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Subtitles for On Connait La Chanson 1997.

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On Connait La Chanson 1997

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Right, let's go...
Is everyone here?
Can you all hear me?
Now then, we'll start with a few neighbourhood houses,
then take the left side of the park
via the flowery steps at the end of the street.
Shall we go then?
You will carry out my orders immediately,
Von Choltitz!
Yes, mein Führer!
For the last time, Paris must be destroyed.
Within 24 hours!
Two loves in my life
My home and Paree
In times of strife
They set my heart free
Our tour ends here,
the very spot where, behind that window there,
Von Choltitz decided not to carry out Hitler's orders.
Von Choltitz's precise motives remain obscure
but Paris was not destroyed, although it was a close thing.
We know that explosives
had been placed beneath every bridge in the city.
Now then...
If you'll follow me...
We'll go back to the metro...
where we met up earlier.
How about that!
What are you doing here?
I'm working. I live in Paris now.
- How are you? - Fine. And you?
I'm fine, fine, fine as ever...
Still got that company?
Yes, still...
It's doing well.
Not bad...
Sorry, I can't remember your name. I don't remember where we...
That's all right. I'm Camille.
That's it... Camille...
Camille... Odile...
Lalande, Odile Lalande's sister.
Odile Lalande, of course! Camille, Odile's sister, absolutely!
How about you?
Fine, I'm still...
No, what's your name? Sorry...
I'm Nicolas...
Yes, Nicolas, of course...
So how's your sister?
She's fine. Everything's fine.
Sorry, I must dash.
Yes, me too.
I'll tell Odile I saw you.
It's odd, I was planning to call her.
How odd...
I just got to Paris, I haven't had time to...
No need to justify yourself.
I'm not, I'm just explaining.
Call her, she'll be glad to see you.
Same number?
It hasn't changed?
How long have you been away?
I can't remember...
That long?
Eight years.
I can't believe it, you haven't changed a bit.
I mean it, it's not just flattery.
You're more beautiful than ever.
Isn't she?
He tells all the women that. It's a natural reflex.
You're like the breeze in a violin,
bearing the scent of roses.
Caramel, candy and chocolate
At times, I don't understand you.
Thank you, no, not for me... Offer them to another
Who loves the wind and scent of roses
Those sweet, honey words
May land on my lips But will never touch my heart
One more word...
Words, words, words...
Why do you say that?
I've seen you at work.
Who are you trying to make me out to be?
I really mean it, you're...
What can I say now?
I mean it, you're beautiful...
He can't tell. He's used to me.
You can't tell, can you?
Of course I can.
- Well, am I right? - Of course!
She's very beautiful.
Of course.
And your wife?
Are you happy?
Very. Very happy, yes.
Can you make coffee, Claude?
I'll make coffee...
We haven't talked since you called to say you were getting married.
That's the last I ever heard from you.
Yes, it was!
Except for birth announcements.
See, you had the birth announcements.
Do you make her suffer much?
Your wife.
- You're not too unfaithful? - I don't believe it!
Why does everyone think I'm still like that?
It's an old reputation that was barely justified.
It makes no sense.
Want to see a photo of us?
During the Easter holidays...
They're so big!
They're sweet.
What does this remind me of?
I know! That cereal advert. You know the one I mean?
Cereal? No, not really...
That family having breakfast in a corn-field...
That rings a bell...
You look sweet together.
Are they joining you soon?
Once I find a flat, in a fortnight or so...
Are you at a hotel?
Some five-star place, Camille said...
Have we drunk a lot?
Have we?
I never have more than one glass.
That's good... Well, I mean...
Do you mind opening the window?
Not at all...
Could you open it?
Are you all right?
If I don't talk or move
for a while, I'll be okay.
He's watching you From the corner of his eye
You're feeling blue As you sit and wonder why
His eyes are a sweet caress
You sigh, you acquiesce
And I just sit here I'm so near
I see it all
And I sit here I sit in fear
As the end draws near
No, no, it's nothing, I'm just a little weary.
No, not at all, what are you trying to say?
No, no, I've had
a wonderful evening...
Do you know Nicolas's brother?
No, not at all.
The last time I saw him, he was twelve or so.
Why? Do you think I was wrong?
Hadn't you hired someone?
He wasn't hired, he hadn't signed the contract.
Besides, to be quite honest,
he didn't seem that interested...
He just sat there, looking as if...
Tell me if you think I was wrong!
I was just thinking... I don't know why I thought of that.
Sorry, but he's a friend who asked me to help his brother.
How could I have refused?
He's been unemployed for a year. Could I have said no?
Would you have said no?
It's hard but it has to be
You can't always be honest, see
I'm devious, me
To keep my head above water
Why should I feel guilty? It's normal to help friends out.
Everyone does it.
I'm falling asleep here...
Besides, I'm glad to be able to help.
Look at me! You make me guilty and then doze off...
You struggle and strive To help men thrive
But you can't satisfy The whole damn hive
You toil and strain But all in vain
You can't satisfy the whole of Spain
That's bad news...
I know... I'm sorry.
What can I do now? You've put me in quite a spot...
I had no choice...
But three days ago, you said I was hired...
Yes, I know... I'm really sorry about this.
You don't think I am?
Don't make things any harder for me.
It's bad enough as it is.
Make things hard for you?
I don't know what more I can say...
Tell me, how come the job existed just three days ago?
Over the weekend?
Yes. It happened very fast.
It's hard but it has to be
You can't always be honest, see
I'm devious, me
To keep my head above water
You'll soon find something!
You have an excellent CV. You should...
It's been two years now.
You see, that doesn't mean anything.
You almost found a job here. There's no reason...
Just be patient, that's all.
My spleen is green
My gut is kaput
My throat's like a moat
My ribs are squibs
All right, sit down, my dear fellow, sit down...
I'm sorry... I can't get dressed sitting down...
Now then, this heart doesn't look too bad.
It'll last a few years yet.
"Not too bad"? So it's partly bad?
The gentleman's getting in a flap! Don't panic.
Sit down.
Now, what do you understand by palpitations?
Just a second...
No, he didn't last long...
I never told him, don't worry.
Well now!
My dear fellow, I don't see anything to worry about.
You said you had palpitations
but palpitations is a word
people use any-old-how. It doesn't really mean much.
