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Subtitles for Omohide Poro Poro - Only Yesterday CD1.

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Omohide Poro Poro - Only Yesterday CD1

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Omohide Poro Poro Only Yesterday
Translated by ``The Poro x2 Project'':
Poro part 1 translated by Hana Kawashima and Brad Lucido.
Poro part 2 translated by Yohei Honda and Bryan Wilkinson.
Revisions, first draft editing, and annotations by Bryan Wilkinson.
Yohei Honda was consultant for some revisions and annotations, providing much additional translation from the books named in the bibliography on request.
Second draft editing by Enrique Conty, David Goldsmith, and Bryan Wilkinson.
Translation of "Ai wa Hana, Kimi wa Sono Tane" (Love is a flower, you are the seed) (The Rose) by Theresa Martin.
Translation of "Koke Kokko no Uta" (Cock-a-doodle Song) by Lee Collins and David Goldsmith.
Title timing by Argyle of Sock
Retiming & SSA by undercut
This video is NOT for sale or rent...
You had said you would take a ten-day vacation so I just assumed you would be travelling abroad.
But you are headed for Yamagata, Okajima-san [Miss Okajima]?
Did you break up with someone...?
I yearn for the countryside.
See you later!
Let's go to Hama's house.
Nyah, nyah!
What do you mean, ``Nyah'' ?!
Let's go, let's go!
So...did your grades go up?
But it's all right.
How come?
As soon as I get home, we're going to Grandma's house. So I won't be in trouble until much later.
Wow, that's nice.
Toko-chan, are you going to the country, too?
Yeah, to Nagano. Are you, Taeko-chan?
I'm not sure.
Well, guess what--my father bought a cabin!
Wow, that's great!
As I expected, your math grade's not good.
Yeah, but I got a ``B'' in science. Oh, Mom? Are we going somewhere for vacation?
Nowhere special.
Hey, Mom, take me someplace.
I'll take you to a movie. "Tsuru No Ongaeshi" [ ] is playing, isn't it?
That's not what I meant--someplace in the country.
The country?
Right, like ``Grandma's house in the country''.
Your Grandmother lives here, doesn't she?
Then Grandpa!
Didn't he pass away? We don't know any places in the country. Please don't ask for something we can't possibly do.
I was born and raised in Tokyo, and my parents were as well. I always envied my friends who had a country hometown to return to.
It's impossible to take a trip now, because everywhere will be crowded.
But I want to go somewhere.
How about Ohnohya?
We've been regular visitors, so if we chose to go to Ohnohya, we might be able to reserve a room.
Where, where is it?
Oh, sure--Ohnohya is good, because Taeko hasn't been there before.
Say, that's right...
Hey, is it in the mountains? By the sea?
It's the Atami hot springs.
Right. You can reach it by bullet train.
Oh, sure, that place would be good.
It's really fun--there are all kinds of baths.
Um, yeah, there's a giant Roman Bath.
That's right, and many smaller ones like the Swan Bath and the Pansy Bath.
Right, right! The Pansy Bath!
Pansy Bath?
Yeah, it's a really fantastic bath!
Taeko, you just love baths, don't you?
Okay, well Father is working and can't go, so why don't you four go together?
...go TOO?
1,2,3,4,5,6...lean to the side...
Taeko-chan, it's incredible--you've come to every single radio exercise.
Well, everyone else has gone to the countryside, after all.
Taeko-chan, aren't you going anywhere?
I'm going!
Atami? What are you going to Atami for?
To go bathing!
Well, it's good timing. I'll be going, too--my relative's place, next Monday.
So maybe no one will come to exercises for a while.
Hello, Okajima residence.
Ah, Nanako `ne-san? It's me, Taeko.
I'm leaving today, and was wondering if Mitsuo `ni-san had anything for me to tell his family at the farm.
Hmm...doesn't seem like he had anything special to say...
...oh yeah, would you buy some cookies or something for Naoko-chan? Say it's from Mitsuo Oji-chan and me, and I'll pay you back later.
That's fine...I'll say hello for you. How's Mother?
