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Olsen Banden Junior

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Copenhagen 1 958
You got the goods?
Principal Happy Haven Children磗 Home
- Let磗 go into the back room. - Of course.
There we are.
Shall we examine your wares, then?
- First class! - From the finest cake shop.
We磍l borrow some of the children磗 dinner money.
- The villain! - Their dinner money?
We磍l just change a meat day into a gruel day.
- But that磗 the third time this week! - Gruel is good for you.
Packed with vitamins and other vital nutrients.
- Hey! Are playing cards or what? - We磖e on our way.
Our geography master is getting impatient, is he?
Come on, Antonsen!
- Come on! - l磍l be right with you.
- l was putting the cakes onto a plate. - On the house again, are they?
Did you hear that? 创On the house!创
l磍l buy three.
- Stop! - l磎 going to reverse a bit.
- Back a bit ... and then to the right. - Yes.
- Nice one! - There.
- lt磗 too easy to be true. - Quiet, Benny!
Can you beat this?
Blimey, Egon! Nice one!
l磍l make some coffee.
The cake tin!
And this one.
No, Kjeld! Not yet!
- Egon Olsen! - Run, Egon!
For that ... you磖e grounded.
And many more ...
There he is, Kjeld!
lmagine being locked up in a children磗 home for a whole week!
- Remember to say you磖e sorry! - l will.
- Hi, Egon. Was it tough? - Great to see you. We磛e missed you.
- Have you? - Right, Kjeld?
l磎 sorry, Egon. lt was my fault.
- Yes. - We got you something.
- From the baker磗. - Me and Kjeld went halves.
lt磗 not quite the same as those cream cakes, but ...
Hey presto! You had your cake after all!
- lt cost us 1 2 鴕e. - Not good enough for us.
We磖e going to dine on cream cakes and chocolate caramels.
lce cream cones on the sea front with an infinite number of scoops.
- We can磘 afford all that. - Don磘 worry, Egon磗 got a plan.
Yes, l磛e got an brilliant plan.
Nice one, Egon. Did you hear that, Kjeld? Egon磗 got a plan!
- What磗 the plan, then? - l磎 going to get adopted.
- You磖e going to get what? - Adopted.
You just had your hair cut. You don磘 need it adopted.
Do you know what 创adopted创 means?
Sure. Well, maybe not in so many words, but ...
You磀 better explain. For Kjeld磗 sake.
lt means l磍l find a family who磍l take me in as their own child.
- A family? - l can see why Egon wants one.
Mums and dads read you bedtime stories, -
- pat you when you磖e ill and help you do your homework.
Yeah, and get rat-faced on Christmas Eve and then fight.
No, Benny. That磗 not the kind l want.
Mine will be rich. Filthy rich.
They磍l be millionaires.
Egon, that磗 brilliant. And you磍l steal from them in their sleep.
No, you don磘 get it. l磍l be their son, their little nugget.
l磍l be given anything l want.
- But what about us? - You磍l be the rich boy磗 friends.
The rich boy磗 friends ...
But you磍l have to help me get adopted.
Who磗 getting adopted?
- Hi, Yvonne! - Hi, Kjeld!
Hi, Yvonne!
Hi, Kjeld!
- Hi, Yvonne! - Hi, Kjeld.
- Hi, Yv... - Cut it out!
Kjeld, are we still on for tomorrow night?
- Yes, l磛e bought the tickets. - You won磘 nip off with Egon?
- Not at all. - Remember our date at the zoo?
You 创just had to nip off创, leaving me all on my own -
- while people gaped at me like a panda in a cage.
All because you were late.
- l promise l磍l be there. - Come on, Yvonne.
Right. See you outside the cinema tomorrow. On time, eh, Kjeld?
l磍l be there.
- Are you going to help or what? - Of course. Right.
Listen carefully! TWice this millionaire couple -
- has been to see the principal.
They want to adopt but madam isn磘 into posseting and dirty nappies -
- so they want a boy of my age who knows how to behave.
Tomorrow Mr. and Mrs. Theilgaard are coming to see five of us.
And they磍l pick you and you磍l be rich and we磍l be rich?
