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Don't move!
I know it's difficult,|but please, try not to move.
What's your name?
Get me out of here.
What we got?
This one was thrown from the car.
I can't move!
Caucasian male, mid-thirties.
Open wrist fracture,|massive head trauma.
I'm not getting a pulse here.
Okay,|I need a collar and a saline drip.
Where does it hurt?
I can't move my fucking legs!
I wanna get a line in|before he loses consciousness.
Fourteen gauge or browns?
Fourteens, and some bags, now!
Come on, come on.
I'm gonna give you something|for the pain.
We're gonna|get you out of here.
Keep clam.
That's it. Good
Move it.
Move it.
Bitch, ass, motherfucker
"Peter Pie assed nigger"
Nat,|could you turn that off, please.
How the fuck you|gonna bite somebody else's dick, nigger?
Yours ain't long enough to|put in your mouth
Come on, Nat.
...make it rough punk ass
Let's talk about the one|who had my back
Down in the west coast|So let me kick it
Who the motherfucker|who calls himself quick
How can you|listen to that stuff?
"Cutting up my ho".
It's just words.
It's not like anybody|takes them seriously.
That's what I'm worried about.
Besides, it's the only way|I'll ever get to hear them.
Please don't go on about|that concert, okay.
It's a music festival.
Whatever it is,|you're not going.
But all of my friends|are going.
You've never let me do anything|I wanted to.
That's not completely true.|You got to do what you wanted today?
While I sat waiting in front of your|father's house in the car for two hours.
You're listening on|your favorite radio station WSNP.
"You're an easy target.|Don't make him your pimp."
What is he going on about?
What is going on up there?
It's a delay or something.
Thank you, Nat.
What am I?|Like X-ray Vision Man?
Oh, shit.
Oh my God, is somebody dead?
I don't know,|I don't wanna know.
I do.
Come alone, move it!
What is it?
It's nothing.
God, mom!
It's all right,|somebody must have put a little doll...
You're half asleep.
Pull in. I'm not, I'm fine.
Look,|there's a rest stop coming up.
It's late, I wanna get home.|You've got school tomorrow.
Not if I'm dead I don't!
My one and only prayer
Is that some day you'll care
My hopes, my dreams come true
My one and only you
No-one will ever know
How much I love so
My only prayer will be
Some day you'll care for me
But it's only make...
Praise the Lord.
Only a Christian|could be that happy.
White coffee, please.
A Red Bull.
Leave it to your father to move six|hours away to make my life easier.
Look, I'm sorry.|At least you had a weekend.
I had to spend mine,|all day yesterday, in the office.
It's not our fault your job's|not going well.
Who said it's not going well?
You do.
Thank you.
You're gonna keep on seeing things|in the middle of the road
if you keep talking those.
I had n sleep all last week.
You've changed.
Good. Who wants to be|the person I used to be?
The person who had me, you mean?
Where are you going?
To phone Geena. Am I allowed?
Can't you do that here?
I can't get a single.|Any other questions?
You ready?
Hey, buddy.
Let's go.
Let's wrap it up.
Hey, mom.
I told her we wouldn't mind|giving her a ride.
She's going the same way as us.
Have you got|your belly button pierced?
Yeah,|I got it done in Rajasthan.
Seat belt, Nat, please.
I'd love to go to India.
It totally turned me around.
Yeah, the people there are cool,|you know.
They don't worry about|material things.
Not like here, where traveling's|about what kind of car you drive.
It should be about|broadening the mind.
That's fine, as long as you've|got somebody to do the driving.
I can never wait to get home.
To your husband?
She's divorced.
That's too bad.
Not necessarily.
So what do your folks say about|you going to all these places?
It's funny, isn't it? In India they|have religious icons in their car.
What do we have?|Air fresheners.
I picked up this really amazing CD|out there. You wanna hear it?
Yeah, sure. Fuck me.
So, do you see him? Your dad?
What kind of music|is this anyway?
What about yours?
Your family?
We parted ways|a long time ago.
You know what they say,|you can choose your friends,
but yu can't choose your family.
Who says?
Sometimes family chooses you.
