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Subtitles for 007 Tomorrow Never Dies 1997 SE CD2.

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007 Tomorrow Never Dies 1997 SE CD2

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Reminder: Unsafe driving will void warranty.
Congratulations on a safe journey.
U.S. Air Base, South China Sea
Yo! Jimbo!
Wade, what the hell are you doing here?
Jimbo You know the world's my office. Let's go this way.
Did Q bring you up to speed in everything?
Yeah. I brought along the G.P.S. Calibration unit.
ohh By the way, you know officially Uncle Sam is completely neutral in this turkey shoot.
And unofficially?
We have no interest in seeing World War Three, unless we start it.
Dr. Greenwalt. He's the Air Force G.P.S. Expert.
Sorry about all this security...
but the G.P.S. Encoder is one of the most closely guarded secrets...
in the U.S. Military.
Show him what you got.
Jesus, it's the missing encoder. How the hell did you get that?
Picked it up in Hamburg yesterday morning. Tell me something..
Could somebody use this to send a ship off course?
-You mean like the Devonshire? - Whoa!
I didn't you hear anybody mention the word Devonshire. Did you?
- No. - Good. So just answer the man question.
Well ehh in theory, if you could alter the timing chip...
you could slowly send a ship off course.
- Kind like putting a magnet beside a compass. - Yeah, exactly.
- Then check this out. - Oh, yeah.
Those two circles should be lining up on top of each other.
Somebody's tampered with your encoder.
If we knew the last time and position the Devonshire thought she was...
could you figure out exactly where she sank?
I have a small favor to ask.
The high-altitude, low opening jump... the HALO jump...
is where we get the most fatalities, so listen up.
You free-fall for 5 miles and use your oxygen, or you'll die of asphyxiation.
Sounds like my first marriage.
Next after the free-fall...
pop the chute at 200 feet, below the Chinese radar.
You'll be traveling at over 200 miles an hour.
This snaps your head back like a cantaloupe.
Be careful not to crack your skull open on the tanks.
I'll keep that in mind.
One last thing: When you hit the water don't forget to cut away your chute.
90% of people killed in the HALO jump got tangled in their chutes and drowned.
Got it?
Seems like a lot just to save the world.
I've got no choice Wade.
I have to prove that ship was deliberately set off course.
One minute!
- Is the pickup set? -Ohh you bet.
After your mission, turn on your beacon. The extraction team will pick you up after dark.
Buddha bless!
- I ahh I just noticed something. - Yeah?
-Ahh this is where the ship thought it was. -Yeah
And this is where it really is. But see that island there?
- Yeah. - Ohh that means where he's actually jumping...
between the British and Chinese fleets...
-Will technically they're not in Chinese territorial waters.
-What? -They belong to Vietnam. -Vietnam? -Vietnam?
Does he have any U.S. Government markings on him?
The parachute, the wet suit, the fins.
If the Vietnamese catch him, they're gonna go crazy.
He didn't even say good-bye.
Still interested in hostile takeovers?
It's the opportunities for travel that I like best about banking.
Bring the boat.
What are you waiting for?
Get them out of the water.
If I didn't know better, I'd say you were following me around, Mr. Bond.
You'll have to admit, though...
we seem to have developed a certain attachment to each other.
Hopefully not for long.
Another Carver building.
If I didn't know better, I'd say he'd developed an edifice complex.
General Chang?
Friend of yours?
Mr. Bond. Miss Lin.
Welcome to Saigon.
It's always nice to see you, Elliot.
I hadn't intended opening this center until tomorrow...
but as you're here you can help me to write the inaugural story...
your obituaries.
I hope you extended the same courtesy to Paris.
Actually, Mr. Bond, you're the one who wrote my late wife's obituary...
when you asked her to betray me.
Still, let's see...
"British secret service agent James Bond...
and his collaborator Wai Lin...
of the Chinese People's External Security Force...
were found...
dead this morning...
in Vietnam."
Lacks punch, don't you think?
It's old news, Elliot. We've been working together for months.
Both our governments know what you and General Chang are up to.
I don't think so.
You may have seen the general in the hallway just now...
but perhaps, with all your jetting around...
you've not had chance to peruse today's headlines.
