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Subtitles for Om Jai Jagadish 2002.

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Om Jai Jagadish 2002

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This hallowed home of ours...
we hold sacred
Here we dreamt our dreams
Like a prayer in a temple
Like a ray from the skies
Here we find succor
We sing to the glory of our Lord
"Unto to Redeemer of His flock, we pray"
You won't get this
Lord, take care of Ma. Take care of Om and Jagadish too
9:30. Get to the factory. 10:30. Cassette distribution meeting
11 am meeting with Rehman. Agenda, piracy
2pm. Recording the new album 3:30pm. Shekhar
Put my agenda on that list. Got to find a girl for you
Ma, there's a time for everything. It'll happen in it's own time
At times, one must take the initiative...
and in yesterday's newspapers I have placed an advertisement...
along with our phone numbers
Looks like the calls are coming in. Not my call, Not yet
Yes Saraswati Batra speaking. Three daughters?
They have taken computer courses? Floral arrangements too?
Wonderful! Fair
Great! Tall
Gulmohar Villa on Juhu beach? That huge old mansion?
Grand! - I see. Let's talk later
Why don't you use this car? I will, of course I will
When? All in good time
Namaste, sir. (Greeting) How are you Ramprasad?
To that usual everyday question I usually lie everyday
You lie? About being fine
You aren't fine
How could I? I want to become a singer
I took up the liftman's job here in hope that you'd notice me someday
I sing extremely well. Would you like to hear...?
Not now. Only in-between floors
That was folk, but I can change it to rap
Let's talk later
I told you. Try to understand. I'll try to put in a word
Mr Om, why did you lodge a police complaint? He's a poor guy
Because you are a traitor who pirates my music
So what's wrong? It's only business. If I make a few cents pirating...
I can spare a bit for you too. Fast-forward your life, Mr Om
Don't you ever step into this office.
Peace Mr Om, peace
Let me know if you ever need me
It's a treacherous world and I'm honest
Like that, Shekhar?
These KK-Mix guys are trying to pass off a re-mixed old number
This song isn't working
Shekhar, he says KK's mix won't work!
Better give him on anotherjob
What's wrong with my number? Not one, several
The original is a classic. And you...
I have raped so many songs but all my rapes are super-duper hits
My liftman can sing better
Then call your liftman
Yes sir? - Here's the moment...
you've awaited all your life. If you can sing today...
you'll be singing for the rest of your life
This is an insult to KK-Mix! I have mixed a superhit
Om, you have proved your marketing genius
Ramprasad is transformed into the latest singing sensation RP
All this my friend, by dint of money
Not because of money. He's capable
Oh yes, I know your philosophy. Love is mightier than money
But love cannot beget you money; yet money can buy love
That's why my family is with me and that's why you're a loner
You are with me. Because of Love, Not for money
How's Jai?
I hope he gets his degree and settles down
Come in with the chequebook
We've been childhood friends. Don't hesitate about money...
if it concerns Jai's education. He's my brother too
Please sign there
Here's a million. ForJai. Repayable when able
You have taken God's place for me on earth
How's Jagadish? - Jagadish? Oh, he's fine
I'm sure he's going to make it bigger than Jai, despite his education here
He's so fast!
Not even I can catch up with him. He wants to outpace time
You'll know more once the principal has noted your attendance record
Do you know how many classes you attended this semester?
What a brilliant record!
You will see the principal at nine am tomorrow
Stop going around with that bunch. - I'll try to, sir
Jags! I'm dead! Dad will kill me! Why...?
Only you can do something!
We'll see tomorrow
Where are you going? To class
Latest printout of the class attendance
Something's wrong with the computer! Who got the printout? You or I...?
Jags! Guess what happened? - My attendance is 90 percent
Never mind and pay up the internet cafe. 150 bucks
You took pocket money five days ago. Pay your obeisances
Hold on... here's a fifty
Also keep this coin
What do I do with this buck? Son, that coin...
was the first token your father placed at our shrine
You're always running out of money. Keep the coin. It augur well for you
Good-luck coin...? Yes
Hi Jai! How are you?
How is Om? How is Ma?
She must be standing right there to hear my letter
Stop chattering. Read on
America is a great country. People here are very hard-working
This is a land full of opportunities if you want to make it in life
All I miss are Ma's love and home-cooked food
Tell Ma that my taste buds are always tingling to memories of her dishes
Jags, take a look, is Ma in tears? Is she wiping her tears?
If it's evening now, Om must've changed into casuals
Yes Ma...
Om... Jai sends you his regards. May he be happy
Anyway Jags, I can't write anymore. Any more of this and I'll cry
Take care of yourself. My regards to everyone
Jagadish, tell him I'll mail him his money soon
What else did Jai write? Ma, the letter is over
Are you forgetting something...? Om... girl... wedding...?
Come on
Son, you won't refuse me, will you? Refuse what, Ma?
I have chosen a girl for you. What...?
No refusing
She will see you tomorrow at the club
You will see her, won't you?
After my life
Isn't he looking cute?
Give me that hand
What are you upto, Ma?
Are you here to see Shanti? Yes
Ma ends up choosing this one for me?
I was shocked when I heard your name
You too aren't what your name suggests (Shanti: Peace)
What to do? God paired us off, did He?
That's a colourful dress
You look like a movie hero
I wanted to wear a suit. But little brotherJagadish forced me into this
We're three of us. Jai is the other brother. He's studying in America
Om-Jai-Jagadish! It's like a prayer
Our photo
When we were kids
Have you ever fallen in love at first sight?
