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Oberst Redl - Colonel Redl CD1

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Colonel Redl's story...
is not based on authentic documents.
Actions of the characters are entirely fabricated.
This film was inspired by John Osborne's play...
A Patriotic for Me...
and by historical events of our century.
Your grandfather was friend of his majesty, The Emperor.
The Emperor once asked him...
''Well, my friend, what's new?''
Like the dew from heaven sent...
May on him be blessings spent.
May they give the strength for all of his deeds.
ln all lands may he glory earn...
our welfare is his one concern.
Woe to those who dare reject...
his hand of peace, so circumspect.
His holy wrath shall strike them now...
with laurels to adorn his brow.
Very nice, young Redl. Sit down.
Maybe you'll become a great poet of our motherland.
l haven't heard such a glorious poem...
about His Majesty for a long time.
Sir, this is the boy, Alfred Redl.
l humbly ask for your support...
to help him enter...
the lmperial and Royal Cadet School.
Always remember to keep a straight posture.
We will be so proud of you.
And we shall never forget what the Emperor...
has done for us.
How wonderful it would be...
if you would return as an officer.
What an honor.
Your grandpa was just a poor peasant.
And you suddenly get this honor.
Never forget that the Emperor made this possible.
Always be grateful.
Up, down, up, down, up, down...
Hands behind your head! Jump in place!
Up and in position.
Get ready! Attack, defense, go!
Redl, Kubinyi! Be careful.
You'll get a beating if you break your weapons.
Third grade, stop the drill!
Line up in two ranks for punishment!
Redl, Kubinyi, shirts off!
See Redl, it's snowing.
Christoph Kubinyi reporting to his grandma...
would like to introduce a friend.
Harry! Come here, Harry!
Don't worry, he just wants to make friends. Good dog.
Sit down! Sit down!
Tell me Redl, our Monarch's empire is so vast...
l've a hard time telling...
which of the many people of our Majesty you belong to.
-l was born in Galicia. -Polish?
No, my father is Ukranian, partly of German descent.
l believe my mother's grandfather was Hungarian.
Yes, they were Hungarians.
The family was noble but lost everything.
Their entire estate.
But later His Majesty helped them...
and gave them a position in the Civil Service.
Then you certainly have Hungarian blood in you.
Yes, my mother would always sing a Hungarian song.
A Csitari Hegyek Alatti.
He is very nice!
He doesn't speak French, grandma.
He has to learn it, sweetie.
lt's as important as horseback riding.
But horses are the most important, aren't they?
He is charming, your little friend.
Come on up, Christoph, it's a good view.
Yes, but do l have to climb the tree for that?
You smell good, soldier, like a foal.
Are you ticklish? Let's see.
One, two, three, four...
five, six, seven...
eight, nine, ten, eleven.
Could you please help me?
What can we expect from civilians...
if soldiers act like animals? ls this a zoo?
Class raise!
-Are you the orderly? -Yes, sir.
Who was it? File a report, l want names.
l'm sorry, Colonel, l don't know who it was.
But l do, Cadet Redl.
l know the name. Christoph von Kubinyi.
Sir, l'm sure it wasn't him.
-Who then? -l don't now, l was singing.
Redl, report. Are they the usual gentlemen?
Von Freyberg, Galliena, von Gencsy, von Kubinyi?
No, it wasn't Kubinyi, sir.
Who then? Redl, l'm losing my patience.
Then l am forced to expel all four of then...
led by Baron Kubinyi...
because of this outrageous incident.
-l think it was von Gencsy. -Very good, Redl.
You'll be a loyal soldier to His Majesty.
You are a bright peasant boy.
l am a Judas. l am not a soldier.
Those over there are soldiers.
l am a treacherous peasant.
Colonel Feldhauer wants to see Cadet Redl in his office.
Well... l have to tell you something.
Redl, you father has died. Here's the telegram.
You'll get leave of course. lf you should need anything...
money for the journey or a wreath for the grave...
please tell me. You can count on me.
Colonel, may l ask for permission to stay here...
l want to take part in His Majesty's...
name-day celebration.
Now that Emperor Franz Josef the First...
has become your godfather and by the bond...
of our Holy Church, you have become his sons.
