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Subtitles for Omen IV - The Awakening.

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Omen IV - The Awakening

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A beautiful babygirl.|
Yes. Yes,|she's just perfect.
I'll giveyou to Sister Yvonne.|She's dying to talk toyou.
Mrs. York,|wait until you see her.
She's a tiny miracle.|
Yes. Yes, ofcourse.|
Then we'll expectyou.|
All right. Bye.|
The clouds sweep away the color.|
Leaves everything like|a black and white photograph.
Tell me about the parents. Any history|of drug abuse or alcohol addiction?
We're supplying the environment,|but we're inheriting the genes,
whether the mother was traumatized|during the period of gestation.
It's all important.|
You're going to be the mother|ofthis child, not her lawyer.
Right. Sister, I'm so sorry.|
I'm soinsecure aboutall this.|
You know we tried so hard.|
I'm not anxious to take on a load|of problems I'm not prepared for.
-She has a "sins of the father thing".|-I do not.
The mother was at university|and the fatherwas an exchange student.
Sweetheart, ifthere are|any complications,
psychological or physical,|we'll handle it.
She's got us.|My best friend's a doctor.
Besides, I play racquetball|with a couple ofgood shrinks.
You're such a wise guy.|
She's beautiful.|
It's okay.|
Oh, she's beautiful.|
Bye, bye.|
Hush, little baby|Don'tsaya word
Mommy's gonnabuyyouamockingbird|Want togo tosleep?
Quiet, quiet.|
She's beautiful!|
Everybody, I'd like you to meet...|
What's she gonna sing?|
-Any requests?|-I don't know. When she's hungry,
she can hit notes Tina Turner|hasn't thought of.
She scratched me.|
Excuse me. Doctor in the house.|
Let's take a look at this.|It's nothing. You'll be all right.
I don't know what happened.|
She stopped crying as soon as Gene|picked her up. I don't know what I did.
Maybe this pin came undone|whileyou were burping her.
-What museum did we get this from?|-I take fullblame.
I was the one who insisted that she go|aunatural with diapers and safety pins.
Well, I don't think|it merits a law suit.
-Butyou come see me in the morning.|-Okay.
Come on. Here. Come on.|
-Delia, don't scratch your mommy.|-You okay?
An eclipse is hardly an event,|SisterYvonne.
Hardly an event?|A spontaneous eclipse?
Howmanyspontaneous eclipses|haveyouseeninyourlife?
Don't speak to me|in that fashion!
You've damned us,|cursed us with that child!
I can think ofno worse curse|than the murder ofa child!
-We should never have been born!|-Be quiet!
DearFatherin heaven,|we are heartilysorry...
I don't believe this.|
Yeah, well,|antibiotics willstop it.
But those red marks|mean serious infection, don't they?
How can a baby's fii ngernail|do so much damage?
Who knows? I had a client who got|athlete's foot in the Caribbean.
She almost lost her leg.|
-Yeah, Lou, but this...|-Karen, I'm a doctor.
I've seen every conceivable type|ofinfection, believe me.
On a scale ofone to ten,|this is a big two.
The good news is,|you gotyour baby!
-Yeah.|-No more testing. Isn't that a relief?
-Just my annual PAP smear.|-That's right.
I just don't get it.|Gene and I have been tested.
We're both okay. I should've|been pregnant a dozen times by now.
Karen, that happens to lots ofcouples.|Three times a day.
-Thankyou.|-WhatmadeyouandGene decide|on thename "Delia"?
-It's a pretty name, isn't it?|-Beautiful.
It means "always visible" in Greek.|
Besides, IhadanAuntDelia...|
who was the fiirst woman|in ourhometown torun foroffiice.
Thought it might be|a good-luck name as well.
-Oh, yeah? Grooming her for offiice?|-It's a family tradition.
Nowsanctify this water...|
that Your servants who are washed in it|may become one...
with Christ's death|andresurrection,
tobe cleansed|anddeliveredfromsin.
Anoint them with Your HolySpirit, that|theymaybeborn again in Your church,
that theymaybecomeinheritors|ofYourglorious kingdom.
Delia, Ibaptizeyou...|
in thename ofthe Father, theSon,|
andthe HolySpirit.|
Give hertome.|
Theysay thata child thatcries|is closerto God.
Thereyou go. Right there.|
Yes, Delia!|Isn't that beautiful?
Boo! Yeah.|
Say "hi".|
Hi, Daddy. Whoops.|
Don'tyou look pretty!|
Smile nice, Mr. Congressman.|
Dropyour drawers forCapitolHill.|
Sure was convenient...|
that somebody took that picture|of Resnick in the motel room.
Who cares who took it?|Someone nailed the incumbent.
