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Subtitles for Omohide Poro Poro - Only Yesterday CD2.

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Omohide Poro Poro - Only Yesterday CD2

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Hey, Daddy, could you buy an enamel bag for me?
Yaeko 'ne-chan won't give me hers.
You did say you didn't want one.
You said you didn't want us to get you one, so you don't need one.
Hurry up and get ready.
I think these shoes will do instead...
Mom, why does Yaeko `ne-chan have to come, too?
Daddy, Mom, and me--you said it would just be us three, didn't you?
I'm going because I'm through studying. Are you saying I can't come too?
We're having Chinese food. The more of us, the merrier-- right?
But Grandma said she's not coming.
Your Grandmother doesn't like fatty foods, you know that.
If you don't want us all to come, why don't you stay with her?!
Hey, we're leaving, Taeko.
Hurry up, slowpoke!
I don't have a handbag.
Yae-chan, would you let her have that enamel bag?
That hurt...
Well, let's go.
I'm not going.
Oh, really...? Well, shall we go then, Mother?
Well, then you can stay with Grandma.
What, "Ta-bo" isn't coming with us?
I'm not going!
Oh well, let's go then.
I'm coming, too...!
Father, please stop!
A button came off...
Going out was postponed, of course. My cheek was swollen and smarted for a long time, even though I tried cooling it with a towel.
It was difficult falling asleep that night, thinking things like, ``why do these things always happen only to me? I must be an adopted child. Yes, that must be why.''
And so I sobbed in my futon bed.
Was that the first time you were slapped by your dad?
Uh-huh. The first and last time. Only once. my case though, sometimes, but not TOO often, it happens a lot.
``Sometimes'' might be better than once, I think. If it's only the one time, then you'll wonder why that time in particular.
But I can't believe Taeko 'ne-chan was so selfish as a kid.
Oh, I was selfish. So onion wasn't the only thing I didn't like.
Oh---what's with me, I feel over-privileged now.
Oh--what a fix, what a fix!
I'm going to give up the Puma shoes.
Way to go! might expect a handsome allowance from me.
I getcha.
What's up?
100 yen each!
Taeko-san, tomorrow, why don't we drive to Zaoh, for a break?
Uh-huh. 'Cause I heard you went up to Yamadera last year.
Oh, I already got the family to okay it before I came.
Zaoh was fantastic. But Zaoh is Zaoh, after all, and the site is now just another holiday resort.
Taeko-san, I'm curious why you're not married yet., is it so strange to be unmarried?
Well, nah, I wasn't saying that, but...
The number of women who hold jobs has increased these days, you know that, and even most of my friends aren't married yet. that right?
Uh-huh, sure it is.
Ain't it?
Sure enough.
I see.
Right, it's common.
Oh, Toshio-san?
When you were in elementary school, was it easy for you to understand dividing fractions?
You have to switch the numerator with the denominator first, and then multiply it together. Could you do it like you were taught?
Hmm, I don't really remember, but I wasn't very weak in arithmetic.
Oh, I see...
That's good. You probably don't remember because you could do them with little trouble, I suspect.
Uh-huh. But why do you ask?
It seems like people who could divide fractions easily would have little trouble with their life after that, too.
There was a modest girl named ``Rie-chan.'' Though she wasn't really good at arithmetic, she switched the numerator and denominator as told and then got 100%!
Since then, she grew up doing what she was told, and had no troubles.
Now she's a mother, with two kids.
I wasn't very good, actually. Though I am weak-minded, I get picky about things., you this test, you know?
We had art class...and, you know...we did ``blow pictures.''
``Blow pictures?''
R...right. You drop paint on drawing paper, blow like this: ``phooooo'', and you make patterns that way.
And so?
You keep blowing, ``phoooo'', you know, ``phoooo.''
My head...started hurting, from going ``phoooo'' so many times, and...
And that's what is responsible for this score?
Th...that's right.
So did you get a copy of the right answers for the problems you missed?