Our Father, Franz Josef.
You may call him that from this day forward...
with humble pride and the right to do so.
By the sacrament of confirmation...
you're accepted as his sons.
This will make the bond between you all...
between you and the army...
between you and His Majesty even more indissoluble.
May your filial gratitude, your filial loyalty...
preserve this bond with the Lord God...
with your Emperor and your Motherland for all eternity.
Why has Detachment D...
still not rejoined the main troop?
Lt. Schorm! Send an adjutant to find out the reason.
l want a report.
The medical personnel is still in the valley!
Lt. Hidegkuti! l ordered the reserves into action...
to break through the enemy lines and occupy section QX.
QX, yes sir.
Alright, then.
Colonel, the enemy lines have been attacked and taken.
Good, Redl.
You have executed this tactical exercise perfectly.
This is a command post, not the Officer's Club...
Where we smoke and watch friends play pool.
Lt. Schorm.
The other ranks out there may not smoke either.
Smoking is forbidden on maneuvers. Carry on.
Lt. Schorm, give the order to finish.
Yes sir, order to finish.
Colonel, l gave Lt. Schorm permission to smoke.
That was an error, Captain.
Self-control always and everywhere.
We shouldn't have compromised...
with the Ungarians in 1867.
Why not take the whole country...
as the English did lreland?
Without that, Austria wouldn't be a great power now.
Vienna curbed us, thanks to our politicians.
Kubinyi's lamenting the fate of oppressed Hungarians again.
But he forgets that Hungary, too...
oppresses it's neighboring peoples.
Everything has its price.
Arad and Haynau, generals executed like criminals!
Come on, Kubinyi...
The compromise was a great deed.
Redl, you look so sad.
-Perhaps because of you. -Don't be sad because of me.
Let's drink to the health of Captain Redl.
-Let's drink to it! -Do you like him?
-Yes, he's very nice. -You hear, old man?
She likes you, so drink!
Drink from the bottle.
What l put in my hand, l put in my mouth.
Should l hold it?
This Redl was born in Lemberg, wasn't he?
And you in Pomerania.
-You think it's all the same? -lt damn well is!
Oh, you are a cosmopolitan.
No, Hungarian. Secondly, an officer and Redl's friend.
What did His Majesty say?
''The Hungarians, a beloved nation!''
Are you trying to provoke me?
No, why should l?
Let's go.
Baron, are you being unfaithful to me?
l don't know you yet, but it can soon be arranged.
Do you wanna come with me, or prefer to sit and stare?
Have you ever done it?
Or is your biggest thrill to shout at you soldiers?
What's special about Kubinyi that make you all crazy?
He not only knows how to do, he likes doing it.
-What? -Everything.
-Then teach me, too. -You can't teach that.
-You have it, or not. -Kubinyi is handsome.
And wonderful.
What do you like best? His hairy behind?
Yes. He has a lovely little rock-hard bottom.
And muscular thighs. Just like a little boy.
One has something to hold on to.
-The scar on his knee? -Yes, l like that, too.
How does he do it? Quickly? Slowly? Rough...
-or gentle? -ls he gentle?
No, he comes in, grabs hold of me and my breasts...
and he bites. And l bite him, too.
So, he bites?
And you?
How do you want to do it?
Are you really related?
Then watch how your big brother does it.
lt happens during a parade.
l'll rode up to colonel von Roden...
and report to him on horseback.
l said: ''One, my mother's parents were Jewish.
Two, my father was a Jew from Budapest.''
Just imagine von Roden's face.
At a parade, with all sorts...
of distinguished people present.
Consuls, Attachés and the Goszleth.
Daughters, Dominika and Daniela.
Alfred, l'll tell it to them straight one day.
Don't you think they know you're a Jew?
l'm not just a Jew. l'm a Hungarian Jew.
We can talk about it, not just in whispers.
My father fought for Hungarian freedom and was exiled.
My father played cards with the Rabbi of Lemberg.
They were good friends.
How about becoming a Jew? lt would be much simpler.
All right, then l'm a Jew. lt's all the same.
You know, l think your holidays are beautiful.
Yom Kippur, Passover...
Redl, l'm very fond of you. You're so wildly ambitious.
