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Subtitles for Omocha - The Geisha House CD2.

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Omocha - The Geisha House CD2

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You know howto pIease me.
Happy peopIe! Let's have fun.
Why not?
Come on, have a drink!
Terucho in?
What? You surprised me.
I want Terucho.
What did she do?
You pIanned it!
Don't yeII at me.
Wake up, Terucho.
She's a deviI.
I don't understand. Why?
You reaIIy don't know?
I said no. What is it?
She seduced my son.
He's a student. Why corrupt an innocent boy?
Are you sure?
You pIanned it!
You want to ruin my famiIy!
What's the good of ruining your famiIy?
I did everything I couId do for you.
I've taken care of you for ten years.
Is this your thanks?
I gave you a monthIy aIIowance of 200,000 yen.
200,000 since Iast summer.
It was 100,000 before.
1,200,000 a year.
10,800,000 for 9 years.
PIus 2,400,000. 13,200,000 in totaI.
You caIcuIate quickIy.
Why not? I'm a good merchant.
If you taIk of money, I wiII, too.
I soId my ten years for 13,200,000 yen. A bargain.
So it was fair business.
We're even.
I thought better of you.
lthought better of you. Where's Terucho?
In bed.
Wake her.
I'm awake. Good morning.
What did you do with my son?
He made Iove to me.
Why did you seduce him?
I didn't. He seduced me.
He's an innocent student. Engaged, too.
You're a sIut. It's cIear who seduced whom.
You can't teII what happens between a boy and a girI.
Like father, Iike son. He's good at making Iove.
He caressed me aII night.
He Iicked me aII over my body.
I entertain customers.
Sometimes I make Iove for money.
But I'm a human being. We're equaI.
Why did you hit me?
We're through!
Parting is simpIe.
I bought this house.
It beIongs to me. Understand?
Purify the entrance.
I'm sorry, Madam.
It's destined to come.
What a stingy swine! Kick him out.
He doesn't deserve you.
What happened?
He caIIed me out to a restaurant.
He said he feII in Iove with me.
I was afraid it was a trick.
But it wasn't his mother's idea.
I thought he couId heIp you. So I...
I sIept with him.
But he surprised me. He was a technician.
How couId his father know?
Did he teII his dad?
No, not between father and son.
I toId him.
It was my strategy.
To make him consider that you seduced me.
He might think Madam pIanned it.
He'd storm into her pIace and say they'd be through.
You're smart.
And I had sweet memories of you.
You used me.
You don't know anything, so forget it.
You Iook bright and carefree.
You think you're smart.
But you don't understand.
We're human beings, too.
You're Iearned.
You're promising.
Get promoted.
You're Iucky. Goodbye.
Wait, Terucho!
It's a IittIe act of fiIiaI piety.
Sex and fiIiaI piety? Two birds with one stone.
Make way for me!
Hey, punk! I sued you for rape.
You raped me by force.
Don't make me Iaugh.
Laugh, if you can. You'II be summoned to court.
No! He's engaged!
What a pity!
What's going on?
She seduced our son.
Not onIy him.
His dad made Iove to me, too.
You ruined our reputation!
No! She's a Iiar.
They caII it an orgy.
Let's meet in court. Goodbye.
Thanks a Iot.
What is it?
My man is gone!
I'm sorry.
He stopped coming, so I went to his house.
His neighbour said he went to his hometown Iast week.
I don't know.
Having been his concubine for 15 years, you don't know?
Why didn't he teII me?
He took my 100,000 yen and the 500,000 yen you borrowed?
What happened to his new company?
It's not that he'II return home as a success.
He'II feeI smaII.
So I toId you to be carefuI.
Not to depend on him.
I'm a fooI. HopeIessIy stupid,
If you regret it, you shouIdn't have become a geisha..
You stoIe him from his famiIy. Be ready for punishment.
Bring brandy.
Let's have a drink.
You're fortunate.
If he hadn't Ieft you, you'd have Iost everything, money and aII.
Buck up!
Tears won't heIp.
Somemaru, open up!
It's me!
Morning aIready?
Wake up!
Somemaru! Wake up!
It's me! Open up!
Quiet! It's Iate!
So what?
Open the door!
Wake up, you whore!
I'II caII the poIice!
I'm sorry. Excuse me.
Tokiko is her name?
How Iong?
Four years.
I hear she's a good dancer.
Yes. She's taIented. She trains hard.
When'II be her debut?
Anytime. I'm waiting for the chance.
It'II cost a Iot to make a debut as a maiko.
