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Oldboy 2003

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I said I just wanted to speak
What the hell? What's with the way you fucking talk?
Who the fuck are you?
name is...
Oh Daesu
Why are you picking on someone else's girlfriend?
Hold on
Am I picking on you? Mr. Oh Daesu!
Am I picking on you? Fuck!
Okay! Okay, I got it
Just a minute Okay! Okay!
Oh Daesu please sit down
Oh boy Must have drunk a lot
Who the hell did I pick on? Hold on, let me piss first
Hey, this is a police station I didn't do anything!
Hey! You son of a bitch!
We really have to do something about him
Asshole! Mr. Oh Daesu
Oh man It is, so sit down
I'm very sorry Fuck, I gotta piss bad
Ah, great
Cute, huh? Yeah I saw it Now go sit down
Today's my daughter's birthday
I got her a present for her birthday
Snatches of clouds floatin the sky Ah, great
A pleasure boat floats in the river
My name Oh Daesu, means...
"Getting along with people" That's why I'm Oh Daesu
But, shit...
Why can't I get along today? Set me free!
Huh! Shut the hell up! Shush!
Set me free!
Let go of me, damn it!
That son of a bitch really needs some prison time
Get away from me!
Hey, get him! Ow, fuck, ouch!
I'll make sure he doesn't get drunk
and cause trouble again
Have a nice day Officer
He's usually a nice guy but... Let's go
I'll come visit you soon
We don't want you to come back
That's up to me you assholes
My Sweet Pea It's daddy
Daddy got my Sweet Pea a present
I'll be home soon with your gift,
so wait a bit longer
Let me talk to her Good girl, good
Good girl, good Give me the phone
Yeun hee, Joo hwan wants to talk to you
You know Joo hwan, right? Hold on
Hi, Yeun hee
It's me, Joo hwan
So today's your birthday? Happy birthday
I'll treat you to something nice tomorrow
Oh hello, Ja hyun I'm sorry
I know it's very late
Daesu is on his way now I'm sorry
Yes? Hold on Daesu, it's your wife
Hey, Daesu!
Hey, Daesu! Couldn't you hurry up a bit
Hey, stop fooling around and let's go
Ah, great
Hey, Daesu!
Sir, sir Wait come here
Come talk to me
I won't tell you to let me go
Just tell me why I'm here, okay?
I should know the reason at least
Shit, I've been locked up here
for two months already
Sir, wait, come here
Sir, wait What is this place?
Sir, just tell me how long I have to stay in here
Just tell me that, huh?
Sir! Fuck you!
Come here, you asshole! Son of a bitch
I saw your face, asshole
You're dead if I get out Come here, asshole
I'm sorry I won't curse
Just tell me One month, two
or three? Hey!
Hey, where are you going?
Just tell me how long you son of a bitch!
I said tell me how long
you asshole! You son of a bitch!
You fucking assholes! If they had told me
it was going to be 15 years
could it have been easier to endure?
Or could it have not?
When the melody turns on gas comes out
When the gas comes I fall asleep
I found out later
that it's the same Valium gas Russian soldiers used
on the Chechen terrorists
When I wake up my hair has been cut
I don't like the style really
But they change my clothes and clean the place up
Grateful bastards
It's too spicy
I don't want spinach You eat it
I won't eat spinach
I don't want to eat spinach
Kim Jahyun's body was found
deeply stabbed in the neck
Seeing that it was a cold blooded murder
with nothing valuable stolen
police suspect that the motive was out of hatred
Her husband who disappeared a year ago is a prime suspect
According to witnesses her husband, Oh Daesu
drank often causing trouble with his wife
and neighbors said they fought frequently
Blood samples found at the scene
matched Oh Daesu's
Fingerprints found on a cup
also matched Oh Daesu's
It was confirmed by sources that
Oh Daesu visited his wife recently
The stolen family album
also backs their theories
After three years
many wrinkles have formed on his face
Ah, that is around 8 million wons 8 million wons?
For a knife 8 million wons...
