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North To Alaska CD2

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I'll work it out with you.
Whoa, now!
Sam, it's beautiful!
Beautiful? Gives me the willies.
His honeymoon cabin, how wonderful!
Stick to your promise. No troubles.
No troubles.
I'll just enjoy the scenery.
I've done the best I can.
I just got to face him.
I think I'll just lie to him.
They're probably workin' the sluice boxes.
I'll go dig up George.
I wouldn't wish this on a goat...
but right now I wish you wereJenny.
I'll be right back.
Hiya, kid.
Hold it. That thing's loaded.
Sam! Am I glad you're back!
I'm not so sure I am. Where's George?
Arnie, that fella with the mine by us in Dawson...
George rode over to help him.
I heard about the claim jumping.
Some fellas tried, but Arnie run them off.
They're comin' back with a gang.
Breezy told me about some killings.
I'll go help him.
Saddle me a horse while I get ready.
Is he that mad?
He's not even here.
Over at another mine fightin' some claim jumpers.
One good thing... them shootin' at him...
will take George's mind offJenny.
Getting shot is the best cure for love.
I got to help him.
Are you leaving me here alone?
Billy's here.
Who's Billy?
George's kid brother.
How little?
17, but he's man enough to take care of you.
That's what I'm afraid of.
This here's the best horse.
He spooks a little now and then, but...
But what?
He thens a little now and spook.
Is thatJenny?
No, that's notJenny.
She'll be a guest for a few days...
so get your bedroll outside.
She'll sleep in the cabin.
This is Billy.
That fleabag at your feet...
is Clancy.
I'll be back soon, Angel.
Take care of the mules.
So you're Billy.
Well, I'm Michelle.
What's the matter? You're cold?
Oh, no, nothing's the matter.
Are you... Sam's girl?
You his sister?
You're just a stranger, huh?
We met on the boat.
No rooms were left in town.
Sam asked me up here...
until my boat returns to Seattle.
That's wonderful! I mean, it's wonderful country here.
Clancy sure likes you.
I'll be right back after I unhitch the team.
Now, you stay here, OK?
& If you knew &
& Only knew &
& How this heart of mine yearns for you &
& If you'd care &
& Like I care &
& What a wonderful love &
& We could share &
& If your heart &
& Felt like mine &
& What a warm, tender love we could find &
& How I long for your kiss &
& But you don't know I exist &
& If you knew &
& Would you love me, too? &&
Oh, Clancy!
Now, get out!
Behave yourself!
Please get out!
Clancy, shame on you. Now, behave yourself.
Get out, OK? Get out!
Uh, do you want anything?
Uh, well, maybe some hot water.
I just heated a batch.
No, thank you.
It's no trouble to pour it.
Billy, I'm not taking a foot bath.
I'm in the tub.
All of you?
Don't open those curtains!
Je... Jehoshaphat!
All of her!
17... just a little kid.
A welcome celebration to make you feel at home.
Here... you sit here.
Thank you.
(Sniff Sniff)
Oh, golly, you smell good!
Thank you.
(Sniff Sniff)
Whatever you're cooking smells good, too.
Oh, I'd rather smell you.
shall we dine?
Oh, sure!
Excuse me. Silly.
Venison stew.
I'd love to taste it.
Oh, why, sure!
How nice.
Oh, it's nothing.
Say, does your brother allow you to drink?
Heck, I've been drinkin' since I'm grown up.
This here's French wine George was savin' forJenny.
You're French. It's the same if you drink it.
Are you willin' to knock off a couple?
We'll see.
George wired up the cork...
so he'd know if I got into it.
Hoh oh! Oh! Ha ha ha!
I hope nothin's wrong with it, boilin' over like that.
You game to taste it?
Oh, I'm not afraid.
Mmm! It's delicious!
How is it called?
Champagne... that's the only kind I ever drink.
It went down the wrong way...
but any way is the right way...
if you get it down.
Have some more.
There you go.
Ah ha ha ha!
Here's how I stand, Michelle.
