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Omega Code 2 The

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MAN: For 5 millennia... | Napisy rippowane na zlecenie
l have fought|to be heard in this world...
but only a few listened.
Now...finally...|everyone will hear me.
l will blanket the earth with|a truth that is hot from hell.
The world will await|the sound of my voice...
to know whether the sun|will rise or the rivers flow.
l was here before...
when these walls stood tall...
when this soil was turned red|with spilled blood.
Ha ha!
Oh, the flowers|that bloomed.
SECOND MAN: Nourished by|the blood of your enemies.
FlRST MAN: l was here|when the Egyptians...
turned back the Canaanites...
a thousand years before the|Nazarene came into this world.
But nothing...
nothing compares|to the battle that is coming.
SECOND MAN: And He gathered|them together...
in a place called...|Armageddon.
He who controls Jerusalem|at the end of days...
shall rule the world.
(Big band music)
Nixon will win by a landslide.
l guarantee it.
Nobody will vote|for a Catholic.
Dick Nixon will|not be president.
Mm, not this time|for sure.
Why not?
He doesn't look good|on television.
Well, hell!
The man's running|for president...
not auditioning|for ''Gunsmoke.''
General, l'll tell you now.
The world is on television...
and that's where people|will form their opinions.
People like me...|will shape those opinions.
l have more than a hundred|television and radio stations...
magazines, newspapers.
lf you read, watch television...
listen to the radio...
you're gonna hear|what l have to say.
(Child laughing)
Ha ha ha!
(Baby gurgling)
Everybody thinks you're cute.
l hate you.
You killed my mother.
MAN: Ah, here we all are.
And how is my prodigy?
Doing well, l'm happy to say.
Well, l expected nothing less.
And what about you, Stone?
NANNY: l'm afraid he still|misses his mother.
So do l.
But it's been 3 months.
lt's time to get over it.
Young man...
tomorrow you will stop|grieving for your mother...
and get on with your life.
ls that clear?
Yes, Father.
All right, then.
Good night.
Good night, sir.
l know. l miss her, too.
The good Lord|took your mother...
but he gave you|a new baby brother.
Would you like some|hot chocolate, dear?
We could sit by the fire|and talk a bit.
All right?
l'll be right back.
(Box rattling)
The Lord giveth...
and the Lord taketh away.
(Baby cries)
Oh, my God!
Oh, you're ok?
You're ok.
What have you done?!
(Bell tolling)
FATHER: l trust your standards|haven't changed...
since l was a cadet.
l assure you, Senor Alexander...
we are still producing|men like yourself...
men who lead the way for others.
FATHER: You'll do|very well here.
Work hard.
Obey the rules.
Now, my son requires|a firm hand.
Don't coddle him, understand?
l want him hard and tough...
ready for the world.
Learn to make friends.
That's important.
GENERAL: lf your son has what|it takes to be a great leader...
l know how to bring it|out of him.
FATHER: l'll come|and see you if l can.
(Laughing and chanting)
(Unidentifiable|animal noises)
Young master.
We have waited so long.
(Creatures shrilling)
Bless me...
so that l may serve you|in this our quest.
Give me strength to spread|your message over the earth.
(Speaking Latin)
(Continues speaking Latin)
He that lives in darkness|shall rule the world.
(Bell tolling)
GENERAL: 500 years ago...
generals formed their men|in straight lines...
and sent them out|to attack fixed positions...
with weapons like these.
This seemed effective when|combat took place face-to-face.
Courage, strength, and skill...
decided the outcome|of the battle.
But with the invention|of firearms...
particularly the machine gun...
these same tactics resulted...
in the slaughter|of thousands of brave men.
What does this mean?
As military leaders...
you'll be responsible|for the lives of your men.
You must match your tactics|to the prevailing technology.
Thank you, Cadet Alexander.
-That was nice.|-She's back.
Francini's daughter.
MAN: Gabriella!
(Speaking ltalian)
(Man continues in ltalian)
(Violin playing solo)
MAN: Gabriella! Gabriella!
(Yelling in ltalian)
GENERAL: ln battle, there are|two kinds of soldiers...
those who live...
and those who die.
MAN: They are coming.
Set up the perimeters!
GENERAL: To live,|you must learn to kill.
Killers win wars.
Cadet Monticelli...
you and your squad|have been chosen...
to defend hill 31 ...
against the attackers|led by Cadet Alexander.
The victors will graduate|with special honors.
This is not just an exercise.
This is the first step|into your future.
Looks like|you've lost, friend.
(Yells in ltalian)
l take no prisoners.
Well, Gabriella doesn't think|l'm a fool! Ha ha!
STONE: l'm sorry that Fausto|had to leave the academy.
STONE: You were|very fond of him.
He is a nice boy...
but only to have|a little fun with.
-lt is beautiful, no?|-Magnificent.
(Cats meowing)
You see the cats?|They are everywhere.
And 2,000 years ago,|lions and tigers were kept here.
They were used|to kill the Christians.
Yes, the people loved it,|l remember.
From my studies.
Ha ha! Yes, of course.
Gabriella,|do you think of me...
the same way|you think of Fausto?
Just someone to have|a little fun with?
Stay with me.
This thing with Fausto is|very serious.
lt will be a month before|he is out of the hospital.
