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Subtitles for O Homem Que Copiava 2003 CD2.

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O Homem Que Copiava 2003 CD2

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Do you know what bristly is?
- Bristly? With t-l-y? - Yes.
- What was the sentence? - "The white and bristly beard".
"White and bristly?" We should look it up in a dictionary.
But there are comics for adults.
- For adults? - For adults. The stories.
Do you know this one?
The drawings are cool.
- I'll lend it to you. - Cool...
- What about your drawings? - What about them?
Won't you show me?
I don't have anything like... good, finished.
Will you do one for me?
- Now? - Yes.
- No, not here. - Why not?
Ah, because!
OK. I'll draw you something.
- Will you, really? - Sure.
What do you want me to draw?
I don't know. Something you like.
Something that's nice to look at.
She arrived home holding the comic book I'd lent her.
I think she read it on the bus.
She entered the house, her house, with my book.
She walked to the kitchen, and came back reading my book.
"Something that's nice to look at..."
Thank you.
Do you like it?
I do. It's very cool. But look what I've brought you.
"covered with short, stiff hair."
"When he smiled, his sharp white teeth showed...
through his bristly mulatto beard".
Ribeiro Couto, "Largo da Matriz and Other Stories", page 47.
Do you want to marry me and get away from here?
Sure I do.
Ribeiro Couto, "Largo da Matriz and Other Stories", page 47.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
So a bristly beard is a stiff beard.
So, where did you get that from?
From a poem by Shakespeare. A book of sonnets.
- Do you like it? - I only read that one.
"When I do count the clock that tells the time"
It sounds like a clock.
But where does the beard come in?
I didn't understand it at all. I didn't even get to the end of it.
I have a present for you too.
My drawing?
It's pretty.
It's me in my room.
Does it look like it?
Yes, kind of.
I have a photo on the window like that.
I know. What's the photo of?
It's a photo of my mom on the Corcovado in Rio.
- There's no TV in my room. - Oh, no?
I have an aquarium.
But the rest looks pretty much like it.
The bed, the lamp...
Thanks, Andre.
- It's my birthday present. - Oh, is it your birthday?
It was the week before last.
I have something wonderful here. This is a real antique, you know.
Put it here, it's a very delicate piece.
Man, this is from the last century, 1400 and something.
It's a beautiful piece...
- you'll see, she'll love it. - A little box! Pretty...
This is for her to keep her little knick-knacks, you see?
Be careful.
It's like, it's a bit expensive. $100.
- What? - $100.
Do you think I'd pay $100 for a tiny little box?
It's about age, not size!
It's $80 for you.
- No, $30. - What?
You're underestimating the piece.
$30? No way. No deal.
- $ 60? - No, I'm going home.
Go home then. And you're not taking the piece either.
I didn't have a $ 50 bill anymore, only a few tests.
A copy of a copy doesn't come out so good.
- $ 50. - What?
I'll give you 50 for the box.
No way. $80 is as far as I'll go.
- But you'd gone down to $60. - Then $60 is the minimum.
OK, but I only have $50.
- OK. 2 beers. - No, wait!
- I'll give you tomorrow. - Can you break a 100?
- No! Wait! - And the $25 I owed you.
I won't mess with you, man.
But when you gave me those $50 at the bar...
I almost pissed myself laughing.
This is no antique, it'sjust a little box.
There's lots of them in the storeroom, man.
Take your $40, I'll sell it to you for $ 10, I'm your mate.
- There'sjust one thing. - What?
You know the $50 bill I gave you yesterday?
It was a fake.
Are you crazy?
I wasjust testing. I didn't know you would use it.
What if the guy finds out?
Did you do it yourself?
- Are there any more? - No. Only that one.
- It really looks real. - No, if you look closely you see.
Can you make more?
- No, it's difficult. - Why?
It wastes paper. It has to be done in the night.
And I don't have a $50 bill to copy.
