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Subtitles for 36th Chamber of Shaolin The 1978 CD1.

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36th Chamber of Shaolin The 1978 CD1

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Good luck, General Yin
A man must do or die
Mr. Ho, before I left
Lord Cheng is concerned about you
If he can strike back with his army
And defeat the tartars
Credit for Canton will be yours
One must sacrifice for one's country
The 6 brothers arrested by tartars...
Were tortured but have so far...
Refused to make a confession
This is most admirable
If I failed...
I wouldn't even get arrested
General Yin
Mr. Ho, please
When Inspector-gen. and Gen. Tien T a...
Arrive, please say a good word for me
Don't worry, Mr. Magistrate
General Tien T a ordered us
To capture the 6 traitors
The Inspector
Will supervise the execution
Yes, yes...
T ang San-yao, it's almost 12:30
Don't forget the General's command
The Inspector-general is here
Make way...
Make way...
We're trapped!
General Yin, I knew you'd be here
To "welcome" the Inspector-general
But he has not yet reached Canton!
Your skill is comparable to a general
Let's have a fair fight:
A General to a General
Let me try you out
Good, I need a substitute
Let me fight you single-handedly
Quiet down
The teacher's here
The teacher's here, hurry up...
Mr. Ho
Mr. Ho
What's it? What's happened to Mr. Ho?
Mr. Ho
Please have tea, Mr. Ho
Mr. Ho, why are you so late?
Did you go to see the execution?
Leave me alone!
Executions should be interesting
Lin Zhen, it depends on who it is
If it is the tartars who invaded us...
Of course it is interesting
But today's convicts are patriots
They are all Han's martyrs
Do you still think it is interesting?
Yesterday, I taught you sacrifice
For the sake of a righteous cause
Do you all understand?
Hurry up...It's here
Is he dead or alive?
He's so stiff, of course he's dead
He's a hero
What did you say?
Capture him
You're an accomplice
Lord T ang...Listen to me
This student is not a bad man
He's the son of a seafood shop owner
Son of a shop owner?
Yes, exactly
These are his classmates
Yes, we're his classmates
Where are you studying?
They all study in Chong Wen College
Are you vouching for them, Mr. Wang?
Yes. Apologize to Lord Tang
You're too young and gauche
Always causing trouble
Do you know who I am?
I do. T ang San-yao, Lord T ang
Yes, let's go, quickly!
Uncle Wang, we didn't do anything
Yes, I know
T ang San-yao's notorious
For his craze after money and women
You mustn't antagonize him
As the saying goes, "One must..."
...humble oneself under enemy's rule
Mr. Ho...please open the door!
Who is it?
Mr. Ho
Open the door, Mr. Ho
Mr. Ho
Mr. Ho!...
What's wrong?
There's something we can't understand
So we've come here even at this hour
Humble oneself under enemy's rule
Do we and our children have to...
Humble ourselves forever?
I say, we'd be beheaded if we don't
If we fear not death we don't have to
You're right. It's well said
One brave man alone is not enough
But unity is strength
The tartars are well-armed
Men owes allegiance to his country
Lord Cheng is recruiting in T aiwan
He's become tartar's biggest trouble
The Manchurian emperor has ordered...
Coastal residents to move away
And to be on their guard
Mr. Ho
I wish Lord Cheng could use us
The day will come
Don't you all want to help?
Good. Come here
Secret documents will arrive by sea
I need a way to bypass customs
Liu Yu-de
Doesn't your pa run a seafood shop?
Open sesame...
Shut sesame...
Mr. Ho sent us here
Little brother, you're a brave fellow
Lock it up...
Yes, hurry...
Pa, has San Li's abalone arrived?
The abalone...Go, go now!
It has...The sea cucumber has too...
T e, what are you doing?
A big order for abalone was placed
I am showing them some samples
So you're in business now?
T e, you can't take the whole case
I'm in a hurry to deliver it
Hurry? Do you know the market price?
The quality's high. Raise the price
Open it
Excellent kung fu
You'll find that at Shaolin Temple
Mr. Ho, we could invite them to...
They don't involve in worldly matters
If Shaolin taught kung fu to laymen
People could fight the tartars
That would be great!
Yue Shan, South
General Tien
Come over here
Lately, we've suppressed rebels
And found this on their leaders
Zheng Cheng-gong's edict
Look, what have you been doing?
There must be many of Cheng's men
Hiding in Canton
We must capture the rebels
And kill them to scare them off
Who's that?
No idea. He's secretive, maybe a spy
I'm innocent. I'm a delivery boy
I've brought dried fish. Look!
Shut up
Lord Zheng, notorious rebels...
Who told you to bring this here? use to ask me
Kid, we'll take you away
And torture you one after another
And torture you one after another
See if you'll talk or not
I'll talk...Don't torture me.
I...I say, there is someone
Go on with the torture if you like!
I saw a squadron of Ching troops...
Of over 100 patrolling our alley
Mr. Ho, what shall we do?
We must keep calm and be on the alert
Yien-pin, let them hide in your home
Mr. Ho, what about you...
Mr. Ho, Mr. Ho
Go quickly, go!
What about you?
Hurry up, quick
Master, look!
Please have mercy...please talk to them
Please ask them not to...
Quiet! General's order: No dried fish
What's your relationship to Liu Yu-de
He...he's my son
Bring him here
He's not home...Why do you want him?