Yes, we are all|deeply saddened...
at Cadet Fausto's|untimely departure.
Very diplomatic of you.
But there will be an inquiry.
And from what l've learned...
it will not go well|with you, Stone.
You have the sworn testimony|of over a dozen cadets...
Fausto's own men...
that say l was|nowhere near him...
when this accident occurred.
l believe you're|in some way responsible...
for what happened.
lt will be up to me to|decide who is punished.
(lnhales sharply)
GENERAL: Which brings me to|something more personal.
l have seen the way|you look at my daughter.
Ah, yes.
lt's a wise father|who knows his own child.
l would be pleased|to have your permission...
to spend more time with her.
That's out of the question.
l hardly think you would|make a good match for her...
despite your obvious advantages.
You are|a natural-born leader, Stone...
but you lack|any sense of humanity.
l don't want my daughter|exposed to someone like you.
STONE: Nevertheless...
l'm afraid you won't be|able to keep us apart.
ln return for your permission|to see Gabriella...
l'll not only allow you|to keep your academy...
but l'll give you something|even more important.
You think|your father's money...
allows you to threaten me|in such a manner?
l'll inform your father that|you are no longer welcome here.
You will give me what l want...
and in return, l will|give you your soul...
your immortal soul.
Present arms!
Honor arms!
Well, what do you think|of your brother?
l want to be just like him.
Better to be who you are, David.
STONE: l've decided|to forego a military career.
l've accepted a post|with the European Union.
Congratulations, son.
Thank you, father.
Finally we meet.
So you're my little brother.
Well, l hope|l meet your approval.
l'm impressed.
ls father preparing you|to follow in his footsteps?
Well, we're not|in complete agreement...
over what|l'm to do with my life...
but we'll work it out,|won't we, Father?
Of course we will.
l wonder if l could|have something to drink.
Something cold.
No, l'll get it for you.
Hurry back.
We've got a lot|to talk about.
You know, the European Union...
isn't the right place|for you, Stone.
You're not cut out|to be a bureaucrat.
Oh, l know what|l'm doing, Father.
Got it all planned out.
You should come home with me|and learn the business.
No. l was raised here in Europe.
This is my home.
Besides, there's more to life|than just making money.
l haven't done|well by you, Stone.
l want to make it|up to you somehow.
Come home with me.
Let's build|our dreams together.
What do you say?
The 3 of us.
A beautiful sentiment, Father.
But not very practical,|l'm afraid.
l'm going to do things|that you've never dreamed of.
l'm going|to change the world.
Dear old Dad...
you think l'm|talking nonsense.
You'll see.
-Oh, uh...|-(Speaks ltalian)
No, it's OK. lt's OK.
lt's OK.
Uh, my name|is David Alexander.
You're Stone's brother.
Do you know him?
Well, my father runs the school,|and so l know all the cadets.
STONE: ln my opinion, America|lost the war in Vietnam...
because of the media.
The government|failed to control...
the one weapon|it could have used to win.
Excuse me, General, Father.
ELDER ALEXANDER: l don't know|what you've made of my son.
Believe me when l say to you...
l don't think either one of us|had a hand in making him.
Why didn't your father|send you here?
Well, l guess he just didn't|think l was as good as Stone.
Maybe just different.
l mean, yes, brothers,|but two different people.
Well, now l wish|l had come here.
Um, because it's...
well, it's beautiful.
l don't think l've ever|seen a place more beautiful.
Um, well, uh...
will you...are you|going to become...
how do you say?
Media mogulo?
Ha ha!
A mogul?
No, no, no.
See, l think l'd rather|do something that helps people.
Television does not|help people?
Not from what l've seen|on the major networks.
STONE: Stealing my bride, David?
Oh, Stone.|Well, l was just...
What do you mean?
l was going to|ask you earlier...
but l could never|get you alone.
Since we have a witness...
Gabriella, marry me.
Marry me, and l'll take you|to the top of the world.
Please, Stone, excuse me.|l have to get back.
She's embarrassed.
So sweet.
She'll say yes.
(Speaks ltalian)
-Well, if she does--|-When she does.
When she does, you'll be|a very lucky man, Stone.
A man makes his own luck,|little brother.
We were certainly lucky to have|this noble establishment...
as our guidance and inspiration|for so many years.
This academy has produced...
some of the world's|finest military leaders...
also its|captains of industry...
including...and here l must|with some pride acknowledge...
one of it's most distinguished|sitting right there...
my father.
Later on this evening...
we'll dedicate this beautiful|room as a concert hall...
to the memory of another|remarkable father...
that of my dear wife|Gabriella...there.
Well done, Stone.
Thank you.
Well, both my sons|have become...
better public speakers|than l ever was.
Oh, that's never|prevented you, Father...
from having your voice heard.
Ah...through others.
Well, it's not the style|of the speech that counts;
it's the content.
Would you excuse me, Father?
l'd like to speak to you,|Stone, alone.
Of course.
(Waltz playing)
(Music ends)
(Speaks ltalian)
l believe we met|here once before.
Two times in 20 years.
l think people are|beginning to talk.
How are you?
Ha ha! l'm old.|How are you?
No, you're not.
You're more beautiful now than|when l last saw you in New York.