She went out today.
She was angry, though--after all, you did turn down her Ohmiai [ ] meeting, didn't you?
Considering that you're 27, you're not going to get any better choices for a husband.
That's all Mother ever talks about.
But you should think about it, you know. You're not so young anymore.
Is that so?
Yes, it is--you can't be a cute little girl forever.
You can be so impulsive--you actually pitched in with the farming last year, didn't you?
Yeah, harvesting rice! And this year, I'm going to pick benibana [ ].
That's right! Because of your husband's family in the country, I can have a hometown. I might as well make the most of it!
Oh, cut that out.
You don't get a vacation like this often, so instead of staying at such an old place, why not go to a nice rental cottage and have a "delicious life"?
You might be able to meet a nice guy.
Stop, stop! You're trying to trick me again, like you did with the Pansy Bath at Ohnohya!
Ohnohya..? Oh...ah, that time, huh?
You just talked about that a while ago, too. What a burden your past must be if you're still holding a grudge like that!
At that time, my sisters wouldn't have been caught dead going to a place like Atami.
Hey Grandma.
Done yet?
C'mon, let's go to the bath.
Didn't we just go?
But that was only to the Swan Bath.
I was incredibly bored. So starting with the Grimm Bath...
...and then to the Mermaid Bath...
...the Lemon Bath...
...and the Pansy Bath...
...I went from one to the next on my own.
It's enormous!
By the time I had reached the Roman Bath, I was starting to feel dizzy...
...And I finally passed out.
Thus my much-anticipated one-night trip came to an abrupt end,
and was followed by a long, long Summer vacation that was still waiting for me.
...Jumping jacks--open, close, open, close. Next, arm and leg exercises. 1,2,3...
When I met with my sisters last time, I slipped and mentioned the disastrous bath trip, so we laughed,
``Oh yeah, and then there was that time...'', and the conversation turned to other memories of those days.
You've eaten this before?
Nope, my first time.
Remember, I'm the one who asked for it.
We know.
Where did you buy it, Dad?
The Senbiki shop in Ginza.
It was expensive, then?
So, how do we eat this?
We slice it into rings.
...I don't know.
Father, didn't you ask the people at the shop?
Let's eat it next Sunday.
Huh---we're not going to eat it today?
But we don't know how to eat it, do we?
I'm gonna eat a banana.
Me too!
Warmer countries have rather unusual fruit, don't they?
I'm home!
I found out how to serve pineapple.
What, really?
I..I'll get that.
Carefully, now.
Wouldn't a fish knife be better?
Nice smell, nice smell!
Nice fragrance, nice fragrance!
Oh, I see.
Hey--plates, plates!
..Oh, right!
Itadakimasu [We shall try it now].
Itadakimasu [Let's try it].
It's tough.
Not such a big deal.
Not very sweet at all.
It's completely different from when it's canned.
If you live a long time, you get to have many experiences.
Taeko can have mine.
Mine too.
You don't have to force yourself to eat it.
You'll get a stomachache.
Oh well, that was boring.
Bananas are far more tasty, aren't they?
True, true.
As I expected, the banana is the king of fruit, I guess.
I'm gonna have a banana.
As I thought, the king of fruit is...
the king of fruit is...
...the banana!
The year I passed out at the Roman Bath and ate pineapple for the first time,
was the same year that the "group sound" became a fad, starting with the Beatles' visit to Japan.
Soon after that, the electric guitar boom would come.
My sister Nanako 'ne-san was a freshman at an art college, and was always the first to try out all the new fads.
Yeah, ``Michelle,'' isn't it? Another cool Beatles song, huh?
She tried the mini-skirt when it first came out, and like everyone else, she hid her behind with a bag whenever going upstairs.
My other sister, Yaeko 'ne-san, the smart eleventh grader, was completely in love with someone in the Takarazuka theater [all-female theater].
Yaeko 'ne-chan...
D....didn't I tell you to always knock first??!!
The memories that my sisters mainly talked about were the stars and fashions that they were into.
1966 was a memorable teenage year for my sisters. But back then, I was only in the 5th grade.
