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Not One Less CD2

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-Twenty-one days! -Twenty-one days and seven hours.
Twenty-two days.
You made a mistake!
There's an extra zero there.
Jie, you added an extra zero again!
We only need 17 hours!
That's two days.
That's good! Then let's go!
We can't do it!
It'll take too long! We can't do it!
But I have to go to the city.
I have to bring him back.
Are we going, or not?
Let's forget the bricks.
You should just dodge the bus fare!
It would take forever to earn 50 yuan!
What if I get caught?
No way!
We'll go with you.
What are you kids doing? Get back! Why aren't you in school?
Where are the other two?
Can't we buy tickets, too?
Bus to the city! Bus to the city!
Any more passengers?
Hurry up, last call.
Get off! No free rides!
-Can you tell me where this is? -What?
Where is Five Temple Street?
Don't talk to her.
-Where? -Five Temple Street.
West Bridge District, Five Temple Street.
Oh, Five Temple Street.
-Is Zhang Huike here? -Who?
I don't know.
Is Zhang Huike here?
I don't know.
Zhang Huike!
-Who is looking for him? -I am.
-Where are you from? -ShuiQuan Village.
Talk to Sun Zhimei.
-Someone is looking for you. -Who is looking for me?
-Where is Zhang Huike? -He's not here!
-Where is he? -We lost him at the train station.
You lost him! How?
He went to the bathroom and never returned.
-Didn't he come to work? -Who are you?
I'm his teacher! Who did he come with?
-Me. -Then how could you lose him?
He said he wanted to go to the bathroom.
He didn't come back! I waited a long time!
-Did you look for him? -Of course!
-Did you tell his family? -I will when I get back.
-He wanted to come! -You have to help me look for him!
I have to work. I can make 2 yuan a day!
You have to help me find him.
He wandered off! It's not my fault.
-You have to help. -Not unless you give me 2 yuan.
-Why should l? -If I come you'll have to pay.
I make 2 yuan a day!
Come with me first.
-Pay me and I'll come with you. -No, come with me first.
You don't pay, I won't go.
Come to the train station. I will pay you then.
-Then it's 2.5 yuan. -You said 2 yuan! Why is it 2.5 now?
If you pay me now, it's 2 yuan. At the station it's 2.5.
2.5 yuan?
Fine. Let's go.
Do you have any money?
-Of course. -Let me see it.
Look, I have some money. Let's go.
-Can't you go any faster? -I am fast.
-Where is it? -The train station is over there.
We're almost there.
-Why did you stop? -I'm hungry.
No, come on.
-I haven't had breakfast. -We have to find him first.
-Let me eat. -No.
It was here.
-How can we find him? -That red sign. Over there.
-This sign? -We got off the train right here.
He went to the bathroom. I sat here waiting for him.
-I waited. He never came back. -How come?
I don't know. I didn't follow him to the bathroom.
-I did go look for him. -Where did he go?
How would I know? I wish he'd told me.
Did you really look for him?
I left a message over there, too.
Where is your message?
-Where? -I wrote it.
I put it here.
Did you really write it?
I picked up a box, and wrote the message on the back.
Then I glued it there.
-What did you write? -My name and address.
Could he read your writing?
Why wouldn't he be able to? I wrote in big letters.
How can we find him in this crowd?
Listen! We can page him on the loudspeaker.
We'll make an announcement to look for him.
It works very well in our village.
-Will that work? -Yes, this is the only way.
This is the place.
-Is it here? -Can't you see the sign?
-Knock on the door, then. -I will.
What is it?
We've lost someone. Could you....
Make an announcement? Who are you looking for?
My student, Zhang Huike.
He came to the city to work.
-One student. A boy or a girl? -A boy.
His family is poor. He came here to work.
What does he look like? How tall is he? What is he wearing?
This tall.
He was wearing a chequered shirt.
-It was grey. -Hold on.
Write it all down.
-Have you finished? -Yes.
