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Nothing to loose

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Where do l start?
ltīs not you.
Well, actually, it is you.
Look, līm just not--
līm not attracted|to you any more.
l need space.
You kinda--
You kinda gross me out.
ln the beginning, it was different.|ln the beginning, you were better.
But then l got to know you|real well, and...
l-- l came to realize...
that youīre a fat idiot.
-l got ya. l got ya. l got ya. l got ya.|-Okay. Okay.
- Okay, okay, okay. Let me try it.|- You gotta be straight.
- Okay.|- Straight face.|- Okay, okay.|- All right.
- l want a divorce.|- Why?
ltīs a physical thing.
- Physical?|- līve been experimenting|with other men lately.
A lot of other men|and women.
l donīt know. l mean, Antonio can do|this thing with his tongue...
and Williamīs stamina|is amazing.
And as far as hands go,|well, your fatherīs hands are--
You are no match.|l have no equal.
Get down here.
lf the shoe fits
l want you to wear it|and wear it good
Sulkinī about them times|when l was by myself
l was always lookinī|for somebody else
But as time went on|l had a talk with my mind
Friends like you and you|l gotta leave behind
And līm sayinī call me a fool|īCause you only rub it in
- And līll never see you if l had known|- līll never see them again
īCause, well l know the difference|Just stay in my own business
And līll never, ever|depend on you
Friends and enemies|around me every day
l canīt believe|the things they say
Takinī me for granted|Give me no credit at all
līll just keep bouncinī|like a bouncinī ball
l donīt wanna step|on nobodyīs foot but
You call me a fool|but you only rub it in
And līll never see you|if l had known
līll never see that again
īCause, well l know the difference|Just stay in my own business
And līll never, ever|depend on you
B-B-B-Brickmanīs!|B-B-Brickmanīs Powerboats!
Get it?|Brickmanīs sells powerboats.
We make the company mascot|a powerboat. What do you think?
- l like it. Good work, Alan.|- Yes!
- Zachary, youīre up.|- All right. l just wanna show you--
- Ladies and gentlemen, Zachary!|- Yes, sir. No--
l havenīt taken these to the focus group|yet. līm still working on that part.
But l just wanted to let you know|these are just preliminary sketches.
Ladies and gentlemen, introducing|the new mascot for Hidy Ho Cookies--
What-- What is it?
- Zippy.|- What is Zippy?
- Heīs a cookie man.|- Heīs a cookie man?
What is that, uh,|on the ground behind him?
Oh, thatīs a trail of chocolate chips.|See, wherever Zippy goes...
he leaves this magical trail of|chocolate for all the boys and girls--
Magical? This-- This looks like poop.|lt looks like piles of poop.
- lt looks like Zippyīs walking around,|ju-- just crapping all over the place.|- Stop.
- lt looks like--|- No, no. Those are chocolate chips.
- Emma, what do you think it looks like?|- Excrement.
Zach, letīs just say|youīre about to take a big bite|of a juicy chocolate chip cookie?
Whatīs the last image you want|floating through your head?
- Excrement?|- Excrement. Right.
Listen, l wanna go out on a limb here.|līm gonna say maybe we should avoid...
all bowel-related items|with this particular product.
- Just a hunch, you know?|- līll work up something different.
- All right. Thanks.|- Nick Beamīs office.
- Oh, hi, Ann.|- Ooh, aah--|- ltīs your wife.
Everybody out.|Big business deal.
- Hello.|- Now weīre still on for tonight.|You stood me up twice, you know?
ltīs a done deal. New York|Philharmonic. Last night in town.
līll be escorting|the sexiest woman in the world.
- What about me?|- Weīll bring ya.
Oh, guess what? My sister left|a message on the machine.
And sheīs coming in|with her fiance next Friday.
- No. Oh, wow.|- Yeah!
l finally get to meet the|mysterious queen of the Peace Corps.
Yes, you do.|Hey, can you pick īem up?
Yeah, sure. When is it?
A week from today.
l think itīll be around 10:30.|līm not sure. līll have to check.
P.B. wants|to see you A.S.A.P.
Sorry, honey, l gotta go. Thereīs|an onslaught of initials coming at me.
- Okay. Tell him hello.|- l will.
- l hate you.|- Me too. Bye.
- Philip.|- Nick.
Oh, oh!|Bungee jumping. Sunday.
- No thanks, Phillip.|- P.B.
No thanks, P.B.
- Nick?|- P.B.?
Okay, okay.|Okay, forget it.
- This guy is new.|- Yeah. What do you think?
Uh, l think he likes me.
Niroog, the fertility god.
Boy, l like looking at this.|Handmade in the Paleolithic period.
Had to sacrifice my ldes of March|gold aureus in trade.
Pity. But, uh,|l think worth it.
So, which one of you|wanted to see me?
- Charles McGinty is coming in at 5:00.|- The Charles McGinty?
- īīMcGinty Crackersīī Charles McGinty?|- The very same.|- Fantastic.
Anyway, l was supposed to have|dinner with McGinty tonight.|līd love for you to stand in for me.
Oh, no, uh, s-- Phillip,|l-l promised Ann l-l would--
Nick. Oh, Nick.|You gotta help me out here.
l donīt get this lucky|every day.
- Look, if this is about a woman--|- Youīre a pal. l gotta go.
- lt just needs to be--|- Guess who just called?
-Annīs divorce lawyer?|-McGintyīs secretary. Heīs rescheduling.
- All right! Yes!|- Want me to get Ann on the line?
No, līm gonna try to beat her home.|l wanna surprise her.
This is great, huh?
- The wife again?|- No, actually l just met this|incredible brunette on the elevator.
Well, līm jealous. What would l|have to do to get flowers all the time?
- You donīt get flowers all the time?|- Nope.
Thatīs a crime.
Grab it! Grab it!
Thatīs right. Thatīs right.
Hey, asshole,|get outta the road!
Jump, jump, jump, jump, jump,|jump, jump, jump, jump, jump
l say fight, Youīre outta the corner|a day late, a dollar short
Friday mornings|most people donīt get
You change your life from left to right|You get your wit tracks tight
Must be testing the master
The under hood|the underworldīs under man
Never mind being understood|Long as we understand
You canīt twist transistor|mixing friends
Soldiers over here donīt snitch|They bitch and bit
All hours while|the crowds peepinī in
Welcome to hell, bitch.
Car, keys, wallet. Now!
Dīyou hear what l said?
Okay. Now you listen,|and you listen good.
This is a gun. Okay? Donīt be|fuckinī around with no gun, white boy.
Helen Keller,|līm talkinī to you.
l know you hear|what the fuck līm sayinī to you.
Boy, did you pick|the wrong guy on the wrong day.
Oh, shit.
