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Octopus CD1

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President Kennedy:|To halt this offensive buildup,
a strict quarantine on all|offensive military equipment
under shipment to Cuba|is being initiated.
All ships of any kind bound for Cuba,|from whatever nation or port,
were they found to contain cargos|of offensive weapons, be turned back.
It shall be the policy of this nation|to regard any nuclear missile
Iaunched from Cuba against any|nation in the western hemisphere
as an attack by the Soviet U nion|on the U nited States.
I have directed the Armed Forces|to prepare for any eventualities.
( gunshot )
Man: Let me guess,|you're sending us more files.
Man: 20 from Germany,|1 0 more from Sudan.
Henry,|we're on the front line.
We don't have time|to browse through files.
Front line?!
Berlin '54 was front line.
Eyeball to eyeball|with Joe Stalin.
Didn't Stalin die in '53?
Oh, hell! '54, '53, '52,|what the hell?
( laughs )
Henry, come on.
Not everybody can be out there|saving the free world.
Frankly, I'm better at|Euro-Soviet economic relations
than I am at smuggling|microfilm. So what?
I say you play with|the cards you're dealt.
Wait!|Oh, my God!
Roy, look right over there,|quick!
Henry: Damn, I wish|I was 20 years younger.
( wolf whistle )
She reminds me of|a chick I used to know.
Roy: Don't tell me! Berlin,|'53? '52?
Henry: Yeah, yeah.
U h-oh!|Here comes the CIA!
- Going on a girlie hunt?|- That's very funny.
- Hi, Roy.|- Hi, Maggie.
How's my girlfriend?
Bored. I need some excitement|in my life.
Are you going to|arrest me?
Maggie, please!|Oh, no!
But I tell you|what I am gonna do.
I'm gonna go to the store. . .
and buy you your favorite chocolate.|What do you say?
You do it!
She got me again.|We'll be right back.
( grunting )
Excuse me, handsome.
She definitely|preferred you, Henry.
No, she had that|"Who's your friend?" Iook.
- It must be the shirt.|- What's wrong with it?
It's pink.
( laughing )
Come on, you can buy me|a cup of coffee.
Pastries, pastries. . .
My freshly baked. . .
Very, very, fresh. . .
U h, very, very, very--|no?
Pastries. . .
Oh, what a beautiful|little girl!
Look what I have!|Look, look what I have!
- Thank you.|- A gift for you.
Good girl, good girl.
The sweet little girl.
( Bulgarian band playing )
Excuse me. . .
- There goes your girlfriend.|- You're just jealous.
I could be too.
Hey, Henry, you ever think what|it must be like to be that old?
There's life|in the old dog yet.
Where's that bag|she was carrying?
- It's not the same. . .|- Mommy. . .
- Mommy. . .|- Maggie, please!
( chuckling )
Mommy. . .
Mommy, look, please.
Mommy. . .
Roy: Oh, my God!|Maggie!
Stay close!|Don't do anything stupid,
- just do as I say.|- Okay.
Man: Gun!|He's got a gun!
He's got a gun!
- Check over there.|- Sorry!
There!|There she is!
Stop the car!
Henry, wait!
Oh, my God!|Henry! !
Step away from the car!
I said--|step away from the car.
You're under arrest.
I mean it.|I swear, I'll shoot.
Man:|I think not.
Not in this lifetime,|my friend.
Henry. . .
Hey. . .
- Berlin, '52. . .|- '53. . .
'54. . .
Roy: No. . .
You son of a bitch.
Come on.
Let's go.
Man: We got him, sir.|We got the bomber.
It's Casper, sir.|This is the ninth embassy
he's bombed in two years.
He's got a lot of blood|on his hands.
- I want him out of there, immediately.|- It's taken care of, sir.
I've contacted the closest extraction|team. They can be there in six hours.
They'll chopper him to Stuttgart,|and jet him out of there.
It's too risky.
We're dealing with the world's|leading terrorist.
His people are already looking|for him.
Well,|there is another way, sir.
The navy's got a sub in the area.|Some sort of maneuvers.
Jack Shaw is the captain, sir.
