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Novo 2002

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Yes... I'm outside I followed him
I guess he needed to stretch his legs
It's the end of the day
No We're 2 minutes away
I'll direct him toward the office
He's back It's OK
I love that...
Watching them leave one by one It makes me calm and serene
My little staff
I'm joking I'm joking, Graham
Come closer before judging me Then you'll understand
There he is, Time for Fred and his video screens
- Have you met Fred? - No
Do you know I take African dance?
I think I'll be going
Take off your clothes, Graham
- Are you sure? - Take them off
No, no... Not the shirt Make yourself comfortable in my chair
Are you sure?
It's the only way you come It surprises you every time
That camera!
It's OK, I covered the lens See the tape
Sorry We can start now
Didn't you forget something?
My sneakers were just ripped off
That's low Disgusting Sordid!
What can I do?
For my sneakers?
- Nothing? - Thinking of giving me your shoes?
I'll stick to my own socks
Whatever, kid... As you like
- My name's Antoine - Bye, Antoine
Darn, the temp girl! I forgot about that girl
Send her to Accounting Nadine will brief her
And her office tour? I'm really too busy
I don't know... Ask Graham
Can he handle it?
Meeting room Green sofas and table
Meeting room Blue sofas and table And a TV
Meeting room Purple sofas and table
A blue computer A red one 4 chairs, 2 white trash cans
2 lamps, 2 chairs...
White trash cans... No computer
That's it
The roof!
Excuse me... Excuse me...
Can you help me?
My hands are naturally cold
Try anyway
- I can't - Too bad
Sorry Wrong size, silly me
No problem
It's already forgotten
You've got a call
Let's go on
This way...
This is the roof!
Repeating everything?
I'll play the scene again
That would help
OK, but backwards
That should be proposed to me more often
Do you have a tissue, please?
No but I saw some recently
One's left, way up inside I put my hand too far up
Beware of its sharp teeth!
The infirmary! Sorry!
Emergency! Emergency!
Sorry, I'm Miss Catastrophe today
- What's your name? - Graham
- I'm Irene - My pleasure
Sorry, I didn't know...
Should we have a bite at the canteen?
I don't recommend it
It's not so great
Quite often disgusting
The coffee is foul... North American
I only have an apple for lunch
Then what about my place tonight?
Am I too fast?
Can you remind me at the end of the day?
- If you want me to - Yes
- The address... - The address... On the board!
If not, I'll be covered in messages by the end of the day
Fish or meat?
- For me? - Yes
Keep it simple I'll bring the wine
- Red or white? - I prefer red
The remains of the last guy who made a mistake with the wine
Was that recently?
3 million years ago! It's a real bone
I'm into history and primate ecology...
You know what Paleontology is?
Take a look at it
It must be fascinating
I'd have trouble following along
I live day by day
Even hour by hour
Is your posture always so straight?
Does it bother you?
I'd like to test your straightness...
I'll do things you'll never forget
Almost time for work!
- Where? - To work
- But where? - To work
You'll wake up at Irene's
Was that done last night? It wasn't there yesterday
I didn't notice What's so important?
It's a landmark
You know what it means?
- Probably "Down with Work" - That's so weird
What, then? It must mean something
At work forget that you know me
- But I try so hard not to - So hard?
It's difficult for me
Act like nothing happened
If you say so I don't want to hurt you
- Coffee? - As usual!
Just checking Things change
And you're later than usual
No sugar
Sugar can make coffee taste bitter especially when we forget about it
Is it ready?
Always ready
Good boy!
- I'll give you more... Recto, verso - Minute!
- You have nothing to do - I do!
For who? I'll explain that my stuff is urgent
You're looking at him!
- You! - Come back in 15 minutes
I'll get screwed You won't remember later
Write it on the board
Whatever you say... But I'll wait anyway
- No one for photocopies? - He's at the clinic
- Clinic? - Didn't you notice anything?
Hello, Pablo
You're mistaken My name is Graham, Dr. Sagem
Good boy, Graham
- How are you? - Fine
What now?