The right answers, did you get them?
Ask Yaeko 'ne-chan about them, okay?
Yaeko 'ne-chan?
Of course. Nanako 'ne-chan is fine, too.
O..oh...I'll try Nanako 'ne-chan, then.
Nanako 'ne-chan isn't back yet, so is it okay if I wait until after dinner?
I guess I'll ask Yaeko 'ne-chan, then...
Mom! Mom!
What the heck is THIS? could this happen?!
Please explain it to her. It seems she can't make heads or tails of it.
B-b-b-but, but this could she..?!
So work with her and find out.
Does Taeko have something wrong with her head?
I'm asking you to explain it to her, okay?
But it's impossible, if you do the problem normally, to get this kind of score!
So then Taeko isn't normal, is she?!
Taeko....why don't you go over it with Yae-chan?
You had a headache from ``blow pictures'', right...right, Taeko?
Recite the drills from the beginning.
Recite the drills...? I'm in the fifth grade now, I know them.
If you know the drills, then why did you make those mistakes?
Because it's dividing fractions, you know that.
All you need to do is switch the numerator with the denominator, and multiply the fractions. Didn't they teach you this in school?
So, then why all the mistakes?!
Yae-chan, could you try it step-by-step? does ``dividing a fraction BY a fraction'' work, anyway?
Okay, dividing two-thirds of an apple by one fourth--that could mean you divide two thirds of an apple among four people.
How many parts of the apple does a person get, right?
Huh....? Um...uh-huh.
So then, one, two, three, four, five, and six--so one sixth of an apple for a single person.
...wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. That's MULTIPLYING fractions.
Huh...? How come? Does a number become smaller when you multiply it?!
Two thirds of an apple divided by a quarter means, uh...'s totally off-track!
You can't understand this because you're fussing about apples. You'll have no trouble if you'd just simply memorize that you leave multiplication as is and switch in division.
Isn't her sister a member of Takarazuka?
``S.K.D.'' [a group of performers, like Takarazuka]
Taeko got a ``D'' in math class.
Huh, a ``D''?!
Right, it's finally gone down to a ``D''.
If her score were 50 or 60%, I could simply reprimand her.
That's true...
Do you think Taeko ought to have an I.Q. test?
But when she entered school, she was diagnosed as ``normal.''
Maybe she's turned stupid.
When Taeko was a baby, she fell downstairs from the second floor, remember?
Right, right, in her walker. I thought she'd killed herself that time.
She only got a bump, though.
Well, that's what is affecting her now.
Right, that's got to be it.
Not at all--she's just incredibly weak at arithmetic.
She must be talking in class.
Dividing fractions is quite easy if you pay attention, of course. Even a complete idiot can do it.
I'm worried about her future. She is going to be in the sixth grade, after all.
But how can I imagine dividing two-thirds of an apple by a quarter?
But it's got to be right--dividing two thirds of an apple means you...
Even now, it's still tough when I think about it, you know. Dividing fractions.
It's true. We farmers should've been more picky, too.
We've always gone with the larger flow, and just followed the big cities--we've lost our identities.
So we need to re-think what we consider ``real wealth'' and become more fussy about traditional farming again! caught me off-guard. I guess you meant ``organic farming'' by that, right?
Actually, it's what my ``Sempai'' [older colleague] told me, but it's the way I feel, too.
I think it's great you're keeping your memory of being picky about dividing fractions as an important one.
Oh, no, I didn't mean it to sound like that.
Besides, now some people tell me I have an enviable job, but my job is not the kind I could be absorbed in anyway, so...
I can't help but admire you being so absorbed in your own job, Toshio-san--farming, that is.
So, you mean it's ironic, right?
Huh? No way! No, such people are difficult to find now, in fact.
Now farming's totally declining, as you know.
I wish that I could be completely absorbed by my job, and not worry about outside problems. But this isn't the case, and I can't help but think about all these things.
