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Objective - Burma CD2

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Army 27805 from Red Leader.
You're coming in on us.
Keep over to your left a little.
All right, hold that course.
You're about a quarter-mile away,|that's all.
Right in my lap!|Who said the air corps is not on the job?
You're coming right over us.|Did you spot us? Come in.
Yes, Red Leader, we've got you spotted.
We'll start dropping your supplies|on the next run.
Get set back there.
All right then, let's have it!
- All right, Treace, get it in.|- Yes, sir.
Paul, Benny, grab a shovel.|Caesar, come on.
Tell my girl I won't be home for dinner!
Back to Army 27805 from Red Leader.
What's the score, Barker?|Any orders for me from headquarters?
Looks bad. There's no way|of getting you out by plane.
Okay, we'll walk out.
You going to keep us supplied? Over.
We'll drop supplies every four days.|You say where. Over.
Don't get out of range.|I'll give you the map reference.
Red Leader to Army 27805.|The next rendezvous will be in four days...
at map reference G-289506.
Did you get it? Over.
G-289506. I got it.
Good luck, Red Leader. Over.
Okay, Barker.
Thanks a lot. Thanks for everything.
Off and over. Roger.
- Break open the cigarettes first.|- One strawberry pie coming up.
- No Thousand Island dressing?|- Here's the skipper.
As you were.
Well, boys, we got another tough break.
I just got word from headquarters|that there's no landing field...
between here and our base|where they can get a plane to pick us up.
That means only one thing.|We got a long hike ahead of us.
Unless we stick together|and work together...
we're going to be in trouble, plenty.
The most important thing|is to take your Atabrine tablets.
Because if you don't and you get sick,|particularly with fever...
it'll be that much tougher|on the rest of us.
So be careful.
As soon as Lt. Jacobs|and his men get here, we'll shove off.
That's all.
Okay, carve the turkey.
If we gotta walk, we gotta eat.
Well, Willie...
Iooks like we're up a Burmese creek|without any paddle.
Capt. Li, ask the Gurkha|how far it is to Sittaung.
He doesn't know exactly,|but about 200 miles.
You ain't just whistling Dixie, brother.
Two hundred...
Let's go get some vitamins.
- You want a hand?|- I can get up by myself.
You hope.
How did you happen to get mixed up|with this outfit of leaping fleas, anyway?
What was it for, fun, money, or marbles?
A bit of each, I guess.|This wouldn't have been so tough...
if the Japs hadn't thrown|a monkey wrench into us at the start.
When you deal with monkeys|you've got to expect some wrenches.
My boys are trained for it.
I thought they were trained to jump,|not walk.
Why didn't you join the Navy?
I can walk further than I can swim,|brother.
Broph, cut me a slice of rare roast beef,|will you?
With the gravy dripping onto it.
Thanks. Delicious.
All this meat and no potatoes.
Soapy, see if I know tonight's menu.
Two packages of biscuits, a can of cheese.|One envelope lemonade or orange powder.
Four lumps of sugar.|One package of four cigarettes.
A book of ten matches.
A package of candy.|A piece of chewing gum.
What, no floor show?
Why, sure!|The girls are getting their fans right now.
What's the matter, skipper? You worried?
I wish Jacobs would get here.
Jacobs. He's a nice kid.
You know what he told me?|He used to be a schoolteacher.
That's right.
Funny place for a schoolteacher, isn't it?|Or an architect.
Is that what you were?
- Where?|- Maine.
- Maine. Did you make any money at it?|- No.
Not much, but that was all right.
You see...
most people have to work 50 weeks a year|and they get two weeks' vacation.
I worked two weeks|and had a 50-week vacation.
Gave me plenty of time to go fishing.
Somebody's coming, sir, over there.
Hollis, what happened?
Give me some salt tablets.
What happened? Where's Lt. Jacobs?
We crossed the railroad okay.
Me and...
Sweeney were way up in front.
First thing you know,|the Japs open up with machine guns.
All around, they were all around us.
They let us get by.
Then they opened up on the main body.
Never saw anything like it.
It was a slaughterhouse.
- The Japs follow you here?|- I don't know.
Paul, Chuck, bring a stretcher for Hollis.
We're moving out.
Pass out the grenades|and bury those boxes.
You going to try to take him with us?
I should leave him. He'll slow us up.
But I can't do it.
We'll have to do something for Hollis|or else he'll go into shock.
Can't we stop and give him some plasma?
We can't stop. You'll have to try|to give it to him on the way.
Native village up ahead, sir.
- Take it easy, Hollis.|- I'm all right. Let me up.
- How do you feel, kid?|- Much better, sir.
- Think you can walk?|- I think so, sir.
- Thanks.|- Attaboy.
