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Oberst Redl - Colonel Redl CD2

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They're coming.
l'm glad l did transfer you here. l really trust you.
The decisive factor was you not belonging...
to any fraction.
We must do our duty, independently...
and do the best of our ability.
Your task is to modernize military intelligence.
You've done excellent work, but largely as an amateur.
From now on, you're the number one specialist.
lf you have any problems, come to me and l'll help.
And when you become War Minister...
l'll let raise my pension.
Just one more advice.
Choose subordinates who have...
reason to look up to you.
Men who are grateful to you, because you selected them.
l welcome you as members of this newly formed office.
Please get to know each other.
Don't be bothered that you speak different tongues.
Your task will be in the provinces...
with people whose language you know.
Our mutual task is to preserve and protect...
the strength of the Monarchy.
Whatever we say or don't say in order to reach our goal...
is not lie, but our mission. Duty.
We must know everything about everyone.
The smallest town holds people we need.
lt's up to us entirely to find them.
Suitable types abound, nearly everyone is susceptible.
Details of our work are strictly confidential.
lf you are successful...
you'll be praised by nobody but me.
Mistakes, nobody will defend you, the same goes for me.
But we belong to a group...
whose hand is on the pulse of the Monarchy...
and can make decisions in its interest.
This trust, after long and careful consideration...
was lent to you. Lent, not given.
As hard as it was to gain this trust...
as easy it is to lose it. To lose everything.
That's power.
Note everything about every officer.
Who was he with? Where? What did they talk about?
How much they spend, what they like, their passions.
Which officers are regular customers.
Name, rank and garrison.
Redl, Albert.
Career driven, concerned only with his own welfare.
Likes to be considered an aristocrat.
Admires power and often stresses...
his gratitude to the Habsburgs.
No contact with his family...
and sister, resident in Lemberg.
lt's not pleasant for me to repeat this question...
but Marshall Korad asked me if you're homosexual.
And if l think it odd...
that even the Archduke has made inquiries.
What do you say?
They're plotting against you already.
Unless it's a plot against me.
They don't dare touch me, so they starting with you...
because they know that l'm backing you.
That's the world around you. Take stock of it.
l've got the impression you make enemies easily.
Avoid that whenever possible.
For my sake, too.
You should marry. That would calm people down.
l'll introduce you to a girl from a good Viennese family.
Or we'll pack our bags and go to America.
Should we?
We may face an offensive in the Balkans.
The Emperor wants peace.
He knows what war would do to the Monarchy.
Yet he makes bad mistakes. He puts in key positions...
men who represent everything he fears.
The Archduke works openly against him...
and he pretends not to notice.
When the Emperor dies...
the Monarchy will fall to pieces.
Look at this here, from an earlier empire.
What does remain?
Stop that!
That civilian suit is the greatest lie in your life.
l know.
Are you coming?
Of course.
Yes, l'm coming.
Welcome, Lt. Colonel.
May l check your uniform, according to regulations?
Colonel, your sword, please. Thank you.
Kindly wait a moment.
-Kubinyi. -Hello, Redl.
l thought you were in St. Petersburg.
l'm now on General Staff for Hungarian affairs.
lf you need anything from that area...
please come to me first.
And if l can do anything...
l don't snoop on fellow officers.
Take care.
Lt. Colonel, His lmperial Highness is expecting you.
lmperial Majesty...
Colonel Alfred Redl begs to report.
Colonel Redl. l'm glad we can have a talk.
l've heard so much about you.
How do you like your position?
Thank you, lmperial Highness. l have a lot to do.
And l like to work.
Do you enjoy the power in your hands?
Sometimes? Just for a moment?
What l feel rather is the weight of my task.
They say your loyalty is unshakeable...
and based on gratitude.
You want to serve and prove yourself, am l right?
l am deeply honored, if they say that about me.
You're a good toll-collector, then.
You won't side with those who've gained eminence...
by their noble blood.
