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Subtitles for Omocha - The Geisha House CD1.

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Omocha - The Geisha House CD1

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A TOEI / RISING Production
TOEI Presents
1958. The Anti-Prostitution Act was about to be enforced.
''Stop Prostitution!''
''Liberate Women!''
It's me, Tokiko.
What is it?
A job. Go to the Iwako.
Don't say I was here.
Everybody knows you're here.
Be sure to go.
Leaving so soon?
Sorry, Executive. I'II miss you.
Nonsense. You can't Ieave me.
I'm back.
I never thought you'd want to Ieave me.
Don't be angry. Listen.
You've been cheating me for ten years.
Don't say I'm cheating you.
My son understands, but not my daughter.
She sides with her mother.
She's oId enough to argue.
Then I'II see her.
I'II teII her everything so she'II understand.
Try to understand.
It's not goodbye forever.
Just pretend we're through.
I don't Iike pretense.
You know my character.
Mr. Yoshikawa.
Give me supper. I'II eat here.
Why don't you eat here? I'm Ieaving.
Don't be hasty. Let's settIe the matter first.
What's your hurry?
Give me a drink.
There's a bottIe of Hennessy in the cupboard.
That's fine.
Fujinoya Geisha House. You want me? Right now?
Good evening.
You want me, Terucho?
You were waIking fast aIong the river.
Where to?
An errand.
I asked where you went.
Terucho, cut it out.
What for?
Many things.
TeII me!
What do you want to know? Tokiko's embarrassed.
The Momoyama HoteI?
I know who was there. A big man and Kimiryo, in bed.
I don't know.
A good answer.
You don't know anything.
She stoIe him from me. I'II make her pay for it.
That's enough. Go home.
Excuse me.
Business is good upstairs.
I don't Iike it, but I need money.
How many girIs?
OnIy three.
They don't make much money.
The Iaw can't stop prostitution.
We're geisha.
We're no match for those whores.
I'm drunk.
Very good.
Good morning.
Good morning, Madam.
I'm back, Madam.
Terucho. Kimiryo. Madam got up.
Wake up!
It's nine-thirty.
Thanks. I'm coming.
I won't eat.
Good morning, Madam.
Good morning, Madam.
Good morning, Madam.
What's the dress for?
I'm going to Takarazuka.
The aII-girIs revue?
Who Iikes that? GoIf.
Who's taking you?
A professor.
What happened to your painter?
I'm through with him.
Do you know what they caII you?
''A coIIector of cheap artists.''
Not this time. He's a professor.
They're poor, anyway.
I'II eat, too.
Go on.
When you cIimb the stairs, step softIy.
I'm sorry.
You shake the house Iike an earthquake.
I'm sorry.
When did you return Iast night?
Let me see, about 2 o'cIock.
Today's geisha aren't weII discipIined Iike they used to be.
It's business to drink with your customers at a party.
But you mustn't get drunk.
You discipIined us weII enough, so I understand.
But I had something to drown in aIcohoI.
The party was over at eIeven.
You shouIdn't have been Ioafing around.
I'm sorry. Forgive me.
But someone went to a cheap hoteI
and acted Iike a caII girI. Is that good as a geisha?
Who did that?
Who couId that be? She might be around here.
Here? Where?
You can guess.
This isn't a quiz show.
Mention my name.
Did she mean you?
Did you do that?
I don't think she's a sIut Iike that.
What about you? You fIirt with a baId guy and a fatso.
You sIeep with any man.
It's onIy naturaI Mr. Kayama Ieft you.
The taxi company director?
Yes. He wants to sIeep with every geisha here.
Damn thief!
What are we? Friends!
How couId you grab my Iover, of aII peopIe!
Stop it!
Somemaru, stop them!
I'II spIash water on you!
Get a bucket!
I'II go to a bathhouse.
Come on!
I'II quit being a geisha. I'II go away.
I can find you an apartment.
How stupid!
You can go away, if you Iike. But...
Do you know how much you owe me?
I'II go to pIay goIf.
I'II go to the bath, too.
Don't fight in the bathhouse.
I understand.
Geisha's battIeground is a party. I'II beat her.
Don't sit there with a bucket, Iike a fooI.
You have a nice car.
My buddy's car.
Not yours?
How can a schooIteacher afford it?
Not a professor?
Not much difference.
But you're a pIayboy.
My dad is supporting me.
So he's rich.
Let's forget goIf and go to a hoteI.
I'm expensive. Okay?
I'd Iike to give you aII my money.
I'd Iike to give you myseIf, too.
Good! No more goIfing!
Watch out!
I see. I'm ready.
She's here.
I understand.
Madam caIIed me just now.
Sit and wait.
Protect human rights of women!
We want the Anti-Prostitution Act right now!
Licensed prostitution must end! Please cooperate!
Thank you.
She's from the geisha house.
No. From a restaurant.
You paid from your pocket.
No secrets from me.
Don't teII your mom.
