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Octopus CD2

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( uptempo music playing )
( dance music )
Hello!|ls anybody there?
You fool!|You left the door open.
Room service.
What a mess! I hope|these people are good tippers.
What is this?
It's your tip.
( creaking )
So get this--|based on its size and speed,
there is no scientific explanation|for the thing that hit us.
But we know it's out there|and that it's not too friendly.
You're making|an assumption, Captain.
It lives here. You drove a nuclear|sub through its living room.
If I get the opportunity,|I'll blow it to bits
and then you can open your own|sushi restaurant.
What if someone walked|into your home
and pissed|on your carpet?
Forgive me for being upset,|but if you haven't noticed,
we're stuck at a depth|that, well. . .
few men get the opportunity|to experience unless. . .
they're about to die.
I just lost two men today,|two very good men. . .
Did the noise wake you?
We were attacked by an underwater|creature of some kind.
I'm still trying|to figure. . .
When you're finished|with your briefing,
- I'll be down in the engine--|- I don't need this right now.
It's about time|we stopped playing games
with the rookie agent, okay?
Casper's gone, and you've got|a dead sailor on your hands.
- What do you mean?|- He's escaped, he's gone!
That was your responsibility.|It was your prisoner!
You better be lying!
I hate to bear bad news,|but I'm out of my element.
I'm not a field agent,|I'm certainly not an escort.
I didn't even ask|for this assignment,
so I apologize if things|aren't going quite as planned.
I'm assuming the same|can be said about yourself.
And would you please stop|calling me "Special Agent"?
Agent Turner. . .
you've just been presented|with an opportunity.
Do you want to go hide in|the closet or do something about it?
It's okay.|It's okay to be afraid.
Look, I know exactly what|you're going through right now.
You wanna be|just like me, don't you?
H uh?
A man who takes action. . .
Oh, my God!|You know what I think?
I think|you're enjoying this.
Actually. . .
I'm scared shitless. . .
but I find that to be a healthy|experience every now and again.
So, "Special Agent,"|if you feel up to it,
Iet's go find your prisoner.
Okay. . .
( loud clang )
Oh, God!
Great. I'm soaked.
Oh! Oh!
Ooh!|I like that in a woman.
Excuse me. . .
Why does this always happen|when I try to make friends, huh?
( screams )
Now if you're a good girl|and do exactly as I say,
I might be inclined|to let you live.
Okay, you know what?|Let's discuss that scenario, okay?
Mmm, good, good.
Very well.
There are several positioning|buoys on this ship,
all of them controlled|from this station.
I want you to change frequency|and signal in one of them,
and launch it.
Do you think it's|something you can do for me?
Buddy, I'll teach|you to sing "Happy Birthday"
if that's what you want,|okay?
Taylor: Crushed. . .
Iike a crab. . .
J ust like a crab. . .
( sputtering )
Crushed. . .
Iike a crab.
Come on, man. . .
Don't do this to me, man.
Come on!
Come on, Taylor. . .|Taylor. . .
- Taylor!|- I left the lights on at home!
Come on, Taylor.|Don't do this to me!
- I need you, we need you!|- I left the lights on at home!
We're gonna make it. She's holding.|She's holding, baby.
She's holding, man.|Come on, Taylor.
She's holding, baby.|J ust stick with me.
Do your job,|it's all you gotta do.
J ust do your job, man.|That's all you gotta do.
Come on, man.|We gonna make it.
She's holding.|We're gonna make it.
We gonna make it, man,|just do your job.
What you see?|Tell me what you see.
Concentrate on what you do,|what you see.
That's all you gotta do.
She logged on to|the mainframe. . .
and she's setting up|a positioning buoy.
Rudy, give me the captain.|Brickman.
Give me the captain.
Look, I don't care. . .|Give me the goddamned captain!
Get him now!|I want him now!
Finch: When the buoy|hits the surface,
it will send out our coordinates|and your code, and your frequency.
What's going on?|What's going on?
Shaw: I n here.
Roy: Hold it.
Don't move.
Casper: Guys,|welcome to the party.
We're just getting to know|each other.