I became a fan of Julie of The Tigers...but they didn't debut until later.
There was no way for me to have big dreams in the days when I was just simply going back and forth between school and home.
...and it's been on the wall for a long time.
That's nice.
And I was told to keep the essay I wrote on the book, because they might send it to a contest. If that happens, I'll be very happy...
You didn't eat your school lunch again.
Why do you put it between bread?
Because I hate namasu .
Well, if you do this, we can't use the bread or the namasu.
How wasteful.
The kid who can eat all of her food is more respected than the one who can write an essay.
Wow, how can you drink that tasteless stuff?
The milk's all right. It's the daikon radish and onion I can't stand.
Since I'm leaving carrots today, I have to drink the milk.
I wonder who decided you could only leave one thing?
Want me to drink it?
W..would you?
And next time, you could eat my daikon or onion in return?
Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh.
``Thank you!''
Aah, carrots!?
You can leave one thing, you know...
I was right, the second bowl is worse...
There are people who keep running if they are told to start over again by the hall monitors.
I think to keep running is really bad.
``Start over again?'' Spare me.
You can't run in the halls.
That's right, that's right.
It's dangerous--you might hurt somebody.
No way--if I hit a girl like you, Toko, I would be the one hurt.
I'm hit!
Once you ran, what can you do about it?
Here, here.
Be quiet.
Why not abolish the system of starting over?
You can't, it's part of the rules.
If you have an opinion, please raise your hand.
I do.
I think the hall monitor should run after the runner, catch them, and make them go back and start over.
I do!
And then the hall monitor has to go back and start over, too.
Right, right!
That's more like it!
That's right.
Yes, Tani Tsuneko-san.
I don't think that the hall monitors need to start over because...
...their job is just like a police patrol car catching a speeder.
Any opposing arguments?
Like a patrol car...?
...Then running is no good.
The decision rests on allowing the hall monitor to run.
Anything else to discuss?
Her again?!
The show-off!
Quit chattering.
Lately I've been seeing people leaving food at lunch. I just read a magazine article about the war in Vietnam.
In foreign countries like those there are many poor people. We are happily more fortunate.
Yeah,``we're happy.''
We must be thankful for the food we have.
Right now we may leave one thing per meal, but I feel that is too lenient.
Geez, Tsuneko...aren't you the goody two-shoes?
Why can't we leave even one thing?
And then everyone could leave the milk.
Why not ask somebody to eat what you don't like?
That's obvious.
Some people leave extra by hiding it between their bread.
Ohh, cheaters!
School lunch stinks.
If you have an opinion..
If you have an opinion, raise your hand, please!
`` got me!''
After I said goodbye to my sisters and went to bed, one by one, my memories of fifth grade came back.
Memories about our dog, Gon...
...about sports day...
...about the scary feeling we got from reading Kazuo Umezu's comics...
...and even about yearning for an electric pencil sharpener.
Even such trivial things came back vividly, occupying my mind as if I were watching a movie, and overwhelmed the real me.
Is there an ``Okajima-san'' here?
There's the one.
Hirota-kun says that ``I like Okajima-san of room 5.''
...Shall we go?
I'm gonna tell Hiro that you know, now!
Hurry up!
You see?
Where, where?
Over there.
Oh, she's right!
What kind of guy is Hirota-kun?
I don't know.
Me neither.
Taeko-chan, are you sure you don't know him?
I..I..I don't know him. Not at all.
Which one here is named Hirota-kun?
Oh, it's some room 5 kids.
Hiro, you're being called.
Yes, that's me!
D...don't write strange things at ``Naughty Alley''...
...Okajima-san said to tell you.
I...I didn't write anything.
Ah, but Hiro, didn't you say you liked ``Okajima-san from room 5?''
He did, he did!
So we wrote it for you.
``I love you, but...''
Cha cha cha cha!
``...we're apart,''
Cha cha cha cha!
``just like the stars...''
Cha cha cha cha!
``...that we see far away.''
Taeko-chan! We just got back from meeting Hirota-kun.
I certainly didn't forget to tell him you didn't want him writing strange things!