She's coming.
Where's the kimono designed by the artist?
Don't teII me you don't know. The bIue one.
Oh, that.
Otowa's wife bought it.
I wanted to wear it for the next tea party.
If it isn't Tokiko!
Been a Iong time!
You're pretty.
You a maiko?
If you are, I'II caII you to my party.
What about the Anti-Prostitution Act?
I read the paper.
I'm busy. Goodbye.
I'm back.
I'm unfortunate.
Maybe it's written.
I'm sick of Iiving.
I got it.
You faII for a man too easiIy.
Your patron faiIed in his business.
Goodbye money, goodbye Iove.
Not so simpIe.
We have a chiId.
You're mereIy a concubine.
Not a IegaI wife.
He makes Iove to you and pays for it.
That's what you are. ReaIize it.
Your man Iost his money.
Say sympatheticaIIy, ''I'm sorry.'' That's aII.
But we aren't beasts.
We Iove each other.
I can't be so coId.
What about you? Mr. Yoshikawa takes care of you for ten years.
He doesn't. l take care of him.
But he gives you a Iot of money every month.
NaturaIIy. I give him myseIf free of charge.
PIease Iend me 100,000 yen.
You'd better not.
Giving him money is Iike throwing it in a ditch.
He said he'd come back a big businessman.
How much wiII he need to make his new company?
18,000,000 yen.
His oId factory was soId at 8,000,000 yen.
He needs ten miIIion more.
Your 100,000 yen wouId mean nothing.
I borrowed 500,000 on my shop.
You're a heIpIess fooI!
Even if I'm a fooI, I want to give him everything.
Fujinoya Geisha House.
Thank you.
Sumida wants Kimiryo at a 3 o'cIock party.
AII right.
Wear this kimono today.
Thank you.
Go to the bank and cash this check.
Thank you very much.
It's for 200,000 yen.
Why don't you Iend me 200,000?
Don't push your Iuck.
It's not easy money.
I wouIdn't Iend it to anybody eIse.
We were paIs, so it's a speciaI case. Understand?
It's a big favour.
I'II coIIect my 100,000 at the bank.
She'II be back soon.
I can't wait. You might change your mind.
She'II Iend me 100,000. Give it to me.
No. Get it from her.
She said okay. Don't worry.
But I'm on an errand. Get it from her.
You got me.
I know you're right.
Let's do so.
I'm sorry.
I was wrong.
My dear.
Be patient. You'II be a fine maiko.
''Hinod Taxi on a Strike!''
''More wages! Less working hours!''
I'II be going.
Good Iuck.
Any message with the check?
Like he'II come tonight?
I'II go to the theatre this evening.
Fujinoya Geisha House.
Yes. Thank you.
What's Terucho doing?
She went to a singing Iesson.
It can't be this Iong.
She's fIirting again.
I'm back.
A Iong Iesson!
Go to a party at the Matsumura.
You knowthe pinbaII joint near the theatre?
You can win easiIy there.
Have the restaurant deIiver a steak.
I'II take a shower.
This is Fujinoya. DeIiver us a steak.
Bring it by three.
Mr. Kosaka.
Tokiko, you're a big girI now.
Come in.
Terucho, I have a new kimono for you.
Find me a patron who'II pay for it.
You aIready have three patrons.
I want two more.
Mr. Kosaka.
My sash?
I brought it. Take a Iook.
It's beautifuI and eIegant.
I'II wear it to the theatre.
It's expensive.
Pay haIf today.
No money.
Oh, no! My master ordered me to get paid.
Get the new kimono designed by the artist.
The bIue one?
A kimono deaIer depends on geisha.
How many kimono have we bought?
Tokiko wiII be a geisha soon.
Then we'II buy more from you.
A stingy man can't be a good merchant.
This heIps me a Iot.
I'II doubIe it to pay back.
Why don't you have a drink?
I'm busy. Thanks for the caII.
Let's drink next time.
Then see your son, at Ieast.
How is he?
What are you doing?
Good boy.
Dad wants to see you.
Come here. See your dad.
Big boy!
Heavy, too. How oId?
I toId you. He just started grade schooI.
Of course. It sIipped my mind.
I'II come again. Study hard.
Ask him to come again.
Come again!
We'II be waiting.
We'II be waiting.
Madam sent me here for your I.O.U.
NaturaIIy I must write it.
Wait a minute.
Don't faII in Iove.
Good evening.
WeIcome, Terucho!
Am I Iate?
Have a drink.
Thank you.
Do I know you guys?
I'm Yoshikawa's son.
The oId man who often goes to your house.
Oh, the patron!
Yeah, the patron's son. HeIIo.
I'm pIeased to meet you.
I wanted to see the thing caIIed geisha that Dad so bIindIy Ioves.
We're human beings. We have no taiIs, as you see.
I heard geisha are beautifuI and have Japanese emotion.
Examine me cIoseIy. It won't hurt.
Madam has been Dad's concubine for ten years.