I think you just need to relax a little.
If you carry on like this, you may end up
with an ulcer, understand?
So just relax.
Ride a bicycle...
And let it palpitate, old chap.
It has to palpitate, it's all pipes and pumps in there.
It has to work, see?
Off you go and don't come back.
Now we'll walk over to the dome...
Tell me if you can't hear.
It's best if you can all hear me.
From here, we can see the full setting...
Odile Lalande, please...
Yes, I'll hold.
I struggle, I struggle
I struggle as hard as can be
I struggle, I struggle
Hello, Mrs Lalande?
Marc Duveyrier here.
Very well and yourself?
Sorry to disturb you but I wondered if you'd decided.
Are you getting there?
You want to see it again. I was going to suggest that.
Of course... What would you say
to four o'clock? Yes?
Near the usual pile of plates?
I'll see you later then.
Not at all, only normal.
My pleasure, Mrs Lalande.
See you later, Odile.
Come on now!
I like girls in a swank hotel
I like girls in denim jeans
I like girls you see in Elle
I like the girls in magazines
Camille... It's Odile, just a quick message...
It's about the flat... I'm seeing it again at four.
We're meeting outside, near that sculpture...
I'd like you to come. Try to.
Take care.
Is everyone here?
The Bois de Vincennes lay to the east
and the Bois de Boulogne to the west.
Napoleon III asked Haussmann to design two new parks,
one to the south,
the Parc Montsouris, as you probably guessed,
and the other to the north, this one, the Buttes-Chaumont.
They were inaugurated in 1867...
For the Universal Exhibition...
Yes, 1867... The Universal Exhibition.
Exactly, on April 1, 1867,
for the Universal Exhibition, well done.
You may think the park was named for some historical figure
but in actual fact...
It was the Mont Chauve, wasn't it? The Mont Chauve?
...the desert-like aspect of this former quarry,
earned it the name of...
I don't see how...
Montchauve, chauve-mont and Chaumont.
Did everyone hear that?
Are you all right?
Don't get up!
No, I can get up.
I'm all right, don't fret.
That bastard didn't even stop!
- Bastard! - I'm all right.
Don't fret.
It was my own fault.
It wasn't your fault! No way!
Damn, I didn't get his number! What a scatterbrain!
Did anyone get that car's number?
Don't fret...
Everyone still with us?
Now then,
where this magnificent park now stands...
The Paris middle-classes would come up here for them...'d find a whole array of outcasts, a den of thieves...
Sir! Excuse me, sir...
It's obvious you know this park inside out
but I'm guiding this tour.
If you don't mind, I'd like to do my job properly.
If you talk when I do, it ruins my concentration.
I understand perfectly.
Thank you, you're too kind.
Let me see...
This little bridge
didn't become famous as a lovers' walk
but for a more sinister reason.
Did she say its name?
No, not yet. It's the Suicides' Bridge.
The lady asked me...
Yes, I wasn't sure about...
Do you live nearby?
I was meeting my grandson here.
I was late, I ran out like a fool without even looking.
Don't keep on saying that, it's all over now...
I hope he hasn't gone.
No, he'll be here, if he said he'd meet you.
Do you feel better?
They must have had quite a long talk
to reach an agreement.
He's been in such a state for three days...
He came to sign his contract.
He'd been after work for two years, it was such a relief!
I can imagine.
A real stroke of luck too,
what with his wife having her baby soon.
Ah yes, indeed... A lucky break.
He was signing today?
That's right.
Until it's signed, you can't be sure.
No, it was sure.
No, don't say that, nothing's sure without written proof.
Anything can happen... Don't get your hopes up.
Were you meeting a young man here?
He's at the maternity ward, he dashed off.
He was meeting his grandfather.
He gave me a description and then he was off.
He's at the maternity ward.
I'd better get going... How much do I owe you?
No, no, let me...
No, no, really.
Thank you so much... I have to be going.
I'll give you a lift.
I'll take you there.
Don't fret. You've done enough.
It's no problem!
No, I'll be glad to!
I'll take you, it's no big deal...
It's a feeling of déjà-vu
This isn't my first time here
I'm sure now, it's true
I've heard that tune somewhere
Excuse me...
I was in your group...
I may have annoyed you... I didn't notice until it was too late.
It's all right.
I have to share what I know... It's stupid.
No, it's not. Have you thought of being a guide?
That might help.
Perhaps I should try it.
Well, I won't bother you any longer.
This is yours, isn't it?
You're interested in female poisoners?
It's good... Not the definitive work...
Not the definitive work?
I see...
You've been on other tours. I've seen you before, haven't I?
Yes, once or twice...
You like history?
Yes, I use it in my work, I write radio plays.
- Historical ones? - Slightly romanticized...
So, do you have a job? Apart from...
I'm doing my thesis.
What on?
The yeomen of the year 1000 at Paladru Lake.
That's good.
It's time someone did that.
What do you plan to do after?
That's the problem. What can I do after?
No, I'm joking. I'll keep at it...
I'd like to do research and all that...
Nothing stirred on Red Square
Ahead of me walked Nathalie
My guide with a name so fair Nathalie!
Are you okay? You look pale...
Miss Rigotti's room, please.
Room 228, second floor.
228, thank you.
The lift's just there...
Come on up, I'll introduce you to my grandson.
Thank you so much...
for everything. You've been wonderful.
Yes, quite wonderful.
No, this is silly.
I shouldn't be here at all.
Just tell him I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Fine, fine...
And you won't go back on that decision?
Yes. Yes, I understand...
I don't have much choice...
Yes, maybe. Who knows?
Excuse me...
Are you waiting for someone?
Not Odile Lalande, by any chance?
She's my sister, I'm meeting her here too.
She asked me to...
How do you do? Marc Duveyrier.
I was wondering...
Me too, I don't know where she's got to...
Excuse me...
Oh, don't mind me...
We can do this some other time.
Whatever for?
I don't know... perhaps you'd rather be at home?
Oh no, I've got time... All the time in the world.
I mean, if you don't feel well...
Don't worry, I'll get over it.
Of course, but...
The first few days are the worst...
It wipes you out...
It's odd she's not here.
Quite worrying in fact, it's not like her.