You can just drop me off at this|picnic area coming up on the right.
A very wise person|gave that to me once.
He said "nobody in|chains soared up to the sun".
Are you sure|we can't take you any further?
Where are you going?
I'm not sure...
...but I never get lost any more.
So long.
Nice move.
Oh no, mom, her CD.
Okay, don't panic.
She's not here.
She must be. Look for her.
Forgot your CD.
She's gone.
Mom,|what are you talking about?
How could she|just disappear in thirty seconds?
Don't worry.|She never gets lost.
Oh my God, you're kidding?
Yeah, yeah, of course I do.
Yeah, but what happens|if it doesn't arrive in time?
We just passed some picnic area
with a grizzly|bear statue beside the road.
Are you sure?
Okay, we'll do that.
Thanks. Bye.
Anything to report?
Yeah,|I forgot my birthday present.
But dad said he can bring it|to the next rest stop.
You're kidding?
Call him up and tell him|to send it in the mail.
Don't be a drag, he said he could|meet us in thirty minutes.
After offering a ride to|Ms Barefoot Bombay?
I don't wanna stop again.
Thank you.
So what did your dad get you,|anyway?
I don't know why you're asking.|It's not like you're interested.
Who are all these people?
What are they all doing here?
What are we doing here?
It's natural to be afraid|of failure.
But it doesn't have to|limit us.
Or keep us from realizing|our own potential.
From creating opportunities for|success in the boardroom...
...on the playing fields|and in the bedroom.
We are bombarded with answers,|but are we asking the right questions?
Now, I want you|to do something for me.
Close your eyes.
Go on...
...just for a minute.
Close your eyes.
I want you to visualize...
...a door.
...reach into your pocket...
...where there is a key.
Feel it?
That key in your pocket...
...unlocks the door.
Only you can open the door.
Behind the door is the truth.
Go on...
...unlock the door.
Look inside.
Face the truth...
Hi, dad.
Yeah, okay, I'll see you outside.
Stay here.|I'll be back in a minute.
Senga, thanks for waiting.
Which time?
Let's see it then.
Come on, show me the present.
Well, this is great.
Not only do you lie to me,
but you go straight to your father|and sweet-talk him.
I didn't lie.|He asked me what I wanted.
Hold on, I didn't realize that|you two already talked about this.
If you had,|do you think she's old enough
to go off on her own for|a whole weekend in the wilderness?
She's not a kid any more.
She's not exactly|an adult either.
If you spent more time with her,|you'd understand that.
If you wanna go with her,|I don't have a problem in the world with this.
It's not about you|and me any more.
If you want to make a scene,|do it without me, okay?
This is something you two|have to sort out.
God, how familiar this sounds!
Dad, we talked about this.|Tell her what you think.
I'll call you, sweetheart, okay?
See you.
We'll do something special.
I'm going and you can't stop me!
You want a bet?
Get used to it, Nat.
Bailing out is the only thing|your father knows how to do well.
I'm not fucking surprised,|with you!
Why is it only your way is right|and nobody else has a say in the matter?
No wonder you screwed up|your marriage.
Stop it.
You're afraid I might get pregnant young|and screw up my life like you did?
Well I'm not that stupid.
Get in the car.
Nat, get in the car now!
Fuck you. I hate you.
My daughter, she has long hair...
...we were staying right over there|a few minutes ago. Have you seen her?
Pretty face, long hair?
Yes, yes, that's her.
I'm sure she went that way|with her friend.
Oh God.
You gotta help me.|It's my daughter.
These people, they took her. I don't|know who they are but she's gone.
Jesus, she's only fifteen!
Ma'am, you gotta take it easy.
They just took her.|You've gotta do something now!
I can't help you I if I can't|understand what you're saying.
Now, what does your daughter|look like?
She's tall and skinny with|medium brown hair to here.
I've got a picture. Here.
What was she wearing?
Denim jacket and blue jeans.
Please get out there|and do something.
Bear with me.
I need to ask these questions|in order to be able to help you.
What's her full name?
Natasha Wilson.
Was she upset in any way?|Has she done this kind of thing before?