My sister's cIassmate toId me his secret affairs.
His mom is the heiress. She has cIout.
So he's in a spot.
Mom is so angry she wants a divorce.
StiII jeaIous at 46.
Madam knows where she stands.
She has no ambition, so she won't harm his wife.
Mom is moraIIy against concubines.
A man who can't afford a concubine is useIess.
You approve?
TeII me...
Whatever you are, what wiII you be in the future?
A good concubine.
MoraIity in Japan says a man shouId be true to his wife.
To Iove another woman is immoraI.
They onIy say so.
The truth Iies behind them.
Even if it's true, Dad's in a tight spot.
What do you think he shouId do?
Your mother found the truth. Ask her to be generous.
Because your father must keep taking care of his concubine.
You're siding with her.
Of course.
She's a very nice woman.
Why eIse wouId your father Iove her for ten years?
He's captivated by her charm.
The troubIe is, he pays her 200,000 yen a month.
If he cherishes money more than a woman, he can't Iove her.
WeII said. A fine remark.
He's a nice boy. He'II graduate from coIIege next year.
Strange. Why did he want to see you?
That's the point. His mother sent him to investigate.
He's on our side. He seemed to understand.
His strategy.
Maybe you shouId seduce him, too.
Don't be siIIy!
May I seduce him, then?
You want to seduce any man. That's a disease.
Yeah. I'm a born nymph.
A noodIe vendor! Get me a bowI.
Me, too.
Get six bowIs. I'II buy them.
Thank you.
Give me six.
It's a warning, Madam.
His wife might Iock him in.
She's the heiress.
Did he pay you this month?
He did today.
Geisha are different from barmaids. They have deIicacy.
I understand why you kept one for your concubine.
NaturaIIy. Women must be tender.
DeIicacy matters.
But fear my mom.
Tough Iuck.
Hi, Dad!
Tokiko! What brought you here?
It's a hoIiday. I'm free today.
You surprised me. I was afraid you got in troubIe or something.
WeIcome back.
Madam gave me some sushi for my famiIy.
She's aIways generous.
Is it your hoIiday, too?
She's skipping schooI these days.
We're busy. We need her heIp.
Making her work for you? You admit it?
But your dad is sick and can't work hard.
And Sadao's back.
He Iost his job.
We can't make a Iiving unIess Fujiko works.
You have Sadao to work for you.
He's changed.
His hope and guts are gone with his firm.
He does nothing, says nothing.
You send 1,000 yen every month. It heIps us a Iot.
I'II send 500 yen more. Let Fujiko go to schooI.
Junior high schooI is compuIsory.
It's your duty to send her to schooI.
She mustn't be Iike me.
I'm sorry.
We're disquaIified.
When you're a maiko, I'II weave you a nice sash.
Forget it and think of Fujiko.
He's one of the best weavers around here, but...
He's sick.
My teacher said Dad couId be a nationaI treasure.
Even if so, we Iive from hand to mouth.
I'm back.
Your sister's back.
How are you?
Fine. Any gift?
She brought some sushi. Let's eat it.
Come, everybody.
Good sushi.
The Iast one.
Sadao. Tokiko's back on Ieave.
You missed the sushishe brought.
Hi, Brother!
Your firm?
What'II you do?
To make a Iiving.
Que sera sera.
Are you drunk?
My friend gave me beer.
Why bankrupt?
You got a big bonus Iast year.
BIame our parent company.
They cut back their business.
We suppIiers Iost jobs.
AII went bankrupt.
Why not find another job?
It's not easy.
Rich peopIe scatter money in your worId.
Maybe you know some big shots.
You can ask them to hire me.
I work in the kitchen aII day.
I've never seen big shots.
You get drunk and compIain. How can you find a job?
What about you? You Iive in a feudaIistic worId of prostitution.
The Iikes of you are our enemy.
Stupid! You'II never know how hard she works to send us money.
1,000 yen every month!
So she's toiIing? What for?
To become a maiko to pIease rich baboons?
Stop, idiot!
My sister said you're back. It's been a Iong time.
I hear you work in Osaka.
It's a hoIiday.
Working at a sawmiII? Tough work.
I cut timber and Iumber aII day.
Sawdust aImost suffocates me.
It tickIes me at night. It took weeks to get used to it.
How many seniors?
Five. They work hard.
One a week.
That's nice. I have no reguIar hoIidays.
You'II be a pretty maiko.
Let's eat rice cake.
Yes, Iet's.
WiII you own a sawmiII someday?
I doubt it.
It'd cost miIIions to buiId one.
I'II never be abIe to own one.
What wiII you do?
My master takes care of me.
He says he'II teach me howto operate machines and vehicIes.
I'II work for him tiII I'm ready to go independent.
You're honest and diIigent. You'II make it someday.
I hope you wiII.
Good evening.
Are you aIone tonight?
I suddenIy wanted to see you.
How pretty! I'm gIad to be here.
You know howto pIease me.
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