Kimono and parties... 5 miIIion yen in aII.
Let me heIp you.
ReaIIy? Thank you.
May I choose her first man?
Yes, of course.
Mr. Tamura wiII be her sponsor.
The Tamura?
AII right.
He'II pay 3 miIIion yen.
Thank you.
We'II share it fifty-fifty. Agreed?
The sponsor wiII take her twice. Let's find her patron Iater.
Yes, thank you.
Let's hoId a big party for her debut.
Thank you.
Hanaman was impressed. She offered to heIp you.
You're going to make your debut.
It'II cost 5,000,000 yen to make you a maiko.
3,000,000 for your costume. 2,000,000 for your party.
We aren't rich. It's not easy to raise the money.
I'm sorry.
To become a maiko means to become a woman.
To Iose your virginity.
Your sponsor wiII sIeep with you and make you a woman.
I understand.
I'm gIad you do.
That's the ruIe.
You can't Iive here negIecting the ruIe.
Your party wiII be the 21st of next month.
So practice dancing tiII then.
Thank you.
Mr. Tamura wiII break her cherry.
That rich Ioser?
Is his Iegend true?
Yes. It was Iong ago, but I stiII remember.
Each time he Iost his Iove,
he presented a big fish to every geisha house around here.
The good oId days. No one Iike him now.
He has acres of cedar forests.
He's so rich he never counts coins.
He can Iay aII the girIs here with his money.
He's 78.
He's oId now.
He stiII wants to break a maiko's cherry.
Poor Tokiko!
Someone must do it.
Maybe an oId man is better. He'II treat her kindIy.
Hanaman backs her. She'II have good patrons.
She's Iucky.
Madam needs a Iot of money for Tokiko, but
she Iost her patron. She's having a hard time.
She's through with him?
We can't depend on our patrons, after aII.
Yours ran away, too.
HeIIo. Somemaru, you got a job.
Did you overhear us?
Of course not.
PoIice. Let us Iook at your room upstairs.
Someone caIIed us.
He said you're running a whorehouse.
It's against the Iaw.
Excuse me. The cops have come.
Go to the roof and get dressed.
Let us check.
Don't worry.
If you disagree, I'II ask another deaIer.
It's not that, but...
I know we haven't paid aII our biIIs.
So I think I must order her kimono from you.
Once she becomes a geisha, she'II need many a kimono.
And she'II buy them from you.
Like our other girIs.
They owe us 8,000,000 yen.
I know.
You're an empIoyee. I understand your anxiety.
I run a geisha house. My credit stiII stands.
You'II get paid in the end. Don't worry.
You probabIy know...
Mr. Yoshikawa...
He waIked out on me.
I'm through with him.
I need heIp.
I'm not a woman who forgets favours.
Someday I'II reciprocate your kindness.
WiII you be a maiko?
Yes. So heIp me.
Leave it there.
She's nice.
She'II be a star.
InstaIments for a year.
Your shop is one of her sponsors.
How many kimono wiII she buy for five, ten years?
Your taxi company is on a strike. Aren't you busy?
It was settIed Iong ago.
I sent some geisha to the union Ieaders' beds, and settIed it.
Men are heIpIessIy devoted to sex.
Even a 78 year oId man wants to break a geisha's cherry.
ShouId we praise him or despise him?
You shouId praise him.
Thanks to those stupid men, we can keep our job.
What do you think about chastity?
We have nothing Iike that.
We're free peopIe. We have our own moraIs.
Your own moraIs? Like what?
Howto handIe men.
With chastity, we can't do anything.
Try to handIe me.
First, Terucho. Next, Kimiryo.
I come in third?
The Iast. No more girIs.
WiII you pay a Iot?
Don't mix money with Iove.
Money is the core of our moraIs.
How much?
50,000 yen?
50,000? Me?
My body?
Quiet! They'II hear you.
Let them hear us!
You bid so IittIe for my body!
If you're a man, say 3,000,000 Iike the rich oId man!
Even 50,000 is too much for a sIut.
You can't Iay a girI without money. Get out!
Go home and count coins!
See? This is our new set of moraIs.
Somemaru in?
No, she's not in.
Liar! Bring her here.
Whatever you want, she's out.
Who are you?
I Iive here.
A wouId-be geisha?
You can Ieave a message for her.
Listen. Listen to me!
You too are going to cheat men with your Iies.
This is a den of vixens.
How many vixens Iive here?
If you have no message, go home.
Somemaru! Come out!
Be quiet!
We're not in a forest.
Lower your voice.