I suppose we farmers can't survive without encouragement and support that comes from working with our fellows, for instance...
Taeko-san, you go skiing, don't you?
Oh, a couple of times, with my co-workers.
Well, then why don't we go skiing this Winter, then. I'll help you learn.
Are you a good skier, Toshio-san?
Nah, not so great, but I work here each Winter as an instructor, so...
Oh, an instructor? Then you must be a good skier.
Actually, a whole bunch of my friends are such instructors!
Oh, now this is the country I was expecting. It's the real thing. Not like Zaoh.
The ``country''.....
Oh, I'm sorry. I keep saying the ``country''.
No, it's an important point, y'know.
Uh-huh. You see, when people from big cities see the forests, the woods, or the flowing water, they quickly accept such things as natural.
However, except in the highest reaches of the mountains, all the sites that are called the ``country'' are actually made by people.
Yes, farmers.
That forest too?
That wood, too?
This stream, too?
It's not only rice paddies or fields. Every place has its own history-
-say, from someone's great grandfather who had been planting or cultivating, or had been gathering kindling or mushrooms, since long ago.
Oh, I see.
While people've been either fighting with nature or gaining its benefits, some good had come from what they did; the way the countryside has come to look now, all of this.
Hasn't the appearance itself come without people's help?
Farmers couldn't live without getting continuous benefits from nature, could they?
And that's why the farmers, for a long, long time, have also been doing many things for nature themselves.
One might say this is the interdependence between nature and people.
Maybe this is what ``the country'' is.
I see. I think that's why it's nostalgic.
I've been thinking for a long time about why I feel like this is my home, even though I wasn't born or raised here.
Oh, so that was it.
Ah, my back is starting to hurt.
Organic's not so cool after all!
What's cool is the concept. I told you before, helping living things is quite difficult.
But it's no different from a hundred years ago, is it?
And that's why even organically grown rice is often processed with herbicides instead of by hand-weeding like back then. There's just not enough labor.
You sure have been working hard, Taeko-san [Taeko]. Why don't we break for tea?
Whew, you're a life-saver! I was just thinking of taking a break.
Toshio-san helped me experience many things step by step.
I was taking pride in pretending I had already known everything about the country.
How nice!
``Oh, the crows are returning home. First one...''
Oh my, at last I could say that in a real village!
It was my dialogue in a school play when I was in the fifth grade.
My role was ``village child #1'' in ``Kobutori Jii-san''.
Oh, is that it? I get it--I only got parts as an extra, too.
How about you, Naoko-chan?
Umm, well, I usually only got important parts because there were only a few people involved.
I guess that when our generation was born, the amount of immigration to the city for jobs had boomed. In other words, the population drifted from the country to the city and the amount of younger people has dwindled here.
I see. So then you must have had many interesting experiences, haven't you?
Not really. I prefer sports meets. I may not look it, but I'm a fast runner.
That's good. In my case, I was always in the middle, like I was ``village child #1'' in the school play, for example.
But the dialogue I said was something I will never forget, not for the rest of my life. Because of that dialogue, I could have become a star.
A star?
A star, how...?
Because of ``village child #1''?
Not because of ``Ojii-san'' or ``Oni''?
Right. Due to my great enthusiasm.
Were you so pretty?
No, not like that.
I practiced excessively in front of a mirror in my house.
But you were ``village child #1,'' so...
Right. The dialogue was so short I couldn't be satisfied with it even after practicing it a hundred times. You can imagine that because the whole thing was ``Oh, the crows are returning home. First one!''...
I know! You added extra lines!
You got it!
Oh, look at that! The crows are returning home.
First one...
...second one...
...third one...
...fourth one.
Farewell, crows! Take care!
Then your teacher praised you?
The exact opposite.
Okay, you all did very well.
But let's stick with what's in the script.
I worked hard to come up with that...
In fact, they weren't so good, so I gave them up easily... but that didn't mean I had lost my will.
I realized that I could still express myself with actions in the parts with no dialogue.