Didn't we send him there to keep|him away from any real assignments
- until his time was served?|- Yes, sir. That's been the condition
of his continuation since|he grounded his last submarine.
Is there any good news?
Not really, sir.
There was only one survivor.|A young agent named Turner.
He's an analyst, really--|political trends,
- economic assessments--|- You mean "The coffee boy."
Turner's got no legitimate|field experience,
but if you wanna move now,|he's all we've got.
Get a hold of Turner.|Make him feel good.
Tell him he's gonna add|a new chapter to his resume.
Give him the usual bull|about honoring the country.
You tell Shaw|that if he messes this up,
I will personally|bury him at sea. . . alive.
Bless you.
( yawns )
Bumpy ride?
( laughs )
- You Turner?|- Yeah.
Captain Jack Shaw,|S.S. N . Roosevelt.
I guess that makes me|the new babysitter.
Excuse me?
It's not every day I get a call|from the "Admiral-in-Chief"
telling me that|I've been loaned out.
You got lucky and knocked one|out of the park, Special Agent.
Yeah, something|like that, thanks.
And it's not Special Agent,|just "Agent" will do.
I'll try to keep that|in mind.
- Take him out.|- Yes, sir.
I've got the number|one hand.
Okay, everybody,|listen to me.
I'll make a deal with you,|Mr. Brickman.
If you win,|I take off everything.
Totally naked.
Oh, yeah?
Let's roll with it.
But, if you lose. . .
you 1 00% naked black man.
Slap on it.
- Yeah. We have a deal?|- No backtracking now.
There's no going back.
Show me what you got.|Show me what you got, come on.
Aaah, yeah!
Stop your grinnin'|and drop your linen! Bam!
Oh, no!
Oh, God, ouch!
Hello!|It's titty time, big time.
Oh, you got me,|you got me, oh!
Mr. Brickman--|royal flush!
( hooting and hollering )
Come on! Come on!|Come on, now!
- Don't be shy.|- No, no!
You cheated,|you cheated.
Mr. Brickman, if you cannot do,|I can do for you.
It's okay.
No, no, no.
- Please, take off those shorts.|- She cheated.
Come on, y'all,|she cheated.
( laughs )
Come on!|I wanna see something!
All right, all right!
All right.|I don't wanna hurt nobody.
Captain on deck!
A-hem. . .
At ease.
As you've been informed,|we have a visitor on board.
Actually two--
Special Agent Turner here|is from the CIA.
His travelling companion has made|enough of a name for himself
to warrant a free ride|home with us.
Special Agent Turner here|is a regular. . .
"James Bond"|in the flesh.
Oh. . .
- J ust Agent Turner is fine.|- It's nice to meet you. . .
Agent Turner.
Dr. Finch is another|of our special guests.
She's on loan from|the Oceanographic I nstitute
while we run an analysis|of the fascinating changes
of the ocean undercurrents|and the marine life in the area.
- She's a specialist.|- That I am.
Is that the area?
Oh, yeah.
Affectionately known as|"The Devil's Eye."
27 ships have gone down there|over the past few years,
all unexplained,|hence the old sailor's myth
about a giant serpent|that attacks any ship
that dares to enter|that particular area.
Makes the Bermuda Triangle|look like a duck pond.
Thank you, Dr. Finch.|As usual, you. . .
you've been|most informative.
But now|I have the problem. . .
of finding|Special Agent Turner a spare bunk.
Oh, really?
'Cause I have a spare bunk.
I'm sure the Special Agent
would prefer to sleep|in the crew's quarters.
Oh, I'm sorry.|Would you rather. . .?
No, no. That's. . .
that's fine, actually.
Well, then.
That settles that,
doesn't it?
Excuse me,|I just have to. . .
get my panties.
- Mr. Brickman. . .|- Sir!
You're a lousy card player.
Pants up--|take us down.
- Dolphin depth!|- Yes, sir.
You know,|I was a hero once.
I actually captured a whole boatload|of lraqis in the Gulf action.
'Course I had to turn them|right back over.
That still pisses me off,
but it's another story|I won't get into.
You hear about the other dude|they're bringing on board?