Are you Catholic?
We understand each other.
People say things about me, too.
l've read your reports. You write very well.
Or rather, convincingly.
You like to work hard...
like in Galacia, where you proved your ability.
We'll see whether you are just as talented here.
We have to focus on the interests of our Manarchy.
World becomes dangerous. Army morale is shaky.
The lmperial Army has begun to resemble a casino...
playing pool, drinking and chasing women, right?
Yes, unfortunately.
The spirit of liberalism undermines everything.
Please, sit down.
ln such a situation...
one has to make a clean sweep to restore order.
Don't stand there, sit down.
The army must be as rock-hard as ice on a frozen lake.
Your Highness, fish swim under the ice.
We must take lasting examples...
as your previous activity proved.
We must arrange some actions that will shake the army...
to take clear to all that the liberalism must end.
The Emperor must see that an effective army...
needs a new spirit.
ln my view, the people of the Monarchy...
must be shown a distinct face of the enemy.
The picture of a common enemy...
who threatens them.
The feeling of fear, you see...
is the only thing that makes an army tough.
Think it over, Colonel.
Check your files and submit a suggestion to me, soon.
lt should relate to the Balkan...
and the action of Russian forces.
Or possible French.
You have full authority.
How long have you known Colonel von Komjathy?
Since l was in the 32nd Maria Theresia Regiment.
Cognac? Grappa? Liquor? What would you like?
Cognac, please, if l may.
Who are the confidants of Colonel von Komjathy?
Komjathy? l'm sorry, l can't remember.
Thank you.
l thought you were a bright peasant boy.
Think it over.
Will one afternoon be sufficient...
to give me an accurate list...
of officers relations in your garrison?
The building material contract...
for the Przemysl fortress was signed by Ullman.
The engineer responsible was Worowka.
To whom did you pass on the material?
Whom did you hand the material? Where?
And how?
There are five cases at our disposal, unfortunately...
each case amounts to high treason.
l suggest we remove a case...
from the military court and make it public.
With special reference...
to the equality guilty environment.
We do it so spectacularly...
that it creates tension throughout the army...
and among the civilian population.
l suggest a public trial with press coverage...
and many witnesses.
The idea is excellent, Redl.
lt all depends on the person accused.
l suggest either the case of Max von Dornheim...
or Colonel György von Komjathy, from Budapest.
Look, Lt. Colonel.
This trial must show the army and the officers...
that the enemy's in our ranks...
and that we'll strike down anyone...
who neglects his duty.
At the same time, we must show the whole world...
a united and strong Austro-Hungarian army.
That's politics.
So, the accused cannot be Austrian...
certainly not Austrian aristocrat.
lt'd weaken the trust in the leadership.
He cannot be Hungarian...
since we live in a dual Monarchy.
We don't want to irritate the enemy within.
Also cannot be a Czech. They keep demonstrating.
Too many independence movements.
They would see as a provocation.
lt certainly can't be a Jew.
The Dreyfus affair enraged all of Europe.
We'd stir up an international storm of indignation...
and upset the Emperor's important links...
with the Rothschild bank.
And finally...
no Serb or Croat.
That zone is too hot and must be tackled otherwise.
You have Hungarian blood in you?
That's what we need, a Ukrainian.
Look for a duplicate of yourself, Redl.
l'd have to search Galicia.
Then look there.
Similar background, career and connections.
That can't be a problem for you.
You have files on everyone...
with your wide network of agents.
What happened?
l'm included in the Archdukes schemes.
The bullets are whistling past my ears.
Colonel, we have the answer for you.
Salapska! Salapska! Were you asleep?
l need a special train from the Ministry...
and notify Commandant Lemberg...
to put Victor Ullman under surveillance.
But not open action before my arrival. lmmediately.
Good evening.
-Are you Victor Ullman? -Yes. How can l help you?
l must speak to you in private.
-Why? -Please come.
-This way. -Go ahead.
Excuse me.