Oh, the crows are returning home.
First one...
...second one...
...third one...
...fourth one.
That was it.
But it was worth making the effort, and my acting actually got a good reputation anyway, believe it or not.
My mom was asked if I belonged to a child actor's troupe, teachers from other classes praised me, things like that.
However, something even far more fantastic happened...
Excuse me..?
...oodles of dynamite exploded with a ``KER-POW!!'' right in front of me, don'tcha know?
Don'tcha know?
What? You mean Taeko?
The three of us--myself, President Kid, and Granny Dokonjo--were digging for potatoes, and what a surprise, the pototoes were actually dynamite!
In fact, a child actress is necessary for the play we will perform at our school a student-community collaborative production....I mean...
Whatever the cost, we want Okajima Taeko-chan to perform...
A child actress!
In her case, we will practice early like in the daytime on Saturdays, so...
Ah...I will escort her back home every time, so..
Am I going to perform in a grown-up's play!?
Not with amateurs like those guys.
I can perform with grown-ups!
...A star!
Ko-ke-ko-ke-ko-ke-ko-ke, ko-ke-kekko!
So, so...?
That gentleman from NICHIDAI said he wants you to perform for their play.
You really shined at the school play.
He was quite insistent, and begged for my approval.
Wow, it's great, isn't it?
I guess everyone has at least one strong point.
Wait, she's also good at compositions.
Taeko may have a talent in those areas rather than for arithmetic.
That's right, that's right!
In my case, I played an old man for ``Shitakirisuzume'' {another similar folk story}, but nobody paid that kind of attention.
I see, I see...
So will you...?
Maybe it could be a chance for you to become a professional child actress.
Why don't you join Takarazuka?
Sure, you might be able to join it if you begin preparing now.
Acting is no good.
Show business is no good.
Come on, now, ``show business'' is going a bit too far...
That's true, isn't it?
No way. Now, dinner.
Father is real stubborn, isn't he?
Hey, why did you have to say ``professional child actress''?
Can I take my bath first?
Sure, that's okay.
You said ``Takarazuka'' and ``show business'', so Father...
Hey, why did you have to say all that? Nanako `ne-chan, jeez!
Lay off, would you?
We're not asking for much of your time, so...
Um...well, but...
Please grant this small favor.
...she's embarrassed, herself...she's shy, so...
I'm terribly sorry you've had to come here so often.
Um...Aoki-san from room 1 was chosen instead of me, after all.
Aoki-san is bragging to everyone about it, now.
Like today, her mother came to our school. She changed to formal clothes, and her mom took her to Nichidai.
Her dress had frills that fluttered alllll over the place!
You can't tell anyone at school that the young gentleman came to us first.
If Aoki-san [Aoki] heard that, she would feel bad.
Waves splash, splash, splash, splash as they are parted.
Splash, splash, splash!
Clouds zip, zip, zip, zip, as they speed past.
Zip, zip, zip!
Where is Hyohtan Island going?
Where is it headed, as it brings us along?
Where the sea meets the horizon of the earth,
Something must be waiting.
You may have hard times,
You may have sad experiences,
But we will never be discouraged:
We don't want to cry, so let's laugh--
Go ahead!
Hyokkori Hyohtan Island,
Hyokkori Hyohtan Island,
Hyokkori Hyohtan Island!
I feel sorry for you, Taeko-chan.
I joined the drama club as soon as I entered high school. I guess I couldn't be expected to forget that experience.
It was really fun. I actually got to perform as an actress, too.
But I wasn't fit for acting. So, it's not really true that I missed the chance to become a star, unfortunately.
Dads--either in Tokyo or the country--used to be very similar, I believe...
When I was in high school, I wanted to go to Tokyo at any cost, and, well...
I had sent a letter to Mitsuo-san for advice about my course of action, in fact.
Oh, really...?
Even after I gave up, when I saw my former classmates, who hadn't been as good at school as me, coming back from Tokyo and putting on airs, I was really quite humiliated.
