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Okay 2002

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How many jobless does it take|to screw in a lightbulb?
None, it's quicker to do it yourself.
But let's talk about|finding you some work.
I got you some course brochures,|like we talked about.
But what i need now is some money|for the next 3-4 months...
...and then everything will be fine.
My brother went to Bali.
He found out how cheap|furniture is on Bali.
Beautiful teakwood. So he's starting|an import firm and i'll get a job.
Let's play a game called|"Straight Talk".
Ready, set, go!|Every time i find something for you...
You've just made great big plans.
And the next time we meet,|it hasn't worked out.
Do you know what|furniture costs in Bali?
If you import so much as a footstool,|i'll buy it.
But until then,|you'll pick a course -
- or sweep streets while|planning your import strategy.
You are so bossy.|- That's that.
Accounting is complaining again.|- Putting people to work isn't cheap.
Accounting can go to hell.|- We don't have unlimited resources.
- I'm the boss, Agnethe.|- Stop saying my name.
You always say "Agnethe, Agnethe".
Oh. Where was i?
You said you were the boss.|- Yeah, i'm the boss.
My daughter has to go to the dentist.
She's been sent to a specialist|on the other side of town.
I love the Danish health system.|It's fantastic.
- I was telling you off.|- It went great.
I was telling her off.
Now this stupid car has a new noise.|What a pain.
I'm going to ask him|to take off my braces.
- My teeth are straight enough.|- Stop it, Trine.
- You did neck braces, steel cables...|- Cables? Come on, Mom.
Elastic bands, then. You've only|got 6 months left, Trine-darling.
Please stop calling me Trine-darling.|My name is Katrine.
Hello ?|Hi, Dad.
What schedule? i'll be there at 8.
I'm losing the signal.|i'll be there at 8.
Get lost, jerk.|i hate when people honk.
You shouldn't drive|and talk on a cellphone.
Aren't you just little Miss Legal.
Bye.|- See you tonight.
Dante also dealt|with midlife crises.
"In the middle of|the journey of our life"-
-"I came to myself within a dark wood|where the straight way was lost."
I think time's up.|- Yes.
Remember to read the two short|stories by Carver for Thursday.
They are full of midlife crises.|Carver is a midlife crisis.
My name is Tanja.
Do you know|a Japanese novel that ends:
"Thanks for waving good bye again|and again."
I hate Japanese books.|i like their food, but hate their books.
Yes, but i collect last lines in novels|and i can't remember where it's from.
Write it down and|i'll see if i can find it for you.
We came to ask you something.|- Can you hear it?
It's enough to drive you crazy.
They work until 4-5 every afternoon.|The roadwork is driving me crazy.
They dig one hole after the other.
We want a baby.|- That sounds nice.
And we both want a gay donor.
It needs to be someone we know.|- Due to the risks with sperm banks.
So ...
We wanted to ask if you would do it.
We asked John, but he wouldn't.|- No, but...
We're not very fatherly in my family.|i haven't seen my dad in 8 years.
You won't be on any papers.|We'll list the father as unknown.
- Who will the mother be?|- I'll be the mother.
Janni will be too, only not that way.
- Kristian?|- Hi.
I hope i got the right things.
Phew, your coffee tastes awful.
I don't get how your food is so good|and your coffee is so bad.
- I may be able to get 5 hours more.|- That sounds good.
- I'll have less time to write.|- You only work 14 hours a week.
It is 14 hours too many.|i'm wasting my time teaching.
If only i could pay all the bills,|you could write your stories.
But we've got your debts, a broken|dishwasher and a wreck of a car.
- So 19 hours is better than 14.|- It's a novel, not a story.
Tell them to shove the 5 hours.
I already said yes.
Hi, Trine-darling!
She wants her braces off now, but|i insisted on the last 6 months.
Do we agree?
What's up?
They say if you agree,|i can have the braces off now.
That sounds pretty cool.
Use a glass.|No, it doesn't sound cool.
She didn't get them just to quit early.|- Your mouth isn't full of steel.
You're only 14,|so your parents decide.