Oops, not supposed to do that.
Good for you, Taeko-chan.
Here, here. Look there--that's Hirota-kun.
What, Hirota from room 4 likes Okajima?
Hirota's incredible--he's an ace.
Oh, a pitcher?
The only one who can hit that guy's pitches is Tonomura.
Whoa, you don't say?
We'll be playing against the team from his class in the fifth grade school tournament.
Go for it, go for it, Hirota! Go for it, go for it, Hirota!
``Play ball!''
Hit it Hinomura!
Hit it hard!
Go for it, Hiro...!
...Okajima-san's watching you!
Tonomura-kun, good luck!
Attaboy, Hiro!
Strike 'em out, Strike him!
Taeko-chan, I'll never forgive you if you encourage their side.
I...I wouldn't even think of such a thing!
Hit it, hit it, Tonomura! Hit it, hit it, Tonomura! Hit it, hit...
All right, all right, Hirota! All right, all right, Hirota!
Get him, Suu'!
One leg hitter!
``Strike! Batter out!''
All right, all right, Hirota! All right, all right, Hirota! All right, all right, Hirota!
Even though I knew nothing about baseball, at least I could tell he was incredible.
All right, all right, Hirota! All right, all right, Hirota!
What's the matter, Taeko-chan?
Because of the cold and my nervousness, I had to run to the bathroom five times.
Over here!
``Game Set.''
5 to 3. Class 4 wins.
Thank you for the game.
Terrific, Hiro!
Way to go!
You were great!
It's Suu's fault.
You don't know anything.
Even Tonomura couldn't hit the ball, so how could we win?
It's because Suu' had an error. That's how we gave them three extra points.
That's not true.
Hey, the coach is going to buy us all ice cream!
Hey, Hiro, why don't you go talk to Okajima-san from room 5?
Yeah, yeah!
I...I'm...ggg, going home!
What's the matter, Taeko-chan?
Hey, she's going home...
Nah! ...Naughty! n..n..nah-Naughty
Ruh...Rainy days!
...Cloudy days, or sunny days...which do you like?
...kuh..Cloudy days...
Oh, we're alike!
Rainy days...
...cloudy days, or sunny days...
...which do you like?
Oh...we're alike.
I didn't intend to bring my fifth grade self with me...
...but once she was revived, she wasn't going to leave easily.
But why the fifth grade...?
The boys in the fourth period class will play baseball, and the girls will meet in the gymnasium.
Today there is something important to talk about.
After you graduate from elementary school, you will go to junior high school, then high school, then grow up and have a baby.
In order to have a baby, a woman's body starts preparing for it.
You knew?
My mom told me when I was in fourth grade since I have been developing faster.
Right...I've heard that if you're taller or more overweight than average, your period might come sooner.
So, in other words, Enomoto-san, Onobu, and Rie-chan all probably already started theirs.
Hey, hey...
Will you buy THAT?
I'll buy it.
I thought so.
Taeko-chan, will you buy it too?
Buying it's a good idea. Hey, remember like the school nurse said, you're going to need it eventually, after all.
That's true, you know.
Hey, did you know the girls are buying underpants from the infirmary?
Didn't you know, Suu?
How come?
How come you're buying underpants?
W...well it',
That is...
Why do they sell underpants at school?
Are they swimming shorts?
Say what---!?
You went and told Nakayama-kun?
What did you have to go do that for?
You're not supposed to tell any boys!
That's for sure, girls are supposed to keep it to themselves.
Rie-chan, you like Nakayama-kun, so that must be why, well...
He must've asked you to tell him.
What's the matter?
Well, Rie-chan here went and told Nakayama-kun all about periods.
No way...!
That Nakayama-kun, he'll tell everyone about it.
I told him to keep it a secret.
You can't trust him on that.
Right? Right.
The boys are so dirty-minded.
They sure won't only look up skirts, now.
This skirt-peeping had caught on earlier, and not surprisingly, the knowledge of menstruation only complicated the problem.
Safe! Ah, but your period isn't!
Eek! Why you...! Wait up!