I have just chosen my mate for life! And his name is Om
What are you doing, Shanti?
He promotes new singers
So I think I'll sing for him
I tell you, I love you
What have I landed myself in? So horribly out of tune
Now I'd like to hear Om saying that to me in front of everyone
If I must, I must
How do you feel? I feel like a scapegoat
I welcome students from all over the country...
who are participating in this finale of...
Best of Best Generation Next
Two teams have made it to the finals
The girls' team from Bangalore. And the boys from our college
The theme is something your generation doesn't believe in
I'll marry you
I'll be yours forever
Whatever you want...
I'll always do, I swear
Oh how I wish...
"you'd make love to me all your life..."
endless love
I'll marry you
I'll be yours forever
Whatever you want...
I'll always do, I swear
Oh how I wish...
"you'd make love to me all your life..."
endless love
"My first romance, my first love..."
"without you, my love life's miserable"
In the pursuit of desires...
"I too have learnt how to wake sleepless nights"
My love, my darling...
I'll marry you
I'll be yours forever
Any girl will die for me
Every girl pines for me
"Day and night, I chant your name I pine..."
I'm dying to take you in my arms
Then tell me, why this distance?
I'll marry you
I'll be yours forever
Oh how I wish...
"you'd make love to me all your life..."
endless love
Puja from Bangalore... where is she? In the other bus, maybe
Sorry, I missed my bus
You're going to be on that bus before it reaches Bangalore
Somehow I don't know what held me back
You've taken a liking to me
I know, from that line in your song
Any girl will die for me
At least 15 romances spring up at every college fest
Yes, and by the end of every fest, every romance has dried up
Not necessarily
What wish did you make? - Can't tell you that
I just wished some love stories wouldn't end with these fests
Hey stop
Didn't I tell you? You'd get the bus before it gets to Bangalore
Goodness! The prayers
Lovely place
Just imagine... right here...
a skyscraper with a flat on every floor
Sea-facing balconies on every storey...
making every passer-by wish he was here
But would you take away someone else's dream...
to make your dream come true?
Whose dream am I taking away? - My late father's
Ms Tanya, in 20 years since my father died...
not for 20 seconds have we felt his absence
Our home is our temple. No one in this family ever forgets that
So no one gave you a chance to forget?
How about me giving you one chance?
I've only written in the figure "1". Fill in as many zeros as you fancy
Then you'll see how easy forgetting is
Are you joking? Or are you illiterate?
I'm lettered, but not for sale
Is it the wrong time on a wrong day?
No, you're welcome anytime. My decision won't change
Nice knowing a man who can't be bought whatever the price
But if you want to sell...
Are you responding to our ad? Not quite what you assume
I'll see her out
Om, how did you find her? Forget it, Ma
Your exams are around the corner and you're keeping up at nights
What are you upto? Studies? Or are you at the computer?
I make my grade, don't I? In studies, in sports, entertainment
You ask my principal what I mean to the college
I need a loan to buy a software. Loan...?
Yes. Loan. I'll pay it back
You will...? First, prove something to me
Prove...? What did Jai prove to you?
You're spending millions on him. - Cunning! He's using Jai
Jai knows where he's headed. He's focussed, he's ambitious
What do you want to do with your life?
What I want to do?
I want to beat you
For me, that will be a happy day. - Don't get sentimental
Who can beat you? My loan, please. Get lost
You won't marry me without a dowry? Goodness! Help me... someone help
What's going on? - Let's take a look
She's the one who fooled Om
Watch, I'll give her a taste of fun!
Right at the wedding altar! How dare you ask for dowry?
What happened, lady? I had To run away from my wedding
My fiance's father is greedy!
At the eleventh hour, he demanded a million from my father!
No, only 800,000
800,000...? - Okay, 400,000 will do
And the sad part is, he kept mum
Don't cry, come with me. Oh no... no...
Come with me. - Let go of my wife's arm!
Let go of her. This is a shoot. Let her sit on the pillion
I'll miss out on my tv programme. Don't you watch Mtv? Drop me, please
Where have you brought me?
Why here... in a haunted house? Haunted house! Come in
I told you, it's a tv programme. It's all a sham! I'm faking
I'm for real, my mother's for real and my brother is for real
Om went and got married? Wrong
I warned Cyrus... Who Cyrus... what Cyrus?
What happened, Ma...?
He knows me!
My brother's bride. Bride...?
Do you like her? - Bride!
But why have you eloped?
Did your parents object? Only Om objected
Who are these guys? - You're watching MTV Scapegoat
You are the scapegoat
I want you to meet Agesha my sister-in-law to-be
Om! My sister-in-law is here
Whose sister-in-law? Agesha, your bride
Be seated
Your only daughter? Yes
Lovely... What...?
That tree is about a hundred years old
And this is a lovely house
And this house is also about a hundred years old
Even my brother is hundred years old
Can I ask you something? Straight from the heart...
Love's no tv show for fun
Love is life. Love is an emotion...
that touches hearts, enthralls for a lifetime, forever
Sorry, did I say something wrong? How do you manage that candour?
I remember the sincerity with which you showed me your childhood photo
That sincerity I liked. I see that candour in you again
Can I ask you one more thing?
What will it be for you?
An arranged marriage or love marriage?
Love marriage
One day, I met her...
and she enthralled me
When she held my gaze...
I was spellbound...
but she said it all...
I even tried to get away...