Make a copy of a copy.
I've tried it, but it doesn't work too well.
- I think I can find the money. - How?
Can you do it tomorrow night?
Are you sick, man? Christ...
I am.
- Where's the money? - Here.
Man, it's perfect, check it out!
Cardoso? Those are yours.
Here. See if it's good.
It's very good.
Then what do you do? Cut them?
What will you do with your share?
I think I'll buy Silvia a present.
- Will you go to her shop? - No, I'll change the money first.
- How's it going? - Good.
- What numbers did you pick? - The first ones.
- What? - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
Are you joking? You didn't!
- Why not? - Didn't she suspect?
Nobody picks 1-2-3-4-5-6! It'll never be drawn.
The chance is tiny, like with any sequence.
Impossible! They'll never draw these numbers.
As impossible as any sequence.
Now, what will you bet? 2, 4, 6, 8, 10?
- Good idea... - Pay attention. Concentrate.
Shit, it's amazing that nobody notices.
Three bets of $ 9: $ 27.
$ 123 change.
Welcome to all you can buy with $ 123.
A sound system, books, clothes, CDs...
- Better! - What is it?
Roller blinds.
- Blinds? - Yes, for your room.
They must have been expensive.
No. I traded them for some illustrations I made.
Thanks. They're very cool.
When's your birthday?
- It's been already. - I'll give you a present.
- It was a while ago. - But I want to.
Thanks. I have to get back.
You're welcome.
It took her a whole week to put up the blinds.
I should have paid for that too.
But it can't be too hard, you Just fix it with nails.
I think she did it herself.
But... what will you do?
I don't know.
You can't tell her: "Your dad's a pervert."
- Or she would find it weird. - Yes.
You could hint it, just in passing:
"Do you know that many fathers are perverts?"
"It's quite common."
"You should put a towel like this when you shower..."
But I think she'll find that weird too.
Yes, she will.
You could also get some guys to beat him up.
And while they're at it, tell him:
"You're getting this because you're a pervert" and pow!
But then he'll think it weird, won't he?
You could also do this: Marry her.
But to do that, you'll need money...
Somewhere to take her... And money.
Real money.
That money you found won't do.
And do you have any idea where you could find real money?
Give me half your salary?
Sorry, I had to take my mom to the doctor.
There's lots of work for you. And it's all for tomorrow.
OK, I'll stay late. Thanks.
How long?
I don't know yet. It depends on the work.
- More than a year? - No, around 6 months, maximum.
I've always wanted to go to Rio.
Maybe you can come visit me on your vacations.
That will be a while.
I've brought you a present.
Take it on your trip, read it.
It's marked on the page...
"When I do count the clock that tells the time".
Did you understand it?
I did.
It's beautiful.
"When I do count the clock that tells the time.
And see the brave day sunk in hideous night.
When I behold the violet past prime."
To sink here means to disappear, wither, die. The withered flower.
"And sable curls, all wither'd o'er with white."
When the hair grays on the sides.
"When lofty trees I see barren of leaves.
Which erst from heat did canopy the heard."
The leafless tree...
where the cattle used to go for shadow, when it had leaves.
"And summer's green all girded up in sheaves.
Borne on the bier with white and bristly beard.
The hay being taken away on a cart."
The white and bristly beard.
It's about time, Andre.
The passing of time.
"Then of thy beauty do I question make.
That thou amongst the wastes of time must go."
- That's... - Yes, I get it.
"Since sweets and beauties do themselves forsake.
And die as fast as they see others grow.
And nothing 'gainst time's scythe can make defense.
Save breed to brave him when he takes thee hence."
What's that?
It's a way of beating death.
Of deceiving time.
Breed. Children.
I understand it. It is really beautiful.
Thank you.
- I have to get back to work. - OK, sure.
Will you wait for me?
I will.
Do you...
Do you want to marry me and get away from here?
Sure I do.
It may take about six months.
