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Omega Code

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Help! No!
Let her go.
You have what you came for.
Tell your master we've arrived.
He already knows.
l am standing here outside...
the Alexander Satellite Network studios,
where this teeming, overflow crowd...
awaits any chance to get a peek inside.
We have had an overwhelming response to my next guest.
Crowds have been lining up outside this studio all night...
to see this special interview of this world renowned speaker.
His new book, ''Empower Your Future by Embracing Our Past,''
explores mankind's unending quest for meaning and purpose.
Please welcome Dr. Gillen Lane.
Let's go. Let's go.
That was, uh, quite an entrance.
Very different for a Doctor in World Religion and Mythology...
from Cambridge University.
They didn't know what to do with me either.
Like l say in my seminars, what creates an extraordinary life,
is an extraordinary mind-set.
Well, in addition to your many accomplishments,
you seem to be an authority on the Bible Code,
which is back in the headlines after Rabbi Aaron Rostenberg...
was found murdered in Jerusalem last week.
Rostenberg's loss is tragic.
l was fortunate to meet him on several occasions.
Explain what this Bible Code is and how it works.
Crisscrossing the Torah is a code of words and phrases...
that not only reveals our past and present,
but foretells our future.
Some even believe it contains the blueprints of the universe.
See, after removing all the spaces and punctuation,
hidden words appear by skipping equal numbers of letters:
for example, every fourth, 12th, 50th,
like a giant crossword puzzle.
Hitler, the Kennedy assassinations, all encoded.
lsaac newton spent the last 10 years of his life...
studying the Bible Code.
Another example, the computer found...
''Princess'' and ''Diana'' encoded at the same skip distance.
And around it, ''Paris,'' ''tunnel,'' even ''Aug''--August.
And ''57 57''-- 1997 in our calendar.
The very month and year she was killed.
Most amazingly, in the ''Book of Daniel...''
an angel tells him to seal up the book until the end of days.
But Rostenberg may have found the key to unlock it.
See, he believed the Bible was a holographic computer program,
and instead of two dimensions, it should be studied in three.
lf this could be achieved, the code would actually...
feed us prophecies of our coming future.
The reason l discuss this in my book is because...
what we want to believe as religion...
traces back to myths borne of our collective consciousness.
Has anyone raised the question of how people like yourself...
can believe in these hidden codes within the Bible,
and yet not in the Bible itself.
You mean like...
''Jesus loves me, this l know, for the Bible tells me so?''
Yes, exactly.
My mother used to sing me that song,
but you know what?
She died in a tragic car accident when l was 10...
and l finally realized that her faith in this loving god,
her truth, was just a myth.
Therefore, myth must be truth.
Well, that has obviously colored your attitude a bit.
Cassandra, my goal is simply to create an environment...
to see change in people's lives.
Somebody out there say ''change.''
-Change! -That's right.
Change is what we're about.
l've seen too many held back waiting on some higher power.
Not until we grasp that we are the higher power,
can we take the next step in our evolution....
and finally become whole.
Stone Alexander has again opened his gates...
for his annual celebrity gala and auction for charity.
And here comes the world famous, globe trotting Dr. Gillen Lane.
Tell us, are you a buyer or seller this afternoon?
Oh, l'm just here to drink some fine champagne.
And support a worthy cause.
Alexander, the beloved media mogul turned political dynamo,
has recently been named chairman of the European Union.
He plans to celebrate his good fortune today...
by auctioning his Arabian stallions,
with all proceeds going to the African Children's Relief Fund.
Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your money.
Thank you so much for coming.
My friend Princess Gabrielle Fuccine of Tuscany...
has requested this opportunity to say a few words to you.
ln the last year,
Chairman Alexander's corporations have focused on...
new ways to combat our diminishing resources.
Today, we have the first signs of a breakthrough:
the development of a cheap, high nutrient wafer...
that can sustain an active person for more than a day.
And a revolutionary new form of ocean desalinization...
that will bring life-giving water to the driest of deserts.
Salute. Cheers.
ln light of these remarkable advancements,
l am proud to present Chairman Alexander...
with this year's United Nations Humanitarian Award.
Mr. Chairman.
Ah, Mr. Mythology, the motivation guru.
lt's all right, Dominic.