No, no. Took her, okay?
It was a backpacker|and a couple in an RV.
Okay, Mrs. Wilson, you stay put,|so we know where to find you.
A local unit will be coming|shortly to get your full statement.
What if they leave the freeway?|What if they get away?
Ehicle out there does one hundred and fifty miles per ho
They won't get away.
Are you familiar with the words|of Jesus Christ?
Are you familiar with the words|"fuck off"?
I don't like talking about|my past life...
...because it hurts me.
Really,|do we have to talk about this?
And your father?
I don't even know|who my dad was.
Not that my mother|even knew his last name.
And my mother died...
My parents... they were nice.
But, there were fucking boring.
I mean,|really fucking boring, okay.
And my brother, we were close.
We got along but we seemed, like,|totally different, I mean...
...he's a mechanic, and he's|gonna be that his whole life.
Touch it and|I'll rip your fucking neck off.
Put your foot down, bitch!
What have you done|with my daughter?
Shut the fuck up|and put your fucking foot down.
Forty-five three four seven,|civilian call on nine 0 two.
Possible crashed or abandoned|vehicle by the side of the freeway...
...approximately three miles east|of junction thirty-seven.
Described as a dark SUV|or similar.
Vehicle remains upright,|unknown if persons inside.
Relax. You get any stiffer,|rigor mortis will set in.
Come on, Nat, relax.
I know how you feel.|I had to go through it myself.
You see, Nat, there's this|whole community of people...
...just like us.
You know,|it's like an extended family.
Only better.
It seems like ever since|I met The Father... old life feels like it|belongs to someone else.
He makes us feel special,|like...
...we finally fit in or belong to|something bigger than ourselves.
He's the reason|we're all here together.
"No time for criticizing"
"Music hypnotizing"
"Everybody's temperature's rising"
"So get back"
How do you feel?
I feel...
Do you wanna look different?
Then come on.
You all right?
I just ran my car off the road.
There are a lot of|maniacs out here.
You're alive...
...that's the main thing.
Look, could you just...
...please get my car on the road?
Why don't you come with me?
It's not safe out on the freeway.
Should see to that cut.
Who is this?
That's my sister.
What's her name?
Christine. She's dead.
Do you wanna use my phone?|Call your husband?
Maybe he's worried about you.
I said no.
I'm gonna make the next stop.
And there you can report|your accident to the police.
They can help you|find your daughter.
It's the Bradford district.
Thanks a lot. Right.
There's no record of|a reported abduction.
In fact, there's nothing matching|your daughter's description.
Of course not,|she's not a real police officer.
Do you have a photograph|of your daughter?
No, that woman took it.|I told you.
But I saw a picture of|another girl in the pick-up truck...
...and then I saw a cassette|of the very same girl...
What has this got to|d with your daughter?
If you stop|and think about it for a minute...
you'd see that|they're all in it together.
The recovery man, the backpacker,|the couple with the RV!
We have no record of|an officer responding.
No radio broadcasting,|no...
Why aren't you calling the|FBI right now
and reporting|my daughter missing?
These people are deranged!
Is that what they are?
That's her father.|My ex-husband.
That's his cell phone.|Call him.
Sorry to trouble you.
Detective Stephens here,|from Bradford Police Division.
I'm sitting here with a woman,
Senga Wilson,|she says she's your ex-wife.
Look, Detective,|before you go any further...
...there's something you|need to know about my ex-wife.
This isn't exactly the first time|I've gotten a call like this from the police.
Especially at this hour.
She's been on medication since|the divorce. She's delusional.
I understand you have a fifteen|year old daughter, Natasha, is that correct?
Yes, my daughter's|here with me now.
She's been with me all weekend.
I'm afraid Senga's wasting|everyone's time.
I'm sorry I can't be|of more help, Detective.
Thank you for your time,|Mr. Wilson.
Your husband has just told me|that your daughter is safe at home with him.
Mrs. Wilson?
You know,|you're obviously very upset...
...but filing a fraudulent police|report is a crime.
You do realize that?
Now, look...
...if you're in a|domestic situation...
...that's okay.
Talk to one of|our female officers.