That's how it is.
And i'm doing your dishes|so you're doing it after dinner.
"That sounds pretty cool".|You hippie.
Okay, boys and girls,|it's dinnertime.
It looks great. Wow.
Katrine, turn that off.|We don't watch TVwhile we eat.
They taste great.
Sorry, Kristian.|i've got to get to Dad's by 8.
Wontons take ages to make.|- i'll eat them later.
They taste great with chili sauce,|which you don't have.
But they're also good without it.|See you.
Help yourself.
- It's their damn forms.|- It's not that complicated, Dad.
Johannes Hermansen.|That's pretty much you, okay?
- And then it says...|- Just tell me where to sign.
You just think it's complicated.|it says here...
Where do i sign?
Go get some water.
Would you mind|seeing a doctor about this?
- I'm not seeing any doctor.|- Do it! Penicillin will fix it.
- Where do i sign?|- Where it says "Signature".
You're welcome, Dad.|Don't mention it.
Yes, i'll hold.
Martin...?|Dad's been coughing for 2 months.
I finally get him to a doctor|and he refers him to the hospital.
Hello?|Yes, i'm holding.
But i just talked to another secretary.
She said there was a cancellation.|My father will take it.
Can't i get it for my Dad?
Yes? Thanks...|Bye.
Let's trade. You take care of Dad|for the next 8 years and l'll...
Research says you get brain cancer|from talking on mobile phones.
Yes. And that you get butt cancer|by always being so pessimistic.
So what's up?
You said you wanted to talk|so i assume there's reason.
One of my friends asked me|to ask about some details -
- ...about being a dad as a donor.|- What do the authorities say?
It's a guy called John Albrechtsen.|A lesbian asked him...
- Are you going to be a father?|- No.
- I said his name was John.|- Okay.
John, i think it's a really bad idea.|I really don't think...
I am an adult. i own a sushi bar.|I didn't plan to be a dad.
- Would you put your feet down?|- Sorry.
- I'm going to do it.|- Well, that's a nice idea.
But the second you admit paternity...'ll have to pay child support|until the child is 18.
- They've already waived that.|- Until they change their minds.
Because then the law says|you have to pay anyway.
By law you could change your mind|and l'd have to pay.
- We wouldn't dream of it.|- No, but...
- I think there should be a dad.|- We've got an ovulation coming up.
Oh.|So what's supposed to happen?
Well, you're obviously not|going to have sex.
You're going to masturbate|into a condom.
We'll take it and|inject the sperm into Trisse.
- With a syringe from the drug store.|- Okay. Great. Sure.
- It's much more effective than sex.|- Super.
- Hi.|- Hi, i'll take the usual...
It'll take five minutes.
Well, Johannes...
We've done blood tests|and taken X-rays.
We'd like to keep you|for a few days.
There is no sign of any tumors...
...but it's abnormal to have|pneumonia for two months.
Johannes, your spleen|is clearly enlarged.
We would like to do some tests|on your bone marrow.
He's coughing and|you want to test his bone marrow?
Let's just see what|the bone marrow test shows.
What do you think it is?|What's wrong?
It could be...
It could be something to do|with the white blood cells.
Can't we go home, pack a bag|and come back tomorrow?
- Excuse me?|- You can't keep him right now.
- He doesn't even have his toothbrush.|- We'll take care of that.
We'd just like to keep him|for a few days.
- How long is a few days?|- Shut up, Agnethe.
- Sorry. i am allowed to ask, right?|- Yes.
Bone marrow? I hope it's not serious.
Don't worry.|It's just the Danish health system.
If you're really sick,|you wait 3 years.
If you just need penicillin,|you get the whole works.
A bone marrow test|sounds a little heavy.
Can't we just small talk?|How about our storage loft?
l'd like a storage room|to store all of our stuff.
And l'd like to talk|about your 38th birthday.
No, i can't.|i've got read all this for tomorrow.
It's about homemade preventive care.|i mean preventive homecare.
- Yes?|- It's me. You know... the bull.
Just kidding.
How's it going?
