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Oasis CD1

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presented by UniKorea
in association with Dream Venture Capital
an East Film production
Sol Kyung-gu
Moon So-ri
director of photography Choi Young-taek
sound recordist Lee Seung-cheol
editor Kim Hyun
production designer Shin Jum-hui
music Lee Jae-jin
sound mixing Live Tone
executive producers Choi Seong-min
and Lee Joon-dong
co-producers Cho Min-cheol & Jay Jeon
producer Myung Kaynam
written & directed by Lee Chang-dong
Sir, can I borrow a cigarette?
Sir, a light, too?
The bus for Hagye goes from here?
I don't know
You don't know?
Take a look... I'll give you a discount
How much is this?
Who is it?
Doesn't Hong Jong-II live here?
No one of that name here!
No one of that name here!
Did they move?
When, uh, did you move in?
Ma'am, do you have tofu?
Tofu? I'm afraid not
It's freezing! What's so fun on TV?
What about raw tofu?
No, I don't
How much?
It's on the house
You can have it for free, enjoy yourself
Take your time... have some milk
Don't you have Haitai milk?
What's so special about Haitai? They're all the same
"When it comes to milk, choose Haitai! "
- Hello? It's me, Ji-Hyun - And Min-Hee
Don't mind her
I'm with Min-Hee by the school gate
Of course I'm playing hokey!
She's going to the Click-B concert
Come on, we can ditch Min-Hee...
Hey, I have to make a call...
But, I don't have any coins
Can you lend me some coins?
I'll call you back later
Please wait a bit longer As soon as I get through...
Leave the table as it is!
Trust me, I won't run away!
I'll leave my shoes here
I can't run away barefoot, right?
My younger brother will come over as soon as I get him on the phone
And when will that be? You've made over ten calls already!
Explain it to the cops!
Sir, I'd really prefer not to do that, for personal reasons...
Here, take my shoes
I promise I won't run away
Scared of the cops?
And you order food when you're broke?
I thought I could get him on the phone...
Officers, thanks for your trouble
Grab him!
That hurts!
- Stay still! - That really hurts!
This is his record
He's only just been released,
Bastard's in the shit already!
Hong Jong-Du!
Yes, sir!
Three convictions, right?
One for assault
One for attempted rape
And the last for involuntary manslaughter?
You killed someone?
Oh, that... I was driving at dawn
It was dark and I didn't see one of those sanitation workers
- You didn't see him? - Right
How long did you serve?
Two and a half years
Then it must've been a hit-and-run case
No one ever come to visit you in jail?
What's with your stupid summer shirt?
You got out today
You should've gone home to see your family
Instead you wandered around broke, and try to eat without paying
The thing is, my family moved
Changed the phone number, too
If I could've reached them, of course I would've paid
My brother's office used to be right by that restaurant
When I let you use the phone, you didn't even know the number
You shouldn't have set foot in the restaurant in the first place
Don't you know it's a crime to eat without paying?
Of course, I do
Hong Jong-Sae!
Over here! Come on!
Hurry, it's okay
Say hello
He's my younger brother
Good evening, officers
Come on, grab a chair
- Are you his younger brother? - Yes, I am
Hey, did you dye your hair?
It doesn't suit you at all
- A friend of his? - No, his brother
Feels fucking great!
Stop it! I'm closing the window, it's too cold
Stop it!
Are you angry?
I'm not angry
I said stop it
You're angry, huh?
You're angry with me, right?
Jong-Du, as a favor, please don't disrupt my life, okay?
I'm home!
What the hell are you wearing?
They sent you out like this in the middle of winter?
It's because it was summer when I went in
Ma, why is the place so shabby?
Since your brother was laid off...
He had to sell the apartment to run a new business
Don't say anything!
Which is his room? This one?
Everybody, I'm back!
Jong-Du! When did you get out?
Where's Jung-Min? Asleep?
Yes, don't wake him
But he hasn't seen me in ages!
My god, what is this? Jong-Du!
Hurry! Hurry!
Go wash your feet!
You see this mess on the floor?
Have you been in a rice-paddy or something?
- Have you eaten? - Yes
Please lift the toilet seat!
Stop standing around and sit
It's late, I should be going
How did you find him to bring him here?
Don't ask!
Where are we going to put him?
Ma, I got you a present
You think you've been abroad or something?
Here, try it on
I'll try it on later
No, do it now
I told the guy I'd change it if it doesn't fit
Sister-in-law, I'll buy you an even better one later
Forget it!
Wow, Mrs Hong, you're a knockout!
How's business?
You quit?
Let's have a drink tonight!
It's been a while
You're busy? You said you quit
Okay, Okay... I'm hanging up, you bastard!
"The number you dialed is no longer in service"
Sit down for a moment
It's about time you grew up
Do you know what that means?