-Salapska. -András!
Give me the keys to the safe and your desk.
-May l have an explanation? -l am searching the premises!
l could fabricate evidence and nobody would ever know.
But l don't want to. The key.
-l won't tolerate this! -Give me the key. Major...
take Mr. Ullman next door. l'll interrogate him later.
By the way, where's the engineer Worowka?
l don't know. ln Vienna, l presume.
Take him away.
Major, make a list of all firms, all engineers...
and their army partners.
Possible private contacts aside from business relations.
But first a telegram to the Vienna police.
''Find and arrest engineer Worowka.''
-Put it back, please. -Leave me alone.
l'll have to handcuff you, if you don't.
Stop! Don't move.
Get a doctor, quick!
''Christoph Kubinyi, St. Peterburg.''
Turn right, please. Right, l said.
Announce me to the General.
The General is retired since yesterday.
The chief of the General Staff handles all open cases.
l understand.
Please allow me, lmperial Highness...
to question Major Christoph Kubinyi.
What about?
l'm sure that engineer Worowka...
and army supplier Victor Ullman...
conspired to pass plans of the Przemysl fortress...
to Petersburg.
Galicia again. Have you arrested them?
No. Ullman committed suicide...
and Worowka was murdered in Vienna.
Once you go into action, death follows.
Przemysl. What do you want to know from Kubinyi?
lf Ullman had any military diplomatic contacts.
Tell me, Redl...
are you a cruel man?
lmperial Highness, l am doing my duty.
-What faith? -As l told you, l'm Catholic.
-Do you like children? -Yes, but my wife is ill.
Excuse the questions.
l just wonder why Roden always backed you.
Because you graduated with honors...
and you're a good mathematician?
l see no point in you interrogating...
members of the General Staff...
or harassing our most reliable men.
But this concerns high treason.
l shall decide who is the traitor!
Przemysl is of minimal military importance.
The guilty have sentenced themselves. Case closed.
You haven't succeeded this time.
A dead duplicate is no duplicate.
Spin your web better and do it faster...
or will von Kubinyi replace a Ukrainian?
-He's not like you. -But you misunderstand me.
l don't misunderstand you.
Open your eyes when you look for the enemy, Redl.
You're not senile yet...
like this Roden with his watery eyes.
Whom we finally managed...
to put into well-earned retirement.
You admired him, or not?
Your Highness, he indeed was a bit emotional.
Look, Redl.
The Emperor's Waltz isn't danced anymore.
War is coming. Can we avoid it? Maybe.
However, the Monarchy needs a spectacular case.
A bit of a fright.
A few days of threat and fear, then a quick victory.
War, then?
A retaliation for some assassination.
Then a small, local war for a couple of weeks...
to save what can be saved.
Mr. Redl. This profile an extremely ruthless type.
But something about it suggests sensuality.
-Slavic face. -Yes, the cheekbones.
Looking at this photo, clearly a brutal personality.
Lt. Colonel Redl.
First we'll promote him.
The whole thing is monstrous treason.
The Archduke plans a military coup, to seize power himself.
He doesn't believe in the old Monarchy.
The only one who does is the Emperor.
l hate politics! l hate politicians!
My world, yes, my world.
Today l wish it would fall apart.
A quick hero's death. Done.
Then we're even, the Monarchy and l.
l'm forty. Do l admit that l've been on the wrong side...
when all other possibilities are just as miserable?
Nothing matters, Alfred, only life itself.
To breathe this wonderful morning air.
lt's no sin to be involved. lt's a sin to remain involved.
l learned it in my French Class.
Why do you keep this?
-l wanna know what he thinks. -About you?
l can't prevent what's brewing up.
What l wanted to defend doesn't exist.
l dreamt my father sat on my shoulders...
pressing me into the earth.
You no more about me than anyone else.
lf you ever misuse that...
l'll shoot you.
Colonel, it's a masked ball.
Even for me?
Yes, until midnight, for everyone.