So, are you going to help us raise the roof around here?
l'm sure the bids will be out of my league.
Oh, come now, Dr. Lane.
What creates an extraordinary life...
is an extraordinary mind-set.
l believe you've met Miss Barashe.
l'm a big fan.
Please excuse me.
Change and forward motion is everything.
l'd like to get together with you and set up a meeting.
-Who's his friend? -Oh, you mean Dominic.
He's one of Stone's top aides.
A bit odd, for sure.
l think he used to be a priest.
Well, if l were Stone, l'd watch my back.
Ah, brilliant.
-Always come prepared. -Oh, thank you.
-May l? -That's very kind of you.
What would your wife say?
We're separated, so probably not too much.
Almost as effective as your personal power tapes.
Did l do something to offend you in a former life?
No. Only in this one.
You know, Stone is a good man.
He doesn't deserve to be exploited.
Hey, l believe in what he's doing for the world.
l'd like to help people where it's not about making money.
Brilliant. You know the best thing about your power tapes?
The money back guarantee.
So much for my run.
Your rack, Gillen.
You OK?
Of course.
Always out to play the lone wolf.
How's your family?
What's that supposed to mean?
l don't know.
Just a day back from pursuing the likes of Stone Alexander,
which l told you was a mistake, and now you're over here.
Hey, you invited me, remember?
You boys ready for the good stuff?
But you spend all your time out.
Tennis. Golf.
Why are you doing this to me?
Dorothy spoke with Jennifer.
ls that why you had me over?
Why didn't you tell us that you two were having problems?
She said you're filing for divorce.
Not everyone can stay married for 30 years, Jack.
We're trying to help.
What about little Maddie?
What do you want to hear?
That l'm losing the best thing that ever happened to me,
but l don't know how to fix it?
That's a start.
We're friends, Gillen.
Friends share things with each other.
Gillen, we've had our tough times, too.
Being the wife of a senator hasn't been that easy.
We just promised each other that we'd stick it out,
that we'd make it work, no matter what.
No matter what.
What do you know about visions?
You're the mythology expert.
l've been seeing them.
What kind of visions?
l don't know. Weird ones.
Your collective consciousness is telling you something.
Great, now you're mocking me.
l wouldn't mock the man who empowered my last election.
l don't know about visions. l never had one.
But l know about marriage.
And l know about family.
And l know the worth of a man...
will show in the countenance of his wife's face.
This, uh, this Dr. Lane.
What do you think of him?
l don't know what to think.
Well, l find him interesting.
A man of vision.
Not enough people with vision around me.
Because you know in your heart, you know in your soul.
-Hello, Gillen. -Daddy!
Where's my birthday girl?
You can't keep spoiling her. You already sent her birthday--
Where are you, pumpkin?
l need some...
Guess who else came to visit you on your birthday?
Tickle spiders!
Oh yeah?
Well, my tickle spiders are bigger Than your tickle spiders.
l reckon if you'd loved me half as much as her,
we'd have one heck of a marriage.
Don't tell me it's not true.
Every time you come home l get a ''hi,''
and she gets tickles and kisses.
You want tickles and kisses?
l'm serious, Gillen.
Sometimes l wonder if you take those speaking engagements...
just so you don't have to talk to me.
l got to finish the cake.
-Jen-- -No, Gillen, don't.
l took a teaching position at the university.
l want to be here...
for you and Maddie.
l know it'll take some time, but l'll make it work.
As we go deeper into our dreams,
we see how interconnected we all are.
Someone say, ''my life might be...''
''My life might be...''
-''someone else's dream.'' -''someone else's dream.''
And mythology is to society what dreams are to the individual.
Religion will have us believe...
there are demons fighting and battling over our souls.
But who needs that. We do well enough on our own.
-Thanks. -Sign my book, Professor?
Stone Alexander apologizes...
for having too many guests and too little time.
He would like to invite you back to his world peace summit.
You'll have to apologies for me. l won't be able to make it.
l'm sure that'll disappoint him.
-How do l look? -The studio says you look great.
Thank you, can you come in on a medium shot?
-OK. -Tell me when you're framed.
Are you rolling? We've got to get this.
We're interrupting right now for a breaking story.
Let's go live to Cassandra Barashe in Jerusalem.
Behind me are the raging flames of where the Dome of the Rock,
one of lslam's most sacred sites, once stood.