- Hey, guys.|- Hey, pal.
You've got two pistolas|aiming at your head.
Sure you want|to joke around?
From what I gather,|we're all in a jam.
Okay, that's it.
Okay, let's try it again.
You're coming with me. . .
and you're gonna keep|your mouth shut while doing it.
Do I make myself clear?
Okay,|take it easy, Captain.
Take it easy,|Captain, I'm--
I'm difficult, not--
not foolish.
Oops.|Did I do that?
( screaming )
Stay cool!|Stay cool, it's all right!
Get back|to your station, soldier!
We gotta|get out of here now!
- Stay cool!|- We have to go. Gotta go now!
Get back here!|Get back! Don't you leave!
What are you doing, man?|Get back to your station!
There is no more station, man.|There is no more order.
That's the fuckin' order!
Let's get him out of here.|Move!
Easy, Captain!|As I said, I'm not foolish.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
You coward!
Every single one of you,|cowards!
Come on, that's all you got?|Come on!
Come on!
Gimme some more!|That's all you got?!
( screaming )
Let me through.
Oh, my God!
- They're trapped.|- Do something. Come on.
I can't get it open!
- Oh, God!|- They're gonna die in there!
H urry, go.|Get out of here.
What are you talking about?
If I open this door, we're in trouble.|This section will flood.
Casper: Listen to him, Roy.
We're already in trouble.|I'm not going anywhere.
I'm not going anywhere|without you two.
Great! Two more heroes|cramping my style!
- I'll go.|- Stay right there!
( screaming )
- Oh, my God!|- What are we gonna do?
I see.
Go!|Get out of here!
Go!|Come on!
Finch: You creep!
Look out!
We're gonna drown!
Wait! The emergency hatch,|come on!
( shuddering )
Got to get out. . .|got to get out. . .
Come on! Come on!
We don't have much time!|Come on! Quickly!
It's open!|Come on, come on!
Let me help!
Let's go, you first.|Here you go.
Take your hand|off my ass, Shaw!
- It's okay, I got you.|- Okay, come on.
You got it?
Help me!
Oh, my God!|Give me your hand!
You got a gun, shoot it!
Get out of the way, Lisa!|I can't see!
I can't get a clear shot!
Shaw: Shoot it, shoot it!
- Shoot it!|- Come on!
Oh, for Christ's sake,|give me the gun!
Finch: Keep still, Shaw.
It's fishy time!
Sheesh! Whoa!
( sobbing )
( gunshot )
( buoy beeping )
( radar beeping )
Man: Casper's made contact.
Approximately 20 kilometers|south by south east.
Woman: Activate|the navigational override.
We need to turn the ship|around.
We don't have much time.
I'll inform the rescue helicopter.|We have a heading.
Man: What's happening?
Captain, we've changed course.
I know.
Don't be concerned.|I have orders to set a new course.
Captain. . .
Thank you.
Woman: White Bird, this is|Chameleon. We've made contact.
We have a lockdown.|I repeat, we have a lockdown.
Man: White Bird to Chameleon.|Hear you loud and clear.
Setting course for pickup.
What happened?|Where's everyone?
They're all gone.
They panicked.
I told them.|I said, "Stay cool."
I ordered them to maintain stations,|but they wouldn't listen.
C Section is breached.
They're all dead, Captain.
They ought to be.
I took a reading|from the computer.
Reactor appears|to be unstable.
We're hanging on|by a thread, Captain.
One more hit,|I'm telling you, one more and. . .
free fall.
Shaw: What's the status|on the engine?
Salvanto's still. . .|he's still working on that.
Check this out.
I was able to launch|a remote camera.
Been cruisin' around|outside the sub.
There's at least five,|six ships down here.
I mean, different countries,|different time periods.
It's like it's some kind|of international graveyard.
Devil's Eye.
Wait a second.|Go back, take it back.
Oh, my God.|The Leningrad!
Finch: You know it?
Roy: Yeah, it's infamous.|I actually thought it was a myth.
During the Cuban Missile Crisis,|an American submarine. . .
claimed to have torpedoed a Russian|sub called "The Leningrad."