Sorry! Sorry!
PERIODical cleaning.
Hey, that hurt.
You jerk!
You've got a period.
Do not!
This is all Rie-chan's fault.
I'm sorry.
What for?
That I slipped and told Nakayama-kun.
Well, no big deal.
But the school nurse said it was important, didn't she?
That's true, but...
I...I was a fourth grader, when mine came.
So that's why sometimes I skip P.E. class.
You skip P.E. when you have your period?
Right, my mother told me I should.
Nakayama-kun said that it must be a big bother for girls after I told him.
You told him about skipping P.E. class?!
Uh-huh, though I told him to keep his promise and not tell any other boys.
If you told him that...
When any girl skips P.E. class, everyone will think she's having her period, won't they?!
Huh, you think so?
Darn right!
...really? I'll have to tell the guys. Hey...!
Please excuse Taeko from P.E. class because of the flu.
I'm not going to skip P.E.
Forget it--that summer flu will only get much worse if you don't skip it.
Well, then I'm staying home.
You don't have a fever, so you're going.
Then I'll go to P.E., too.
Fine, go ahead.
But then if you get worse, it's on your head.
I'm going now.
I wonder when she started liking P.E. so much...
Taeko-chan, your face is real red.
Oh, it really is.
What's the matter?
Its a cold.
Do you have a fever?
You ought to skip P.E.
She's right.
I'll go tell the teacher.
That's okay!
I have a note to excuse me from P.E.
What, well, that's okay then.
I'm also skipping it today, so we're together.
That looks nice...
I wish I could be playing dodge-ball.
Rie-chan, do you...that is, are you...having your period?
I'm not, I've got a cold.
I know that, Taeko-chan, you're just sick.
Right, just sick, that's what I am.
A period isn't being sick, of course.
I'm sure I could play dodge-ball.
Oh, period contagion!
Back off, back off!
That was close--any further and we could have been contaminated!
Hey, over here!
Periods are contagious?
How stupid!
It...It's not funny!
Taeko-chan [Taeko]...?
Hey, a pair with periods!
It's not true!
What a pervert, huh?
Rie-chan, how can you stand this?
But it isn't really a bad thing, or so my mom tells me.
Well, I suppose so, but...
A larva has to become a pupa in order to become a butterfly.
I didn't want to become a pupa....
I wonder, maybe the reason I am remembering those days is because my period of becoming a pupa has come once again.
I know something is different now compared to several years ago when I got my job. I am changing again.
In work and play, we were always more lively than the boys.
We thought we had already flown away from home...
...but now I look back and think maybe we were just too busy flapping our wings and forgot who we were.
I wonder if the reason my fifth grade self is following me is that she is trying to tell me to look back and figure out who I am.
Whatever the case, I decided to take a short nap until I arrived in Yamagata.
Watch out.
'Scuse me--has the ``Akebono #3'' train already left?
You missed boarding it?
You're...Taeko Okajima-san, right?
Whew, that's good! The car's this way.
Um, er, excuse me, but just who ARE you?
Oh, don'tcha remember?
Well, can't say I blame you, there's small chance you would.
I'm Toshio. Um...Kazuo's second cousin.
Oh...ah, really...?
Oh dear.
What's so funny?
Oh, um, nothing. I'm sorry, it's just I thought you were trying to steal my bag.
Huh, that's cruel--remember, I certainly made it clear I knew your name, didn't I?
I spoke too soon. Thanks for coming out of your way to pick me up. I'm sorry about this.
No trouble.
What happened to Kazuo 'ni-san?
He suddenly called last night and asked me to pick you up instead.
It's been raining?
Yep, but it's stopped for today.
I should've borrowed my pa's car...but, well, I happen to like this one.
It's a little cramped, but hop in.
Oh, mind if I keep it on?
Um, sure.
What unusual music...
Its a group of five Hungarians called "Muzsikas".
Oh, Hungarian?
Do you know much about it?
A little. It's music for peasants. I like it 'cause I'm one, too.
Wow, that's cool.
Isn't it?