Never worry 'bout the troubles in life
Me, I never do
Come tomorrow, it's good-bye strife
Wait and see, it's true
You're lucky, you look on the bright side.
I'm not the type to worry about life...
Too right.
Know what we're going to do?
You came to see the apartment, didn't you?
Let's go up.
She'll guess where we are, she'll come and find us...
You think so? Yes, she's bound to realize...
At least we'll be warm up there.
Yes, that's true...
Come on,
it's this way.
Is it far?
Odile Lalande?
I don't know her.
I mentioned her when I first called you.
It wasn't me you spoke to. It was my boss.
You're not Marc Duveyrier?
No, he's my boss.
I'm afraid he couldn't come. An important matter to see to...
So you get the unimportant ones.
- You know what I mean. - You bet I do.
Now... Have I brought the keys?
Rather, have I brought the right keys?
Here we are!
No, this is no good at all. I don't like it.
At least see it.
All right, I'll have a look but...
It's too small...
710 square feet, plus the mezzanine...
You said 8,000 to 12,000 a month. This one's 10,000.
10,000! It's very small.
Don't you think 10,000 is a bit steep?
It's daylight robbery.
We agree on that then!
Do you let many flats?
To be quite honest, I'm not all that motivated today.
Nothing stirred on Red Square
Ahead of me walked Nathalie
My guide with a name so fair Nathalie!
The yeomen of the year 1000 at Paladru Lake.
It's true, there's an amazing view.
This flat's gigantic...
It is a fine size.
My sister is so excited about it. I can see why now.
I never imagined this.
The view is one of the selling points.
And in this light, it's...
It's one of my favourite times of day.
Mine too, in fact.
It's soothing...
That's the word, "soothing".
You feel...
You have a fine view of that marvellous modern sculpture...
Lovely, isn't it?
that's where we met.
Come here and sit by me, my dear
I'm shy but it won't last, never fear
Does it mean you don't like me?
Oh, my kitten, I've been smitten
- What about this pretty lace? - Gorgeous!
- And this beauty spot on my face? - Luscious!
- And my size? - I don't despise!
- And my thighs? - What a prize!
- And the rest? - I'm as hot as an oven of pies!
What do you think?
Of what?
The flat.
It's nice. It's very nice.
- Do you like kisses in your ear? - Good Lord!
- And caresses, my dear? - Oh, my word!
Can I tickle?
And prickle?
And the rest?
- I'm a crazy man, it's true - Maybe so...
- Totally crazy for you - Yes, I know!
I'm in a stew
It's all through
And the rest?
Well, since we both agree
Come to my arms again
Let's stay together here, forget the rest, my dear
She won't be coming now...
I'd better go.
We can wait a while...
We can wait a while...
Isn't there a light anywhere?
I don't know if the...
You're here in the dark!
What do you think?
Serious, thoughtful... prudent!
Claude is prudent.
Those are supposed to be qualities.
Isn't that too many for one man?
I'm talking rubbish.
You know what I mean...
There are no flights of fancy and all that...
He hates going out... Well, that's his right...
I'm not really complaining... Everything's fine.
Better than fine...
Well, normal.
Why was I saying that?
I don't know if I'd have put up with someone too... See?
Yes, too...
Like me, for instance.
Yes, for instance.
You chose well.
Hold on, when you say flights of fancy,
what do you mean? A surprise trip to Venice? A ring?
No, that's not the problem.
There again, a ring, out of the blue, why not?
No, you see...
what annoys me is that I make all the decisions.
He agrees, if I'm happy, he's happy too.
I just wish he'd take the initiative,
show some enthusiasm for something...
They're just minor details.
He's sweet... He's very sweet.
I like Claude...
How's my brother doing?
Not too much out of his depth, is he?
He is?
He's not into the swim of it but that's normal at first.
He's very good... He seems very...
very attentive.
Thanks anyway, you didn't have to...
- Okay? - Fine.
Right... I'll get going...
- The family genius. - Oh no, Odile!
I'm just teasing! Still, you are the family genius.
I'm proud of my little sister, it's my right.
Did I say she's got her viva on the 28th?
What's your thesis on?
On... er... On nothing.
That won't take long.
The year 1000 at Yeoman Lake.
No, Odile, that's not it.
It isn't?
Well then, what is it?
The yeomen of the year 1000 at Paladru Lake.
Isn't that what I said?
What lake?
Sorry, but is anyone interested in that?
No, nobody.
Why choose it then?
To set fools blabbing!
I only asked to be polite.
I realized.
Be indulgent with fools...
I do what I can.
- More coffee? - No, I must be going.
Have you found a flat?
I'm still looking but it's hard. It has to suit my wife.
I describe places over the phone... It's not easy.
I'll call you.
He gets on my nerves...
I noticed.
Sorry, but I can't stand him.
What did he do?
Nothing, I just can't stand him.
Always playing the wise guy...
Not at all! You were so aggressive! He asked a simple question.
What came over you? I felt so awkward!
It's always the same.
They ask what it's about, you tell them and they laugh.
I realize I was aggressive, I realize that.
I'm sorry, I didn't want to make you feel uncomfortable...
I apologize.
Forgive me?
I'll call him, poor thing...
Well, tell me then...
Stop it. Well?
I saw him yesterday, I'm seeing him tonight.
It's all so fast.
Apparently, he's getting over an affair that was...
well, fairly painful.
When we met, he was in such a state...
It's silly but it touched me...
seeing him with his guard down like that.
He didn't try to hide it...
It's thanks to me...
I'm so happy.
Marc's so sweet...
But you...
You're not forgetting your work, I hope.
I don't give a damn
About what happens to me I don't give a damn
I've got a man you see Perhaps it's all flimflam
People can stand and stare It's all one to me, I don't care
He's got strong arms to hold me
His body's soft and warm
His lips carry
kisses for me
Oh, his passion's like a storm
And when we dance
In his arms, I feel...
I don't know...
Have we thought it over? Aren't we rushing it?
Do we need the burden of such a big loan? I don't know.
There's the view... The area's smarter...
I want a bigger, nicer place in a smarter area!
What's so...
Maybe we can think it over a little longer.
If we keep saying that, we'll never move.
It's a lovely flat,
the view's exceptional...
I like it. Don't you?
Of course...
But we could wait a while...
It will slip through our fingers if we do!
What can I say then?