Darling, David,|you are my favorite senator.
Well, whatever you are,|l missed you terribly.
ELDER ALEXANDER: Old Francini...|l miss him.
Yes. He was like|a father to me.
More of a father|than l was, l'm sure.
You know...
they say you begin|to reappraise your life...
as your own mortality|becomes more apparent.
With all my success,|l failed at one thing.
And what's that?
Raising you, Stone.
Ha ha! Nonsense.
l rather like what l've become.
Thank you for making my point.
DAVlD: Would you|like to dance?
-l'd love to.|-We have to be careful.
This could be considered|a political statement.
What do you mean?
A U.S. congressman|dancing with the wife...
of the head|of the European Union.
By the way, what do l|call you--Your Highness?
Oh, David, don't be silly...
''Your Majesty'' is quite|good enough.
There's something l have|to tell you, Stone.
Oh, yes, l know.
You're gonna give it all away,|aren't you?
Your television stations,|your wire services...
even your|communication satellites.
Give them all|to the public, yes.
The great|unwashed multitudes...
who've made you as rich|as you are. Tsk. Tsk.
Oh, l'm afraid if you're|looking for redemption, Dad...
that's just a little too late.
l don't know|how you found out...
but it won't change|anything.
l'm going to announce|my plans tonight...
when l make my speech.
Oh, yes, yes.|How appropriate.
Castrating your offspring|in front of strangers.
Ha ha ha!
Oh, l've always admired|your sense of timing.
But, uh, l'm afraid l can't|let you go through with this.
There's really nothing|you can do about it.
Oh, l won't cut you off|completely.
No, there will be a generous|trust fund for you and David.
You will get|the castle in Rome.
David can have|the Virginia estate.
Both of you will be|quite comfortable, l assure you.
Oh, l require a great deal|of comfort, Father.
More than you'll ever know.
DAVlD: How is life with|my brother, the rising star?
He never seems|to need any rest.
l just wish l knew what|he wanted out of life.
-Well, he has you.|-Oh, ha ha ha!
What else could|he possibly want?
David, l'm being serious.
So am l.
STONE: This is|unacceptable, Father.
l will have what is|rightfully mine...
and that includes...
l've made up my mind, Stone...
and nothing you say can|change it.
Too bad.
You see, l'm going to need|your media empire...
and the power|that goes with it.
Oh, yes. l intend to change|the way things are done...
in this dim little world.
Boy, l'm warning you...
if you even try|and fight me in court!
Ha ha ha!
Oh, dear old Dad,|always spoiling for a fight.
l suppose l would miss you...
if l cared anything at all|about you.
l don't.
Go to hell.
(Stone yelling)
Somebody call an ambulance!|Quick!
(Stone yelling in ltalian)
Father? Father?
God, what happened?
l don't know.|He wasn't feeling well.
He went onto the balcony|to get some air...
and he must have--
DAVlD: Father...
God, why wasn't l there?
No, Father,|don't try to speak.
(Chanting in Latin)
STONE: This is my blood|spilled by my enemies.
Drink it and vanquish.
This is my flesh|made foul with sin.
Eat it and rejoice|in my new kingdom.
But woe to those that oppose me.
For they shall be cut down|like winter wheat...
and my wrath shall sweep|like a dark tide...
over the suffering land.
Oh, woe to those|who stand in the path...
of my righteousness.
Oh, woe...
WOMAN: With the final terrorist|stronghold destroyed...
celebrations have|intensified here...
at the historic Temple Mount|in Jerusalem...
as we await the inauguration|of Stone Alexander...
as the first-ever Chancellor|of the United World Union.
Over to you, Chuck.
Thank you, Dana.
During Stone Alexander's|reign...
he has quite literally changed|the face of the world.
Using his great wealth...
he has all but ended|the problems...
of world hunger and drought...
brought peace|to the Middle East...
and laid the groundwork|for world government...
Well, there you go.
See what you can accomplish...
if you don't have|to answer to Congress.
l'm telling you, Richard...
pulling our delegation|was a mistake.
lt sends the wrong message.
l think it sends|exactly the right message.
Well, right on time,|Mr. Vice President.
The show hasn't started yet.
MAN ON TV: Alexander's rise...
to Chairman of|the European Union was meteoric.
National borders|have been erased...
as the world has been divided|into 10 democratic zones.
Each zone's Secretary General|has one vote...
in the World Union Parliament.
But with Alexander now ordained|as sole chancellor...
that will,|in all probability, end.
Let's go inside,|where l understand...
the chancellor|is about to make...
his acceptance speech.
My friends...
you have built|a magnificent house for me.
My soul leaps to see|all that has been accomplished.
For l have said|in my heart...
l will ascend to heaven...
and it has come to pass.
l can't believe you're|related to this old boy.
Maybe he was left|on my parents' doorstep.
By a pack of wolves.
STONE ON TV:|l will raise my throne...
above the stars, and it has...
Do you believe|this madman?
Sounds like Adolf Hitler,|only with, uh, attitude.
You know, now that he has|almost everyone in the world...
lined up on his side...
he'll be looking for ways|to put pressure on us.
An economic embargo will be|their first logical step.
Cut us off|from world markets--
Where do the Chinese|and Latins stand on this issue?
Here, l want you to look|at this intelligence report.