I rather like the last one. It isn't even mine.
I never believe what I read in the press anyway.
Ah. Therein lies your problem, Mr. Bond.
You see we're both men of action, but your era and Miss Lin's is passing.
Words are the new weapons, satellites the new artillery.
And you become the new supreme allied commander?
Caesar had his legions, Napoleon had his armies...
I have my divisions... TV, news, magazines.
And by midnight I'll have reached and influenced more people...
than anyone in the history of this planet, save God Himself.
And the best He ever managed was the Sermon on the Mount.
You really are quite insane.
The distance between insanity and genius...
is measured only by success.
Excuse me.
General Chang is waiting.
If you'll forgive me, your appearance here has forced me...
If you'll forgive me, your appearance here has forced me...
to move up my timetable slightly.
I'll leave you in the capable hands of Mr. Stamper and his toys.
Perhaps you'd like to see them.
Sir. The helicopter.
Thanks, Gupta.
Mr. Stamper is a protégé of the late Dr. Kaufman...
who was schooling him in the ancient art of chakra torture.
He was like a father to me.
Really? Interesting role model.
According to Eastern philosophy, the body has seven chakra points.
Energy centers, like the heart or genitals.
The purpose of these implements is to probe those organs...
inflicting the maximum amount of pain...
whilst keeping the victim alive for as long as possible.
Dr. Kaufman's record was 52 hours.
I'm hoping to break it.
Hmm. I would've thought watching your TV shows was torture enough.
Save this one till last.
When you remove Mr. Bond's heart...
there should be just enough time for him to watch it stop beating.
Excuse me.
Go! Go! Go! Go!
If we can use the banner.
Hope it holds.
- Get after them! - Ready? Go!
Next time I'll take the elevator.
Push! Push!
- Get a car! - No, no!
- Yes, a car! - A bike is quicker.
The keys. Someone always forgets them.
What are you doing? I'm driving. Get off.
Get on the back.
I'm slipping.
Stop fidgeting back there.
What are you...
Give me that.
Clutch! Clutch! Clutch!
- Turn right. - No, left.
Who's driving? Come on!
Left! Left!
How many back there?
I can't see. Hold on.
What are you... What?
- Don't get any ideas. - I'd never dream of it.
One... No, two.
- Go for the barrels. - What?
Very good.
Hold on!
Let's take the highway.
- Helicopter! - All right, keep your shirt on.
- Get on the back of the bike. - Are you trying to protect me?
No. I need to balance the bike. Get on the back.
- You ready? - Yeah.
Pop the clutch.
It's behind us.
Get out of the way!
You see the chopper?
I can't see. Hold on.
What are you...
Would you pass the soap?
Over there.
You were pretty good with that hook.
It comes from growing up in a rough neighborhood.
You were pretty good on the bike.
Well, that comes from not growing up at all.
Here. Allow me.
Don't get any ideas, Mr. Bond.
Just off the cuff, I thought we might link up.
Work hand in hand?
Stick closer to each other.
Maybe we go after General Chang together.
Your turn.
Thanks for washing my hair.
I work alone.
Lucky for you I stopped by.
I could've taken care of him.
Mm-hmm. But you didn't.
Give me the earring.
Copy of a Makarov 59. Standard issue, Chinese Army.
Looks like General Chang wants you dead.
You still think you can do this alone?
It depends whether your mission is peace or revenge.
This is about stopping a war.
Last year we found stealth material was missing...
from one of General Chang's bases.
I followed a lead to Carver's headquarters in Hamburg.
Stealth material?
We thought he was building a stealth plane.
No. Stealth boat.
That's the only way they could get close to the Devonshire...
so they could drill inside the missile room.
Remember? They stole a cruise missile from that ship.
He said he was moving the timetable forward to midnight.
Yes, of course he did.
Under cover of darkness he'll position the stealth boat...
near the British fleet...
fire the missile into China.
- And we will retaliate. - And Carver will provide the pictures.
- I have to warn Beijing. - No.
Let's warn both our governments, get them talking.
- It'll give us time to find the boat. - Stand up.
- It'll give us time to find the boat. - Stand up.
Hmm. It's just like home.
You get the equipment, I'll send the messages.
On second thought...
you type.
First we have to find the boat.