Of course for a sushi master you need the best tools
If you stand aimlessly
at a phone booth on a rainy day
and meet a man whose face is covered by a violet umbrella,
I'd suggest that you get close to the TV
The television is both a clock and calendar
It's your school, home
church, friend
and lover
my lover's song
is too short
This morning around 7:30 the top 50m of
the Sungsoo Bridge in Seoul suddenly collapsed in the middle...
I wrote down all the people
whom I fought with, bothered, and hurt
This was both my prison journal
and autobiography of my evil deeds
I thought I had lived an average life
but I've sinned too much
All I thought about at that moment
was that the guy next door
probably ate with one chopstick
who would've imprisoned me?
Was it Yoo Heung sam?
Lee So young or Kang Changsuk?
Whoever it was, just wait
Wait a bit more
I'll rip your whole body apart
and no one will be able to find your body anywhere
Because I'm going to chew it all down
One line for one year
I have to sew six lines
at first
I guess next year will be easier
The more the tattoos the shorter the chopstick
The shorter the chopstick the bigger the wall's hole gets
time passes well
9 years
10 years
11 years
Enforcement of an arrest warrant
Handover of Hong Kong Yesterday's convention center
Death of Princess Diana
Funeral for Princess Diana Westminister Monastery
IMF, Financial support officially approved
12 years
Artillery Salute
Arrival of President Kim Dae Jung in Pyungyang
Underdog Korea! Miraculous Quarterfinals!
13 years
Elected Noh Moo Hyun 49% 11, 502, 958
14 years
I'll be out in a month
I'll be out in a month
I'll be out
I'll be out after a month I'll be out of here
I'll be out in a month In exactly one month
I'll be out
I'll need money when I get out
So what should I do?
Should I steal or rob?
What shall I eat first?
Anything will be fine except for fried dumplings
Where am I anyway?
With all the cars honking it must be the city
The most important thing is what floor I'm on
What if I pierce through the wall and it's the 52nd floor?
Even if I fall to my death I'm still getting out
I'm getting out I'm getting out In one month, I'm getting out
Right now
you're lying on a plain
When you hear the bell
you will turn your head and look down
You will see an endless field of green grass
The sun is shining bright
and there's a cool breeze
It's a human being
Don't stop me!
Even though
I'm no worst than a beast
don't I have the right to live?
Even though
I'm no worst than a beast
don't I have the right to live?
That phone booth alley was just here
Now there's an apartment building
So he throws me on the roof What a numskull
I want to tell you my story Delay your death
I see
Of course
Now I'll tell you my story
You see
the reason why I want to die...
It's a woman being
That lunatic... Hurry, go!
Hey, Mr.! Come over here!
Laugh and the world laughs with you
Weep and you weep alone
My home is gone
I can't call either my friend or relatives
Since I'm the one who murdered my wife
Since I'm a fugitive
Really Come on, you will lose
Yeah, I agree You little piece of shit
You dickshit!
Never heard of it
Since the TV doesn't teach you curse words
Can imaginary training
for 15 years be put to use?
It can
Oplegnathus fasciatus
Lives in the warm waters
of coastal reefs
A fish with weak reflexes
but can resist unyieldingly once it's caught in a hook
In Kyungsang Province its offspring...
What's this smell?
Don't even think about asking me any questions
I don't know a thing
I said I want
something alive
Oh, right
Long time no see This is my first time
Maybe not? But she looks familiar
You look very familiar
Have I seen you somewhere?
"Searching for the Best Chefs"
"On Ch 11 every Thursday at 6:30"
"The youngest female chef of Japanese food"
Oh that?
They said the ratings are low but I guess it's popular
Women's hands are usually warm so they can't make sushi
Wow, you sure do know a lot
Who are you?
Do you like your clothes?
Why did you imprison me? Who do you think I am?
Yoo Heungsam? Wrong
Did Lee Soyoung hire you? No, wrong again
Lee Jongyong?
Kang Changsuk?
Hwang Jooyeun? Kim Nasung? Park Ji woo?