Satellite photos show|lots of activity...
in and around...
Russian nuclear weapon|storage sites.
They're moving stuff around?
DAVlD: Well, the C.l.A. says|someone's offered them...
a truck full of money|for some nukes.
That has not been confirmed.
Who made that offer?
DAVlD: Well, it's|gotta be my brother.
Nobody else could arrange|for something like this...
without us knowing|about it earlier.
MAN: l have|the chancellor online.
Put it on-screen.
STONE: l'm staying|in the Middle East zone...
for another day...
but when l return|to Rome on Wednesday...
l shall expect you to be there.
l'm a very busy man,|Chancellor.
Mr. President...
the future of the world|is at stake.
What exactly is that|supposed to mean?
Ah, man, proud man...
dressed in|a little brief authority.
lt means, sir, that my people|will meet your plane...
in Rome in 30 hours.
what is the location of|our sixth fleet at this time?
Just off the coast|of ltaly, sir.
Well, l'd say that's|a mighty fine place for them--
wouldn't you, gentlemen?
PRESlDENT: What are you focused|in on over there, David?
Don't you ever stop workin'?
l'm putting together|something for you, sir.
Still trying to get|inside my brother's head...
figure out what makes him go.
Oh, hell, l know|what makes him go.
lt's called power--
greatest aphrodisiac|known to modern man.
Hell, l take|a liberal dose of it...
every night|before l go to bed.
l need something's that's|going to give me the edge...
when it comes to the showdown|with your brother.
Take a look at this.
An insurance study.
DAVlD: The C.l.A.|has compiled...
a list of 200 names|that at one time or another...
opposed my brother--
either politically|or in business.
Let me guess.
Dead--every one of them.
How many of them died|of unnatural causes?
None. They all died|of heart attacks...
cancer, strokes...
So, what does he do,|cast a spell on 'em?
Don't get mythological|on me, now, David.
l'm just saying|you might want...
to keep your distance from him.
Right now, l can't do that.
lf l expect him|to take me serious...
it's gotta be face-to-face,|man to man.
MAN: You know, sir...
l think the vice president|might be right.
Well, you know,|when you get to be president...
we'll let you make|those decisions.
But until then...
-Oh.|-Ha ha ha ha.
PRESlDENT: 25--come on.
Yes, sir.
STONE:|Citizens of my World Union...
witness your first day|in a united world!
One currency.
One language.
One goal--|to strive every day...
to make the lives of all men|better and better.
One dictator--
oh, yes, l know|that some of you...
are thinking that,|and l know...
where this fear is coming from.
The same fear|that caused dear friends...
to strike down Julius Caesar|right there in the Roman Forum.
Fear of what he could become.
For Brutus said|he was ambitious.
But, dear friends...
you have no need to fear|my ambitions.
l am no dictator.
But l must lead...
for men at some time|are masters of their fates.
l will not ask you|to follow me...
but to take the journey|with me...
this journey|to a better world!
-How do you do, Chancellor?|-Mr. President.
Ha ha.
My little brother.
Gabriella sends her love|and would like to see you...
if time permits.
Thank you.
That was one hell|of a speech, Chancellor.
Not as good as the one|that got you elected.
Well, now that we've...
blown the appropriate|amount of smoke...
up one another's hindquarters...
do you mind if we get|down to business?
(Chuckles)|With pleasure.
PRESlDENT: l know that you|have a whole mess...
of third-world countries...
and socialist paradises...
all lined up like|little ducks in a row...
but the U.S. really has|no desire to be involved...
in your so-called|new world order.
l'm afraid it's not|your decision anymore.
You see, the United Nations|and the European Union...
have folded themselves|into my organization.
ln fact...
your representatives to|the U.N. voted for the accord.
Those ambassadors have|since been recalled.
Mr. Vice President...
l think you understand me|well enough to know...
l only want what is best|for everyone.
Well, regardless|of your intentions...
l'm in complete agreement|with the president.
You can't be the only boat|paddling against the tide.
lsolationism is so passe.
No, the North American zone|must join the others.
North American zone?
You and your people|can call it...
whatever you want...
but as long|as l'm breathing...
l am the President|of the God-blessed...
United States of America.
l see.
Well, then, there's, uh...
nothing more to be said,|is there?
Good day.
PRESlDENT:|David! David!
(Gate closes)
DAVlD: Gabriella.
Ciao, David.
How's your president?
He's not doing very well.
Stone called me|at the hospital--
said that he needed to see me...
that it was urgent.
He's been delayed.
l took the liberty|to prepare the lunch.
-Can you stay?|-Of course.
Oh, good. Come.
DAVlD: Oh, it's so good|to see you like this.
Just the two of us.
GABRlELLA:|How long has it been?
Two years ago July...
at your fund-raiser|in Washington.
l don't believe|you remember everything.
Everyone fell in love|with you that night.
Everybody but you.
You hardly spoke to me.
''Ciao, Gabriella.'' Pfft.
You were surrounded by admirers.
Besides, l've always|been in love with you.
Why, David.
How sweet.
l never think of you|as being sentimental.
Can l ask you something?
ls everything all right|between you and Stone?
Oh, what a thing to ask.
Of course.
Because of him,|my foundation is...
a tremendous success.