"Zhang Huike, male, 11 years old. From ShuiQuan Village.
"Third grade student.
"Wearing a chequered shirt and light-grey pants.
"Not very tall, short hair, medium build.
"His family is poor, and his mother is sick, his dad died young, he left school."
These are useless.
Where can he find you? How can he find you?
You two go over there. Go stand by the stairs and wait.
-I'll tell him to look for you there. -Which stairs?
Right there. Go there and wait.
Don't wander around, otherwise he won't be able to find you.
-Only one? -One for me, one for you.
-No more? -I've only got two.
Let's eat.
Attention please.
Zhang Huike from ShuiQuan Village.
It's the announcement. Listen.
On the loudspeaker.
Zhang Huike from ShuiQuan Village.
When you hear this message, go to the stairs at Building 11.
Your teacher is waiting for you.
They made the announcement. I came with you.
-Pay me. I want to leave now. -No, I won't pay.
Why not?
We have to find him first.
If we don't find him, do I have to follow you forever?
I followed you all day. I came to the train station.
We made an announcement.
-He'll show up soon. Pay me now. -No, not until I find him.
-Stand up! Give me the money! -Not until he comes here.
They announced it. He'll be here.
But we agreed--
If you won't pay me, I'll take it from you.
You promised me. Hurry up and pay me.
You don't pay me, I'll get it myself.
You promised me.
Hurry up!
2.5 yuan.
-That's not enough! -Here.
You go on waiting. I'm leaving.
You're still here? Haven't found him yet?
He didn't come. Can you announce it again?
I've already announced it six times.
Usually, we only announce three times.
Where did you lose him? Here?
-Yes. -When?
-Two, three days ago. -That long ago?
Then it was useless.
You'd better try something else.
-Please, just a couple more times! -It's no use.
-What do you want to buy? -A pen and some ink.
What for? You look like you're from the countryside.
My student came to the city. I need to write a notice to find him.
You want to write a notice.
The cheapest pen is 1.5 yuan.
How much do you have?
6.5 yuan.
Only 6.5 yuan. Want to spend it all?
You'll also need some ink. That's 1 yuan.
The total is 2.5 yuan.
One hundred sheets of paper is 4 yuan.
That's exactly 6.5 yuan.
"Lost, Zhang Huike, male, 11 years old. Third grade.
"Came to the city three days ago.
"If you have information, contact the ShuiQuan Primary School."
How can one contact you?
There's no address...
...telephone number, pager number, mobile phone.
How can someone contact you if you haven't got one?
Even if people want to help, how can they?
Where is ShuiQuan Village?
Which county? Which district?
People are too lazy to pick up the phone. Who has time to write?
Even if someone knows, no one will write to you.
The ink is too light. Who can read that?
Even if you print 500 sheets with his picture on them...
...your chances are slim.
It's a waste of time.
-What? -You say it won't work, what should I do?
Do whatever you like.
-Tell me what to do. -How annoying!
You can go to the police.
File a report and they'll look for him.
No, that won't work either. They're too busy.
Put an ad in the paper.
But it will be very small, no one will see it.
Hey, I know! Go to the TV station.
Once you are on TV, the whole city will know.
That's the best way to go.
Where is the station?
Take bus number five.
How do I get there by foot?
It's very far. I'm not sure. Go outside and ask someone.
Where is the TV station?
-The television station. -Where?
That way.
Where's the television station?
That way.
Where's the television station?
Where are you going?
-I'm looking for someone. -You can't come in yet.
Go to reception during office hours. You can't just waltz in!
What are you doing?
-I'm looking for someone. -Who?
I was told that I could find someone here.
There are lots of people here. Who are you looking for?
I'm a substitute from ShuiQuan Primary School.
My student's family is poor.
He had to leave school and come to work in the city.
I don't want to hear this. Sign in.
I really am looking for someone. Look.
"Lost...." What a long message.
Did you write this yourself? Why don't you post it?