Resnick is a crook|and whoremonger.
Those photographs|will bury him.
You've had six weeks to think about it.|What doyou say?
-Why doyou want me to run,Jake?|-Fishing.
For answers, not compliments.|You know what I stand for.
How many hours haveyou spent|complaining to me...
about the bungling bureaucracy|and howyou'd change things?
A couple thousand at least.|
Nowis the time toput|somemuscle whereyourmouth is.
A lot ofus agree with you|and think they all ought to take...
theirsweetdeals, perks|andbulgingpensions andtakeahike.
You'reyoung. Youdon'tneedthemoney.|Youcome from apoliticalfamily.
You've got the looks, the brains.|Everything that spells voter appeal.
-I said, no compliments.|-That was the downside.
Wait till you hear|what I like aboutyou.
Gene York,|popular Virginia legislator,
has announcedhe willrun forcongress|forthe 14th Districtseat...
nowheldby thescandal-ridden|Graham Resnick.
Exitpolls at this timeindicate...|
that Gene York should win the 14th|Districtbyan unprecedentedmajority.
You've got a meeting|with Noland tomorrow at 2:00.
Congressman York,|newchair ofthe Finance Committee,
has been fiighting for|thehomeless reliefbill.
Look overthere,Jake.|
Look at this.|
She almost took the head clean off!|
She's real rough on prom queens.|
llie, ollie, oxen free|
I'll find you|behind a tree
Cuckoo! Cuckoo!|
Delia, this isn't funny!|
Delia, come out now, please.|
No! No!|
-Lookwhatyou've done, you dumb dog!|-No, no, no!
He saved my daughter's life.|Areyou okay, baby?
Areyou okay? Yeah?|
He's beenbathed,|hadhis shots.
All checked out. He's fii ne.|
She adores him.|He adores her.
Okay, okay.|
Congressman Gene York|kickedoffhis reelection campaign...
byissuing arenewedpledge for|theplightofthe disadvantaged.
Thepopular Virginia congressman|continues toleadallpolls.
I thinkwe should|get one thing clear.
You guys don't know|whatyou're doing.
There's a witch|wholives on top ofthat tower.
Anyone who has the courage|to climb that ladder,
will be granted|anywish theywant.
I could do it|if I wanted to.
-You're afraid ofheights.|-No, I'm not.
I'm not talking toyou,Jerome.|
Miss Norris!|
Whatis going on?|
-But he hit her! Her lip was cut.|-I've heard enough!
Ifhe did,|she probably deserved it.
She spit at him. Bit him so hard|his hand swelled up.
You've got a psycho|for a daughter.
And you, Mr. Congressman,|see what happens next election.
Mr. Creighton,|I never bow to threats.
Please leave|before I lose my temper.
Whata fiirst-classjerk.|
the way Delia told us it happened?|
Why not?|
-Hi, sweetheart.|-Hi, Daddy.
Tell me.|
Exactlywhat kind ofproblems haveyou|been having with this boy at school?
He's always doing something to me.|
Calling me names or hitting me.|
Areyou sureyou didn't start it?|
He started it by putting his gum|in my hair that very fii rst day.
I know. I remember.|
How about doing your dad a big favor,|and staying far away from him?
That whole family is trouble.|
Daddy, there won't be any trouble.|
That's my girl.|
I promise.|
-Can you identify this one for me?|-Killerwhale!
Andwhere does itgo?|
That's perfect. You got it.|We're fii nished. Recess. Thankyou.
Gimme mywatch back!|
Give itback!|
-Don'tyou dare!|-You're so brave, come get it!
I'm gonna tell Miss Norris.|
"I'm gonna tell Miss Norris".|You big crybaby.
Come on,Jerome!|
I warned you about this,|but no, you're not gonna pay attention.
That kid is trouble!|I mean it!
You'll hear from me.|
Lookat the children.|They don'tpayanyattention toher.
-Shestillhasn'tmade friends.|-Somekids takemore time.
-Besides, she's more mature than most.|-Yeah.
Sheneeds friends, though.|
Thereyou go.|Melissa?
Alex, you'll be next.|
Hereyou go.|
Paul?Come on.|
Areyou sure he's gentle? I mean,|it's her fii rst time on a horse.
Honey, it's a fiirstday|forall ofus.
Hi, honey.|
Let's go, Delia.|
-Delia!|-Don't move her. I'll get help.
It looks likeyou're gonna be|our guest for a while, Delia.
-Hi, sweetheart. What is it?|-Let's talk outside.
Be right back, honey.|
You can relax.|There's no sign ofinternal bleeding,
butl'm gonnarun a couple tests|andtakesomeXrays.