I'll wait.
I'll wait even longer, if I have to.
Take care.
Wimp. Watch what you do with it.
And the bullets?
- There are five in there. - Only five?
If you need five you're screwed.
But then, if you need one you're screwed.
Where were you?
You didn't even see me get here.
Look. The other guy?
I'll be pointing the gun at one of them. The other won't shoot.
- What if he does? - Then I'll shoot too.
Will you kill the guy?
I hope not.
I'll stay in the car. I've nothing to do with this.
If they catch you, I'll tell them I don't know you.
- I only gave you a ride. - OK.
- And if you shoot anyone, I'm out. - OK.
If it works, half the money's mine.
OK. Just wait me with the car.
You get the car.
Money is only paper that people believe is worth something.
If nobody believes it, it's useless.
Here I go!
What do you want?
Good morning.
- I'm doing a survey. - What?
I'm doing a survey... for school, about music.
What survey is that?
It's a survey about the kind of music people prefer.
Would you answer a few questions?
You want to know my favorite kind of music?
- Rock. - Rock?
And do you have a favorite band?
OK, thanks.
Drop the gun! Drop it!
Drop the bag!
Get in the car! Hurry!
Come on, get in!
- Don't you see me? - What?
The parking meter, man. I didn't have a coin.
Just a minute...
Just a second.
A second more.
A lower bill. Get a lower one.
I was thinking of getting my hair cut really short.
And selling the rest.
They pay $ 500 for hair like mine, you know?
They've offered me $ 300. But I didn't cut it.
I'll only have it cut for $ 600.
I wasjust thinking: My hair takes three months to grow.
If I cut it in the full moon and eat lots of carrots and cucumbers.
It's $ 600. $ 200 a month.
$ 200 to grow hair? It's more than I earn here.
Hair garden!
Wait, let me take a look here.
Short hair, by the way, is much more practical.
You never comb your hair, I know.
OK. It doesn't look like you. It looks like Romario.
No, the headline below.
- "The new lottery." - No, the other one.
"Drug dealer arrested with fake money."
"Jeferson Feitosa was arrested yesterday...
as he tried to pass a fake bill of $50 at a nightclub."
"He had also other 5 bills..."
"6 bills of $ 50..." Is he the guy you bought the gun from?
And the fingerprints on the gun?
- Are his. - It's alright then.
Did you realize they said the counterfeits were bad?
- No. - It's here...
"Badly made counterfeits lead drug dealer tojail."
Without my help, your performance as a forger is terrible.
"The new lottery winner has not yet appeared...
to receive his $ 4 million prize.
The numbers drawn are an amazing sequence of 1, 2, 3, 4..."
What is this, man? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Fucking hell!
Shut up!
We've won! We've won!
Sing a song of sixpence A pocket full of rye
What if we returned the stolen money?
- How? - I don't know! By mail.
What for? I robbed a bank, I shot a guy.
Can you see my photo on the paper...
"The new lottery millionaire"?
So there's only one way.
You must give someone the lottery ticket.
Someone who knows how to deal with money, who's classy.
Someone you trust.
Someone you're absolutely sure won't screw you.
You're right.
Once again, congratulations for the prize.
Would you like some of the money in cash?
$ 6,000. For small expenses.
Yes, I think it's all settled.
Do you want to know the password?
So, I want to know everything you've done.
The password is...
5, 65, 5.
They're my measurements.
- Do you want to write it down? - No, it's OK.
And what are we going to do with this money?
With this money, nothing yet.
This is dangerous money, it's numbered.
And with the prize?
Spend it!
- V-6 engine... - Lovely.
- 3 valves per cylinder. - A lot of valves.
- Side finishing in carbon fiber. - Excellent.
- 8 airbags! - Wow!
In the front and sides.
The windshield wiper turns itself on and off.
Good! 'Cause sometimes your mind is somewhere else.
Man, this is the car! Do you have it in silver?