Honestly, Benny, they磍l never pick a boy like Egon.
Yes, they will. Because to millionaires appearances matter most.
My plan is simple. We need a slice of old cheese ...
- A really pongy one. - Wow, what a stinker!
Some itching powder. And a double-breasted pin-striped suit.
- Gangster style! - My cousin磗 just been confirmed.
You can borrow his suit. But take good care of it!
For all the little flowers Have come again this year
And birds are Everywhere around us
So fine and fresh and pretty The beech wood stands
l have never seen the like
And whichever way l turn l see the nicest things
lt airs my mind So wonderfully
l sense again this year ln Denmark it is spring
lt airs my mind So wonderfully
The countryside has changed Or else l磛e been blind.
- Thank you. - Very ... nice.
The lad who磗 second on the right, don磘 you think?
The second on the right. Might we have a closer look?
Of course. Come along, Erling!
- Hello, my dear. - Hello.
ls something the matter?
Pooh, what a pong! Where have you been playing?
Your shoe lace is undone.
l磎 sure it磗 nothing a bath wouldn磘 put right.
Boys will be boys!
Most unfortunate.
How about the little chap in specs?
- What is it now? - Lice.
- Really? - Mattias, stand still!
Let me see ... what have we here?
Egon Olsen.
How d磞ou do, Egon Olsen!
- Do you play golf? - No. But l can learn.
lt磗 jolly difficult. l think they磖e all such nice little boys.
- What do you think? - l have no doubts.
lt磗 got to be him. He磗 got style.
- Where are you going to live? - On Coast Road.
Coast Road? Wow, Kjeld, did you hear that? Coast Road!
Coast Road? That磗 where my mum would love to live.
The people there don磘 do anything. They just enjoy themselves.
Blimey, Egon! lt磗 brilliant!
And these are Egon Olsen磗 entire records?
Yes. Birth certificate, certificate of baptism, other personal papers ...
Splendid. And here, as agreed ...
One million kroner.
And we do agree that nobody, absolutely nobody, -
- will ever hear of our little deal?
Deal? What deal?
- You won磘 forget us, will you? - Of course not.
You磍l be the rich boy磗 friends.
That磗 good, Egon, because it磗 Yvonne磗 birthday on Friday -
- and she wants these really special earrings.
You磍l have the wherewithal, don磘 worry. l磍l phone you.
- Hey, l磛e got a proper family! - You磛e certainly got a dishy mum.
Now, now, Benny! Don磘 talk about Egon磗 new parents like that!
l磛e decided to call them 创Mum创 and 创Dad创.
Let me take your bags, lad.
Oh, l almost forgot. We磛e a present for you.
lt磗 a genuine Swiss Army knife. lt can do everything ...
Why isn磘 he coming?
You磍l be able to repair your golf clubs -
- and tighten the strings of your tennis racket.
Easy does it. ln a couple of days it磍l all be over.
- Goodbye. - Take care, now.
- Yes. - Bye, then.
- lt磍l never be the same again. - Oh, cut it out, Kjeld.
We磍l be seeing him again in a day or two.
And haven磘 you a date with Yvonne?
Yes! We were going to the pictures!
- Dad? What about the ice cream? - Shut your trap.
Where has Kjeld got to?
Three, please.
- lt磗 that dishy guy from the Fifth! - Gosh, yes. He磗 totally dishy.
- Did you see that? - He smiled!
Hi, Yvonne!
Did you hear that? He knew your name!
- Yes. What cheek! - Yvonne, l磎 awfully sorry.
We had to say goodbye to Egon.
l磎 fed up with hearing about Egon. Are you going out with him or me?
lt磗 true, Yvonne. Kjeld is really sorry.
l hate being late for the advertisements.
You磀 better watch out! Loads of boys are mad about her.
Scandinavian Rocket Company
- What are we doing here? - You磍l find out soon enough.
Give me my hat!
Please inform the lab that the bird is in the cage.
- Of course, Mr. Hallandsen. - Hallandsen?
Come along, you little varmint. l am head of security.
Nobody gets in or out without my permission.
Get the message?
Schr鴇er? Make sure the boy is ready in a couple of hours.