Just moments ago the shrine was rocked by an explosion--
We lost the feed.
Go find out what happened, we lost the feed.
Where is Benjamin?
He is gone. You cannot help him now.
We have a message for you to carry,
but we must leave this place.
Come with us, please.
lnto its seventh day, both lsrael and Palestine...
are denying any involvement in last week's explosions.
E.U. Chairman Alexander has been holding talks with both sides...
for the last 3 days,
but little progress has been made.
World markets are under severe pressure...
for fear fighting will spill into the rest of the region.
Oil is skyrocketing as the Saudis threaten...
to stop shipments unless lsrael confesses to the explosions.
Looks like Maddie's out.
Are you going back to your place tonight?
You could stay here.
We could pretend like we're newlyweds again.
No kid, staying up late.
-What's this? -lt's nothing.
Stone Alexander?
Why didn't you tell me about this?
Nothing to tell. l turned it down.
But now you're reconsidering?
You were moving back in this weekend.
You know, to tell you the truth,
l'm surprised it lasted this long.
-lt's just a week. -A week.
l made you and Maddie a promise.
l'm gonna make it work.
lt's just a week.
Both Palestinian and lsraeli casualties continue to mount.
E.U. Chairman Alexander remains optimistic...
that he can still get both sides to sit down to talks.
Fighting in the region escalated to a higher level yesterday...
as tanks from both sides exchanged fire near Bethlehem.
Sir, lsrael is pulling out of the talks.
l'm afraid they find your position unreasonable.
Tell them unreasonable people shape the world.
Tell them it was unreasonable for their fathers to think...
they could get a homeland again.
Then tell them you'll continue to be unreasonable...
-until they make a deal. -Well, that's all well and good.
No, no, no, no.
l'd like you to contact the lsraeli Prime Minister...
with Lane's excellent advice,
and l want you to get his bags and lay another place at dinner.
-Now! -Yes, sir.
Leave me.
l knew you'd be an asset.
That's all these wild siblings need:
a beast to tame their savagery.
Ah, but it's not just them.
We're all so savage, so disjointed, independent.
There's no order, no direction, no common--
-Vision. -Yes.
The Roman empire emerged after a century of strife,
not unlike our own century,
yet Pax Romanus ushered in 200 years of global peace.
Art, literature, culture--
the world was united.
And that is what l would like to see.
Oh yes, like you, l like to create a climate...
to foster change in people's lives.
Yes, l'd like to see us take the next step in our evolution!
What we need is someone to rally behind.
Someone to--
-What is this music? -Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov.
Oh, he makes me feel alive! He inspires me.
Yes, inspires.
We need an archetypal figure to embody the message.
Like--Dr. Martin Luther King...
A new Caesar to usher in a new peace!
Oh no, no, no, not Caesar.
Why, he doth stride the narrow world like a Colossus!
And we petty men walk beneath his huge legs...
and peek about to find ourselves dishonorable graves.
Oh, no, no, l'm not that ambitious.
l'm going to tell you something to which few are yet privy.
The bombings, the food shortages...
the epidemics-- all connected.
Who? Why?
Well, l don't yet know, and that's what makes our job...
all the more urgent.
Our job?
The finest Barolo in the land.
From the vineyards of Stone Alexander...
A man of many talents.
My father was a grower.
My father...
Fathers, that like so many Alexanders,
have been these parts from morn to even fort!
Dishonor not your mother.
Oh yes! He was also a drunken, wife-beating womanizer...
a vile man.
l've tried to separate the wheat from the chaff, as it were.
You've reached the Lanes. Leave a message.
Hi guys.
Jen, l hoped you'd be there,
but, well, um, l've been offered a position...
as Chairman Alexander's Minister of lnformation.
We'd head off on a goodwill tour tomorrow.
Don't know for how long yet,
but everything inside me says that this is it.
This is my reason for being.
Tell Maddie l love her.
l'll try to get in touch as soon as l can.
Take care of yourself.
or the greater good?
Oh, it's a hard choice.
l had to make it, too...
a long time ago.
Ever regret it?
You and l... we have a higher calling.
So come.
Let's go and celebrate our new association.
Stone Alexander and motivational guru Gillen Lane...
embarked today on what they deem a worldwide tour of goodwill.