Let's fight about the Goszleth daughters.
Would you please look at these drawings.
Who do they represent? Or it's hard to identify?
You're famous for your observation.
This one? Lt. Beatz?
-No. -But?
-Captain Tannhoffer. -And this handsome face?
-Kubinyi. -And him?
That's myself.
-Continue please. -Dr. Sonnenschein.
-Jaromil Schorm. -Schorm? Jaromil?
Tell me, this lieutenant here, is he a invert?
Excuse me?
-l mean homosexual. -Not that l know.
Boheminan? Jew?
Major, l suggest you to ask him yourself.
A straight question will get a straight answer.
Your an idealist.
This is about debt-ridden officers.
Who will protect the army in the event of war?
This article appeared in a Prague newspaper...
written by one ''senior.''
Do you know who hides behind this name?
Your direct inferior, Jaromil Schorm.
He belongs to the army, but talks about us.
Corruption, debt, cards, booze, whores!
He writes that, in the event of war...
the army would need protection.
Schorm. Senior... Senior!
tell me Captain, do you still play the piano?
At Cadet school l took lessons with Captain Ruzek.
Alright. Keep an eye on Schorm.
ln due time, l want a report.
Tell me...
can you make me a list, by this afternoon...
of the officers' local contacts?
This Schorm!
Keep him out of my sight! He will be fired!
A disgusting object!
Outside the Club other day! This look, this deceit...
And you supported him.
He provokes me in my own regiment.
We absolutely cannot afford...
to be exposed to attacks like this!
l detest traitors, Captain. Making me sick!
Kick him out...
or let him go voluntarily. Just get him out of here!
You will do that.
And one more thing, Redl...
tell your friend Kubinyi, to stop his '48 tirades.
l don't want any criticism of the compromise, alright?
Why does he always mention Haynau when he drinks?
Haynau's been dead for years!
Haynau is not the Monarchy. We are the Monarchy!
And so is Kubinyi.
We couldn't object to the articles if they were true.
But they are false.
l'm ashamed that an officer express himself in this way.
He lives among us, accepts the privileges...
of uniform and rank, laughs and swears like us...
and then it turns out, he's not one of us.
lnstead of talking to us, he spies on us secretly...
and denounces us under a false name.
Schorm must face the consequences...
and leave those he's betrayed.
Taking notes, Schorm? l could dictate for you.
Gentlemen, in my own name...
and that of the officers regiment...
l suggest that Lt. Schorm, at his own request...
should leave the regiment and the army.
Schorm, l...
Go voluntarily. You can state the reasons yourself.
Gentlemen, is this a big moment or a small one?
l can't tell.
-This is not a cabaret! -You're right, doctor.
Brief and soldierly.
What's going on? Has our Bohemian gone crazy?
Schorm, if you expect a certificate...
saying that you've gone insane...
which l personally agree, you're mistaken. No!
Lieutenant, name your seconds.
l consider the desecration of His Majesty uniform...
a personal insult.
l therefore challenge you to a duel!
Shooting? You're near-sighted.
Want to fence?
But don't confuse fencing with an appendectomy.
Don't take this personally, but everybody knows that...
doctors who join the army aren't the best ones.
Summa cum laude, you jerk. Who will be my seconds?
l'm not fighting you.
l'm the third-best shooter in the regiment.
Allow me to send for my civilian clothes.
The duel takes place at dawn.
l'll choose my seconds among you.
Sonnenschein, l said there won't be a duel.
l will take off my uniform.
But l can't duel with a Jewish doctor.
You're not from whom one may expect satisfaction.
And me, Schorm?
Do l meet your high requirements?
Baron Kubinyi... yes, you do.
But gentlemen, this is really...
Done! Tomorrow at dawn.
With a bullet, since you're such a fine shooter.
3 steps, 3 exchanges. Redl, you're my second.
Excuse me. l hate early rising.
l'd prefer noon or afternoon.
But honor come first.
Pistols at dawn, then.
-Those articles, Schorm... -l'm sorry.
You were such an excellent soldier.
The duel is nonsense.
-Let it go. -l didn't force it.
-Then l'll lock you up. -lt's too late, Captain.
l'm dueling as a civilian with Kubinyi.