Yessir! And if he gives us any trouble l磍l quieten him down.
Are you crazy? We need him. He cost us a million.
Let go of me! Let go of me!
You great big idiot!
Just give the word and ...
Let me out!
Did you really pay a million for a hysterical little scallywag like him?
Yes, but fortunately nobody will hear him where he is going.
A million?
Just when you think you磛e got a family -
- it turns out to be humbug and lies and pie in the sky.
Amazing! The principal sold me for a million kroner!
A million ...
- Come away with me! - Johnny ...
l磍l forget all about the theatre tonight ...
l shall put all that l feel for you into your mind ...
Right now Egon is at his Coast Road address with a giant ice cream -
- and a bedroom stacked with toys.
There are enough men in the world Some are big, some are small
They promise you everything Between heaven and earth
But Mr. Right, the man who makes Your heart thump in your breast
ls the man whom you want But can never win ...
Girls who are human To the altar do go
But that far no Muse Has ever progressed
Thanks ever so!
Muses must stay at home Where they belong
Their hearts get broken Between heaven and earth
- ls everything secured? - Yes. Nothing ought to go wrong.
Prepare for the centrifuge test. Test the ECG equipment.
Yes, Dr. Rakowski.
Activate the compressor, 30 seconds and counting ,,,
lt磍l be fascinating to see if he makes it.
He must, the little piss ant. There磗 too much at stake ...
Compressor ready to go ,,,
Activate the gyro.
His ECG is stable.
He is perfect.
On behalf of the Scandinavian Rocket Company -
- Dr. Rakowski and l welcome the board to this presentation -
- of our fantastic space project. Chairman?
Ever since we learned to fly we have dreamed of conquering space.
lt has always titillated our imaginations.
Just what is behind the closed door?
Last year the Russians finally put a satellite into orbit.
Sputnik 1 !
A month later they launched Sputnik 2 with Laika on board.
The first living creature in space!
The voyage was a success although the dog died -
- and the satellite burned up upon re-entering the atmosphere.
,,, gave up her life serving our country ,,,
- Cut! - Peace be With you, Laika ,,,
Our mission is to be the first to put a human being into orbit -
- before the Russians, before the Americans.
The Scandinavian Rocket Company is going to win the race.
We have arrived at the final phase of our top secret experiment,
Thanks to our success, particularly With the popular SRC 142, -
- also known as the Stardust -
- we have managed to fund this unique project.
For our experiment Dr. Rakowski and l -
- have obtained a suitable guinea pig named Egon Olsen.
This little Danish boy, Egon Olsen, -
- will make me ... make us into the winners of this race.
Why a child?
The first was a dog. This time it磗 a child.
Next time we磍l try a woman. Only then will we sacrifice a man.
But won磘 anybody miss this Egon Olsen boy?
No, that磗 the thing. Nobody will miss him.
He has no father or mother, No relatives, A complete nonentity,
Dr, RakoWski and l obtained all his personal records,
Everybody thinks he磗 moved, Nobody knoWs his address,
He simply no longer exists,
Gentlemen, may l present the rocket?
The SRC 1 43.
Twice the size of Sputnik 2.
The SRC 1 43 ...
lt is a completely Danish product of which we may be most proud.
We磖e counting on you, Hallandsen.
But if anything goes wrong we磍l plead total ignorance.
Of course, Chairman, of course. But nothing can go wrong.
Good morning!
Porridge up!
He磗 gone! Major! Major! Major!
You say the lad has gone? He can磘 have vanished into thin air.
Guarding that brat is what you get paid for, -
- you lousy, amateur bunglers! Vermin! Dog heads!
For goodness sake!
l just don磘 get it. The door was locked ...
There磗 no law against using the inside of your skull.
Oh, there you are!
Come on out!
Now l磛e got you, you filthy varmint!
So that磗 where you磖e hiding!
A wandering dustman l ...
A dustman ...
A dustman l am ...
He must be out there.
He can磘 have gone far, the little varmint.
Stop, stop, stop! What have you got in the back?
- Loads of garbage. - Garbage?
Yes. Garbage. l磎 a garbage collector. Hop in and have a look.
Check it out. Move away! What磗 in this bin?