Got all the money I need.
No sense me workin' anymore.
The next thing... gotta get myself a steady woman.
Sure, while you're still in the prime of life.
You said it! See that box over there?
It's full of gold. Take all you want.
I'm through messin' around with Sam and George.
I've known woman...
from one end of this frozen glacier to the other.
Blondes, brunettes, redheads...
You name them, I've known them.
Yes, sir, I've decided...
it's time for me to quiet down.
Be patient. The right girl will come along.
You know...
I think a fella should be friends...
with an older woman.
I just can't stand these young girls...
You know, inexperienced...
and nothin' to offer.
Don't you think we should do the dishes...
and go to bed?
Well, it's OKwith me. I'm game.
You go to bed. I'll do the dishes.
Aw, heck! What's the big rush?
I never get someone to talk to... Girls, I mean.
Just Sam and George...
and all they ever say...
is askin' me to clean or cook somethin'.
I want you to be more than a talkin' friend.
I don't know exactly how to put it.
I understand.
You want me to be more like a sister.
Oh, Michelle, please don't make fun of me.
I'm serious.
I'm serious.
I must be gettin' a little dizzy.
Yes, I think so.
You'd better lie down for a while.
Oh, no, no, no. Here you go.
Come on.
No, no.
You can talk to me...
while I clear the table, all right?
Thanks. Thanks, Michelle.
Whoa, guy!
Hold it!
Hold it!
What's goin' on?
Hey, Dugan, they're tryin' to blow up the sluices...
with this dynamite and drown us out!
Dirty claim jumpers!
Arnie, you just don't understand.
This is free territory.
We've got as much right...
to the gold as you have.
Get up there!
Hold it!
George Pratt!
Everyone come out with your hands up...
or I'll shoot Arnie.
Dirty rat would do it.
I'd rather be dead than lose the mine to this scum!
Oh, no!
Look out for the cart!
Hey, hold it!
Let's get out of here!
Sam, you all right?
Sorry I busted up your sluice boxes.
You'll be out of business for a while.
Hell, still mine, ain't it?
Get him up to the shack!
It ain't nothin'.
Hiya, Sam!
Hey, where you goin'?
Oh, nowhere.
Hey, how is she?
Who? Jenny!
I've been going loco waiting this last week.
What did she say when she saw the honeymoon cabin?
She hasn't exactly seen the cabin.
What did you do?
You leave her in Nome?
We've been friends a long time.
You didn't even bring her?
I was gonna tell you a lie, but...
But I couldn't lie to a pal.
You got drunk and never even went to see her!
I didn't get drunk until after!
Aw, nuts!
Now, you pay attention, George.
I went to see her, honest...
and I saw her, so help me.
Are you listenin'?
Yeah, I'm listenin'.
I saw her and her husband.
Whose husband?
Jenny's. She's married.
That's what I been tryin' to tell you.
That's why I got drunk.
Then I did something stupid which I regret.
Couldn't wait.
I'm not even worth waitin' for!
I'm a lousy goose egg...
laying in an empty honeymoon cabin.
I'll get you a drink, George.
I got some in the saddle.
Leave me alone.
I don't want to look at another human being.
I'll see you back at the cabin.
Billy, you...
Michelle. Michelle.
Oh, no, Billy, get away! Leave me alone!
Ohh! Oh, it's you! Am I glad you're back!
What are you doin' in this bed?
Billy... that's why I slept here.
He started feeling his wine...
and everything else he could get his hands on.
But about this bed...
I know. The honeymoon bed.
Well, did you tell George about the lie?
No. I told the truth. That was a mistake.
Did you tell him about me?
Not yet.
That's why you better get out of this bed.
George is sensitive right now.
I'll be in the other cabin.
Michelle, you...
Dumb little big shot!
Sam! Wait! I'm gonna die!
You're not that lucky!
Wait, Sam, please! Listen!
Well, this'll cure you.
Put you out of your misery!
Sam! Don't!
Sam! No! Oh!
Big drinker, huh?
Big drinker! Well, drink!