Why is this shit silver instead of black?
What's Rio like?
Is it nice?
I want you to go there with me.
Antunes won't let us leave like that. He'll come after us.
We'll get married.
Even so.
What's the problem? I'll talk to him.
Will you?
- You said silver. - I said black.
Let's not start this again it annoys me!
But you said silver.
I said black, I'm wearing my black dress!
- Good afternoon. - Good afternoon.
Cardoso, at your service. Marinez, my fiancée.
We'd like to enjoy the comforts of a Presidential Suite.
It is unavailable right now. Do you have a reservation?
What do you mean?
I'll make one now then.
No, please. It's not necessary.
We have 3 types of room, all very good.
Yes? What types?
Luxury rooms, grand luxury rooms and a special grand luxury suite.
The special grand luxury.
As you wish. Do you have any luggage?
Yes, it's in the silver Mercedes.
I don't like black. It gets dirty too easily.
It's a double bed, isn't it?
Double King Size bed.
Double King Size?
Double King Size. It's very big.
Do you think he'll like me?
I hope not.
Antunes is a scumbag.
- Your father? - I take after my mother.
- What kind of a scumbag? - The worst kind.
Andre, Antunes, Andre.
- How old are you? - 1.
What do you do?
Andre draws. For magazines.
He draws really well.
- How did you meet? - At the shop.
Andre came in to buy a present for his mother.
What are we drinking?
- Can I have a glass of water? - No.
- What's your name? - Andre.
Listen here, Andre. I know it was you who robbed that bank.
It was you who shot me in the leg.
If I blow the whistle on you, you'll get what? 15 years in jail?
But I don't care about that.
I know you have the money. I don't even want all of it.
If you want to marry Silvia, it's your problem.
But if I had your money, at your age...
I'd find myself something better, much better.
I can't go to bed late.
New outfit, Andre?
- Your girlfriend? - No, friend.
Good, then I can check her out.
Hot. She lives at the Santa Cecilia, near your place, right?
I read that you'd been arrested.
Yes, but I got out fast. When you have friends, you have everything.
Like you. You were my friend.
That's why I sold you that gun so cheap. Six bills of $ 50.
- I really needed the gun. - I know, I heard.
$ 2 million, very good.
They wouldn't let me go because of my fingerprints.
But I was lucky I had an alibi.
What do you want?
What do I want?! The money.
Why do you think you're still alive?
- I'll give you the money! - I know. Let's get it!
It isn't at my place. Do you think I'm a sucker?
Yes. And a wimp!
The money is at a friend's.
I'll give it to you tomorrow.
Do you think I'm a sucker?
Do you think I'll run away?
You know where I live.
Where your friend lives.
I won't run away.
Tomorrow I'll give you the money.
On the stairs, at the bridge.
No, it's too busy.
On the other side. It's a bag full of money.
What time?
11 o'clock. 11:15, latest.
I'll wait till 11:30. If you don't show up, I'll go get you.
You, your mother and your friend. Got it?
- I'll be there. - I know you will.
You've always been a sucker. A sucker and a wimp!
Did he tell you or did you find out?
He told me.
What did he say?
That you were the robber.
That you had shot him in the leg.
And you?
I said nothing, Andre.
That's when I understood your look in the restaurant.
- He told you he knew, didn't he? - Yes, he did.
He'll keep after us, Andre. It's no use running away.
I think we'd better give him the money.
He'll just spend it all.
He'll get arrested and denounce you.
I'm not talking about the robbery money, but the prize money.
I'd rather kill him.
But he's your father.
So what?
- So you can't kill your father. - Why not?
Because he's your father, he put you in this world.
Because without him you wouldn't exist.
Is that it?
Will I have to be forever grateful...
to a guy who slept with my mother 18 years ago?
He didn't want her to have me.
She didn't want me to be his either.
My mother was crazy about another guy.
A gorgeous guy.
She had a photo of him.