Get out of here! What a stench!
Do you realise what this means? He must be found.
lt磗 your responsibility. He must be found.
Yes, and found he will be. And when l find him ...
No, damn it! Don磘 you see? We need him ...
Yes, but just say the word and ...
Blimey, Egon! Those rotters really pulled a fast one on you.
And it磗 dried all over my cousin磗 suit.
- They won磘 get away with it. - You stink of rotten eggs.
- Aren磘 you rich at all, then? - No.
Aren磘 we the rich boy磗 friends, then?
And what about Yvonne and her earrings?
- Shut up about those earrings. - No, l will not!
You saw the way she flirted with Kenneth at the pictures -
- in the middle of 创The Muse磗创 Song.
- She磗 got to have those earrings. - You磍l get the wherewithal.
- Here. Thanks. - But how?
The principal sold me for a million kroner to that fake couple.
Blow me down! A whole million? Are you worth that much?
Yes, l am. And it磗 my money. l want my million.
Of course you do, Egon. You were so happy.
Mum and dad and all. And then they just pull a fast one on you.
- But how will you get your million? - l have a plan.
The principal thinks it磗 safe in his office.
- But he磗 mistaken. - There.
- Because l know where he keeps it. - lt磍l be easy.
lt won磘 be easy.
We磍l have to blow the safe open without him hearing.
And he sleeps in the same room.
lt磗 impossible, then.
lt磍l have to be planned down to the tiniest detail.
- Of course. What do we do? - He磗 a night pisser.
- A night pisser? - He pees in his sleep.
He goes to the bathroom in his sleep.
While he磗 gone we磍l sneak into his study.
Blimey! A night pisser!
Listen! We磍l need a syringe of icing, a feather, -
- some sticking plaster and a stick of dynamite.
lsn磘 that dangerous?
Of course. But l want my million.
We磍l fix it. Right, Kjeld?
l磎 not sure ...
ls Yvonne going to get those earrings, or not?
- She磗 going to get them. - We磍l start at 23.1 3 hours.
Happy Haven Children磗 Home
- Shhh ... - All right, all right!
lt磗 time.
- Pooh! What a stinker! - Shhh, Benny ...
- Syringe! - Coming up.
Kjeld, damn it!
- There. Now l need the feather. - Coming up.
Nice one!
What are you doing? Give it to me!
- Here ... - Matches.
3, 2, 1 ...
Blimey! He didn磘 hear a bloody thing!
Blow me, Egon! You磖e a genius!
Boom! What do you think, Kjeld? We磖e rich!
Yes, it磗 lovely. At last Yvonne can have her earrings.
She can have earrings, necklaces, bracelets, whatever she wants.
lt磗 disastrous.
lf we don磘 get our hands on that Egon Olsen -
- l don磘 know what l磎 going to tell the board.
创Nothing can go wrong创. Wasn磘 that what you said?
That rocket is going up and it磗 going up now.
Dearest Elsa, there is nothing l want more.
The second we catch him the rocket will be launched.
Without him you磖e hardly likely to win the space race.
- What about you? - l磛e had a number of offers.
And my contract with you expires soon.
All we can do is wait.
When Yvonne gets those earrings Kenneth will give up.
Come on!
That way!
Good. Come on!
- Come on, Kjeld! - l磍l never make it.
- May l come in? - You must be joking.
- You磛e got to help me. - Do you realise the time?
Mum and Dad are in bed. Nobody磗 allowed in.
- Yvonne ... - No, Egon. l tell you!
- You磖e not coming in. - Grab this, then.
- What is it? - Just take it!
- l磎 not sure if l may. - Yes, you may.
- l don磘 want to. - lf you don磘 ...
l磍l tell Kjeld what you look like first thing in the morning.
- This is the place. - Really?
Come on! This way!
- Are you sure you saw him? - Quite sure.
People happen to be asleep!
We磖e sorry we disturbed you.
We磖e looking for Egon Olsen. He wouldn磘 happen to be here?
- No! - Are you sure?
Yes! And if you come any closer l磍l scream.
Has he run away from his new mother and father?
- Yes ... - Are you his father, then?
- Yes. - l see!