Aside from a fewbruises|andmaybeaslightconcussion...
Thank God.|
I still don't understand|why that horse bolted.
That happens sometimes, Gene.|Especiallywhen a child...
-is becoming a woman.|-What?
Delia started menstruating.|
That's impossible.|She's only eightyears old.
It's notimpossible.|
It's rare, but it's not impossible.|
I'll helpyou explain it to her|ifyou want.
Youlook tired, Karen.|Youcanaffordsomehelp.
She's old enough. Do it.|
-So sorry to have keptyou waiting.|-It's okay.
Just got off the phone with the agency.|They gaveyou a four-star rating.
They like to recommend me|for special families.
Special families?|
Families with special needs.|I like a challenge.
Well, welcome to the Olympics.|
Come up.|I wantyou to meet Delia.
That's Ryder. He's friendly. Delia?|
-I'd like you to meet Miss Thueson.|-Jo. Please call me Jo.
Short forJosephine.|First names are more friendly.
-Hello.|-Hi, there, Delia.
-What's this?|-That's a healing crystal.
Isn't thatpretty?|
Come on, I'll showyou|toyour room.
I'm notanti-business,Jake.|
But I'm not gonna letyou|pave over parks with concrete eyesores.
You cripple construction,|you cripple the country.
You campaigned for me soyou could have|a connection on the Hill.
-I don't deserve that.|-You've gotten greedy.
You're trying to turn me|into what we both hated.
Good boy, Ryder.|
Yeah. Good boy.|
Come on. Come on, Ryder.|
-They grow like that with points?|-Mm-hmm.
The Book ofLight.|
That's all about healing and crystals.|
And stupidjunk!|
I'm going out to play.|
Delia, come back here.|
No, it's okay, Mrs. York.|Let her get used to me a little.
She'll get used toyou|after she apologizes. Excuse me.
They're all black!|
Noah, canyoucome over?|Ineedto talk.
You feel it too?|Tightening in the throat?
-Yeah.|-Ever since I got here.
Energy's real low.|
Look at my palms.|
-Is that the girl?|-Yeah.
What doyou get from her?|Anything?
Very weird.|
It's more like a... It's more|like a muddy pool than an aura.
It's like mud and molasses.|
Swirls ofred paint.|
Does that mean|what I think it does?
A verynegative life force.|
-Red means violence.|-She's got a violent streak, all right.
Swirled together like that,|it means rage and chaos.
Is she dangerous?|
Why don'tyou get her|on my turf?
Bring her to the fair.|Let others see her.
That was my plan.|
Why don'tyou get out?|I'll seeyou at the fair.
-Areyou all right?|-Yeah.
Your creepy friend|almost caused an accident.
-Was he drunk?|-No, Mrs. York.
He was sick.|You saw him, Delia.
He was sweating,|he couldhardly catch his breath.
Maybe he was sick.|
-Jo said she saw what?|-She saw|an inverted cross on the mirror.
I'm sure there's some explanation|for it. You can handle it.
I know I can handle it.|I just wanted to talk toyou about it.
I've got a committee meeting.|I've gotta go.
Yousawthe crossyourself.|
No, I don't know.|
I don't know anything anymore.|I'm tired.
I knowyou're tired.|That's why I'm here.
I understand kids.|Theyjust want to fiit in.
Let me take her out this weekend,|just the two ofus.
-There's a psychic fair.|-Psychic fair. Psychic fair?
I don't know. I don't want Delia|getting involved in anything strange.
There's nothing strange|about metaphysics and new thought.
It's very positive.|She'll be one up on her friends.
-She doesn't have any friends.|-Maybe she'll make new friends.
Thankyou. Let's go.|
Oh, look.|
Have a cup.|
I see a face.|
He's a very important man,|and I'm sure he will be...
I feel a strong aura emanating...|
Okay, here's what we've got.|This should helpyou interpret it.
No. No.|
You're a dancer, many lifetimes.|
Ballet. Not here, abroad.|
-Europe? Netherlands?|-Belgium.
What? What? What is it?|
-Very nice.|-Thankyou.
Enjoy the fair.|Thankyou.
-What's thisplace?|-Noah and a couple offriends.
Let's get our picture taken.|
-Whatareyoudoing?|-I thought it would be fun|to get our picture taken.
No, you didn't!|
Oh, my God.|It'sjust like I saw it.
This isn't an aura.|It's like an infection.
Pestilence.|Look how it's spread overJo.
Noah, these colors, or lack of,|ofsepia and black...
This is the aura ofa Borgia,|
not a little girl.|
-Delia, wait!|-Leave me alone! Leave me alone!
Come on!|
-Does anyone know|how the fii re started?|-No.