I'm coming. Or whatever you say.
- Do you have any magazines?|- Yes, but...
- They've only got girls in them.|- Of course.
- I'll do fine.|- Okay.
- Well...?|- Yes?
I said, stop.
Excuse me.
I had a phone call.
- What's the deal?|- We've run a series of tests.
Your illness is called|Chronic Myloblastic Leukemia.
You have very few white|blood cells to fight infections...
...which is why you can't|get rid of them.
- This is serious.|- Yes, i thought as much.
The illness has entered|its acute phase...
...its acute phase.
What are you going to do?
We don't think there|is a realistic chance.
There is a mild chemotherapy|treatment called Hydrea.
- I don't want chemotherapy.|- Wait. What are you saying?
We can treat your infections.|We will give you blood transfusions.
But we can't do very much else.
But, what are you going...
- I'm sorry.|- But what does Hydrea do?
Johannes, you have some time|to put your things in order.
We've got plenty of order. What...
You need to shut up now, Agnethe.|Get it?
Hey, you! Stop a second.
Stop a second.
My Dad is sick and|you're sending him home?
- What's that mean?|- Please lower your voice.
It means your Dad|doesn't have much time.
- Not much time? How much?|- I'd rather not give a precise date.
Oh yeah? Well, try anyway.
What are we talking about? 6 months?
- 3 months?|- We can't tell.
Probably not quite that long.
Not even 3 months?
Say something.
Are we talking about 3 weeks?
Is it 3 weeks?
Yes, 3 or ...
I won't put an exact date on it,|but realistically ...
Realistic? 3 weeks?
What should i do?|- Be together as much as you can.
If someone could move in with him|or the other way around -
- the hospital would issue|all the necessary medicine.
So he just goes home?|- it's not very nice here, is it?
Should i come in?
Don't come in.
And then this fucking doctor said|3 weeks is more realistic.
He said realistic right to my face.|- That's tough.
You shouldn't die alone.|You should be with your family.
It's my Dad and|it's just 3 weeks, 3 weeks.
He is going to be here.|And that's that.
Wouldn't he better off at home?|We can take care of him there.
People piss in his stairway.
He could be with Katrine|and you could cook for him.
And i swear i'll get him|to talk to Martin.
Where will he sleep?|- Our sofa is as big as a football field.
Can't you say "we'll manage"|and "it will be fine"?
Sure, we'll manage just fine, but|you don't exactly get along with him.
I'm going to talk to Katrine.
What did your Dad say?
It's just...
You don't know anyone anymore|so you'll be all alone here.
Would you look at me?
I want you to move in with us.
And lounge around on the sofa?|- No, you won't lounge anywhere.
You'll be with us. We'll...
... be together as a family.
You don't stick your Dad|on the couch to die.
I look like a loser.|- Don't forget your lunch.
Where should he sleep then?
We could put the extra bed|in your office.
My office? Let's turn the office|into a gypsy camp.
Forget that i'm a writer.|- Don't say that while i'm listening.
That was low.|- You've got 11 novels in the drawer.
You can't go on wearing|hip-hop clothes and being talented.
I know it's hard,|but you could contact a publisher.
They start well and i can't|finish them. You said so too.
I know nothing about endings.|But at least you could submit them.
They could advise you.|- i'll decide that myself.
I know that|an unpublished writer is a joke.
You guys have a nice day, okay?|And, yes, i remembered my lunch.
lt'll be fine.
I eat, smoke and crap|when it suits me.
Of course.|What do you take me for?
What about all of my plants?
I guess we'll have to take those too.|- i can't leave them.
Of course.|- it's going to be a circus.
My car will be fixed by tomorrow|so i'll come get your stuff.
Damn it!
I can walk by myself.
Faulkner is over-rated?|- All Nobel prize winners are.
You can't judge literature.|- Listen.
You're a20-year old student|who collects last lines in novels -
- and you presume to put down|William Faulkner?
I'm 22.
Want a cup of coffee?|Come on. Let's get some coffee.
But read "As i Lay Dying"|in the original, okay?
Does it have a good last line?