Did he steal this from you?
- Yes. - We磖e so pleased to see it again.
Aren磘 we, lb?
- Where is Egon Olsen? - He left.
- Drat! - We磛e got the briefcase.
We need the boy!
lt磗 too much. First you have a million and then you don磘.
You have a family and then you don磘.
And when you finally do have one it磗 rotten and mendacious.
And your friends. What use are they?
A bunch of lousy amateur bunglers! Vermin! Dog heads!
- Yvonne had no way of knowing. - That dimwit ruined everything.
Don磘 talk about her like that. lt wasn磘 her fault.
- She thought you were a criminal. - Shut up! Let Egon think!
Right ...
There! lt磗 working!
Nice one!
l磛e got it! Our only chance.
We must tempt him to come out of the factory with the money.
- How? - l磛e got a plan.
A brilliant plan. The best plan l磛e ever had.
Nice one, Egon. What do we need?
- Me, - You?
Yes. l磍l trade myself for the million Hallandsen took.
But he磍l send you into orbit.
No, because we磍l make sure he brings the briefcase -
- somewhere he can磘 catch me.
- l still think it sounds dangerous. - Kjeld, damn it ...
Do you want to be the rich boy磗 friends or what?
lt磍l all be timed to a tee. We need a bowling ball, -
- pincers, a bit of chalk, a bamboo cane, -
- two semaphore flags, an empty can, -
- a 1 0 鴕e piece and a wheelbarrow. Right?
They磍l think they磍l get you back and we磍l swipe the million.
The cane.
- Pincers. - Here.
- That is where the action磍l start. - At the Round Tower?
Benny, the chalk!
This is where it磍l be. There.
Kjeld, when l give the signal place the wheelbarrow here.
- The 1 0 鴕e piece ... - Here it is.
Testing, testing, testing ...
May l speak to Mr. Hallandsen?
- Who is this? - Do you Want Egon Olsen back?
l don磘 know what you磖e talking about.
Don磘 play the fool, lfyou Want him back -
- go for a boat trip from Holmen磗 Canal at 13,45 sharp,
Please bring 1 million kroner.
- Come alone! - That磗 only an hour away! l can磘!
- Then it磗 bye-bye to Egon Olsen. - Wait!
l believe he is eager to talk to the authorities -
- about what is really going on at your factory.
Wait! Will you wait!?
Right, then.
1 3.45. Good God!
We磍l man our posts before Hallandsen gets here.
From the top of the tower you can watch him unobserved.
l磍l hide until he磗 on board so he磍l continue to obey our orders.
Are they talking about our money? That million stays here!
Dear Elsa ...
- Listen ... - Forget it.
What would you say -
- if we added the million to your fee -
- by way of a bonus?
Would that be an idea?
Hallandsen, now you磖e beginning to talk like a man.
Off you go!
Hallandsen has come. He磗 brought the money.
Nice one!
Once the boat sails he can磘 harm us.
We must obtain the briefcase before his trip ends.
Kjeld! Await my signal. Benny! Bowling ball at the ready.
That does it! How dare he!
Kjeld, damn it! Where are you going?
What磗 the matter? Kjeld!
Oh, no! Not Yvonne!
Just a moment, Egon ...
We磍l strike at Marble Bridge 1 4 minutes after departure.
Hallandsen will be on his guard. He磗 bound to try to trick us.
No, Kjeld! You磖e meant to man the wheelbarrow!
5 鴕e if he磀 polish my moped. Look how nicely he did it!
Hi, Kjeld! l磎 chatting to Kenneth.
After all, you never have time, do you?
lf you磖e still interested you磍l have to open your mouth a bit.
l thought so! You just don磘 care!
Come along, Kenneth. We磖e out of here.
Bye, Keld!
Kjeld, damn it! We磛e got work to do!
Three minutes before Marble Bridge Benny launches the ball ...
3, 2, 1 , yes ...
OK, Egon!
Marble Bridge ...
Puss, puss! Puss, puss!
Egon Olsen!
Help! Come back! Tarnation!
- There he is! - Now for Yvonne磗 earrings.
Nice one, Egon!
Oh, No! Run, Kjeld!