Do you know how many|kilos of food...
we sent to starving|nations last year?
Over 500 million.
But are you happy?
Happy, happy, happy?
Che cos'e felice?
l'm afraid for you.
Well, it seems to me|that anyone who stands...
in Stone's way...ends up...
You're crazy.
But l want you to be careful.
Keep your eyes open.
Will you do that for me?
l'll keep my eyes open.
The chancellor|will see you now.
Excuse me.
Ah, David.
l'm so sorry about Benson.
l said a little prayer|for him, but--ha!
One never knows|if God is listening.
You think you|got away with it...
don't you?
l beg your pardon?
l don't know how you did it...
but l'm going to find out.
You don't like me,|do you, David, hmm?
No, come on.|Don't deny it.
You really don't like me.
What do you want, Stone?
l trust you had|a decent lunch...
and a nice chat?
Ah, my wife.
She's so loyal.
l value that quality|above all others.
ls this what you wanted|to talk to me about?
(TV clicks off)
ln a very short time...
you will be President|of the North American zone.
l want you on my side.
Please hear me out.
You are my brother, David.
You're family...
And that means something...
even to me.
We were never family.
David, l'm trying to help you.
Don't you see?
Together, we can rule the world.
Yes, join with me,|and l'll raise you up.
You'll be second only to me.
You're out of your mind.
l have that power.|l can make it happen.
As long as we have|the Chinese...
and the Latins on our side...
you don't have a chance|in hell...
of getting what you want.
l'll always have|a chance in hell, David.
Oh, come on.
Come on, join with me|in this great adventure.
l promise you,|you won't regret it.
Good-bye, Stone.
DAVlD ON TAPE: This is|unacceptable, Father.
l will have|what is rightfully mine.
-What have you done?|-Oh, it isn't what l've done.
l think it's rather|what you've done...
isn't it, David?
(Father screaming)
DAVlD: You don't|really expect anybody...
to believe that, do you?
l wasn't even up there.|There are witnesses.
This is television.
People believe anything|they see on television.
And besides...
before you can|prove otherwise...
your credibility|will be as dead as...
dear old Dad there.
-Don't push me.|-Oh, goodness.
Does my wife know|what a violent man you are?
Mr. President.
David, l'm sorry.
What can we do for you now?
STONE: l'd also like you|to consult your congress...
President Alexander.
And l would like my answer|within 24 hours.
You take care of yourself.
We should kill him.
Unnatural deeds do breed|unnatural troubles.
STONE: 2,000 years.
Do you feel it?
Do you feel it all|coming to an end?
Ha ha ha.
Your sacrifice|was for nothing.
Soon you will bow down|before me.
And your Father will see me|for whom l really am--
the conqueror of men.
Worthy to share--|no, to assume--his throne.
Therefore rejoice,|O heavens.
And you who dwell in them.
Woe to the inhabitants|of the earth and sea...
because the devil has|come down to you...
having great wrath...
because he knows|he has a short time.
GUARDlAN: We have received|official word.
-Your brother, the president...|-Still refuses to join us.
Well, in the great scheme|of things...
my earthly brother is|a minor inconvenience.
So...after an eternity|of waiting...
The end is in sight.
Don't You understand that?
They believe in me now.
Yes, test them.
Give them tribulation.
Spill out your bowls of wrath...
unleash your plagues,|l challenge you!
STONE: Oh, bravo!|Well done.
But You can do|better than that.
pour out Your bowls of wrath|upon the earth.
Bring it on!
TV REPORTER: Fires caused...
by the continuing|meteorite showers...
are still blazing|around the country...
for the 1 1th straight day--
while freak weather conditions|persist across the world.
Flood waters in Belgium|are still rising...
and the mud slides|in Central America...
have sparked fears|of the spread of disease.
Yesterday's riots left|more than 300 dead.
This is part of a pattern...
of civil disobedience|across the world...
that follows each|new natural disaster.
They think it's the end|of the bloody world.
They're rioting|in the streets.
My people are not|ungrateful, sir.
But when a hailstorm|destroys a third...
of our continent's|vegetation--
MAN: Mr. President,|you must hear me out on this.
l am not going|to change my mind...
about joining the World Union.
Official notice from Rome.
The World Union is leveling...
a complete trade embargo|against us.
Ladies and gentlemen,|rest assured...
that l shall do everything|in my power...
to resolve our problems.
l will in fact be|visiting all of you shortly...
to see to them at firsthand.
He wants to control the world.
When is world peace the same|as controlling the world?
When it takes away my freedom--
our freedom|as a sovereign nation.
Now, l will not be bullied|by sanctions or embargoes...
or anything else|he throws our way.
l have given orders|for mass executions...
of all dissidents|and their families.
We cannot tolerate...
disobedience at such|a crucial time.
Bravo, Kochinsky.
STONE: But, um...
but let's not go|too far, shall we?
We don't want too many|dead bodies lying around.
lt creates a rather|bad impression.
Mr. President,|l must speak plainly.
You are allowing|a family quarrel...
to cloud your judgment.
The people of this nation|will not be...
at the beck and call|of a foreign leader.
And we will not|give up the power...
to decide our own destiny.
What about|the renegade zones--
the Americans and the Chinese.
Something's got to be done.