They start the tour with peace and unity rally in Washington,
to be followed by gatherings in capitals around the globe.
The Stock Market leapt to new heights...
with Stone Alexander's proposal to create a global currency.
He followed his announcement by offering to donate...
his latest desalinization plants to struggling nations...
that would need help with jump-starting their economies.
ln Jerusalem, crowds of curious onlookers have been gathering...
around two unidentified men...
who are claiming to be prophets sent from God...
to warn the world of its coming end.
At the vatican, Gillen Lane,
announcing the formation of a united world religious council,
claimed that the world is not at an end,
but at a glorious new beginning.
Following the conference, Dr. Lane will remain in Rome,
taking some much-deserved rest at Alexander's castle.
You must stop the Mideast summit.
What? Who is this?
You cannot allow it to proceed.
The summit's top secret, hasn't even been set yet.
-Who is this? -lt plays right into their hand.
Whose hand? Who is this?
l know about Rostenberg's program !
l can't be part of it any longer.
Meet me at the piazza tomorrow at 2:00...alone.
The truth shall set you free.
And then he said, the truth shall set you free.
Probably just a wacko.
l think you should meet him. Who knows what we might learn?
l'll send some men along for protection.
lf l go, it should be alone. l don't want to scare him off.
And this is all he gave you?
He didn't say who was after him? Nothing?
He didn't have a chance.
l should never have let you go alone.
-l should have known... -But he said...
l don't care what he said!
You could have been killed!
What's this all mean?
Wild siblings tamed by beast? Those are practically my words.
And then the Hebrew code.
To be honest, l don't know.
What if this was designed to dissuade us from the summit?
l don't know how it was learned, but l do know what it tells me.
We need to move ahead before something else happens.
Get me the lsraeli Prime Minister on the line...
and prepare the jet for lsrael.
l'm telling you, no, no, no, l won't agree!
No, l want it understood--
that we will not give up one more grain of sand!
My people will not stand for it!
Gentlemen! Please!
l understand your fears over hidden agendas,
but Chairman Alexander is a reasonable man,
a giver, not a taker.
Gentlemen, let's not get hung up on negatives here.
Chairman Alexander has given his wealth to the world.
He wants to give it to you.
And as a show of good faith...
l would like to make to you all...a proposition.
l am very pleased and proud to announce...
a 7-year peace treaty...
that not only secures the borders of lsrael,
but grants to the Palestinian people an independent state.
To help restore hope,
l have agreed to begin the healing...
by personally funding the rebuilding...
both of the Dome of the Rock...
and the famed King Solomon's Temple...
side by side on the Temple Mount!
Listen to me carefully. Your life is in danger.
OK, where's the camera? Stone put you up to this, right?
Gillen, l am serious.
Look, l don't understand any of this,
but l have a message for you from those prophets.
They said to follow the pages of blood.
You sure it wasn't the butler did it...
in the conservatory with the candlestick?
Gillen! Cassandra! Come and join the celebration!
Chairman Alexander continued to leave his mark...
as U.N. Delegates approved his plan to create a world union...
modeled after his 10-zone European power base.
ln return, Alexander delivered into their hands...
his food and water formulas...
and a new technology that neutralizes atomic weaponry.
Gentlemen, as a symbol of our new tenfold global unity,
l have great pleasure in presenting you...
with this enduring image.
lt's hard to believe that so many countries,
including our own, would just hand over their sovereignty!
Oh, no, wait, wait--
And frankly, l'm also surprised to find myself in the minority.
lt's not about handing over sovereignty.
-lt's about greater resources! -Oh, no!
Look what an Alexander-run European Union has done there!
The World Union is a democracy, just on a broader level.
-Balderdash! -That's a cheap shot.
Now, one year after...
the decree to rebuild the Temple and the Dome of the Rock,
work is progressing on both holy sites.
The mysterious prophets continue to stir up trouble in Jerusalem,
claiming God has given them the power to shut the heavens...
as part of God's judgment on the world.
Chairman Alexander and Dr. Lane will return to Rome tonight,
after celebrating the three-year anniversary...
of the Middle East treaty here in Geneva.
They said to follow the pages of blood.
So, you tell me.
lf fate assigns us our roles, and we don't fulfil them,
are we damned for it?