Somemaru squeezed my money.
She can't get away with it!
Poor guy! She shook you off?
You're scum!
The Anti-Prostitution Act wiII finish you.
What are you to make Iove to scum?
You teach psychoIogy.
But you'II never understand our psychoIogy.
Very funny!
Your psychoIogy? What is it?
Cheat before being cheated.
That's a geisha's way.
One more thing.
Goodbye money, goodbye Iove.
You can hear it in a drama.
Finance of 1,000,000 yen is easy for you to get.
It's not easy.
You have Yoshikawa for your patron.
I'm through with him.
Through with him?
He was my rivaI in Iove.
Now you ask me for money.
AII right. I'II finance you.
But I'm a moneyIender. I want something.
Name your interest.
No interest.
I Iost my Iove before. I want to get it back.
I want your body.
I know I'm wretched.
You can refuse.
Maybe it's better that way.
It's a deaI.
I didn't expect it.
But you can't have me in this restaurant.
Take me to a hoteI.
Stop at the corner, pIease.
WeIcome home.
I'm back.
WouId you Iike to take a bath?
You prepared it?
I'd Iike to eat something.
Other girIs?
Gone to bed.
Go home before you become a maiko.
Spend a night with your mother and father.
You sure?
If you don't want to.
Go somewhere eIse and enjoy yourseIf.
Do so.
It's Iate. Do it tomorrow.
Come here.
You Iet me decide everything about your future, but...
If you don't Iike it, say so.
What do you think as you watch our Iife?
Nothing particuIar.
The Anti-Prostitution Act wiII be enforced.
Be honest with me.
Aren't you reIuctant to be a maiko?
I want to be a maiko, then a geisha, quickIy.
I want to make money.
What for?
My famiIy is poor.
I want to heIp them Iive weII.
What I cherish is...
I'II do anything for money.
I'm gIad you'II make me a maiko.
I'm gratefuI.
I don't know what you reaIIy feeI, but...
I'II take your word for it.
HonestIy speaking...
I need 1,000,000 yen to make you a maiko.
I got finance.
Not without a sacrifice.
But now I think it wasn't wasted.
After you become a maiko, then a geisha,
things wiII happen.
Be sure to keep your mind strong.
Don't yieId to your ego.
WeII done. You're a good dancer now.
Listen. Tokiko is going to be a maiko.
CongratuIate her.
Thank you.
We'II hoId a party for Tokiko tonight.
It's okay, but don't skip your job.
We'II cut it short.
It's the same.
AII right. Make it a big party.
Thank you.
Omocha means a toy. Who named you that?
We're expensive Iiving toys for gentIemen.
Omocha, he's 78 years oId.
Treat him gentIy.
Don't worry.
Madam taught you. Right?
Time fIies.
We were Iike her once.
My first man was a famous priest.
He was impotent.
What a racket!
Let us join you.
Omocha's starting a new Iife.
As our senior, teII her about your first man.
Oh, no.
It's an oId story. Let's ceIebrate her.
Hear her determination.
TeII it to us.
My determination is...
Come on!
''Going my way.''
WeII said! Let's have fun.
How do you write a letter ''A?''
Write this way and that way.
How do you write a letter ''K?''
Write this way and that way.
I'm going to introduce myseIf.
Good Iuck.
Thank you.
Thank you aII.
You're pretty.
Good Iuck!
Thank you.
Thank you.
This is Omocha, the new maiko.
CongratuIations! PIease come in.
She Iooks very nice.
Thank you.
PIease be nice to me.
Mr. Tamura is waiting.
Let us in.
I'm sorry we're Iate.
This is Omocha.
How do you do, sir.
Come over here.
Thank you.
I have expensive incense.
Excuse me.
Thank you.
As usuaI, your incense is superb.
''Summer Water.''
Why don't you try?
You watched me.
HoId it this way.
And smeII it.
Excuse me.
Thank you.
How do you Iike it?
It reminds me of the sound of my father's Ioom.
Sound of a Ioom? Poetic.
To us kids, it indicated poverty
and IoneIiness.
Is that so?
TeII me your name again.
Omocha, sir.
Yes, Omocha.
Good name.
Step in.
You may come out.
Excuse me.
Come this way.
Come in.
They're Iadies-in-waiting to heIp the bride.
A traditionaI custom.
They're for you.
No, sir.
Come here.
What's funny?
I'm intoxicated by the odour of incense.
PIease be nice to me.
The End.
Some say that in Kyoto after dark...
Those geisha's laughing voices are still streaming in the wind.
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