The Chinese have a half billion|troops on our border.
Oh, ye of little faith.
lf you would kindly|excuse me for a moment...
but rest assured that|everything is going...
as it should be.
Chaos only makes it|that much more interesting.
America will implode.
And as for China...
everything will be|settled at Megiddo.
DAVlD:|This government has...
always been|and will always be...
of the people,|by the people...
and for the people|of the United States of America.
Now, this meeting is over.
You will regret this,|l promise you.
Give my regards to my brother,|would you?
You have made|the masses fanatical...
to make them instruments|of your policies.
We'll discuss|all of this later.
No, no!|We discuss it now!
There are things that you simply|do not understand.
Like anyone who gets|in your way ends up dead?
David told me that.
Deny it.
Yes, yes,|l was forgetting...
my little brother|sent you to spy on me.
So it is true?
You killed your father...
the President.
l don't believe it.
Oh, frailty,|thy name is woman.
Look, just go back...
to feeding|your pathetic poor...
and stay out of my business.
lf you didn't care|about the poor...
why did you spend|your fortune feeding them?
Because, my dear,|the quickest way...
to a man's loyalty|is through his belly.
But still they hold|out their hands...
for more, always more,|and you encourage them.
Well, l'm sick of them...
of their stench,|of their misery...
of their disease.
So let 'em starve,|let them die.
We have the whole world,|and we've lost our souls.
God...God help us.
God? God?
Oh, yes, l'm sure he's lurking|around somewhere.
So, stay on your knees|and hold out your hand and beg.
Go on, beg for his love.
You've lost mine.
Who are you?
Thank you,|my children of Africa.
For indeed,|you are my children...
beloved above all others.
But, oh, my children...
this world we share|today is in chaos!
l say, chaos!
MAN: This is|a plague area, sir.
lf they found out l brought...
the military chief of our zone|into an area like this--
This is Mexico, Sergeant.
This is our country--|not a zone.
You understand?
Yes, sir.
-Por favor.|-Gracias.
Senora Alexander.
How can l help?
l knew your foundation|was working in this area.
l didn't realize l would|have the pleasure...
of running|into you myself.
Gracias, senor.
How many people have|they lost in this village?
l don't know.
A hundred?
Maybe more.
Tomorrow, it'll be|twice as many.
GABRlELLA: Oh, God, help.
STONE: You have seen|a storm of fire...
that sweeps through your fields.
You see a sky|as black as night...
in the fullness of day.
And you have seen...
your loved ones dying|from a pestilence that rips...
into your cities,|into your villages.
You have seen this world|we all love...
threatening to tear itself|apart at the seams...
and that is why|you have come here today.
You have come here for my help!
l cannot help you.
Gracias, senor.
MAN: What kind of god looks at|what's happening here...
and does nothing?
Even God won't|force us to do good.
We must choose the good...|for others.
l cannot help you because you|have turned your backs on me!
On me!
l, who have fed|your starving masses.
l, who have given you peace|the world over.
And for this,|what do you do to me?
You deny me!
You deny me!
You deny me!
Your God!
Not true!|You're not God!
And for this|you will be punished!
Pray to me.
Pray to your God.
My will be done.
Now she is standing|before the face of God.
With all the dignity and respect|that she was created for.
And she won't forget...
the general who|risked his life today...
to come here to this village|to care just for her.
Ah, God's little helper.
l trust your trip was as|successful as mine...
but l told you,|let them die.
Old ladies die every day.
You really shouldn't get|yourself so upset about it.
TELEVlSlON REPORTER:|As earthquakes...
and other catastrophes continue|across the globe...
California today declared|a state of emergency...
bringing the total number of|states seeking federal aid...
to 25.
Food and gas shortages|across the nation...
lt's almost biblical, sir.
l hope l'm making|the right decision.
Today congressmen|from both sides...
called upon the President...
to accept the World Union's|offer of membership...
which would result|in immediate relief.
Well, at least the networks|will be happy.
Oh, yes.
All this will send|their ratings through the roof.
Ha ha ha.
Wonderful invention,|television.
Does most of my work for me.
There are 3 zones|who still oppose you.
Your own brother.
Oh, yes, after all|that's happened...
he still resists.
You must strike at him.
l've been warning you before.
Never, ever presume|to instruct me.
My brother, the President,|will come...
when it is time.
We gave the President our trust.
We rallied behind him|because we believed...
in his integrity.
But his career has been|based on lies.
The justice department|has obtained the following...
security camera video.
lt reveals that|Daniel Alexander's death...
was no accident.
Clearly, our president|secured his inheritance...
through the abominable crime|of patricide.
Now, in our nation's|darkest hour...
his true nature is revealed.
David Alexander is a man|who will do anything...
say anything...
When did this press|conference take place?
About 10 minutes ago, sir.
lt's repeating|on every network.
Get him on the phone.
BRECKENRlDGE: lt is time that|David Alexander be replaced...
by someone who can lead us...
Let me guess.
He's on the screen, sir.
Breckenridge, you are|a liar and a coward.
You won't get away|with this.
David, can't we just talk like|two men who love their country?
Spare me the hypocrisy.
Do you realize|what you've done?
F.B.l. We have a warrant for|the arrest of David Alexander.
Call the President.