He's like a terrorist|or something.
Terrorist!|I'll tell you what,
if Mr. Special Agent Greenhorn|thinks he can handle that guy,
- and the Captain. . .|- He has no idea.
No, he has no idea!
I'll give him a deal|on some Florida swamplands,
and he can build|skyscrapers on them.
Really? How much?
( sonar echoes )
Can I have|some water, please?
Look, there's no need|for all this animosity.
We have a bond.
I mean,|you did save my life.
I owe you, Roy.
I would have died in that car,|but you pulled me out.
Not many people would|have cared the way you did.
It was so brave of you.
I'm beginning to think|it was a mistake.
There are no mistakes, Roy.
Life presents situations,|we react to them,
which is how we're measured.
The key, I find, is to stay focused|on what you really want.
That way, you will always|react accordingly
and have no regrets.
You think|I'm gonna have regrets?
Of course, Roy. One of us has to--|and it can't be me.
It can't be Henry. . .
You're late.
A woman's prerogative.
That's him.
Agent Roy Turner.|He has Casper.
These were pulled from|a Russian satellite six hours ago.
They're both on board.
They're transporting him back|to the U nited States via submarine.
Our contacts are acquiring|their coordinates
and travel route|as we speak.
Woman: I'll organize|the escape.
Man: J ust make sure you're ready|when Casper makes contact.
At this moment, our people|are infiltrating a cruise liner.
It's due to embark shortly.
Their identities|are unknown.
They will be disguised as|passengers or crew members.
They will not reveal themselves|until the last possible moment.
Once Casper is retrieved,
their orders are|to blow up the cruise liner
and eliminate all witnesses.
They are prepared to give up|their own lives, if necessary.
When everybody is|in position,
they will log into the ship's|main computer system,
and at the moment of contact,|alter its course. . .
to intercept|with the Roosevelt.
The cruise captain has been ordered|to follow all instructions.
Captain, telephone.
Woman: How can you be sure|he'll comply?
This is the captain speaking.
Remember. We're watching|every move you make.
One mistake, and they die.
Man: We have his family.|He will do anything we want.
- Whew. . .|- A-hem. . .
Oh-- Agent Turner!
- Burning the midnight oil again?|- Yeah, I guess.
The last week has been so crazy,|I don't know what day. . .
Let me. Ouch!
You haven't said much|for the last few days.
What's your story, Turner?
Are you really some kind|of super spy?
U h, no, no.|That's just Shaw talking.
I'm trained as|an analyst.
This is my first bit|of field duty.
Kinda came as a surprise|all around.
But you did always|want to be an agent, right?
Yeah, actually--
although,|I did have a backup plan.
I kinda thought I'd be|a college professor,
teach Political Theory. . .
write a couple of books.
I don't know,|call me a cliche,
I thought it might be|a nice way to see the world.
Oh, really?
So what's the deal|with you and Shaw?
You guys are like an item,|or something?
Oh, please!
Jack Shaw is a petty,|self involved,
crazy shell of a man.
Did he tell you about capturing|the boatload of lraqis yet?
Yeah, he mentioned|something about it.
Like he said,|he did capture
the entire patrol boat, but|the part he tends to leave out--
is that he ran a U .S. nuclear sub|aground to pull it off.
Hmm! Well, I've--
I've done some|pretty crazy things myself.
Actually right before this,
I apprehended these|two really notorious. . .
I could have died or something.
It's all yours.
Yeah, you know,|with Shaw,
it's always an adventure.
( loud banging )
( alarms beeping )
( alarms sounding )
That wasn't good.
Excuse me.
Rudder failure, Cap.
Upper and lower.|I think something hit us.
There's nothing on the screens.
What's going on?|What's the problem?
Oh! Our resident VIPs!|I hope we didn't interrupt anything.
Why are we stopped?
We're experiencing what you|might call technical difficulties.
Don't worry, go back to sleep.|Do whatever you were doing.
I dispatched a dive team.|They're checking out the damage.
Mr. Brickman, give me|the visuals on the divers ASAP.
Aye, aye, sir.
I wanna see what's going on|out there.
