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Subtitles for Odds Against Tomorrow (Robert Wise 1959).

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Odds Against Tomorrow (Robert Wise 1959)

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[INFORMATION] [TITLE] [AUTHOR] [SOURCE]Subtitles captured by SubRip 1.17.1 [PRG] [FILEPATH] [DELAY]0 [CD TRACK]0 [COMMENT] [END INFORMATION] [SUBTITLE] [COLF]&HFFFFFF,[STYLE]bd,[SIZE]18,[FONT]Arial 00:00:00.00,00:00:00.10 00:02:51.07,00:02:55.09 You little pickaninny. You'll kill yourself[br]flying like that. Yes, you are. 00:03:08.82,00:03:10.94 - Windy?[br]- You bet. 00:03:24.40,00:03:28.50 - I thought you was deaf, pops.[br]- I'm sorry, I didn't hear you speak. 00:03:28.90,00:03:30.13 Didn't say nothing. 00:03:30.81,00:03:31.86 Didn't you? 00:03:32.04,00:03:34.84 - Mr. David Burke.[br]- 607, sir. 00:03:38.75,00:03:41.08 Excuse me. 00:03:46.92,00:03:49.36 - Floor, mister?[br]- Six. 00:03:51.19,00:03:52.89 You hear that wind? 00:03:54.90,00:03:57.80 I'm going to get myself grounded[br]out of the Air Force. 00:03:57.90,00:03:59.99 That's what I'm going to do. 00:04:00.77,00:04:03.79 Ain't going to fly this kind of crate anymore. 00:04:04.71,00:04:06.30 Can you blame me? 00:04:43.71,00:04:47.11 Right on time, Slater. Right on time. 00:04:47.68,00:04:49.48 All right, there, Yuley. 00:04:51.32,00:04:52.62 Come in. 00:04:56.86,00:04:59.45 Here, let me help you off with your things. 00:04:59.56,00:05:02.22 What are you doing[br]with such a big old dog in New York? 00:05:02.33,00:05:04.03 I never had a wife. 00:05:04.33,00:05:05.59 Right on the button. 00:05:05.70,00:05:09.10 That's what I'm looking for.[br]Someone serious, with a head for business. 00:05:09.20,00:05:12.17 All right, here. Come on over here. Up. 00:05:13.24,00:05:15.11 - Whiskey?[br]- I don't mind. 00:05:15.44,00:05:17.41 - Straight or with water?[br]- With water. 00:05:17.51,00:05:20.28 - I got ice, you want ice?[br]- No, just water. 00:05:21.52,00:05:24.64 Make yourself comfortable, Slater.[br]We got to talk. 00:05:27.09,00:05:28.32 Like the view? 00:05:29.12,00:05:31.09 You got a whole heap of it. 00:05:31.49,00:05:34.93 I used to be able to afford[br]a little space inside, too. 00:05:36.70,00:05:39.50 We call this dump home, don't we, old boy? 00:05:40.03,00:05:41.02 Not bad. 00:05:41.14,00:05:44.37 Well, here's to our mutual benefit.[br]May it be considerable! 00:05:47.54,00:05:50.98 I guess you know all you have to know[br]about me, Slater. 00:05:51.28,00:05:52.44 I know something. 00:05:52.55,00:05:54.81 All right, you tell me what you know, go on. 00:05:54.92,00:05:56.88 You said you wanted to talk to me. 00:05:56.98,00:06:00.65 Since we knew a few people in common,[br]I wanted to come and find out. 00:06:00.76,00:06:02.31 I mean the dirt. 00:06:04.39,00:06:06.36 I know you were on the police force... 00:06:06.46,00:06:08.73 had a session with[br]the State Crime Committee... 00:06:08.83,00:06:10.53 and you got a year for contempt. 00:06:10.63,00:06:12.16 Because I wouldn't talk. 00:06:13.20,00:06:17.40 I was on the force 30 years.[br]I had my own squad, and I knew everybody. 00:06:18.11,00:06:21.27 Everybody was my friend[br]until they needed a patsy. 00:06:25.51,00:06:27.45 I know about you, Earle. 00:06:28.02,00:06:29.38 Two stretches: 00:06:29.48,00:06:32.48 One for assault with a deadly weapon,[br]one for manslaughter. 00:06:32.89,00:06:36.05 - Every time you get a decent job...[br]- Knock it off. 00:06:37.76,00:06:40.02 What's so big about you, Burke? 00:06:42.30,00:06:45.36 How come you make so much noise?[br]You've been sniffing around... 00:06:45.47,00:06:48.77 trying to find a hole in the fence[br]just like everybody else. 00:06:48.87,00:06:51.57 What makes you so big,[br]you can call me up to this dump... 00:06:51.67,00:06:54.70 - and shoot off your mouth?[br]- I got an idea, that's why. 00:06:54.81,00:06:58.94 How would you like to pick up $50,000,[br]all in small bills, just for yourself? 00:07:02.95,00:07:04.42 How would you? 00:07:14.66,00:07:17.06 Hello. Johnny? 00:07:18.03,00:07:19.26 No. When? 00:07:20.57,00:07:22.20 Sure, that's fine. 00:07:25.04,00:07:26.01 Well? 00:07:28.04,00:07:32.41 - What would I have to do?[br]- Just walk into a bank and take it. 00:07:34.28,00:07:36.15 Maybe you got me wrong, Burke. 00:07:38.05,00:07:40.18 I never stolen nothing in my life. 00:07:41.69,00:07:44.49 Except maybe a watermelon[br]when I was a boy on the farm. 00:07:44.59,00:07:47.58 I don't want a Big Joe[br]with more decorations than Dillinger. 00:07:47.70,00:07:49.32 I want a safe thing. 00:07:49.90,00:07:54.06 I want a man who needs some money[br]to set himself up. I want a man with guts. 00:07:54.17,00:07:55.73 I want a serious guy in trouble. 00:07:55.84,00:07:59.60 And that's you. That's me.[br]That's the both of us. This is a one-time job. 00:07:59.71,00:08:02.44 One roll of the dice,[br]and then we're through forever. 00:08:02.54,00:08:04.91 Come on, Slater, what do you say? 00:08:47.49,00:08:51.05 - Who'd like to make themselves a fortune?[br]- I would! 00:08:51.16,00:08:54.56 - Everybody stays off the car. Is it a deal?[br]- Yes. 00:08:55.73,00:08:57.10 I'll watch them. 00:08:57.20,00:08:59.69 - And who'll watch you?[br]- I don't know. 00:09:17.95,00:09:19.28 Six, please. 00:09:22.79,00:09:24.62 Do you hear that wind? 00:09:25.89,00:09:28.19 You sure we're going to make it? 00:09:28.76,00:09:30.59 Always made it before. 00:09:31.20,00:09:33.79 With my luck, daddy, this could be it. 00:09:39.31,00:09:42.07 - Maybe on the way down.[br]- I'm walking down. 00:09:50.05,00:09:51.31 Shut up, you mutt. 00:09:51.42,00:09:54.25 - Johnny, come in.[br]- Hello, Dave. 00:09:55.46,00:09:58.62 Scram. He'll get hair all over you. Take off. 00:09:58.73,00:10:00.89 - Here, let me help you.[br]- I can't stay long. 00:10:01.00,00:10:03.23 Well, it takes some explaining. 00:10:03.43,00:10:05.63 - How about a drink?[br]- No, thanks. 00:10:07.97,00:10:09.60 You got the floor. 00:10:11.67,00:10:13.87 Here. He keeps shedding. 00:10:13.98,00:10:16.21 All right, there. Come on, get up there. 00:10:16.31,00:10:19.11 - Those blue coats.[br]- That's all right, don't worry about it. 00:10:19.21,00:10:21.41 You don't look like[br]I could sell anything to you. 00:10:21.52,00:10:24.97 - You look like you have it all, right now.[br]- Come on, fill me in, Dave. 00:10:25.09,00:10:28.72 - You're into Bacco for too much dough.[br]- Now tell me something I don't know. 00:10:28.82,00:10:32.16 - You owe him about $6,000, right?[br]- Wrong, $7,500. 00:10:32.79,00:10:34.76 It was $6,000 last week. 00:10:35.20,00:10:37.49 The horses are still running,[br]and I'm still losing. 00:10:37.60,00:10:40.97 - And Bacco's willing to wait?