Let's go for it. Yes, all right. In any case...
"In any case" what? I asked your opinion!
I gave you my opinion.
We'll do what you want. What more can I say?
No, don't say "what you want" all the time.
You won't make me happy by saying that!
You don't want my opinion. You just want me to agree.
I'm doing the best I can!
It's true...
It is a nice flat... A very nice flat.
I sent flowers and chocolates to the maternity ward.
To the maternity ward?
When I took the old man there, I noted the girl's name.
I thought I'd send something... So I sent flowers and chocolates.
Yes, that's kind...
- Stop it, will you? - What?
Is that irony?
Of course not! No, it's kind...
It won't make up for...
But it's a kind gesture...
I'll send him a cheque.
That's ridiculous...
Just a little cheque as compensation.
If it makes you happy...
How's Nicolas's brother doing?
He's hopeless.
It's about the cheque...
- What cheque? - That you sent my wife.
Your wife?
Karine Rigotti.
She isn't your wife!
She is. We're not married but we live together.
Oh, my God!
Lots of people aren't married and...
Yes, of course...
Well now...
We were embarrassed,
we thought: "What do we do, do we go and see her?"
We didn't know.
My grandfather tells everyone how kind you were.
"What a woman," he keeps saying.
Then the flowers and chocolates...
We wanted to write but we didn't have your address.
And then the cheque, well...
I'm very pleased, I won't deny that...
But it's money.
Can we really accept?
I would think: "Who is this maniac?" too.
We didn't think that.
We just wondered why you were being so kind.
I know, we don't know each other, it's ridiculous!
I won't explain why.
Your grandfather's sweet...
He had a fall...
No, it's complicated...
Look, the damage has been done now.
All right...
keep the cheque, forget everything and I won't bother you again.
True, you can see the Sacré-Coeur...
It's dangerous but you can see it.
Besides, an occasional quick glance will do.
What are those? Cockles
or clams?
I rather like it actually.
I know her.
You know Camille?
I know her sister, in fact. Odile Lalande.
She's the one who told me to call your boss.
You know Camille...
You didn't hear, her sister...
Told you to call. I heard.
Is she a friend of yours?
We've met a couple of times.
- Let's call her... - No, don't!
All right...
I want to ask you a favour. It's a bit absurd but...
when I met her I told her I write radio plays.
Right, that is absurd.
I do write radio plays.
But I didn't say I worked in real estate.
I had no reason to tell her.
If she'd asked me what I did, I'd have told her.
There's no shame in it...
No, I just haven't had the chance yet.
In the meantime, please don't tell her. I'll do it.
All right... But right now...
Sorry, but it's all very complicated.
You've just missed your chance.
You could say hello, normally, and then...
I don't want to tell her now. Some other day!
It's no good now, I don't have time.
I don't want to, see?
I think I understand now.
What about her? How does she feel?
Does she share...
No, she's just met someone...
I was on the phone
with this streaming cold, see...
I finished my call, I can't remember who it was...
The Italian woman we nearly sold to.
That dump near St Lazare?
That's it!
So, I hang up and wipe my eyes, I blow my nose...
I mean, I had a cold.
Camille, who was waiting just next to me,
got it into her head that I was crying,
that a woman had just dumped me, that I was upset and all.
That's how she fell for me, with "my guard down".
Funny, isn't it?
It is... but how did she react when she found out?
I haven't told her.
This is my wife's parents' place... their country house.
In Kent.
Happy little family...
What does this remind me of? It reminds me of something...
An ad for breakfast cereal?
Yes, maybe...
There you go, it's nothing much, it was just to...
She gets on my nerves.
- Who does? - Camille.
- Why? - No reason, I find her...
I don't know... arrogant.
You don't know her!
The bit I know gets on my nerves!
It was the same years ago.
Very sure of herself, always successful...
And dry with it... Don't you find her dry?
Yes, she can be a little dry but...
I've twisted my neck with the Sacré-Coeur.
I bet I've sprained something.
Have you seen her bloke?
I don't particularly want to.
I know he always buys her flowers. She loves that.
Love's blooming, I stand no chance.
It's my fault, I went about it all wrong.
I got into a rut with her. It's too hard to explain.
But now, unfortunately, I have to play the bosom friend.
No sex but a lot of listening...
An older brother or a father... which is even worse.
Well then?
What do you think of the flat?
It's a bit gloomy...
My wife may find it gloomy.
She'll have to see it.
She'll have to see it.
Will she be here soon?
In a week or so, she'll pop over for the day.
Anyway, of the last ten we've seen, this is the best, right?
They always impress me. Aren't they handsome?
My fuses have blown
The power's gone out
I can't find the phone
I mean, what's this about?
It makes me wanna shout
Oh, oh, love's sent me crazy
You've got the fever in Saigon
I send myself cards from Canton
Any more and I'll flip my lid
And they'll say he did what he did
Love's sent me crazy
Must be hard to wear.
No, it makes them look good.
Maybe I should dress as a guard next time.
I can't quite picture it.
Neither can I.
I'll give you a few minutes
to ponder upon Victor Noir's strange fate.
What was I saying?
Yes, it's near Grenoble...
It's a small lake, called Paladru Lake.
Amazingly, the site is untouched.
It's like a snapshot of life in the Middle Ages.
I heard your play yesterday.
Did you like it?
I do a tour to Madame Brinvilliers's house.
I know, I took that tour.
That's where I first saw you.
I don't agree.
You show Madame Brinvilliers
as a monster. I don't agree with that.
She poisoned her whole family...
Obviously, I'm not denying that.
She was raped at the age of seven and both her brothers had her...
She was raped at seven? Both her brothers had her?
It changes the whole deal.
But I tell people that on the tour...
My mind must have been elsewhere.
Let's go!
I'm disappointed, I expected better.
It's better than nothing.
True, it's better than nothing.
The other bakery is cheaper and better.
I'm working like crazy...
Yes, it's the big day soon. When is it exactly?
Friday at three. In three days time.
You're not too anxious?
I feel unbelievably relaxed.
It's my sister who's all worked up.
And my father's making a six-hour train journey
to hear a thesis on yeomen in the year 1000 at Paladru Lake.
He'll nod off after five minutes.
Everyone else probably will too.
Friday at three, I'll think of you.
You can come, if you're interested.