Oh, youīre trying to lock me--|U-U-Unlock the door.
Stop, motherfucker!|Stop the car! Stop the car!
Youīre driving on the sidewalk,|man! People got to walk there!
Pull over, man!|White boy, l said pull over!
Yo, man, thereīs a truck.
l said, yo, man,|thereīs a truck.
Yo, man, thereīs a truck|right there. Stop!
What about my wallet?|You wanted to rob me, didnīt you?
Yes. l distinctly remember|you wanting to rob me.
Hereīs my wallet.|You want it?
Here it is. Here. Here.|Right out there.
- What you doinī, man? That was money.|- Oh, līm sorry. l got|something else for you.
līm blind!|l canīt see shit.
The honeys dug my eyes.|The honeys loved my eyes.
All right, you win, man. All right?|ls that what you wanna hear? You win.
What the fuck?
No, you ainīt one|of them desert slashers, are you?
Cut a person body up and|leave it out in the desert|in little tiny pieces and shit, huh?
Oh, shit!|We are in the fucking desert.
līm in the car with a psycho,|freaky, Jason hack-killer motherfucker.
Hey, please donīt kill me,|freaky Jason.
l said, please donīt kill me,|freaky Jason.
l done fucked around and caught|a ride with the wrong white boy!
- Get out.|- With pleasure.
īīSayo-fuckinī-nara,īī pal.
l canīt feel my ass.
My ass just fell asleep.
l didnīt even know|an ass could fall asleep!
ltīs all tingly and shit!
Come on, man.|You canīt leave me out here.
Yo, man! You canīt|just leave me out here.
Okay, līll make|a deal with you.
You drive me home, līll forget|about this whole kidnapping shit.
Oh, come on.
Hello. You tried to rob me.
You had a gun to my head.
Look, l told you|the gun wasnīt loaded.
You got yourself into this.
You know what you are? Youīre|a bad person. Youīre an armed robber.
Donīt expect me|to feel sorry for you.
Excuse me.|ls there a problem here?
- Yes.|- ls this man botherinī you?
- Yes, he is.|- Oh, so youīre just gonna come|right at the brother.
Why donīt you ask|if heīs bothering me?
Lady, for all you know,|l could be Denzel Washington.
Take a good look.
He could be some|celebrity stalker.
līm gonna have to ask you|to pay for this coffee now...
īcause līve seen these things|escalate before.
No problem. My wallet.
Wow! Looks like the celebrity stalker|donīt have a wallet.
Oh, well, thank you.|l will get your change, sir.
What? You want me to thank you?|So l owe you a buck.
How was you goinī to get gas? You donīt|have no money, no credit cards.
No l.D.
Shit, man.
Okay. All right.
You give me money for gas|and līll take you back.
līm cool. līm--|līm straight.
As a matter of fact, l-- you know,|l like it out here in the desert.
You know, you get|all sweaty and shit.
Just bubbling off your ass.|Just-- What?
l just remembered.
l have a spare credit card|in the side compartment.
Uh-huh, right here!
Whatīs up?
Whatīs up, white boy?|W-W-Whatīs up, huh?
Come on, come on.|What ya got?
Huh? Look at you. You done|fucked around and got dropped.
Get the fuck outta here.
- What?|- You hit like a ole girl, man.
Get the fuck on out of here, man.|Go about your business.
What the hell is this,|your merry-go-round move?
Yo, l understand.
Thank you.
Hey. Oh, shit.
l didnīt know it was expired.|l never use it.
So why are you out here?
- What do you care?|- līm curious.
līm a student|of human nature.
Youīre a freak|of human nature.
Thatīs all right.|l forgive you.
ltīs clear you have|woman problems.
Youīre way off base.
- līm off base?|- Yeah. Way off base.
- She mess around on you?|- Look.
Even if l wanted to talk about it--|which l donīt-- it wouldnīt be with you.
You give her some nastiness? l know you|gave her some serious nastiness.
- Just forget it.|- What about him? Did you fuck him up?
Did you whoop his ass? l bet you hit|that motherfucker with a bat, didnīt ya?
Kling! Pow! Fucked his ass up,|didnīt ya?
No, wait a minute. You capped him. You|capped that motherfucker, didnīt you?
Thatīs why you out here|in the desert, ainīt ya?
Look. l didnīt shoot him. l didnīt say|anything to my wife. l just left.
- What do you mean, you just left?|- Just left. l--
l saw them doing you know...
and l walked away.
What a pussy.
No wonder your woman|is sneaking behind your back, man.
Know what your problem is? You donīt|have the respect of your woman, man.
Thatīs what it is.|Me, l got all that.
l go home, my dinnerīs|on the table.
Bam! l donīt wanna|hear shit, woman.
- And if l want lovinī-- if līm|in the mood-- l get that too.|- Youīre so full of shit.|What would you have done?
Man, l would have went back|to that house and līd have pulled|a Terminator on the front door.
Boom, boom, boom! Who the fuck do you|think youīre playinī with, woman?
Who do you think l am, some fruity pie?|l ainīt no fruity pie.
līm-- līm Nick Beam.
Thatīs what l told her.|līm Nick Beam.
And Nick Beam ainīt puttinī up|with that bullshit.
Sheīd have been crying, you know ? īīOh,|Nick, oh, Nick, please take me back.
Please, please, Nick.|lt was only one time.īī
līm gonna īīone timeīī your ass.|Nick Beam is the master of his fate...
the ruler of his destiny.
So if you wanna cry|on somebodyīs shoulder,|why donīt you cry on Superdick?
As for Nick Beam,|līm fit, lit...
and l damn sure|ainīt takinī no shit.
So you can get the fuck out.
Thatīs what l woulda|told the bitch.
Thatīs what l|told the bitch.
- What the--|- Hey, hold it. Hold it.
Break it up. Break it up.|Whatīs goinī on here?
Should l pay cash, or do you|wanna use your credit card?
Ah, fu-- Oh-- Ah--|Oh, shit.
- Put the money in the bag.|Put the money in the fuckinī bag!|- Okay.
- Shit.|- Letīs go! Put the money|in the fuckinī bag.
You werenīt gonna leave|without me, were you?
- What do you think youīre doing?|- Thereīs a special they got goinī on.
You get a free stack of cash|with every fill-up. Some luck, huh?
How stupid can you be?
- We better get out of here.|- You take that money back.
- līm serious, man. We better get goinī.|- Weīll get goinī as soon you|bring back that money.
- līm not bullshittinī! Move out!|- līm not going anywhere|until you return--
Here we go.
- Why? Why? Why?|- l didnīt have any money, man.
- Oh, you had money.|- No. No. That five dollars|l gave the waitress was it.
- What the--|- Oh, great. Bufordīs come to kill us.