Oh, I've changed since then. Now I have a little bit of respect for Dad, at least. As my senior in farming.
Anyway, I can really understand Taeko-chan's feelings.
Oh, no--I wasn't serious about that.
No--it's the same thing. I can understand.
``But, we will never be discouraged.''
``We don't want to cry, so let's laugh,'' right? It's interesting--I also used to watch ``Hyokkori Hyohtan Island''.
Oh, really?!
Yeah...Machine-Gun Dandy--he was cool, wasn't he?
Wow, he was my idol!
I can imagine. Oh, it reminds me that we used to have so many encouraging songs back in those days--don't you think so?
Ummm, there was the another one in ``Hyokkori Hyohtan Island''....Oh!
``If today is not good, There will be tomorrow.''
``If tomorrow is not good, There will be the next day.''
``If the next day is not good, There will be the day after that.''
``There will be tomorrow, No matter how much time passes. Don, Don Gabacho, Don Gabacho.''
Weird song...!
Toshio-san has been keeping the memory of the song in his mind as a positive song, even though it was really a song about procrastination which meant, ``If today is not good, why not put it off until tomorrow?''
From this, I could get a nice picture of his way of thinking.
I'm afraid you're headed back tomorrow.
I really must thank you for having me for so long. Please take care of yourself too, Obaa-chan [Auntie].
Thank you so much.
Taeko-san, do you like it here?
Yeah, a great deal. I feel completely at home, here.
Really...I've only lived here since I was born and the wedding of Mitsuo to your sister was the only opportunity for me to go to Tokyo...but do you really like it here more than Tokyo?
Sure, why not?
Tokyo is messy...only buildings and cars everywhere you can see...
It doesn't seem like a place for people to live at anymore. For me, being from Tokyo, this is like a whole different world here.
Honestly...? You really like this place so much?
Sure, because of the rich nature here...and also the very kind people here...
Then, Taeko-san, would you mind if I asked you to become...Toshio's wife?
Mitsuo's living in Tokyo, you love this place, so naturally you could live here in his place. What do you think?
Mom! You shouldn't blurt things out like that..Can't you tell Taeko-san is upset?
Please think about it, Taeko-san.
Sorry, never mind her, she's just kidding.
Right, you're just kidding, aren't you, Ban-chan [Ban].
No, I'm very serious. And I know both of you would like what I asked her, wouldn't y'all?
Listen doesn't matter at all if we want her to change or...
Of course we'd like to do that. But y'know, Taeko-san is clearly a Tokyo woman, so...
And that's it.
But y'know, Taeko-san likes it here, an' works hard in the fields, so it's fine with us.
In fact, of course it'd be great if she became Toshio-san's wife.
What, you too--what're you saying? Don't you think this is rude to Taeko-san?
Think: Taeko-san's got a job already in Tokyo, and Toshio is younger than her, to boot.
Oh, but she could find a job in Yamagata, too, couldn't she?
Taeko-san, please don't get angry, just hear me out. All young wives of farmers have other jobs on the side, these days, so...
Why did you have to bring all this up? Besides, Taeko-san's only visited here twice to enjoy her vacation.
You're only embarrassing her by saying this kind of thing out of the blue.
So you're against us, then.
That's beside the point. I'm trying to say you should face this kind of thing realistically.
We haven't even asked Toshio about his feelings, anyway, so I wonder how Ban-chan can come off and say...
I can tell right away just by looking at Toshio.
Right. Instead of assuming its impossible from the start, like you, why don't we ask how Taeko-san feels...
Leave her alone.
See what I've been saying? You should know better and build up to that kind of question more slowly.
I don't think I was wrong.
Becoming a farmer's wife. I never imagined that before...
Yet the fact it's possible for me to live in such a manner was enough to give a strange impression.
``If you don't mind...'' Just like in some movie I'd seen before. How wonderful it would be if I could speak with such an open heart.
But I couldn't.