Im Dukyoon? Lee Jaepyung? Kuk Suran? Who the hell are you?
Me? I'm sort of a scholar
And my major is you
A scholar studying Oh Daesu An expert on Oh Daesu
Who I am isn't important Why is important
Think it over Review your whole lifetime
Since school is over it's time for your homework Right?
Keep this in mind
"Be it a grain of sand or rock,
in water they sink as the same"
Let me ask you one thing
You hypnotized me in there didn't you?
What did you do to me?
I miss you... Hurry and come to me
Here you are
It's alive, right?
I'll slice it up now
I must be a different breed of women My hands are very cold, you see
What's with her?
Keep this in mind
"Be it a grain of sand or rock,
in water they sink as the same"
Awake now?
Is this true?
That fever remedy really works
Why'd you faint if you trained so much?
A lack of needed sunlight depletes you of vitamins A and E
So I'm not immune to influenza
Do you usually talk that way?
The bathroom door is broken and doesn't lock
Don't get any bright ideas
Or else I'll slice you like sushi
What's this?
How else could I feed you medicine if you fainted?
Can imaginary training for 15 years be put to use?
It can't
That was very bad of me
After bringing you here and rejecting you,
I understand why you're mad
I do
I brought you here because I like you, too
You even don't know my name
I'm Mido
You see
When I'm really ready later,
I swear on my life that I will
That song, "The Face I Miss" in your diary, That's the sign
When I sing it
then get yourself ready
When it actually happens...
I could resist again at the heat of the moment
But no matter what don't ever back out
Just give it to me!
Give it
to me?
The ants...
Do you still see them?
Do you still feel that way?
Yeah, if you're alone you see the ants
Very lonely people that I met
they all hallucinated ants at one time
After I thought about it
ants move around in groups
you know So I guess very lonely people keep thinking about ants
Even though I never did
She called from overseas five or six years ago
asking if her dad showed up
She doesn't even know that he killed her mother
Since she has few relatives she calls us
Her Korean has gotten bad
I think her foster parents are both doctors
Anyhow, Miss Reporter
Daesu really hasn't been caught yet?
Your daughter's address is on the front and on the back is a map to your wife's grave
Stockholm... Eva...
Do you want to call her?
Want me to call her?
Wanna go to the grave together?
No, after I kill
that bastard first
Blue Dragon Is it right?
I haven't chewed it yet
Blue Dragon So?
Is that the taste?
Be it 10 or 100 restaurants it doesn't matter
I can never forget that taste for 15 years, Blue Dragon
Want me to make you an ID to log in?
Do you have a favorite movie or song?
I talked to him
The Count of Monte Cristo?
There's no one by that name here
How's life in a bigger prison Oh Daesu?
Who are you?
Who are you?
The lonely prince in the high tower, Don't forget me
Who's this bastard?
I don't know him I just chat with him sometimes
And talk about sushi, too
Where are you going?
Where are you going? I can't trust you
Magic Blue Dragon
Magic Blue Dragon! What could that mean?
Why the hell did they order from a restaurant this far away?
I've gone by five Chinese restaurants already
My lungs feel like exploding
Tell your cooks to put
less scallions in the dumplings
Set it down and go Okay
We don't work on anyone being protected by bodyguards
There are other people who specialize in that
You can hire them
We just work on the small fries
If it's over six months transportation fee is free
Yes, of course
Why'd you lock me up, you...
In our 7.5 floor business,
our clients' info is top secret
I'm going to pay you back for all 15 years
Each one I yank out will make you age one year
Ready to talk?
I don't know
I didn't see his face
I recorded it
AB blood types raise your hand
Go, he lost a lot of blood
Damn, look at him Is he dead?
You little piece of shit... Damn
Hey, you piece of shit!
Go, motherfucker! Get the fuck out!
Hey, fuckface!
What, you fucked up son of a bitch!
Just kill him damn asshole
Fucking goddamn asshole!
I'm almost done Stay still
As expected
I can't get along today either
I've now
become a monster
When my vengeance is over,
can I return as the old Daesu?