-Know what a Kirlian photograph is?|-No.
It photographs auras.|Jo was given...
One ofthese photographs was taken|ofher and Delia at the psychic fair.
I don't believe|in any ofthat stuff.
What does that have|to do with the fii re?
Even ifyou don't believe in that stuff,|there's other stuff.
Like lying, accusations|about dual behavior.
Delia behaves differently|in front ofother people|than she does in front ofus.
You're notanswering my question.|Whatdoes this have to do with the fiire?
What I'm trying to say is...|
Jo says that Delia...|
is a very powerful personality.|
Like "Carrie setting fii re|to the prom"...
would you give me|a major break here?
Shame onyou|forbuying into thatcrap...
andletting othersjudge|the childyouhave.
Whatis thematter|withyour vision?
Tsk. Anyway, I'm committed|to havingJo stay.
She's determined to get through|to Delia, and I want her to try again.
I understand the guys|have patched things up.
Yeah. Thank God.|Jake flew up to meet him.
Hejustgotcarriedaway|with having a friendin ahighplace.
He helpedput Gene there.|
Areyou talking about Daddy?|
My daddy's going to be president.|
No, Iorderedthered.|Iorderedthered.
Areyou sure there's enough seating|for 200? Watch out for the ferns!
Go. Delia's alone.|This is a chance for us to talk.
-Just pack up and come with me.|-I can't, Noah.
You have the photograph.|You're sharing her aura.
Everything she touches turns to illness.|The tone below illness is death!
For heaven's sake,|she'sjust a little girl.
What wereyou doing?|
Asking for guidance.|
I just want to helpyou, Delia.|
-Ifyou'll just help me to understand.|-What?
About what happened|at the psychic fair...
and other things.|
About the trouble with the kids|at school, starting with kindergarten.
I know theywere|unkind toyou there.
Yes.Jerome teased me.|
He stuck gum in my hair,|kicked in my lunch pail. He hit me.
Is that whyyou hurt him?|
I didn't hurt him.|He was a sissy.
And then his fatherwas killed|in that terrible accident.
-How did you feel about that?|-I don't know.
In my bathroom, the cross?|
Upside down?|
-Doyouknow what thatmeans?|-Yes.
-Who taught that toyou?|-My father.
Your father taughtyou that?|
My father... is your father.|
I don't... I don't understand.|
What's the matterwith you?|
Why did you do that?|What evil madeyou do that?
Mrs. York! Mrs. York! Mrs. York!|
Mrs. York!|
Mrs. York! Mrs. York!|
Jo! Jo dead. Dead.|
Relax, relax, Karen.|
Relax.Just let go.|
Let go. That's right.|
That's right. Good.|
Sorry. She's, uh...|She's okay.
What, Lou?|
I think Karen may be pregnant.|
We've sedated her.|
-He toldus ifwe stopped|tryingyoumightgetpregnant.|-Iknow, but...
But what? We were both tested,|and there was nothing wrong.
There was a 50-50 chance|you'd get pregnant, and you did.
-Now, be happy.|-I am happy.
I'm just not going|to let anything happen.
-What could happen?|-I don't know.
-I gotta go. Have a good one.|-Bye.
Have a good day.|
Mrs. York!|
Youshould've seenherface.|
She doesn't want me|to have this baby.
Karen, come on. How can you say|something like that?
She wouldn't try to hurtyou.|You said yourself, it'sjust a game.
Childrenjust don't know|when to stop.
I thinkyou'rejust...|I thinkyou're nervous...
Oh, that's gonna be an umbrella excuse|forwhatever I'm feeling|over the next fiive months.
Our daughter isn't sacrosanct.|
Every time her odd behavior|is mentioned, you get defensive.
Herbehavioris notodd.|Lou toldyou.
When childrennolongerfeelthe center|ofattention, they do outrageous things.
That's what happened.|
I had a serious talkwith her.|
She promised|she wouldn't do it again.
There's all kinds ofthings.|Jo's Book ofLight.
She flashed it at me at the window|like she wanted me to see it.
Ifounditin thebushes.|Parts are underlined, making|references to Biblepassages.
In it was aphotograph|ofJoandDelia at thepsychic fair.
-Karen...|-It was a Kirlian photograph.
Gene, pleaselisten tome!|
I talkedto theman who tookit.|He was a friendofJo's.
-Itphotographs auras.|-Honey, come on!
Don'tyou think it's odd our daughter|has never had any childhood illnesses?
Not necessarily. She obviously|has a strong immune system.
Strong immune system.|Friends, friends.
She has no friends.|Don'tyou think that's odd?
Yes, I know that's odd,|but I didn't have any friends too.
I was an only child,|and I turned out okay.