( breathing rapidly )
( bones cracking )
( snapping )
Brickman: Lucas, Lopez,|how you guys doin' out there?
Let me know|when you're in position.
Hey, Brickman, I've only got|one set of lungs.
I'm moving as fast as I can.|This visibility is bad.
Okay, Mr. Taylor,|let's see what we got.
Okay, got you.|We've got visuals.
Brickman: Hey, you guys|look fat on camera.
Yeah, man.|J ust like your last girlfriend.
Brickman: lf we can get|her flaps closed
I might be able to sweet talk her|into some action.
- She likes it when I talk dirty.|- Ooh, you're getting me all excited.
Lucas, see if you can|close up the flap.
Lopez, check out|the lower rudders.
Mr. Brickman is going to humor us|with his latest pickup moves.
Captain, we're gonna need|all the sweet talking he's got.
It looks like|something big hit us.
Okay, Lucas,|you heard the captain.
See if you can stitch|her up. I'll be back.
Okay, Brickman,|don't get jealous.
I'm about to warm up|your girlfriend.
This is Lopez, Cap.|I'm approaching the rudder.
Looks like something ripped|into us with a giant can opener.
( screeching )
Captain. . .
there's something strange|going on out here.
Still think|I should go back to sleep?
Lopez, man, I'm getting|a chill down my spine.
Something just|don't feel right.
Are you okay?
Lopez: Yeah, I'm okay.
Wait, l-- I--|I see something moving.
Captain. . .
Captain,|we're losing visuals on Lopez.
This is not good.|This is really not good.
Fix it. I wanna know what|the hell's going on.
Brickman: Jackson,|check that feed line. Now.
Captain,|this don't look good.
Shaw: What the hell|is going on out there?
There's something wrong,|something very wrong.
Brickman: Damn!
Lucas, Lopez, get out of there now.|Can you hear me?
Get out of there!
Sir, all communications|are dead.
External microphones, now.
External microphones,|aye, aye, sir.
( screaming )
Give me a ping tone radius.
( screaming continues )
- They're gone, sir.|- What do you mean, "gone"?
I mean, they're gone.|They disappeared off the screen.
- They're gone.|- I need a reading now.
Ping away.
Okay, okay, we got something. . .|moving off the port side.
Shaw: Salvanto, identify.
Identifying. . .
( chirping sound )
It--|it's nothing, sir.
- W-what does that mean?|- There's no signature match.
We've never had a sonar reading|like this before.
Whatever it is, though,
is sitting off the port side|about 200 meters.
And it's not moving.
Mr. Brickman, is there any chance|that we can turn around to face it?
Not on these rudders.
What are we gonna do, sir?
Sir, we can't just|leave them out there.
Sir. . .?
Mr. Brickman. . .
take us down.|Go silent.
You heard the man.
Full power.
Let's hope these rudders|hold up.
Excuse me, Captain.|I hate to point this out,
but now might be a good time|to call for help.
I'm aware of our situation,
and while I appreciate your|concern. . .
it's best if you took care of|your business
while I take care of mine.
Look, Shaw, I know your game.|I know all about you.
Oh, really?
We're obviously in trouble.|Now is not the time to try to be a hero.
What the hell do you think|you know about that?
I ntercom: Agent Turner,|report to the brig.
Agent Turner,|report to the brig.
Yeah,|I'll be right there.
Hey, Brickman,|is there any way. . .
I can get a copy|of those tapes from the divers?
Why don't you talk|to the Captain?
No, listen,|I think I can help here.
Hey, lady,|in case you haven't noticed,
we just lost a couple|of good men out there.
And if you haven't noticed,|you need all the help you can get,
so tell me how to get|copies of those tapes.
If you want them, it's all digital.|Log on to the ship's mainframe. . .
- What are you doing?|- Excuse me! I . . .
- Brickman, I just. . .|- Not now!
Hold on!|It's gonna be okay.
What the hell's going on?
I don't know.|I found him this way.
He's going into shock.
- He's choking.|- Be very careful with him.
U h-oh!
Looks like we're in trouble|again, Roy.
Wait a minute.|What the hell was that?