- Persistent hillbilly motherfucker.|- He has every right to be.
You robbed him at gunpoint.|You dick!
Hey, hey, youīre the one who threw|the wallet out the fuckinī window.
Oh, shit.
- All right, man. What you doinī?|- Come on, asshole.
Well, would you look|at these crazy sons a bitches?
Oh, shit. We gonna die.|Pull off the fuckinī road.
Man, would you pull|off the fuckinī road!
Oh, shit!
- Oh, shit!|- Oh, shit.
Hey, Earl.
Oh, sh--
līm alive! You alive!
Howīd you know that hillbilly|was gonna turn first?
You did know he was gonna|turn first, didnīt ya?
You know what?|lt donīt even matter.
līm alive!|You alive, man!
- Get out!|- What?|- Get out!
What are you even thinking when|you do something like that?
- You think youīre never|gonna get caught?|- We didnīt get caught.
Thatīs not the point.|ltīs beetleheaded.
ltīs-- ltīs only a matter of time|before you do get caught.
- What is beetleheaded?|- ltīs a synonym for īīstupid.īī
Oh. Well, hereīs a synonym|for īīprocreation.īī Fuck you!
ltīs easy for you to point the finger|when youīre sittinī on your rich ass|in a big fuckinī house.
- līm not rich.|- Oh, yeah.
- How bigīs your TV?|- What?
- l say, how bigīs your TV?|- Fifty-inch.
- Get in the car.|- Oh, please. Letīs not|make this a social issue.
The point is that even|if you wanted to rob a place,|there are smarter ways to do it.
- Enlighten me.|- A mask. Wear a mask.
You see, the police|have this thing called a īīlineup...īī
and if someone recognizes you,|you go to jail!
Oh, how about this for a novel idea?|Case the place first.
Find out if thereīs a security camera|or a hidden alarm.
Then again, why even rob|a convenience store?
How much money could you possibly get?|Two, three hundred dollars?
Then what? Youīre set|for two days! Wow!
- What do you know, lanky?|- l know you go for the big score.
One robbery, youīre set.
News flash, big slim.
People with big money,|they protect it.
So you do a little research.|Take Quality Design Group where l work.
My boss keeps a ton of cash|in his vault.
At night, thereīs only two guards|and a personal security system.
Now, in this case,|l happen to even know the code.
But even if l didnīt, l--
l got a booger in my nose?
You canīt trust banks, Nick.
The entire system|could crumble at any second.
That bastardīs so heavily leveraged,|it would wipe him out.
Wait a minute.|Am l hearing you right?
Mr īīHigh and Mightyīī|is gonna rob his boss?
You hear that,|gila monsters?
Old Nick Beam here|is gonna rob his boss!
l say, do you hear that,|gila monsters?
You know what, Nick? Your wife really|messed your head up bad, man.
Youīre serious?
- How much he got?|- Only the bulk of his personal assets.
- Six, seven hundred thousand.|- You what?
- Hey, you gonna need some help.|- Oh, no, this has nothing|to do with you.
Hey, l was present at the time|of creative inspiration...
which entitles me|to partial ownership...
in this|criminalistic endeavour.
- Get out.|- Maybe līll just call Quality|Design Group when we get back.
l want half.
Weīre gonna bury|this asshole.
Sure, youīre right.
lf you ever plan
To motor West
Travel my way|Take the highway
Thatīs the best
Come on|Get your kicks
On Route Sixty--
Well, it winds from Chicago
To L.A.
More than 2,000 miles
- Highway shooters?|- One black, one white. You tell me?
You were there,|and they got away?
They were driving|a 1996 Yukon.
- Licence?|- You know, if l had a licence number,|Bart, l wouldnīt be standing here...
- eating large quantities|of shit, now, would l?|- No, sir.
Monitor calls on both sides|of the border. Fax that photo|to every precinct on the planet.
Thereīs so much as a sneeze|out there l wanna feel the mist.
l hear a voice
- Give me all your money and a Yoo Hoo.|- The moneyīs all locked up.
Thatīll be 79 cents, please.
l said|Come on, little prisoner
l got something to say
Something stinks, man.
You sure you ainīt got|a gas leak?
- ltīs my shoes.|- Your shoes?
You ever heard of Dr Schollīs?
l spilled some gas on my shoes|at the gas station.
You know,|the one you robbed.
- Oh, so you got a camcorder up in here.|- What are you doing?
līm just|checkinī it out, man.
- Pu-- Pu-- Put it down.|- l ainīt gonna break it, man.
Just let me check it out.|Just let me see.
Yo, this is your wife?
Man, l see why|you were upset.
Not bad, Nick.|Not bad, Nick.
l mean, you know,|for a cheatinī bitch.
Look, donīt you call her that.
You-- You donīt know her.|Donīt call her that.
Okay. No disrespect. Okay?
What should l call her?
Monogamously challenged?
- God.|- l was just fuckinī with you, man.
You know, this is an all right camera|for a regular eight.
- ltīs the best on the market.|- Let me explain something to you, Nick.
lf you ainīt got digital,|you ainīt got shit.
This has only got|one C.C.D. chip.
Broadcast has three, Nick.
Donīt look at me like that.|What, are you surprised l know shit?
The guy that sold me that camera|just set up our computer network.
- Windows NT?|- No. Just Windows.
- Man, get out of here with that shit.|- Look, hereīs a nutty idea.
lf you actually know something about|this stuff, why not use that knowledge|and get a job?
Take a good look at me.
- līm not exactly the corporate colour.|- Thatīs ridiculous.
- lf you wanted a job,|you could have one.|- Thereīs a spider on your head.
- What?|- Thereīs a spider on your head.
Look, l am sorry.|l am not up on all this...
jive-talkinī, homeboy lingo.
Whatīs that supposed to mean,|thereīs a spider on your head?
lt means: Thereīs a spider on|your motherfuckinī head, man.
Well, get it off!|Get it off, get it off!
- l ainīt touchinī that shit.|- Get it off!
Get it off, get it off,|get if off, get if off!
- Get it off!|- Yo, thatīs a big fuckinī spider, man.
Oh, shit!
Nick, itīs just a spider.
līm a scat man
No, no.|Now donīt go crazy.
- Yeah, you go, boy.|- līm a scat man
Hold on, let me focus.|Let me focus on this shit.
līm a scat man
Oh, shit.
You got the hot foot!|Yo, Nick!
Get on the good foot.|Get on the good--
Aw, got it!
līm a scat man
līm a scat man
l gotta make a call.|You pump.
- Give me the gun.|- What?
Give me the gun.
Man, l wasnīt gonna|rob the place, man.
Then you wonīt need this.
Then you wonīt need this.
You must be really fast.
Twenty dollars on pump number 15|and a sour fruity twist.
- You a cop?|- No.