Mister, are you alright?
Look at all this blood
Mister, what happened to you?
Saewoon Apartments in Eung am, building 8
Please take care of him
Thank you Not at all
Well, then...
Farewell Oh Daesu
Farewell Oh Daesu
Oh Daesu
Any bastard you hate,
but can't dare to kill Any bitch you detest,
but want more than kill We are at your service
Wouldn't he go crazy if he's locked up for a long time?
Well, if you prefer he doesn't
we can mix drugs into his drink
Ristedal Solution
It's a well trusted drug used to treat schizophrenia
Well, the duration is important
so how long will he... 15 years
Too long? What did he do?
Oh Daesu, you see
talks too much
Go to sleep
Time to visit Joo hwan at the Internet cafe tomorrow
Sit wherever you'd like
Joo hwan
Oh Daesu, you see
talks too much
Have you heard this voice before?
Is there anyone who hates me this much?
I don't know all the 260 names
of your women's husbands
Who's Mido? This girl who cries over nothing
Joo hwan
Did I
really talk too much?
My friend,
I'd like for you
to find that criminal among people you're close to
Your case was automatically dismissed yesterday
But remember this by all means
Open quote
Like a gazelle from the hand of the hunter...
Like a bird from the snare of the fowler...
Free yourself
Close quote Who are you?
What about you you rotten bastard?
I made up my mind when I was imprisoned
That I won't trust anyone if I get out
If there's anyone who I find suspicious
then I'll create a secret that person and I will only know
That ID, Monster, is a trap that I made to catch you
You lead a stranger to your place Who the hell are you?
Who's Evergreen?
I tracked down that Evergreen ID and found the owner's name
Ready to jot it down?
It's Su Daeoh, That's a strange rare surname
Address? In Eungam
Saewoon Apartments Building 7, room 407
I'm not doing fine Within life in a bigger prison...
"Who are you?"
You meant to ask this, right?
You must find out on your own Come on, it's a game
First, who? Then, why?
If you figure it out come see me anytime
I'll raise your score You have until July 5th
Oh no, only five days left
Too short?
Hang in there If you succeed I'll kill myself and not Mido
That's right, Mido
I'm going to kill every woman
you love until you die
Well, you're notorious
for not protecting your women
Wow, you're strong Mr. Monster
Yes, you are the very monster I created
But you won't find out
the "why?" if you do this 15 years of being curious
would go to waste So is that okay with you?
Sit down there
Oh, the famous teeth torture
You won't have enough time to torture me
Since I have a weak heart I have a pacemaker in my chest
When it was put in
know what I asked the doctor?
Doctor Hopkins give me a remote control
to turn that motor off
Pardon? Why?
So that I can kill myself easily at anytime
I'll give you $100,000 more
Oh, what will you do?
You want to kill me right away
but you won't know why you were imprisoned
You want to torture me but I say I'll kill myself first
Do you seek revenge or do you find the truth?
Oh, you're in a tough spot
I've been watching over you for 15 years
I faired well thanks to you
I wasn't bored or lonely
Seeking revenge is the best cure for someone who got hurt
Try it
The loss of 15 years the pain of losing
your wife and child you can forget all this
Once again revenge is good for your health
But... What happens after you've revenged yourself?
I bet that hidden pain will probably come back again
Are you there, Daesu?
long time no see
Hasn't she been tied up for too long?
I think you also left the door open
Please save me
But I could die first Rudolph the red nosed reindeer
had a very shiny nose
This dentist is really good
Don't move
Don't move
What's with you?
Here we go
You see
they say that people
shrivel up because they have an imagination
So do not imagine
You'll become brave as hell
Now, here comes the real thing
You know I'm glad
you told me about this place
but I haven't even started
Let's go
Let's really go
Let's fight
Let's fight
What a roughneck Your hand
I'm going to chop off your hand
You touched Mido's breasts
Then what about my tongue?
You still don't trust me
you rotten bastard?