I don't want to be in the way.
On the contrary, please come...
Will... your friend be there?
Yes, of course.
Yes, of course...
Anyway, I'll come... Really, yes... I'm interested.
What planet are you living on?
You drag the customer across Paris,
then realize you forgot the keys! What goes on in your mind?
It's just absentmindedness...
And what are all these endless lunch-breaks?
I repeat, you have one hour for lunch.
One hour isn't 90 or 105 minutes, it's 60 minutes!
I don't know what you do,
whether you write your radio poems or just eat slowly,
I couldn't care less.
But I want you back on time.
My father gave you a free rein but it's different now.
True, it is different.
A boss and his employee don't have to be
the best of pals.
Just do your job.
Sorry to interrupt but the customer's waiting...
Go on then...
By the way, replace me on Friday afternoon.
"Why?" Because I'm busy!
Not for the hell of it...
It's very big. 11,500?
I was about to tell you. It's a fixed rent.
Oh, right...
In 1939, it belonged to Mr Zambo.
Did he like Mrs Zambo's place?
I'll call you back. If I miss the end, it'll look bad.
We can't have that.
I'll call you back.
...the basis of the upheaval of the year 1000.
Thank you, Miss Lipmann, remarkable. We'll let you know.
It went well, didn't it?
I don't know how these things usually go
but did you hear
all those compliments they made?
That little fellow: "A considerable mass of work..."
"Exceptional" and all that.
How did you feel about it?
You really impressed me, you know.
Such determination and self-assurance...
You astounded me, all right.
Well done, my dear.
Wait for the results...
Let me have a go too, dad.
It's nerves...
I was so tense, I think
I was more scared than you.
What a relief!
Give me your hand and take mine
The bell has rung without a doubt
The street is ours, oh so fine
Yes, yes, school is out
I could have killed one! The fool was reading.
You were talking and he just sat there reading!
Did you see him?
It was scandalous.
Well done.
He shouldn't have a say. He didn't even listen.
You ought to file a complaint right now.
- What is it? - Exhaustion?
I don't feel well.
She's just tired...
She wouldn't eat.
That's why I offered her this banana earlier!
Be a good girl, eat this.
Your blood sugar's down, it's normal!
She should have eaten pasta last night.
That's what athletes do.
Don't you want to eat?
Have a little bit more.
Could someone call a doctor?
My hips do the dips
My belly has turned to jelly
My chest is not at its best
My back has gone all slack
My sternum is all bunkum
My navel is all a-wobble
What about magnesium?
You can try it. I'll prescribe you some.
There again, magnesium settles or it doesn't.
We don't know much about it.
Two tests a few days apart can give totally different results.
What do you expect me to tell you?
What about my low blood pressure?
True, it is a bit low
but it could rise again in the next ten minutes.
Basically, I came too soon. In an hour, I'd be healthy.
I'll give you some vitamins.
Yes, a bit of magnesium too...
It won't do any harm.
Have you been vaccinated for hepatitis B?
Ah. Tiredness and all that...
We'll do a test just to check.
Hepatitis B... Hepatitis B is terrible!
It's all or nothing. You might simply have jaundice
or go the whole hog... Cirrhosis, cancer and the works.
Hepatitis B is a lottery.
I'm ill
Totally ill
Like when mother went out at night
And left me alone with my plight
How's life in general? Everything okay, no worries?
Perfect... life in general...
If you remember, last time I saw you
you gave me Stimusil for two or three weeks.
It did me a lot of good.
Did that work?
I'll give you some.
Careful with Glytanose. There can be side-effects.
Not always but...
It happens.
If so, stop it right away.
What kind of side-effects?
Rashes, hot flushes, itching.
I always have hot flushes, rashes and itching.
No Glytanose then.
It's happening again.
My chest hurts, I can't breathe...
How about tuberculosis? Is that ridiculous?
No regrets.
Yes, I have no regrets.
We had to part, so we parted but...
you end up on your own.
You're there, shut up alone in your flat...
Sometimes, you feel okay for a while...
But then...
it takes the slightest thing...
When I see that couple over there, say, it hurts...
I see people in love, sharing things...
Has it gone?
No! Is it biro or what?
I don't know.
She had a full check-up, there's nothing wrong.
It's just exhaustion, the repercussions...
She'll get over it.
The doctor told her she has panic disorder.
It's just nerves, nothing serious...
Cheese or dessert?
Just think, a unanimous commendation...
I knew it.
That's not what I'm saying! Unanimous!
Yes, right...
Marc was there with his flowers... He's so sweet.
We sign for the apartment on Tuesday. It's final now.
I bet you'd forgotten.
You're reluctant.
I'll have cheese to finish the wine. Want some?
Not a whole helping. Get a bit of goat's cheese for me.
Goat's cheese...
Excuse me...
The cheese-board, please.
One cheese-board...
- Madame? - Nothing, thank you.
A bit of camembert...
A bit of...
And some goat's cheese.
There's no goat's cheese, sir, I'm sorry.
What do you want?
What do I want?
- There's no goat's cheese. - I'm not having cheese.
Nothing then... No need... Just the bill.
That's all.
- I don't understand. - No, you don't.
I don't have a girlfriend
I can talk to...
Until the time when the monarchy became sedentary,
under Louis XIV,
tables, chairs, beds...
were all carried from place to place,
mobile furnishings...
On this very bed,
where the regent entertained half the ladies in the court,
his wife...
had her final...
fatal illness...
We'll stop now. Sorry, I don't feel well...
We'll stop. It's over.
What's wrong?
She's ill. Can't you see?
Tell them the tour's over.
The tour's over now, thank you very much!
Are you all right?
I'm going to throw up.
I shouldn't have, sorry...
I don't know why I...
I'm sick of it. It keeps happening. I'm so scared...
I can't go on...
What are you talking about?
Bravo for your thesis...
I don't give a damn about that.
I can't work or go out... I'm scared to go shopping.
I can't take any more.
Shouldn't you go home and rest?
No, I'm meeting someone at the museum café.
I'll come with you, okay?
Apparently, panic disorder is fairly common.
It happened the day of your viva. That's odd...
I'm no doctor but you might be a bit depressed, say.
Not at all! Depressed?
Quite the opposite, I've never been happier!
I have everything I want.
I have no problems...
