pros. The extreme power...
of a 15-foot wave at Pipeline is measurable as a weight over 100,000 pounds...
per cubic foot of falling lift as it cracks the face of the wave.
[Announcer #2] A day like today, Joe, that reef could claim a lot of skin...
maybe even a few broken bones.
Oh.! What a wipeout for Chuck Downing.!
The first wipeout of the contest.
[Joe] Corky Carroll, we're underway with the next heat of competition.
Got 20 minutes to go. In the pit of the Pipeline, we've got Hawaii's Mickey Nielsen...
and he's a front-sider, or a goofy-footer.
[Corky] Mickey's dropping into a very steep wave.
It's an advantage to have your right foot forward at Pipeline because you face the wave.
It's an excellent ride here for Mickey. Good points.
Next up, Davey Miller with a late takeoff.
Broken board. Bummer.
Corky, this Pipeline Classic is turning into a hot water action.
The surfers, look at 'em. They're traversing left, right.
They're climbing up and down vertically. They're ripping the waves apart.
Next up, Christian "The Kid"Fletcher. There he goes.
Corky, he's way down the line. He's deep in the pit. It's a late takeoff.
[Corky] My God, he's getting pinched and sucked over the falls.! A terrible wipeout.!
[Corky] Well, it's a good thing the huis are out here to make this rescue.
Hey, mate, up next, eh? Mm-hmm.
Good luck. A bit nervous or what? I am a bit.
Calling now for the fourth heat. In the fourth heat we have Fuji Sugihama from Japan.
Hailing from Hawaii is Michael Latz. Scott Daly is from California.
And from... Arizona? Arizona?
Yes, Arizona, Rick Kane. Okay, gentlemen, you now have...
20 minutes to catch a minimum four waves.
Good luck here at the dangerous Bonsai Pipeline. Let's give 'em a hand.
[Crowd Cheering]
[Air Horn Blaring]
[Corky] They're heading out. In the next 20 minutes, they'll bejudged on three things:
The number of waves they catch, the length of their rides, the sheer radicalness of their maneuvers.
[Joe] Paddling out as water patrol and referee...
is the legendary Vince Moaloka.
**[Rock Indistinct]
Next up is Rick Kane.
He's flying off the lip right now down into the power zone, nice bottom turn.
Comes screaming out on the shoulder. Wow, he's stoked. Not bad for a new kid.
It's Scott Daly up next. He's all the way from California. He's lookin'good so far.
Much like a lot of the Californians do. Not a big wave, but a good score.
[Joe] Kane scoring big with thejudges on that excellent bottom turn.
He pushed the limits. He didn't hold anything back. He made the turn and flew off the top.
[Air Horn Blaring]
[Joe] Corky, the Pipeline Classic continues. Now in heat six of round two.
First up is Rick Kane, showing surprising skill for a newcomer.
Excuse me. [Joe] Up and riding is Arizona's Rick Kane in pink.
He's not a flashy surfer, Corky, but he's sure got a real nose for waves.
Can I borrow those, please? [Corky] Wow, an excellent ride.!
He's got amazing control ofhis board. Riding all the way into the beach.
- A few last turns there as he hits the sand. - Whoo! [Laughs]
- [Air Horn Blaring] - [Joe] The heat is over. The results are in...
showing Hawaii's Aaron Napoleon in first place... Congratulations, Aaron.
And Arizona's Rick Kane is in second. Oh, you were rippin', Rick.
Moving them toward the final elimination heats. Thanks.
Let me get a picture. One more win, guys, and we'll see you in the main event.
Mr. "Nose for Waves" comes from a wave tank in Arizona.
[Giggles] You got here.
My boss let me off work. Those your new friends?
[P.A.] All contestants for the next round report to the tent.
Good luck.
[Corky] Now fans, signing autographs in the contestants'tent are Derek Ho...
Hans Hedemann, Lance Burkhart, and the great Shaun Tomson.
[Joe] Corky, we're now down to the final moments of this heated competition.
Once again, it's Rick Kane spotting the set.
[Corky] He's right in the right place at the right time once again.
He's pulling up into the pocket, getting covered by the barrel.
All right!
[Corky] And dropping into a big wave is Hawaii's Mark Foo.
Remember, the top two finishers advance on to the next heat.
If Rick advances here, he's gonna have to challenge Lance Burkhart.
[Air Horn Blaring] [Joe] We have the results of that last heat of competition.