Okay, wait.|Back up.
Oh, God. . .
Roger that.
Mr. Brickman, engines full up|300 meters.
Aye, aye, sir.
There's a mountain range|about seven kilometers ahead.
If I can get us|moving in a straight line,
we can run for the hills|and see if this thing follows.
Dropping remote detonation|mines as we go?
What do you think?
With these canyons,|I'd say you're crazy,
but what else is new?
Good.|Let's rock.
You're the captain.
By the way,
do we know exactly what it is|that's gonna be following us?
I have no idea.
But to get|a tiger by the tail. . .
We're going|into unknown territory.
Let's hope this thing|takes the bait.
And-- write a letter|to your mama.
If you want him to live,
just take the keys|and unlock me.
Don't do it, sir.|I'm ready to die.
Okay,|nobody needs to die.
Check this out, sir.|I still see it-- there.
Mr. Brickman. . .
Depth.|300 meters, Captain.
- 20 knots and climbing.|- 20 knots, confirmed.
What about a little loop-the-loop?|Confuse the mother.
It's moving into position.
Come on, come on.
We got it.|There. Right there.
- Mr. Brickman, ready the mines.|- Aye, aye, sir.
Captain,|you are not gonna believe this.
I enhanced the videotape|from Lopez and Lucas,
and as far as I can tell,
we're dealing with some kind|of giant sea creature.
Good.|That makes my plan a lot easier.
What plan?
We're gonna|blow it out of the water.
This thing is getting better|by the minute.
Thatta boy.
I see there's hope|for you yet.
- Sir, 200 meters and closing.|- Primed and ready.
And. . . deploy.
- 1 75 meters.|- Mines away!
- 1 25 and closing.|- Detonate.
- Come on. . .|- Finch: Did we get it?
Yes! We've got it, sir.|It's disappeared off the sonar.
You are our man.|You're a very bad man!
I'm a bad man.|I'm a bad man.
I shook up the world!
Mr. Brickman,|maintain closing speed.
See how far those rudders|will take us.
What did I tell you?|Tiger by the tail. . .
Come on, Roy,|you know it makes sense.
Good boy.
You've done well.
Come on, let him go.|They'll get you for this.
You will burn.
Like I said,|not in this lifetime.
- Wait-- whoa, whoa! Sir. . .|- Captain. . .
- you're not gonna believe this.|- It's still there.
Oh, my God!|What does it want?
- I ncrease speed, Mr. Brickman.|- Yes, sir.
Sir,|it's gaining on us.
Speed 46 knots,|impact in 60 seconds.
Taylor,|deploy all the mines. Now.
What the hell is that?
Oh, my God, it's heading|straight for us.
Sir. . .
impact in 20 seconds.
1 9. . .
1 8. . .
Mr. Brickman,|brace yourself.
Everybody,|maintain your position.
This is your captain speaking.|This is an emergency.
Lock down all main valves. . .
Seal it, seal it!
Oh, Jesus.
9. . .
8. . .
7. . .
6. . .
- 3, 2. . .|- Everybody, hang on!
1 , sir!
- Sir, we've lost control!|- Maintain your stations!
Taylor, give me a reading!
It's got a grip on us, sir.|It won't let go!
Engines full!
We're being pulled down!|We've got minimal control!
What is our depth?
- Get me off this sub!|- Get a grip on yourself!
How far are we|from the mountain range?
Sir, we're right on top of it.|We can't avoid it.
Full engines! Mr. Brickman,|nose up, on my order!
- Captain!|- Engine full! Nose up!
I can't control it.|We're gonna hit.
750 meters!
Get me off!
( screaming )
We're on fire, sir!
( alarm blaring )
Shaw: Everybody okay?
- You're okay?|- Yeah.
Mr. Brickman,|take a look at this.
800 meters.
Mayday! Mayday!|This is the S.S. N . Roosevelt.
We are down.|I repeat, we are down.
Captain. . .
We're at crush depth.|She's not gonna hold.
Salvanto, go check out|the damage in the engine room.
Aye, sir.
You know how to pray, Mr. Brickman?|Now is the time.
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