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Subtitles for 36th Chamber of Shaolin The 1978 CD2.

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36th Chamber of Shaolin The 1978 CD2

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Mountain marble granite asheville.

Strength, balance, speed. Right
Sir, I...
I beg you to teach me, master
34th chamber practise arms' strength
Fist, palm, knife, sword, pole, spear
All depend on arm strength. Look...
This is the basic process
Carry the water up the slope
Pour it down to keep it flowing
Remember, arms must be straight
You should carry water everyday
To build up arm strength. Go now.
I didn't think you'd make it so soon
Don't help others when they practise
It'll only ruin them
You've violated our rule. Leave...
Go to the 33rd Chamber
Thank you, sir
This chamber is comparatively easier
Whenever you hear me knock the wood
Strike the gong
Sir, I'm here to learn kung fu, not...
Don't little the bamboo poles. Ji Wei
The hammer weighs 10 catties
It is fitted into a 12-ft pole
A 12-ft pole and 10-catty hammer
Now weighs 120 catties
Ho much can your wrists bear?
I'm willing to try
Add on 2 more feet
Keep practising
My respects to the abbot
You've left the Wrist Room?
Yes, the overseer said I could leave
Good. Starting today...
As a reward for your diligence
You'll be in charge of Sutra Room
Thank you, abbot
Brother, San T a is ambitious
He's not like our Buddhist brothers
It's peaceful here in this temple
But outside it's turbulent
We may need someone like him
Please guide me, sir
Stand between the two burning incense
Anyone practicing martial arts...
Must be sharp-eyed. Watch the lamp
When the lamp oscillates...
Your eyes should follow
But remember
Your head must not move. Start
Told you not to move your head. Again
Right, the target has disappeared
But still, the eyes shouldn't move
Eyes be bright, limbs be nimble
This is the way to do it
Turn around
San Ta, hit the reflecting blocks
You're my most outstanding pupil
Thank you, sir
Head Chamber
Don't lower your head. Stand up
Hands on your waist
Use your head to hit the sand bags
Then burn incense before the Buddha
Get up
Sir, I...
Collapsing so quickly? Get up now
Continue. Go on
San T a. Only after 2 years' hardwork
You might be able to enter this alley
San Ta, head is the most important
And the last phase in the training
After going through it
You can learn fighting and weapons
Offer the incense
Use your strength to hit it. Get up!
Come on, get up!
You've set a new record
You've completed the basic skills...
Of the 10 chambers in 25 months' time
I can't do it without the teachers
You can now practise boxing...
Knife, baton and other skills
Justice Officer
I'll make him head of Dharma House
San T a, greet these two abbots
San Ta!
Leg Chamber
San Ta, not bad, not bad
Sword Chamber
Turn around faster
Good fellow
San Ta
San Ta, it's commendable of you
To master all 35 chambers' kung fu...
In only 5 years
Now I'll make you deputy overseer of...
Any of the 35 chambers
Brother, San T a's post is high enough
He's been promoted 8 times in 5 years
With his present skill
He's qualified to be deputy overseer
Shaolin arts has existed for 1 000 yrs
We mustn't make a hasty decision
In my opinion...
Let him fight me with any weapon
If he succeeds, he can be an overseer
You heard what he said
You heard what he said
What do you think?
I dare not
It's my idea. If you win...
You can take charge of any chamber
Excuse me then, sir
Watch out
Thank you, sir. I've lost
You may challenge me any time
How many times have I tapped you?
17 times
I could've hurt you with the blade
You're right.
I'll continue with my practise
Brother, I think he'll never win
Not necessarily
What weapon is San Ta using?
A three-jointed bar made by himself
Good, that blow was not bad
Go on!
Sir, are you alright?
San Ta, I still have my weapons
Excuse me
San Ta can take charge of any chamber
San T a, choose to take charge of...
Any of the 35 chambers except...
The Top Chamber. Your Buddhism...
Attainment is not advanced enough
I've not yet made up my mind
Never mind. I'll give you 3 days
Thank you, abbot
There're only 35 chambers in Shaolin
There isn't a 36th chamber
I know. I'd like to create it...
This 36th chamber is...
It's a pity Shaolin martial arts...
Is confined solely to the temple
It should be taught widely to all
That's my idea for the new chamber
To teach martial arts to laymen
We don't involve in worldly affairs
Nor do we admit secular pupils
Forget it
Abbot, this affects the handing down...
Of Shaolin martial arts to posterity
Please let me enroll promising youths
And train them in the 36th chamber
Nonsense, how dare you talk back?
I don't mean to...
Shut up!
I must ask you to reconsider, abbot
Justice Officer
Our pupil San T a should be punished
San Ta, you've violated our rule
You have to collect contributions
Don't return unless the book is full
Yes. Abbot, I deserve punishment
Leave tomorrow morning
You want to pray for Chiang Tai?
They all died
They were buried in East cemetery
Go there and pray for them
Uncle Wei, may you rest in peace