Holy cow.
Should we have a cup of coffee?
I need to get the bed from the cellar.|My kind husband forgot it.
You'll get Kristian's office.|- i've got to sleep in that cupboard?
I guess we could sleep in there.
You can have our bedroom.|We'll sleep on a mattress.
But we haven't talked in 8 years.|- Whatever.
You're going to talk to each other.|- 8 years is a long time.
If you remember, he's the one|that cut off contact.
Don't do it for my sake, okay.|Do it for him.
He needs to talk to you.
He wants to talk to you.
Is that a gay thing?|- What?
Your cleaning mania.
I'm going to watch TV.
That is so cool.
Then go and watch it.
I'm on sabbatical from my studies -
- and if i withdraw,|i'll never get back in.
If you're still pursuing a degree,|then there isn't much i can...
Do i have to say everything twice?|i don't get tuition assistance.
You sit at your computer|and you don't care.
You don't give a shit!
I hope you end up|down and out some time.
You can't take leave|at such short notice.
"Persons wishing to nurse a dying|relative have a right to leave".
My father died last year.
My Dad was a real asshole.
My Dad isn't an asshole.|He's just stubborn -
- bad at talking or saying|something is nice.
I thought he'd say it was nice|i had cleaned up my room.
He never said anything was nice.
Only when Martin made some ugly|wooden sword or something.
Hi.|- Hi.
Don't we have an appointment?
You know what?|They've closed everything.
The welfare office got sold|and i've been fired.
Crazy, isn't it?
Can't you just say that it's okay|that my Dad has moved in?
I've said it.
This reminds me of when|we went camping.
Good night.
He's been in there for ages.
Dad, are you okay?|- i'm on the can.
What? He's busy.|You can shower after school.
I don't want to talk about it.
Take this pill, please.
We've got to talk about something|that will make you angry.
But here goes.
Eight years ago, Martin told you|he liked other men.
You got up and called a cab for him -
- and you haven't seen|each other since.
Have you considered whether|8 years is long enough?
Where's my lunch?|- i forgot it.
Ask Kristian for some money, okay?|- Fine. Bye.
He called me an old fascist.|- He was young and rebellious.
He would like to talk to you.
Martin, this is Dad.|Dad, this is Martin.
Here's the coffee.|This is sugar. That is milk.
Here's a lovely cookie.
Martin is your son no matter what|he does or who he does it with.
And it's hard for an old carpenter to|accept that his boy isn't a real boy.
Now you two talk.
It's been a while.
Yes, it's been a while.
You two were supposed to talk.
It's a little hard for him.
It's for me too.|- And so you say, Dad?
It's hard for me too.|- Stop repeating what we say.
I'm not a fascist.|i'm a social democrat.
Great, Dad.|Now that's taken care of. Right?
I don't know what to say.|He's the one that wants to talk, right?
So i've got the jizz.
And she stood in the middle of...
And so there i am, right?|- i had no clue.
Janni and Trisse.
There's something|we need to talk about.
Something i didn't tell you.
I've got a genetic defect in my back|called Scheuermann's disease.
It may be hereditary, so...
That's fine.|- That's okay, Martin.
I'm 32 and wear reading glasses.|i'm a neurotic cleaner.
We know, Martin.|- i wear inserts in my shoes.
Don't worry about it.|- But what if it's a boy?
I won't be able to play|football with him.
Janni, move that cigarette.|- Martin.
We may already be pregnant.
We've got a daughter called Katrine,|who is already 14.
How old are you?|38?
37, just like Agnethe.
Let's stop talking about your family.|- Sure.
Where are the papers you mentioned?
Let's talk about sex.|- Sex?
l'd like to do you|after we drink our coffee.
We can't. We really can't.
I'm married.|Agnethe's dad is really sick.
Didn't we agree not to talk|about your family?
I'm not out to mess up|your marriage.
I just think it could be really nice.
Would you bring the sugar?
You don't know if...
So, we're surfing, huh?
There's always something to watch.
What aftershave do you use?|You smell like a whorehouse.
I need to shower.