Take that wagon down to the sluice boxes...
and unload it, like you should have done yesterday!
Yes, sir.
Oh, Clancy, if only Sam would look at me...
with your eyes... but he will.
I will make him look at me the way you do.
We got to get out of here.
George'll be back pretty soon.
I'm almost ready. Help me button my blouse.
Why don't you get one that buttons down the front?
Would it be easier for you to button up?
Shut up, you fleabag...
or I'll dump you in the creek.
Don't be angry, Sam. You're really very nice.
Did you ever realize you were?
I realize we've got to get out of here...
because George is coming back.
George is back!
Oh, hello, George.
What the hell's goin' on here?
Who is this dame?
A friend. Angel, this is George Pratt.
Jenny couldn't make it...
but this tramp could, huh?
George, let me explain.
Get off that bed!
You and your fancy bloomers, out!
Let me explain!
Her perfume... She smells like...
I got that forJenny, and those bloomers.
But you gave them to her?
I was bringing her to you!
I don't want to listen... For me?
She's French likeJenny.
She's prettier than Jenny.
I was bringing her to you.
Do you think she could take myJenny's place?
The idea was to console you, George...
but we've changed our mind.
You must believe him!
I'm taking her back to the boat now, OK?
I don't know.
He's telling you the truth.
Get your stuff together.
I'll get the wagon unloaded.
All right, Sam.
Listen, for your information...
I want you to know...
I slept in this bed and alone...
because of your little brother Billy.
Oh. Look, I'd like this opportunity...
to explain a few things, Miss...
What was your name?
Michelle Bonnet.
You really are French, huh?
Yes. Yes, I'm French...
I'm a fool, and I'm also a tramp.
Look, I apologize.
You don't need to apologize...
because I am a tramp.
Sam found me in a place called the Hen House...
and I guess I'm going back to it.
Do you have to go back?
It doesn't matter.
I do the same kind of work...
wherever I am.
Do you have to?
For whatever reason you begin...
when you start living this way...
it's not very easy to live any other way...
and not much chance.
Oh, look, miss...
I don't think it's absolutely necessary...
Yes, it's necessarily.
Perfume has a different odor on me.
The prettier things I wear look better on me.
You told me so yourself.
I said I was sorry for what I said.
You don't have to be sorry, mon chou...
because it was Sam's and my fault.
You lostJenny.
Hey, say that again.
I said you don't need to blame yourself...
No. What you called me.
You mean mon chou?
Oh, it's nothing.
It's just a silly French word...
that means my little cabbage.
Oh, mon chou.
Jenny used to call me that.
Oh, I'm sorry.
No, no, no. You don't have to be sorry.
You know, it's strange. You remind me of her.
Jenny, I mean.
Well, I'd better be...
Well, you know...
you've got a lot of things to pack, and...
I'd never have done it...
if she hadn't said she wasn't your girl.
Done what?
I kissed her hand.
Oh, shut up!
Michelle's a wonderful girl, and I sure like her.
I guess I made a beast of myself.
So I heard.
A fella does some crazy things when he's been drinking...
doesn't he?
Say, why don't I take her into town?
Then you can stay here...
and make up with George.
Why don't you find the coldest spot...
in that creek and sit down in it...
and then change your clothes!
Beat it!
You ought to think.
Where's George?
He's takin' a bath.
He's been soakin' for hours.
I think he's gone off his rocker.
& Oh, Genevieve &
& My Genevieve &
& The days may come, The day... &&
Hiya, Sam, old partner!
It's good to see you smiling.
I'm sorry, Sam. I misunderstood.
I couldn't stay mad at you.
Well, thanks, George.
Every cloud has a silver lining...
except this one has a pink one...
just like those fancy pink bloomers...
you gave to Michelle, huh?
The wagon's unloaded.
I'll take her into town.
You can leave Michelle right here, Sam.
Now that we understand each other...
give things a chance to work out.
With Angel?
I like the French name better...
mon chou Michelle.
That's pretty.
Bite it off!