That plasma even made your hair grow.
- What do you think?|- I don't like it.
It's too quiet.
I think you're right. We'll skip it.
Tell them to come up.|Stick their hands up.
What do they want?
Fifty Japanese were in the village.|They left this morning.
Looking for us?
They wish to help us. They hate the Japan.
The men were made slave,|and even the women.
He says do we wish to see|the other men like us?
The other men like us?|What's he talking about? Where? Ask him.
In the village.
Any Japs there?
They have all gone but two men.
Nebraska, take three men.|Get rid of those sentries...
if they're there. We'll wait for the signal.
Come on, Soapy. Let's go.
You better tell these fellas|to wait around in the jungle.
You two go ahead. Cover us.
There's a couple of monkeys|in there we got to get.
you and Rafferty|set a couple of grenade traps.
Stick one in here and one over there.
Yes, sir.
Put about five men that end of the village.
- Take a machine gun with you.|- Yes, sir.
Looks like my mother-in-law's house|in the Bronx.
She's crazy about dogs, too.
Set it in there, Pete.
Brophy over there. Hank, up top.
Nebraska, what did you find?
- I found our boys, Captain.|- Where?
But I wish I hadn't, sir.|They're all cut to pieces.
Too awful to look at.
That's Harris.
Isn't it?
- But who are the others?|- I don't know.
How do I know who they are?
If they were my brothers|I still wouldn't know.
Take it easy.
They can't feel anything now.
But Jacobs. Where's Jacobs?
Where's Jacobs?
Take their tags.
- Bury them.|- Yes, sir.
We found Lt. Jacobs, sir.
No more.
No more, please.
Leave me alone. Please.
It's me, Nelson.
Kill me, Nelson.
Please shoot me.
We're gonna get you out of here.|We're not gonna let you stay here.
Don't touch me.
The others got it, too...
when they wouldn't talk.
"How many men in your party?"
Over and over...
And then they died.
Listen, Nelson, do me a favor.
- Will you, please?|- Anything.
Kill me, Nelson.
Please kill me.
I ask you.
I've been a newspaperman for 30 years.
I thought I'd seen or...
read about everything...
that one man can do to another.
From the torture chambers|of the Middle Ages...
to the gang wars and|the lynchings of the day.
But this...
This is different.
This was done in cold blood.
By a people who...
claim to be civilized!
Civilized!|They're degenerate, immoral idiots.
Stinking little savages.
Wipe them out, I say.
Wipe them off the face of the Earth!
Wipe them off|the face of the Earth, the bastards.
I never thought...
I'd be glad to see you dead.
- Here are the tags, sir.|- Right.
We got about of 16 of them,|but they still outnumber us 2 to 1.
Go back to the corporal.|Tell him to pull the machine gun out.
He's got to cover us|until we cross the swamp.
- Go ahead.|- Yes, sir.
you better hang on to these.|I'm going with him.
- But, sir...|- Go on, get going.
When you get your men across,|set the machine gun up to cover us. Go on.
Come on, Mig.|Let's give them a couple of pineapples.
Mazel tov!
Get in the water. Stay close to the bank.
Come on, on the double with that gun!
Now, Miggy, Smith!
Come on.
All right, pull that gun out.|Get going, Treace.
- Lift him up and carry him. Snap it up.|- We won't have to, Captain.
Get his tag.
So long, Soapy.
- Colonel in yet?|- Not yet, sir.
- What's up?|- Plenty.
Wingate and Cochran flew in yesterday.|Big conference, GHQ.
Must be big. Nearly 6:00 a.m.
They've been at it all night.|They're still at it.
I'm loaded with supplies for Nelson.|Wonder if I ought to wait.
- They've left instructions for you.|- Barker, come over here.
When you contact Nelson...|You better write this down.
Nelson was to proceed|along this line due west.
That's out.
Tell him to disregard|all previous instructions.
He's to go north...
to map reference D-2...
He's to get there as quickly as possible|then stay there.
"Disregard all previous instructions.
"Proceed north|to map reference D-247850...
- "and stay there."|- That's it.
I think I'll get some sleep.
- What's up?|- Can't tell you. But it's okay, believe me.
Hey, Pop, writing a letter to your mother?
No, son, to yours, to all your mothers.
What you thinking about, Gabby?
I wonder what happened to those|two Zulus I had a date with last week.
- Looks like one of our ships, sir.|- Try and contact him, Broph.
Army 27805 from Red Leader.|Acknowledge.
This is Army 27805 to Red Leader.
This is official from Black Leopard.|Disregard all previous instructions. Over.
Just a minute, Barker, while I get my map.
Open to "D" reference.
Okay, ready. Over.
Proceed north to map reference D-247850|as quickly as possible.