Our Dear Mother,|Ruth Hermansen
I don't want to lie next her.|- What do you mean?
She always coughed.|it was a relief when she died.
Knock it off.|You paid for the double plot.
She always meddled in everything.
She made sucking sounds|with her false teeth.
I almost left her once.|i had an affair.
It was our neighbor on Pilehojvej.
The one with the birthmark?
At least she was cheerful.|Her name was Tove.
She had an ass. i like big asses.
We're standing at Mom's grave.|i don't think it's funny.
So we're going to leave Mom's grave.
She had big boobs too.
Would you wait until|we're out of this cemetery?
What are you doing?
Dad can't eat the Wok stuff|so i'm doing Salisbury Steak.
Good idea. Should i help?
No, i can do it, i'm 37 years old.
You're using the vegetable|cutting board for meat.
Do you mind leaving my kitchen?|- Yes.
That's a vegetable knife.|But it can be washed.
l'd turn the sauce down a little bit.
The gravy is supposed to boil.
This is a rebroadcast of a program|that was transmitted earlier today.
Welcome to the program.|Today, we're going to talk about...
Dad, are you sure|you don't want half a one?
I can't taste any more. i can't smell|any more. i've lost my appetite.
You could have a taste.|- The gravy tastes burnt.
Shut up or move out.|- i'm only 14.
But you're very mature.|Do you want anything else?
Let him be. He's not hungry.
That tastes awful. Sorry.|- it is really weird.
I'll stick to the shopping.|What do you want on your pizza?
What did you put in it?|- Shut up.
Capers?|- Shut up. Eat your broccoli.
It has been 3 weeks since|the doctor said he had 3 weeks left.
I miss you.
Could we talk to|the undertaker himself?
That's me. Anne-Mette Agaard.|- Oh. Hello.
I thought perhaps my father|would like to decide for himself.
These are the most popular models.
What's that one made of?
It's lacquered plywood.|This one is solid pine.
Are those the prices?|- Yes.
Without tax. it's important to|find a price that fits your budget.
This is good craftsmanship.|- it's oak. With a silk finish.
Oak? it's nice.|You don't burn them, do you?
It's intended for burial,|but everything can be cremated.
I'm an old carpenter.|You can't bury me in a fruit crate.
I wouldn't dream of it.
Oak is my favorite wood.
I'll take this one.
Do you want to look at the urns?|- Let's look at the flowers.
Maybe i should have some.
Kristian made it.
It's ethnic food.
It's fish in cocoa nut milk.
I can taste and smell a little again.
I need to remember to take my pills.
I need a refill of my prescription.
It's starting, Granddad.
A month ago,|you said he had 3 weeks -
- and now you say|he's not going to...
No, there's been|a temporary improvement.
We can't say when precisely.|- i feel better.
That's great, but...|well, it's fantastic.
But how much longer? 6 months?
Not likely. But it's hard.|No two cases are alike.
No, you've said that 100 times.
I'm no longer short of breath.|- it could quickly get worse.
You're saying you know nothing.|- i wouldn't say that.
You made me give you a date.|i didn't want to.
Of course we're glad Dad is still...|- i hardly cough at all.
No, that's fine.
It's fantastic.
By the way,|i've given up my apartment.
What?|- My apartment.
I'll get the 3-month deposit back.
You'll be able to pay for|the coffin and the flowers.
You gave notice?|- i didn't think l'd need it.
Did anyone say|you had to move back?
You're going to live with us until...
For as long as it lasts, you're...|Of course, you are.
Agnethe, dinner!
This isn't so bad.
What's the yellow thing?|- it's a yellow pepper.
Four zeroes. The number 5.|250,000!
From now on, we don't watch TV|while we eat. That's that.
I want my braces off. i look like|a monster. My teeth are fine.
What's up with your teeth?|- i don't want to talk about teeth.
And my clothes money?|- i don't want to talk about them.
Not at all.
I'll give you 1,000 kroner|when i get my deposit.
Cool.|- Dad, don't give Katrine money.
Katrine, stay in your seat|until everyone's done.