George, you're makin' a mistake!
You brought her here for me.
I may as well try.
A man can't pine for lost love forever.
You haven't pined for even two hours!
It's amazing how she reminds me ofJenny.
Before you make a fool out of yourself...
I'd better explain some things.
She told me about the Hen House.
This girl is square, Sam! I like this girl!
Oh, Michelle...
See? He's goofy!
I'm not goofy. It's been a long, cold winter.
Michelle is like a breath of spring.
Angel isn't exactly like those other girls...
at the Hen House.
You can say that again!
You can't charge her...
like a bull moose chargin' for his mate.
Thanks for the advice, partner.
I'll play the cards neat.
&Mon chou &
&Mon chou &&
Oh, I love that French!
Mon chou, my...
Now see what you did!
Well, what did I did?
You got poor Michelle so mixed up...
she don't know what she's doin'.
Now George is in there with my girl.
(Knock Knock)
May I come in?
Of course. I'll be ready in a moment.
Let me give you a hand with that.
Oh, it's a handsome bed, and soft.
She would have loved it, I know.
Well, I'm glad you like it so much.
Uh, Miss Bonnet?
I'm ready.
You don't have to go.
You could stay here.
There'll be someplace in town...
where I can wait for the ship.
I mean you can stay here permanent.
And be... your girl?
Oh, yes, ma'am!
No, thank you, Mr. Pratt.
No, thank you.
But that's why you came here, isn't it?
No, I didn't.
Not to be your girl...
nor anybody's girl ever again.
Not here or in the Hen House...
or anyplace else.
Well, I'm not one to beg.
I can see that.
You can?
Oh. Sam. Oh!
Is he gonna give me the horse laugh!
He's gonna laugh me right out of the territory!
Is that all I am, a game?
Oh, no, ma'am! You're not a game for me!
But I am a game for Sam?
Well... you know Sam and women.
Yeah. I understand.
Will you please take me to town?
I'd rather not go with Sam.
Sure. It'll save my face.
Can we go now?
Hey, wait a minute.
Aren't you forgetting these things?
Well, I... don't want them.
Why not?
Well, they're... too rich and... too nice and...
And Sam gave them to you?
Shall we go now?
Wait a minute!
I'd rather not...
You shut up and let me think!
That's it! You're in love with Sam!
Oh, no! No, I'm not!
Yes, you are!
You know, I got a funny notion.
Sam's been acting mighty peculiar.
Tell me, how does he treat you?
Well, uh... nice and as if I were...
Well, nice.
Did he ever stuff money down the front... no?
Did he ever smack you...
In Seattle or on the boat, did you and...
No? Oh, that's not like Sam!
No, indeedy!
Give me those.
Now, you sit down there...
and we'll stick this out...
and sort of see what happens.
What are you lookin' at?
Stop snoopin'.
When are they comin' out?
How long they been over there?
An hour and 28 minutes.
Well, I'm hungry.
Look out, here I come!
What have you got?
"Chicka Chickadee."
"Chicka Chick..." Come on.
We gotta get somethin' that'll really burn...
Here it is.
You want somethin' to eat?
Well, what for?
For your stomach, that's what for.
(Gramophone Plays "A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight")
Well, turn it over, Sam.
The other edge cuts.
Ha ha ha!
Sam, the stove's cold.
Well, if that's the way you feel about it...
cook your own food!
Yes, Billy.
How do you feel when you're jealous?
Well, how should I know?
Well, I'm jealous.
Oh, where's that whiskey?
Sam, do you think George is keeping her over there...
you know, against her will?
You can hear her screamin' for help, can't you?
I just don't understand Michelle.
There's one thing you got to learn about women.
They're all liars.
If they're not, they're worse.
Take that dame from Oregon.
All I was doin' was tyin' her shoelaces...
and she beat me with a preacher.
That little thing from Minnesota...
tried to marry me while I was drunk.
If it hadn't been for the parson's mercy...
I'd have been hooked for good!
You just can't trust women.
No matter how honest, they all want to be wives.