Karen, look.|
I'll keep my eyes open.|I'll be on the lookout.
Iflseeanythingstrange,|anything atall, I'll deal with it.
We'll deal with it together?|
Come on.|
Come on! Time togo.|
Doctor says, "You're pregnant".|She says, "I want a second opinion".
He says, "Okay, you're ugly".|
One ofthe niceties I miss|about having dinner is saying grace.
Delia, doyouremember|thatsimpleprayer...
ofthanks I taughtyou?|
Sureyou do.|Thankyou, Lord,
-for Thybountifulgifts...|-I don't remember it!
Audible prayers can|sometimes be embarrassing.
-Let's voteagainstit, huh?|-Not everything is up for a vote, Gene.
h, youmustbe Mrs. York.|
-Hello. Father Mattson?|-Yes. How doyou do? Congratulations.
Thankyou. I'm six months.|
Father, I need your advice.|
I want to know ifyou're familiar|with this New Age book.
-Please, let's go inside.|-Thankyou.
There are severalBible|references in this book.
-One is from Revelations. Right here.|-Ah, yes.
"And he stood on the sand|ofthe seashore..."
Where is it? "And I saw a beast|coming up out ofthe sea,
having ten horns and seven heads.|
And on his horns were ten diadems.|
And on his heads|were blasphemous names".
The Book of Revelations|will be argued until the Apocalypse.
But we believe thebeast|tobe theAntichrist.
In God's eyes,|that's exactlywhat he is: a beast.
The tenhorns are a confederation|oftennations.
The seven heads are the seven leaders|who will give him their allegiance.
They form an alliance|with the Antichrist.
So, it's about politics?|
There's nothing that isn't politics,|Mrs. York.
We're ushering in the Antichrist|to a world ofoverpopulation,
pollution, crime.|
Our hell is his paradise.|
We brought this on ourselves?|We helped usher him in?
This is crazy.|
We'rejustspeaking|fiigurativelyhere, right?
Whatever makes you comfortable.|But, yes, we are ushering him in.
That part ofus that is the worst ofus,|is what gives him his power.
You're saying we're all|in league with the devil?
Most ofus unknowingly, ofcourse,|but there are others.
What doyou mean?|What others?
Leaders who plunder the treasuries|oftheir poor countries,
trashing their own people, driving them|into famine, hopelessness, disease.
Men whopave overforests|thatprovide the veryair we breathe.
These are the true apostates,|the ones laying out...
the red carpet for the Antichrist.|
You do believe|the Antichrist will come?
Yes, I do.|
" Uttering haughty|and blasphemous words,
and allowed to exercise authority|for 42 months".
That's all it'll take?|
A politician can do|a lot ofharm in 42 months.
This man will be a terrible,|charismatic liar.
Millions are gonnabelieve|in his one world, onereligion.
Doyou think|he can be stopped?
I'd pack it in ifl didn't.|
We all do what we can, right?|
Yes, Father.|
Yes, we all do what we can.|
Hi, honey.|Is your mother home?
She's across the street.|
Let me leaveyou something|foryour mother to read.
Ladies, excuse me. I live|in this house. What happened?
I only said hello.|We handed her a pamphlet.
-You didn't scare her?|-With a smile?
That little girl, the things she said!|I've never heard language like that!
She tore up the pamphlet,|and then threatened us with your dog.
Please,just wait here.|I'll getyou some money.
-You get toyour room right now!|-Why? I didn't...
Don't argue with me! Go!|
Delia? What happened?|
They said the world|was gonna end,
and that I was a sinner|who was going to burn to death...
unless I do what they say.|
That'sjust not true.|
Yes, it is.|
Those end-of-the-world zealots|have been around since I was a kid.
They scared the hell out ofme.|I had nightmares for a week.
-That's not what happened.|-Mommy,
you weren't even there.|
You did it again.|You found an excuse.
Way back in your childhood, you found|a corollarywith what happened today.
She told us what happened.|
It never occurred toyou that she|might not be telling the truth?
No, Karen,|it never occurred to me.
I should guess you're|about eight months along.
Oh, about eight months, two days,|
and 12 hours and 23 minutes.|
You have no idea what happened|to SisterYvonne?
She chose a secular life.|That's all I can tell you.
-No contact at all?|-None.
Forwarding address?|
I don't think so.|
There's something wrong,|isn't there?
I'll see ifl can fii nd some address|that might helpyou.
Doyou think it's possible...|
for a child to be born evil?|
A child is not born evil.|It's the world it's born into...
that's fiilledwith evil.|
-Butyou believe in original sin?|-Yes.
But there are degrees ofsin.|To what degree it will be manifested...
depends on how close|we come to God.
Then the idea|ofan evil seed...