Of all the harbors and inlets controlled by General Chang...
22 are in highly populated areas.
That leaves 14 where he could hide a stealth boat.
You can see it during the day.
It's invisible to radar, but not the human eye.
Very novel.
He'd have to hide it someplace...
where he could sail to the Devonshire and back in one night.
This looks familiar.
We've made some improvements.
Have you, indeed?
Okay. Four hours out and four hours back.
Let's assume the boat is traveling at a speed of 30 knots.
I've always been a fan of Chinese technology.
According to this...
there are four places where he could harbor the boat.
Up on your left.
What don't you run a cross check on those areas for anything suspicious.
Ah, the new Walther.
I asked Q for getting me one of these.
I've got it. Look.
Four missing boats. Three unexplained drownings.
That has to be it.
Ha Long Bay.
He knows the island.
He says that they all avoid it that is dangerous for boats to be around there at sunset...
but for 5,000 American dollars...
he'll take us.
Maybe he'll take a check.
It's mostly dull routine, of course...
but every now and then you get to sail on a beautiful evening like this...
and sometimes work with a decadent agent of a corrupt Western power.
And they say Communists don't know how to have fun.
I hate to disappoint you...
but I don't even have a little red book.
If anything happens to me...
the fuses for the mines are in here.
We're gonna finish this together.
And if I may say so, you found the right...
decadent, corrupt Western agent...
as a partner.
- See the stealth? - No.
It's getting late and this is the last cove in the bay.
Yeah, that's it.
Set the timers for ten minutes.
That'll give us time to get out of here before the ship explodes.
Even if it doesn't sink, it'll show up on radar.
- Our fleets will finish the job. - If they got our message.
- Okay, you, up and over. - Okay.
We're in position between the fleets.
Fire one missile at the flagship of each fleet.
The Chinese will think the British are rattling the saber...
the British will think the Chinese are being belligerent...
and the media will provide cool, objective coverage.
Let the mayhem begin.
Missile lock-on.
Send a signal to the Admiralty: "Task group under missile attack."
Sir, AWACS reports two waves of land-based MIG 21s inbound.
The first group should be on our screens in two minutes.
How long before the MiGs are within firing range of the British fleet?
Twelve minutes.
What the hell do I pay you for?
If she's there, Bond is there.
Stamper, find them.
Wai Lin! Wai Lin! Camera!
If she blinks, kill her.
You come with me.
Stamper to Bridge. Bond is dead.
Make sure you clear all the mines, and bring the girl up to me.
Are you sure you want her up here?
It's my business, Mr. Gupta.
I like an audience.
Ah, Miss Lin.
Your countrymen are being so cooperative...
so predictably eager to save face.
My government knows you're out here. They're looking for you.
Not according to our radar...
where it seems your MiGs are about to attack the British fleet...
in how many minutes?
Nine minutes to firing range.
And even if they were looking for me...
we're on a stealth boat.
They can't see me, or you...
or even your friend...
the late Commander Bond...
who is at this moment on his way to the bottom of the South China Sea.
He's my new anchorman.
What on earth's going on?
A message from 007...
just confirmed by my opposite number in China.
"Tell the fleet to search for a ship that's invisible will almost invisible to radar."
The Chinese aren't the enemy.
Carver's been playing both sides for fools.
Admiral, sir, urgent message from the Admiralty.
Look at this.
If you got anything on radar that looks very small? Lifeboat, periscope, anything?
- No, sir. - Stealth boat, sir? They have gone mad.
What you're about to witness, Miss Lin, is not so much a missile attack...
but the launch of a new world order.
In Prosaically five minutes, after your countrymen have attacked the British fleet...
I shall retaliate for dear old England...
by sending this missile into Beijing...
where General Chang has just called an emergency meeting...
of the Chinese high command.
General Chang will be delayed in traffic...
arriving just after the missile has killed your leaders...
and too late to stop the air force from sinking the entire British fleet.
But he will be just in time to take over the government, negotiate a truce...
and emerge as a world leader...
with a Nobel Peace Prize.
- And what do you get? - Me?
Oh, nothing.
Just exclusive broadcasting rights in China for the next hundred years.
Ready to rock and ruin.