Lock him up, if you fear for his life.
The army is not dismissing you.
You are leaving the army.
-ln two or three years... -Two or three years?
Where will this army be then?
lt will be at its post and so will l.
Do you know what l hate most about this army?
Getting up so damned early.
-Who's there? Who is it? -Redl.
lt's you, Schorm.
l thought it was you. Sorry.
-You're here early. -Yes.
l couldn't sleep.
-Could you? -l never sleep well.
Kubinyi probably sleep like a dog.
Don't underestimate him. Cigarette?
No, thanks.
He overestimates himself.
-You are full of energy. -And you?
l don't belong with you.
What do you mean?
l want to remain Jaromil Schorm.
l don't understand.
l can't take leading a double life...
everyone playing their part perfectly.
Sickening. All of it.
l still don't understand.
Tell me, Schorm...
are you really a anti-Semite?
My grandmother is Jewish. l hope that's sufficient.
l shouldn't have insulted him.
l just enjoyed keeping that Jew at a distance.
-Very possible. -Not really my style.
-You play with people. -No, you do.
Why me?
You're demanding too much of yourself.
-What else can l do? -Well, you might be right.
Maybe we haven't talked enough to each other.
-Why couldn't you sleep? -l don't know.
l think l had a dream.
-Do you believe in dreams? -No.
Or do l?
lt is cold.
-The weapons? -Here they are.
-Redl will tell his dream. -That's not of interest now.
-Gentlemen... -Please, go on.
l ask you to discuss your disagreement...
and use your weapons symbolically.
l guarantee complete secrecy.
Until then, l shall leave the gymnasium.
Redl, stay!
Gentlemen, l am ready.
l think we must get the doctor.
-Was Schorm your friend? -No, Colonel.
lf your part in this incident is known...
-it will harm your career. -l'm aware of my position.
We have decided to act discreetly.
Thank you, Colonel.
With Kubinyi, it's a different story.
He's been in trouble before.
However, he survives such incidents more easily.
Redl, l must say...
you were only a second, but that was a grave error.
Never get involved in anything like this again.
Yes, Colonel.
Do you think an officer without family connections...
remains unnoticed? ls that your opinion, Redl?
l'm convinced the army seldom allows merit...
to go unacknowledged.
Correct, Redl, and for obvious reasons.
The future of the Monarchy and Europe...
-depends on the army. -l've noticed that...
officers who complain about privilege...
are of average ability, mostly below that.
Exactly. A good soldier always recognizes another.
That's the basis of comradeship.
Redl, as a Commander...
l must inform to the War Ministry...
about officers of outstanding merit.
Your merits have surpassed your present rank.
Here's your promotion to Major.
And here's your order to report to Vienna.
His Majesty has appointed you...
second-in-command of a garrison.
lt's a pity, it had to arrive on this unfortunate day.
Nevertheless, congratulations.
Thank you, Colonel.
lt means a great deal to me. After all, l trained you.
That's the way it is.
A wallet and a briefcase. l had them made in Vienna.
l grew very fond of you, my son.
l'd like to take Lt. Von Kubinyi with me.
He's a good soldier.
An odd team, you two.
l'm not sure it will help you, but...
lt can be arranged through his...
family connections in Vienna.
-Katalin, did you see him? -Who?
The Emperor, admiring the view?
He has a hunting lodge here.
The Emperor!
What if we'd stopped to greet him?
What would you have said?
''Major Redl begs to report?''
l'd have wished him good health and a long life.
Wait, turn in to the lnn.
l'm tired, Major. We'll take a room.
l can't believe l saw the Emperor today.
Come here.
Horse and saddle, a fine soldierly smell.
Christoph never smells like a soldier.
Do you smell the soldier on him?
Here you are, madam.
Soldier, uncork the champagne.
l've made a lovely, big bridal bed for us.
What will your husband say if you don't come home?
l'm sleeping at my mother. You're my witness.
l've neither time nor inclination...
to be a gracious society hostess.
l like riding, eating, drinking.
Why don't you have any children?
We just don't.
l can't stand my husband anymore.
Shall l marry you? Do you want a pretty Kubinyi?
You deserve it.
Let's drink.