We will complete your mission
Hung Hsi-kuan
Hung Hsi-kuan, I knew you'd be here
To bury your accomplices
See how you can escape
Good! I'll kill you one after another
Go ahead and try
T ang San-yao, you're so malicious
Your vice will be punished
Scram, bloody monk
Master, please stay out of this
So you're an accomplice
T ang San-yao, remember 7 years ago
You confiscated my school and my shop
And kill my whole family?
You're Liu Yu-de, a fugitive! Get him
Go help your brothers
You're a Buddhist, show mercy
Even Buddha has to conquer evil
A monk should not kill
A monk cannot but I can. I'll do it!
Tang San-yao, you've killed my men
I'll stab you 1,000 times!
Amitabha Buddha
Thank God. Today, our martyrs...
Can see you lying dead here
Master, I want to learn martial arts
Please accept me as your pupil
Good. I've come from Shaolin
To enroll promising youths
Hsi-kuan, is Tien T a still in Canton?
His hand is stained with Han's blood
We must eliminate him at all costs
We'll plan well.
Find a hideout first
Don't act rashly
Do you know of other ambitious youth?
Yes, Tung Qian-jin is another
Tung Qian-jin, Commander's orders
Make a batch of wheels
Deliver them within one month
I can't, it'll take one year
One year? Are you turning me down?
Do you want to join the dead?
Want my help?
I'll teach you to be smarter
Beat him up!
Are you going to do it or not?
Not over my dead body
It is better to use the haft
Do you still want the wheels made?
No, no!
Damn you!
Good! Good!
Master, Master!
Master...Let me follow you
I admire you. Please teach me
Please take me as your pupil
Tung Qian-jin, what's wrong with you?
You said you won't admire anyone
And will challenge even the Gods?
Why are you kowtowing to a monk now?
What do you know? He's not a monk
He's a Bodhisattva
He only said several words
And I scared the tartars away
So he's a living Bodhisattva?
I'm only a monk from Shaolin Temple
I taught you to avoid direct contact
They've learned kung fu, you haven't
Using a heavy weapon slows you down
And puts you at a disadvantage
Lu Ah-cai, are you convinced now?
Master, it makes sense
Lu Ah-cai, can you move?
Lu Ah-cai, don't make hasty moves
Master, I'm convinced
Master, I'm convinced
Are you sure now?
I am, I'm convinced
Master, please come in for some tea
Master, I'm really convinced
How did T ang San-yao die?
You still haven't found out yet?
He was chopped by a knife
I only want the man who chopped him
Yes, we're investigating
Kill all suspects
You must be on the alert
This is General Tien Ta's residence
He patrols the city every day
And he must pass through this street
When he goes to the city gates
Shops on both sides of the street
Made it difficult for us to get him
Any households on this street?
There is a rice-miller's shop
Back to back with General's residence
Are there many people living there?
There seems to be only one person
Amitabha Buddha
Sir, I...
No one come for offerings this late
What are you doing? Go away...
What do you mean by that?
Sir, please excuse me
What do you want?
May I know your name, sir?
My father died
Without telling me my name
So I have no name
I started milling rice when I was six
So they call me Miller Six
I'm San Ta. I'm from Shaolin Temple
People say that monks from Shaolin...
Are excellent at kung fu. No wonder...
I've practiced for several years
Having milled rice for many years...
I also have a pair of strong feet
Do you want to try them?
I've drunk a bit too much today
But your footwork's not bad
Let's go in for a drink. Let's go!
You can't stay here much longer
Why not?
Very soon, something big will happen...
In the General's residence
What is it?
General Tien Ta's going to die here
How can you say something like that?
You aren't afraid of being executed?
Leave here at once, will you?
I don't care whether you come from...
Shaolin or Linshao T emple
Please just leave. I beg you
Ching tartars killed so many people
Don't you want to fight back?
I'm only a rice miller. Even if I do...
What can I do? I'd rather drink
People continue to suffer because...
Too many people have that attitude
You'd put it more plainly
I want to borrow your place
No...If you do...
I won't be able to stay here anymore
Don't worry. I'll take you to Shaolin
Go away...! Come here, on your knees...
Lord Cheng, we caught them...
Near the cemetery
Kill them all!
Lord Cheng, I killed T ang San-yao
Not them!
How did you kill him?
With this
Take him
Where did you learn it?
In Shaolin Temple
Report to the General! Quick!
Master, we're outnumbered
Yes, there're so many of them
Everyday they wake me up early
Will you please calm down?
No, I can't. I'm Miller Six
This is flour
Commanders T ang and Cheng are famous
Their failure this time is because...
If more monks are here...
There will be a rebellion in Canton!
I'll bring some men to capture him
Even if I have to go to Shaolin
Go, go at once...Run!
Give me a sword
You, a monk, joining the rebels!
A Buddhist has to conquer evil
How many lives have you taken?
I've killed many, but never a monk
Twist and turn around
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