God wouldn't create|something evil!
Man does that for Him.|
Gene? Come help me!|
What's wrong?|
I can't get up.|
I feel like|the Goodyear blimp.
Couldn't say "no"|to the ice cream, could you?
He kidnappedhis kid.|Hejumpedbail, andsnatchedtheboy.
Don'tgive me that. Thebastard|doesn'tgive a damnabouthis kid!
He's holding theboyhostage.|
And you tell your slimy client|that he's in bounty country now.
Andl'm gonnabag him, fiielddress him,|slam him across thehoodofmy car...
like a gutted moose, and drop him|on the steps ofthe countyjail!
I'm partialto Chinese.|Charlie Chan's myhero.
You know courtrooms, you look away|for a second and... ahh!
Ha, ha, ha, ha.|
With a sense ofhumor. Hmm.|
My friend Forrey Riggs|told me aboutyou.
Lawyer. Black. Very smart.|Wife's a teacher. Yeah, I remember.
-I wentona dig forhim.|-He says you dig pretty good.
Sit down.|
I'd likeyou to do|some investigative work for me.
I play Paul Drake|toyour Perry Mason?
No, I gave up my practice long ago.|
Congressman Resnick.|
Graham Resnick!|
Oh, yeah.|I enjoyed taking him down.
-Yeah, my husband got hisjob.|-Iknow whoyouare.
Your husband's pretty clean.|He's a good guy.
Tell him to keep it that way.|
Why did you choose Resnick|as your target?
Citizen's Action Committee contacted me.|
Huh. Could you tell me|who was on the committee?
My fee is three hundred a day,|plus expenses.
I wantyou to fii nd someone for me.|
Missing persons is most|ofmy business.
The baby in this photograph|is our adopted daughter.
I wantyou to fii nd her parents.|Theyoung novice is SisterYvonne.
I have an address for her.|I'm not sure that it's good.
This photograph was taken years ago|at St. Francis Orphanage.
There's more.|There's so much more.
There's arash ofthings|thathave happenedovertheyears.
A Kirlianphotograph|that was takenbyapsychic. Noah.
I can getyou his last name.|
It started with the baptism.|
There was a terrible accident|with Father Hayes. Then there wasJo.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.|
Slowdown, slowdown.|
I'm so sorry.|I'm so sorry!
-It's all right.|-It'sjust...
It'sjust that so much has happened.|I'm fii ne, I'm fii ne.
Come here. Come on.|
Citizen'sAction Committee.|
-Theypavedthe way foryourhusband.|-Huh.
Smell a rat?|
Hell ofa world, huh?|
Yeah. It's a hell ofa world.|
Ihave toldyouall Ican, Mr. Knight.|
The law prevents me from giving you|the names of Delia's biological parents.
Mrs. York already toldyou they were|ayoung couple at the university...
who got careless.|
Reverend Mother,|did we order two clowns to perform?
Ofcourse not!|
What in Lord's name?|
Excusemeamoment, Mr. Knight.|
It's beautiful, honey.|Karen, lookat this.
She drew the family trees|ofour founding fathers.
Never known a child|so interested in politics.
-May I be excused?|-Mm-hmm.
It's beautiful, honey.|
Icamehome early today.|You weren'there.
Thatphotograph|ofGraham Resnick andthehooker.
Youknow whosethim up?|
-Doyou?|-Jacob Millican.
-How'dyoufiindout?|-A little detective work.
-nyour own?|-Ihadalittleprofessionalhelp.
Excuse me, excuse me.|Haveyou seen this young woman?
Yeah, she used to come in here.|Don't look like that anymore, though.
We all get older.|
-Drinkin'andturning tricks don'thelp.|-Where is she now?
-What areyou, a cop?|-Was.
"Was" don't cut it, pal.|Only birdies sing for free.
What does 20 bucks get me? Vanna?|
-A vowel. Maybe a consonant.|-Oh.
He's a tough guy.|
Hereyou go.|
Pimp's name is Misha Russkie.|
Uh-huh. First McDonald's,|now pimping. They learn fast.
He'll be in after dark.|Pop in around 9:00.
I gotta keep track ofmy expenses.|Give me a blank receipt.
I'll fii ll it in later.|
A dishonest cop.|
Ex. Ex.|
-What's this world comin' to?|-Going straight to hell, pal.
Oh, yeah.|
Straight to hell.|
She was no good for me. Nyet.|
She starts for to preaching|to her tricks. Bad for business.
Eh, I had to dump her.|
She got religion again, huh?|
No, she starts for to hearing voices.|
Becomes a prophet.|Calls herself Felicity.
Now she has a cult|in North Carolina.