What a funny idea! Depressed...
Why do you say that?
It's not an insult...
Of course not but it's so...
What does your friend think?
He says it's nothing.
He stays calm. He's kind.
I'd better get to work. My boss is anything but kind.
What are you doing here?
I'm with a friend... What do you mean?
You know Simon?
Yes, he works for me at the agency.
That's why I'm surprised.
He works for you?
You don't write radio plays?
Is he your...
You don't write radio plays?
And I also work for your...
I'll be going now.
The plays don't pay well, so I have to...
I never told you because I never had the chance.
Do you know him well?
So, so...
He's quite a character.
What's wrong? You're pale.
One of those turns?
Want a sugar-lump?
So, my employee arrives half an hour late
every other afternoon because he's "chatting" with you...
You're corrupting my staff.
Do you have that much to talk about?
I don't know...
We like talking together.
About history, I suppose.
One day, I told him:
"You know, Simon, not only do you write plays...
"you play at selling real estate too! "
She isn't dead set against estate agents...
It was like a nightmare. Everything was so...
absurd, incoherent... cold!
Yes, I was cold.
If people had pointed and laughed, I wouldn't have been surprised.
I can imagine.
I left the café in a daze.
Camille with Marc Duveyrier, it's ridiculous...
They have nothing in common.
He has cretinous interests, he's dishonest...
But I can't tell her that. I'd look ridiculous.
It would look like bitterness or spite...
Still, there are worse things...
war, famine, unemployment...
Yes, of course...
Think of something else.
With time
With time, everything fades
You forget the face You forget the voice
The heart that no longer beats
There's no need to keep looking
Let it fade, that's the right thing
A good friend
There's nothing better around
Yes, a good friend
Is more loyal than a pretty blonde
You spend, you lend, you mend
Living every second
Troubles soon end
When you have a good friend
This one's nice, isn't it?
It's quiet...
It's bright...
The price is reasonable...
So, we could say...
Yes, it's nice, I can't deny that...
It's nice, very nice.
But, but...
It's too big.
There, it's too big.
Maybe it's the state I'm in but... to be honest...
I'm a bit disheartened. You understand?
My wife and children might not be coming.
- Really? - No, I'm not sure.
Sorry, that's none of my business...
No, no, it's all right.
There isn't a problem, everything's fine...
It's just... I spoke to my wife on the phone
two days ago
and she told me, quite reasonably, that until I get things sorted out...
There's a lot to set up,
it takes time, I can hardly manage...
And so...
until that's done, it's a bit stupid
for her to come over with the children and all...
See? It's a bit stupid.
How about studio flats?
Do you rent those?
Studio flats?
Will our love become a diamond in the rust?
I want
The world to stop, I know it must
Would rather die than turn to dust
Whatever happened to our trust?
I'm seeing my doctor in...
three minutes, I'm late.
Are you ill?
No, everything's fine, that's not the problem.
Lord, what a bother Always feeling peaky
I'm not well.
What should I do?
For now, nothing.
First, no more Néparil, that's my advice.
It's crazy to prescribe it.
I don't know how anyone can...
Perhaps he's a good doctor but...
He advised me to...
When you stop the treatment...
Let me explain, it's simple.
When you stop,
your immune system weakens
and so obviously the first bug around...
is for you.
How can I tell who...
If you want a friendly word of advice,
take your box of Néparil
and throw it in the bin.
You're not happy? They're publishing it.
No one cares about yeomen.
As for Paladru Lake, forget it!
Seven years on something of interest to fifteen people!
You disappoint me. Sorry, but you disappoint me.
I'd be very upset if you gave up.
And father too!
I'm sorry...
I'll be frank, you're too self-pitying...
Don't let yourself go.
It depends on you! You have to react and tell yourself:
"I'm fine now,
"perfectly healthy, I'm happy, I'll think positive! "
Convince yourself of that, things will soon get better!
Don't get down like this.
I'm surprised.
Usually you're so active and determined!
Other people have a thousand reasons to be unhappy.
Oh, great!
They're strong and brave and I'm not!
I'm unhappy for no reason and that makes me even unhappier!
Show the world you exist!
Look for joy everywhere
Yes, spurn every egoist
She's in such a state...
She has to pull herself together.
Don't you agree?
She needs rest, she's already a little better.
Excuse me...
I hate seeing her like that.
All those pills she takes for one thing or another.
I never take medication.
Me too, just an aspirin occasionally.
I've had maybe one aspirin in the last ten years.
What about headaches?
I never have headaches! I don't know what a headache is.
I'm against tablets.
You've made a good deal.
- I'm pleased. - You should be.
I can't wait to move in.
I'll throw a party...
You must have a house-warming party.
Have some fun
Go on the run
Life can be so short
Have some fun Don't be outdone
Life is so short after all
I feel a bit nauseous.
Want a sugar-lump?
Another sugar lump? Why? It's not hypoglycaemia!
Forget the sugar!
You sit and wonder how to react
To make the least impact
Whatever you do, it's always wrong
You never react as you should
Look, Camille!
My God... That's not his wife!
Do you realize?
I'm not surprised.
Neither am I but even so!
He had the nerve to say that he's never unfaithful now!
Eyes all ablaze
Boys have just one craze
For a losing game Looking under
They spend all their time
From their youth to their prime
On a losing game
Looking under girls'skirts
I saw you with a woman in a car.
Of course not, your spitting image. I said to myself:
"He looks just like Claude! "
That's funny.
I'd just seen Nicolas with his mistress...
I was still in shock.
I saw lovers and mistresses everywhere after that.
How many doubles do we have? Seven?
Seven? I don't know...
Filthy weather...
I like it. The wind, the cold, you know that.
You didn't answer, Nicolas...
I didn't answer what?
You haven't got anywhere.
I've told you, we're not going over it again!
You've told me nothing, it keeps changing!
Here we go...
Let's talk it over calmly.
Have you heard about the job?
Have you found a flat?
Think I want to reply
when you talk to me like I'm a schoolkid?
You make me.
If you're here to tell me I don't do things right,
it wasn't worth coming!
If you're here to tell me what you hate about me,
I already know!
I don't hate anything about you...
I'm doing what I can on my own.
It takes time, you know.
I know that, I'm not stupid!
But please stop lying to me.