"but when I looked back, there she was, right in front of me"
"Then I smiled and she smiled back; when I took a step, she came along"
"Then we became breathless, and a moment stood stilled"
And then, we were in love
That's our love-story
That's our life-story
3 months, 28 days and 8 hours ago we fell in love
You're crazy
Why do you drag him everywhere? He won't leave us alone
What does that mean? - You're bananas
I'll be home by eight. Yes, I'm with Jai. Brian is also with us
Why talk to your mother like that? Like how?
So irritably...? Because she irritates me
At times, I hate her. Maybe Because of the familiarity?
When you're far from home, you realise...
what mother means, what a family means
This monkey is hovering around all the time...
particularly when I'm with you
Yes, because of you
You're seeing my parents today
After we drop Brian. Won't take long
Now smile and give an okay
Watch! The poor thing will fall off
Just flatter Mummy... it'll do just fine
Go on, I'll be right back. Come soon
Giri should be here soon. Let me show you around
We built this house a decade ago, outside the city
We're just 20 minutes away from town
And Giri loves the hustle-bustle
Say, what's your favourite dish?
You turn out to be exactly like Giri
Who's Giri?
Giri Saxena. Nitu's Papa. Jai Batra
That's your Mummy?
I took her for your sister
You know Giri hasn't changed in these 25 years
In my stupidity, I took your simplicity for sex appeal
Wonderful names. Om, Jai and Jagadish
Why Om-Jai-Jagadish? Daddy wanted names that...
could be said all in one breath. Therefore... Om, Jai and Jagadish
Jai wants to build the fastest car in the world
And where would you drive your fastest car? On Indian roads?
Let's think about that once the car has been designed
Is this flat of yours on Juhu sea-facing?
Not flat. Villa. Yes, it's sea-facing
How big is it?
Nothing too large. Some are hard put to make out what's larger...?
Our home, or our hearts?
One day, I found her
"She looked at me and she blossomed like a flower"
"In my wondrous seasons, it was an exotic thing to happen..."
"a mild drizzle under a mellow sun"
"Then I hid under a church awning and she stood under a tree..."
when lightning struck...
"she ran to me, in fear of thunder"
And then, we were in love
That's our love-story
That's our life-story
Landed the job! My project is through
I'm elated
You'll see Jai here. Look into the camera when you speak
Hi Om
Jai... how are you?
I'm fine, how are you? - Okay, I'm okay
What about your results? - They're out
Hi sister-in-law
How have you been? Fine. Tell us About your results
Results? As expected
I topped the college
Is this how you deliver great news? Yes! Why are you underplaying?
I'm so happy, I could hug you! Get back to India right away
One more good news. Tell me
An automobile giant has offered me a job. It's about my project
I don't want to lose out on this opportunity
So returning home will be a bit difficult
You have bagged such a good offer and that's just as well
People with education go out to serve that country
I'd rather that you returned to serve your country
Daddy used to say, lose your land, and you have lost everything
We ought to be together, Jai. Right now, I need you, Jai
E-mail from Jai?
Jai has topped his college. Congratulations, son. Bless you
Enough of it, now come home. For five years...
I have only seen you growing up in pictures. Now I want to see you
Om, why did it black out?
Broken connection, happens sometimes
Ma told me, at the end of the story...
everything works out fine
If not, the story isn't over yet
I'm home, Ma
Bless you, son
Mummy, why is everybody screaming?
"Through the coming and going of times, of seasons..."
"may love never fade from hearts"
"Unto each other yive strength..."
"if need be die for each other"
"In joy and sorrow let us come together..."
may we never part
"Unto each other grant succour"
This hallowed home of ours...
we hold sacred
Here we dreamt our dreams
3 large white rums. With Pepsi
With Om...? Shut up. I got To talk To him...
about Nitu. Besides, we brothers are meeting up after years
It's a new drink. I ordered it. Yes, give it a try
But I don't take cold drinks. Yive it a try, for our sakes
Cheering a cold drink?
What drink is this?
This drink will become popular
Isn't she beautiful?
Very beautiful
Jagadish, just look. She's exquisite
What are you staring at, Jags? So beautiful
She and Agesha would yo along well. I'll talk to Ma
To Nitu
I would like to introduce you to my little brothers
This is Jai
That's Jagadish
I tried to evade them, but they forced me to drink some rum
Friends, in our times...
where will you find brothers who love so dearly?
My brothers are like my limbs
Get out
Time to buy a bigger car. This is the one that stays
Jagadish... - Take care of that kid. He's high
Playing big brother. Jagadish, you knock
What's up?
Tonight, we're happy! Reason being...
Jai has found a daughter-in-law for you
I even okayed her
But who is she?
She's a foreigner. But she's Indian
Say yes, Ma. - Ma's over there
Say yes, Ma
Say yes
Say yes, Ma... one minute! Happy days! Here again
Ornate bangles on her arms
Wedding music on the shehnai
Ornate bangles...
and the wedding shehnai...
and henna-dyed feet...
it'll be a happy wedding
Happy days are here again
"Somewhere between refusing and relenting..."
I fell for this marriage
"Sweetheart, she was yours until yesterday..."
"now she's a sister-in-law to me"
"There's someone, somewhere for you. Marriages are made in heaven"
"Somewhere, sometime, loving hearts come close"
"The goddess of fortunes has come to make a heaven out of my home"
"To weave glittering, golden dreams of joys into my life"
My mother is blessing you
May we never part
"God spare our home the evil eye"
"May never God's face be turned away from us"
I swear...
by my mother's love for me...
we'll love each other so much...
"everyone in the world will be jealous of us"
"Whatever anyone says, your writ runs in the family"
"We'll stay together forever, you and I have promised each other"
Happy days are here again
Jai, say hi to the guests
Excuse me Mrs Saxena, may I have a word with you?