You bastards have tried this|too many times!
- Oh, listen--|- Shut up!
- l wasnīt gonna--|- Shut up.
Emmitt County Sheriffīs Station.|Hello. Hello.
- Uh--|- Yes, may l help you?
That show, Cops...
l love it.
Have you ever had|a really bad day?
līm havinī one right now.
Now, look, baby,|l told you līd be home later.
Now, this guy say he got a job|for me, okay, payinī big money.
Okay, now, please, donīt argue with me.|Not-Not now. All right?
līll see you later. Okay.
Oh, oh. Oh.
Now all l wantīs $20 on pump number 15|and a sour fruity twist.
- ls that too much to ask?|- No, sir.
- Do you mind if l take your gun?|- No, sir.
Would you please rip the phone cord|out of the wall?
- What?|- Would you rip the phone cord|out of the wall, please?
Thank you. This is for the phone and for|the gun and for the sour fruity twist.
And $20 on pump number 15. Go on.
- Thank you for your patience.|- Yes, sir.
Le-- Let me get this straight.
ltīs all right for you to rob a place,|but it ainīt all right for me?
l didnīt rob him.
Well, you got a funny way|of not robbinī a motherfucker.
Nick, letīs get out of here,|man, before he calls the cops.
- Heīs not gonna call the cops.|- How do you know?
l had him rip the phone cord|out of the wall.
Oh, shoot.|Thatīs pretty good.
And you got his gun?
Not bad, Nicholas.|Not bad.
Charlie, this shitīs depressing the shit|out of me. ltīs makinī me sad.
What? Oh, come on, man.|This shit is the shit.
- This is the shit.|ltīs supposed to make you sad.|- ltīs grim.
Oh, man, come on.|This is the shit.
This shit is the shit.|This is the hellified love music.
- līm in bad shape over here.|- Ah, man, you know, maybe l can...
tune you in to a nice A.M. station|and get you some Donny Osmond.
- Charlie, whatīs this? Slow down.|- Get the fuck out of here.
Pull over and|turn the headlights off.
Yo, man, you couldīve|gotten me a piece of licorice.
- ltīs sour.|- So.
Still couldīve gotten me a piece.
- l didnīt think of it.|- Oh, you didnīt think of it.
Just selfish, man.|Guess thatīs the world.
- You know? You just-- You just selfish.|- Here.
l swear, white people must got|totally different taste buds, man.
Thatīs a very|racist thing to say.
Oh, yeah? Good.
What the f--
- Oh, shit!|- Whoa, theyīre ramminī us.
Thanks for the late-breakinī news.|Step on the gas, Nick!
l hate new cars.
Look at his face, man.
Look, man!
Our turf, baby.
They donīt look like cops.
Definitely not cops.
Get out of the car.
- There you go.|- All right, motherfuckers,|back the fuck off!
Oh, shit. ltīs cool.
Oh, yeah, līm cool.|We cool.
l was just fuckinī|with yīall, man.
Hey, whatīs up?|Yīall-Yīall live around here?
Bring your ass|around the front of the car.
Come on, baby. Come on, baby.|There you go. There you go.
- All right. Okay. Oh, shit.|- Uh-huh. Watch your feet.|- Uh-huh.
Come on, rubber legs. Letīs go.|Watch where youīre walkinī.
Watch-- Watch your feet.|There you go, baby.
Perhaps you two havenīt heard|that my partner and l here...
own the rights to all violent crime|on this particular stretch of highway.
And we donīt take kindly to any|unauthorized criminal activities.
You donīt understand.|We were--
- Oh, shit.|- Thatīs my car.
- Can l have your attention, please?|- Yeah.
l bet you used to sell more|Girl Scout cookies than any other member|of the whole troop, didnīt ya?
What were you calling yourself back|then? Yolanda, you little bitch?
Cynthia? Susan? What was it?|l canīt remember.
- Hey, guys, l will be gentle.|Donīt even worry about it.|- Huh?
Now-- Now, donīt even worry.
l have these.
Oh, now thatīs not|gonna be enough.
Whereīd you put your booty?
Now līve done it. l finally found|someone l like less than you.
Shit. Thatīs|a fancy case, friend.
You know, when a sweet-mouthed girl|like you has a fancy case like this...
a man gets to thinkinī|whereīs the wallet?
Thatīs it.|Weīre dead, man.
līm gonna need|that wallet, Alice.
Whereīs that big, fat wallet?|Give it to me.
Give me your fuckinī wallet,|you little bitch.
- You know what?|- Nick, Nick, what you doinī?
līm sure youīre|a really scary guy.
līm sure that, normally, people just|quiver at the very sound of your voice.
But, you see, l, l canīt|see that right now.
l-l-l just see a weak,|desperate little man...
that probably grew up|torturing little animals.
Some puny, little uncoordinated...
punk, jerk-off bully...
that one day wakes up|and realizes heīs nothing.
Just a sad, pathetic, useless,|illiterate piece of inbred shit.
l just want you to know,|l totally disagree.
- Time to die.|- That just makes you my best friend.
All right,|drop the fuckinī gun.
Drop the fuckinī gun!
Give me this, motherfucker.
Now back the fuck up before|l kick you in your bitch-ass chin.
Back the fuck up!|l said, back the fuck up!
Didnīt l say, back the fuck up?|Everybody, back the fuck up.
- You shot me.|- līm sorry, Nick.
- Put down the gun.|- Shut up.
- You shot me.|- l said, līm sorry, man.|l-l-l didnīt mean it.
The gun just went off.
You know, l have that|same trouble in bed.
Well, rarely. Every once|in a great while.
- Put down that gun, you idiot.|- Would you shut up? līm shot here.
You shut the fuck up.|Who the hell do you think you are?
- You shut the fuck up!|You shut the fuck up!|- Huh? Look at yourself, you candy-ass--
- Man, you shut the fuck up.|- You shut the fuck up.|- Shut up!
- Put down the gun!|- Hey, hey, hey!|- Put that fucking gun down|before you take a fucking toe hit.
- You shut the fuck up!|- l donīt give a shit!|- Shut the fuck up!|- Candy-ass motherfucker!
- Shut the fuck up, man!|- Shut the fuck up!|- Hey, hey, hey!
Hey! Everybody,|shut the fuck up!
Now, everybody,|shut the fuck up!
Especially you.|Shut the fuck up.
You like Girl Scout cookies?|Come here. Come here.
You want cookie?|Hereīs a cookie.
Now back the fuck up like l done|told you two dumb-ass mother--
Back up, back up.
Get in the car, Nick!|Look at you now.
Thatīs good.
Bye, cowboys!
Nick, why the hell you start up|with that guy, man?
- You shot me.|- līm sorry.
- You shot me.|- līm sorry.