And stay there. End of message. Over.
North to map reference D-247850.
- Okay, got it. Over.|- Stand by. We're coming in for a run.
Take it away.
He said north.
I don't get it.|Why, that's directly away from the base.
- We aren't going home?|- Guess not.
I don't get it.
Don't like it either.
Neither do I.
It's orders. So that's where we're going.
You hear that? We ain't going home.
I hope they know what they're doing.
If they order us north, they've|a good reason for ordering us north.
Maybe we're going|to contact the Chinese troops.
Maybe there's another landing strip.
I'll bet that's what it is,|another landing strip.
It could be|there's a British outpost up there.
- Maybe that's why...|- Yeah, maybe.
Maybe if your aunt had a beard,|she'd be your uncle.
I got it. I got the whole solution.
Maybe there's a nice saloon up north|with scoopers of beer a foot high.
And Burmese dancing girls crying|their eyes out just to hold your hand.
Maybe there's a cute little|vine-covered cottage by a waterfall.
Your old gray-haired mother standing|on the front porch waiting...
with a pitcher of milk in each mitt. Maybe.
He's gonna drop it in our laps this time.
Come on, let's bring it in.
Come on.
No, Pete! Come back!
The radio. Smashed to bits.
Come on.
All right, you tell me. Where is he?
How many men has Nelson got left?|Are they alive, or are they dead?
Give me some answers.
At least a portion of the force was left|when they contacted our supply plane.
That was days ago. Take a look at this.|It was taken this morning.
Supply bundles|lying where they were dropped.
Three dead men to keep company,|and play host to every fly in Burma.
Maybe one of them is Nelson.
- How do we know?|- We don't.
They must have run into|a superior Jap force in the clearing.
Couldn't pick up supplies.|Nelson lit out, the Japs lit out after him.
Even if he got away from the Japs, by now|he's certainly out of food and supplies.
He's certainly behind|the well-known eight ball.
Here come the reconnaissance pilots.
How'd you make out?
- Any trace of Nelson?|- No, sir.
I went up and down that route|like a kid on a bicycle. From...
here to here.
I covered this leg on a 90-degree sweep.|Didn't see a thing.
This was my route.
I flew high and low for three hours.
If there was anything underneath|those trees, I didn't see it.
Not a sign of them.
All right, the search is over.
We've got two days of briefing|ahead of us...
and an important operation|at the end of it.
Thanks very much.
Where's Barker?
Why wasn't he here?|Why hasn't he checked in?
He's at the advance base. He's making|a big sweep today and tomorrow.
- Did you tell him it was his last trip?|- No, sir.
I didn't have the guts to tell him, sir.
I know what you mean.
Tell him when he comes in tomorrow.|Search is over. It's finished.
What's the matter, Pop, you got it bad?
Bad enough, I guess.
I'm sorry, Chuck.
You told me not to come.
Sure, my mother told me|to stay home, too.
Helvicki, Negulesco, pick him up.|Come on, close up.
There it is!
It's one of ours!
Here we are, right here!
Wait! Come back!
Here we are! Down here!
Don't leave us here. Wait! Come back!
Over here!
Come on, will ya!
Over here!
Come back! Don't leave us here!
Come back! Look, here we are!
Don't! Come back!
Come back. Don't leave us here.
Hollis, snap out of it!
Leave him alone. He doesn't want anyone.
Better let him get it out of his system.
Let's take 10 minutes.
Do you want to get sick?|Where's your purifying tablet?
I lost them when we made|that last river crossing.
They'll remember me in history.
Gabby Gordon, the guy who purified|all the stinking rivers in Burma.
Here, take these.
- No, Captain, they're yours. You need 'em.|- Take 'em...
or they'll remember you, as the guy|who got shot for disobeying orders.
Third time we've missed a plane|in the last two days.
Three strikes is out.
You going soft on me, Treace?
I'm not exactly jumping with joy|at the way things are turning out.
If that's going soft, okay, I'm going soft.
I still don't get this business|of heading north...
toward a place|we don't know anything about.
When we get there, where are we?
Where we're told to go. How's that?
Yes, sir. Sorry.
What do you think is up on that hill?
Nelson said we got to get there.|That means something.
The way home. That's what's up there.
Sure. Remember back in briefing...
when they were telling us|this was gonna be a big operation?
Maybe we're gonna meet our troops there.|Been talking about an airborne invasion.
Yeah, all we do is walk up that hill...
and there's Vinegar Joe Stilwell,|waiting for us with a fistful of medals.
Medals. I'll take a hamburger.
I know you're all in. So am I.
I know you're all wondering why we're|heading north, instead of toward our base.
I don't know the reason,|but there must be one.