What are you talking about?
lf Adolf Hitler was assigned his role,
and he played it out perfectly to the end,
was he damned for his obedience?
-Stone, you are on the verge... -Of what?
Listen, when we took Rostenberg's program...
none of us could have dreamed...
that following the prophecies would bring all this about.
The food breakthroughs, the political secrets,
the remapping the Middle East,
your name, my name, Lane's name.
lf the code's phase one was so unstoppable,
what happens when we initiate phase two?
All you have to do is trust the code. Look.
''From ten horns he will rise, an empire built on stone.
All bow before the beast and his prophet.''
You have to trust the code.
Go downstairs, initiate phase two,
and it's prophesied that the world will lay at your feet.
Ah, yes, but will it be of my own free will...
or because l am the beast?
A pawn in something...
Son of a...
Dr. Lane?
We know you're in here.
Hold it right there.
Put that gun away, Dominic.
He's seen the prophecy, sir.
Put it away.
You stole Rostenberg's program.
You've been following the code like a script,
blowing up the dome, the synagogue.
Yes, and look what good we did, Gillen,
how many people you and l have helped,
how many lives we've saved.
Think of all that we've accomplished together.
Give me the program.
l gave up my family, my life, for you!
People are dead! Rostenberg--
But, Gillen, listen to me.
Life is never what it seems.
You stand on the brink of achieving your dreams.
Now, don't give up on them now.
l need you...
to be my spokesman for this new world:
my visionary, yes!
My prophet.
Leave us, Dominic.
-l said leave us. -You said l'd be the prophet.
Dr. Lane shot Chairman Stone.
He's locked me in the lab. Get me out!
Help the police find Lane.
l want him dead or alive. l don't care.
How could he escape? l don't care.
l want his face in every police department on this planet.
Now do it!
Outside in the hall, either side of the door.
Please be home, Cassandra.
Are you all right? Gillen!
Gillen, what is going on? lt's all over the news.
Dominic! Dominic shot him.
-Oh, that's great... -Wait!
l found the pages. The pages of blood?
You were right.
-Look, l need your help. -They'll be combing the airport,
so l would have to sneak you aboard one of the network jets.
l can't believe l'm doing this. Get in.
Bye, my friend.
l'll take it from here.
l'm on my way down.
Doctors are announcing that Stone Alexander died...
from an assassin's bullet at 2:06 a.m. Rome time today.
Again, the suspect is said to be Dr. Gillen Wilcott Lane.
Motive is unclear at this hour,
but Lane is said to be armed and dangerous.
Law enforcement agencies from around the globe...
are banding together in a worldwide manhunt.
ltalian authorities shut down all avenues out of that country.
l think l speak for everyone when l say...
that we are shocked at the actions of this Dr. Lane,
that we cannot, we must not, let the deeds of one lunatic...
stop or even slow down Stone Alexander's global work.
Every once in a while, there comes a person...
who is the embodiment of the collective conscience.
Buddha, Confucius, Christ, Muhammad...
and now, l believe somebody who is worthy...
of our praise and adoration, Stone Alexander.
We must not forget him. We must embrace his work...
with the assurance and courage that he's watching over us.
So what do we do after we find the prophets?
Do we try and expose the truth?
The disk.
Rostenberg always said the Torah contained...
the genetic code of the universe.
l never thought he was serious.
He used a prophecy in the ''Book of Daniel''...
to create the 3-D model and unlock the code.
70 sevens are decreed for people and your holy city.
70 rungs of text, 7 rows each.
But this top rung is missing.
ln ''Daniel,'' it says that after 69 sevens,
day will be cut off until the end of the gentiles.
Rostenberg must have never had a chance to enter it.
Out now! get out! Nobody gets in here.
Oh, never mind. Come here.
l said, come here.
Hello, my friend.
l'll take it from here.
Continue to be useful to me, and l'll keep you,
but when that isn't the case,
you'll watch your bowels spill out of you...
as Judas did when he betrayed his master.
ls that understood?
The final code.
You've recovered it, correct?
-No progress on the final code. -And Lane?
Do you realize a man struggles his entire life...
to gain his parents' praise, the love of a woman...
or of a man, and the respect of his peers,
and they reward all this effort by putting him in a box...
piled high with this sort of ghastly flowers...
he'd never buy himself.
ln or out, Dominic?
l'm sorry, l thought you might be resting.
l didn't want to...