First place going to the North Shore's own Mark Foo. Good ride, man.
And Rick Kane hangs in there for second, good enough to get into the main event.
The main event! You seen Chandler?
No, brah. You won't see him at a contest. Rick, look this way.
Turn, smile. Now wave to the girls.
[Professor] Hi, girls. There you go.
You did it! Thanks to Chandler.
I knew you would. Gonna be a big surf star, yeah? Fit in with all the locals.
[Laughs] [Joe] Vince Moaloka coming in from the water...
grabs a perfect tube.
Come on. Let's go.
Do I get you to myself for awhile?
*I was born a believer *
*Played the fool *
*Lonely dreamer *
*Left to choose *
*I don't know where the love is *
* There's a promise ofjust *
*Someone's crying Hear the lonely all alone **
You know, if I go to New York, you could come with me.
I mean, I got a partial scholarship, and...
we could both work. We could get by.
Will you?
I gotta go. [Laughs]
Hey, I'm serious. Will you come with me?
I can't.
[Screen Door Opens, Closes]
[Air Horn Blaring]
Corky, this is it. We're down to the main event of the Pipeline Classic.
We've got 16 of the world's top amateurs and professionals.
Hans Hedemann, the gentleman surfer, riding equally well backside and front side...
with hard-bottom turns and top turns off the lip.
[Corky] Whoa.! Heavy.! He made it out.
[Joe] Here's Michael Ho, side-slipping into a backdoor pipeline right.
Here's Char Suzaki.
* Gotta make the move to the time that's right for me *
* Time to get me moving keep me grooving with some energy *
* Well, I talk about it talk about it, talk about it talk about it *
* Talk about, talk about talk about moving *
* Gotta move on *
* Gotta move on *
* Gotta move on **
[Joe] Here comes Occy. The O.P. Pro winner shoots out of the tube...
with a style that's taken him to the top.
Hey, Shaun, can I borrow your glasses for a minute? Sure.
Thanks a lot.
I thought you didn't come to contests.
I'm only here because I got some customers to deal with.
You really made it to the main event?
Of course, you know, contests don't mean anything.
Of course.
The main event?
Whoo! [Sighs]
[P.A.] All contestants for the second heat, please report to the tent.
That's my heat. I gotta go.
Good luck.
Hey, Mark. All right, Rick. Charge 'em.
Hey, guys. Good luck, Rick.
Careful, Rick. Thanks, Hans. Thanks, Shaun. Occy, seen Kiani around?
Naw, haven't seen her, mate. Thanks.
Yank. Burkhart's in our heat. I just wanna wish you luck and watch yourself out there.
All right. Thanks.
Hey, Lance. You know that guy, Rick Kane? He's gonna stomp your ass.
Hey, he just better stay out of my way or else. What? You gonna snake 'im?
If I have to.
[People Clapping] [Corky] In the second heat...
it's Alex Rogers, Derek Ho, the younger of the Ho brothers...
Lance Burkhart, and newcomer Rick Kane.
That board looks familiar. What, you buy it used?
Corky, Rick Kane sure is turning out to be one of the big surprises.
He's now in his first surfng contest ever. He's now in the main event.
[Air Horn Blaring] [Corky] Out they go.
[Joe] Paddling out into the ten-foot surf...
the waves will be carrying them up to 30 miles per hour.
First up, Derek Ho, last year's Pipeline champion.
And there goes Lance Burkhart in his slashing, carving trademark style.
*It's the nature of the beast *
* To satisfy his every appetite *
*He's never running from the cross *
*He never worries ifhe's wrong or right *
* There's no method to his madness *
* You watch him step up to the firing line *
*She's almost close enough to touch *
*He feels the heat and reads the danger signs *
*And it's all I gave *
*It doesn't matter who plays It's the nature of the beast *
*I know you had the feeling *
*And it makes you lose control *
*And it makes you wake up screaming *
* Oooow **
[Corky] And there's Rick Kane straight out of a huge curl.! Rick Kane.!
Burkhart doing that distinctive backside layback into the wall.
Derek Ho slipping into the wave.
[Joe] Alex Rogers up next.
- [Corky] Wow, he does come out.! Great ride.! - Yeah!
The seas are getting rougher. Rogers comes in for a cord change.
This'll cost him time, but not points.
Lance Burkhart doing a powerful roll. He eats it.
[Joe] Kane gets pinched. That's a 20-foot crunch.