[br]- What's the pitch, Dave? 00:10:41.74,00:10:43.93 I know how you can pay it off. 00:10:46.14,00:10:48.30 And I know what's coming next. 00:10:48.41,00:10:50.57 The fix is in. It's a sure thing, right? 00:10:50.68,00:10:53.48 - Now, wait a minute.[br]- No thanks, Davey boy. 00:10:54.18,00:10:56.55 I'll go down the drain on my own. 00:10:58.99,00:11:00.54 You're crazy. 00:11:02.12,00:11:03.65 All right, so I'm crazy. 00:11:03.76,00:11:06.35 You're counting your fingers and toes. 00:11:06.86,00:11:10.73 I'm talking about $50,000. 00:11:14.94,00:11:16.40 I'll take that drink. 00:11:17.91,00:11:20.70 - Straight.[br]- Just tell me one thing, Johnny. 00:11:21.24,00:11:24.47 How come Bacco hasn't[br]knocked your teeth in for not paying off? 00:11:24.58,00:11:26.48 'Cause I'm paying $100-a-week interest. 00:11:26.58,00:11:29.91 - Well, that can't leave you much.[br]- Just my teeth. 00:11:30.02,00:11:33.58 - You ever going to pay it off?[br]- Lf I can ever wear out this streak. 00:11:33.69,00:11:38.22 No use stopping now. I'm way past[br]the life ropes. I'm praying for a miracle. 00:11:38.33,00:11:39.82 What do you mean, $50,000? 00:11:39.93,00:11:43.42 Just what I said,[br]$50,000 to $75,000, like that. 00:11:43.53,00:11:46.86 - All in small bills.[br]- And you need Johnny Ingram? 00:11:47.40,00:11:50.06 I'm just a bone picker[br]in a four-man graveyard. 00:11:50.17,00:11:51.50 It's a bank job. 00:11:53.77,00:11:56.90 - Are we social climbing, David?[br]- This is easy money. 00:11:57.01,00:11:58.91 - Man, you're drifting.[br]- I'm serious. 00:11:59.01,00:12:02.47 That's not your line, Dave.[br]That's the firing squad for you. 00:12:02.58,00:12:05.55 That's for junkies and joyboys.[br]We're people. 00:12:05.89,00:12:08.01 Okay, what's my line? 00:12:09.22,00:12:12.72 - I'll forget you asked me.[br]- You don't even want to hear? 00:12:13.83,00:12:16.59 I did all my dreaming on my mother's knee. 00:12:18.43,00:12:20.42 All right, forget it. 00:12:21.07,00:12:23.16 - You riding?[br]- Downtown. 00:12:23.37,00:12:25.34 I'll ride along with you. 00:12:27.78,00:12:30.90 A man like you thinking thoughts like that.[br]You're in trouble. 00:12:31.01,00:12:34.14 I've got to get out of this trap.[br]They've kicked my head in. 00:12:34.25,00:12:37.31 - What can I do?[br]- Find a hobby, man. Anything. 00:12:38.45,00:12:41.94 They sure changed your color[br]when they rehabilitated you at Sing Sing. 00:12:42.79,00:12:44.85 $50,000 can change it back. 00:12:49.16,00:12:52.43 Come back here, you.[br]Get back in here. You heard me. 00:12:55.54,00:12:57.03 Mind the store. 00:13:08.42,00:13:11.71 - How are those two little women of yours?[br]- The kid's fine. 00:13:12.09,00:13:15.65 That ex-wife of mine,[br]man, she's worse than Bacco. 00:13:16.46,00:13:20.48 If that alimony isn't there on the first,[br]her lawyer's there on the second. 00:13:30.77,00:13:33.24 Thanks for the lift.[br]If you change your mind... 00:13:33.34,00:13:37.00 I think I can get you the $7,500 right away[br]to pay off Bacco. 00:13:37.11,00:13:40.57 I've got $500 on the nose[br]of Lady Care today. I can't lose forever. 00:13:40.68,00:13:42.21 You'd be surprised. 00:14:01.64,00:14:06.37 Just tell me, how come it isn't safe to walk[br]in the park at night in a big city like this? 00:14:06.47,00:14:08.77 It's these wild kids. 00:14:08.88,00:14:11.31 Well, if it isn't the old clam himself. 00:14:11.41,00:14:13.14 This fresh air will kill you, Coco. 00:14:13.25,00:14:16.22 I know it.[br]But it's pigeon time for the little king. 00:14:16.32,00:14:18.84 What's this, a press interview or something? 00:14:18.95,00:14:22.62 Go on, talk to the old man if you want to.[br]He wants to do you a favor. 00:14:22.72,00:14:26.78 "What's the matter with this Davey Burke,"[br]he says. "I want to pay him off." 00:14:28.60,00:14:30.59 - Hi, Dave.[br]- Hello, Bacco. 00:14:30.70,00:14:31.89 Join me? 00:14:35.37,00:14:38.24 Want me to open up something for you,[br]in the operation? 00:14:38.34,00:14:41.54 - I told you, whenever you're ready.[br]- You're outside the law. 00:14:41.64,00:14:44.81 Well, a little inside, a little outside.[br]More or less. 00:14:44.91,00:14:47.68 Everything is more or less. Just name it. 00:14:48.22,00:14:51.28 - A fellow by the name of Ingram owes you.[br]- Sure. 00:14:51.85,00:14:54.65 A very entertaining boy at Connoy's place. 00:15:50.88,00:15:52.44 What time is it? 00:15:52.85,00:15:56.04 I'm on my way, stupid. Go back to sleep. 00:15:56.65,00:15:58.91 - What time?[br]- 7:30. 00:16:04.93,00:16:07.83 - Why so early?[br]- Burke is waiting. 00:16:12.73,00:16:14.70 Can you trust this Burke? 00:16:14.94,00:16:17.50 Not like I can trust you, but enough. 00:16:18.74,00:16:20.71 Come here, you big clown. 00:16:20.81,00:16:23.57 - Now you go back to sleep.[br]- Let him wait. 00:16:24.41,00:16:26.47 I'm off to make my fortune. 00:16:28.32,00:16:29.91 What kind of a fortune? 00:16:30.02,00:16:34.28 Just one of those fortune fortunes.[br]I told you about it. 00:16:35.59,00:16:38.06 Burke got hold of some kind of concession. 00:16:39.29,00:16:42.42 He's a friend of that Lefty Gowers, isn't he? 00:16:42.53,00:16:45.02 Yeah, he's the one[br]who told Burke about me. 00:16:45.13,00:16:47.36 You knew Gowers in jail, didn't you? 00:16:48.34,00:16:51.79 No, at the Millionaires' Club. Where else? 00:16:52.97,00:16:57.54 - Earle, what does he want with you?[br]- I'll tell you after I see the proposition. 00:16:59.31,00:17:03.34 Do you have to stay overnight?[br]Or you just want to stay overnight? 00:17:04.05,00:17:05.92 I have to see the concession. 00:17:07.09,00:17:09.39 - You got enough money, sweetie?[br]- Plenty. 00:17:09.49,00:17:11.22 How much is plenty? 00:17:11.33,00:17:13.52 About $15. 00:17:14.19,00:17:17.89 - You better take some more.[br]- Burke is paying. 00:17:18.30,00:17:19.93 What do I care if he's paying? 00:17:20.03,00:17:23.56 You take some more and then[br]if you feel like paying, you just pay. 00:17:50.06,00:17:52.90 You don't have to take this deal[br]if you don't like it. 00:17:53.00,00:17:56.30 If this isn't what you want, you don't take it.[br]There's no hurry. 00:17:56.40,00:17:58.00 There is a hurry. 00:17:58.31,00:18:01.17 I have to make it, Lorry,[br]and I have to make it now. 00:18:01.28,00:18:04.14 It wasn't too bad[br]when I was grubbing along by myself. 00:18:04.24,00:18:07.68 It was always too tough, too greedy,[br]but now, because of you... 00:18:08.15,00:18:11.52 I have to make it on my own[br]because of you, any way I can. 00:18:11.62,00:18:15.21 No, you don't. Not just any way.[br]You mustn't even try. 00:18:15.32,00:18:16.62 I have to. 00:18:17.36,00:18:18.69 Earle, listen... 