Just a moment, Egon Olsen! Shall l take this?
You won磘 be needing it where you磖e going.
- There. - l phoned the Met Office.
- They promise fair weather tonight. - Splendid!
- The rocket can be ready in 3 hours. - Let磗 get it off, then.
Before he thinks up any more tricks.
- ln three hours? - What can we do?
- Keep everything under control! - Of course.
What about security, Major Schr鴇er? Security?
- We磍l have no more mistakes. - The whole area is secured.
l磛e placed a ring of landmines around the factory.
Nasty little blighters. Boom!
Get the boy ready. l磍l put this somewhere safe.
Surely that磗 playing it too safe? Hallandsen ...
l think this briefcase is best off in my custody.
We can always discuss your bonus after the launch.
lnform everyone that we磖e preparing to launch.
And you want to report a certain Mr. Hallandsen -
- for buying a boy in order to launch him on board a rocket?
- Yes, three hours from now! - Two and a half.
And you have seen this rocket with your own eyes?
We haven磘. But Egon has.
Splendid. Did you get that, Holm?
- l磛e only got as far as 创buy创. - Watch your typing, then.
My typing teacher says we mustn磘 look at the keyboard.
Really? Well, skip my questions. Stick to what the children say.
- What on earth are you doing? - A new sheet of paper.
lt磗 that silly 创a创. One has to use one磗 little finger.
lt磗 urgent. Can磘 you phone Hallandsen at ...
- The Scandinavian Rocket Company. - Yes.
Tell him you know all about his rocket experiment!
Of course, boys. Of course.
The police have nothing better to do than looking for rockets and aliens.
- Can l have that last bit again? - Stop it, Holm! Before l go mad!
- Run along, eh? - But ...
The police will deal with the matter.
- That磗 that case filed. - Aren磘 we going to ...
- Young Holm, what are you? - l磎 new here.
- And what am l? - You磖e an old hand.
Dr. Rakowski? The valves have all been adjusted and checked.
- Good. And the acceleration gyro? - Tested.
- The radio-controlled navigator? - Almost tested.
- Directional rocket fuel injectors? - Not yet.
Get a move on, man! We磛e got a rocket to launch!
At last we磖e going to get something for all the trouble you磛e caused.
lf only Egon had been here!
Yes. He磀 have thought up a plan and we磀 have rescued him.
Everything would have been all right.
But now it磗 too late.
No, Kjeld. We won磘 let them pull one on Egon.
We磍l go and rescue him.
- lt sounds dangerous. - lt is dangerous. But we磛e got to.
Come on! The launch is in less than an hour.
- Yvonne! - Oh, there you are, Kjeld!
No, not Yvonne. We磛e no time for that.
- Hi, Yvonne! - So your mouth does open, then.
- Shall we meet up later? - Yes, but l磛e got to nip off first.
- ls it something to do with Egon? - No, not at all.
Come on! lf we磖e going to rescue Egon from the rocket factory!
l knew it! Always Egon!
Kjeld, l refuse to be treated like this.
There are other boys, you know.
Kenneth has asked me to go for a picnic; l may as well accept -
- seeing as you prefer Egon磗 company.
- Egon磗 going to burn up in space! - What do you say? Me or Egon?
- You or Egon? - Yes.
Goodbye, Kjeld. Give Egon my regards.
Centrifugal compressor ready, Functioning at 60% ,,,
Navigation system activated,
Combustion pressure stable,
- Directional controls operating, - lmagine, Dr. Rakowski!
This evening l shall go down in history!
When teachers ask their classes -
- 创Who sent the first man into orbit?创
A forest of hands will shoot up. 创lb Hallandsen!创
创lb Hallandsen!创
Let磗 hope he doesn磘 end up like Laika.
The centrifugal compressor will start in 30 seconds.
- Kjeld, stop blubbing! - lt磗 all right for you.
You haven磘 lost the love of your life.
Remember what my dad says? There are plenty of fish in the sea.
Tomorrow is another day.
- lt looks pretty sinister. - We磍l never get inside.
We磍l have to think of something.
- Are you sure Egon is in there? - Yes.
lt磗 impossible. They磛e got guard dogs.