They said it won't work. The TV station is better.
Right, ads on TV get better results.
It's useless to post anything. No one will read it.
Can you show me your ID?
Go to the advertising department.
-I don't have any ID. -A reference letter?
-A letter from your village? -No.
-A letter from your school? -No.
-Your student ID then. -I don't have one.
If you don't have any ID, how can I trust you?
You could tell me whatever you want.
You claim you are a teacher from the countryside.
How can you prove that? How can I let you in without any ID?
-Please let me in. -No.
-Please let me in. -No way.
Please let me in.
Listen to me. You need to go to the advertising department.
Many people come to place ads everyday.
But with no ID or letter of recommendation... can I let you in? We have rules.
I can't just let you in. You understand?
-Zhang Huike is lost-- -What does that have to do with me?
Why don't you understand?
The two people here before had ID. So I let them in.
If something bad happens, it's me they'll blame.
-Please let me in. -No!
Don't wait here anymore. It's no use. Go on, leave.
-No. -What a pest.
-Please let me in. -I've already explained, now just go!
Do you have money? Do you know how much an ad costs?
-Do you have any money? -No.
You don't have a cent?
What's the point of letting you in? You're a joke.
Even if I let you in, it wouldn't do you any good. Leave now!
-What should I do? -What should you do?
Unless you were the station manager's relative....
The station manager calls the shots.
-How can I find him? -Third floor. He wears glasses.
See if the security guard lets you in.
-I'm going now. -Fine, just go.
-What are you doing? -I'm looking for the station manager.
You need a note from the front desk.
Did you hear me?
Can you tell him to let me in?
I already told you. It's his decision.
You don't have any ID. You just don't listen.
You're so ignorant. Just leave!
Don't you have a phone here?
-Could you call the station manager? -Do you think it's that simple?
You think I'd bother him with this?
Go away.
Stop causing trouble.
-Has today's newspaper arrived? -Not yet. This one is yesterday's.
-Give me a call when you get it. -Sure.
-Get out of here. -I'll wait for the station manager here.
You want to wait? Here?
Let's see how long you can wait.
Wait outside. Outside the gate.
You can wait as long as you like.
If you don't leave now, I'll call security.
We are very busy. I have to check people all day.
Go! Leave!
Are you the station manager?
Are you the station manager?
Are you the station manager?
Station manager?
Are you the station manager?
Are you the station manager?
Are you the station manager?
Are you the station manager?
Are you the station manager?
No, I'm not.
Hey, stop.
Are you the station manager?
What station manager? No. You've made a mistake.
Come here, kid. Come in.
Give him something to eat.
-Are you hungry? -Yes.
You can't bother the customers. You'll hurt my business.
If you're hungry, come in here.
After you eat, you can help me wash dishes.
Remember to stay away from the customers.
Hey, kid.
Wake up.
Why are you sleeping here? You'll catch cold.
Are you okay?
Get up.
Manager, a young girl has been looking for you at the gate.
She's been asking everyone who wears glasses.
She was there all day yesterday. She's there again this morning.
-That one with the red shirt? -That's the one.
-Go check it out. -Okay.
She said she's a teacher from the country who's looking for her student.
She wanted to place an ad but she has no ID.
I hear she has been waiting a day and a half.
She wanted to wait.
I just follow the rules. She's crazy.
-What an attitude! -She has no ID, no money--
You made her wait a day and a half!
Now you say she's crazy! I think you're the crazy one.
I just follow the rules.
-She has no ID. -So you made her wait a day and half?
How could you?
-I'll let her in right away. -Forget it. I'll go.
-Are you the station manager? -Yes.
Is there something I can do for you?
You don't want to place an ad. Thirty seconds costs 600 yuan.
That's money you don't have.
But the station manager wants to help you.
We have a plan.
We have a show called Today in China.
It's our highest rated show.
You can be our guest, an educator from the countryside.
We'll mention your student. It's sure to work.
The quality of education is rapidly improving.