00:18:19.53,00:18:23.26 I have you, right? You have me. 00:18:24.83,00:18:27.96 What difference does it make[br]where the money comes from? 00:18:31.34,00:18:34.31 They're not going to junk me like an old car. 00:18:40.71,00:18:42.31 Now, don't worry. 00:18:43.58,00:18:46.14 If it isn't all right, I won't do it. 00:19:25.86,00:19:29.69 It's about 100 miles up the Hudson.[br]I've got it marked there. Melton. 00:20:42.10,00:20:43.87 Now watch the waiter. 00:21:07.86,00:21:09.16 Over here. 00:21:27.55,00:21:31.48 Now here's the setup.[br]That side door's the key to the whole job. 00:21:31.72,00:21:36.18 The bank stays open Thursdays till 6:00.[br]Most of the factories pay on Friday. 00:21:36.32,00:21:39.88 So the bank is loaded with payroll cash[br]and deposits from the stores. 00:21:39.99,00:21:44.90 Every Thursday night, there's close to[br]$200,000 in untraceable cash sitting in there. 00:21:45.00,00:21:49.13 A half dozen clerks stick around for an hour[br]totaling and straightening out the books. 00:21:49.24,00:21:51.33 The Assistant Manager has a bad heart. 00:21:51.44,00:21:56.03 Joe Foss, the guard, is about to retire,[br]has glasses and arthritis. That's it. 00:21:56.14,00:22:00.08 That colored waiter from the drugstore[br]brings coffee and sandwiches after 6:00. 00:22:00.18,00:22:04.45 The rest of the town's home at supper.[br]You could take it with a water pistol. 00:22:16.46,00:22:18.52 Well, what do you think? 00:22:19.33,00:22:23.03 - There's just one thing wrong with it.[br]- What? 00:22:26.21,00:22:29.80 You didn't say nothing[br]about the third man being a nigger. 00:22:30.68,00:22:33.74 At night, I tell you people 00:22:34.18,00:22:38.12 When that cold, cold sun goes down 00:22:41.76,00:22:45.35 At night, I tell you people 00:22:45.53,00:22:49.46 When that cold, cold sun goes down 00:22:52.37,00:22:55.93 I cry, I sigh, I wanna die 00:22:56.37,00:22:59.90 'Cause my baby's not around 00:23:03.51,00:23:06.24 What's the matter, pretty baby? 00:23:07.58,00:23:11.42 Tell me, what's your daddy done? 00:23:15.16,00:23:18.89 Won't you tell me, pretty mama 00:23:19.73,00:23:22.79 what's your daddy done? 00:23:25.93,00:23:29.46 You've got to come and hold me 00:23:29.60,00:23:32.97 Before the morning sun 00:23:47.32,00:23:49.29 Hi, baby, what's shaking? 00:23:51.06,00:23:53.32 Bacco wants to buy you a drink. 00:23:53.66,00:23:56.09 And I want to buy you a shiny new car. 00:24:01.33,00:24:02.96 Too bad about Lady Care. 00:24:03.34,00:24:06.20 Yeah. They bobbed her nose. 00:24:09.81,00:24:12.07 Believe me, pretty mama 00:24:13.51,00:24:16.85 It's not just me, I know 00:24:20.42,00:24:25.05 Believe me, pretty mama 00:24:25.16,00:24:28.56 It's not just me, I know 00:24:31.23,00:24:34.46 I just can't make that jungle 00:24:34.57,00:24:38.06 Outside of my front door 00:24:58.43,00:25:02.19 Well, at last, the invisible man. 00:25:02.90,00:25:05.36 - I had a heart attack.[br]- For a couple of horses. 00:25:05.47,00:25:06.93 Don't be like that, baby. 00:25:07.03,00:25:10.83 I don't care if you want to drop me, Johnny,[br]but send back the key. 00:25:12.64,00:25:16.94 - Who said anything about dropping you?[br]- Then you know where to find me. 00:25:31.89,00:25:35.85 That's good.[br]But it was better when you wanted it. 00:25:39.67,00:25:42.64 I told you Bacco has a message for you. 00:25:42.74,00:25:46.14 It's a long night, pretty boy.[br]I'm not going anywhere. 00:25:52.91,00:25:55.31 Maybe I should lend you a piece of iron. 00:25:56.55,00:25:59.58 - Maybe.[br]- I can let you have this juvenile delinquent. 00:26:00.95,00:26:03.01 I'm only playing with kids. 00:26:13.27,00:26:15.56 - Johnny? Come in.[br]- Hi, Garry. 00:26:15.67,00:26:17.43 Hello, Johnny. 00:26:17.54,00:26:19.37 - Can I see you, Ed?[br]- Why, sure. 00:26:19.47,00:26:22.37 - Do you want me to cut out?[br]- No, not for me, Garry. 00:26:22.48,00:26:25.17 Well, Johnny, what do you think of these? 00:26:26.65,00:26:30.10 - Who are they for?[br]- My oldest. Her sweet sixteenth. 00:26:30.95,00:26:34.08 - Those are real cultured pearls.[br]- Sixteen, already? 00:26:35.66,00:26:38.35 Yeah, they don't stand still like we do. 00:26:38.73,00:26:40.99 Well, what can I do for you? 00:26:43.60,00:26:45.29 Bacco just blew in. 00:26:46.27,00:26:48.20 He called me earlier today. 00:26:49.00,00:26:50.73 What do you owe him? 00:26:52.74,00:26:54.40 $7,500. 00:27:15.70,00:27:17.29 - Hello, Ed.[br]- Bacco. 00:27:32.15,00:27:35.41 - I come down for my money, Johnny.[br]- I don't have it. 00:27:36.12,00:27:37.85 Maybe you're not looking hard enough. 00:27:37.95,00:27:40.44 Maybe you think I'm a jerk[br]who can wait forever? 00:27:40.55,00:27:44.25 Look, I lost again today.[br]I've been losing steadily for a month. 00:27:44.82,00:27:48.69 I just got to break this streak I'm in, Bacco.[br]I can't let it knock me out. 00:27:48.80,00:27:50.02 Suit yourself. 00:27:50.86,00:27:54.27 Just get the money to me[br]by tomorrow night. All of it. 00:27:55.60,00:27:57.87 - Suppose I can't?[br]- There is no "can't." 00:27:57.97,00:28:00.70 I don't like the word "can't." I say have it. 00:28:03.74,00:28:05.68 Can you bail me out, Ed? 00:28:11.42,00:28:13.91 I'm sorry, Johnny. I can't help you. 00:28:14.55,00:28:17.22 You already owe me[br]a couple of thou, anyway. 00:28:17.32,00:28:21.23 I asked you to stop with the horses.[br]I told you once and for all to stop. 00:28:24.33,00:28:26.32 I can't get it for you tomorrow. 00:28:26.43,00:28:29.49 - You're saying what to me?[br]- Look, man, I'm telling you in front. 00:28:29.60,00:28:33.09 I don't have it now,[br]and I won't be able to get it by tomorrow. 00:28:36.01,00:28:38.50 I'm not dancing with you, Moriarity. 00:28:39.21,00:28:43.55 You mean you come here with a gun[br]when I personally call you to talk to you? 00:28:43.65,00:28:46.48 When I stretch you six months[br]with a debt I would kill for? 00:28:46.59,00:28:48.88 - You come and pull a gun on me?[br]- It's in my pocket. 00:28:48.99,00:28:51.39 The gun's at my head, that's where it is. 00:28:52.66,00:28:55.75 I tell you, Ingram, I want you to know. 00:28:57.06,00:28:59.55 Have that dough at my place[br]tomorrow night... 00:28:59.67,00:29:03.26 or I'll collect it from you,[br]or that ex-wife of yours, or your kid. 00:29:03.37,00:29:06.43 - You'll do what?[br]- All right, Johnny, drop that gun. 00:29:15.95,00:29:17.81 Tomorrow night at 8:00. 00:29:18.69,00:29:21.38 Or I'll kill you and everything you own. 00:29:36.27,00:29:39.53 Well, it tells you in the good book 00:29:39.64,00:29:42.57 And they teach the same in school 00:29:42.68,00:29:46.24 Let a man get his hands on you 00:29:46.35,00:29:49.87 And he'll use you for a mule 00:29:49.98,00:29:52.92 My mama gave me warning[br]And now I know it's true 00:29:53.02,00:29:56.85 She said all men are evil[br]And Daddy, that's you 00:29:56.96,00:30:00.39 - All men are evil[br]- All men are evil 00:30:00.49,00:30:02.02 All men are evil 00:30:02.13,00:30:05.56 - She said all men are evil[br]- All men are evil 00:30:07.07,00:30:10.40 - All men are evil[br]- My mama told me 00:30:10.50,00:30:13.53 My mama gave me warning[br]And now I know it's true 00:30:13.64,00:30:16.67 - Lady Care in the fifth.