Landmines. All kinds of things.
You磀 need a tank to get in.
A tank? Now you磖e talking!
With marshmallows on top!
Wow! lt磗 just like driving a tractor.
- Be careful! lt磍l never work! - Give over! lt磗 fun.
lt磗 like a farm holiday!
- No, go right, go right! - Oh, it磗 the other lever.
Ouch, Benny!
Not so fast! Stop!
- What磗 up? - l think we磛e come too far.
- Thinks he磗 Rudolph Valentino! - What are you on about?
The show-off!
- Kjeld! Let磗 get a move on! - What a ... prat!
- l磎 going to shoot him. - Who?
- Kenneth ... what a dandy! - We haven磘 time.
What a coxcomb! What a Casanova!
- Filthy teddy boy! - Kjeld, no!
Kjeld, damn it!
My moped!
Kjeld, what are you at? You could磛e killed Yvonne.
l could磛e killed Yvonne. Oh, no! l could磛e killed Yvonne!
l could磛e killed Yvonne.
l see. Yes, of course.
For goodness sake! That was the Chiefs of Staff.
They claim that a tank has been stolen by two boys.
- Two boys? - Yes. Or two men from Mars.
What nonsense!
Benny, mind the mines!
- What? - Nothing. Straight ahead.
- Whoops! We forgot to knock. - Drive carefully, Benny.
Easy does it!
The rocket must be in one of the big buildings.
- Stop! - Now what?
Reverse, reverse ... l think that磗 it!
- Yes, that磗 it! - Nice one, Kjeld! We磛e got him!
Straight ahead, Benny.
Don磘 worry, Egon! We磍l pop them off!
lf anyone磗 going to be popped off, you are!
- No, Kjeld! - lt isn磘 working.
You can forget it.
What is it this time?
Yes? l see. A moped. Blown up by an armour-piercing shell.
ln the vicinity of the Scandinavian Rocket Company?
Of course we will.
- Never a moment磗 peace. - The Scandinavian Rocket Company.
Two boys. A tank. There might be a connection.
There might be. Or there might not be.
We are police officers. We don磘 go by guesswork, -
- hot air, whims or fancies.
ls this an egg sandwich or isn磘 it?
lt is an egg sandwich.
- With cress. - Correct, Holm.
And it磗 police work in a nutshell.
Perhaps we should go and investigate all the same?
Holm? Forget it.
Alternators operating at 80%,
- Engine 4 ready, - Hello? Egon?
Egon? You磛e got visitors.
Your friends have popped in to say goodbye.
Left stabiliser checked and ready,
Seals in place, Water tank pressurised,
This is Benny. Can you hear us?
Goodbye, Egon.
We磍l wave to you every time you pass us in the sky.
- Right, that磗 it, Box One! - Goodbye, Egon.
Box One closed.
Right stabiliser checked and ready,
Commence the countdown.
Three minutes till blast-off, 99, 98, 97 ,,,
2 minutes 40 seconds to go ,,,
l磛e told you we磍l get nothing out of it.
Apart from a free rocket if we磖e lucky.
The light磗 flashing!
27, 26, 25 ,,,
Who is that?
Hello? Yes. Yes. Just a moment.
Hello? The police? Here?
- 18, 17 ,,, - Cut!
- 16 ,,, - Stop the countdown.
Stand easy. Launch postponed.
- Look lively! - 12, 1 1 ,,,
You two stay put! And not a peep!
J鴕gensen, come along!
- There must be some mistake. - l thought so.
How on earth could any children get in?
Yes, that磗 what l said. This is most embarrassing.
- Yes, but what about the stolen tank? - Thank you, Holm.
l am sure they can cope.
Shouldn磘 we check? Just to be on the safe side?
Now, now, Holm. What are you? And what am l?
But there was also a moped and the boys were seen in the vicinity.
Shouldn磘 we investigate?
Come on, Kjeld!
How dare you!
- You brats! - Closing Box Two.
- Just to be on the safe side? - That磍l do, Holm.
The factory is fenced and guarded. ls it not?
- Goodbye. - Goodbye.
Oh, yes. There was one little thing.
Now we磖e here.