Open the gate.
Do it!
BRECKENRlDGE:|Because of you...
we will end up getting|in a shooting war...
with the other members|of the World Union.
Are you prepared for that?
lf they come after us...
they'd better be ready for|all hell to break loose.
The Justice Department|has issued a warrant...
for your arrest.
This is treason.
Mr. President,|you leave me no choice.
We've got company, sir.
Get that chopper down here.
Go condition red.
So how'd you know|this was going down?
l've been in politics|long enough to know...
that you always prepare|for the worst.
Mind if l ask|where we're going?
The chopper will hook us|up with the Navy brass.
They'll get us over...
to the Sixth Fleet|in the Mediterranean.
Take them up.
Come on.
That's far enough.
We're here to arrest|the President.
Not on my watch.
Sir, we have to go.|We have to go.
Seal off the rear!
GUARD: Keep going, sir.
(Helicopter whirring)
MAN: Go! Go! Go!
Go! Go!
America is mine.
The President has fled|his office...
and his government votes|even now to join my World Union.
So when we all gather|in the Middle East...
l trust that|you will be there, too.
The Chinese people will|never bow before you.
STONE: Mr. Premier...
l know what the famine|has cost you.
Tens of millions.
We could lose half a billion|and still remain strong.
You would sacrifice so many?
Wouldn't you?
l already have.
There is a prophecy.
''The kings of the East|will gather their armies...
on the plains of Megiddo.''
And so you shall.
lf all 10 zones|are not with you--
Oh, they will be.
STONE: We summon you.
Aah! Aah!
Renounce God|and you shall live.
(People screaming)
Mr. President.
Secretary of State|Breckenridge...
has declared himself|President pro tem...
and will join|the World Union.
And we've received reports|that the Chinese...
are sending troops|to join Stone Alexander.
This is the equivalent|of a coup d'etat.
l need to know...
Where do you stand?
GUARD: Scared, sir?
A little.
You'll be all right.
Trust your instincts|to keep moving.
You freeze up, sir,|you're dead meat.
Makes me feel a lot better.
(Men shouting)
Go! Move!
(Gunfire in background)
MAN: Move!
Ah, brother Dav--
Hold your fire.
STONE: Would you mind|turning out the lights...
when you're finished,|and please...
get those filthy boots|off my aubusson carpet.
He's not here.
Better come with me, sir.
Oh, Papa!
l'm so ashamed.
DAVlD: Gabriella?
DAVlD: lt's OK.
lt's all right.|l got you.
l got you.|l got you.
We're going to get you|out of here.
He said you would come.
Get a medic down here.
l'm going to get you|out of here.
You and me.
You must fight...
the beast.
You will be led to a man|who has eyes...
but he cannot see.
Follow him.
Don't talk.|Don't talk.
GABRlELLA: Don't be afraid.
God has already|prepared the way.
You just walk in it.
Trust him.
After all...
it is finished.
DAVlD: Gabriella.
Sir, l thought|you should know...
that the Chinese are rolling|into the Middle East.
Breckenridge has sent|U.S. armor to follow along.
Good news in all this|is tonight's operations...
have gone completely|unreported.
Breckenridge has no idea|what we're up to.
GUARD: Hey!|Get out of the way.
No. Wait.
(Siren in background)
MAN: l saw heaven open...
and behold...
a white horse.
And he who sat on him|was called faithful and true.
And in righteousness,|he judges and makes war.
And on his thigh is written...
''King of kings...
and Lord of lords.''
And l saw the beast.
The kings of this earth|and their armies...
gathered together|to make war...
against him|who sat on the horse.
l saw new heaven.
And new earth.
Not pain.
Not pain.
When evil is brought|into the light...
it loses its power.
Save us.
Save us.
Save us. Save us.
(Speaking ltalian)
(Speaking all at once)
Save us.
PRlEST: For the Lord will|consume the lawless one...
with the breath of his mouth...
and the brightness|of his return.
''l am the alpha and the omega.
The beginning and the end.''
Save us.
-What just happened in there?|-l received a message.
What are you going to do?
l need to speak to|the Chinese Premier.
You mind filling me in?
We're going to do battle.
With the beast.
DAVlD: Thank you, Mr. Premier.
Please understand|we're counting on you.
(Men shouting)
KlNCAlD: Plain of Megiddo.
The fabled crossroads|of the Middle East.
When the Chinese premier arrives|a little later today...
with his army...
the heads of all 10 zones|of the World Union...
will have assembled|their troops...
to witness the most historic|of agreements.
The new leader of|the United States...
has just arrived.
Ah, congratulations,|Mr. President.
Prime Minister.|How are you?
As you can see...
interim President|Breckenridge...
is there in Megiddo...
representing the United States|government...
while the worldwide manhunt for|David Alexander continues.
Gentlemen, if we can use|a special ops team...
to initiate|the diversionary attack...
toward the center of his|headquarters position...
and then move in force to|secure the left flank...
l believe we can roll up|his entire line of defense.
lt's workable.
But the way l see it...
Stone's armies are here|for a celebration.
They're not expecting|resistance.
lf we can wait|for the Chinese...
we'll be able to launch...
a full-scale|surprise attack.
Either way, a lot of people|are going to die.
Carry on.