- So... We'll begin now - So I must go...
You have another meeting in 10 minutes OK?
- Do you know this man? - We live in the same building
- What's his floor? - I don't know
We waited together one evening for that damned broken-down elevator
- Did you speak? - No
You could have spoken to the world's richest man It's Bill Gates
That wasn't him
Or him in the future Broke and living in the suburbs, right?
The same... With pie in face
And this man?
So? What did they say?
No improvement
They wanted you to see him?
And what good does that do? What's the use?
- And this woman? - Don't know her
Good to hear
She's my wife
And this one?
I don't know her
- The sister? - Do they look alike?
Not at all Should I know her?
- I'm hopeless - No
And what's that?
The fall of the Berlin Wall, 1989
See, you're not hopeless
- Do you recognize this house? - The Wall caretaker's house?
- And this woman? - Still no
- Great - No!
You remembered seeing her photo before
And that house... It's yours
But I don't live there
Are we done?
Yes You can go home now
- Hi! - Hi!
- Are you ready? - Ready?
Ready, and you?
- It's me, Fred - Are you coming?
Not like that
You have to bow
No, no... First to the dojo
Try again? Grab the fist...
Who are you?
Let's start again
I'll remember everything for two
Don't look at what I drew Promise?
Even when you're peeing Don't look!
Does the light bother you?
The light, no The time, yes
Hurry! My makeup's done! And so is yours
Tell me what did we do last night?
Yes, First I...
I can't hear Louder
I oiled your organ with aloe cream
What did you do before?
Any profession you hate?
- If I was a calculations teacher - Doesn't exist
A mental calculator
Try me At least 3 digits
347 x 347
More complicated 4 digits
4092 x 6549
Actually, you could say anything I can't check it in my head
But it's true
7685... times
7639 Minus he square root of 7639
- Distracted? - Not by my memory
- What's that? - It's like a stage light
A little light left on after the performance
Just count with your eyes closed
We didn't count stops
We missed ours!
We'll miss work again today
Graham came on Irene's stomach
That made both of them laugh a lot
Graham said he would get a towel
Irene refused
She wanted to keep it on her
Until it changed from warm to cold...
From sticky to dry
Irene turned over
She's now lying on her stomach
Graham walks around the room, noting all its details
Irene tells Graham she's happy to have met him
Very happy, she adds
Things change after the second time I mean the second night
- Really? - Well, yes
We pay attention to what we say We dream about other things
You think so?
Yes Sweet things peaceful things
At the same time things start to get a little scary
Not scary, but... This fear of disappointing the other
I'd like us to be intimate
What's intimacy to you?
Can you tell me a childhood memory?
That's intimate, isn't it? Childhood...
Excuse me... Did we come yet?
Don't move!
Stay! Stay!
Put this around you
Have we been in this car before?
Do you know him?
Kids... So easy to clown around
Got a hard- on?
A piece from my past
Don't hold it against me
You have pieces, too
- Hi - Hi
I was hesitant about coming by
Have a seat
I'm very worried I have no news of Pablo
- Pablo? - Oh, yes...
He's never at home He doesn't answer the phone
- I hope he isn't sick... - No
He's doing well
His work is improving We're all very happy with him
He's had no problem integrating
I'm dying to see him
I understand
But this is his workplace and it must remain that way
He won't recognize me
That might change
I hope so for you Even if that means we'll lose him
What good would it do seeing him now?
But I'm his wife
I'll show you the way
He recognized me He doesn't want to see me...
He didn't see us He's quite unpredictable, you know
We could speak more privately of him
- How so? - Give me your phone number
Well, I'm moving closer...
Now I see him better
He's very meticulous
He checks all copies
He does a lot
Everything's just fine
Hey you bring this urgent copy to Accounting!
- Yes - Thanks
Apparently, this is urgent
I'm afraid it might be too late
I'm sorry...
I'm sorry...
I'm sorry...
I have to admit... it's unpleasant, very unpleasant...