You recall the time, when we all had a sake party at the main farmhouse after the rice harvest, that one time...?
Umm, oh...
Yep. And that time, a buncha guys crashed the party? Don't you recall that...?
Well, to be quite frank, since they got wind of a young Tokyo gal being there, they decided to go check her out. I was one of those fellas.
Ah, ah...
That fool!
You came out here to pick benibana? Are you into dyes or something?
No, just curious. You see, benibana are unusual...but maybe not so much for people here.
Nah. What's famous is just the name of the cosmetics made from it, but it ain't so common anymore. Like my farm doesn't make it these days, for one example.
But I heard it prospered during the Edo era.
True, 'cause there was a politician who gained influence through its sales. It would've been a big deal for the wealthier people, but it was only a product as far as we peasants were concerned.
``In the end,/Someone else's skin would be touched by/The vermillion flower.'' Do you know this one?
Right, its a haiku by Basho { }, right? I had looked it up before I came here.
Do tell? Well, honestly, I looked it up myself yesterday.
That same book also said that the women who gathered the flowers never were able to wear the lipstick made from them.
Is there going to be a festival here?
Yep, the riverbank'll be full of people.
Agriculture's still in trouble, isn't it, with fields being reduced to make way for markets, and such.
Sure, already there's a lot of trouble, and if it goes on, Japanese agriculture'll be ruined. Just some day, suddenly ``poof,'' and it's gone.
But y'know, even with all this trouble or not, if you're trying your best, it still doesn't come easy. The work in the big city must be the same, right?
Sure...but the people who think work is everything are becoming fewer in number.
How 'bout you, Taeko-san [Taeko]?
Huh? Me?
I don't think I'm obsessed...with work, but I don't hate it, either.
As for me, well, I think I can do my best in agriculture, 'cause its so interesting to raise living things.
You...raise livestock?
No, that's not what I meant. I do have cows and chickens, but I don't mean livestock. Hey, look there...rice, as well as apples and cherries, they're all living things.
Yep. If I take care of them the best I can, I feel like they respond to me by trying to grow up their best.
I guess I'm sounding a bit like some hotshot farmer, huh?
Not at all...I feel I understand.
To be frank, I was working at a company until recently. I'm really just a beginning farmer, so... that so?
So y'know, with my parents still in good health, maybe that's why my attitude is positive. But that's how I have to be, you see?
I quit the company because someone doing ``organic farming'' called me and asked me to try it, too. Everyone said I was a fool, but so far, I have no regrets.
``Organic farming?''
``Farming that requires guts...farming that gives you guts.'' That's a little joke.
An ``organic farm'' uses as much compost as possible and as few agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizers as possible.
Ohh, I've heard about this, it's non-chemical or uses few chemicals.
But that's not right, it sounds so negative.
It's really an ideal agriculture that takes advantage of the life force of living things. And people are only beneficial to it. That's what makes the whole idea so cool.
But this ``helping'' part is extremely hard.
Well, I've been told to take you directly to the fields...
Right, I'm ready to help out.
Oh? You're not going to sleep?
You see, I heard that benibana should be picked in the early morning, when the dew makes the thorns soft.
Well, that's true, but...
I'm a night owl, so I thought the best way to switch my life to being a morning person is to come by a night train.
Huh, you really get into it, huh?
There it is!
Good morning!
Taeko-san, welcome back!
Once again, I'm in your debt.
Obaa-chan, its good to see you doing well.
Welcome, welcome.
Aren't you tired?
No, not at all.
I made your bed for you just in case...
I'm fine, look--I'm full of energy!
Wow, you really are ready--you're wearing a farming uniform.
Though this is all I'm prepared for.
Young farmers' wives seldom wear them these days. But Taeko-san, you're more into it.
Ain't that a fact.
Quit that!
And thus began my second experience with country life.
How can such a vivid crimson color be born from this flower?
Kiyoko 'ne-san [my sister-in-law, Kiyoko] once told me a sad story that goes with it.
Long ago, there were no such things as rubber gloves.
When the young girls picked the flowers with their bare hands, they were pricked by the thorns and bled. The blood turned the color deeper crimson.