[br]- She said that all men are evil 00:30:16.78,00:30:19.01 - They bobbed my nose.[br]- My mama used to tell me 00:30:19.11,00:30:22.48 - Annie, they bobbed my nose.[br]- Don't ever love no man 00:30:22.58,00:30:23.95 Johnny, please. 00:30:24.05,00:30:28.11 - He'll use you and abuse you[br]- Don't ever love nobody. 00:30:28.22,00:30:30.71 And that's something I can't stand 00:30:30.82,00:30:33.69 My mama gave me warning[br]And now I know it's true 00:30:33.79,00:30:36.42 - Talk that song. Tell 'em.[br]- She said all men are evil 00:30:36.53,00:30:39.33 And Daddy, that's you[br]All men are evil 00:30:47.31,00:30:49.67 He's been making crazy like that for hours... 00:30:49.78,00:30:52.30 like someone slipped the leash,[br]or something. 00:30:52.88,00:30:55.28 All of them cats is calloused! 00:31:01.09,00:31:02.58 And that's you! 00:31:13.23,00:31:15.72 That little boy's in big trouble. 00:31:35.96,00:31:39.08 - Is that your last word?[br]- I'll keep my mouth shut. 00:31:39.19,00:31:41.68 - Think it over, Earle.[br]- Nothing to think over. 00:31:41.79,00:31:43.69 Just the idea of it makes me nervous. 00:31:43.80,00:31:47.93 I wouldn't trust my own self[br]on a deal like this with a colored boy. 00:31:48.10,00:31:49.16 Okay. 00:32:04.52,00:32:06.04 Hi. You're late. 00:32:06.15,00:32:09.52 I'm always afraid to wake up[br]on this once a week father's day. 00:32:10.02,00:32:12.12 - What time will you get back?[br]- Why? 00:32:12.23,00:32:15.35 I've got a P.T.A. Meeting tonight.[br]Should I get a sitter? 00:32:15.46,00:32:17.73 - You got your sitter.[br]- Daddy. 00:32:20.33,00:32:21.77 - How are you?[br]- Fine. 00:32:21.87,00:32:24.89 - What do you see up there?[br]- The park, the lake. 00:32:25.00,00:32:26.84 - What else?[br]- I see a merry-go-round. 00:32:26.94,00:32:30.60 - Is that all?[br]- I see a red balloon. I see people skating. 00:32:31.14,00:32:32.63 Give me a kiss. 00:32:33.61,00:32:37.14 - It sounds like Central Park, today.[br]- I'll get my things! 00:32:39.25,00:32:41.38 Mrs. Anker, this is Eadie's father. 00:32:41.49,00:32:43.98 - How do you do, Mr. Ingram?[br]- Hello. 00:32:44.39,00:32:47.38 We're having a meeting[br]of the P.T.A. Steering Committee here. 00:32:47.49,00:32:48.89 Some of my friends. 00:32:49.00,00:32:51.02 This is Eadie's father, Mr. Ingram. 00:32:51.13,00:32:54.69 - How do you do, Mr. Ingram?[br]- We're glad to know you. 00:32:58.00,00:33:00.70 I hope you can steer your way out of it. 00:33:03.38,00:33:05.37 Very glad to have met you. 00:33:06.31,00:33:10.77 I'm ready, Daddy. Let's go.[br]I'll get the elevator. 00:33:32.24,00:33:34.10 What did I ever see in you? 00:33:34.21,00:33:37.14 - It's here, Daddy. It's here.[br]- That. 00:34:32.97,00:34:35.70 - Here's another ticket, Eadie.[br]- How about you? 00:34:35.80,00:34:38.27 - It makes me dizzy.[br]- You're too old. 00:34:43.91,00:34:47.28 - What's the big idea?[br]- Bacco's afraid you might blow town. 00:34:48.68,00:34:50.58 You tell that peckerwood boss of yours... 00:34:50.68,00:34:53.85 if he looks hard at my wife or baby[br]I'm blowing him a new one. 00:34:53.95,00:34:56.55 I don't want to see you here.[br]You gum up the scenery. 00:34:56.66,00:34:57.85 We like it here. 00:34:57.96,00:35:01.32 I'm telling you to fade[br]or I'm turning you right in... 00:35:01.43,00:35:03.66 now, to those cops. 00:35:05.20,00:35:06.89 That'll be the day. 00:35:16.04,00:35:18.20 - Officer.[br]- Yes. Can I help you? 00:35:20.91,00:35:22.57 Where can I find the zoo? 00:35:22.68,00:35:25.45 Just go through that tunnel[br]and follow the signs. 00:35:44.64,00:35:47.80 You stay right here, Eadie.[br]Daddy's got to make a phone call. 00:35:47.91,00:35:50.67 - I'm staying. I'm eating.[br]- Don't you budge. 00:35:50.78,00:35:54.11 - I'll see that she stays here if you like.[br]- Thank you. 00:35:55.38,00:35:58.54 - What's your name, little girl?[br]- Eadie. Eadie Ingram. 00:36:02.16,00:36:03.78 Mr. Burke, please. 00:36:05.19,00:36:06.62 Dave? Johnny. 00:36:07.93,00:36:10.09 Yeah, I know you've been out. 00:36:10.56,00:36:12.00 Listen, Dave... 00:36:13.60,00:36:15.43 I'll take out that deal. 00:36:15.54,00:36:16.66 Now, wait. 00:36:17.44,00:36:20.56 I need $7,500 right away to pay off Bacco. 00:36:22.28,00:36:23.33 Yeah. 00:36:25.11,00:36:27.77 All right, I'll call back in 15 minutes. 00:36:29.38,00:36:30.58 Goodbye. 00:36:39.59,00:36:41.69 Hello, Bacco? Burke. 00:36:43.63,00:36:46.12 Fine. That's what I'm calling about. 00:36:46.60,00:36:47.90 Call those babies off. 00:36:48.13,00:36:50.33 I told you, Davey, I got a problem. 00:36:50.44,00:36:52.80 It got a little rough,[br]and now he has to make a deal. 00:36:52.91,00:36:54.90 It was a public thing. He has to make a deal. 00:36:55.01,00:36:57.27 That's what I'm telling you, he's got a deal. 00:36:57.58,00:37:00.60 I'm making it for him.[br]I'll give you the dough in two weeks. 00:37:00.71,00:37:02.70 You know what he did to me?[br]He pulled a gun. 00:37:02.82,00:37:06.22 - He pulled a gun?[br]- After all I did. I treated him like a son. 00:37:06.32,00:37:08.69 Look. It can still be straightened out. 00:37:08.79,00:37:11.55 You think I have no feelings? 00:37:24.17,00:37:25.50 Babysitter. 00:38:01.64,00:38:05.08 What's going on in there, an orgy? 00:38:05.54,00:38:07.14 What's on your mind, Helen? 00:38:07.25,00:38:10.41 - Can't I flirt with you a little?[br]- Some other day. 00:38:11.35,00:38:14.75 - Are you staying home tonight?[br]- Why? 00:38:15.92,00:38:19.05 I can't get a babysitter. 00:38:19.43,00:38:22.02 Then stay home[br]and take care of him yourself. 00:38:22.23,00:38:24.13 Well, if you're busy... 00:38:24.63,00:38:29.07 You see, Sam's boss gave him two tickets[br]to this musical. 00:38:29.17,00:38:32.50 - I'm to meet him in front of the theatre.[br]- Take the baby with you. 00:38:32.61,00:38:36.06 What's the matter with you?[br]Am I bothering you, or something? 00:38:36.18,00:38:39.08 It's just because Lorry said that you would. 00:38:47.35,00:38:50.52 Just keep taking her around.[br]I have to make a phone call. 00:39:33.47,00:39:35.09 Mr. Burke, please. 00:39:39.07,00:39:40.73 Yeah, I'm listening, Dave. 00:39:40.84,00:39:44.87 Bacco is paid off. Start celebrating. 00:39:44.98,00:39:47.34 We could be on to something really big. 00:39:47.45,00:39:50.57 Stop crowing, man.[br]There's nothing to celebrate. 00:39:50.68,00:39:53.91 That little crumb[br]threatened my kid and my ex-wife. 00:39:54.62,00:39:57.18 Yeah, I know I got rid of a headache. 