Oh, but Michelle...
Michelle, Michelle.
Chou, cabbage... they're all alike.
I'm gonna take a bath.
But you just got cleaned up.
Mind your own business!
Ha ha ha!
This is gonna kill him.
Oh, poor old Sam.
(Gramophone Playing)
Ouch! What are you doin'?
What are you doin' here?
I was lookin' for my soap.
Let's sing.
Two, three, ah...
No, George, it's not going to work.
Sam doesn't care anything about me.
It's that simple.
Don't give up. Have a little patience.
Well, I'm sick and tired of both of them.
Come on, kid.
Let's ignore 'em.
Wait a minute.
I got an idea!
I'm gonna do a little reconnoitering, huh?
Would you like some?
Ha ha ha!
& Da de da da &
& De de dum &
& I love you, I love... &
Sam, George is comin'.
& De de de &
& Da da de da &
& Da da da dum &
& Da dum de de de &
& De dum... &
& Ho ho ho &&
George, I'm so nervous.
It won't be long now.
He's in his silent period.
I saw him once like this before...
when somebody had stolen his favorite horse.
You look kind of green.
You got an upset stomach, maybe?
Well, maybe I ought to get you some baking soda.
The time is just about right. Laugh!
Laugh as loud as you can.
But I don't feel like laughing.
Don't you?
But he... Oh...
Uh... Hee hee hee!
&I love you... &
Are you ticklish?
They all say no.
Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha!
Oh, what a gorgeous laugh!
Ha ha ha!
What's that?
It's Sam!
Get up!
You stay there!
Lean outside that wall.
The Lord only knows what's gonna happen.
&I love you, I love you &
&I love you, I love you &&
I was only saving the door, Sam.
French floozy.
Don't be a poor loser.
Boy, does he love you!
Don't chase him.
He'll come back.
Well, what were they doin', Sam?
Oh, shut up!
Sam, the soldiers are comin'!
I want to see the owners.
I'm Sam McCord.
This district is under martial law.
Your claim has been cross-filed...
and it's under military guard.
There will be no violence.
Operations will cease immediately.
Well, you come just in time, soldier boy!
There's no disputes here.
I'm takin' my share and pullin' out.
Hey, Sam!
Two men!
Put that gold back!
The hell I will.
All right, take his gun.
You can have the mine, but 1/3 of this gold...
The gold from this mine is impounded.
You're under arrest, McCord.
I warned you, no violence.
Everything's all right. Just keep your head.
Keep yours!
Keep the mine, keep her...
and keep away from me!
Why, you pigheaded baboon!
I have something to say.
You're a knucklehead!
Now, won't you listen to somebody?
Save your breath!
You've been a jinx to me!
I've had it!
Get me out of here!
Jail me!
This way, mister.
When are you going back to town?
As soon as we load whatever's being impounded.
Could you take me along?
Be glad to.
Thank you. I'll be back.
Yes, ma'am.
Mr. McCord saw his gold weighed...
but he won't sign the receipts.
He's under arrest.
I'm not signing. The hell with the hearing.
I want my share of the gold...
and to get out of here.
Take off your hat, Mr. McCord.
Mr. Commissioner, my name's Dugan.
I'll sign my copy, sir.
Did you cross-file on me?
He jumped on his mine!
You lousy thief!
That's enough, Mr. McCord!
Mr. Dugan has no lien on your property.
He's only here to represent a Mr., uh... Peter Boggs.
Peter Boggs. Who's he?
He built the cabin next to your mine.
He cross-filed.
Why didn't he show up himself?
That's not necessary...
since Mr. Dugan's representing him.
Am I through, Mr. Commissioner?
You'll be notified about the hearing.
Thank you, sir.
When is this hearing?
About two months.
Two months?
If you're interested in your share...
you'll sign here.
I'll sign.
Let this office get about its business.
We have other cases to settle here.
I'm gonna help you settle mine.
Just a minute!
You forgot something.
Next case!
Get the lady's bags out of the back...
and take them inside, please.