Ma was saying that you hired this huge Mercedes?
We have some guests who have flown in from America, some from Delhi
Nitu can't possibly take this car... it's going to be very embarrassing
I would've conceded but...
that car is part of many memories, of my Daddy, Ma
And it's our lucky car. I took Agesha home in that car
But this one little thing will break Nitu's heart
Nitu is mature, she'll understand. Try and understand, Om
Jagadish, tell Ma to go home and prepare for the reception
Take Nitu home in our car. That car...?
Brother! Your turn now
Your brother-in-law-cum-chauffeur at your service, dear sister-in-law
Drive carefully. - I'll try
Move it! Batra family on the move
Let's take a look
Jagadish, take a look
Can't make out a thing
Here's hoping it isn't clogged dirt. Come on...
put to the real test your five years of American education. Get going
Nitu, stay inside. It won't look too nice
What about fixing a junk car on your wedding day? Does that look nice?
My Ma had another car waiting didn't she?
Oh come on, it's okay. - No it isn't okay Jai
Sister-in-law, Jai is jacked
Never expected you to be up so early
But I am an early-riser
Early to bed, then early to rise
And the dark circles under his eyes tell us he hasn't slept all night
Which firm have you decided to join? All three offers are equally good
But I'm thinking in terms of... Choose the job that gives you...
the best scope of advancement. - I'm waiting for the day...
when you'll build the fastest car in the world
Jai, just do it
What's all this? Nothing much
Just my stuff, my stock of mineral water, juices
My exercise kit, etc. Mamma sent it
Did you have to get it from your Mummy?
We would've bought it for you
I guess, that's a mother's love. Like when Jai was in America...
his mother would send over... what do you call those...
those sweet gramflour-balls and the mango pickle
So my Ma sent me this stuff
Careful. Juice cartons on the right
Changing lifestyles
Sorry, I had to change my dress
Rice, please. Mummy sends you her regards
The food also looks too spicy. It's no good for your health
I hear your Dad runs a roadside Indian eatery in America
Not roadside eatery, a restaurant. And it's his business
You wouldn't know, because you've never stepped outside this town
Isn't that so, Jagadish? Will you please pass the salad?
Nitu, I made pasta for you
Drink it up, nothing will go wrong. That's the water we drink
I think she can't digest our waters, reminds her of American waters
One gets accustomed to habits and habits can only be changed slowly
Only bad habits
Good habits need not be changed, Om
What is habit? Habit has two meanings...
one in India, one in America
In America, when youngsters butt into discussions between elders...
it's called freedom. Freedom is Nothing bad
But freedom is different from decency
What was that...? Not indecency
Decency. Which means, manners. Manners...?
I don't need to learn manners from you
At least, not here in India
No matter. Manners apart...
there's much you may pick up. Just make a beginning
Jagadish, enough! Can we eat now? Sure, when did I forbid you...?
Come off it Jagadish
Changing circumstances
I can't take family politics. I speak my heart and you know it
I can't pull off this typical Indian-bride-act
But I'll still tell you like a typical Indian husband, I love you
My family members love me dearly. But naturally, they love you too
Let's all go for a Sunday picnic
When does love happen?
"Love happens, when it has to happen"
What means love?
Love is...
Just feel love
"It's more exotic than the most exotic"
"Like a fragrance, love suffuses your breath"
"Love is what the restless heart needs"
"Love's rhythm is mysterious; love-pangs are strange"
Them what is love?
Love is...
"On listless days, restless nights..."
love's passion is intoxicating
And it's the truth...
"believe it or not, at least for once, it's everyone's folly"
"The thirst for love, you will know..."
when love is on your lips
So what is love?
Love is...
We are about to present our weekly programme, "Monkey Capers"
You got to identify the one I'm mimicking. The right answer...
gets a chance to dine with me at a world famous roadside inn
First character...
"Ma I told you not to ask for money when I'm going to work"
Number Two: "What...? Over...? But I gave you pocket money yesterday"
Number Three...
"How old is this house? How old is that tree?"
No... not like that! Agesha
Number Four: "I want to make the world's fastest car"
"Don't even talk about the food here!"
"The urchins are terrible! They stare"
"The food is so oily, so spicy!
Nothing like mineral water" in America"
Personal conversations with my Mamma?
Ridiculing me in public! How degrading
Jagadish, that was in bad taste
Shut up! That was bad
He's walking out
We sing to the glory of our Lord
"Unto to Redeemer of His flock, we pray"
Om, has Jai taken up a job? Not yet
I'm asking because I lent you 12.5 million for his education
Amounting now, to 17.5 million including interests
And I'm charging you only bank rates
I know Shekhar
As soon as Jai takes up a job, I'll pay you back, first of all
Relax, you're a friend, not a stranger. No tensions
The chairman of Maruti and I are good friends. If you say so...
I can talk to him about a job forJai
Jai has several job offers
All he has to do, is select. I'll talk to him right away
You aren't doing this for yourself. You're brilliant. And we're duds
You can use computers to dig out the exam papers for us
As morals say, one ought to help pals
All right. See me at home tonight
Inside the university's mainframe! What frame...?
We're inside the university bank. We just got to break into the papers
Just got to figure out the password. Of course you will
Let's concentrate
Go on, smoke. It's okay
Give me some passwords you know. I'll give it a try
Shakespeare? Madhya Pradesh...?
Have you met the managing director? Yes, but he wants me To sign up...
on an 8-year bond. Then sign up
You're staying here, aren't you? Why eight? Sign up for 10 years
It'll be over in no time, just like your five years in college
Thanks to your foolishness, we've lost two chances
Last chance! Please give sensible suggestions
Remember! I'm doing all this only for you. No one must know, okay?