It looks hard to accomplish
I looked into it,
and the reason why the bank refused to pay $270 m; Il; on
isn't because our building has any irregularities,
They have an internal problem at their bank
So I think there won't be any problems
Although Chairman Choi's
equity share is at 25 percent...
Did he really say that he'll kill me?
Because you love me?
I wonder where my love is
The night is getting lonelier
The words we spoke through our eyes
can be felt through the hands
So many nights have passed
Yet my feelings are constant towards you
Tears flood out from my eyes
But there is a face that I miss
They packed their stuff and left in a rental car
Mido called the restaurant and quit
Let's go after this is done
You should get some rest today
I can't even sleep
Since I am forlorn
Mr. Han
Do you really think
Mido has fallen in love with Daesu?
Daesu, it really hurts
But I'm enduring it
You must know this
How'd you hold out? For 15 years?
There's always a way
Do you like it?
You really like it, right?
I want to be good to you
Do not worry about future
Don't imagine anything
I feel like thanking all those years in that prison
If I wasn't in there,
could Mido have liked me still?
He could only know that I wanted
to chop off Mr. Park's hand by putting a bug on us
and he knew our whereabouts
by tailing us
I've been bugged Please find it
You know maybe he freed you
because he has fun watching you
run wild seeking revenge
And never tell you why
so he can toy with you forever
You think that's why?
Evergreen Press an online printing system
Evergreen Pasta and Pizza
Evergreen Services specializing in security, parking, cleaning
Evergreen Tree Garden
Evergreen Old Boy
Sangnok High School alumni homepage
Evergreen Secret Diary Jung Sang rok's personal site
Norwegian Wood, Evergreen...
Welcome to Evergreen Old Boys
The Sangnok High School Alumni Homepage
But it's time to close up
Can't I look at the records of Class '79?
It's dark so turn on the lights
Take your time
Joo hwan? Let me ask you something
Do you know Lee Woojin of Class '79?
I think he went to America to study
Lee Woojin?
Don't know him So is that the bastard's name?
How'd you find out?
I looked through all the school's albums and found his face
I don't know who someone is just with a name
Got anything else?
Why don't you look for the school records or something?
Do you know Lee Soo ah? She was in the same grade
Lee Soo ah?
She died What class was she in?
Homeroom two of our senior year She was in my room
Next to yours So what about her?
Why is there no photo?
Ah, she died so that's why
How did Soo ah die?
That's right, you wouldn't know
She died after you transferred
She went alone to the Habchun
and fell into the river
She croaked like a dead fish
A week later they found her bloated body in the water
What was she like? Her?
She was a total slut
On the outside she acted like a prude
but she was a filthy whore on the inside
Rumors had it that
that slut fucked everyone at school
I should've gotten in there
I also heard that her family was really rich
Her grades were good, too
But the bad thing was that she was a slut
Wow, this is such an old story
Daesu, I don't remember since it was so long ago
but that Soo ah, you see... Wait, Daesu, you also...
Hey what's going on? Hey!
Joo hwan!
Joo hwan, what's with you?
Joo hwan!
Joo hwan!
My sister wasn't a slut
You must accept this
Since you got rid of your bug
I had to come all the way here
To eavesdrop
So that's why Joo hwan
died because of you
I'm going to kill you!
You son of a bitch!
I am going to rip you into little pieces
You motherfucking cocksucker!
We're not open yet Please come back in an hour
Someone who got six gold teeth recommended this place
Mr. Park?
I had to move because of you
As a commemoration
I installed a new TV Do you like it?
There are so many channels Great, huh?
There are even some who prefer to stay here
You lived in a place like this for 15 years?
It felt like home after 11 years though
Come on I don't need money
An enemy's enemy is a friend
We threw away the hand 'cause it rotted
Damn sons of bitches I'll kick their asses
So why'd you bring me here?
Let me go!
If I don't return after July 5th then let her go
While I was locked up here
I remember someone visiting me
What did that person do? Was it three times?
I put a hypnosis inducing drug in your water
Sodium Barbiturate?
TV Man knows it all
Hey Mr.!