My vague belief that I love the country, and my playing at work in the fields made me have a guilty conscience all at once.
I was ashamed of myself, always saying ``what a nice place'' without knowing hard winters or the reality of farming.
I wasn't prepared for anything. And everyone knew this from the start.
I felt too awkward to stay.
I'm not gonna shake hands with you.
Hey, hey, the shirt Abe-kun's wearing today--
What, what?
It's the exact same one Tanaka-kun wore when he was in the fourth grade.
Keep it secret.
You know what? When its Abe-kun's [Abe's] turn to feed the ducks, he takes the bread crumbs home for food.
Say what? Have you seen Abe-kun's palms? Incredible!
I'm sure glad my seat's not near him.
I feel sorry for you, Taeko-chan [Taeko].
Why don't you ask the teacher to have your seat changed?
Right, Right. Boys ought to sit with boys... right, Taeko-chan?
I...I don't mind. It's rude to Abe-kun [Abe] to act like that.
You really don't mind?!
Say what? Aren't you the goody-goody?
You better keep this conversation a secret, all right?
You want to get beat up?
What're you doing out here?
Nothing. I needed to walk around a little.
You're all soaked. But c'mon, hop in.
It's a present, I just... It's pickled vegetables my mom made.
Um, don't go back to the farmhouse.
Huh? How come?
Please. Anywhere but there.
Is something the matter?
I had a friend, a boy named ``Abe-kun''.
He transferred to my school. He got the seat next to me.
Abe-kun once said, ``I'm not gonna shake hands with you.''
Abe-kun was, you see...
I guess his family was quite poor, so he didn't even have a P.E. uniform.
He was filthy, and wiped his nose noisily on his sleeve or picked it.
And if you tried to keep from looking shocked by him, he threatened you by saying ``You want to get beat up?''
I hated it and could hardly bear it, so I was looking forward to the Summer vacation--we wouldn't be able to change our seats until then.
When we danced the "Oklahoma Mixer" {yes, the American square dance}, I hated to hold his hand,
and I also hated how he forced me to lend him my notebook when he didn't bring his homework.
The girls gossiped about Abe-kun, whispering things like anti-contagion hexes .
However, at least I didn't join that group. Because I felt it was the worst thing to hate someone by talking about them behind their back. However...
Before the summer vacation, it was time for Abe-kun to move to another school again, and our teacher decided that all his classmates should shake his hand, one by one, to say good-bye.
The feeling that no one really wanted to do this spread out immediately.
Some lines of dirt were visible on Abe-kun's palm.
He walked around shaking everyone's hand, but it was obvious that Abe-kun was being teased a lot.
He was supposed to shake hands with me at the end. But when I reached out, Abe-kun said,
``I'm not gonna shake hands with you.''
``I'm not gonna shake hands with you...''
The one who was thinking the most... that Abe-kun was dirty, was me.
Abe-kun must have known this, in fact. So that's why he didn't let me shake his hand...
May I ask what happened at the farmhouse?
I have been such a person since I was a child. I just act nice.
I still am.
You seem strange today. It's not like the Taeko-san that I know.
Anyway, its not my business what you've been saying at the farmhouse.
Um, don't misunderstand--it's not related to the farmhouse at all.
I'm sorry. I remembered my time in elementary school, and immediately was ashamed of myself.
That's foolish. Could it be that Abe-kun liked you so that's why he didn't want to shake your hand for goodbye?
Huh? No way! The one Abe-kun liked was Kobayashi-san, the girl class president. He was always bullying me.
He'd put his hands in his pockets and say things like, ``Grown-ups are people who can spit or tear leaves off bushes if they feel like it, tsk!'' when I met him.
And then he'd saunter off.
See, I thought so--I can understand Abe-kun's feelings. I also have made a girl whom I liked cry by teasing her on purpose.
It wasn't like that! He shook hands with all the other classmates. I was the only one he didn't shake hands with.
Well, that's the trouble with you girls. You just don't understand the way boys feel at all.