Shekhar needs cash. Immediately. - I'll sign up tomorrow
What do you mean, you'll sign up? Aren't we going back?
But Om borrowed the money for my education
Out there you can earn lots more. Just mail the money home
No American company will give me a loan. And Om wants cash, immediately
This urgency was never the point. The decision to borrow was his own
You knew nothing about it
And you're forgetting something. Only a few weeks to go...
before your work permit expires. And you got to return before that
Is everything all right? What was that about the work permit?
It's nothing, Ma. You haven't gone to bed yet? Go to sleep
He must return to America before his work permit expires
Jai, will you step outside for a minute?
Whatever you got to say, say it in front of Nitu
Have you informed Om about this? About what?
About your returning to America. - I haven't told him
You ought to. But he insists...
on returning the money right away and that's impossible
Then make it possible. To keep This family together...
throw yourself into the fires. Om threw himself in the fires too
But I never heard him complain. When did I talk About Om?
Ma says, in this country those who put up with suffering are deified
Not Gods, we want to live human lives
At least, be a brother to him
He gave you strength, made a man out of you. Do your duty as a brother
I will do my duty, but I'll do it my way. Not the way Om wants
I must go back to America
One man. He bore everyone's burden, wouldn't let anyone bear the brunt
Come the time when we ought to share his burdens, it's each to his own?
No Ma! You don't understand! - True son
When you were an infant, before you learnt how to speak...
I knew your every need. Now you're grown up...
now you can speak out for yourself; but I understand not a word you say
The justification of your demand is not in question. Money, we haven't
Just 200,000. Only to pay for my studies
The buck stops just in time when it's my turn
The money was there forJai before he could ask
Jagadish, I never discriminated between you and Jai
I still haven't been able to repay what I borrowed forJai's education
Wouldn't make a difference to borrow another 200,000 for my education
It will make a difference! But I'm not refusing you
I'm only asking for time. In a day or two...
once Jai has signed his service bond, all our problems are solved
I've worked out another way to solve all our problems
Sell this house
Sell the house and all our problems are automatically taken care of
Yours, Om's and mine. - I didn't send you to America...
to lose your values. Talk of selling the house?
Ma has spent a lifetime here
The souls of my father, my grandfather rest here
I respect your feelings. But that's your way of thinking, not mine
Why is America on the ascent? People over there don't think like you
What's this America-America about? A short stay changes your attitude?
With time, everything must change
Dispositions, demeanours and dwellings
What are you saying, Jai? Quiet! Why? Before This place was built...
our ancestors must've lived elsewhere. Given our disposition...
would our house ever been built? - Please, don't fight
I don't want 200,000. I'll take the course later
No Jagadish, the mistake was mine! For him, this is a house. Not home
I sent him away to boarding school to give him a good education
I sent him to America, to make a man out of him. He never stayed at home
He can't comprehend what a home means
You're being sentimental for no reason
But maybe you are against progress. After you've given me an education...
you want me to sign an 8-year bond! Aren't you impeding my growth?
For 200,000 aren't you impeding Jagadish's career?
How does it matter if we sell this? In your place, I would've sold it
This house was Daddy's dream. Om has made sacrifices to preserve it
Jagadish, am I impeding your progress?
Am I against Jai making progress?
This is the India, where son fulfills his father's dream! He forgets
When he lights his father's pyre the son takes the vow of...
fulfilling his father's obligations and that is what I'm trying to do
I know, you do not concur with me. But can I tell you something?
I do not concur with your philosophy
I have great respect for you, my brother
I hate carelessness. No, if you can't handle it...
why didn't you tell me? No I can't discuss this now. I'll call later
What would you like? Tea, coffee...?
Ms Tanya, you wanted to buy my house. Of course, I remember
I have still preserved this cheque
How many more zeros will you add? Sorry
I must sell my house, else my family will break up
Are you still interested in buying my house?
Had you not sold it already I'd love to buy it out
Had I not sold it...? I don't understand
Mr Batra, your house is no longer your property
You've sold it already
To whom...? To my fiance
If you're interested, you can see the papers
Take a look... your signatures, aren't they?
Yes... these are receipts I wrote out when I borrowed money from Shekhar
Yes. But you mortgaged your house when you took the loan, didn't you?
How did these papers reach you?
Shekhar is my fiance. And your house is my wedding gift
Don't tell me you want to make a singer out of Tanya
She can't sing. All she knows is how to make money
Shekhar, you deceived me...? What deception...?
I never imagined! For the money you were grabbing my house
As long as I was giving, I was a god?
And now I'm a cheating scoundrel?
As long as you're a do-yooder, everything's hunky dory...
as long as I deny myself, as long as I give away millions...
without a word! Am I to apologise because I'm rich, moneyed?
Mr Om is saying nothing of the sort. Why are you getting upset?
I'm upset because I considered him my friend
He's more than a brother to me
And he says I have deceived him? Well all right, I have deceived you
Why don't you return my money?
Why not prove that love is stronger than money?
The three of you, Om, Jai and Jagadish
Come on, get together! Pay me back
Else, vacate your house in 48 hours. I'm going to get a court order
And don't come to work from tomorrow onwards
They will vacate the house. You told me, they're men of word
Papa, Uncle Jai is leaving
Brother... Yes Jai...?
I want to talk to you. You are returning?