Mister, is that the Seattle boat?
Yes, ma'am.
But it's back early.
Yes, ma'am.
She turned back on account of the ice.
Good luck, ma'am.
Well, thank you.
Oh, Billy!
Come here.
I want to talk to you.
What are you doing here?
I followed you, Michelle.
Listen, I've caused enough trouble.
Please go away.
You haven't caused any trouble.
Of course, I can't get my gold right away...
but I'll find a way to take care of you.
I can get a job.
Billy, you are a nice boy.
It's no fair sayin' that.
And I was almost a nice girl.
Now, please go back to the mine.
Everything will be all right.
Well, Miss Bonnet, you didn't leave us for very long.
No. I'm taking the boat back to Seattle.
Do you know when I board?
Not until midnight.
Can I wait?
That's not necessary.
Mr. Canon kept your suite.
He expected me?
Yes. I'll show you to your room.
This way... please.
Waiter! Waiter! Come here!
Won't be a minute, sir.
Neither will I.
What the...
Where's Pete Boggs?
Let me go!
Where is he?
I don't know!
Maybe this'll refresh your memory.
I don't know!
He's the porter at Frankie Canon's casino.
Take over.
Well, I'm sorry, mister.
Accidents will happen.
(Knock On Door)
Who is it?
Welcome back, Angel.
I'm sorry, Frankie.
Please go away.
It ain't every day a girl loses her gold mine.
May I come in?
It's your hotel.
You look unhappy.
I have a headache.
That's a natural reaction from pickin' a loser.
We all make mistakes.
Look, I didn't come to talk personalities.
Just business.
Are we partners?
No. I'm taking the boat back to Seattle tonight.
Back to where? The Hen House?
Just because McCord's a bum...
and you lost the gold mine...
you don't have to leave Alaska.
You've got brains.
You can have me and money, too.
I don't want your money.
Just me.
No. I don't want you, either.
Ha ha ha!
Now, that's madness.
Could be.
You see, I'm running out of Alaska...
for the same reason I came...
because I'm stupid...
because I want to go on kidding myself...
that I am... different.
That's all.
Now, please leave me alone.
You're... just tired and upset.
This is no time to decide.
We'll have dinner. We'll talk.
Sure, pick you up at 8:00.
And, uh...
oh... look real pretty.
Well, that was a quick decision.
When did you hold this room?
The day before yesterday, Angel.
How did you know then...
that Sam was broke?
I heard a rumor around town...
that the mine was impounded.
I'd be lying...
if I said I was sorry.
I'll see you at 8:00.
Where's the porter?
I asked you where's the porter.
Out back there.
Where'd you expect?
Glad to meet you, Bo... Billy!
I haven't got her, Sam!
What are you doing here?
I'm the new janitor.
Where's the old one, Boggs?
They said he struck it rich.
He did strike it rich.
He cross-filed on us.
Frankie ought to know where he is.
Wait for me!
I'm still a partner.
You know which room is Frankie's?
Yeah, it's up and around...
the suite in front.
(Woman's Voice) Who's there?
Who is it?
Tha... That sounds like...
Sorry to intrude in this fashion.
Well, I have nothing to say to you.
Or me. I'm here on a louse hunt.
Michelle, I-I didn't think you'd be here.
Well, what did you think, kid?
That she'd join the Salvation Army?
Let's go find dear Frankie.
Listen to me! Listen to this!
It's for Billy and George.
Frankie knew the mine was going to be impounded...
before the soldiers started up.
What? How?
Well, you're so smart, figure it out for yourself.
Now, leave me alone!
Well, don't just stand there.
Go find Frankie.
Beat it!
I want to thank you for the information.
And say that you're the worst double-crosser...
I ever met!
First you double-cross me!
Me with George.
And now you're double-crossing Frankie.
Well, you're wrong about everything.
Not once since I've met you...
have you been right about anything!
That's my boy Sam, all right!
Oh, you!
Well, here she is.
I found her for you.
Your nice square, straight-out girl...
in business again, as usual.