And i think we need to talk|about who does what here.
Who vacuums,|who cleans the bathroom, etc.
Don't you think?|- Sure.
For example, you two should|do the dishes tonight.
Don't wait for me, old girl,|i'll say when it's time to dry up.
Check it out, you're turning|into the expert parent.
And you're turning into your mother.
You know what?|i'm nothing like Mom.
Mom was awful.
Damn it!
And who just got pregnant?|And who just got pregnant?
And who just got pregnant?
What do you think?
We'd also like to order 3 sakes.
My treat.|- No, i'll pay.
It's my treat.|- i'm paying.
It's my treat.|- i'm going to pay.
I can't drink.|- Of course you can.
Sake. Sake.
We're having a birthday party.
Damn, this place is depressing.
Do you want the TV?|- it's an awful TV.
Why do i have to clean up his junk?
You do know you haven't|been to see him, right?
And soon it will be too late, Martin.
We've got to take that,|Dad made it as an apprentice.
I won't. He threw me out and|we haven't talked in 8 years.
I know.|- And now i've got to do this?
There's no time for anger now.|- i'm looking forward to when he dies.
There's no time, Martin.
I don't care.|And i got those two girls pregnant.
I jerked off into a condom|and Trisse is pregnant.
Wipe the table off too.|And the stove.
Did you hear Martin|is going to be a Dad?
Who is?|- Martin.
He got two lesbians pregnant.|Or at least one of them.
He did it in a condom and|they injected it with a syringe.
Did you learn that in school?|- No, Mom told me.
I didn't think there|would be more grandchildren.
You need money for clothes.
2,000 kroner to buy yourself|some cool clothes.
You're so damn pretty.
You are, damn it.
Shouldn't you get that stuff|out of your mouth?
Mom won't let me.|- They're your teeth.
Yes, they are my teeth.
Don't be scared of Mom.|i changed her diapers.
And these two holes?|- The man lived here.
You can see that.|- What about wear and tear?
He only had one phone, right?|i assume this is the plug.
And?|- it's defective.
It's a relatively new carpet, right?|- i guess. it looks that way.
Hi.|- Hi.
I was wondering if|you wanted to read this.
I know the ending is unlikely.|- l'd love to.
It's really improbable and...|- Come inside, sweetheart.
It doesn't usually do this.
There's something wrong|with this door.
There's a long scratch.|- Where?
Here.|- i can't see it.
Look.|- i can't see a scratch.
It has to be refinished.
Where is there a scratch?|- Look from over here.
You have got to be joking.
Now i'll buy this scratched door.|Was there anything else?
No.|- Great. Then thanks for the door.
Doesn't Kundera have a husband|go home smelling of sex?
What was that?
Did you get me washed off?
How many extra hours did you take?|- What? Five.
Five?|it seems like you're gone more that.
Maybe it's your schedule telling|people when to scratch their asses?
Is it completely unthinkable|that i sometimes write -
- somewhere where|there's peace and quiet?
You pretty worked up, aren't you?
How long did you say this would last?|3 weeks.
Check your diary.|it's been 2 months.
What should i do?|Say: Dad, you promised to die?
I'm just getting a cup of coffee.
You guys make good coffee.|- Granddad, which channel is it?
This is yours.|"Guide to Acknowledging Paternity".
The law... i have to pee all the time.
The law says if you know who|the father is you have to tell.
We'll say you met some|"Giorgio" while on vacation.
You can do that?
"lf fatherhood is acknowledged,|it can't be altered."
I wish you would decide whether|you want to be acknowledged.
I think it would be easiest if|you weren't on those papers.
You won't tell Trisse i said so, right?|- No.
I read it.|- i know it's garbage.
I know it loses the plot|and just look at the title.
It's good.|- it's a first draft.
You think so?|- Yes.
I think it's sad|they don't get each other.
But it's really good.
And i think this should|be the last line.
You think it's good?|- it's really good.
What are we waiting for?|- We're waiting for the princess.
Okay, we're waiting for the princess.
Here you go. Here she is.
You look great.|What a lovely dress.