Yes, I'm leaving
If I don't leave, there will be a big problem
Do you have your green card? I have it
But I might lose my job. You got my go-ahead
Besides, what can you achieve living in this country? Go away
At every step lies deceit, friends will stab you in the back
Oh, my room is downstairs
Leave, as soon as you can. You have my consent
I'll send money. - That won't be needed
No, I will send money
Anil Khanna. I'm the principal in the college Jagadish goes to
I know. We would like To see his room
The principal. He wants to see Jagadish
What is the matter...? - I don't know
Sir... you...?
We must check your computer
What is your password? Why sir...?
He wants to know your password
Saraswati. What...?
Saraswati. Our mother's name
Our suspicion is true. The papers were stolen by Jagadish's computer
Did Jagadish use this computer to give you the question papers?
Why did you have to do this?
Someone tell me what he has done. - I'll tell you Mrs Batra
Jagadish used his computer...
just like a burglar who enters homes and steals
But this is thievery of the educated, done for easy money
Mrs Batra, I might report him to the police. But I haven't the heart
But he will never gain admission into any university. That's his punishment
He will never find employment in any computer company
His future... I'm very sorry. But Why did he steal?
Whatever the reason might've been only Jagadish can tell
You have betrayed my faith in you!
Not you, all of us bear the punishment
How much money did you make out of selling papers?
Even you think I'd do such a thing? I was just helping a friend
At least you'd understand that, I learnt it only from you
Learnt from me? What? Thieving? What am I? A thief?
Helping friends! Is this how you help friends? By robbing?
You haven't a degree, you have no future. You're ruined
You are a thief! I am a thief's brother. And that's the truth
You will achieve nothing in life
Jai was my weakness, you were my strength
But today, you make me weak. You have left me crippled
Jagadish, my son...
Mamma, where have Uncle Jai and Uncle Jagadish gone away?
They have gone out for a while, they're going to be back
Don't lie to the child
Om... my son, this house is rooted on rock-solid foundation
Jai and Jagadish will be back. Surely
Only if we have this house. What does that mean?
As of now, this house belongs to Shekhar Malhotra
What...? - I borrowed forJai's education
Then I couldn't repay. Now he has claimed this house
Joys you have always shared
Will you keep your sorrows to yourself? Why...?
Because he is Om and he wishes to become a god among men
High time that you thought about yourself, my son
When must we leave this house? Tomorrow morning
Rita, they're married. Let them take their decisions in life
Like her decision about getting married
Mamma, I'm happy I married Jai. - Great! I'm elated
Your mother will never change
Work with their research teams? Give up my claim to my design?
Then don't. But what will you do? Think it over once again Jai
Are you making a mistake? Grave mistake
Will you go back to India and prove that Om was right and we were wrong?
I'm not going back to India
I came to this city because this is a midway place. Not fast like Mumbai
Nor slow, like our Satna. As of now, I'm working in Pizza Hut
But someday, I'll build myself a fast food chain
So I got to find myself a job soon. Yes, I talked up a computer firm
They order pizzas from us. When Can I meet up?
Tonight. Actually, they start working from 10 in the night
G Four
Heard lots about you
Hacking papers from Mumbai University is no mean task
We're entering a bank account. The one who pulls off the heist...
is entitled to 50 percent of the loot
The rest is ours. G Four's
So... you are professional hackers?
What are you? Baby hacker? One thing for Sure
If we're thieves, you're a thief too
Grandma, why have we left our home? Why have we come here?
It was too large a house for so few of us
Grandma, I don't like it here
If you and Arnav would like to live with your Daddy for a while...
now that he has school holidays...?
Are you trying to send me away? Like you sent Jai and Jagadish away?
I've no qualms about living with you. I value your sense of integrity
Om, I can put up with everything but I can't bear to see you sad
Papa, I'm ready
Papa, where are we going? To see Uncle Ramprasad
Uncle Ramprasad... - Ramprasad, it's me
Stay back. - Why don't you understand?
He knows me
The Minister for Culture has invited me to sing at his son's wedding
Well, what brings you here? You know Shekhar and I...
Have split. What next? - I'm producing an album
And I want you to sing. Who me...? How Can I sing?
You know, I'm on a 5-year contract with Shekhar. I can't break that
But I gave you your break. - I got a recording. Can't talk much
Nitu, it's only a matter of a while
Are you bonkers? Something like this? Or, am I just love-crazed about you
No one's crazy. Not you. Not I. You are my strength, my family
Else, how long does it take for a man to break under these circumstances?
You have reposed trust in me, I'm grateful. Thank you
I'll deliver that order
I'll deliver this one
Pizza delivery. Over there
Sir, please give me one chance. I came to Bangalore...
hoping I'd work for this company. Given a job, I'll prove...
how profitable I can be for this company
Perseverance and perspective leads to success...
not impetuousness and impatience
I've read much about you in the papers. I know your story
I'm a fan of yours. For me, you are an ideal
I only ask for 100 seconds to prove my capabilities. Please...
I know I can develop a software which can be bigger than windows
I want to write a software that prevents hacking
Father and son, together on the street?
Son, have you quit school? Holidays
Papa is on holiday too?
Om, we might not be working together
Doesn't mean our friendship is over?
From the new house, I can't watch the sea. I haven't friends anymore
You never scolded me before. Without me...
you got no standing on the market. Everywhere, you will get a no
And what's this? Do I see anger? Are you taking it out on the baby?
Change of philosophy?
Love isn't more powerful than money. Brothers...
one left for America, one for Bangalore
You called me a loner, didn't you?