Colonel Redl, whom we all tear. And your wife?
Unfortunately, in a sanatorium.
-May we ask why? -A shadow on the lung.
l wish her a speedy recovery.
Good evening.
lf there were an explosion in this room now...
it'd be the solution for Europe.
And would we be inside or outside?
Trieste will fall to the ltalians, so don't buy it.
Every battalion's safe has an envelope...
with the secret mobilization order.
Colonel Redl?
What do you say to that?
l heard that Austria-Germany, not Hungary...
will save the Habsburgs.
Katalin, dear... excuse me.
Would you introduce that Esterhazy to my daughter?
We'll meet later.
Yes, but the Germans are in Silesia.
The Ukrainians will join the Russians.
They prefer the Tsar.
l couldn't think of any other reaction from them.
Pardon me.
Long live to the Habsburgs, even it might not be long.
And to the army of course.
lt is midnight. All masks are falling!
Alfred, may introduce our new guest.
-Tenente Velocchio. -Alfredo Velocchio.
The most important thing for me is...
that you love me...
protect me and trust me.
All my life l've been weak. l need your help.
Tell me what to do.
Tell me how to be. Cynical, maybe?
Why cynical?
You don't believe in the whole thing, but you go on.
You said war is coming, but you'll lose it anyway.
Am l supposed to seize power?
Enough officers share my views.
Should we support the Emperor...
who is old and may be dying?
lt's the war we should stop.
a bullet from this pistol might be the solution.
No, there is a better way.
-Who sent you? -Excuse me?
Who sent you?
The ltalians? Russians? French? English?
l don't know who.
l'm getting 12,000 crowns for it.
For what?
l'm supposed to get military secrets from you.
They're most interested in the plans to attack Russia.
The code letter for war with Russia is 'R'.
Yes. R.
On the northern front there are 788 battalions.
377 cavalry squadrons.
379 batteries with 2,222 guns.
69 technical companies.
6 companies of bicyclists, 1,234 machine guns.
ln the fortresses Lemberg, Cracow, Przemysl...
22 battalions.
7 cavalry regiments.
1 battery with 6 guns.
83 artillery regiments.
And now get lost.
From where did you know Alfredo Velocchio?
l didn't. l met him that night in October.
Who introduced him to you?
-l forgot. -Think.
Who was it? Who told you to introduce him to me?
-Excuse me? -Who commissioned you?
No one. He asked me to introduce him.
-What did he say? -Nothing.
-You're lying. -l'm not.
You're lying!
l swear, he mentioned Christoph.
Why don't they arrest me?
What are they waiting for?
They need a Ukrainian.
Our Father...
who art in Heaven...
Perhaps l should have tried this earlier.
Thank you.
Salapska. Colonel, we must speak to you.
Come in.
We have orders to disarm and arrest you.
Which is Colonel Red's room?
First floor, number 71 .
He has officers visiting already.
Major Salapska reporting. This way.
You'll be court-martialled for passing military secrets.
The court-martial will decide your fate in an open hearing.
-l've been provoked. -No, we were!
Since you were in Fiume, you've been a traitor.
The Archduke chose me because our friendship...
and your relations with my sister...
make you part of our family.
He asked me to deliver his message to you personally.
Behave properly in court and admit the charges...
then the sentence will be light.
Or you'll be sentenced for treason and betrayal.
ls a national virtue nowadays.
l'm sorry we're meeting again like this.
lf it's any consolation, some people know...
and l've told them...
no officer has been more reliable than you.
Alfred, l really would like to have your child.
Do what you're expected to...
and nothing will happen to you.
Haven't you noticed that no one's on your side?
Nobody but me.
l don't like children anymore.
They telegraphed me to come here from Fiume.
May l?
How do they know we were friends?
They know everything.
-Did you betray secrets? -Not the way you heard.
Then stand up in court and defend yourself.
The court only accepts evidence that can be proved.
