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Subtitles for Nude for Satan (Luigi Batzella 1974).

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Nude for Satan (Luigi Batzella 1974)

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I'm coming, I'm coming.
What on earth do you want at this hour?
I'm a doctor. I got an urgent call from Wildford's cottage.
But I'm afraid I lost my way.
If you mean the farm of those madmen you took the wrong way.
It's on the other side of the hill.
You'll have to go all round it now.
I advise you not to. It might be dangerous in this weather.
Unfortunately... - The road is no good either.
Thank you, but I have to go. It's urgent. Good-bye.
Miss, miss! Wake up. Come on!
What happened? - Nothing. Nothing happened.
Nothing serious. Calm down. - But who are you?
I'm a doctor. My name is Benson, William Harry Benson.
I believe there's an accident. I don't really know.
Anyway, everything is all right. Miss!
Good evening.
Good evening.
Excuse me, sir, but there's been an accident.
I'd be gratefuI if you would help me.
There's been an accident, a woman is hurt.
I can't move. My orders are not to move from here.
And then, even if I wanted to...
Maybe they can help you in the castle.
Do you believe...?
Open up, I need help!
Anybody home? Open up!
Anybody home? Open up!
I need help!
What do you wish for, sir?
The light is twofold, the way is only one.
The essence of life is not in time.
He who has made a pact with Him,
belongs to Him.
It is written: You will see through the darkness.
The being...
...who do I have the pleasure?
But, miss...
How did you manage to get here? - Oh, Peter!
Finally! - I remember I left you...
You had fainted because of an accident.
You came at last. - What?
I have waited for you forever. - But...
What is going on? I don't understand.
And yet...
Oh, Peter.
I can't believe it's true.
You're back.
Or perhaps you never went away.
Such happiness!
This world is wonderful.
It still exists,
beyond our thoughts,
beyond our feelings, beyond life.
But, what are you talking about?
I am not dead.
Neither are you.
I think that perhaps you owe me an explanation for all this.
Why... are you dressed like this?
What is this place? Who are you?
And that painting there on the wall?
What does that mean?
How can you possibly not remember?
The accident, your car!
To remember... What is the memory...
...but a fraction of time in the parentheses of the past?
And the past is not in time anymore.
And time is silence.
There is no space here...
...for memories.
Think, neither past...
...nor present.
But it's always now.
Come... come.
Let's go. Come.
With joy I will announce the arrival of my love.
Come, Peter, come.
Good morning.
Can I be of any help, madam?
Certainly. At least, I hope so.
Forgive me, I had an accident with my car last night.
I believe somebody came to help me.
When I recovered consciousness, there was nobody there.
I don't know. Maybe... - I'd be delighted to help you.
Would you like to come in?
It's beautifuI here. - Thank you.
Please, sit down. - Thank you.
Consider yourself at home. - You're very kind.
Do you like it?
I thought it was...
But this is...
Interesting, isn't it?
Yes, I wanted to say that... looks like the portrait of... I'd swear it's him.
If it weren't for the clothes.
So he could be who helped you and that you're looking for now?
Oh, no, not at all. The one I'm looking for is from today,
someone like me. - Meaning?
But... it's useless to explain to you. You wouldn't understand.
Later, maybe.
I suppose you'll want to refresh yourself, maybe take a bath?
If you'd do me the honour of accepting my hospitality?
But of course. Thank you, but...
There's no need to thank me. I'll provide for it immediately.
You mustn't worry about your friend.
We'll find him, you'll see.
What a strange man.
He seems to have stepped out of an old painting.
Enough. - I'm happy.
Are you happy too? Smile! - Miss, please.
This joke has gone on too long now.
It's the comedy of our life. Or not. Maybe it is a joke.
Joke... - Enough, I've had it.
Comedy... What does it matter?
Love me, Peter, love me.
Oh, poor girI, she's lost her mind.
The shock has been too much for her.
Listen to me.
You... are not well.
I understand, after that accident...
We have to go away from here.
Miss, you need to be looked after.
I don't believe that's possible here.
Here it's as if we were shipwrecked.
Shipwrecked? Oh, yes, shipwrecked.
Of love, stranded here from endless shores.
In this dimension, where time doesn't exist anymore.
Where I have been waiting for you always,
and I always find you again.
To obey the command.
I don't understand you.
Who are you?
Who commands you?
He does.
He who has made a pact with Him, belongs to Him.
Susan! Wait! Where do you run to?
I'm so happy to find you again.
Darling! - I've waited for you for hours!
You helped me last night, right? - My darling, my sweet Evelyn.
Instead of leaving me in the car,
if you wanted to help, why didn't you bring me here?
Time, time is ours again.
You will be mine, mine! My beloved Evelyn.
That's enough. Stop it.
This is no time for jokes.
Unless you've gone mad after the accident.
Yes, Evelyn, I've gone mad.
I've been mad since I've known you.
In this world where your thought is my sin, Evelyn.
We never met before.
Your help doesn't entitle you to take liberties with me.
Why do you say that? - Don't call me Evelyn!
I am Susan Smith.
I am not amused that you make fun of me.
Everything has been prepared.
If you would like to follow me. I'll show you to your room.
But where did he go? I was here together with...
So you have already found your man. Good, I'm glad.
As you see, he couldn't have gone far away. Please.
But is it really...? - Follow me.
But he was with me.
What I don't understand is... It seemed to me that...
Seemed? So many things seem to exist but don't.