(Helicopter whirring)
My troops...
you have taken|the first step...
on the journey to Jerusalem,
the journey to a new world.
All hail Lord Alexander.
TROOPS: All hail|Lord Alexander.
All hail Lord Alexander.
All hail Lord Alexander.
All hail Lord Alexander.
ANNOUNCER: As you know...
the master wishes to reach out|to all his subjects.
To that end...
Lord Alexander has selected|European zone camp number 3...
for an informal visit at 22:00.
Over the next 10 days...
the troops of each zone|will have an opportunity...
to meet the man who has created|the new world order.
why me?
There must be someone else.
l'm scared.
l don't want to die.
But l know deep down...
that if l don't|walk up that hill...
l'm already dead.
l'm in your hands.
l'm going with you.
No. No.
l'm going alone.
You're not planning on|coming back, are you?
This is something|only l can do.
Thank you.
Lord, give him strength.
He's on your watch now.
(Men talking in background)
DAVlD, VOlCE-OVER: l don't know|if l have the strength...
to go through with this...
so l'm asking for your guidance|and protection.
And most of all...
for your forgiveness...
for always|doing things my way...
instead of yours.
Take my life...
and make it count|for something tonight.
The Lord giveth...
and the Lord taketh away.
Evening, gentlemen.
STONE: Touche.
Ladies and gentlemen...
l would ask you all|to raise a glass...
to salute the arrival|of my brother at Megiddo...
and to acknowledge|that from this moment...
l am indeed|my brother's keeper.
Ah, David.
Trust you've had|a comfortable night.
Beautiful day, isn't it?
Sun's out,|birds are singing...
and all's well in my world.
Your world is|a sick, dark place.
l know what you did|to Gabriella.
Oh, so that's|why you're here.
Oh, so when all's|said and done...
it's, um...
it's really about|love, isn't it?
Ha ha ha ha!|Oh, l must say...
watching the two of you|all these years...
seeing how|difficult it was...
and how noble you both were...
never giving in|to temptation. Ha ha!
lt really was exquisite...
seeing the both of you being|tormented in this way.
Oh. Oh.
Did l touch a nerve?
l know who you are.
You only think you do.
Oh, it's a pity|the way things...
have ended up for you,|isn't it, huh?
lt's not over yet.
All but the shouting.
(Snaps fingers)
Come on, you.
STONE: Dear, brother...
l'm prepared to offer you|a last gasp.
Join me, and l'll|raise you up...
from your present|miserable state--
make you a king among men.
You overrate yourself.
You always have.
Your people can't fight me.
No one can, really.
All you can do is die.
Not that l mind that,|but who will l rule over...
if you're all dead?
Who will l punish, eh?
(Helicopter whirring)
STONE: Come, David.|Take a look.
lsn't it magnificent?
The Chinese|are arriving at last.
Yes, an industrious people.
Oh, l'll put them to good use.
Where is your God now?
He'll be here.
Oh, really?
Then perhaps l'll|introduce you to him...
when he arrives.
You've heard his heralds,|haven't you...
announcing his|triumphant return?
No? Hmm. Funny enough.
Neither have l.
Well, maybe this time|he has met his match.
All your armies,|all your weapons...
none if it will be|of any use against God.
Uh...oh, you still|don't understand, do you?
This battle between me and God|is for the souls of men.
These...these bodies|out there...
they're--they're not|my armies.
They're my trophies.
Oh, but you see, don't you?
Yes, you understand.
Your greatest creation,|and they've abandoned you.
Now they follow me, hmm?
l've won.
Now, l shall|transform this planet...
into a paradise for my kind.
My fallen angels|will rise again.
Oh, you've heard of|the term ''hell on earth?''
Well, this is day one|of the new millennium.
Starting tomorrow, it's going|to get a whole lot worse.
You won't be here|tomorrow.
l gave no order to attack.
What's going on?
(Men shouting)
The Chinese have|turned against us.
They're attacking|on this flank.
And the Latins on the other!
(Men screaming)
Free will, Stone.
That's the part of|the human equation...
you forgot about.
We counterattack immediately.
(Man on radio)
(Men screaming)
AMERlCAN MAN: Get down. Now!
Go! Go! Go! Go!
(Shouting continues)
-Where are you going?|-To fight!
All units,|target the enemy headquarters!
Listen, all of you,|fight to the death!
So you think you know me.
think again.
Satan. Lucifer...
(Low growl)
l have walked through|history under many names.
And for this time, even yours.
Oh...your brother was|a mere vessel l chose...
a puppet...
nurtured from spawning|to do my handiwork.
(Satan growls)
l summon the powers|of darkness.
Rise up forces of evil!
Rise up and destroy|all who stand against you.
Arise! lt is l, your Lord,|who commands you.
(Speaks French)
(Men shouting)
Move out!
Aah! Ugh!
(Agonized cries)
(Men shouting)
(Yells orders)
(Speaking foreign language)
You see!
The tide has turned.
No one can defeat me.
l am the power.
l am Lord!
(Low growl)
GUARDlAN:|You have failed us.
We have lost.
We have lost!
(Low growl)
lt's over.
You're finished.
Ah, ah, aaah!
(David grunts)
What?|Oh. Chained?
No-o-o! | Napisy rippowane na zlecenie
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