How about a little souvenir? A rocket for my grandchildren?
- You took your time. - We had a few things to do.
The police have come. Everything will be all right.
- l want my million first. - Forget it. Let磗 get out of here!
No, l磛e got a plan. We must get to the million before Dr. Rakowski.
- Benny, get two Stardust rockets. - OK.
- Kjeld, pour out the meths. - Will do.
And l磛e got Rakowski磗 keys.
- Thank you, Dr. Rakowski. - Come back, you reformatory rug rat!
Come back!
Nice one, Egon. All we have to worry about now is the landmines.
Thank you very much. You磖e most generous.
Not at all.
You see, Holm? Courtesy gets you everywhere.
Oh, yes. One last question.
This was my last picnic with you.
lt wasn磘 my fault. l don磘 think we should go in there.
- Kjeld? - No! Don磘 go in there!
lt磗 mined! Don磘 move! You磖e on a landmine.
- She磀 better get off it then. - lf you move it磍l go off.
lt磗 true!
Kenneth, will you stand on it while l run for help?
l磎 not too happy about it. What if l run for help?
Yes, run away, you miserable coward!
Yvonne, wait!
Egon, give me the briefcase.
- Why? - Give it to me.
- Because l磛e got to rescue Yvonne. - lt isn磘 heavy enough.
- l won磘 give it to you. - You must.
- Why? - Because ...
- Because l love her. - So what?
- Love matters more than money. - Who says?
- Kjeld is right. - lt磗 my million.
Hell磗 bells, Egon, it磗 Yvonne.
- Give me the case. - No, l will not.
- What are you doing? - Don磘 worry, Yvonne.
- Come on then. Easy does it. - Oh, Kjeld!
Lousy brats!
- Come on, Benny! - We can磘 leave Kjeld behind.
- We磛e got to run for it! - Give me the case.
- No, l will not. - Friendship comes before cash.
lt was love before. Now it磗 friendship ...
Egon, darn it!
Run for it!
Just one more thing ...
How far should one be from the rocket when one lights it?
Stop, in the name of the law!
You are all under arrest.
Thank you, Holm. Well done.
My million.
l hate kids.
We must find him before he gets away.
- He went that way. - Easy does it! The police are here.
- ln there! - That磗 right. The launch pad!
Holm and l know everything.
All we need now is a chat with Hallandsen.
- What is this place? - He has gone.
- l can sense it. - He磗 got to be here.
- He was seen running into this room. - And he磗 got my money.
l said something was up.
And now Hallandsen has escaped. He can磘 have gone far.
- We磛e got to find him. - Listen to an old hand.
- Hallandsen isn磘 here. - He磗 in the rocket!
- That will do, young man. - He is!
He磗 over the hills and far away. We磍l never see him again.
- 10, 9 ,,, - No!
- 8, 7 ,, - What磗 going on?
- 6 ,,, - l磎 afraid you pressed the button.
- 3, 2, 1 ,,, - Blimey! He磗 going up!
- We must be able to stop him. - Look at the devil!
Your new dad is doing a runner with all your dosh!
Hey, look! Loads of documents! About Egon!
- What磗 that? - Look!
- What is it? - Egon on the beach as a kid.
- With some geezer. - lsn磘 he cute?
lt says 创Egon and dad at the beach创.
Hey, it磗 your dad, Egon.
- Whose dad? - Yours. A real, live dad.
- Let me see ... - Congratulations, Egon Olsen!
Where does he live?
l磎 not sure we should tell him.
Olsen! You磛e got a visitor.
There ... here we go.
Cocoa. l know it磗 pretty weak. But ...
- lt tastes fine, Dad. - Jolly good.
Oh, yes. l forgot.
For you!
- One of those? - From the finest baker磗.
Listen! l磛e got a plan. A brilliant plan.
- Timed to a tee. - Nice one, Dad.
The operation will start when l get out of here.
- Yvonne? - Yes?
- Happy birthday! - Oh, thank you!
They磖e not the ones you wanted, but l hadn磘 the wherewithal ...
l like these much more.
lt磗 fantastic that we ever met -
- when you consider how vast everything is.
Hey! Strike a light!
Stop! Hello?
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