Except no wreck was found,|and the Russians. . .
completely|denied its existence.
Brickman:|I also found these close by.
They must have spilled out|when the sub broke up.
Finch: What's with|the skull and crossbones?
That's what they were|shipping to Castro.
Can we get a water sample|from inside there?
You name it,|I'll take it.
Engine room,|this is the Captain. Over.
( static )
Salvanto!|Can you hear me?
Well, I'll tell you what.|We better do something quick.
This thing's|gonna take us down.
Yeah, the question is,|which one?
I'm gonna check the engines.
Turner,|I need you to watch my back.
Brickman,|pull the water samples.
Dr. Finch, do an analysis|and see if you can find out
exactly what|we're dealing with here.
Shaw:|Salvanto, where are you?
It's Salvanto.
I'm gonna need some time|to start her up.
All right, if I'm not back|in five minutes,
you lock this door,|and you get the hell out of here.
I hope they're okay.
Oh, God.
How you doin', Brickman, huh?|You okay?
You serious?|Locked in a room with you?
What more can a man ask for?
To live?
Oh, my God!
Come on, Casper!|Come on!
What do you got?
Come on, Roy,|is that the best you can do?
Let's go.
That's the spirit.|Fight, Roy, fight!
I think that's it, Roy.|We're all square.
Last time, I let you live,|but not now.
Don't move!
That's good.
It's very good, Roy.
There's a good chance|we're not getting out of here alive,
so why don't you give me one reason|why I don't kill you right now?
Shaw:|'Cause. . .
you got a job to do.
The engines are dead.
Brickman was right,|the reactor is unstable.
We've got 25 minutes before|the Roosevelt explodes.
Hey, come on,|let's get him out of here.
Welcome home, guys.|Rough day at the office?
Oh, you know, copier jammed,|killer sea monsters, the usual.
Oh, I wish!
This thing is a third|or fourth cycle mutation
of what was once|probably an octopus.
Listen, I broke down the water sample|from inside the Russian sub.
It contains a crude pathogen form|called tricophazine microtoxin.
Okay? Fancy name|for the anthrax virus.
- Biological warfare.|- U h-huh.
This stuff is a synthetic hybrid.|Very powerful.
That explains the entire cover up.
If Kennedy had known,|he would have launched.
The bacteria must have affected|this thing's ancestors
and the mutation has compounded|over each generation.
Well, that explains|the incredible good looks
and good nature|of our little friend.
( laughing )
And as far as I can tell,
this thing also suffers|from an extreme iron deficiency. . .
Hence the overaggressive|behavior.
Now, it's not just a mutant,|but it's anemic?
Yeah, considering its size,|are you kidding?
This thing's craving for meat|would scare a cow out of its skin.
White meat or dark meat?
Okay!|lf this creature needs meat,
then that means there's a way|we can bait it, right?
So what?|You suggest we draw straws?
No, not quite. I'm saying|that there may be enough time. . .
to buy ourselves time and get out|of here with that submersible.
I have an idea.|We should get some T-bones. .
No, no, wait a minute.|Roy is on to something here, okay?
- Protelife.|- What the hell is that?
It's a high potency mix|of amino acids
and minerals, specifically iron.
I use it to feed|dolphins and whales.
Mm-hmm! Flipper food.
- See, now you're losing me.|- Okay, listen,
it is the protein that|this thing is after, not us.
It can suck on a bottle|of this for hours.
That's it. We put a little of this|in one of the compartments,
Iead the creature to it,|and we let it feed.
Listen, I hate to bring this up,|but we have. . . what?
1 8 minutes before this sub|turns into a microwave.
- Not a problem on my part.|- But it's one on mine.
Why are we sitting here talking?|Let's do something.
Well, Captain, you've been|presented with an opportunity.
Wanna go hide in a closet|or get something done?
Please warn Special Agent Turner|that he's about to put himself
- in very serious physical danger.|- Aw, did I hurt your feelings?
- You want Doctor Feelgood here. . .|- Turner, don't --
- Oh yeah?|- Break it up, all right?