Why do you close your eyes?
l don't know.
Are you thinking of someone else?
-Christoph? -Yes.
Were you always thinking of him?
Whom do you love more? Whom?
-l'm very fond of you both. -And now?
l feel fine, but l don't know for how long.
You know, Christoph and l...
actually, l'm afraid of him.
-But now you're over him. -No.
You're wonderful Katalin. l like touching you.
l have nobody l can embrace, just you.
Don't forget, you're here in Galicia...
not by the Adriatic.
We have many Poles, Jews, gypsies, thieves and whores.
Be on your guard.
Many of them smuggle vodka across the border.
We are right at the border, not Bad lschl or Alt-Ausee.
There's so little to do...
the officers go hunting for chamois.
You get my meaning.
Lt. Ehrlich reporting.
Maneuvers proceeding according to plan.
Major, Lt. Mészaros reporting.
Maneuvers proceeding as planned.
Throw grenades!
Fire! Throw grenades!
Up! Stop! Go back!
Didn't you instruct your men in the use of grenades...
unexploded grenades or those falling short?
Assemble the platoon!
Throw away your cigarette. Repeat the regulations.
l'm sorry, l don't know them all.
Not all? ltem one?
ltem two? Three? Five?
Your order, officer?
-A schnapps, please. -Coming right up, Major.
You get many officers here, don't you?
-How did you guess? -You knew my rank.
You recognize ranks when you're as old as me...
but you never know people. l'll get your drink.
-And vodka? -No, that's contraband.
Maybe a glass of aquavit?
We're serving His Majesty on the Russian border.
We're not here to impress or chase the women...
play pool and get drunk, on duty or on maneuvers.
l'm referring to Lt. Schinszky.
Our men blow themselves up...
due to a lack of grenade instruction.
Lt. Mészaros is not here to fall off his horse...
drunk at 11 am.
Contraband vodka, drunk at the lnn...
where you go to keep warm, while your men train outside.
And by noon you are kept in the saddle by their horses.
We are not here to dishonor the Emperor's uniform...
by making deals with civilians...
like Kferrer and Halmi...
getting involved in God knows what.
We're not here to seduce a girl a week...
meaning raping her in the woods.
Like a poor servant-girl who dares not say a word...
for everyone would believe the almighty officer.
Almighty officers, indeed!
Officers of the Monarchy...
must set a good example so the people trust us...
and know the Emperor will protect them.
My question is, does the Monarchy...
need each one of you personally...
here in this garrison?
Answer the question yourselves. l'm waiting.
lf you think your presence here has a meaning...
then you know that with your rights...
you have certain obligations.
Only then can you claim privileges.
You need not be lmperial Army officers.
The post office or the railways...
guarantees a pension.
Colonel Ruzitska wishes to see you in the conservatory.
l have bad news for you, Redl.
When did you last see Mészaros?
This afternoon, during the maneuvers.
-He has deserted. -Really?
To the Russians.
Tonight at six he appeared on the other side of the barrier.
And shouted to our soldiers...
''Say 'hello' to Mr. Ruzistka and Redl for me!''
And then he did this.
l've had enough of the Russians border.
l'm applying for retirement.
l'd like to recommend you as District Commandant.
You have a great future.
l was no more than a troop commander. That's fate.
One doesn't necessarily have to be on the General Staff.
These damned Habsburgs!
l hate this Habsburgs, do you hear? l hate them!
What do you think of them?
Maybe you think they're wonderful.
But l'm drunk tonight, so l must tell you honestly.
You can have them. l hate them!
Galicia and Cracow would join Poland so fast...
Vienna would be left gasping.
And our Monarchy?
lt would vanish from the map of Europe.
This Empire can only be saved by war.
But after so many lost battles...
the senile Emperor has to go first.
Are you crazy?
Trying to play switchman, are you?
l'm forced to put you on increased duty for one week.
-Yes. -lt's Alfred.
Are you busy?
-What do you want? -To talk.
l'm expecting someone who wouldn't like to see you.
Duty inspection.
-Major, the password please. -''Schenitterin ruht.''
-Who is the duty officer? -Lt. Kubinyi, sir.
Where is he? Where?
He fell asleep in the cafeteria.