You donīt say youīre sorry|when you shoot someone.
You say youīre sorry when|you step on someoneīs toe...
or you accidentally|break their glasses...
or you, you fart|while theyīre eating.
You-- You donīt say youīre sorry|when you shoot someone!
Oh, my God. ltīs going numb.|ltīs going numb. ltīs going numb.
Oh, my God!
Nick, thatīs the most|hideous thing l ever seen.
Hey, yo, man, you know,|maybe if you wrap your arm in ice...
they can reattach it.
Thatīs funny, man.
- Thatīs a baby gash.|- Shut up.
- But itīs a baby gash.|- lt couldīve been a lot worse.|lt couldīve been a lot worse!
- lt couldīve been,|but it wasnīt. līm gonna--|- What are you thinking, shooting?
Look, just calm down,|all right?
Youīre gonna upset your wound.
Yeah. Do you folks|want a lift somewhere?
- Where you from?|- London.
- Me too!|- Really?
- Yeah!|- Thatīs terrific.
Hop in me car. Letīs go then.|Come on. Jump in. Letīs go.
- Oh, this is great.|- Hey, would you scoot over a smidgen?
Sorry about that.|Cheers, mate.
- Nick Beam.|- Where we headed?
City of Angels.
So where you plan|on stayinī tonight?
- līll just sleep in the car.|- Yeah, right.
You can stay at my place,|brother.
Thanks.|Well, just for the night.
What? Did you think|l was asking you to move in?
- No, l was just sayinī--|- Please, Mr Beam.
- Stay with me forever.|- Just shut up.
- Mr Beam.|- Shut up.
- Mr Beam, Mr Beam, Mr Beam.|- You know how to shut up?
- Mr Beam.|- ls it in your vocabulary?
- Stay with me forever, Mr Beam.|- ls it possible? Do you ever shut up?
Will you stay with me|forever, Mr Beam?
Look here.|When you meet my wife...
she donīt know nothinī|about my sideline gig.
- You mean she doesnīt know|youīre a thief?|- Hey, līm not a thief, okay?
l just dabble|in future used goods.
- Well, what does she think|you do all day?|- Look for work, man.
Maybe if you did look for work,|you wouldnīt have to steal.
Donīt judge me.
You stepped on my shoe.
See, l donīt usually|get in this late.
Baby, am l glad|to see you.
No, no, no. No, talk to me.|Explain this to me now.
l got mugged.
- Okay, l didnīt get mugged.|- l got--
- l got mugged. He got beat up.|- Thank--
Remember how l was tellinī you|l had a job interview?
Baby, thatīs him.|He right there.
Thatīs the player|right there.
My nameīs Nick. Nick Beam.|Nice to meet you.
When are you gonna stop|gettinī into trouble, Terrance?
- Terrance?|- īīT.īī
Okay? My friends call me īīT.īī|You can kiss my ass. Boo!
- Okay, Terrance.|- Oh, Mama.
Please go on|back to bed, Mama.
What kind of man stays out|till 2:30 in the morning...
then comes back lookinī|like a bruised turd?
- Mama, l ainīt--|- Donīt you talk back.
Donīt talk back|to your mother.
W-- What-- Whatīd l do?
You got that slap|īcause you with him.
- And l know youīre part of|whatever badness heīs into.|- Mama, enough.
You got some explaininī|to do in the morning, Mr Gentleman.
Now you think on that.
Why do you keep on|smackinī me, Mama?
- Shh.|- No, go ahead. Go ahead.
- Okay.|- Oh.
Okay, now you come here.|Come here.
Mama didnīt have to|smack me three times.
- We gotta move out of here.|- l know.
- l know.|- l heard gunshots.
Hey, there, boy. Hey, what|you doing up this late, pal?
Huh? Whatīs up?|What are you doing up this late?
Oh, honey, we woke you.
Now look, donīt worry.|Give Daddy a kiss. Come on.
Donīt worry. l ainīt gonna let nothinī|happen to yīall. You know that, right?
- What happened to your face?|- No, līm cool, little man.
Hey, you do your homework?
- Yes, sir.|- l said, did you do your homework?
- Hmm? Hmm?|- Y-- Yes, sir.
- What about you, little miss?|Did you do all your homework?|- l donīt have any homework.
You donīt have no homework? All right,|time to go back to bed. Letīs go.
Hut-two-three-four|Make a right at the right door
Make your choice īcause you got|to grow up to be successful
- l hope this isnīt|an inconvenience for you.|- Not at all.
You seem like a nice man. Terrance|can use a few of those in his life.
- Good night.|- Good night.
You know, l never noticed before,|but you got really nice eyes.
- Shut up!|- But you do.
Letīs get this over with.|l canīt believe it. līm committing|armed robbery for two flashlights.
Hey, donīt worry about it.|Letīs go.
Freeze, motherfucker!
You move your ass so much|as an inch, līll blow it off!
- You hear me, motherfucker?|- Hey.|- You hear me? What?
- Why you acting so mean?|- Hey, look, man. Now ainīt|the fuckinī time, all right?
- You say scary shit, it scares īem.|- Yeah, but you have a gun.
Plus, what youīre doing|is a stereotypical robber thing.
l mean, itīs a lot scarier|if someone with a gun is calm|and cool and collected, man.
- Thatīs bullshit, man. Donīt--|- Here.
Excuse me, sir. Come here.
Come here. Come here.
Now, look, Henry...
weīre gonna take|some things outta here...
and youīre just gonna|stand there.
- You got a problem with that?|- No.
Now, honestly, which one|did you think was scarier?
- Honestly?|- Mm-hmm.
He was scarier.
Really? You didnīt find|what he did contrived?
- No. lt was scary.|- Well, what part?
Well, the, uh, īīFreeze, motherfuckerīī|part was scary.
And then he led me to believe|that if l moved my ass...
it, it might be blown off.
- You were scary too.|- Oh, come on. Youīre just saying that.|You donīt have to lie.
No, līm not. l thought|you were very scary.
- Really?|- Yeah.
- Well, thank you, Henry.|- Yo, check it out.
Theyīre flashlights|with A.M./F.M. radio on it.
They all that. You can listen to|your music while the lightīs on, boy.
All right, all right!
Come on. Come on.
Freeze, sucker-bitch!
That was much better.
Thank you, Henry.|See ya later now.
What the hell is|īīsucker-bitchīī?
l wanna live in the jungle
Where you donīt got|to wear no clothes
And they got no boutiques
Nothinī chic
ln the jungle|they donīt have no disco
Yo, yo, Rig!
Hey, yo, Rig!
Yeah, come on over here|and meet Ginger and Mary Ann.
Ow! God!
Charlie, we gotta go!