Oh, l haven't slept in 48 hours.
-Then l'll go. -No, no, no!
No, l've lost the need to sleep.
l close my eyes and thoughts fill my head.
Thoughts that are not my own, thoughts...ah.
What have you brought me?
''7 horns bow to wounded head.''
l want you to set up a meeting of the World Union.
We'll see which of the ten nations remains faithful to me.
-Here? -Yes, why not?
A bedside summit.
lt has a rather nice ring to it, don't you think?
Yes sir.
The thoughts. Are they like the voices?
No, no, they're more powerful.
More powerful in the singular, as if whoever it is has me...
at his complete mercy and...painful.
So painful... Yet sweet.
Yes, much more sweet than the voices.
Oh yes, l owe you a debt of loyalty, don't l?
l made a mistake with Lane, but you...
you gave up the priesthood for me.
You saved me from the voices.
l wouldn't be here if you hadn't stumbled into my confessional.
Well, l couldn't think straight.
The blood was still on my hands and the voices were--
What you see as a weakness, l see as a strength.
Any man that's willing to kill his own father...
has the courage to accomplish anything.
Oh, yes...
Oh, yes, indeed.
-Are you sure this is the place? -lt's where they brought me.
lt's hard to tell because it was dark the last time,
but l think if l'm not mistaken,
that this is the room that they brought me to.
Shalom, Dr. Lane.
We have waited a long time to meet you.
-Who are you guys? -Our names do not matter.
What matters is the truth.
Seven out of ten, l'm overwhelmed.
Oh, it's amazing what one will do for a little attention.
What was it like, sir? Do you remember anything?
l heard a voice whisper, ''Alexander...''
l turned and there was this man.
''l am Alexander the Great,'' l heard him say.
Gentlemen, what l will tell you goes no further than this room.
Then the great general, he said to me,
''ln my time on earth, l conquered the entire world,
''but after a near short life,
''l find myself here in a different world,
''and weary of war, l decided to stay...
''rather than go back and solidify my kingdom,
but you,'' he said, ''You, you must go back.
''For the sake of evolution, be the Alexander l was not.
Unite the world.''
Stone Alexander has just been appointed...
the first ever Chancellor of the United World.
At one point, tensions flared, and three members stormed out.
The majority, however, remained resolute.
Official inauguration is said to coincide...
with the dedication ceremonies for Solomon's Temple...
on the Jewish holiday of Purim, one week from today.
Here comes Sir Percival Lloyd. Let's see if we can talk to him.
Chairman Alexander rejected our pleas three times,
but we finally managed to convince him that...
who better to heal our wounded world...
than a man who has himself been mortally wounded...
and yet has miraculously risen again.
At such moments of trial in our history,
certain famous words have been spoken,
but never, never have they rung more true.
The king is dead.
Long live the king!
Thank you.
No more comment, thank you.
''The dragon gave the beast his power and his throne,
and great authority.''
One of the heads of the beasts seemed to have a fatal wound,
but the fatal wound had been healed.
The whole world was astonished and followed the beast.
A near death experience doesn't make someone--
lt is written in the last days, a world leader will rise up,
rebuild Solomon's Temple,
and usher in three and a half years of world peace...
under a new Roman Empire.
Then possessed by Satan, he'll declare himself God...
and embark on a reign of terror...
until the Lord comes and destroys him.
The final battle between heaven and hell approaches.
Look, all l care about is clearing my name.
How do l get the final code?
There is a war going on between angels of light and dark...
over your soul, Dr. Lane.
What are you talking about?
The four horses of the apocalypse.
-The other visions. -No.
They're not real. They're in here.
-Maybe you are, too. -The proof is staring at you.
All you need is the faith of a child to accept it.
My childhood was ripped away from me,
so l don't know exactly what that is.
You keep looking for something To fill a void in your soul...
that only god can fill.
This is ridiculous!
-Jennifer, it's Gillen. -Gillen, are you all right?
l need your help, l've got proof of everything.
l've been e-mailing it to the World Union leaders,
but l think Alexander's intercepting them.
l want to e-mail you the program,
and maybe you can run it by that law school friend in the NSA.
Anything, Gillen.
