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Oasis CD2

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I'm going out on a date!
You're going to have no fun!
It's Sunday but you're stuck here!
No date for you! You're out of luck!
What's so funny?
Blue crab soup, broiled eels, fried octopus, fried rice...
Marinated beef, shabu-shabu, shark's fin soup...
Sorry, we're closing
Excuse me?
Lunch is over
You're closing?
Please try somewhere else
What about these people?
We just finished serving lunch, we can't take any more orders
Let's just go
It's an NBA game... Michael Jordan!
Please try somewhere else, I'm sorry
Hey, I'm watching that!
Enjoy your meal!
Come on
Let's go
Come in
What're you doing there in the cold?
What do you want to eat?
I'll have... Jajang noodles
Jajang noodles? Sounds great!
Want to watch TV?
Hi, this is Mangwon auto shop
Two orders of Jajang noodles, one of fried dumplings...
One mixed seafood, a bottle of Gaoliang, and make it fast!
Hello, Mangwon auto shop... Oh hi, sister-in-law
No, he isn't here, it's Sunday
Who knows where he went?
You should keep a better eye on him
Something's fishy about him lately
The money? Oh, that ...
That's what I was trying to tell you
That hurt!
Yeah, but I didn't want to wake you
Of course I know what I did!
That's so upsetting
''That's so upsetting''
If you say that, I feel bad
''If you say that, I feel bad''
What? That's not what I meant...
Fuck! Now it's cut off!
Why are you angry with me?
What did I do?
You got angry with me!
How dare you?
What's upset you all of a sudden?
Why are you like this?
The Jajang noodles are here
I'll tell you about the dream I had last night
I was in your room, dancing with Your Highness
But we weren't alone
An Indian woman, a kid and an elephant ...the ones from the oasis
You know, that Oasis picture on your wall
I know it was only a dream...
But it seemed so real
What the fuck is all this traffic?
Shit, this feels great!
Step out, Your Highness!
It's alright, you can get out
Isn't this great?
We're on the expressway, Your Highness
When would we get to stand in the middle of an expressway?
You have a go too, Your Highness
Isn't this great?
Aw, fuck...
Out of the car!
Now, you bastard!
How could you take out a customer's car?
I'm very sorry
Everything has been repaired
The car's running fine
I took it out for a test drive, and there's no problem
That's not the issue
Do you know how long I've been waiting here?
I'm terribly sorry
How should I know he was picking it up on a Sunday?
Come inside
Do you have a driver's license?
Well, do you or not?
You know that it was revoked after the accident
So you went driving without a license in a customer's car?
Haven't I told you to grow up, and behave like an adult?
How many times have I told you to be responsible for your actions?
Bend over
I said, bend over
Start counting
Why... won't you tell me?
You'll see when we get there
Anyway, it's a nice place so you should look pretty
I'm already pretty now
Welcome! Which party are you with?
Mrs. Hong's
Just a moment, please
Right at the end there
Have a nice time
Thank you
I think I'm the last to arrive
Long time no see, Jong-Du! You're late!
Hi, uncle!
Happy birthday, Ma!
Don't call me your Ma! I don't know you!
Who's this you've brought?
Let me introduce her... This is Miss Han Gong-Ju
She's my friend
What kind of friend is she?
What kind of friend have you brought here?
Just a friend...
Since it's Ma's birthday and everything...
I thought it'd be nice to bring her along
That's nice!
Please enjoy the dinner, while you are here
This is for members of the family only
You can't just bring someone without asking!
Why not?
Anyhow, you should know her too
Who is she?
Remember the sanitation worker?
The man who died in the accident?
The car accident?
Uncle, I went to prison because of that accident
She's his daughter
Let's step outside
I want to talk to you
Let's eat first and talk later
You're driving me crazy, you know that?
How did you meet that girl?
I went to her house
Why did you go there?
Because I felt guilty
Why did you feel guilty?
If anyone should feel guilty, it should be me!
Jong-Il, let me talk to him
Jong-Du, look at me, will you?
You've got it in for me, right?
You blame me, don't you?
Why would I blame you?
Why else would you go to her house and bring her here?
Let me talk to him You go back inside, Jong-Il
Listen to me carefully
No one forced you to go to prison
You volunteered, didn't you?
After Jong-Il ran over that guy, you were to first to say it
That he had a family to feed and a future, so you'd go in for him
You also said you had prior convictions, had no job
and knew the way to jail
Isn't that what you said?
You have a good memory, don't you, you bastard!