You keep telling me it's sorted out,
that things are almost ready...
Just stop lying to me.
I don't hate you, Nicolas.
Listen to me...
Why do you need to convince people
that you're in control, that everything's fine?
Why don't you say:
"I'm not up to it.
"It's not working out."
Tell me.
I prefer to hear the truth.
Stop it. I'd tell you if it wasn't okay.
If I believed you
when you say it's all arranged,
I'd turn up here in Paris, with the kids and bags.
And then what?
How can I count on you?
Sure, don't count on me! I'm not the reliable type.
Stop it, Nicolas.
Know what the trouble is?
You'd like me to be different... Someone else...
That's the problem.
Well, too bad! I am who I am and that's it.
If you can't take that...
Is that it?
Yes, that's all. The wrong attitude again?
Will our love become a diamond in the rust?
I want
The world to stop, I know it must
Would rather die than turn to dust
Whatever happened
to our trust?
I'm going back.
I'll get the next train.
I can't stay here.
Thank Odile for the invitation but I don't want to go.
You tell her... whatever you like.
I can count on you for that.
That was the final shot, you know
In the last picture show
And the curtain falls over the screen
I'd have loved to come.
I don't want to.
You don't know?
I'd feel uncomfortable.
Pity, I'd have liked that.
Liked what?
Seeing you there.
Seeing you there!
But why?
I don't know... because we're friends.
I don't want us to be friends.
That's stupid, that's not what I meant exactly.
But there you are...
I won't be coming.
I'm going to be the prettiest At the dance tonight
Just to show
that I'm the best And perhaps I might
I might
Tonight, I'll be the sweetest When you come to me
To me
And say the words I request
Those words of love, you see
You see
What's that all the way...
over there?
I was wondering myself...
Is it the Panthéon?
Good Lord, no! The Panthéon!
It's the trade union centre...
I like the girls you see in Elle
I like the girls in magazines
The amazing thing about them
is their serenity and independence.
We can learn from them.
They'd teach us a thing or two, if only we listened.
And they're so intelligent! Right, Camille?
How does she do it?
It must have cost her a fortune.
I don't think so... I don't know.
Are you a friend of Odile's?
No. Of Camille's. Her sister.
So you're the estate agent!
No, that's him, there.
Oh, I see...
So you're a friend of...
I'm one of her colleagues from work.
Just a notch above her but well...
that doesn't matter, we get on well.
A notch above, though...
What do you do?
I write plays for the radio.
There's no such thing now! I mean,
I thought they stopped years ago. Do people still do radio plays?
No, no, I was just joking.
I'm an estate agent, in fact.
You're stringing me along.
That's a big part of an estate agent's work.
I've come to tell you I'm going away
Your tears won't put it off another day
Do you like raisins in taboulé?
Oh God...
They make it heavy, I find.
What am I doing here?
If I leave now, I'll look like...
You don't know anyone...
No, I feel really uncomfortable.
- Why did you come? - I didn't want to.
But I came.
Oh, right...
It's not simple, is it?
Anything but.
Eat something, like me.
It keeps you busy,
it makes you look unconcerned.
I eat all the time at parties.
I'll eat then.
This flat is gigantic.
How come it was so cheap?
I'm telling you, it was a real bargain.
We had to decide fast.
Claude didn't understand.
Where is he?
What's he doing?
Is he at work?
I suppose so.
I've come to tell you I'm going away.
All your sobbing won't make me stay.
I'm on the horns of a dilemma.
This flat here...
I know it.
Really? Fine...
What's the dilemma?
Bloody dolphins... What are you talking about?
Apartments and...
Have you found a place?
No, but we haven't seen many yet.
Thirty or so...
At least.
We've seen quite a few then...
A good friend
There's nothing better around
I'd love to congratulate you but I'm scared you might yell at me.
He takes endless lunch-breaks,
he's forgotten keys for a couple of visits,
so one day I blew up and told him:
"Simon, not only do you write plays,
"you play at selling real estate too! "
Excuse me... Sorry I'm late.
Work's so hectic...
Feeling better? You look good...
I'm okay...
What's wrong, Camille? What is it?
It'll soon pass.
Oh no, Camille, not again! What's wrong?
Why do you keep crying like this?
Is there something I don't know?
What is it then?
We shouldn't crowd around her.
She needs air.
It'll soon pass.
Yes, don't bother about me.
We have to, you're crying in front of everyone.
That's depression...
The doctor said that's what it was.
Has she eaten?
Why should she be depressed?
Leave her alone and it'll pass.
Do you want to be alone a bit?
I'm sorry...
Don't be silly...
It's starting again.
I can't breathe...
Could we have a window open?
There's a weight... ten tons... on my chest...
You're all tensed up.
Wonderful... I'm sure she'll relax now.
I don't know what to do.
You'll be all right...
I'm sorry...
but I'd like a word.
Can I ask you something?
That's my phone number...
I bet you're glad you sold this one.
It wasn't easy.
- Nothing unusual. - Still, it was hard.
What's wrong? Are you trying to say something?
What wasn't easy? Say it clearly.
I am being clear. We both know what's wrong.
Go on then!
The view...
What about it?
That lovely view...
All right, the view... What about it?
That she's so fond of...
Are you doing it on purpose?
I can't press you on every three words, try a sentence!
You know about the building project opposite.
You didn't tell her. That was a full sentence.
It's a project! It's nothing definite...
So please mind your own business.
I heard otherwise.
Your insinuations and moralizing are getting on my nerves!
I don't want to talk to you.
I'm in your way But you provoked me
I'm in your way But I didn't come after you, see
I'm in your way I'll hassle you for free
I'm in your way But don't blame me
One day, at the bus-stop,
it came on like a dizzy spell.
All my strength's gone.
I feel as if I'm going to fall down and die on the spot.
I'm exactly the same!
Does your heart beat fast and loud?
Oh good Lord! All the time!
And the contrary,
when your heart just stops...
Do you get that too?
It could happen now.
As soon as I hear about an illness, I catch it.
Yes, so do I.
I don't.
I do, right away!
This is unbelievable!
What you've described is exactly what I feel.
I've seen a ton of doctors, I didn't understand.
I was worried sick.
What a relief. I don't know if it's depression,
anxiety or panic disorder but I'm relieved.
Come and talk in the lounge.