The testosterone level.|Jesus, I'm drowning in it.
Move it, Casper.|Don't even think about it.
- What do we got?|- Six minutes.
Okay, everyone, shake it up,|pour it everywhere.
You want it, you got it.
Come on, baby!|Dinner time.
You hear it?
- The external mikes are still on.|- Sounds like somebody's hungry.
She smells it.|J ust a little longer.
Come on!
It's coming!|I hope this works!
This has got to work.
Payback's a mother.
All right, listen up.
There may be air pockets down there,|but we have to believe it is flooded.
The submersible|is our only way out.
What if this thing's|already down there?
That's what|I'm about to find out.
Okay, if I'm not back|in 30 seconds,
you have to assume it's all clear,|and come on through.
- Everybody understand?|- 30 seconds?
See you on the other side.
You gotta say it that way?
- Okay, okay, let's get ready.|- Hey! I can't swim with these on.
"I can't, I can't."|What the happened to you, Casper?
Ever since I kicked your ass,|you've become such a wimp.
20. . .
21 . . .
- 22, 23. . .|- We gotta get outta here.
25. . .
26. . .
27. . . 28. . .
Let's go.|That's it.
- Okay, let's go.|- Think he's gonna make it?
29. . .
It's time to go.|He must have made it.
. . .30.
Come on!
For Christ's sake!
Whoa. . . !
Brickman-- one word,
one little word-- okay?
Brickman, come on!
Come on, baby.
Come to Papa.
Turner, where are you?
Come on, Casper.|Swim, swim!
We gotta get out of here.|Let's go.
I can't make it.
Let go.|I'm prepared to die.
Come on, you guys!|Swim!
( screaming )
Hold on! Hold on!
No, don't go!
Get out of here!
Brickman, come on!
Lisa, get out of there!
Come on.
It's a nice outfit,|but you think we have time?
Shaw, not now.
- Be careful, damn you.|- Come on, Casper.
Come on, get up.|Move it.
Where's Brickman?
He didn't make it.
All right.
All right,|we gotta get moving.
Come on.|The reactor is gonna blow.
Everybody,|get your goodbyes in.
Let's get out of here.|We've got three minutes.
Let's start her up.
- Hey, Turner, bring any lemons?|- Why?
'Cause I think we're about|to nuke ourselves some calamari.
Come on, come on.|Don't fail me now.
It's right on top of us!
Come on!|We've got 20 seconds.
- Come on!|- What's the matter?
- Oh, it won't disengage.|- What do you mean?
Look, we can't go outside|and push it.
- One more hit and we're lunch.|- Do something!
Come on, baby.|You can do it.
Okay, here we go.|Hold on to your boxers, boys.
One last time for Mama, baby.|Come on.
Three, two, one!
Come on!
Come on, baby.|Come on!
Oh, yes!
Going up!
Hang on, everyone!
Gentlemen,|I think we did it.
- Doctor, I could kiss you.|- I n your dreams, Shaw.
You're the one wearing|the wet T-shirt.
Could you stop quarreling,|and tell me what the hell that is?
Tell me I'm dreaming.
Well, that, Special Agent Turner,|looks to be our ride home.
- Thank you.|- Really?
- Okay, take her up.|- With pleasure.
Let's get the hell|out of here.
Hey, down here.
This way. Captain. . .
Captain? Jack Shaw, Captain.|S.S. N . Roosevelt.
- Move it, Casper.|- Boy, are we glad to see you!
Welcome aboard.
- Stay where you are.|- Don't make a sound!
Don't move!
Casper:|Ha, ha, ha!
It's good to have|you here, kids!
I wasn't sure|you would make it.
You gotta be kidding me.
Roy. . .
It seems that my ship|has finally come in.
It's just a little bigger|than I expected.
Let's escort our guests|down to the engine room.
- I'm going nowhere.|- Leave him alone!
- Oh-hh!|- Leave her!
Thank you.
White Bird to Chameleon,|estimated pickup in 1 2 minutes.
"Life is but a walking shadow.
Poor player, that frets and struts|his hour upon the stage
and then is heard no more.