When you don't recognize me
But it's very, very pleasant when you fuck without past
Without routine Each time is the first time
I need to feel attached, to love what you love
To know what books you love, to read them and love them, too
I'm selfish
Love makes one selfish for two
I'm in Love with Irene Who Sleeps Next to Me?
The alarm didn't go off!
Irene, we're late!
It's 9:30
Get up, Irene!
It's 9:30
It's Saturday
That bitch! She makes you come on Saturday!
If you fucked others... would you remember?
You'd note it
At least you'd write it down in your notebook?
No, you wouldn't If you did, then I'd know
You're a bastard, Graham
- No - How can I trust you?
- I'm becoming a pain... - No
Let's forget it
Should I do your butt?
My butt?
We can't do this all weekend
Why not?
No traces
No traces
And you? What's left for you from all that?
Fleeting impressions that are forgotten
so as to remain in the present
Like forgetting
so as to remain faithful
Let's test her abilities
Give her a heavy task
You calculate very poorly
I'm a little tired today
It's Monday! And by Friday?
The mistakes are on small sums
Each and every detail is important in this department
I can't keep you on
Give me a chance Tomorrow...
I can't keep you on It's a matter of trust
A pity You're so energetic
Me too much it is logical
I told the agency how you reduced our backlog
Should I thank you?
They're ready to assign you another job
The main exit is the other way
It's a GPS Global Positioning System
You'll be able to find me within one centimeter
Let's try
- What is it, Graham? - 'I'm Pablo'
I'm Pablo
Yes, Pablo
"It's not right what you did to Irene"
It's not right what you did to Irene
"You intruded on her personal life"
You intruded on her personal life
Company life was at jeopardy I was simply judging her work
- "She helps me" - She helps me
- "My condition improves with her" - My condition improves with her
- "In fact..." - In fact...
- "In fact, I'm almost healed" - In fact, I'm almost healed
- "This is my last day here" - This is my last day here
- "I quit as of tonight" - I quit as of tonight
See, I did it!
No more Graham
I'm here with an old friend
- Hey, you - Hey, you
I came by to see how it's going
- It's coming - What?
It comes It goes
What goes?
My memory It's coming back
You've been skipping practice you know
I'm perfectly aware of that
Come up a moment
Graham had a visitor
I don't know Maybe his friend Fred
Where is he? Where?
He just left
Are you Irene?
For Graham! Get on
Run along, honey
We're all very thankful
If you can help Pablo all the better...
- Yes, Antoine? - What do I bring?
Fred is very supportive He came with me to the clinic...
You're a sweetheart
Could you bring us some ice, too?
Pablo will regain his place as husband Regain his place as father...
As Fred's best friend
Go back and listen!
When Pablo regains his memory...
Now you know everything
Next time you see him... These are recent photos of us
I'm glad you came by
Pablo is living in limbo
Innocent... Without fault...
When he recovers, he'll realize we played like him
Do you want to?
- Thanks - Antoine
Thanks, Antoine
It's the wind...
Graham... I hate to say this,
But you're just not lovable at this time
No one can fall in love with you
Being in love is about having a history
You're not capable of creating one
Not me, not anyone
I can't do it alone
Close your eyes
The jukebox is busted
What should I have played for you?
What would you have played for me?
I'm sorry for what I did
It was low Ridiculous
I hate myself for having done it
I came to apologize
I don't know what came over me
Since last night...
I have this rage deep inside That's not like me at all
I don't like it at all
You're right to start your life over
Waiting for me is useless
It's a stupid idea
I don't know you...
Even if we're married
That's why this rage...
I don't want it
A guy like me can't be betrayed
I assure you...
Don't feel guilty
There's no betrayal, no wrong of any kind
There's no harm
I'm no longer here
Start your life over
I think that's a healthy attitude
I'm happy for you
And I'm not being cynical
I saw you earlier
You're pretty
That dress looks nice on you
I talk a lot, don't I?
But it's also your fault for not saying anything
We might decide not to see each other anymore
It's for the best Especially not looking each other up
Don't worry
Others will tend to me People love helping the sick
The only thing to do is forget me
You have to forget me
I think everyone should just forget me
Someone forgot this
Go away! Go away!