So you shouldn't act this way
What have I done wrong?
Tell me the truth, Jong-Du
What exactly is in your mind?
What do you mean?
Why did you bring her here?
Please take her back home
Isn't it obvious? You shouldn't be doing this!
But I'm hungry!
Is that important now?
Gong-Ju has to eat, too
She's our guest! We can't just tell her to go!
Fuck, why did you pull a stunt like this?
Think before you do something!
I don't know what you mean
Jong-Du, come back here! We haven't finished talking!
Remember, there were loads of greenfinches behind our house
I used to think they were sparrows
But Dad told me they were greenfinches
And that they had little bells under their necks
So I used to stand under the big tree forever... look for the bells on their necks
I thought it was true they had bells
Why are you telling this story now?
Tell me! Why this story?
It just came into my mind...
Why would that story come into your mind right now?
I don't know, it just did
I wish I could understand what goes on in your head
Tell me, what made you think of those sparrows?
He said they were greenfinches, not sparrows
Hey, this photo is family only!
We should all be in it for the family album
You should look your best
Not with her, you idiot!
Fuck, then I won't be in it either!
Jong-Du, where are you going?
Let him go
So are we taking a picture or not?
Just go ahead
Here we go
Everybody look this way... Fine!
One, two, three!
Fuck, it's cold as hell, isn't it?
Want to go to karaoke? How about that?
Your Highness, my princess, please don't be angry
What's wrong?
I'm sorry, it was my fault
Your Highness, I beg for your forgiveness
My princess, let's just go home
What do you want? You don't want to go home?
Fuck! Do you want to stay here all night?
Do whatever you like, I'm going
''As I stumbled through the dark labyrinth of my past...''
''...I didn't know the meaning of existence''
''Now I know, the reason I exist is you''
''I'd do anything for you...''
''I'd even reach up and touch the sky''
Thank you very much!
Now, Princess Han will do the next song
Sing it
Go ahead and try
''If I were the sky...''
''I'd want to be colored into your face''
''Like the sky tinged red by the setting sun...''
''I'd want to be colored on your cheeks''
''If I were a poet...''
''I would sing for you''
''Like a child resting in its mother's bosom''
''I want to sing happily''
''I want to become whatever there is...''
''Just for you''
''Do you have any idea, my love...''
''How great a joy this is?''
''Just to be together like today''
''Do you know what's in my heart?''
Fuck, where's the light switch?
Here, I'll help with your coat
Better go before the bus stops running...
Want to see a magic trick?
See ya' ! Goodnight!
What's wrong?
Don't go
You want me to stay?
I want to sleep with you
Sleep with me? What are you talking about?
Don't you know...
''Don't you know...''
...what a woman means... when she says ...
''...what a woman means ... when she says''
I want to sleep with you?
''I want to sleep with you''
You said I was quite pretty...
It's not there?
Is that okay?
Is that okay?
Maybe she's asleep? The lights aren't on
It's rather late
Oh, the cake!
What's wrong? Does it hurt?
Want me to stop?
Maybe she's asleep
Yes, the radio isn't on either
And she always has the radio on... Look at this mess!
Gong-Ju, are you asleep?
Oh, My god! Come here! Quick!
Who the hell are you? What are you doing to her?
Get the neighbors! Quick!
Get out! Get the hell away from her!
Come out! Quick! There's a fire!
There's a fire! We need help!
What's going on?
Hurry and go inside!
What's going on?
Poor Gong-Ju, save her!
Shut up for a moment!
Get a move on!
Come out of that room!
Get away from her!
Get away from her!
Get the hell away from her!
Get a move on! Get the hell out of there!
Should we come too?
Of course, and the victim too
She's very disturbed right now
As you can see, she's disabled, and it's hard for her to speak, too
Still, we need her to be there
She'll have to be examined
Then we'll follow you in my car
That'll be fine
You have previous convictions, right?
How many?
What for?
A hit-and-run while driving drunk...
A physical assault...
Attempted rape
I bet you're a pervert, too
Spit it out, are you a pervert?
Who are you here to see?
We're Hong Jong-Du's relatives
I see... please wait over there
Jong-Il! You're here!
Why are you here? You didn't have to come...
What's your relationship with this man?
He's my elder brother, and he's my younger brother
This man is under arrest for an attempted rape
We spoke on the phone, right?
That's right
The victim is over there
Her family wants to talk to you, that's why I called you
The case is open-and-shut, he was caught in the act
But how could he assault a poor girl like her?
I simply don't get it
Looking at her turns you on?