Go, go, go, go, go, go
Go, go, go, go, go, go
- Break, break|- Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go
- Hey, Nick, what floor is it on?|- Fifteenth.
- What-- What-- What fifteenth?|- Come on.
Why canīt we just|use the elevator?
- īCause thereīs a guard|that patrols the building.|- This is bullshit!
Come on, man. ltīs Saturday night.|Theyīre not gonna be there anyway.
Look, l know weīre gonna go|back Monday and weīre gonna get him.
l just wanna check it out.|Take a left here, will you?
You seriously busted up my party.|You know that.
Those girls were attracted|to you. l mean, Christīs sake,|theyīre only human.
-Youīre a handsome man. We will go back.|-līll hold you to that.
- Okay.|- Mm-hmm. Whatīs the matter with you?
- You sharp.|- Okay.|- Yeah.
Beat you.
- l carried the damn bag.|- l still beat you.
Beat me at what?|Climbing steps?
Guess weīll call you|the īīStep King.īī
Oh, shit.
No problem.|l know the code.
- What?|- Come on. Come on.
Shit! That asshole|mustīve changed the code.
Step aside. Let me take a look.|Let me take a look.
Okay, let me look.|Mm-hmm.
- What are you gonna do?|- You got 12 possible stations here.|Youīre only using seven.
līm gonna make the other five stations|active, run a test mode...
and force the system|into rotation.
What does that mean?
We got five minutes.
Here. Put on your mask.
ls that mask sweaty? l think|thatīs the one l hid behind my balls.
All right.
- Yeah, all right.|- All right, all right.
Ooh, yeah. Letīs go.|We got three minutes. Letīs go.
- Lookinī good.|- Yeah.
Put the money in there.|Letīs go. All right. Letīs go.
Here we go. Money. Money.
Letīs go. Mask, mask.
Letīs go, baby.|Letīs go, baby. Letīs go!
What the hell are you doinī?|Nick?
Okay, thatīs real clever, Nick.|Letīs go.
Come on, man.
This is very nice.|ltīs very nice. ltīs very nice.
Oh. l donīt think līve ever seen|a more beautiful piece of shit.
Nick. Nick!
Very nice. Very nice.|Very nice.
Thatīs great. Thatīs great.|You done cut the dick off a statue.
Howīs it feel, Phillip?
You had it all, but it wasnīt enough|for you. You had to mess with me.
Nobody messes with Nick Beam.
l feel lucky
l just feel that way
līm on a bus to Atlantic City
Later on today
- Your face, man. You showed your face.|- lt doesnīt matter.
lt does matter. They catch you,|they catch me. lt damn well matters!
- līm a winner|- Hey, man, look at me.
Look at me, man.|līm not goinī down for this shit.
And now l know
Why līve been sent
Little rump shaker|She can really shake and bake
Sheīs got skills
- Watch her slippinī and a slidinī|- Here, man!
- Makinī booty left to right|- Here!
Sheīs got skills
Hmm. The alarm|mustīve been set.
Addressing the groove|l see youīre drinkinī again
Youīre smokinī smack inside your|cigarettes and lookinī pale and thin
ltīs a shame
ltīs a pity in New York City
Well, well, well|well, well
Something has changed
The way these people think
Hey there, lonely girl
Lonely girl
Let me make your|broken heart like new
- Oh, shit.|- Hey there, lonely--
White people.
Our dates.
Ohh, shit.
Oh-ho-ho.|Look at this, man!
Mama-say, mama-sa, makusa!|Oh, smack me two times!
Calm down.
My son is going|to the best schools.
My daughter, she ainīt even|gonna know what a food stamp is.
My wife,|we goinī out all the time.
All the time!
- Whatīs wrong with you, man?|- Nothing.
You sweatinī that bullshit, ainīt you?|You sweatinī that bullshit.
You did what you had to do|to that guy, man. Donīt worry about it.
All right? Put that shit|behind you, man. Where you goinī?
Where you goinī?|Where you goinī?
līm just gonna--|līm just gonna take a walk.
All right.|Well, hurry back.
l got willpower,|but l donīt know how much.
You know what līm sayinī?|Yeah.
There is somethinī
On your mind
By the way|you look at me
There is somethinī
On your mind, honey
Did you ever do somethinī that you|thought would make you feel great?
ln a weird way,|you almost feel worse.
Revenge, huh?|Some things hurt no matter what.
That must be a fact|of life.
- And what youīre thinkinī|- Hi!
Hi! Nick.
l canīt believe it.|What are you doinī here?
- Danielle.|- Oops.
l donīt know|what līm doinī here.
- What are you doinī here?|- Well, Sheila, my best friend--
Well, she used to be my best friend.|l guess, technically,|Marcy would be my best friend.
l mean, they both think theyīre my|best friend, which is okay by me.
But once l did have this nightmare|where Sheila and Marcy are sitting...
right next to each other, and this|Eskimo guy comes over and says, īīPick.īī
l thought l was gonna die. l mean,|an Eskimo guy. What is that all about?
Anyway, Sheila, sheīs visiting|and sheīs staying here.
And so l thought līd take her|to a party and show her a good time.
And she meets this guy and goes home|with him instead. And, oh, well.
You really look good.
You look--|You look good too.
- Thank you.|- Do you want a drink?
Uh-huh. Yeah. Sure.
You know, līm such a klutz. l spilled|beer all over my dress earlier.
And, well, l think itīs stained.|Did it stain, Nick?
l have Sheilaīs room key.|You wanna come up?
- Letīs get hot|- Oh, yes, itīs ladiesī night
And the vibes is right
Oh, yes, itīs ladiesī night|Oh, what a night
Oh, what a night
ltīs ladiesī night|and the feelingīs right
Oh, yes, itīs ladiesī night|Oh, what a night
Oh, what a night
Nick, Nick,|use your key, man.
All right.|All right, Nick. Damn!
- Hey, Nick, why couldnīt|you just use your key?|- Turn your bed down?
The lady is lookinī good
- Just like the lady should|- Just like the lady should
līve been thinking about this|for so long. l want you so bad.
l just wanted to|make her happy.
This is gonna be a night|that you wonīt forget.
l try to forget,|but l canīt.
- Give it to me, Nick.|- Give. Thatīs all l did was give.
Nick? Nick, youīre really putting|a damper on the mood here.
līm sorry.|l donīt know.
Danielle, l canīt.|l just canīt.
l just wanna make you mine
Weīll be together|till the end of time
Hey, Kareem. Are you aware|that Charlie and l...
had intended to come up here|and cap your punk ass?
And your girlfriend Nick.
But, shit, you two muffins did such an|outstanding job with this financing...
l mean, who could think about killing|at a time like this?
Thanks. Your approval|means a lot.
- Did l tell you to speak?|Did l tell you to speak?|- Charlie, no.