That's nonsense
Even though it was a Catholic school
she wouldn't die because of rumors that she was a slut
There's probably another reason
Could she have been pregnant?
Yeah, I really don't think Soo ah was like that
She was such a pure girl
I know she didn't put out for anyone
But she did go out with someone back then
So who was that guy?
I have no idea
Choon shim You knew Lee Soo ah, right?
Who was her boyfriend?
Don't know?
Shut the hell up
What would you know about friendship?
Shut your crap Then who'd know?
Who? Joo hwan?
Yeah, I know him
But how'd he know?
Yeah? Really?
Okay, hang up I'll call you in a bit
Choon shim said
she heard it from Joo hwan
And that you'd know the best
Ring, ring, move aside
You'll get hurt if you hesitate
Oh Daesu
Look at you
Put it out! I'm transferring today
To Seoul
So butt out, Miss Kim
You good for nothing!
You're Oh Daesu, right?
And you're Miss... among the girls
You know how rumors are
I heard you're really funny Say something
Me being so popular is such a big hassle
There's this father and son They went to the public bath, and...
See you later
See you later! Third Grade, Third Class pals
Come on Wait
Come here I won't
Hurry and come here Okay, okay
Raise this up Come on
Raise it I won't
It tickles
Give it here
What are you doing? Let me see
What are you doing?
Let me see Stop
Go away
Was it really Soo ah? Are you sure?
I don't know her name
All I know is that she's in your room,
and she rides a red bike
Have a good trip See you in Seoul if I go
Where are you going?
Going on a date with Choon shim
I'll kill you if you shoot your mouth
No way
You get locked up for 15 years just for saying that?
Was that such a big crime?
Be it a grain of sand or rock in water they sink as the same
That's what Lee Woojin believes
what does July 5th stand for?
That's the day
Lee Soo ah died
Now it's over
Instead of seeking revenge
you wanted to find out why you were imprisoned, right?
Now we'll run away where he can never find us, right?
I can't end it like this
Seeking revenge has become a part of me
But you don't even know where he lives
Like a gazelle from the hand of the hunter...
Like a bird from the snare of the fowler...
Free yourself
It's a phrase from "Jamon" 6, verse 4
Jamon in English means Maxim
And Evergreen said
he lives in a high tower
So six and four
must just be floors
Fourth floor
Sixth floor
Or the sixty forth floor?
Please insert the code
What would you like me to pray?
Wrong entry Please insert again
Wrong entry Please insert again
Dear Lord
please let me meet
a younger man next time
Please let Woojin
bow next to Daesu
and make him beg for forgiveness
You slept with your sister
Let's go up and talk
Sic him!
Don't be so violent
Feels great
You slept with your sister I feel so refreshing
And I started the rumors
That's why your sister died
Looking through the mirror reminds me of that day
Doesn't it?
Erasing my memory and telling me
to find the truth was unfair
I won,
so die like you promised
You think you forgot that day because you were hypnotized?
Are you sure?
Do you know the real reason why you can't remember?
Let me tell you
You just, forgot
Is that bland?
But it's true that you just forgot
Why? Since it's not your business
Your rumor grew so out of proportion
that Soo ah being pregnant became a rumor
My sister got sucked into that rumor
and began believing it
So her period stopped and her belly began to swell
Funny, isn't it?
Ever thought how'd a girl feel bearing both her child and nephew?
Understand now?
Your tongue
got my sister pregnant
It wasn't Lee Woojin's dick
It was Oh Daesu's tongue
Is that why you killed your sister? What?
Ever thought how'd the boy feel impregnating a child and nephew?
You were probably afraid
Afraid that everyone will know once the baby's born
When you realized that she
imagined it after you killed her
you hating me
is understandable
They said Soo ah died alone at the dam
but who took this photo?
And what about the date July 5th?
This is no fun
I'll just finish what I was saying Listen carefully My story is really fun
Ever heard of posthypnotic suggestion?
You suggest something during hypnosis
and then it's acted out in your wakened state
Still haven't figured it out?