Being an adult means you can't just do whatever you like
You have to be responsible for your actions
You have to fit in with society, be aware of how others see you
That's what being an adult is all about
Stop shaking your leg!
How old is he?
Just turned 28
He'll be 29 after the new year
That's when I turn 30
Isn't 29 a bit old to deliver food?
His age doesn't matter, he has to start somewhere
He has no special skills...
Well, it'll be useful experience
Good preparation for other kinds of work
If you want to learn, there's a lot to learn
Even by delivering food on a motorcycle, you meet all sorts of people...
When do I start?
He hasn't finished yet
You're always do that
Let people finish first, and then talk
What's your rush?
Try to listen and understand till the end
Then you speak next
If you want, you can start today
How about tomorrow? I got somewhere to go today
I know...
Excuse me, is that the Euijungbu Citizens' Apartment Building?
Careful, that's fragile!
Does Han Sang-Shik live here?
Are you moving out today?
You must be the daughter
Can you talk?
What's your name?
What are you doing?
How do you do?
You must be moving out today?
What can I do for you?
You don't remember me? We've met before...
You must have bad memory
t was two-and-a-half years ago, at the police station
After your father died in a traffic accident...
Why are you here?
I just came to say hello
I wondered how you were all doing
You know, I got out of prison the other day
I wanted to come yesterday, but I wasn't sure about the address
Get out of here! Now!
We don't need your greetings, so leave
What's going on? Who is this?
No need to get mad
I just came by to say hello
What makes you think anyone wants your greetings? Get out now!
Get the hell out!
Alright, I'm leaving! But...
And take this with you!
Good luck on your move!
Must be going to a nice place
You're off now?
You're still here?
Didn't I tell you to go?
Yeah, I should go
But your sister... Aren't you taking her with you?
She'll live here alone? I mean, being disabled and all...
What business is that of yours?
I was just asking... I was worrying...
Why should you worry?
What the hell do you know about it?
Clear off!
Okay, I'm leaving
Let's go
I'm here to pick up the dishes
The bill's paid, right?
Yes, sir
Why are you singing my song?
I'm sorry...
It's bad luck to have someone sing after me
Pick up the dishes and go!
We're almost closed, so I'm in no hurry
I'm getting lousy cards tonight
I guess it's not your lucky day!
Get out of the shot!
Mister, what's going on here?
Get out of the shot!
What a nice car!
Hey, you're not really driving! I could do that, too
What movie is it? Who's in it?
Speak up a bit
I told you to get out of the shot, man!
Get the boom mike closer
You think you're still a teenager? A member of a bike gang?
You took the food delivery motorcycle for a midnight spin?
Let him be
Could you go outside to smoke?
I'm sorry to tell you this
But, I really don't like you
I know this sounds harsh...
But with you out of the way I felt good about life
Without you, we had no worries
It's not only me, but your brother and your Ma feel the same way
I didn't want to tell you, but I suppose it had to come out
Can I help you?
What do you want?
I'm here to deliver flowers
Someone's sending flowers to Gong-Ju?
Wait a moment
Who sent them?
I'm not allowed to tell just anyone
I'll take them
Give me the flowers
She's asking who sent them
Hong Jong-Du
They're from someone called Hong Jong-Du
Alright, you can go now
Anyone in?
Do you like the flowers?
Don't be scared, I'm not here to hurt you
Why am I here? Don't you want to know?
Should I tell you or not?
I'm here because you interest me
I want to get to know you better
I'm not lying
Looking like that at least, you're not bad for a girl
You're pretty
I thought so the first time I saw you
Don't be scared! Can't you trust me?
I'll give you my phone number
This is the number at my brother's shop
That's where I sleep
So you can call me there anytime
You have pretty feet, you know
The prettiest I've ever seen
To be honest, I've never seen another woman's feet before
You don't wear socks?
Me neither, I get all sweaty
What's wrong?
It's alright...
Be a good girl...
Oh boy, they're beautiful...
Come on, don't struggle
Come on, just stay still, for a second, okay?
Just for a second
Be a good girl, there you go...
Stay still, bitch!
Please don't struggle, okay?
Oh shit, this is trouble!
Oh shit
Fucking asshole...
Rock, scissors, paper!
Scissors! I win!
Rock, scissors, paper!
Paper! I win!
Why aren't you at work?
Is something wrong?
You weren't in another accident, were you?
Why are the kids at home?
They're on break
I thought Ma was going out
Where can she go?
She's always complaining that her legs hurt...
Hey, why are you like this?
Come on, come on
I have to get back
Your mother's waiting for me... She'll suspect!
Where are you going?
Your breath smells!
What did you have for lunch?
You had dog soup, didn't you?
Is that why you're so fired up?
What's wrong?
She's watching
It doesn't matter
The floor is cold!
Oh my god, who's that? I knew we shouldn't do this!