And how long have I been telling you that brothers never stick together
Brothers together. Just verbiage, not in real life
Yes honey, coming
Tanya and I are going to see the architect
We're building a five star hotel in place of your house
Day after day, trying to piece my life together...
resolving to start life anew... but what can I do? It all lies in ruins
With my five-year old son, I wander the streets. Aimlessly
I told you! KK-Mix is dead! Now get out
Have you come to pay me tributes? Where are the garlands, the bouquets?
We'd like to know why you haven't scored an album in four years?
Four years ago... I was a star. I was a thief, I stole songs
At least I have the satisfaction of not being a thief anymore
That was KK-Mix superhit singer and music director
No, you haven't come congratulating me...
you've come to rub salt into my wounds
You want to make me realise that my success was my illusion. Right...?
I've been sitting at home and rotting these four years. Only because of you
Sitting at home doesn't kill art. - I'm finished! I can't sing
Go away
You're superstitious, KK
I never under-rated your voice, I still don't
You can sing a great song again. And you'll outdo yourself...
scoring your own music, instead of stealing. I'm sure
How...? How can a mind bent on thieving score original music?
Two lines for you to remember, KK. Spring follows autumn
And what use living if you have accepted defeat?
Hey, you said what...?
What's life lived in defeat?
"Lived to the last breath, Life lives not in Death's fear"
The Earth...
the skies...
"my heart... all resonate with the resolve..."
"to sing the song of love even when I'm heartbroken..."
the song of love...
for what is life lived in defeat?
Dense black nights...
will be bathed in moonlight
"Somewhere in the dark, you will find a ray"
"Your life is no journey through misery..."
"pick from the thorns on your path the path leading to your goal"
For what is life lived in defeat?
Mr Om, you've started a music company?
Yes, I'm offering you distribution
Forgive me, I don't stock new labels or small labels
KK-Mix burnt out four years ago. And what an album, "What's Life?"
These songs don't sell. And I won't annoy Mr Shekhar
Mr Om! You...? Hello...
You don't recognise me? I remember you very well
Can I ever forget a pirate? - That's just as well
Market news is, no one's willing to distribute your label with KK-Mix
But I can sell
Until now, you only trusted gentlemen
For once, try out a scoundrel
I will, if you stop pirating music
Stipulating terms? Even in distress? That makes me feel like agreeing
Okay, God be my witness. No more piracy
How are you Papa? Fine
Shopping? Not really
Where's Jai? At work
In the junkyard?
Are you cooking? Just trying
Just look at the way she looks. Can you see beyond looks?
I see a bad future for my daughter. How are you returning?
Jai's picking her up in a helicopter. - We'll drop you
I'm ashamed! He claims he's building the fastest car in the world! Here?
What's lacking here? - We needn't suffer like this
Problem is, you've lived comfortably. You got no idea how difficult life is
Why should I care? My parents can give us a life of comfort
For your comforts, not mine. - You don't care for me
If my determination is selfishness do whatever you wish
Are you giving me an ultimatum? - I'm trying to make you see reason
I don't want to see reason I'm not living in this junkyard
This is home! Not junkyard! - Even that line is your brother's
Hello Shekhar
I'm Jai. From America
Yes Jai, yo on. Is Om in?
Not right now
I'll pay you back whatever Om borrowed for my studies
For you, free. I Take Nothing for free
Not even from me?
I have disgraced my brother. I'll try my best...
to make him proud of me. And only then will I go home
I'm sure you will succeed in your endeavours
I know it sounds dramatic, but I'm with you
No use. Only a professional hacker or some computer genius can solve this
I'd like to see Mr Pillai. He is in an important meeting
This is regarding that meeting. - No sir, you can't see him
Tell him I'll take no more than a hundred seconds
Call him, he knows me. Okay...
The best of our engineers couldn't protect our site from hackers. Why?
So how can you help me all in a hundred seconds?
If I may use your computer...?
He takes this for a pizza shop, not a software company
My job's over too
All in a hundred seconds, this system can track hackers and stop them
Puja, I am certain I will succeed in whatever I'm attempting
One minute... it's a wish
Jagadish, today's a lucky day. Whatever you wish will come true
What wish did you make?
May Om and Jai be given every wish they make today
What about yourself?
I've been given my wish
This is the rose you gave me
Secretly, I stole one look at you
Secretly, I have loved you
Secretly, I have prayed for you
Secretly, I have worshipped you
But you wouldn't know...
how dearly I have loved you
Oh how do I tell you...
"how, when and where I gave you my heart"
You wouldn't know...
how dearly I have loved you
Oh how do I tell you...
"how, when and where I gave you my heart"
Did you hear what I said?
My love...
"it's you I've chosen. - I love those words"
"My dream seems to be coming true"
Oh how do I tell you how I feel?
"You've taken the peace out of my life"
"do not steal glances at me from afar..."
make me yours
In my obsession, I know...
"now we will be together, forever"
"Darling, how can I keep this a secret from you?"
You are my lover
But you wouldn't know...
how dearly I have loved you
Many thanks, many many thanks
Congratulations Mr KK. Congratulations Mr Om
Asha Bhosle has agreed to sing for our company
Nearly every artiste is with us
What worse a blow for Shekhar? In one fell sweep...
This is fun! Rehman...
enjoy your victories. Don't compare your successes with others' failures
But the man took your house... - I've stopped turning to look back
Inform all the singers. They'll get a share of 25 percent of our profits
I'm here to congratulate you on your success
But I won't lie. It hurt. After all, I'm human
Kavita wants to talk. Kavita Krishnamurthy
I'll call her back. - He'll call her back
The man who worked for me, the man who was my friend...
the man whom I financed...
is the man who invades my business and makes me lose money, betrays me
But he will always talk of being cultured! Outrageous
And what has he got to show for valuing love more than money?