Thanks, Jen, l knew l could count on you.
-Gillen, what happened? -They found us!
Who are you calling?
l can't get a good reception.
-Pull over. -What? Why?
Just do it!
Hey, it's me. Have you found anything?
You must think l'm a fool, Gillen.
l checked out the program. You don't have anything.
Alexander is a good man. He's done a lot for the world.
l think you need some psychological help, Gillen.
They've gotten to you, right?
l want you to leave us alone, Gillen.
Don't call here again.
We gotta get to L.A.
Are you insane?
-Dominic's men are all over-- -l don't care.
lt' my fault that they're in this mess.
l gotta do something.
lt's my child.
Program's stopped running.
lt's as far as we can go.
Never mind.
We'll proceed with my coronation at the temple.
Without the final code, we're backed into a corner.
There's no way out.
Oh, l always leave myself a way out.
How'd he get to Los Angeles?
Who's helping him and why isn't that house surrounded?
They're on their way.
No one thought he'd actually turn up there.
Why isn't he taking the shot?
-Take the shot! -l don't have it.
Take the shot!
l don't have it.
-Daddy! -Sweetie! No, no, no!
You just had another dream about daddy, that's all, OK?
What is going on?
Gillen, l told you, leave us alone.
Get out!
l'm so scared.
l don't want him to hurt us.
Gillen, we don't have much time.
All right, Jen, call your mom.
Tell her you and Maddie are coming to visit for a few days.
But the phone's bugged. They'll be listening.
Exactly what we want...
because then we'll all get in the minivan and go to Mexico.
That should throw them off and buy some time.
They're rolling.
-Where are the troops? -They're seconds away.
Gillen? What are you doing here? What's going on?
Sorry, Jack, we had no place else to turn.
Jack, what's the matter? What is it?
Maddie! Honey!
We got a full force searching, but it looks like we lost them.
-Why can't you come with us? -Listen to me, sweetheart,
Dorothy's gonna take you up to their cabin for a while.
Remember the fun we used to have up there?
Uncle Jack's gonna call some government friends...
and help me straighten this out.
-l'll join you in no time. -Promise?
Take care of yourself, OK?
You, too.
Don't go, daddy.
Let me make those calls and get you a drink.
l put some whiskey in it to settle the nerves.
Jack, l'm seeing demons.
Demons? God! You really do need help.
They're real.
They're real!
Look, l don't know what to say.
Uh, excuse me a minute. l'll be right back.
Weak bladder.
l just received your message. Keep Lane there--
My men are moments away.
Are you OK?
l'm sorry! lt was for your own good.
l did it for you! l did it for your family!
He's in the bathroom !
Hey! Hey! What are you doing?
Nobody said anything about shooting him !
All units, suspect has fled on foot.
Believed to be leaving Hancock Park area.
Destination uncertain.
lt's OK.
lt's just a bad dream.
You were having them the whole flight back.
-Where are we? -Safe.
-Back in lsrael. -What?
l found you passed out in the street.
You have awaken.
He's won, hasn't he?
Whatever happens, you must not give up hope.
The final code.
Good-bye, and remember: the faith of a child.
Where are you going?
lt has been foretold in the ''Book of Revelation.''
lt is time for us to meet our destiny.
-They gave you the final code. -Yeah.
-Yeah, they did. -l knew they would.
Hand it over.
You should know by now, Gillen,
even Satan comes as an angel of light.
The massive temple has been meticulously reconstructed...
based on Old Testament accounts and detailed historic records.
Despite this detail, many Orthodox Jews are angry...
over Chancellor Alexander's change of the sacred place.
she just signaled.
We have Lane and the final code.
And there's my way out. l told you l always leave one.
Yes, sir.
You have built a magnificent house for me.
My soul leaps to see all that has been accomplished.
For l have said in my heart, l will ascend to heaven,
and it has come to pass.
l will raise my throne above the stars of God,
and it has come to pass.
l will sit enthroned on this mount of assembly...
on the utmost heights of the sacred mountain,
and it has come to pass.
l alone have done what no man has been able to do.
l have taken the next step in our evolution.
l have become king and God!
That is blasphemy!
That man! Blaspheme! Blasphemer!
Can you see the abomination of desolation...
spoken of by Daniel...
standing in the holy place?