Thatīs gonna be too loud.
Too loud.
- Hello? Hello?|- Hi.
Oh, my God!|Nick, is that you? Are you okay?
- līm fine.|- Oh, thank God!
l didnīt know if, if you--
l thought that--|Youīre not hurt?
- No.|- Oh, thank God! Where are you?
Look, Ann, letīs not make this harder|than it has to be. l saw you.
- What?|- l saw you. l know.
Saw me what?|What are you talking about?
Come on. Do you have to do this?|You and Phillip.
- What about him?|- Youīre denying it. Sheīs denying it.
l donīt believe this.|Friday afternoon. Remember?
Well, guess what.|l came home early. l saw you, Ann.
- l was there.|- Oh. Oh, no.
Yeah. Oh, no.
Nick, l was still|at work Friday afternoon.
At work? Well, then your-your clone|was at home screwing my boss.
Nick, it was my sister.|Remember, l told you...
she was coming next Friday|with her fiance?
Well, l made a mistake. lt was this|Friday. They called from the airport.
l told them about|the key in the planter.
l called you, but youīd|already left the office.
So l left you a message|on the machine at home.
What about-- What about the cuff links?|Phillipīs cuff links|were on the sink, Ann.
Honey, theyīve been in the dresser|since the Christmas party.
l left them on the counter so youīd|finally remember to bring them to him.
So youīre not having|an affair?
- No, you dick!|- You still love me?
More than anything in the world.
You-- You wouldnīt believe|what līve been through.
Youīre gonna laugh,|but l actually-- Shit.
- Whatīs the matter? Whatīs wrong?|- Shit!
- Whatīs the matter? What?|- Shit!
Shit! Shit!
Shit, shit, shit, shit,|shit, shit, shit...
shit, shit, shit, shit,|shit, shit.
Going down.
- Donīt touch it.|- Oh, man.
Oh, man.
l think l can open the door|and catch the sheet.
- Donīt touch the sheet, please. Donīt--|- No, no, no.
- No, donīt move. Donīt move.|- Oh, shit. Oh, shit.|l done moved the hand.
l really donīt think|you should be moving right now.|l-l think youīre moving.
- Call the paramedics. Listen to me.|- All right.
Get them here|as fast as you can!
Have them meet me|with a gurney.
- Wait. Let me practise.|- Let you practise?
līm hanginī on|a fuckinī ledge, man.
- l donīt wanna die like this, Nick.|- All right.
l wasnīt tryinī|to stick you up, man!
First, līm gonna say īīone.īī|Then līm gonna say īītwo.īī|Then līm gonna say īīthree.īī
- And then līm gonna do it.|- l canīt hear you.
- līm gonna start with one|and count to three!|- Okay.
- Right.|- Two.
l canīt hear you!|You gotta be louder, Nick!
- l said, īītwoīī!|- Are you on īītwoīī already?
- līll start again!|- Start from īīoneīī!
- One..|- Right.|- Two.
- l got you.|- Three!
- Nick!|- l got it! l got it! Got it!
Well, you go, boy!|You my--
The elevator!|The money!
Remind me to kick|your ass later.
Oh! Weīre rich, man!
- We are in the bigs.|- Charlie. Charlie, smell that.
Oh, yes! You, too,|can be a millionaire!
Charlie, Charlie, Charlie,|Charlie, smell this.
More hookers!
- Hookers!|- We hit the mother lode, man!
- What the fuck is that?|- What the fuck--
- Okay. What now?|- l donīt know.
What do you mean, you donīt know?|l thought you said you had a plan.
- That was my plan: to ram them.|- Ram them.
Speed up!
- Shoot the mother-- Shoot him!|- l got him! l got him!
- Shoot īem!|- Geez!
You know, līm tired of this shit.|Letīs go!
Charlie!|Look out, Charlie!
līm actually grabbing a gun|and going after bad guys.
You the man.
All right.
- You see īem?|- No.
līll, uh--|līll let you know.
Please do.|Nick.
- You checkinī this shit out?|- Hey, Nick.
l like you like this.
You and your prom date|both having weapons.
That way l donīt have to kill|an unarmed couple. ltīs not my style.
Put down the bag.
- Paul Bunyan, come and take the bag.|- Nick, let me--
- Youīre an idiot! Shut up!|- Shoot this mother--|- No, youīre a fuckinī idiot!
Who are you? Crime dog now?|Are you aware that thereīs only|two kind of people on the whole planet?
There are killers,|and then thereīs everybody else.
līm a killer, Nick. Yes, yes, yes, yes.|What are you, Nick?
līm married.
Oh, you son of a--|Wait, wait, wait.
Oh, shit!
What are you,|fuckinī out of your mind?
- Fuck!|- What, are you crazy?
Huh? Whoīs in control now?
Hand over the bag...
or else my man Nick Beam here|gonna put one in your ass.
Ainīt that right, Nick?
- līll roll over.|- Okay, l see it. l see it.
Let me try to get around|and get you.
No, itīs not--
- No, theyīre in the alley.|- Charlie, itīs the police.|- Oh, yes!
- Thank God youīre here.|- Thank God youīre here, man.|- Oh, this nightmareīs over.
- What the fuck are you doinī?|- Put the gun down!
Put that gun down,|you stupid pig!
- Wait! Come on!|- Come on, man!
ltīs them.
Well, some folks in Arizona are|gonna be mighty happy to see you boys.
Wait, wait, wait! Officer! Officer!|Officer, two other guys--
īīlīm married.īī Ka-blam!|Youīre too much.
- ls the money all there?|- Looks like it.
Great. We have just enough time|to get it back.
Excuse me?
We have to bring the money back.
No, no.
Maybe youīre a little bit confused|about the purpose of a robbery.
Oh, T., l didnīt tell you. When we|were at the hotel, l called my wife.
Everythingīs all right.|You see, it wasnīt her.
She wasnīt even there.|lsnīt that great?
lt was her sister|and her sisterīs fiance.
l donīt give a damn if it was|her Uncle Fester and Gumby.
You ainīt takinī|this money anywhere, man.
l donīt wanna|hear all that.
- Let go. Let go.|- Gimme the bag. You let go.
- Let go of the bag. You let--|- ltīs not your money.
- ltīs not your money.|- ltīs not your money!
- ltīs not yours. ltīs half mine.|- Let go!
- You let go!|- Let go!|- You let go!
Let go!
Get back here!
- You okay?|- Yeah, līm okay.
- And you?|- līll live.
Canīt let you take|the money, Nick.
T., my life is in that bag.
Nick, even if you wanted|to take the money back, you canīt.
- Your face is on the video, man.|- They only review the tapes|if somethingīs missing.
l can go into work early|and bring it back. No oneīll know.
l can get my life back.