...jeez, don't act so presumptuous.
Well, can't I say the truth?
Abe-kun wasn't so strong, was he? He couldn't bully boys around. And as a transfer student, he didn't have any friends.
Taeko-san, you sat next to him, so it was much easier for him to bully you. He was dependent on you, Taeko-san, as someone he could tease.
Essentially, he must not have wanted to shake hands with everyone, right? But with you, Taeko-san, he could express himself honestly, like, ``I'm not gonna shake hands with you.''
Don't act so foul!
I felt guilty about Abe-kun, and tried behaving like him.
But it was too late, in spite of my actions.
Because I can't amend the fact I hurt him by avoiding him.
Oh, its stopped raining.
Hey, you're right.
The moon's come out.
Quite often you can see tanuki or martens if you drive around here.
Should we head back, now?
Oh! This is terrible, they must be all worried about me.
Whoops. I wonder if there'll be wild rumors flying around now?
I'm sorry. I needed your help to recover, Toshio-san.
I wonder what really did happen at the farmhouse, anyway...
Oh, uh, please, don't ask a single thing about it when we get back, okay?
Then...shall I play some folk music?
For the first time, I was trying to think about what my feelings about Toshio-san were, and Toshio-san's feelings about me.
Even if it was accidental, what a surprise it was that my closed-off heart was fixed by Toshio-san.
It was a kind of mystery to me how I could rely on Toshio-san so much.
I felt as if Toshio-san was older than me. The one whom I wanted to shake hands with...was Toshio-san.
Merely ``shake hands''...?
What could this feeling be...? Feeling Toshio-san near me, I was absorbed by this question.
Have you forgotten anything?
No, it's all right.
Okay, I'll be waiting for you this Winter.
Sure, I'll study a bit more on farming until then.
Huh? Wasn't it supposed to be skiing? In any case, you can't learn more about skiing without doing it.
Consider what I said, okay, Taeko-san?
Huh? What, Ban-chan?
What's this?
Oh, nothing.
It's Taeko-san's and my secret.
Well, you seemed different yesterday, so...
I'm sorry. I'll be okay next time. I won't bring my fifth-grade self along anymore.
MAN: Wait up!
Take care, Naoko-chan.
Washing away tenderness,
love, it's a river.
Cutting the soul to pieces,
love, it's a knife.
An incessant thirst,
love is, they say, but
love is a flower, the flower of life;
you are the seed.
Afraid of being discouraged,
your heart never dances.
Afraid of waking up,
your dream never takes chances.
Hating to be taken away,
your heart won't give.
Afraid of dying,
you cannot live.
Long night, all alone,
long road, all alone.
Love doesn't come
when you think it will;
please remember, though
it's buried under the snow in winter,
in spring, with the sun's love,
the seed blossoms into a flower.
"Kokokko ko-ke kokko ko-ke-ko-ke-ko-ke-ko-ke ko-ke kokko"
I crow in a loud voice,
Announcing the hour, my day begins.
"Au-an-an-aah," how invigorating---my day will be!
Then I--"splish, splash"--wash my face,
Then--"rub-a-dub"--with a dry towel,
Then I "gobble, gobble" breakfast down--
This is the beginning of my day...!
"Au-an-an-aah," how invigorating---my day will be!
Ko-ke-ko-ke-ko-ke-ko-ke, ko-ke kokko!
"Po--or boy," "po--or boy,"
Poor me, Torahige.
"Po--or boy," "po--or boy,"
So far away from me home.
Oh I...,
When sailin' the seven seas,
Wuz workin' real hard too.
And now...
Hyokkori Hyohtan Island's where I've come.
Hey, look--must I work on 'n on?
Or if not, will I be shippin' off somewhere again? Hmm?
"Po--or boy," "po--or boy,"
Poor me, Torahige.
"Po--or boy," "po--or boy,"
Far away from me home.
"Pooo--oooor boyyyyyy--y!"
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