What else did you get?|- Else? it's from a proper shop.
She spent 2,000 kroner on a dress?|- Shut up, Agnethe.
Here comes the icing on the cake.
Come on, Katrine.
Goodbye, railroad tracks.
They let me take them off.|They said my teeth were good enough.
Why did they change their minds?
That's how teeth are.
So if i call, they'll say,|we changed our mind about her teeth.
You got your Granddad to sign|without my knowledge.
They're my teeth.|- You're going back to the dentist.
And they will tell you what to do.|Get it? Get it, Katrine?
Agnethe.|- Katrine, listen to me.
Let me tell you something.|You may not think i'm a good mother.
But i have a job,|i do the laundry and the shopping.
Right now, i need you to be|a little nicer than normal.
Get it? Katrine!
You need to change your behavior|if you're going to live here. Get it?
You had your chance to raise me,|but you weren't interested.
Katrine is mine.|- She is herself.
Don't be sensitive.|i'm not in the mood.
Relax, it's just her teeth.
I gave you my bedroom,|i made you food -
- and you watch TV all day|and tell me to relax?
You were the one that|wanted me to move in.
I just wanted you to see|that you had a family.
I didn't ask you for anything.
You never ask for anything.|or ever give anyone anything.
You're just like your mother,|just like your mother.
No wonder Kristian|occasionally strays.
What exactly does that mean?
If you've got something to say about|Kristian, come tell me right now.
Hello?|- Hi, sweetheart.
I'm still at the University.|i've got a class in a minute.
But i forgot your Dad's medicine.
He can get it himself.|i'm so tired of him.
Okay, that's fine.
I've got class in little while.|- i made you lunch.
It's okay.|- i've got to go.
Bye, sweetheart.
Tanya speaking.
Hi.|- Hi.
Everyone knows that if you call a|mobile phone it displays the number.
My name is Agnethe.|Agnethe is my name.
Would you like to come in?
It's a shame we aren't men, then|we could kick each other's asses.
Are you sure|you don't want to come in?
It's so weird. Things are pretty|bad at my place right now.
I understand him.|i understand him really well.
And you're much more|beautiful than me.
You can't say that.|- Yes, you can. Just like that, you can.
Hi, sweetheart.
What's up?
Yes, what's up?
Did things go well at the University?|- Same as usual.
Your coffee's bad because you don't|wait for the water to boil.
By the way, i visited the girl|you're fucking at the moment.
Great, Kristian. Congratulations.
I can't hear you.
Agnethe, damn it.|- Now you're invisible too.
You disappeared. How strange.
Agnethe, damn it, relax.
What are you doing?
Dad's just fucking one of his students.|She is isn't she?
So say goodbye to Dad|because he's leaving.
Goodbye, Dad.
So rewrite it.|Now you've got an ending.
Hi.|- Hi.
I've been thrown out.
So i came here.
Agnethe, what are you doing here?|- Hi.
I'm hear to say i'm ready|to come back to work.
I'm sorry to hear that.|- What?
You mean your father is...?
No, no, he's fine.
My family and i just need|to get back into our rhythm.
You mean he isn't...
Has he recovered?|is he okay?
You're my boss so we don't|have to get personal, right?
Of course not.
You know what...
I think i'm going to go over|my brother-in-law's.
I can't go on wearing hip-hop|clothes and being talented.
I'm 37 and you're 20.
I've got to go.
So i'm going to go.
ln the 14th week, the fetus will|measure 11.5 cm from head to toe.
The skin is very thin and|lanugo hair covers the body.
Lanugo hair?|- Yes.
14 weeks means it's way too late|for any kind of abortion, right?
Of course not.
I don't want to be on those papers.|- That's fine, Martin.
Well, the skin, etc.|Where was it? Lanugo hair.
I think that's just not right.
That's just not right.|- No.
It may be weird since i'm lesbian...|- Quiet, Trisse.
Don't tell me to be quiet!
We will make fine parents, but it's|stupid to pretend there's no father.
There is always a father!
Being pregnant makes you sensitive.|- Yes.