You forget one thing, Nick.|l get my life back too.
Money donīt make|my world go īround
līm reaching out|for the higher ground
To a warm and peaceful place
l can rest my weary face
Lifeīs answers we try to find
Oh, we try to find|Yes, we try to find
Battling inside our minds
Where do l go from here
Will all my friends be there
īCause weīre living|weīre living
ln a crazy maze
And weīre fighting|weīre fighting
To rise above the haze
Lights at the end|of the tunnel
Sometimes the journeyīs long
There are many theories
Whoīs right and whoīs wrong
Pressureīs on|l have to choose
līve got nothing to lose
l close my eyes|l take a chance
l-l, l now dance|a different dance
Whatīs the key|to a happy life
Tell me now, now, now
Healthy mind|and lots of spice
Running barefoot|through the trees
- Oh, my God!|- Thatīs my idea of free
Ow. Ouch.
What happened to you?
ltīs a long story.
- l got shot.|- What?
And l-- l think|līm wanted in Arizona.
Plus, my shoes|caught on fire.
You told me you were selling me|the top of the line.|The top of the line is digital.
Did you sell me a digital?|No, you did not.
So, līm bringing it back,|and l expect a full refund.
And if you do not give me|a full refund, you will not...
be doing business|with myself or my company.
Thank you.
- So, did you hear?|- What?
Some, uh, vandals|broke in over the weekend.
- What?|- Well, nothing was stolen.|They-- They cut the--
the thingy...
off P.B.īs statue.
Um, theyīre reviewing|the videotape.
- Hi, everybody. Howīs it going?|- Not now, Nick.
- Did anybody see that game last night?|- Game? What game?
- Oh, that game. Overtime.|- Will you please shut up!
Donīt touch it. Donīt touch it.|Oh, you pig. Oh, you pig.
Well, thatīs it.|Whatīs done is done. Listen.
līve got this great idea for|the new McGinty Cracker mascot.
- Move! Move! Move! Move! Move!|Thank you.|- This mascot--
- This--|- Nick! Shut up!
Whatīs happening?
Well, what is this?|What the hell is this?
- l donīt know.|- You goinī crazy as a spider!
Somebody mustīve recorded|over the tape.
- Who had access?|- Uh, there was an electrician|in here this morning.
What electrician?|l did not order an electrician!
l did. The flickers on the--|Fluorescent lights were flickering.
- līm really sorry, sir.|- This is terrible, Phil.
- l would really like to be alone now.|- līll go now.|- You should go.
- l would be really like to be alone.|- You should go.|- līll leave now.|- You should go too.
- l would like to be|extremely alone for a minute.|- līm gonna leave you alone.
Thank you very much.|Thank you, Nick.
All right now. Cut that out.|Yīall wanna eat? You wanna eat?
- Yeah, we wanna eat.|- l thought you wanna eat.|You wanna eat? All right.
- Just donīt burn the meat.|- l donīt never burn the meat.
- Uh-huh. What happened the last time?|- Hey, Dad donīt burn the meat.
- līm gonna put some more|po-po sauce on it. Yīall like that.|- Joey. Tonya.
- Yeah, thatīs--|- Go see your mama, boy. You know.
Now this is my very|special mustard.
- Donīt let nobody touch that.|- Okay, Mama.
- All right.|- Yeah.
So, howīs the|electrician business?
Hey. Not bad.|The hours are a bitch.
l wanna thank you.
l donīt know why-- l just wanna say|l appreciate what you did.
Well, donīt mention it. Howīs that?|How did you know where l was anyway?
A friend gave me a tip.
A friend, huh?
- You hungry?|- Yes, we would love for you to join us.
Wouldnīt we, Mama?
l talked to my boss today|after things settled down.
Convinced him we need|a new security system. Got any ideas?
Sure. l can help you|pick one out.
You wanna run it?|We need someone trustworthy.
l told him l know|just the guy.
Well, līm gonna have to|think about this, Nick.
Right now, līm weighing out|several lucrative offers.|l mean, they rollinī in.
A lot of people want me|to work for them right now.
Now, thatīs just|the way l like it.
All l need now is some|of Mamaīs special mustard.
Whatīd l do?
- Run, run!|- Stay down, Nick. Get on outta here.
līll beat you into the--
See you when you get there
Now l seen places and faces of things|you ainīt never thought about thinkinī
lf you ainīt peeked then you|must be drinkinī and smokinī
Pretendinī that youīre locinī|but youīre broken, let me get you open
Now, little Timmy got his diploma|and little Jimmy got life
And Tamica around the corner|just took her first hit off the pipe
The other homey shot the other homey|and ran off with his money
And when the other homeys heard about it|they thought that it was funny
But whoīs the dummy īcause now|you done lost a hustler
A down-ass brother|done replaced by a bustler
And though l got love for ya|l know l canīt trust ya
īCause my crew is rollinī numbers|and your crew is rollinī dusters
And just because of that you act|like you donīt like a brother no more
l guess thatīs just|the way you go
l ainīt tryinī to preach, l believe|l can reach but your mind ainīt prepared
l see ya when you get there
līll see you|when you get there
lf you ever get there
See you when you get there
līll see you|when you get there
lf you ever get there
See you when you get there
More temptation and fate|l guess we livinī for today
l seen a man get swept off his feet|by a bull with an AK
The situationīs so twisted|everybody gettinī lifted
līm just tryinī to take care|of my kids and handle my business
īCause itīs way too serious|so you gotta pay close attention
So you donīt get caught slippinī|when they come to do all the gettinī
Life is a big game so you gotta|play it with the big boys
Some of us gotta run a little faster|īcause we gotta lay the straw
But līd be a fool to surrender|when l know l can be a contender
lf everybodyīs ascended|then everybody can be a winner
No matter your rag color|Deep down we all brothers
And we gonna set a time|Somebody up there still love us
līm gonna scuffle and struggle with ya|līm breathless and weak
l done strived my whole life|to make it to the mountain peak
Always keep reachinī|Sure to grab onto somethinī
līll be there when you get there|waitinī with the sounds bumpinī
līll see you|when you get there
lf you ever get there
See you when you get there
līll see you|when you get there
lf you ever get there
See you when|you get there
As we walk down the road|of our destiny
And the time comes to choose|which shall it be
The wide and crooked|or the straight and narrow
We got one voice to give|and one life to live
Stand up for somethinī|or lay down in the game
Listen to the song|that we sing
ltīs up to you|to make your beef
l guess līll see you|when you see me
līll see you
When you get there
lf you wanna get there
- līll see you|- līll see you
- When you get there|- When you get there
- lf you wanna get there|- lf you really
- līll see you|- līll see you
- When you get there|- When you get there
- lf you wanna get there|- lf you really
līll see you
When you get there
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