00:39:58.06,00:39:59.65 Now I got cancer. 00:40:01.33,00:40:03.39 Yeah, I'll see you tonight. 00:40:04.33,00:40:07.03 Wake up, Dave. We're committing suicide. 00:40:07.83,00:40:09.93 This is 3:00 in the morning. 00:40:54.51,00:40:58.04 - Come on. Just throw anything.[br]- Sure. Left. 00:41:00.52,00:41:03.08 - You're out.[br]- Hey, that's pretty neat. 00:41:03.56,00:41:07.32 It's all this new atom war stuff.[br]It's the first thing they teach you now. 00:41:07.43,00:41:10.49 I sure could use that technique[br]from time to time. 00:41:12.83,00:41:15.36 - The same, Earle?[br]- Hit me with a couple, Mac. 00:41:16.37,00:41:18.56 You know, I'd like to teach you sometime. 00:41:18.67,00:41:20.83 - You mean a girl could do that?[br]- Why, sure. 00:41:20.94,00:41:24.00 Doesn't matter how big the guy is.[br]Here, I'll show you. 00:41:25.34,00:41:27.51 What's this, the kiddie hour? 00:41:27.98,00:41:31.68 It's make-believe war time, Earle.[br]The hour of sweet romance. 00:41:33.45,00:41:35.85 Okay, Georgie, rape me. 00:41:40.56,00:41:43.69 I'm sorry, buddy.[br]I hope I didn't get any on you. 00:41:45.20,00:41:49.10 - Here, the drink's on me.[br]- I'll buy my own drinks. 00:41:49.87,00:41:52.43 Look, kiddo, let's just take it easy. 00:41:54.71,00:41:56.73 - Show me.[br]- Sure. 00:41:57.01,00:41:59.20 What do you do[br]when a guy grabs you this way? 00:41:59.31,00:42:00.61 I give in. 00:42:01.98,00:42:05.44 - Relax, baby. Don't fight me.[br]- I thought I was supposed to do that. 00:42:05.55,00:42:08.71 - Not yet.[br]- Not yet? In a minute it'll be too late. 00:42:09.62,00:42:12.65 Come on, grab my wrist.[br]Now don't try to break the hold. 00:42:12.76,00:42:15.02 Put your right foot over in front of mine. 00:42:15.13,00:42:18.15 Now throw your hips out,[br]bend forward, and throw me. 00:42:18.26,00:42:19.29 Honey... 00:42:20.17,00:42:23.60 if you're going to throw that bum,[br]you throw him the other way. 00:42:24.34,00:42:28.07 All right, why don't we all just drink up[br]and quit fooling around? 00:42:28.17,00:42:30.20 Did you say something to me, bud? 00:42:31.34,00:42:35.44 That stuff belongs to my war.[br]Take her to Canaveral and launch her. 00:42:35.55,00:42:37.35 Maybe you know something better. 00:42:37.45,00:42:40.44 Now look, fellows,[br]let's just settle down, shall we? 00:42:40.55,00:42:43.04 - I'm going.[br]- Maybe you'd like to try? 00:42:43.96,00:42:47.48 You better go back and play with the girls.[br]Tell them all about Sputnik. 00:42:47.59,00:42:50.15 I thought you were an expert, or something. 00:42:50.26,00:42:52.73 Come on, throw a punch.[br]I'll show you if it's bull. 00:42:52.83,00:42:56.43 - All right, soldier, let's break it up.[br]- It's not a fight. 00:42:56.90,00:43:00.50 I just want to show this old veteran[br]how this thing works. 00:43:00.74,00:43:03.80 Now, come on.[br]Don't you want to throw something? 00:43:04.81,00:43:06.04 Get lost. 00:43:06.15,00:43:10.08 Just a scientific experiment.[br]We're just a couple of scientists. 00:43:10.92,00:43:13.38 Now come on, throw a punch. Try it. 00:43:14.39,00:43:17.15 All right, Earle. Let me take care of this. 00:43:17.26,00:43:18.85 Now look, soldier... 00:43:21.36,00:43:22.83 Go on, try it. 00:43:25.13,00:43:28.53 - Any particular hand?[br]- Any one you like, pop. 00:43:42.78,00:43:45.41 The kid was only trying to show off, Earle. 00:43:46.22,00:43:48.21 I didn't mean to hurt him. 00:43:49.05,00:43:51.05 You slob, what did you do? 00:43:51.42,00:43:53.58 You feeling any better now, honey? 00:43:53.79,00:43:56.23 It's all right, it's just the wind. Take it easy. 00:43:56.33,00:43:59.20 - Okay.[br]- Stretch out now. You'll be all right. 00:44:16.25,00:44:18.34 Are you sure he's not there? 00:44:18.95,00:44:21.51 Well, did you look in the back booth? 00:44:23.89,00:44:25.36 There you are. 00:44:25.62,00:44:29.06 Sweetheart, I've been calling all over.[br]Where were you? 00:44:34.13,00:44:37.86 Sweetie, I knew your deal went wrong.[br]I knew it went wrong the minute... 00:44:37.97,00:44:40.94 that Helen phoned[br]and she said you insulted her. 00:44:41.04,00:44:45.50 I apologized for you, and I said[br]I was sure you could baby-sit for her later. 00:44:48.15,00:44:51.58 Honey, I want to hear[br]everything that happened when I get back. 00:44:51.68,00:44:55.45 But right now, I'm so late[br]I got to rush right back downtown. 00:44:56.99,00:45:01.55 Guess what? My boss is going to buy[br]a new place, and I'm going to manage it. 00:45:01.93,00:45:03.33 How about that? 00:45:03.43,00:45:07.20 We're going to have dinner with the owner,[br]and he wants me there... 00:45:10.37,00:45:13.27 Maybe I better call and say I can't make it. 00:45:14.44,00:45:18.54 - Maybe I better stay home tonight?[br]- You don't have to hold my hand. 00:45:20.65,00:45:21.94 All right. 00:45:23.05,00:45:24.85 Your dinner's on the stove... 00:45:24.95,00:45:27.75 and there's some good programs on tonight. 00:45:28.42,00:45:29.61 Sweetie? 00:45:35.49,00:45:39.59 - You'll be here when I get home, won't you?[br]- Where else would I go? 00:45:45.20,00:45:48.44 I wish you wouldn't make[br]such a big thing out of it. 00:45:49.17,00:45:51.97 Listen, with that deal, it's just as well. 00:45:52.48,00:45:57.04 I told you, I don't care how long it takes[br]for you to find the right thing to do. 00:45:57.15,00:45:59.05 Sweetie, we're doing fine. 00:45:59.49,00:46:02.01 And if my boss[br]does take on this new shop... 00:46:02.12,00:46:04.39 I'll be making much more money. 00:46:09.63,00:46:12.32 You might at least say that I look good. 00:46:13.10,00:46:15.69 If you're going,[br]why in the hell don't you go? 00:46:23.28,00:46:27.91 You know, I knew you were in trouble[br]when I fell in love with you. I knew it. 00:46:28.78,00:46:32.31 I knew it would be rough for us, honey,[br]and it would take time. 00:46:32.42,00:46:34.04 But I didn't care. 00:46:34.49,00:46:37.35 You don't have to be[br]the great big man with me, Earle. 00:46:37.46,00:46:39.82 I don't care about things like that. 00:46:39.93,00:46:43.36 - There's only one thing I care about.[br]- I know. 00:46:45.10,00:46:47.40 But what happens when I get old? 00:46:51.84,00:46:53.40 You are old now. 00:46:59.44,00:47:01.54 You can go straight to hell! 00:47:25.57,00:47:28.70 Hello. Dave Burke. 00:47:30.94,00:47:32.31 Yeah, Burke. 00:48:43.52,00:48:45.24 You mustn't do that. 00:48:48.29,00:48:50.95 Sorry. I was dreaming. 00:48:53.36,00:48:57.19 A man always dreams about what he wants,[br]or what he's afraid of. 00:49:12.51,00:49:14.45 I'm going away for a couple of days. 00:49:14.55,00:49:17.57 Maybe you want to take Eadie[br]for a drive or something. 00:49:19.08,00:49:20.85 Thanks. Maybe I will. 00:49:26.76,00:49:27.92 No. 00:49:32.80,00:49:35.96 - How did all this happen to us?