God damn it.
Come on.
Hi, you've reached|Lois and Marek.
It's natural to be|afraid of failure.
I remember what you remember.|I remember what you remember.
But it doesn't have to limit us.
Or keep us from|realizing our own potential.
From creating the opportunities|for success in the boardroom...
...on the playing fields|and in the bedroom.
We are bombarded with answers,|but are we asking the right questions?
...I want you to... something for me.
Close your eyes.
Go on.
Just for a minute.
Face the truth.
She's gone.
She's with me now.
I know your secrets.
I remember what you remember.
What have you done|with my daughter? Where is she?
What have you done with her?
Tell me where she is?
Ma'am, you have to leave|the restaurant right now.
I know what you're doing.
Before I met The Father...
...the only thing that|ever gave me a rush was joyriding.
He's got this amazing power to... out all the|fucked up shit in your life.
...don't get me wrong,|I still got a soft spot for jacking cars.
He's gonna love you.
He's ready.
Wait, wait, I don't know,|I mean, what's gonna happen?
Nothing,|unless you want it to.
Wait, no.|I feel weird.
No, weird's good.|You're gonna be fine.
Just have fun, you know.
Come on.
It's okay.
Come on.
Nobody in chains.|Ever soared up to the sun.
I read that.
Cast off those chains.
You know...'s the warmest place|to be in when it's cold outside.
I wore that.
What the fuck?
Get out of the car now!
Come with me now!
Let go of me.
There's no time...
What the hell|are you doing here?
Listen to me,|you have to go now.
Let me go!
Hurry up.
Nat, run.
Nat, leave now, please.
This time kill her.
It's all right, Nat.
You don't have to go with her.
You don't have to do anything|you don't want to.
You're free now.
Nat, where are you?
Say something.
Nobody's gonna hurt you, Nat.
She's just terrified of|letting you go.
Having your own life...
...your own dreams...
She just wants to take you away|from the ones who understand you.
Don't listen to him, Nat.
You always knew she was crazy,|didn't you?
Unhinged. Illogical.
A fantastic... liar.
We wanna give you a real family.
With no lies...
no pills... restrictions... screaming matches...
...just... love.
That's bullshit, Nat.
I'm here. I can see you.
They wanna kill you!
Funny you should mention that.
Isn't that exactly|what you tried to do?
She tried to kill you.
Did you know that?
Before you were even born.
She wanted an abortion, Nat.
Tried to flush you away.
I'm sorry.
I remember what you remember.
You gotta hang on.
Because the truth is with us|in the house tonight.
Close your eyes.
See that door.
Hold that key.
You don't have to fight any more.
It's over.
Come on.
Come into the light.
..."m sorry you had to see it.
But I had to show you through|the hypocrisy and the lies.
Pain is all in the past,|not in the future.
All you have to do|is meet me halfway.
Where's my daughter?|I want my daughter back.
What have you done|with my daughter?
You've got to trust me.
Nat was the only way|I could find them.
There's something|you should see first.
They kill people by knocking|them off the road.
Your husband didn't even|get five miles past the rest stop.
Come on, Nat,|don't lose your faith.
Join us.
What did you do with her?
You just don't get it, do you?
This man is not|who he says he is.
Don't listen to them.
They're full of lies.
I'm calling Marek.
He killed your father.
Wait, Nat.
Hey, Senga.
See you on the other side.
You stole my sister.
She was my sister too.
Hey, Senga...
..."m only here to|fill the void.
The void you created... not listening to|who Nat really is.
Get him out of your head.
This is how he works.
He's got them so fucked up|they're killing people for blood.
I was too late for Christine.
I had to kill her to stop|her from killing anybody else.
You're lucky you're alive.
Why can't you|just leave me alone?
I'm your mother.
I don't always get things right.
But please, Nat,|you have to trust me now.
Let's get out of here.
Let's go.
In here. Now!
Come on, Nat.
You killed Christine... I'm gonna kill you.
She was already dead|when I found her.
Not dead... free.
The day you tried to murder|your daughter is the day you let me in.
Truth is in the house tonight...
Fuck you.
Fuck you.
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