I always act as if I'm in control...
Why do you need to convince people that you're in control?
No chance of that now.
Do you know what I think?
I prefer you like this.
It's really you.
is really you
You can tell
is really you
you can tell
you can tell
you can tell it's you
You can tell
You can tell it's you
You and only you
You and nothing but you
You and nothing but you
Only you
Want some?
No, I don't drink, you know.
Just a drop...
I don't like it.
I've had a drop of champagne. Any more and I can't control myself,
and I hate that.
When you lose control Even for a moment
You not only lose control, You also lose
What you imagine and then
Hundreds of things you lose for good
Beware, girl, and don't forget
When you lose your head You lose the rest
I have to tell you this...
It's about your brother. I'll be frank.
He slows the company down.
His personality is very...
I know, I know...
I can't say I'm surprised.
He's totally unreliable.
I feel better.
Shall we go?
An early night would help...
I'm not tired...
Well, you felt odd...
Are you depressed too?
I hope so.
I was worried it was cancer or something...
Pity your wife isn't here...
What's the problem?
It's silly, a tooth she didn't get seen to.
So obviously,
her cheek's all swollen, she could barely talk...
No, that's rubbish.
We argued. She went back.
Because of...
Because of me.
She found out?
I don't know...
The other woman...
Not at all...
Cut it out, I saw you.
You did? Where?
Wednesday, with a blonde...
A blonde?
She's a client...
A client?
From the Ritz...
She's all right, that one... She's no trouble.
Why do you do all that?
It's my job.
I'm a chauffeur.
Well, when they need me...
But your business?
- That is my business. - My God!
It's not that bad.
No, I mean, it's terrible...
Show the world you exist!
Can I use the phone?
A hideous pile of dirty plates...
What a terrible idea.
You said you liked it.
I did?
That first time. I remember.
Not at all...
Don't you want the raisins?
I hate raisins.
They're full of energy.
They'd do you good... Like all dried fruit.
I can't get used to it.
Why is that cretin here?
What cretin?
I put up with him all week, now I find him here.
It's not a very nice surprise.
That cretin happens to be a friend of mine.
Invite whom you like.
You said it.
What's up?
Don't you like my mug?
Is something wrong?
Can't you stand it?
The phone's not hooked up. What do I do?
Where's Odile?
Have you got your...
Thanks, very kind of you.
Of course you can invite whom you want.
I've come to tell you I'm going away
You remember the good days and you cry
You sob, you sigh but I cannot lie
The time's come to say
I'm sorry
to tell you I'm going away
I need to live another way
I've come to tell you I'm going away
Is that good?
Lemon tart, not bad.
May I?
I tried to call my wife.
The line's busy.
I was wrong about Camille. She's all right.
She's in such a bad way...
Anyway, what's your dilemma?
I know this flat and so I should because...
My God!
My God! I can't believe it.
Just opposite!
I'm sorry but I felt I had to tell you.
Maybe it's not too late, you have to find out.
- I came to tell you... - I've done something silly...
You have?
I'll go now.
The view's going to be blocked off.
Buildings everywhere, an enormous one just opposite...
There, just opposite.
That bastard never mentioned it!
Who? Marc Duveyrier?
- He knew? - It's my fault.
I rushed into this. I'm such a fool.
I never asked the planning office. I'm a fool.
You're not...
You weren't to know.
You trusted him. No one can tell how honest people are.
Come on, don't cry like that...
You're always kind to me.
I do realize, you know.
I couldn't live without you, you know.
You know that?
No, I didn't know.
You had something to tell me?
I came to tell you...
Don't worry, sweetheart That's life, don't cry
Forget the swine who did this
Don't worry, sweetheart That's life, don't cry
Please, sweetheart, Don't cry
Believe it or not, I can't find the bathroom.
I'll keep on looking.
Mr Duveyrier!
I have a question for you.
A question, yes...
Have you told us everything?
Yes, of course.
You left nothing out?
A building project, say...
There's no basis to it, they're just rumours...
Such projects are ten a penny in Paris!
I can't be held responsible for possible future projects.
You should have told us!
Told you what?
Where the hell are his flowers?
Take your flowers, you hypocrite! You swindler!
He beguiled me with flowers!
Show the world you exist!
Sorry to disturb you...
Can you call abroad with this? I can't get through to England...
Excuse me...
I wanted...
to do you justice, in a way.
you said I might be depressed...
I made fun of you, remember?
I remember very well.
Well, you were right.
What do I do now?
Is that Odile?
Sorry, my foot!
I bet you're pleased with yourself.
You dragged up this nonsense. You've pulled it off!
Full marks!
What's wrong?
Ask him, he's your friend.
He'll explain.
I'm leaving. I've been thrown out.
Are you coming?
No, I'm not going to leave my sister.
You want to stay?
Nobody loves me I've got no one to love
People only see What I want them to see
Do they try to find out Where I get my joy?
And why unhappy doubt Lingers in this boy?
Something's wrong, I know.
Let's talk without shouting.
Something turned out wrong And fell apart.
Who can say when.
I can't even make tea, What will I do now?
True it's pathetic but
I don't want you to go.
Because I waited years for you.
I looked for you everywhere
Drinking from the rivers of life To see the depths
and lift the stones
Cutting down trees to see so far
From New York to Versailles
I don't want you to go
Poor Odile... Her lovely view...
And her Marc who seemed so sweet.
"Her" Marc?
Thank you for coming...
I struggled to stay away but then...
I'm glad.
How long does depression last?
I don't know... Mine has lasted four years.
Yes. Four years now.
Four years!
But there are good days.
That's a relief...
When you're happy, say,
it's better than before.
It's nothing, you know.
Time passes, it's nothing.
You know
They sail off like ships Then suddenly
come back again
With each ship that sails away And returns
A thousand little boats On your journey
Sink and that's only right
It comes and goes
Why, no one knows
You sing it and you dance it You recall it and remember it
Like a popular song
Love's like a song that lingers
As it slips through your fingers
You sing it and you dance it You recall it and remember it
Like a popular song
I haven't drunk a drop
The films, they never stop
Where the hero always wins And bloodshed never begins
The white boy blues
That reminds me of something.
Does anyone know that song?
English subtitles: Lan Burley
Processed by C.M.C. - Paris
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