You lead a stranger to your place Who the hell are you?
What about you you rotten bastard?
We hypnotized both of you
One very fortunate thing was that both of you were
highly receptive to hypnosis compared to others
Isn't this fun?
One word gets you pregnant one word gets you in love
But no matter how much you two
are receptive to hypnosis
or no matter how good of a hypnotist Mrs. Yoo is
getting people to fall in love isn't easy
So do you know how we did it?
Oh that?
They said the ratings are low Your first suggestion
was to go to that restaurant after your release
Next, to react to the cell phone's melody
When you heard this you were to say something
Who are you?
Do you like your clothes?
And Mido was to react to the man
who were to say this When she grabs your hand,
your reaction would be... Of course...
Your gravest mistake wasn't failing to find the answer
You can't find the right answer if you ask the wrong questions
It's not "Why did Woojin imprison me?"
It's "Why did he release me?"
Once again
why did Woojin release Daesu after...
15 years?
Laugh, and the world laughs with you Weep, and you will weep alone
Mr. Han
Mister Han!
Mido... Mido doesn't know right?
Why'd you hide her there?
You thought he'd hate me
because I cut off his hand, right?
Couldn't you figure it out that it was a trap?
How can you protect your woman with that brain of yours?
I've been secretly raising Mido since she was three
What's wrong with you?
And Mr. Park's hand?
You moron
Know that new prison of his?
He said he had to move so I bought him that building
for his hand!
A box is here
It's that same violet box
He's telling me to open it No!
No, Mido, don't
Don't open it no matter what
If you open it something terrible will happen
What's in it? You know, don't you?
Mido My Sweet Pea
wait a little longer
I'll be there very soon
Can't you come right now?
I'm scared
My Sweet Pea you can wait for me, right?
Yes Good
Good girl I'll call you very soon, okay?
I beg you
Please don't tell Mido
What has she
done wrong?
You know it was all my fault
I have...
I have committed a terrible sin
to your sister
And I was very wrong to you
I'm really sorry
So what I'm saying is...
So please leave Mido alone, okay?
Mido finds out the truth,
you asshole,
I'll rip your whole body apart,
and no one will be able
to find your body anywhere
Because I'm going to chew it all down
Woojin, I made a mistake
Please forget what I said
Sir! Boss!
We're Evergreen Old Boys
remember? With the energy from a green pine tree
the Great Sangnok High...
I'll do whatever you want
I'll do anything I beg you
Woojin, if you want me
to be a dog, I will!
I'm Woojin's dog from now on!
I'm your puppy!
Woof Woof Woof Wooof
Look, I'm wagging my tail
I'm a dog I'll guard the house I'll be your slave dog
The box...
Just leave it closed
what joy will I live for?
It really hurts
But I'm enduring it
You must know this
How'd you hold out? For 15 years?
My sister and I loved each other even though we knew everything
Could it be the same with you two?
Do you like it?
You really like it, right?
I want to be good to you
Soo ah
I know you've been scared
So let go of me, okay?
Remember me, okay?
I have no regrets What about you?
This is the whole adventure I went through until now
Thank you for listening to a terrible story till the end
I hope that you understand the reason for sending a letter
instead of talking to you in person
The reason for that is that I have no tongue
To be honest I have no reason to help you
But you see?
I was touched by this last sentence
Even though I'm worse than even a beast
Don't I have the right to live?
The hypnosis could go wrong and distort your memories
Will that be okay?
If you're ready
stare at that tree
The tree is slowly changing
into a concrete column
You're now in Woojin's penthouse
It's a dreary night
The sound of your footsteps
to the window permeates the room
When I ring my bell
you'll be split into two persons
The one who doesn't know the secret is Oh Daesu
The one who keeps the secret is the Monster
When I ring the bell again
the Monster will turn around and begin walking
With each step you age one year
When the Monster reaches seventy he will die
There's no need to worry
It will be a very peaceful death
Now, good luck to you
What's wrong?
Look at you
Were you with somebody?
I love you
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