She's not mine. She's yours.
Oh, no, I'm not.
Sam, we were putting it on.
We were not!
We were.
He'd rather believe me!
I wouldn't believe you on a stack of Bibles!
George is not a liar!
If he says he's... Wait a minute!
Why else are you here?
I'm looking for someone named Boggs.
Take it easy!
Take it easy!
I-I can't find Frankie...
but Boggs is here.
What room?
I don't know.
We can start here.
What is this?
Take it easy!
Billy, is he in here?
Don't give up, kid. This is promisin'.
I can take care of myself.
Gentlemen, what a pleasant surprise!
That's him!
You're just in time for drinks.
We want to talk with you.
Oh, that's good.
Because it gets lonely here.
There's nobody to sing with.
Let's all sing.
& Gold is found in every... &&
Why did you cross-file on our claim?
I did?
Well, don't you remember?
Now, think!
Didn't Frankie Canon...
ask you to do something?
He's the nicest guy I know.
He gave me this whole room...
and all this whiskey for nothin'.
I just put an "X" on a paper.
You signed something? What'd it say?
I don't know.
If I could read...
I wouldn't sign with an "X", right?
Mr. Canon said...
I would never have to push...
another broom again as long as I live.
Enough talkin'. Let's drink and sing.
& Gold is found in every ditch &
Come on.
The commissioner wants to hear you.
Does he like singin', too?
& In every ditch &
& You come home... &&
Wait here.
I'll get Boggs.
You get him out of town fast.
Hiya, Mr. Canon!
Acknowledge your friend.
I'm goin' to sing for the commissioner.
Maybe you better come listen.
I'm not interested.
You're gonna get interested.
Get out of the way!
Come on.
Hey, look behind you, Sam!
Hee haw!
(Tweet tweet)
Sam, look out!
The good book says...
that man must love his fellow man.
(Band Playing "Bringing In The Sheaves")
(Clap Clap Clap)
Arf arf.
& Oh, when the saints go marching in &
& When the saints go marching in &
& Oh, good Lord, I want to be in that number... &
Hey, I want you!
Knock him out!
Get him!
Get off there!
You're coming with me.
& Oh, good Lord, I want to be in that number &
& Oh, when the saints go marching in &
& Oh, when the saints go marching in &
& Oh, when the saints go marching in &
& Oh, Lord, I want to go up yonder &
& When the saints go marching in &
& Gold is where you find it &&
Go on. Save that for the commissioner.
& Pon pon pon pon pon pon &
All aboard the Queen of Seattle.!
All aboard!
All aboard the Queen of Seattle.!
All aboard!
& When the saints go marching in &
& When the saints... &&
Shut up! Shut up!
Shut up!
What's going on?
Commissioner, we've had our hearing.
Boggs can tell you about our mine.
This crook tricked him into faking our claim.
Bugsy, sing to the commissioner.
You sing with me.
Hey, partner!
All aboard the Queen of Seattle.!
We're back in business again, huh?
You'll have to file a complaint.
Hey, commissioner!
& But if you wanna strike it rich &
You got a match?
& You drink it from a jug &&
Angel, where you going?
I have to catch that boat, Sam.
You have to stay here! Everything's working out.
Yeah, you gotta stay, Michelle.
Everybody loves you.
What are we, a sideshow?
Last call!
Last call!
You've got to stay, Angel.
Why, Sam?
Because you have to!
That's no reason! Why?
"That's no reason? Why?"
No! Why?
Because I want you to.
Don't you understand?
No, I don't understand! Tell me.
Tell her, Sam.
Tell her!
You big lug!
Because I love you!
Yay! Yay!
Oh, Sam!
Hey, ma'am! Haven't you got a ticket to sail?
You use it!
I got a wonderful present...
for you for Michelle.
I got it from Frankie when he was broke.
I got a solid diamond ring!
This is the most beautiful present...
I ever had.
I wish I had a present to give.
Here's one from me.
Hey, everybody, beer on the house!
No! Champagne!
I got myself a real gold mine.
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