We've uncovered many spies recently
One's a teacher; another's his pupil
Liu Yu-de's a pupil of that school
We'll capture him and torture him!
Master, our young master won't...
Please have mercy
How do you know he wouldn't?
Let's talk it over
Yu-de, run quickly...Yu-de
Young Master, run, run quickly,,,
Run quickly, Young Master
You want to rebel?
Yu-de, run quickly, run!
He's innocent! My son!
Liu Yu-de, come up quickly
My son is innocent, my son!
Change your clothes at once
All wearing school uniform arrested
Wonder what's happened to my home?
Try to find a hiding place first
We can find out later
Right, let's go now
What has happened to my home?
Your home...
Tell me
All the houses in the street next...
T o your home have been cordoned off
What about my father?
Don't be sad. It's the same for mine
I wish I had learned kung fu
Instead of studying
So I could fight them
Studies teach us right from wrong
What's the use of that?
We can't talk sense with the tartars
We can't stay in this town anymore
The martial arts headquarters is...
Shaolin Temple
We're lucky we made it
Let's go straight on
Did you see a group of men riding by?
Why don't you answer me?
Let's go!
Dismount and chase them
These two must be traitors
One watch the horses, others chase
Hurry up
Let's go
Hurry up
Liu Yu-de, mount it
Liu Yu-de?
Liu Yu-de, escape now. Go!
Don't let him get away
Liu Yu-de, good luck!
Please give me some water
Thank you, uncle
How far is it to Shaolin Temple?
It's not far, only up the mountain
But you look like you can't make it
I can...even if I have to crawl there!
Sit down. I don't think you can
Shaolin monks buy food here everyday
Their cart is over there
Hurry up...Do it orderly and quickly
Get going, go!
Why is it so heavy?
Yes, I don't know why
Go. You'll be punished if you're late
Let's go, quick!
Push harder, harder, go!
Hurry up, park the cart there
Come and lend a hand, everybody
Why are you standing there, come here
Take this to the kitchen. Be quick
Why are you so slow? Hurry up...
What's the matter?
What's that man doing there?
Stay calm, he can still be saved
Bring him inside. I'll tell the abbot
Sir, the abbot would like to see you
Thank you
This temple is not a sanctuary
You're spiteful and emotional
Unfit to stay in the temple
You're recovering, please leave soon
I had so much difficulty coming here
I won't leave
Don't be rude
Splendid. Since you are here...
It means you've affinity with Buddha
Brother, you mustn't make exceptions
He arrived here in a coma
But woke up after 10 days
Perseverance to Buddhism
Warrants his admittance
Dharma also came to the east
With such perseverance
And laid the foundation of Shaolin
What are your opinions, brothers?
You're right, brother
Thank you abbot
Morning, sir
Morning, sir
Morning, sir
San T a, San T a
Morning, sir
How long have you been here?
Over a year
Are you unable to endure destitution?
No, not that, but...
Don't hide anything from the Buddha
Before I came here, I heard
Shaolin's the headquarters of kung fu
But for the past year, I only cleaned
I haven't seen any kung fu
You can learn kung fu if you want to
As long as they want to, any monk...
Can learn from the 35 chambers
If you don't tell us who would know?
Why do you want to learn kung fu?
Honestly, sir
Before I came here, I saw the people
Oppressed by tyrannical rule
If they were able to learn kung fu
They could defend themselves
And combat enemies. Therefore...
Good, good, San T a
Buddhists shouldn't bear such thought
Don't mention it again!
I won't be shaken
I am determined
Can I still learn kung fu?
There're 35 chambers in Shaolin
Which chamber do you want to start?
Which is the most advanced?
The top chamber, of course!
Then I'll start from the top
Behold, the Buddha says
Emptiness is the Eternal Five
No sight, sound, smell, taste, sense
The five flavours dull the taste
The five tones deafen the ear
The five colours blind the eye
It can also not be seen
But it won't pass away
Being at one is eternal
But all things will come to you
Without wisdom...without...
No wisdom, no gain
Gaining is not continuant
All men will come to me one
For there lies rest
And happiness and peace
It's invisible and inaudible
And it's inexhaustible
Can you hear the sound of bells?
The heart is calm. We hear nothing
How often do you recite the sutras?
Go away!
Sir, I came to learn martial arts
Get out!
No one learns martial arts here
This is the most advanced field
You won't understand it
I'm willing to start from the bottom
I'm willing to start from the bottom
Cross the pond to enter dining hall
Brother, this is the 35th chamber?
Shut up. You starve if you're late
Pure body is light, steps are stable
Don't enter the hall if you're dirty
How dare you enter this dining hall?
Sir, I want to...
Have congee?
Come with me
Stand on the wood
Turn around!
Get up, you're hopeless
Clean all the pottery and cutlery
Wall is low, power of Buddha is high
He's fallen into it
Don't laugh, he's only a novice
Enter the dining hall
San T a, you're terrific...
Concentrate. You'll find a way
Keep practicing day and night Go!
Wood drifts, its buoyancy is limited
Harder you step, faster it sinks
San Ta
Throw the plate hard into water
The plate sinks down in water
Just like the wood you stepped upon
I keep the plate in motion, balanced
Similarly, step fast, balance body
Uniformity of mind
Brings uniformity of manoeuvre
You must keep this point in mind
Strength, balance, speed
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