The nine-year compulsory education policy has been successfully implemented...
...but it's still not very promising in some areas...
...especially rural areas.
The necessary tools are lacking.
Many children can't go to school for several reasons.
Today, I am honoured to introduce a special guest...
...who will talk about education in rural areas.
I have here Ms. Wei from ShuiQuan Village Primary School.
Can you tell us about the situation at your school?
Ms. Wei is a little nervous.
Zhang Huike is a third grade student at ShuiQuan.
His mother is ill, and the family is in debt.
He came to the city to work to pay off their debts.
Teacher Wei came to the city alone... find Zhang Huike so he can go back to school.
An increasing number of students are dropping out of school.
Why do you think this happens?
Don't be nervous.
Their families are poor.
Why do you have to find Zhang Huike?
Why are you looking for him?
Zhang Huike's situation is increasingly common.
We hope that society will give them a hand.
Help them go back to school.
We need to help the future generations.
We know how you feel.
Can you say something to our audience?
Maybe Zhang Huike is out there watching you.
Look at the camera and talk to him.
Look into the lens.
Imagine that Zhang Huike is listening to you.
He must miss you very much.
Say something to him.
Zhang Huike, where did you go?
I've looked everywhere.
I'm so worried.
Why don't you come back?
This is Today in China.
We haven't found him yet. Do you have any information?
-Yes? Tell us the time. -We're still looking for him.
Yesterday, at Liberation Road--
What was he wearing?
Come in here.
Take a look, are they talking about you?
Look into the lens.
Imagine that Zhang Huike is listening to you.
He must miss you very much.
Say something to him.
Zhang Huike, where did you go?
I've looked everywhere.
I'm so worried.
Why don't you come back?
We're almost home.
How do you feel about finding Zhang Huike?
I'm very happy.
Zhang Huike, Teacher Wei brought you home.
-Do you think she's a good teacher? -Yes.
How will you thank her?
When I finish studying, finish high school...
...l will make a lot of money and buy her lots of things.
She went through a lot looking for me.
I must repay her.
What will you buy her?
Lots of good stuff.
-What good stuff? -Pretty stuff.
What's "good stuff"?
-Do you like the city? -Yes.
What's good about it?
The city is beautiful and prosperous. Much better than the countryside.
What's your most lasting impression?
That I had to beg for food.
I'll always remember that.
Teacher Wei brought Zhang Huike back.
The whole village is here to celebrate.
How do you feel?
I'm very happy.
I'm happy Zhang Huike is back.
Did you know she went looking for Zhang Huike?
I didn't know.
She said she wanted to go. I said no, so she went on her own.
I was very worried that she wouldn't come back.
A lot of nice people donated classroom materials.
What will you do with all this?
Give them to the students.
Let the students use them.
They should use them to learn.
Many kind people care about Zhang Huike and the school, so they donated money.
As mayor, what are you going to do with this money?
We can do many good things with money.
This school is old.
-It leaks when it rains. -How old is the school?
About 45 years old.
I want to build a new school.
So much chalk. We don't have to buy any more.
We'll keep it for Teacher Gao. He'll be so happy!
Teacher Wei, such pretty chalk.
The words you write will be very pretty.
Write something!
Let's save it for Teacher Gao.
Write something!
I want to write something, too.
Everyone may take one piece of chalk and write a character.
But only one!
Li Meiying, you want to write one?
Come on.
-I can't write. I can draw a flower. -Then draw one.
-Teacher, can I write more than one? -Go ahead.
"Teacher Wei."
Zhang Huike returned to school.
His family's debt was paid off with money received from the donation.
Ming Xinhong won the 5,000 meter championship in the city.
Wei Minzhi went back to her family's farm.
She often returns to visit her students.
The remaining money was used to rebuild the school.
They renamed it the ShuiQuan School of Hope.
Each year, poverty forces more than one million children in China... leave school.
Through the help of donations, approximately 15 percent...
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