I don't know where.|But, I'll tell you this.
She does better than me now.|
Eh! Okay.|
Just tell me what this means.|
All right, all right.|Theyoung couple existed.
But they're not|your daughter's parents.
They both died in the 1930s.|They didn't even know each other.
-What?|-You've got SisterYvonne,|a nun who became a hooker.
And now some kind|ofhellfii re prophet with a cult.
She goes by the name of Felicity.|I tracked her down...
toasmall town in North Carolina.|
Thought maybe I'd go|and share hervision.
What about Noah?|
Disappeared afterJo's death.|
Something must have scared|the hell out ofhim.
Mrs. York!|
Areyou all right?|
-Just get me to my car.|-Come on. This way.
Igotscared.|Can Isleep withyou?
Sure, honey. Come on.|
Nightmares, huh?|
You okay?|
-Get her away from me!|-What is it? What's wrong?
-Get me to the hospital.|-Come on.
She triedtokillmybaby.|She triedtokillmybaby!
-Your baby's fii ne.|-Could Delia have anything|to do with this?
Don't be silly.|Let's giveyou a healthy baby.
That was 50 seconds.|You did great. Huh?
-You okay?|-I'm okay.
It's all arranged. I'm sending|a lady over to help take care of Delia.
-She's an ex-nurse named Miss Roselli.|-That's great, and thanks.
Who areyou?|
-This is the anesthesiologist.|-No! No anesthesia.
-Just in case.|-No! No!
-No! God!|-Slow it down. Slow it down.
Come on.|
Push! Push!|That's it.
Push! Atta girl.|
There we go.|
My friends, Isee thatforasoul...|
tobe truly cleansed,|tobe trulypurifiied,
thatsoulmustfiirstbe tainted...|
by thesoiledtouch ofthe devil.|
-Say "Hallelujah!"|-Hallelujah!
-Say "Hallelujah!"|-Hallelujah!
Now rise with me, my friends. Rise.|And welcome our sister, Felicity,
whois our own angel.|
Droppedfrom thearms|ofhermotherchurch...
into the verypitofhell!|
Shehas ascended!|
Shehas been cleansed!|
Say " Hallelujah!"|
-Praise God!|-Praise God!
My friends, my friends.|
Beseated. Beseated.|
Andhear with me theinspiredwords|ofoursister, Felicity.
Faith in The Source,|I enter the pit ofdamnable sin!
-Say, "Hallelujah!"|-Hallelujah!
Thesting ofthose|lecherous angels Godbanished|from His kingdom cannothurtme.
Because I have The Source|to lead me.
Praise God!|
It is only through|a demonstration offaith...
TheSource|can deem us worthy...
ofsurviving|the fiinalbattle!
-Praise!|-Praise God!
Hallelujah!Praise God!|
Help her,Jesus.|
Whoshall take up serpents?|
Melissa, you will be saved!|
-John!|-Praise God,John.
I will pray for him.|I will pray foryour son.
Bless you, brother.|
I willpray forher.|I willpray foryour wife.
John Stewart.|
You've got thejoy,John!|
ust the devil.|
Do not be afraid.|
Fangs ofthe serpent|cannot hurt us.
Because our faith is strong!|
Prayers beheard.|
You'll be all right, Mr. Knight.|I'll have someone moveyou to recovery.
-How's Felicity?|-Not good.
Please don'tbe toolong.|
Away from God.|
The child.|
The child.|
The beast.|The beast awakens.
-When can I see Mommy?|-She'll be home soon.
Goodafternoon.|I'm Lisa Roselli.
-Yourwife is well?|-Yes. We had a baby boy.
-And you have a little brother.|-Congratulations.
-Delia?|-Just a littlejealousy.
We spoke briefly, Delia and I.|She's perfect.
Beautiful and very smart.|
Miss Roselli,|I wantyou to do me a favor.
Ifthere's any behavior|of Delia's thatyou fii nd odd,
I wantyou to tell me at once.|
Mywife's not to know anything.|I don't want to upset her, okay?
Thenew weatherman|mustbenamedScrooge...
becauseallholiday traffiic|in andoutofCharlotteAirport|has stoppedbecause offog.
So here to help pass the time|are some more Christmas favorites.
You see, sir?|Not anybody is leaving today.
Ah, doyou have|a large envelope, please?
Godandsinners reconciled|
Joyfulallye nations rise|
Join the triumph oftheskies|
With angelic hosts proclaim|
Christis born in Bethlehem|
Hark the herald angels sing|
Glory to the newborn King|
ffspring ofa virgin's womb|
Veiledin flesh thegodheadsee|
Hail theincarnate deity|
Honey, listen. Everything's okay.|Alexander is proofofthat.