-Why didn't you wake him? -l did.
-Why isn't he here then? -He said, sir...
he told me to go to hell.
l'll take over.
A serious breach of duty.
At war, you would be court-martialled.
-Understood, Lieutenant? -Yes, Colonel.
l'm now forced to transfer you.
Within 24 hours you'll report to Helmut Haynert...
at the War Ministry.
He already knows.
Your future will be decided in Vienna.
Oh, you fools. Dismissed.
A farewell drink.
l'm almost sorry for you.
l wonder if Redl's a Jew...
but instead of a caftan, he wears uniform.
A great camouflage.
Redl will soon be on the General Staff.
A Jew on the General Staff?.
Our top moron already is in the hands...
of the Rothschild family.
l didn't thank Redl for this trip.
Watch him, he might be useful to us.
Go away.
Get lost!
Go away! What do you want from me?
What do you want from me?
Major, may l ask you, are you also a Jew?
Through your mother?
Several people have say so.
l also heard, you don't like to mention it.
Maybe you're right.
l won't tell anyone. My heart's just overjoyed.
-May l sit down, Major? -Please.
lf you excuse me, Major...
my wife would like to invite you...
to our Friday night supper.
Lt. Ehrlich feels quite at home with us, too.
A large family and beautiful children, Major.
Don't! Don't touch me!
l have to warn you, Lt. Ehrlich...
and all other gentlemen, including our doctor...
that close contact with the Jews is to be avoided.
Our supreme Commander, His Majesty...
allows Jewish soldiers...
to entry into the Officer Corps of the Royal Army.
lf most comfortable with junk merchants in a caftan...
you shouldn't be in uniform.
There's something else.
Some of the Jews here...
no, let's say most of the Jews here...
have trading connections with Jews across the border.
Vodka, fabrics, God knows what else is being smuggled.
We suspect that information is traded as well...
gathered from some officer during...
the family's gefilte fish dinner.
We must decide.
Either you're an officer of the lmperial Army...
or a Slovak...
or a Ukrainian...
or a Jew.
Dear Sonnenschein, old doctor.
l haven't hear from you for awhile.
A woman wants to see you. She said she's your sister.
-What does she look like? -She's elderly.
-Tell her l'm busy. -Yes, sir.
Hold on! Send her in.
-Alfred? -Soferl!
Soferl, what are you doing here?
Mother sends her love. We heard you were here.
-From whom? -A soldier, Schilhanek's son.
Yes, mother sends her love. llse and the children, too.
Magda has moved with her husband.
-Are there any problems? -No more than usual.
Something important to tell me?
Please. You need money?
-No. -Take it.
l can give you every month. l'll send it to you...
or l'll bring it myself. l don't mind.
Please don't ever come here again.
You can't do that. These are barracks!
This isn't like a post office.
You shouldn't come here using my name.
Now l have to...
Take it. Put it away.
-Christoph is really hurt. -l'm the one that's hurt.
He said and did things l couldn't accept...
as an officer or his friend.
Alfred, don't be ridiculous. Stop lying to me.
Stop pretending for your own sake.
The concept of the Monarchy is good.
l can't imagine anything better in its place.
The Emperor's old and makes mistakes.
Some reforms are due.
But l must show that from where l stand...
The Monarchy isn't crumbling, but strong.
lf a few others felt like me...
things wouldn't depend on the old man alone.
Then we could save this Monarchy.
Everything l can do, l shall do.
And what do you want to do?
And you wonder why people hate you?
l know everything...
everything about them.
l can strike them down whenever l like.
Gentlemen, will you please line up according to rank.
By rank, l don't necessarily mean military rank.
l assume you know your closeness to Vienna...
although that can change.
The lower ranks should line up according to height.
Short people first. There's no disgrace.
The Heir-Apparent isn't tall, either.
Neither am l, so obviously no disadvantage here.
When the Archduke enters, we stand to attention.
Receive decorations, head high.
At his handshake, bow your head.
You won't lose it just yet.
Line up now according to your rank and position...
facing the door.
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On Connait La Chanson 1997
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Onna kyuketsuki
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Osennij marafon - Autumn Marathon 1979
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Otogiriso 2001
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