The Emperor would never allow an unjust verdict.
lf the charge is false, they can't take the uniform.
They'll take yours, too, if it suits them.
They might need a better scapegoat soon.
Then it'll be your turn. The Jews.
The simplest solution. Popular, too.
None of us will be wearing this uniform much longer.
l converted to Christianity, you know that.
And what shall l do?
My grandfather...
Doctor lgnaz Sonnenschein, always said...
''Lord, you didn't make me Moses or an Emperor.
So you can only hold me accountable...
for being Doctor lgnaz Sonnenschein all my life''.
Tell them what they want to hear.
lt's just another year or two.
l dreamed about you.
l walked in darkness and you showed me the way out.
We should live together.
We're talking about the head of lntelligence.
He was the head, Captain. ls that clear?
Yes, sir. But Colonel Redl was my superior.
Didn't you ever notice anything about his behavior?
Yes, Colonel. His will to work.
He rarely slept or ate, just kept working.
Remain seated. How are the trial preparations?
He won't cooperate. l'd have this traitor shot.
The paper could call it an accident.
He was run over or fell out of a hotel window.
Then a military funeral.
l'm not sure yet what's best for the Monarchy.
No other aspect matters.
Well, gentlemen.
Solution 1: an open hearing.
But Redl won't cooperate.
-Correct? -Yes, Your Highness.
Not to mention that Redl has a lot of information...
which he might disclose at the trial...
with unpleasant results.
Solution 2: a closed hearing.
Sentence made public after execution...
in such detail that it alarms the whole army...
and also the whole civilian population. Do you agree?
Whoever agrees should raise his hand.
Lt. Colonel Kubinyi, you don't agree?
lmperial Highness, l beg to reply, no.
What do you suggest?
Redl should have the chance to decide his own fate.
You were his school friend, hence prejudiced.
Principally, you're right.
How can Redl decide his own fate?
He won't even agree to a public trial.
We're speaking of a traitor.
One can only deal with a traitor when he's dead.
l won't inquire how this man...
managed to get into the Ministry.
Who backed him, or whom he deceived.
These questions will be answered later.
For the people of the Monarchy...
we're dealing with an officer...
in the lmperial War Ministry.
So, l suggest he should be allowed to end it himself.
And we can publish the version acceptable to us.
A third solution.
What is the public told in this case?
He picked a certified letter, two detectives saw him...
he was captured trying to escape...
and committed suicide.
Your Highness, in this case...
journalists will insist on details.
He might have torn the envelope...
and mislaid the pieces or left it in a car.
Or his penknife he used to open the envelope...
or the penknife case.
Very good. lt should be published like this.
l suggest it's not published like that. lt should leak out.
But not in Vienna.
ln Lemberg, Budapest, or Prague.
Let some bright reporter uncover it.
We just plant the clues that lead to Redl.
We should check a list of all journalists in Prague.
Any counter-suggestions, gentlemen?
l also think this is the best solution.
Lt. Colonel Kubinyi...
your opposition led to this solution.
You'll visit Redl, as an old comrade...
and hand him your service revolver.
Your Highness, l can't perform this task.
An officer cannot take action against a superior.
By the grace of the Emperor and by my own decision...
l promote Lt. Colonel Kubinyi...
to Colonel of the Austro-Hungarian Army.
My orders takes effect immediately.
you know how to use the weapon.
You will have a moment, but please be brief.
Then there is no trial.
ls there anyone you wish to say goodbye to?
Make sure you get out of here, quickly.
A briefcase and matching wallet, leather...
with the monogram A.R. Eighty crowns.
One bid for eighty.
-Ninety. -One hundred.
-One hundred... -A hundred twenty.
One hundred and twenty. Going once, twice, sold!
Next a child's poem, handwritten.
''Dedicated to our Emperor and King.
Like the dew from Heaven sent...
may on him be blessings spent.
May they give the strength he needs...
for all of his majestic deeds.
Alfred Redl, elementary scholl pupil.''
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