So what happened to all the waves, mate?
[Joe] Okay, the waves have just stopped coming with two minutes left in the heat.
This puts Derek Ho and Alex Rogers in an excellent position. They've each caught four waves.
Both Lance Burkhart and Rick Kane only have three, so they're only gonna be scored on three.
If they don't catch a wave pretty soon, why they can get eliminated right here.
Well, time's running out with 30 seconds to go.
Two surfers desperately need one wave. I wonder what's going through their minds right now.
- Shit! Damn it! - Thirty seconds, Lance.
Nice surfing with you, guys.
See ya on the beach.
[Lance] Shit.!
- What are you grinnin' at? - You.
We're about to be eliminated.
I never thought I'd get this far. Shit.!
I need this win!
Rick, turn around.
[Corky] They're charging for the same wave, but Kane has the inside track.
[Camera Shutter Snapping]
Burkhart, get your own damn wave!
I got it, Burkhart. Back off, worm.
I got it!
[Camera Shutter Snapping]
Burkhart, you bastard!
- [Joe] Burkhart catches the ride he needed before the horn. - You can't get away with this!
Corky, can you tell us what happened to Kane out there?
Geez, I don't know. He started to get up. He looked like he caught an edge. It's weird.
What a terrific performance anyway by Arizona's Rick Kane in his first surfing contest.
Hey, Burkhart, you son of a bitch. I saw it! You pulled his leash.
- [Burkhart] You're crazy. - Vince, you saw it, right?
Come on, Rick. We're filing a protest. Wait.
Why? What do you mean, why? He pulled your leash.
It was your wave. He deliberately caused you to fall. Chandler. Chandler.
It's only a contest. It doesn't mean anything, right?
Not to us soul surfers.
- You and I know who really won out there, don't we? - Idiots.
Hey, Alex. Carry your own damn board!
Burkhart, wanna buy some photos?
Haole boy.
[Crowd Cheering]
[Rick] Thanks for taking me to the airport. [Chandler] No problem.
You say good-bye to Kiani? I'm afraid she said good-bye to me this morning.
[Laughs] A lei, Chandler? Isn't this a little bit corny?
Hey, gimme a break, will ya? It's from Anela. She made me promise.
This is from me. Chandler, l... I can't use this where I'm goin'.
Well, keep it as a souvenir. Thank you.
So, um... you gonna come in?
[Sighs] No.
I'm gonna go shape.
Can I help you, sir? Oh, yeah, great.
How's it? Turtle!
What's happening? Oh, I got this chick, so hot, unreal kind. She wants to meet you, brah.
Turtle, I'm leaving. Hey, try a look.
I went back up into the hills this morning...
and I wrapped a lava rock in a tea leaf.
I made a wish. What did you wish for?
That you would come back.
You come back to the North Shore, okay?
Check it out. They caught Burkhart looking bad.
Burkhart cheats.
[Both Laugh]
- [Rick] Thanks, Turtle. - Boarding pass. Thank you.
So long.
[Speaking Surf Lingo] [Laughs]
So long, Turtle.
Hey... I'll be back.
* Where is the warm someone who's happy to give *
*I've been up here all alone *
*It's where you belong with someone who's *
*Happy to give *
*Happy to give you love **
*In the heat of the winter *
* The storm is past *
*It's time to go out and play *
* Get on an airplane *
*Step on the gas *
* You've got to get there get there anyway you can *
*Feel the thunder *
*Feel the heat *
*Letting the water flow over you *
*It's gonna get you through *
* With knowledge and respect *
*In Mother Nature's hands *
* You're gonna understand the power in raging heat *
* To hear the North Shore roar *
*Don't let go of the dream *
* To make the North Shore score *
*Just say hello to your dreams *
*It can be fast or it can go so slow *
*Just hang on *
* To what you know *
* You gotta be loose *
* Control the flow *
* Give it, give it give it everything you got *
*So trust yourself It's the only way to go *
* Open up to the feeling andjust let yourself go *
*Become one with the power *
* To shape the world you're making *
*Living your tomorrows on the North Shore *
*It's all there for the taking *
* The North Shore roar *
*Don't let go of the dream *
*So make the North Shore score *
*And say hello to your dreams *
* On the North Shore *
*North Shore roar *
*Don't let go don't let go *
*North Shore score *
*North Shore roar *
*Don't let go don't let go *
*North Shore score *
*Just say hello to your dreams *
* On the North Shore **
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