Slap-on-the-face from his brothers
And what do the brothers come out to be? Self-seeking scoundrels
I'm right, am I not Om? Tell me, isn't that true?
There are two parties to the truth
One, who can speak the truth and one, who can hear the truth
The truth is, love and friendship are words that mean nothing to you
All you know is money's might because...
you are devoid of humane feelings. The truth is...
men like us can pick up their lives from anywhere
Because we're unafraid of ourselves for we do not lie to ourselves
But men like you live only in the realm of lies
You are afraid of yourself, afraid of your failures
The truth is also, that my brothers still live in my heart
What we share isn't only blood ties. What binds us together is emotion
Of love, of togetherness, and our upbringing
I will destroy your dreams of magnanimity. I'll show you...
what money's might means. You slapped Shekhar Malhotra's ego
I will put to auction in the marketplace your temple
Advertise the auction
I will destroy Saraswati Audio. I'll make a pauper out of Om Batra
Slash prices. I don't care. We have money, he has nothing
I've done it, Om
This is Jai Batra. He has designed the fastest car
Sure, I'm ready for the engine tests
Shekhar, Jai here. I'm returning to India
To pay back what Om owes you. Sure Jai. Welcome back To India
But don't come to return my money, come and save your house
I'm auctioning your house
He was hiding this all along
He thinks his brother is worthless?
He wants to fight it himself?
Why were you hiding this from me?
Om! You were a father to me! You were my father
Why did you tear yourself from me?
I'm yourJagadish
I'm yours! Jagadish
I got something to tell you
I have sold my engine design for 2 million dollars
Don't you want to know why I sold it?
For my sake? I mean... for our sake for the sake of our future
Yes Nitu. But the future for us lies in India
In India...? Our house is being auctioned
I'm going back to India
Will you come with me?
Jai, take care of yourself
Nitu, you never wanted to marry...
someone who was weak, a man without a backbone
All along I knew, you were hinting at me
But what are you doing now? Jai is a man of substance
You'd like him to become like me? Feeble, spineless...?
Look, someone who doesn't value relationships remains a loner
You want to be lonely all your life? - Lonely...? Why, we're with her
like you make cars...
now make a life for yourself
The streetcar called life doesn't run on a lone wheel
Takes two wheels
Once quality is approved, we'll send it to the purchase department
Have you thought up a name for this? Yes sir
What? Om
Making money isn't so easy Tanya, particularly in our times
Now is the time when making money has become easier
Not labour, all it takes is brains to make money
And the three brothers have ample of brains
What if they turn up with the money? - Then I'll do a volte face
I own the house. What I sell it for, 20 million or 200 million is upto me
What are you doing here so late at night?
After your Daddy passed away, I never pieced my life together
It's a feeling. In only I could die in that house...
maybe I would be re-united with your father
Can that ever be? If that can't be...
nothing else can be
KK... - Yes, tell me
How much is our bank balance? - About 65 million
Friends, thank you for attending this auction
Amidst Juhu's concrete jungle is Gul Mohar Villa. Like a blossom
Given the money, a priceless piece of real estate can be yours
Satya Prakash Batra, a Pakistani refugee, bought it for 25000 in 1942
I would like the bidding to start from 25,000
Let the auction begin
One minute
Mr Shekhar Malhotra's floor price...
is in keeping with his paucity of ideas as well as his lowly status
What the value of this house is no one knows better than I do
50 million
55 million
60 million
65 million
70 million
Well Mr Om Batra...? Is your status lowlier than yours?
If you can't bid, why are you still here?
70 million
75 million
85 million
You're back...?
90 million
Jai has to come back, hasn't he? Sorry, I'm a bit late
No, not at all. Not at all, Jai
You're thin. Me?
95 million
Maybe because I missed the meals Ma cooks
How's Ma?
Ma is all right
She doesn't know angthing about this house being auctioned
100 million
110 million
115 million
120 million
How did you make so much money? - Sold my design. For 2m dollars
You sold your dream to give us our dreams?
Dreams... reality... I've come to know the difference
125 million
130 million
140 million
140 million and One Rupee
145 million
150 million
155 million
Jai! You still look like you're only from Mumbai
I want to touch your feet
160 million
170 million
200 million
I have something special for you. I would like you to receive...
the papers from the hands of the original owner of this property
Mrs Saraswati Batra
Ma, forgive us
We couldn't save our home, not even the three of us put together
I'm sorry, but your house is no more yours
Be it lives, be it property, one day it all ends
What survives is love
Love, that I see in the eyes of my sons
My three sons and their love for each other. Exemplary
Today, it isn't a home that I lost...
it's a home that I've found once again
Shekhar, my home isn't in those pieces of paper
There is my home...
where my sons stand, wherever they stand... is home for me
To the world outside, they are three. To me, they are the same...
three names I gave to my love, Om, Jai and Jagadish
Mr Sabharwal, receive your papers from Mrs Saraswati Batra
If you insist that the real owner must hand over the papers...
let the real owner collect them. - You aren't the real bidder?
No, I was only bidding for him. Who is he
But how did you make so much money? Allow me to tell you
MrJagadish Batra has developed Om a software to prevent hacking
His price was the bid price for buying the house back
So MrJagadish Batra, now I own Om. The house is yours
I knew...
someday, even my bad pennies would pay me off
Om was right
Love is mightier than money
Om... Yes
I'm not too fluent in Hindi. But there's a saying about...
the return of a prodigal child. - Who's this child...?
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