It is a tale told by an idiot,|full of sound and fury,
signifying. . . nothing."
Captain, there's something|on the radar.
What is it?|What is it?
Whatever it is,|it's big. . .
and it's moving in our direction.
Oh, my God!|It's coming closer.
Casper:|Ah, Felix.
J ust in time.
What are you looking at,|Shorty?
Whoa. . .
Room service. . .
Lovely. . .|That's on me, guys.
The helicopter's due|in a few minutes.
Set the timer at 1 4 minutes.
Mustn't miss the fireworks.
Captain,|it's coming closer.
It's coming closer!
It's heading straight for us!
- What is it?|- It's gonna hit!
Oh, my God!
Don't move! Don't!
Keep your hands up!|Still! Still!
Let me guess. . .
Big. . .
slimy. . .
about eight arms.
Don't you just love him?
Out of the way!|Out of the way. Move!
Oskar, kill them.
- I'll be on the deck.|- My pleasure.
Time to die!
You first!
Turner:|Oh, that's not good.
- Thank you.|- Any time.
Hmmm-- aaargh!
I think it's broken.
Take it easy.
This should help.
- You're so good to me.|- I know.
Hey guys?|We gotta get out of here.
What about Casper?
What about the bomb?|We got about six minutes.
You go get Casper.
I'll dismantle the bomb.
Turner: Great.
Disarm the bomb?|I'm with him.
Yeah, I thought so.
Get out of the way!|Out of the way!
Come on!|Come on!
Get down!
Roy.|"Parting is such sweet sorrow."
I mean it.|Look, it's over.
This time I'll shoot!
Roy, look out!
Room service!
Don't make me do this!
No, not again, Roy.|This is disappointing.
What a boring way to end this|after all we've been through.
You, with a gun in your hand|which you can't fire.
- And me, riding off into the sunset.|- Come on, Turner.
Bon voyage, Roy.
Oh, come on!|Shoot him!
Not in cold blood.|I can't.
I win, Roy!
I win!
Not in this lifetime--
"old chap"!
The bomb!|Come on, come on!
- Hey, how'd you do?|- How did you do?
Well, as the expression goes,
- he's. . . dead.|- You took him out?
Didn't have to.|Seems even our friend. . .
knows a bad guy|when he sees one.
I couldn't shut it off.|We can dump it over the side,
to save the ship at least.
If there's anything else to save.|The creature's ripped it half apart,
it's coming back for more.
All right, why don't we shove it|down the damn thing's throat?
- Shaw, this is serious!|- He's got a point.
What have we got to lose?
If we get one more chance|to blow this thing up--
The submersible!|Look, just get me to it,
- I'll handle it from there.|- No way, Shaw.
Turner. . . !
Look-- don't you take this|away from me.
All right.
You got three minutes,|50 seconds.
Here, my bronze star--|for luck.
Special Agent Turner.
You know, I've heard about|the kind of luck you have, Shaw,
but, uh. . . thanks,
I know this means a lot to you.
Guys, come on.|You're getting me all teary eyed here.
Come on,|get the hell out of here.
Go, go.
I'll see you|on the other side.
Why did he say that?
How much time does he have?
Don't ask!
- Where the hell is he?|- He's gone fishing!
Where the hell|do you think he is?
Oh, Christ, I hope|he makes it back in one piece.
Yeah, me too.|He's got my star.
What?|You are so. . .
Okay, party time.|Don't panic, just. . .
I don't see him anywhere.
There!|What's that?
Come on, Roy,|come on!
24 seconds-- no problem.|All right, okay.
It's just like driving a car. . .
. . . underwater.
I'll tell you. . .
If he pulls this off,|he can keep the damn star.
But, darling. . .
I'm certainly not giving up|on you yet.
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
Come on.
Let's go, brother.|Come on!
You wanna eat this?
Let's go!|Let's go! Come on!
Finch: Where is he?|I don't see him!
Oh, God!
Do you see him?|Do you see him anywhere?
Hey, did you see that?
Hey! Hey, buddy!|Hey, we did it!
We did it!
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