Who is it?
It's me
Me, Sang-Shik!
Oh! Just a moment!
How are you?
You're both here?
I was making Gong-Ju's lunch and he was lending a hand too
We worry about her...
I'm much indebted
Not at all!
Gong-Ju, your brother's here!
Gong-Ju, are you ready?
Good afternoon
We're from the district office and we're conducting a survey of tenants
Yes, I heard about it... Do come in
Sorry to be a bother
The tenancy is in the name of Han Gong-Ju
Yes, she's my sister-in-law
Is she here?
She's in there
She loves listening to music
How do you do?
She tends to get shy and clam up in front of strangers
Gong-Ju, do you want a drink?
Oh, I haven't offered you anything Can I get you a drink?
Never mind, we should be going
This building is for disabled tenants
But, we've heard people moved in using other names
So we have to check in person
Of course, it's only right
Sorry to trouble you
Thank you for your good work
What have you been eating? You weigh a ton!
Darn light still doesn't work!
Your sister-in-law is waiting in the car, I should go now
Give me a call if anything's wrong
Call me if the neighbors don't feed you properly or anything else
After all, we're paying them 200,000 won a month
200,000 won is not a small amount, you know
Alright, you go now
I'll stop by when I can
What are you saying?
What the hell?
I'm calling... to...
...ask you something
Only if you say you'll forgive me
You said you wanted to ask me something
What was it?
Why... did you...
"Why did you?"
Why did you bring me flowers?
Why did I bring you flowers?
I don't really know
Is your name really Gong-Ju?
Well, because Gong-Ju means "princess"...
I'm descended from a general
Ever heard of General Hong Kyung-Rae?
I'm his 1 8th-generation descendant!
Hong Kyung-Rae... wasn't... a general
Hong Kyung-Rae... was a... traitor... not a general...
Hong Kyung-Rae was a traitor, not a general?
Was he?
From now on...
...I'm going to call you Your Highness
Your Highness, the princess!
Then I will call you... General
Your Highness!
Yes, General!
General, what do you do?
What do you do?
I fix cars
I work with my brother at his small auto shop
I envy you
What's there to envy?
I envy... people with jobs
Are you stuffy in here?
You want to go out for a while?
How do you do?
How do you do
The pastor came to see us, and he was just leaving
I've heard a lot about you
- You've been through a lot - Thanks for your concern
He sang in the choir when he was little
Is that so?
Excuse me, I want to ask a favor
Could you pray for me now?
Come on now, Jong-Du...
Right now?
Yes, sir
Why not? Let's pray together
Gather around
You too, Ma'am
Let's all pray together, holding hands
Our Father in heaven, please watch over a poor soul...
...who waits upon Your salvation
Please forgive his sins
We beseech You to bestow Your blessings upon him
And to protect his soul from evil
This young soul seeks to be reborn in Your everlasting love
Brother, teach me how to work here
You want to learn how to fix cars?
Here? From me?
Yes, I want to learn! I know I can do it
I promise to work hard
What's behind this? What are you up to?
That's not what I showed you!
That way, it won't turn
Fuck, this is hard! Hey, how do you work this thing?
Did you call me "Hey"?
I mean "Sir"
That's better
Sir, how the hell does this work?
Take this
What's your favorite color?
My favorite color?
Let's see...
My favorite is white
Mine too... It's clean
And your favorite season?
Uh... summer
I like winter!
I don't like summer, I get all sweaty
Mosquitoes, flies... I really hate them
Your favorite food?
Jajang noodles! Best thing in the world!
I really craved for it during my military service
And you, Your Highness?
I like everything...
I'm no princess about food
...except beans
I hate beans the most
Why do you hate beans?
Makes me feel like throwing up
There's something wrong with them
Gong-Ju! Is someone in here?
No! No one!
I thought I heard talking
Just... radio
Don't you get tired of listening to it all day?
You've hardly touched your food!
I'm going out this evening
Can you make do with these leftovers?
That's alright... I'm not very hungry
Why are you smiling? Something nice happen to you?
I'll be going
"If I were a poet, I would sing for you..."
"Like a child resting in its mother's bosom..."
"I want to..."
"A little calf was sitting on the stove and crying..."
"Ma! Pa! My bottom is burning! "
I'm... scared
Scared of what?
Over there... the shadow
It's an Oasis! What so scary?
It's only the shadow of a tree outside
But... it's still scary
Don't worry, I'll get rid of it for you
By magic! I'll make it all disappear by magic
Close your eyes
Gong-Ju! We're here!
My voice?
You like my voice?
Yep, there's something about my voice
You're saying my voice is good...
But my face makes you sick?
Your Highness
You're upsetting me!
What's wrong with my face?
The shadow?
The shadow is scaring you again? And you need my magic?
Okay, let me concentrate...
It's going...
It's going...
It's going...
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