How come we always meet in a police station?
You bastard!
Can you even call yourself human?
You're an animal! A beast!
Hey, calm down
Let me see
Let's meet some place better next time, okay?
Can I have a word with you?
To be frank...
He's my brother, but I've never really understood him
As my youngest brother knows
We've done everything to turn him into a real person
But this time he's gone beyond forgiveness
How do you think I feel?
I understand, of course
We must have very bad karma from a past life
First our father, and now my sisters
I've been thinking a lot, and...
What's on your mind?
The police said that...
Prosecuting him in court won't comfort or compensate her
So you're saying you're open to a deal?
How much are you expecting?
I can't say it just straight out
This isn't a business transaction, you know
You must have a figure in mind
Please say it.
One officer told me...
It's at least 20 million won in a case like this
As I just said, he's gone beyond forgiveness this time
It's true that he's my brother, but I'll have to disown him
It may sound harsh,
but I think society needs to be protected from him
But have you listened to what your sister said?
About what?
About what happened tonight
What do you mean, what happened?
What the hell do you think happened? Isn't it obvious?
Can't you see with your own eyes?
How did the assailant gain entry to the apartment?
Miss, take your time and speak slowly
She gets worse when she's stressed and nervous
We leave a key in the flowerpot on the balcony
He must've seen the neighbor leave it there
Did he threaten you with a knife or any other weapon?
There were no weapons
Who'd need a weapon to overpower her?
Is this the clothing the victim was wearing?
It is
And this is the bedsheet?
It is
And is that man the assailant?
Hey, you! Stand up! Now!
Is that him?
I think we're through! Take him away to the cells
Miss, you're safe now
Nothing more to be afraid of
Are the statements true?
Yes, they are
Have you been offered any guarantee for hospital bills?
Honey, they're asking if we've had any guarantees
No guarantees
What's wrong, dear? There's nothing to be scared of now
Everything's alright now
What are you staring at, bastard?
Why are you hitting him like that?
I didn't, I just shoved him
I saw you hit him just now!
What the fuck are you saying?
Who the fuck do you think you are, talking to me like that?
Do something
Calm down... Calm down...
It's almost over...
Hold on, just a little longer, okay?
Try to forget everything and sleep
You'll feel better after a good night's sleep
We'll stay here tonight
So there's nothing to be afraid of
Hands behind your back
You wretched boy!
Remember our pastor, right?
He wants to see you
He wants to pray for you, so that's why I brought him
Jong-Du, the best thing at a time like this is prayer
Let's all be seated
Sit down
Excuse me, but could you take off his handcuffs while we pray?
Let us pray
Dear Father almighty...
Please forgive this poor lost sheep as he struggles to find salvation
Help him to find his way back, resisting all temptation
Hey, catch him!
Dear Father almighty! Dear Father almighty!
Please forgive this poor lost sheep
Shut up, you fucking bitch! I'll kill you!
Where's your phone? Give me your phone, now!
Stay still or I'll kill you
Hello? Is that Han Gong-Ju's apartment?
May I speak to Gong-Ju?
Me? My name is Hong Jong-Du
Sorry, but let me speak to Gong-Ju
Piss off, bitch!
Careful, it's hot
What's going on?
Come down from there!
You fucking bastard!
Hong Jong-Du, come down!
What the hell do you think you're doing up there?
Get down, you fucker!
Hey, watch out!
That guy is completely crazy!
Be quiet out there!
What're you doing?
What are you doing there?
Cutting off the branches
You're waking up the whole neighborhood
What's going on?
That guy isn't normal
What are you doing up there? Climb down!
There's only one branch left! You're doing great!
Saw that off and come down, okay?
Your Highness!
Your Highness!
Is he hurt?
Cuff him, quick!
Take him away!
What the hell is it now?
Can't you keep the noise down?
What are you all doing out there at this time of night?
There are young people trying to study!
This has gone on long enough!
Your Highness, this is your general
I hope you're doing well, staying healthy and everything
I'm doing alright here, taking care of myself
Getting used to the ''bean meals'' here again...
But, don't worry, they don't actually serve beans
But when the odd bean gets mixed in, I always think of you
Now I don't like beans, either
I'm dreaming of the day I can eat tofu when I get out of here
You must be so bored, all alone in your apartment
I play soccer and table tennis and other things to keep fit
So don't worry about me
When I get out, I'll buy you lots of delicious food
Make a list of all the things you want to eat
Until I write you again, take care of your precious person
Goodbye for now
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