You're right.|I'll be good.
-Is thatLisa?|-Miss Roselli. Let's keep itformal.
This is Miss Roselli.|
-Hello.|-Hi, sweetie.
No wipes, okay.|
What areyou doing?|
What's this?|
That's, uh,|
Alexander's milk.|
Don't mothers nurse their babies?|
-Sometimes.|-Don'tyou wannanurseAlexander?
Ofcourse. Excuse me.|
Sometimes a mother's milk|doesn't have enough nutrients.
Careful, Delia.|You don't wanna wake him, doyou?
Um, hello?|Can I speak to Earl Knight, please?
-Oh! Areyou a relative?|-Why?
Well, this sort ofthing is kinda,|you know, it's kinda tough to...
Yeah, I'm his sister.|
I'm so sorry.|
Your brother died|in a freak accident.
-What?|-I couldn't believe it.
We had two strange deaths|in one day.
Your brother at|the construction site.
And then a preacherwoman ofsnakebites.|Oh, it was a bad day.
Alexander's doing fii ne.|He's with Lisa.
She's a real godsend.|
Did you know|that SisterYvonne died?
You're kidding?|
No, I'm not kidding.|Snakebite.
That's terrible.|
Lotofdeaths lately.|Realepidemic ofstrange deaths.
Detective I hired died.|Freak accident.
Karen, those things happen.|It's called coincidence.
Look, I've been doing|some thinking.
Andl thinkitmightbeagoodidea|togetaway. Dosome traveling.
I can't now.|
Fine. Not now, later.|
Go to Europe. Eventuallywe could|put the kids in international school.
Uh-huh. Where?|
-Rome would be nice.|-Rome.
-Where areyougoing?|-Huh? Oh.
I'm gonna...|go check on Alexander.
"And I saw the beast|coming out ofthe sea".
Good morning.|
Where areyou going? Your appointment|with Lou isn't till 11:00.
I'm gonna run some errands.|
On the phone.|
Sorry. Didn't mean to keepyou waiting.|
Let's go somewhere|more quiet, shall we?
And somewhere, I think it's in Daniel,|it talks about the fourth kingdom.
What is there about the fourth kingdom|that frightens you so much?
Here it is.|
"Thus he spoke.|
As for the fourth beast, there shall be|a fourth kingdom here on Earth,
and it shall be different|from all the kingdoms...
and it shall devour|the whole Earth".
-This fourth kingdom is where|the Antichrist comes from.|-Yeah.
-Does he have to be born there?|-No, not necessarily.
-Where is the fourth kingdom?|-Rome.
Rome. He said, "Travelto Rome".|
-So, it could mean, " Educated in Rome".|-Yes.
Father, the Antichrist|is always spoken ofas a "he".
The Bible didn't mean to be sexist.|Mankind can also mean womankind.
Womankind. Womankind.|
Uh, Father, could I be left alone here|for a few minutes?
Oh, yes, ofcourse.|
Well, Gene tells me|you got a case ofthe icks.
-I beg your pardon?|-Youknow, feeling icky.
Aftera couple falsealarms|andthen fiinallyyoubecoming amother.
Oh, my God!|
I wantanswers.|It's allhere.
You're not mentioned,|but the pieces fiit. All about Delia.
Her father. Who is Damien Thorn?|The diary says he's the Antichrist.
Yes, yes. It's true!|
Damien. He's the whole, Karen.|Damien is the power!
Tell me about Delia.|
She's Damien's daughter.|She carried his seed.
When did you know this?|
We've always known. We've been waiting|ever since his death.
Whatis this fetuspapyraceous?|Whatis it?
Fetuspapyraceous.|Ah, it's one twin able to carry...
the embryo ofits twin inside|ifit's a female.
Just waiting to be implanted.|
Alexander is Delia's twin.|
She carried her twin inside her|until you removed it.
When I examined her,|after she fell off the horse.
You implanted it in me...|
when you examined me|afterJo's death.
You made me a surrogate|for Delia's brother, you son ofa bitch.
-Why Gene? Is Gene in on this too?|-Gene? No!
But we need him.|
He will become|a very important political fiigure.
Ofcourse. Ofcourse.|
It's allaboutpolitics, isn'tit?|
Forty-two months|andit'llallbe over.
Wrong, Karen.|It'll just be starting.
Jake Millican is in on this too.|What happened, Lou?
Did he get greedy?|Started thinking in the short term?
No, he's back|with the program now.
It's gonna be a new world.|Gene will usher in our king.
One man. One religion.|
That freakwill never rule...|'cause I'm gonna kill him!
Ofcourse.|You're one ofthem too.
I want to see my son.|
Yes, Mother. See him.|Really see him.
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