Let those in Judea free,
or death has come up into our houses...
to cut off the children from without...
and a young man from within.
How you have fallen from heaven, Lucifer,
son of the morning.
How you are cut from the ground.
The day has come when people will stare at you and say,
''ls this the man who made the nations tremble?''
You have all bowed to the man of sin.
But on the house of David,
-The Lord-- -The Lord?
Yes! The lord will pour out his spirit of grace.
They will look on the Lord,
and they have peace.
And mourn, as one mourns for his only son.
The lord?
l alone am the Prince of Peace.
lf there is any other, then show us all a sign!
Right here, right now.
lt is a wicked and perverse generation...
who asks for a sign.
But like Christ, your only sign will be this.
Destroy these temples of his holy prophets,
and the Lord will rebuild them in 3 days!
lt will be my pleasure.
l want these reprobates put on display and guarded.
Let the world see what happens to those who oppose me.
Get me out of here.
The lsraelis and several others are seceding.
Then l'll make them an example To the rest of the world...
for treating me this way.
Have my generals waiting for me in Rome.
-Others may follow, sir. -Then l'll crush them, too.
Don't forget, l have the final code.
So if l give the signal, l want a quick ground strike...
to allow our envoys out of the region...
followed by a strategic nuclear strike.
Oh, yes, they'll pay the price for their insolence.
And let me know when Ms. Barashe arrives.
Yes, sir.
Chairman, you may want to have a look at this.
What can possibly be so pressing?
Take your pick.
Over three million are dead and thousands are seeking refuge...
after a freak meteor shower hit Eastern Europe.
The Hong Kong plant has ground to a halt...
as tests are confirming...
that the ocean's molecular structure has somehow mutated.
The entire fishing industry has shut down--
l just received this from Gillen Lane.
lt's true, isn't it?
-Well, what do you think? -We will not stand for this.
Oh, l'm sorry, but you don't have the choice.
Yes, we do. The world shall hear of this.
Gentlemen, gentlemen, please.
Let us continue to work together as we have in the past.
Allow me to finish here, and l will join you.
Ah, Cassandra.
My Jezebel.
-Well done. -He never suspected a thing.
Oh, l'm sure he didn't, but me, l, uh...
l just hope it wasn't difficult for you,
knowing how attached you've become.
Attached? l don't know what you mean.
l mean, l just wonder if you'd ever have...
the courage to pull the trigger.
Never mind.
What are you two playing at? He's tricked you!
-lt's impossible! He couldn't! -Oh, so now you defend him.
l think that you and l had better go and talk with him.
We can't have the last prophecy without the final code.
What is it?
We're gonna keep asking until you tell us.
l don't know.
You realize l may not have to destroy the Middle East...
if l have the security the final prophecy would give me.
l had to die to initiate its second phase, so...
who will die to kick it into its final phase, hmm?
Jesus, save me.
Everything's forward motion.
How about l help you to the next level of evolution?
Let him go.
The truth has set you free.
ln light of the resurrection of God's holy prophets,
we are recanting our support and declaring you a heretic!
Call off the attack.
Dr. Lane.
What an unexpected pleasure.
-Call it off, or you're dead. -Oh, l've already been dead.
Call it off. So help me God, l'll--
God? l'm the God of this world!
And you could've been with me, couldn't he, my love?
Yes! My Trinity!
You've spent too much time in your codes.
The beast and his false prophet get cast into the lake of fire.
Fairy tales.
l am the one who controls the outcome of history.
l'm the one who calls the shots.
l'm the one who tells people what to think and believe.
l was Judas, betraying Christ to be crucified.
l was Hitler leading millions to the slaughter,
and l was the drunken driver who killed your mother.
But l was also the one who stopped a bullet for you.
l died so that you might live.
-Can't you see what he is? -Oh, she sees.
She sees who raised her out of the gutter, empowered her,
and who turned her into someone desirable.
-Just like l did to you. -l'm sorry, Gillen.
ls there anything else you'd like to add,
like, uh, the final code?
There's still time to call off the troops.
Very well. Prepare the attack.
l'll give it to you.
Yes, l knew you'd be reasonable.
Forgive me.
Thank you.
-Commence the attack on my mark. -What?
They're already in position. Why waste the trip?
On my mark. three...two...and...
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