[br]- You know, Johnny... 00:49:36.50,00:49:38.63 I didn't mind what you did to me. 00:49:39.81,00:49:42.17 I minded, but I would've gone on. 00:49:42.27,00:49:44.14 Are you saying I can come back? 00:49:44.24,00:49:47.73 The door's never been locked against you,[br]not for my sake. 00:49:47.85,00:49:50.01 But I couldn't do it to Eadie. 00:49:50.95,00:49:54.01 A child can't have a father[br]who lives your life. 00:49:56.39,00:49:58.32 Except on visiting days. 00:49:58.86,00:50:01.83 Not even on visiting days, but that's the law. 00:50:05.33,00:50:08.36 - You're tough.[br]- Not tough enough to change you. 00:50:08.83,00:50:12.20 For what? To hold hands[br]with those ofay friends of yours? 00:50:12.30,00:50:15.03 I'm trying to make[br]a world fit for Eadie to live in. 00:50:15.14,00:50:18.70 It's a cinch you're not gonna do it[br]with a deck of cards and a racing form. 00:50:18.81,00:50:20.18 But you are? 00:50:20.28,00:50:22.25 You and your big white brothers. 00:50:22.35,00:50:25.11 Drink tea with them[br]and stay out of the watermelon patch. 00:50:25.22,00:50:28.24 Maybe our little colored girl[br]will be Miss America, is that it? 00:50:28.35,00:50:30.75 I won't listen when you talk like that. 00:50:30.86,00:50:34.12 Why don't you wise up?[br]It's their world and we're just living in it. 00:50:34.23,00:50:35.28 Let go of me! 00:50:35.39,00:50:38.09 - Don't let me catch you teaching Eadie...[br]- Daddy! 00:50:39.40,00:50:40.89 You woke me up. 00:50:42.20,00:50:44.29 Baby, I'm sorry. 00:50:45.30,00:50:47.20 Sweetheart, listen. 00:50:50.04,00:50:52.60 I was just telling your mommy[br]how much I loved you. 00:50:52.71,00:50:54.58 And you must never forget it. 00:50:54.91,00:50:57.21 We had such a nice time today. 00:51:00.19,00:51:02.98 I'm telling you how much I love your mama. 00:51:04.32,00:51:06.59 You always mind her, and be good. 00:51:07.99,00:51:10.86 We're counting on you a lot in this family. 00:51:29.15,00:51:32.74 - I want to see Lorry.[br]- Lorry's out. 00:51:33.45,00:51:36.29 Come on, now. Don't be mad. 00:51:37.22,00:51:39.49 I'm sorry about this afternoon. I really am. 00:51:39.59,00:51:42.36 Just me and my miseries you walked in on. 00:51:51.84,00:51:53.00 Oh, you... 00:51:53.71,00:51:56.44 I'm ready to kiss, make up,[br]and say I'm sorry. 00:52:00.08,00:52:03.34 Do you know what that[br]louse of a husband of mine did? 00:52:04.05,00:52:06.61 When I told him that I couldn't get a sitter... 00:52:06.72,00:52:11.45 he just decided to go there[br]with one of the boys. How do you like it? 00:52:12.92,00:52:14.36 I don't mind. 00:52:15.66,00:52:17.46 The kid's sleeping upstairs. 00:52:17.56,00:52:20.03 Come on in, have a drink.[br]I have to go by 11:00. 00:52:20.13,00:52:22.43 I should have told you that anyway. 00:52:23.30,00:52:24.77 Was I really mean? 00:52:24.87,00:52:27.57 Don't you remember what you said? 00:52:28.77,00:52:30.24 I'm scared to. 00:52:31.11,00:52:32.47 What was it? 00:52:35.38,00:52:36.61 I forget. 00:52:38.05,00:52:40.52 To a much more affectionate future. 00:52:45.16,00:52:47.25 Come on in and have a visit. 00:52:47.86,00:52:50.85 I've got to keep an ear open for the baby. 00:52:51.20,00:52:54.43 You can hear the baby plenty, down here.[br]Come on. 00:53:02.77,00:53:06.14 - Would you do a thing like that?[br]- Like what? 00:53:06.24,00:53:09.01 Like he did. Leave me alone this way. 00:53:09.68,00:53:11.27 Not for a minute. 00:53:15.65,00:53:18.35 Can you really hear my kid down here? 00:53:18.46,00:53:21.79 Honey, I spent more sleepless nights[br]with you than you know. 00:53:33.41,00:53:35.60 I'd like to ask you something. 00:53:36.61,00:53:39.30 But you must promise not to be angry. 00:53:40.28,00:53:41.58 I promise. 00:53:43.38,00:53:45.98 - I mean, seriously.[br]- All right. 00:53:48.52,00:53:49.82 I promise. 00:53:51.26,00:53:55.16 How did it feel when you killed that man? 00:53:59.76,00:54:02.32 I'm sorry. I'm stupid. 00:54:06.84,00:54:11.30 - You want me to make your flesh creep?[br]- No. Forget it. 00:54:13.78,00:54:15.21 I enjoyed it. 00:54:16.62,00:54:18.95 It scared me, but I enjoyed it. 00:54:22.92,00:54:25.82 I hated that man so, I could've[br]killed him all over again... 00:54:25.92,00:54:27.92 even though I didn't mean to. 00:54:28.03,00:54:31.26 - What did he do to you?[br]- He called me. 00:54:32.70,00:54:34.10 He insulted me. 00:54:34.20,00:54:37.97 He was a very smart-talking character,[br]and then he called me. 00:54:40.04,00:54:41.63 What do you mean? 00:54:44.34,00:54:45.71 He dared me. 00:54:50.28,00:54:51.84 Like you are now. 00:55:40.63,00:55:42.12 Just this once. 00:55:45.60,00:55:48.90 He comes out of the drugstore,[br]and he crosses over with the light. 00:55:49.01,00:55:52.27 Then he goes down the side street[br]to the side door of the bank. 00:55:52.38,00:55:54.14 It's a regular-sized door. 00:55:54.25,00:55:56.01 Like this. No different. 00:55:56.11,00:55:59.61 Except that in the top half,[br]there's a small glass panel for observation. 00:55:59.72,00:56:01.45 The guard opens the door. 00:56:01.55,00:56:04.32 This is the heart of it, Johnny.[br]That door is on a chain. 00:56:04.42,00:56:06.69 It holds the door open so much. 00:56:06.79,00:56:09.59 The waiter hands the guard the sandwiches. 00:56:10.96,00:56:12.99 - Hello, Burke.[br]- Come in. 00:56:17.64,00:56:21.13 I want you to meet Johnny Ingram.[br]This is Earle Slater. 00:56:23.27,00:56:26.00 Sorry I'm a little late, but I had girlie trouble. 00:56:26.11,00:56:27.87 Where were you, Dave? 00:56:29.08,00:56:30.95 I was telling him about the chain. 00:56:31.05,00:56:33.95 The guard locks the door again[br]without unhooking the chain... 00:56:34.05,00:56:37.78 - and the waiter leaves.[br]- That's right. The chippie is the chain. 00:56:37.89,00:56:40.79 We got to figure out an answer on the chain. 00:56:42.29,00:56:45.29 Maybe you could have him[br]put a gun on the guard... 00:56:45.40,00:56:47.76 and just barrel through the door? 00:56:48.77,00:56:50.76 What do you think, Johnny? 00:56:55.87,00:56:57.31 I don't know. 00:57:02.95,00:57:04.81 Tell him about the car. 00:57:05.05,00:57:06.31 I got a beauty. 00:57:06.42,00:57:09.91 A hopped-up motor with dual carburetion[br]and a beat-up station-wagon body. 00:57:10.02,00:57:12.65 I bought two stolen plates,[br]and the car can't be traced. 00:57:12.76,00:57:14.92 It's a remade job[br]that was used in smuggling. 00:57:15.03,00:57:17.49 We got four police specials[br]that have no history... 00:57:17.60,00:57:19.53 and a couple of shotguns. 00:57:19.90,00:57:23.46 I thought this was an easy job.[br]It sounds like D-day. 00:57:23.74,00:57:26.60 Don't you give those guns a thought.[br]I'll take care of them. 00:57:26.70,00:57:29.00 I'm not thinking about the guns. 00:57:30.07,00:57:31.97 I'm thinking about the chain. 