And so many things do exist and seem not to exist at all.
An illusion. Like life.
We delude ourselves we live, that we love. That we die.
When we see our mistake,
we prefer to ignore it.
Then everything becomes a nightmare.
Have you ever thought about that?
Good night.
Good night.
Good night?
How can it be "good night"?
But what kind of place is this?
Maybe I'm too tired to think straight.
Or maybe I'm going mad.
What are you doing here?
Are you reaI?
Or are you a hallucination, too?
How on earth did you get in here?
Are you going to frighten me, too?
What a horrible day.
It's a miracle I'm alive.
Or maybe... I'm dead.
That's why this seems like a castle of ghosts.
That doctor... dressed in that way.
What a clown's act.
What a disgusting joke.
And then that gentleman.
So kind, but...
Oh, it's the cat. If I don't let it in again,
that damned animaI won't let me sleep anymore.
Doctor Benson!
Now I see...
...the shadows. I'm confused.
A dog is barking far away.
I hear sobbing. - I don't want details.
I'm going through the kingdom of death.
It's difficult.
They don't want to let me in. I can't, I can't.
You must, I'm your master.
Ashtharoth says... - Ashtharoth!
Ashtharoth, you must not.
The shadows do not belong to you.
Walk on, go on. The journey will be short.
Now I see him clearly. He walks along the paths of sin.
But his will rebels.
He is strong, very strong. I can't penetrate him.
You must. I order you.
I am trying. But his will pushes me back.
His will enters me.
I can't.
You must. You can do it. - I can't.
You must. I order you.
But who are you?
This is not possible, no.
It is possible.
How will you get out of here, Peter?
But you are not...
You are not... It's terrible.
Yes, terrible but true.
I am her and yet I am not.
Not her, but the other one.
Don't move!
Come on!
What's going on?
Poor you. Where are you running to?
Time is not yours anymore. Time is gone.
You are your own prisoners.
I never had such noisy visitors as you.
I'm sorry, sirs, but it's late.
In this place there are rules to obey.
I ask you to withdraw to your rooms.
Good night.
Don't leave me alone, I beg you. - Quick, let's go in.
Susan, relax. Try to get some rest.
I'll be here to keep you company.
Come, lie down.
Come on.
I think I'm going mad.
Or else I am already.
And I live in an alienated world where reason is lost.
I had thought the same thing.
But I didn't want to give up.
I thought last night's accident had caused me a nervous shock,
and in prey of delirium I lived an existence outside reality.
In controI of powers that...
I dare not say it.
That painting on the wall with your picture,
that man, you, dressed like that.
I thought it was a bad joke.
It's not possible.
It's not possible.
I'm scared, William.
I'm scared, William.
I want to go away.
I want...
I'm tired of being afraid.
Tell me, who are you? What do you want?
I am you.
Therefore I can only want what you want.
You can't be me, since I am the only William Benson.
The one and only one.
then let's say that I am
the one you don't want to confess to be.
The forbidden truth.
You can't get rid of me.
Oh, no.
Because I,
in spite of yourself
am part of you.
I am the tension
that by virtue of an uncontrollable cosmic force,
affirms and denies at the same time.
Between the possible and the impossible.
I can't believe all that. I'm sure it's my imagination.
Alienated in a lost dimension you at last recognised yourself.
See this medaI?
Let's say I am the other side.
The one you can't see at the same time as the first one.
But I only have to do this...
...and now you can see. For ever.
You can, if you stay here with me.
United by the same ring.
Outside of time, outside of human thought that limits you.
Here is the kingdom of knowledge.
But this is absurd, a contradiction.
It seems a contradiction.
It seems.
And maybe it is.
Like the tragedy suffered by all men, untiI the last.
Without a possible solution.
The willpower.
Nothing and nobody can ever destroy my willpower.
I want to get out of this damned nightmare.
I will go away from here.
You won't be able to stop me. You are my negative part.
Therefore I reject you. Now that I know you,
I know that I can't want you. I'd rather kill myself,
if I were unable to destroy you.
Think about it.
A world you won't have the chance to find again.
A world where you can live your love and your hate.
At the same time.
You'd be a fooI... live only what you think exists.
That means defeat.
And death. - I told you. I'd rather die.
Benson, why did you go away?
For heaven's sake, I can't stay alone.
Susan, you don't have to fear anymore. We will leave at dawn.
You like the girI. What are you waiting for?
Leave me alone! - Why do you treat me like that?
I was afraid and I came... - No, stay here.
Don't fear. This is something I must settle at once.
Are you OK? Before I came in you were talking to yourself.
But I am not by myself.
In that chair, there!
There sits a man who says he is me.
How can you possibly not see him?
He's sitting in that chair! The one you saw in the painting!
I see nobody!
Do you see me, dear?
Don't you like it?
Maybe I'm not your best side.
But certainly your most attractive side.
Now I understand.
At first... first I could only see the other you.
But now, if I see you, Susan,
I can't see the other one.
The same happens to you in my case.
I know you're dying for it.
Come, come.
No, Susan.
You mustn't.
Susan! Susan!
You mustn't.
No! No! Susan!
Susan! Susan!
You mustn't!
He who made a pact with Him, belongs to Him.
The book! Maybe in that book. I must finish reading it.
He who made a pact with Him, belongs to Him.
The being who is, who has been, will be.
...will destroy all evil.
Fire will destroy!
You've won.
Damned Ashtharoth!
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