She's strong
No... She's not strong
Why do you want her to be strong?
I swear she's really strong
You aren't going to drop me, are you?
Isabelle said it was over between them
I can't help you anymore
I did a lot by stealing his notebook
And I don't have anything against her
She's really strong
Stop saying that! Stop it!
Tell me again how it happened
When did it happen?
Then I'll leave you alone
I promise
- Let's have a drink - Sorry, I don't have time
- Five minutes... - You're dumping me?
Yeah Isabelle's waiting... And I don't drink with losers
You didn't win by much!
I meant winning Isabelle
You're an asshole I should have used the forbidden hold
- You're crazy! - It's true
I discovered it in a Chinese book
And what's so special about that hold?
According to the Chinese it can send adversaries far
You can't do it
I've had it with your making fun of me!
This is the story of a tooth knocked out during a boxing match
It was recovered by a fan who then gave it to her son
He exchanged it to a friend for a porno magazine
It's the story of a tooth which decided to start over its life
What are you doing here?
Where is he? I want him to see me
- Come in - No, he has to come to me
- He's not here, I swear - Where is he?
- I don't know - Where is he?
- I don't know - Where is he?
Don't shout Come inside
I won't move from here until he sees me
Hold on...
We can track him if he hasn't shut down
Where did you come from?
- Now or originally? - Now...
The bus stop
Yes, but before?
I don't know Far away
- Does your mother live around here? - No
So what are you doing here?
Why? Is it forbidden?
One doesn't come here for fun
Can't we have fun here?
What are you doing?
I don't know...
Just looking
What did you put inside me?
Don't worry I'll take it back
- Have you two finished? - He's sleeping
- So you finished - We didn't even start
What a face!
I can't believe it A baby
Like a baby sleeping
Let him sleep
Come on...
Have you been waiting 10 minutes?
Are you kidding? One hour
- It's been an hour - One hour!
That's great!
One of you is called Julie
Am I right?
Come back!
I forgot the tooth
38, 19, VZ, 29...
My son! Antoine!
It's been so long
I never stopped seeing you
I followed you everywhere
- Really? - On the subway, the train...
At the clinic and even at Irene's
Were you ashamed of me?
What I mean is did you have reason to be?
Not at all...
For an adult, you were great You were completely novo
I have the impression it's all coming back to me
Before you arrived, I remembered a saying from some philosopher
His name is on the tip of my tongue
It mentions 4 positive negations
"Nothing protects us from what can happen"
"Never admire the powerful"
I forgot the third one
And "Don't humiliate the pitiful"
I think you told me that before
Many times?
Are you mad at me because of Irene?
Mom's not mad
Should we stay like this all night?
Do you sleep with boys often?
Listen... I don't think so
I think it's the first time
It's my first time, too
So we'll remember it all our lives
Isn't that what first times are all about?
I hope so
Aren't you cold?
Sure, but I don't want to think about it
I like this night
I wish it would never end, but...
Dawn is coming
- Have you ever been in love? - Not yet I'm hard to please
Everything fine at school? High school next year?
No, I have to repeat this year
Repeat it?
I can't allow you to leave
Do you understand?
If the license plate matches... If what you say is true...
We'll do what's necessary about the tooth
I have my memory back Not everything, but a part of it
- You said that last week - I remember!
Maybe that must be verified
Agreed, Pablo?
My name is Graham
Good boy! That's what I thought
I'm a little cold
Could you pass me that blanket behind you?
I'm still cold
I'll be less cold standing
I'm still cold
I need to walk a little
I need to walk a little
I need to walk a little
Let's go!
Could you put it on top?
I'll carry them to your car
Not here...
Do you want to come over?
In case I forget where do you live?
- Follow me - OK
What did you forget now?
It doesn't matter We all forget things
Love is about forgetting time, yet remembering it can end at any time
It's a three- way love...
Graham, Pablo and me
Whether it's 2 or 3 in love...
We have to handle becoming childlike together
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