00:57:32.64,00:57:36.44 Don't worry about it, boy.[br]We'll be right there with you. 00:57:36.95,00:57:41.08 All you have to do is carry the sandwiches[br]in a white monkey jacket. 00:57:41.82,00:57:44.79 And give him a big smile.[br]And say, "Yes, sir." 00:57:45.16,00:57:47.72 You don't have to worry,[br]and you don't have to think. 00:57:47.83,00:57:49.45 We'll take care of you. 00:57:49.99,00:57:53.86 - Then you'll have to start right now.[br]- Don't beat out that Civil War jazz here. 00:57:53.97,00:57:57.30 We're in this together, each man equal.[br]We'll take care of each other. 00:57:57.40,00:57:58.56 It's one big play. 00:57:58.67,00:58:01.64 Our only chance to grab stakes forever.[br]I don't want to hear... 00:58:01.74,00:58:05.44 what your grandpappy thought[br]on the old farm in Oklahoma. You got it? 00:58:10.75,00:58:12.68 I'm with you, Dave. 00:58:15.12,00:58:17.78 Like you say, it's just one roll of the dice. 00:58:17.89,00:58:20.32 It doesn't matter what color they are. 00:58:20.43,00:58:22.36 So as they come up seven. 00:58:28.43,00:58:29.92 It's all right, Dave. 00:58:33.87,00:58:35.90 I've got an idea about the chain. 00:58:38.51,00:58:41.07 Let's say the chain on the door[br]is eight inches. 00:58:41.95,00:58:43.97 Or make it 10 for good measure. 00:58:44.85,00:58:47.98 If the box with the sandwiches[br]and the coffee is big enough... 00:58:48.09,00:58:50.88 the guard just naturally[br]has to unlatch that door. 00:58:51.39,00:58:55.02 He can't expect me to turn it sideways[br]because of the coffee, right? 00:58:55.76,00:58:58.52 So the box we use[br]has just got to be big enough. 00:58:59.23,00:59:03.19 And he just naturally has to open that chain.[br]You got it, Johnny. 00:59:03.60,00:59:05.50 It'll work. I know it'll work. 00:59:48.78,00:59:50.94 Earle, don't put on the light. 00:59:51.32,00:59:52.68 I've been crying. 01:00:05.03,01:00:07.52 Earle, I'm like all the rest of them. 01:00:08.50,01:00:12.23 I keep telling you how to live[br]and not letting you be what you are. 01:00:14.17,01:00:15.66 Never mind about me. 01:00:20.48,01:00:24.68 I spoil everything. I can't help it.[br]I just have to spoil it. 01:00:25.02,01:00:26.71 Not for me, darling. 01:00:29.09,01:00:33.18 You know, I just kept waiting here,[br]and I thought if you would come home... 01:00:34.03,01:00:36.19 nothing would ever spoil it for us. 01:00:37.53,01:00:41.93 I thought of how I won't let myself[br]see the way you feel about the money. 01:00:42.77,01:00:45.60 How it has to be your own,[br]or we just can't last. 01:00:46.60,01:00:47.97 And you're right. 01:00:49.57,01:00:51.04 That's the way it is. 01:00:51.81,01:00:55.75 Only don't leave me, Earle.[br]Please, darling, don't leave me. 01:00:58.62,01:01:00.24 I'll never leave you. 01:01:03.52,01:01:05.51 I've been leaving all my life... 01:01:07.76,01:01:09.89 since when I can first remember. 01:01:10.33,01:01:13.16 When the wind blew us off the land[br]in Oklahoma... 01:01:13.70,01:01:14.76 we left. 01:01:16.03,01:01:17.83 After that, I never stayed. 01:01:18.97,01:01:22.06 Not in the Army,[br]not in Detroit, not anyplace. 01:01:23.51,01:01:27.04 I'd start something,[br]if it didn't work right away, I'd blow it. 01:01:28.78,01:01:30.44 It was always something. 01:01:31.32,01:01:35.31 A lousy captain,[br]or a Polack foreman in the auto works... 01:01:35.95,01:01:37.39 or it'd be too slow. 01:01:38.56,01:01:42.75 I'm getting too old to take things slow.[br]If I don't make it now, I never will. 01:01:43.16,01:01:45.63 I mean with you, too. It's now or never. 01:01:45.90,01:01:49.66 - Aren't things ever easy for you, Earle?[br]- Only when I get mad. 01:01:50.54,01:01:52.13 Then they get too easy. 01:01:52.77,01:01:55.40 I think that's why I get mad, to make it easy. 01:01:56.34,01:01:58.00 But I got something now... 01:02:00.14,01:02:01.84 and I'm going to stick with it. 01:04:45.64,01:04:49.70 - Okay, what'll it be, mister?[br]- Just gas. Fill it up. 01:05:18.71,01:05:21.08 Can you do 150 on a straightaway? 01:05:21.91,01:05:24.75 - I said just gas.[br]- Sorry, mister. 01:05:26.95,01:05:29.32 She's strictly 65 on the outside. 01:05:31.62,01:05:33.09 I'm a nut on motors. 01:06:03.99,01:06:04.98 All set? 01:06:05.09,01:06:07.65 Gassed up, parked,[br]and ready for the switch. 01:06:07.99,01:06:09.32 If we get to it. 01:06:10.13,01:06:13.36 - How you doing, Earle?[br]- Just waiting for the whistle. 01:06:14.20,01:06:16.33 Remember, I'm the one who blows it. 01:06:48.47,01:06:49.80 Right on the nose. 01:06:52.90,01:06:57.47 - Take it easy. We got to give him time.[br]- I sure hope he doesn't screw it up. 01:06:58.98,01:07:01.04 - Did you go over the roads?[br]- Twice. 01:07:01.15,01:07:04.64 - You kept your gloves on all the time?[br]- Quit mothering me, Dave. 01:07:05.75,01:07:07.01 Doing all right. 01:07:07.12,01:07:09.25 I don't mind the action, it's the waiting. 01:07:09.35,01:07:11.91 I wasn't made to wait.[br]I've been waiting all my life. 01:07:12.02,01:07:14.72 - It won't be long now.[br]- The sooner the better. 01:07:14.83,01:07:18.96 When I gassed up, that kid in the station[br]opened the hood and saw the motor. 01:07:19.06,01:07:22.12 - What of it?[br]- He surely admired it and me. 01:07:22.60,01:07:25.63 - You worried about it?[br]- Not yet, but I'm working on it. 01:07:27.47,01:07:30.77 - I hope that business with the chain works.[br]- The hell with that chain! 01:07:30.88,01:07:32.37 No fireworks. 01:07:32.84,01:07:34.00 Sure. 01:07:35.75,01:07:39.15 Just get this in your head, Earle.[br]Ingram isn't a powder puff. 01:07:39.52,01:07:41.68 I know you were a tough cop, Dave... 01:07:41.79,01:07:44.85 but a sudden noise in the night[br]is like to frighten brother bones. 01:07:44.96,01:07:46.42 Johnny was in the same war as you. 01:07:46.52,01:07:49.02 Sure, and he had the big white master[br]to hold his hand. 01:07:49.13,01:07:50.92 - He better not crap out.[br]- He won't. 01:07:51.03,01:07:54.09 If he does, I'll hold his hand. 01:08:00.60,01:08:02.77 Attention, please. 01:08:03.11,01:08:05.94 Bus 120, now arriving from New York... 01:08:06.04,01:08:08.57 will depart for Albany in five minutes. 01:08:08.98,01:08:13.28 Bus 120 will depart for Albany[br]in five minutes. 01:08:13.52,01:08:14.64 Thank you. 01:08:54.89,01:08:56.95 Hey, there, you. You with the cap. 01:08:58.36,01:08:59.59 Just a minute. 01:09:11.71,01:09:13.23 You see the accident? 01:09:14.11,01:09:16.55 No, I just heard the crash and there it was. 01:09:16.65,01:09:18.41 - You see him?[br]- I see him. 01:09:25.69,01:09:28.66 - What's that clown trying to do?[br]- Keep your shirt on. 01:09:30.29,01:09:31.69 All right, thanks. 01:09:33.06,01:09:34.93 Could you wait a minute, sir? 01:11:08.03,01:11:10.12 - You crazy?