Forget about it.
I was just passing by.|- Oh.
This is a nice place.|- Thanks.
I just brought this. it's 2,000 kroner.
I don't need money.|- it's not for you.
I heard another grandchild is coming.
I gave Katrine 2,000 and|there's also 2,000 in that.
You shouldn't favor some children|over others. it's important.
You need to treat them all the same.
I've got some errands to run|and i've got a cab waiting.
We can't take you back, Johannes.|Your condition has to deteriorate.
I'm living with my daughter and -
- and it's a big terrible mess.
I think we've got some kleenex here.
I've turned into|a real crybaby, haven't l?
Agnethe's okay. it's not that.
She's a lot like her mother,|but she does what she can.
She's a great daughter.|You must not think otherwise.
She just can't save the whole world.
You can't use hospitals that way.|Your condition has to deteriorate.
If you get pneumonia...|- it's not a problem.
I'm spitting up blood again.
I feel like hell.
Are you happy now?
Are you happy now? Are you?
What are we talking about?|- Granddad's sick and he's in hospital.
They just called from the hospital.
Are you happy now|he's out of the house?
I keep falling asleep.
They keep giving me pills.
I'll make you food|if you don't like theirs.
It's good enough.
Garbage.|Nothing is good enough.
The two of us, we never get...
The two of us never get...
Are you moving home again?
Right now,|i just came to get some things.
Can we talk?|- i don't really have time.
What's up with your teeth?
See you.
Hi.|- Hi.
If you want to know, he's got|a nosebleed and now he's sleeping.
I just came to get my stuff.|i'm staying at Martin's.
This is Mikkel.|i'll visit Granddad tomorrow.
Hi, i'm Mikkel.|- Hi, i'm Kristian.
See you, bye.|- Bye.
Remember the cord.|- What cord?
The razor. You always forget.|- Do we know each other?
Wow, philosophy.
Listen, just so you know.|i'm not seeing her any more.
I don't care.|Pardon me being emotional -
- but my father has chosen to die|alone, but don't worry about that.
Here you go.
Why can't you just say-
- you're an asshole but if you love me,|we'll give it another chance?
Remember your cord.
I hadn't forgotten it.
Wow, how spontaneous and crazy.
Well, thanks for everything.
You're welcome.
Agnethe is coming this afternoon.
I didn't think there|would be more grandchildren.
No, but i'm still, you know...|it's not because i like girls.
I really don't want to listen to that.
I hate those words you use.|- i wouldn't smoke right here.
And he's here in this|stupid hospital. How cool.
Maybe you should go home. We|gave him something so he can sleep.
What did he say about me?|Did he say anything about me?
What do you mean?|- My father.
What did he say when|he asked to be admitted?
He said i was a pain, right?|- No.
He spoke about you with|great warmth and... warmth.
Nice of you to lie.|- I'm not lying.
Hey, stop.
You father said,|and i quote word for word -
- Agnethe is a damn good daughter.
But she can't fix the whole world.
I'm a doctor.|i wouldn't lie for you. That's that.
I'm the one who called Kristian|and told him to come.
He also knew Dad for years,|you know.
That's reasonable, isn't it?
I think so.
Hi, sweetheart.
Let's wait outside.
Hi, Agnethe.
If it's okay, l'd like to see him too.
Damn, it tastes worse|than mine does.
Well, okay.
See you, Agnethe.|- Yes.
You're really irritating.|Sorry, sorry, sorry.
But if you love me,|let's give it another chance.
Kristian, you're a giant asshole,|but i love you.
I love you too.
I came by to say|i want to be on the papers.
Oh, Martin.|- As the father.
Officially. Child support and all.|- i'm so happy.
You know what, Trisse?|- Look at this, Martin.
See the scan?|That's the arms. And the legs.
It looks like me.|- Please! That's my profile.
No, look at the nose.|- You can't see what's what.
See the forehead?|- Trisse, can we get going?
Yes.|- i was just wondering.
Do you want to keep it?|- Thanks.
We have to go to birth prep class.|- Okay, see you.
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