He was an artist. He moved to Rio.
My mother thought I was his.
I think so too.
But he left.
She was engaged to Antunes.
She ended up marrying him.
My mother died very young, Andre.
At 41.
She smoked a lot.
You can't imagine what a scumbag Antunes is.
Can you believe he still spies on me when I'm having a shower?
Yes, I can kill him.
This money is yours, Andre.
Let's kill him and run away to Rio?
What do you do besides drawing?
And copying money and robbing banks?
I'm a photocopier operator.
I've always dreamt of marrying a photocopier operator.
I'll marry you!
When, tomorrow?
No, the day after tomorrow.
Why not tomorrow?
I have to sort something out tomorrow.
You're late.
I thought I was being followed.
You've got it?
- Do you want to check it? - Sure I do!
- It's all there, I have to go. - Wait.
- No, I have to go. - Wait!
What's this, Andre?
I may be a wimp.
But I'm not a sucker.
I said it was dangerous toJump.
HeJumped because he wanted to.
A sea lion, weighing over half a ton...
was the attraction at Casino beach.
Fishermen believe it got lost in a current...
or caught in a fishing net.
Mom, I'm going away.
- Where? - To Holland. It's all paid for.
I'm going to be best man at Marinez' wedding.
Her fiancé sent us the tickets. He's very rich.
When are you coming back?
Soon. It will be only for a few days.
But I'm leaving you the rent money.
- Do you have warm clothes? - Yes, I do.
It's very cold in Holland.
I have clothes, mom.
Good night, son. I'm going to bed. TV makes me so sleepy...
Good night.
Good night, Andre.
- I couldn't find parking. - Open your mouth.
- What? - Do it!
Cardoso. This is Silvia.
I'm Cardoso, at your service.
- Do you smoke? - No.
- Me neither. - Congratulations.
Well, we... Cardoso?
We have a plan. It's not very good, but...
Let's give her father the money.
I mean, the robbery money.
I don't have half of it even.
And the police have the numbers of these bills.
- He'll end up arrested. - So what?
I mean, if we are not going to be here...
If he's arrested, he'll turn me in too.
We could give him some of the prize money.
No way, Andre. He'll want more, he'll want it all.
So what's the plan?
Silvia wrote a letter to Antunes as if she were in Rio.
She asked a friend to send the letter from Rio.
Cardoso will put the money in a bag and get a chicken.
- What's the chicken for? - Wait.
Marinez will keep Antunes in the bar for as long as possible.
Cardoso and I will go to Silvia's apartment.
- I'll prepare the bomb. - Bomb?!
Are you going to kill her father?
He's not my father.
Even so.
He's a scumbag.
I don't want to kill anyone!
Marinez, you only have to keep him in the bar.
So you think I could be a model?
OK. Go on.
- What's the chicken for? - You'll see.
We'll meet in the car and call the firemen.
A strong smell of gas...
- Then we take off to Rio. - Give me the keys! I'll drive.
You have them.
No, I gave them to you with the car documents.
Hi, honey, how are you?
Who is it?
Have you already forgotten me? We'vejust met at the bar.
Sure, sure. I'm glad you called.
Tell me, are you on a cordless phone?
No. I don't have a cordless phone.
The connection isn't very good, where are you then?
I'm in the living room, at home.
Oh, in the living room, great!
I..., just a minute, OK?
- What happened? - There's some people here.
Oh. OK, then. Bye.
What's going on?
My jacket.
I haven't introduced you. This is Cardoso.
- Hi, I'm Cardoso, at your service. - What do you want?
- My jacket. - What?
Wejust forgot thejacket... and a beer.
And the fridge plugged in!
Plugged in?
You know, it's a problem with the fridge.
- What problem? - In the motor!
Cardoso came here to unplug it. Carefully.
- Cardoso? - Yes. Carefully.
You should unplug it because it's leaking gas.