I felt as if I heard the hostile feeling the girls, who never got to put the red color on their lips, must have had against the women in Kyoto that wore it.
In order to get a handful of rouge, 60 heads of flowers are necessary. That shining, iridescent color had the same value as gold back then, I've heard.
After washing them with water and stamping on them, kneading them by hand, and letting them sit in the air and water, they become oxidized, and begin to get closer to red in color.
In addition to that, if you let it sit two or three more days, the flower will ferment, becoming sticky, and turn into a deep red.
Next, you stamp it with a mortar, squeeze it, and shape it into balls. And if you dry it in an oven, you finally are done with the flower patty, from which the main ingredient of rouge is made.
A long time ago they didn't waste the remaining water which we got from compressing it earlier. Now this by-product usually goes unsaved.
The crimson color, which is still in the leftover water, could be used for making a dye, which cloth can be stained in. This is the "benibana-dye."
Be dyed! Be dyed!/It's benibana-dye!
Nice colors dye well--Nice colors make my heart brave.
It's said that the village women, who were denied the rouge or bright kimonos, used to add color to their simple lives by using the benibana-dye.
The remaining yellow color dissolves in water, and the cotton or hemp is dyed with a beautiful light rouge color.
Oh, pretty!
Although a little time and labor has been cut these days, by using machines for example, every day they repeat the work of harvesting the flowers.
The flower-patties get moldy easily, so precise timing when harvesting the flowers is necessary, for they never wait.
If you turn around after you've finally finished picking the flowers, you'll see that other new flowers have emerged in the meantime.
The rainy season comes without mercy, and sometimes work can continue until midnight.
Day after day passed in the blink of an eye and as I comfortably became tired, I wondered about the women flower harvesters and their conditions.
If I had a chance to help with such things during my childhood, I surely would have been able to write more lively compositions than my book reports.
Hey, mom, lemme have 5000 yen .
5000 yen? We don't have that kind of extra money.
You said you'd buy me a new pair of sports shoes, didn'tcha?
Are sport shoes so expensive?
I don't buy that.
`Cause they're PUMAs.
I don't know anything about Pumas, but I DO know you can find ones for cheaper.
Like how about the same kind you have now?
No one's wearing boring shoes like them anymore.
Everybody's getting Puma sports shoes.
Who's everybody?
Kako-chan an' Megu-chan, an' also Ya-chan n' Non-chan.
See, only four people, right?
I know others--everyone's buying them.
Nope, you can't ask for that anyway when you're not helping with the chores enough.
Hey, you got another dress for "Barbie-san" {*} ["Barbie"], didn't you-
-though you promised to ask for presents only on your birthday and Christmas--and you must have at least known it wasn't your birthday, right?!
I can't believe Dad's so soft on Taeko!
Did you promise that, "Ta-bo" ?
Unexpectedly, my fifth-grade self emerged yet again. bought Yaeko 'ne-chan a long-sleeved kimono, didn't you? Even though it wasn't even an Adult Celebration day.
That was for my tea ceremony.
Well, we see you get a lot of little things all the time, while we get something big only once in a while...right?
Would you stop that...picking only the food you like?!
Daddy, you like onions, don't you.
Well, as for the long-sleeved kimono, eventually that dress will be yours anyway, so don't complain.
``Hand-me-downs''...oh gee.
Well, some girls don't even get ``hand-me-downs''.
True, true.
Then give me that enamel bag of yours soon.
Oh, didn't you give it to her yet?
What a baby! The sooner you give it to Taeko, the better.
I don't want it.
That handbag, I don't want it...
Oh, really? That's fine, then I won't give it to you.
I won't be buying a new one.
Fine by me!
Whew, that's good. That bag was a favorite of mine, anyway.
I totally hate that one!
Hey, I'm ready. Could you take care of this?
See--and the food gets thrown away anyway.
Wasteful, isn't she?
No, don't throw it away! Hey, Mother...!
You picked these out, didn't you? If you're going to complain now, then you should have eaten all the food on your plate.
All of my kids are so selfish.
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