[br]- Shut up. What did the cop want? 01:11:10.23,01:11:12.59 A bit of bad luck.[br]He asked if I saw the accident. 01:11:12.70,01:11:13.96 So you gave your fingerprints. 01:11:14.06,01:11:16.53 - Did he see your license?[br]- How stupid can you get? 01:11:18.37,01:11:21.53 I got nothing in my wallet[br]but a bus ticket and $15. 01:11:21.91,01:11:23.60 - That's all?[br]- That's all. 01:11:23.87,01:11:25.81 But he got a good look at me,[br]right up close. 01:11:25.91,01:11:28.24 - You were wearing the glasses.[br]- We were face to face. 01:11:28.35,01:11:30.61 Your mother wouldn't know you[br]in those dark glasses. 01:11:30.71,01:11:31.91 She would if I held up a bank. 01:11:32.02,01:11:35.35 Get wise to yourself.[br]You're another black spot on Main Street. 01:11:35.45,01:11:37.04 Shut your ugly mouth. Get in the car. 01:11:37.15,01:11:39.82 Some day I'm going to snap off[br]your poisoned head. 01:11:39.92,01:11:43.38 Listen to me, Johnny. That cop[br]wouldn't recognize you in 100 years. 01:11:43.49,01:11:46.83 We have to take some chances.[br]You're a gambling man. Gamble. 01:11:48.10,01:11:49.26 It depends on the odds. 01:11:49.37,01:11:52.34 Back up. The odds will never be right.[br]I know how to handle him. 01:11:52.44,01:11:55.84 I've been handling them all my life.[br]He's no different. 01:11:55.94,01:11:58.24 - All right, Slater, handle me.[br]- Johnny! 01:12:11.96,01:12:16.55 It's now or never. We're right up to the line.[br]We'll be done and away by 6:15. 01:12:17.43,01:12:19.42 You're sure[br]you want to go through with this? 01:12:19.53,01:12:21.52 It's going to let us live again. 01:12:27.37,01:12:29.00 - All right.[br]- Good boy. 01:12:29.84,01:12:32.87 We keep apart till 6:00.[br]Everything like we planned. Let's move. 01:12:32.98,01:12:35.67 The next time you call me,[br]I'm going to see you. 01:12:36.28,01:12:37.61 I'll be waiting. 01:12:37.78,01:12:40.38 You're not just another white spot to me. 01:12:41.05,01:12:42.52 All right, let's go. 01:12:48.86,01:12:50.22 Take it easy, pal. 01:12:57.77,01:12:59.24 Don't worry about Slater. 01:12:59.34,01:13:02.20 He's a hard nose,[br]but he's dependable in the clutch. 01:13:02.61,01:13:04.04 It's going to work. 01:19:11.48,01:19:13.67 - What?[br]- I don't know. Just something. 01:19:13.84,01:19:16.24 Maybe drive around, something like that. 01:19:16.81,01:19:21.34 I don't know which is worse, the atom bomb[br]or you kids in your do-it-yourself cars. 01:19:21.45,01:19:24.15 You should've seen the job[br]I gassed up this afternoon. 01:19:24.25,01:19:27.82 Just an old beat-up station wagon.[br]But the motor inside... 01:19:48.95,01:19:50.04 The carton? 01:20:12.40,01:20:14.87 - You'll come over and baby-sit with us?[br]- Sure. 01:20:18.11,01:20:21.74 Wait here. No nonsense with those guns.[br]Do you hear me? 01:20:27.05,01:20:30.32 - There, I got you right in the mouth.[br]- I got you in the eye. 01:20:30.42,01:20:33.45 - Right in the nose.[br]- You missed me that time. 01:21:15.37,01:21:16.76 Let's have the key. 01:22:26.50,01:22:28.80 - Did you get anything?[br]- Not a shot. 01:22:29.14,01:22:31.27 - We jumped a couple of rabbits.[br]- Good. 01:22:31.37,01:22:34.50 - There, I got you.[br]- I got you again. 01:22:35.45,01:22:38.57 All right. Come on, let's get them girls. 01:22:38.68,01:22:39.94 We deserved it. 01:22:40.28,01:22:43.22 We got them. Right in the bellybutton. 01:22:44.25,01:22:45.59 Cut it out. 01:22:45.99,01:22:49.12 - I got them right in the mouth.[br]- I got them on the lip. 01:22:50.46,01:22:51.93 Watch out, here's... 01:22:57.00,01:22:58.02 Brats. 01:22:59.07,01:23:01.00 We're sorry. We'll help you. 01:24:44.77,01:24:46.30 You're late, Charlie. 01:24:52.72,01:24:54.77 They must be using bigger boxes. 01:24:55.25,01:24:56.62 Just a second. 01:25:00.82,01:25:02.19 There, let's see. 01:25:04.03,01:25:06.02 Darn chain, there. 01:25:31.92,01:25:33.08 Don't move. 01:25:35.46,01:25:36.48 Joe. 01:25:39.76,01:25:40.96 Don't shoot. 01:25:43.80,01:25:44.82 Shut up. 01:25:44.93,01:25:47.46 Now just sit still, everyone, and behave. 01:26:30.05,01:26:31.60 Hey, Charlie, got an extra? 01:26:31.71,01:26:35.12 Man, I got a dozen of them[br]all over the sidewalk, back there. 01:27:00.51,01:27:01.67 The waiter. 01:27:05.98,01:27:06.97 Go ahead. 01:27:21.86,01:27:25.03 Let's cut out before he kills somebody.[br]Give me the keys. 01:27:25.13,01:27:28.16 - Dave, you get the car.[br]- But Johnny's supposed to get the car. 01:27:28.27,01:27:30.97 - We got it made. Come on.[br]- Give me the keys. 01:27:31.64,01:27:32.73 Come on! 01:27:36.11,01:27:37.70 Keep the room covered. 01:27:42.89,01:27:45.05 Pete, can I see you a minute? 01:27:46.06,01:27:48.96 - Sure thing.[br]- I need another book of raffle tickets. 01:27:49.06,01:27:50.58 Well, I sure have... 01:27:54.46,01:27:55.66 That's funny. 01:27:56.40,01:27:57.73 Hold it, mister. 01:27:58.07,01:27:59.69 You there, the hunter. 01:28:18.82,01:28:19.91 Stay there. 01:28:31.83,01:28:32.93 A stickup. 01:28:47.22,01:28:48.55 Get in the car. 01:28:48.99,01:28:50.35 He's got the key. 01:28:57.23,01:28:58.72 To the car, Dave. 01:29:10.61,01:29:12.94 Keep these people back out of danger. 01:29:18.25,01:29:20.58 My God! My car! 01:29:26.06,01:29:27.75 Cover me, I'll get Dave. 01:29:50.11,01:29:51.71 Throw the keys, Burke. 01:29:52.55,01:29:54.81 Give up. You don't have a chance. 01:29:57.15,01:29:59.38 The keys, Burke. 01:30:00.02,01:30:03.05 You there, in the alley.[br]Come out with your hands up. 01:30:10.93,01:30:13.66 Burke, give us the keys! 01:30:30.05,01:30:33.25 There are your keys. You still got it made. 01:30:35.36,01:30:36.55 Run, Johnny. 01:30:39.36,01:30:40.49 I'm sorry. 01:30:41.73,01:30:44.29 - Let's clear out.[br]- We can't leave Burke here. 01:30:49.31,01:30:52.07 Watch it. Look out. Drop that gun! 01:30:59.12,01:31:00.48 What do you know? 01:31:01.08,01:31:03.07 He sure ain't going to talk now. 01:31:05.12,01:31:09.02 You screwed it up.[br]You couldn't trust. You killed him. 01:33:13.22,01:33:14.48 No, hold it! 01:34:43.54,01:34:45.80 Well, these are the two that did it. 01:34:54.82,01:34:56.08 Which is which? 01:34:57.35,01:34:58.68 Take your pick.
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Ostrov Sokrovisch (Yevgheny Fridman USSR 1971) CD1
Ostrov Sokrovisch (Yevgheny Fridman USSR 1971) CD2
Others The
Otogiriso 2001
Our Lady of the Assasins CD1
Our Lady of the Assasins CD2
Out-of-Towners The (1970)
Out Cold
Out To Sea 1997
Out for Justice 1991
Out for a Kill
Out for justice
Out of Reach 2004 I
Out of Reach Rescue The
Out of Sight Collector Edition
Outlaw The (Howard Hawks 1943)
Outsiders The (1983)
Over the Rainbow
Ovosodo (Paolo VirzÍ 1997)
Owl and the Pussycat The 1970
Owning Mahowny