If you'll excuse me, my dear, I have something of a deadline to meet.
Prepare for the missile launch.
Mr. Gupta.
Hello, Elliot.
Interesting plan.
But I think I have something here that belong to you.
So much for German efficiency. Mr. Stamper.
- Don't shoot him yet. - Hold your fire.
Welcome to my world crisis, Mr. Bond.
Even trade, Elliot.
Gupta for Wai Lin.
You can't fire the missile without him.
And it seems you can't resist any woman in my possession.
What are you waiting for? Shoot him!
I told you we're going to finish this together.
Oh, how romantic.
Do you realize how absurd your position is?
No more absurd than starting a war for ratings.
Great men have always manipulated the media to save the world.
Look at William Randolph Hearst, who told his photographers...
"You provide the pictures, I'll provide the war."
I've just taken it one step further.
Sorry about that.
I tuned out there for a moment, Elliot.
Mr. Gupta...
is the missile ready to fire?
Press the magic button, Beijing disappears.
Then it seems you've outlived your contract.
You see, Mr. Bond, I have a backup plan.
Uh-huh. So do I.
He's breached the hull. They'll see us on radar.
Sir, we have a small, intermittent contact on the surface.
Plot the bearing 1-1-2 degrees.
It's a very weak signal can’t get the range exactly, but I'd swear it wasn't there a second ago, sir.
Yeoman, tell all ships not to fire on the Chinese for any reason whatsoever.
Send the message in the clear to the Chinese fleet commander:
"Have sighted unknown ship..."
Get those fires out!
Get down there and protect the missile.
Oh, and Mr. Stamper, would you please kill those bastards?
Nice work.
They're speeding up.
- We have to stop the boat. - Can you take care of the engine room?
- Of course. - Good. Do it and get off the ship.
I'm going to stop the missile.
Signal from the Chinese fleet commander.
"To Royal Navy Task Group:
We also have the unknown ship on our screens.
We will not fire unless it turns toward China.
Until then, she's yours good hunting."
Now, Captain, whatever the hell that thing is, sink it.
Right, sir.PWO Is that echo too weak for missile lock?
- Yes, sir. - Right.
We'll do it the old-fashioned way.
Bond turned us into the target.
Along with himself.
Take evasive action.
Prepare the missile countdown immediately.
Initializing launch sequence. "T" minus five minutes and counting.
"T" minus five minutes and counting.
Uh, sir, they're making 48 knots.
They'll be out of range in two minutes.
Keep firing. we got to Slow them down.
The engines are out. We're sitting ducks here. Engine room.
Follow me!
"T" minus four minutes and counting.
Well done PWO. Officer Watching, increase max.
Keep firing!
All hands, abandon ship.
Abandon ship.
Mr. Stamper, what are you doing about the girl?
Perhaps you'd consider looking in the engine room.
"T" minus three minutes and counting.
You're too late again, Mr. Bond.
It's a bad habit of yours.
There's nothing you can do.
"T" minus two minutes and counting.
The missile's fully programmed.
It can't be stopped.
In a matter of minutes my plan will succeed.
Thanks largely to your efforts...
the British Navy will destroy the evidence...
and I'll be out of here in a Carver news helicopter...
covering the event.
It's going to be a fantastic show.
I may have some breaking news for you, Elliot.
You forgot the first rule of mass media, Elliot...
Give the people what they want.
"T" minus one minute and counting.
Drop it, Mr. Bond...
or I drop your friend.
It's over, Stamper.
Let her go.
Not between you and me.
James, try the detonators. The missile will set them off.
Never argue with a woman. They're always right.
"T" minus 40 seconds.
For Carver!
And Kaufman!
I owe you an unpleasant death, Mr. Bond.
"T" minus 20 seconds.
We die together, Mr. Bond.
"T" minus ten seconds.
two... one...
M, Bedford reports Carver went down with the ship.
Seems that Bond made it.
Moneypenny, take this release.
Elliot Carver is missing, presumed drowned...
while on a cruise aboard his luxury yacht in the South China Sea.
At present the local authorities believe...
the media mogul committed suicide.
Commander Bond...
Colonel Lin...
this is the H.M.S. Bedford.
Are you there?
They're looking for us, James.
Let's stay under cover.
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