The sooner we get to the top of that hill|they've ordered us to...
the sooner we'll reach safety.
Come on. On your feet. Let's go.
Come on. I'd follow him|down the barrel of a cannon.
Hey, Pop.
That's the wrong way.
This way.
give him a hand.
My hat, sir.
But there's nothing here.
Is this the place?
Treace, set the machine gun up over there|at the head of the track.
Gabby, take two men|and dig in over there.
Negulesco, over there.
Nebraska, there.
What's the matter with you?
What did you expect|to find up here, anyway?
I don't like this any better than you do.
But we had orders to come here,|and we'll stay here if we rot waiting.
So get on your feet and start digging in.|Give me that shovel.
Could I have my shovel, sir?
We're going to stay here?
for a long time.
This looks like a one-way street.
How is it?
How's what?
How's the dirt?
How does it stack up against Maine?
In Maine, it's better.
It's sure peaceful so far.
That's the way I like it. Peaceful.
I always said when I starved to death,|I wanted it to be peaceful.
I better get out of here,|before you guys break my heart.
Capt. Nelson. Mr. Williams, he's gone.
He couldn't have got far.|Set out and take a look for him.
Go out and look for Pop.
Here he is, sir! Down here!
Poor old guy.
I'm awfully sorry, Mr. Williams.
Awfully sorry.
Better get a grave dug, Treace.
Yes, sir.
We won't forget you, Pop.
From now on,|if I ever get to buy another newspaper...
I'll remember what a few cents can buy.
So long.
It's funny, how he was always trying|to find out what we were fighting for.
Maybe now he knows.
Say, Gabby...
do you really think|we're going to get out of this?
I mean, honest.
Grow up, you ain't gonna...
- What is it?|- Shut up. Listen.
There it is.
A C-47. One of ours.
Over this way!
Here we are!
- Looks like he's coming right over us.|- Over here!
A signal at two o'clock.
N-E-L-S-O-N. It's Nelson!
- Shoot a signal. Say we'll drop supplies.|- Right.
He's gonna drop supplies.|Gabby, Nebraska!
Get ready back there.
- Let's get at it, now.|- Christmas on a hilltop.
What's the first thing you'll do|when you get back home?
- Two guesses.|- Come on, tell me.
First I'm gonna kiss my girl|like she's never been kissed before.
Yeah? Then what?
Then I'm gonna take off my parachute.
All right, you guys. Break it up.
You could see the chutes come down|10 miles away.
Come on, let's get back under cover.
Hicks, take the booby traps.|Set them down around that draw.
Smitty, you set yours|about 70 yards down the side of the hill.
All right, fellas, get your hand grenades.|Let's get dug in.
- Gets dark fast, doesn't it?|- Yeah.
You think the Japs spotted us?
We'll probably find out|as soon as it gets dark.
What happens now?|What if they come up?
They'll come up.
It isn't dark enough for them yet,|but they'll come up all right.
They'll be playing tricks pretty soon,|so watch yourself.
Just have to sweat it out, that's all.
Did you hear something?
No, you're just jittery.
Who's that?
Take it easy, pal. Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm okay.
Guess I'm getting a little jumpy.
Hollis, you okay?
Yeah, I'm okay.
Where are you, Joe?
Over here.
Here I am, sweetheart.
By the way, my name ain't Joe.
Nelson, you okay?
- Nelson?|- Shut up.
They're trying to draw our fire.
The monkeys have pulled out, sir.
Pulled out?
That's funny.
Who said those guys never quit?
Everybody's okay but Hollis. They got him.
So much for Mrs. Hollis'|nine months of pain...
and 20 years of hope.
Down! Take cover!
Now you know why we were sent here.
That's why they made us wait:|The invasion of Burma.
If Nelson's still alive, he'll join us.
Too bad we had to drop him|those supplies.
I hope it draws every Jap within 50 miles|away from where we're going, that's good.
Even if my mother-in-law|is in one of them, it's still a great sight.
Boy, look at that! It's raining parachutes!
It looks like Broadway and 42nd street!
2nd Battalion reports enemy patrol|activity on his right flank.
Company A reports Capt. Nelson and|11 men are coming through their lines.
- Nelson?|- Yes, sir.
- Guide them into the first-aid station.|- Yes, sir.
- Notify glider S-4.|- Yes, sir.
- You take over.|- Yes, sir.
- Boy, am I glad to see you.|- You're glad?
We gave you up for lost. You're all right.
- You did fine.|- Thanks.
Got a light?
You have no idea how important|blowing up that radar station was to us.
Here's what it cost.
Not much to send home, is it?
A handful of Americans.
We'll have you out of here right away.|Jeeps will take you down to the planes.
I'll see you back at the base.
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