So we came here to get thejacket, the beer and to unplug the fridge.
What the hell you're...
You should actually call someone to take a look at it.
- Let's go? - Let's.
- Bye, Mr. Antunes. - Wait, young man!
When will you sort out our problem?
Tomorrow, for sure. Let's go, Silvia.
You don't need to wait for me.
And now, how will you explain the food inside the washing machine?
And the chicken? How will you explain the chicken?
I won't explain anything.
I plugged the fridge back in.
Let's go?
Besides a chicken, the police found...
some of the money stolen from the bank on Roosevelt Ave.
"The chicken survived the blast."
There's more about the chicken than the dead guy.
So, do you like it here?
It's very nice, but a little crowded.
And it could have air conditioning.
Marinez, are you ever happy with anything?
Mom, I put the rent money in the bank.
Next week you will be getting a new TV, like you wanted.
It's not so cold in Holland.
I'll be back as soon as I can or I'll bring you over here. Love.
I met a girl.
You'll like her.
Her name is Silvia.
My name is Silvia Maria, but I dropped the Maria.
You don't know me but maybe you'll remember my mother.
Her name was Thelma, with an H.
She lived in the Santa Cecilia building.
My mother told me that Silvia came from savage.
And that I was like a shy wild animal, always hiding.
And I was always hiding, until I met Andre.
The first time I saw Andre...
he was spying me from his bedroom window.
Well, I thought he was, but I wasn't sure.
I went to the living room, in the dark.
I saw him with binoculars, looking at my room.
I got dressed and walked by my window. Very slowly.
Then I ran back to the living room to check.
He was really spying me.
The next day I woke up early and waited for him to come out.
I thought he was cute.
I followed him to work.
I went in, but he didn't see me.
He draws, he draws really well.
I've always wanted to go to Rio.
And it would be nice to have someone to go with me.
Traveling alone is boring.
A few days later I thought he was following me.
I ran to catch the bus, only to make sure.
And he was.
I thought he'd speak to me, but he didn't.
He followed me to work.
He waited a while.
Then he made up a present for his mother.
You can pay with 2 post-dated checks.
- Really cute. - Maybe I'll come back. Thank you.
He said "thank you", without looking at me.
I answered "Thank you", without showing my interest.
I thought he'd never show up again.
Could you pass me the salt?
I started having lunch near his work, so that he could follow me.
- Bye. - It worked.
You may find it strange that I'm telling you all this.
My mom talked about you a lot.
She married Antunes, I don't think you met him.
Since she died I've thought of writing to you.
But I was little and I never had the courage.
She died when I was 11 years old.
I was left alone with Antunes in that house.
He always told me he didn't think I was his daughter.
I prayed that that was true, I didn't want to be his daughter.
I took a long time to realize I had to lock the doors.
Too long.
My mother told me that once you went to Rio together.
I have a photo of her on the Corcovado.
I think it was you who took the photo.
If only Andre had money to take me away to Rio...
I changed buses to see if I'd meet him.
Then a great thing happened.
Do you want to marry me and get away from here?
Andre found a Job, made good money and asked me to marry him.
Sure I will.
We'll arrive in Rio on Sunday and I wondered if we could meet.
At noon, on top of the Corcovado, so we don't miss each other.
Maybe this sounds strange to you and you won't show up.
But my mother always said you were an artist.
If she was right, I think you'll understand my letter.
- Paulo? - Yes!
You look just like your mother!
- Thank God you came. - Don't say that before Him.
I'll introduce you.
This is Andre. Paulo, my mother's friend.
Nice to meet you.
- This is Marinez... - Hi, Marinez!
I'm Cardoso, at your service.
There are a few details I cannot or will not tell.
It doesn't matter.
In a letter things happen fast.
Everything seems to fit together.
Life is more complicated than a puzzle.
But I think that I managed to tell almost the whole truth.
And that's enough to give me some peace.
Now it seems easier to understand life.
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