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Subtitles for Once A Thief 1990.

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Once A Thief 1990

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[INFORMATION] [AUTHOR] [SOURCE] [PRG] [FILEPATH] [DELAY] [CD TRACK] [COMMENT] [END INFORMATION] [SUBTITLE] [COLF]&HFFFFFF,[STYLE]no,[SIZE]18,[FONT]Arial 00:01:06.29,00:01:08.89 This way please,[br]we'll go to the next room. 00:01:09.03,00:01:13.63 There was a painting by Trouillebeut[br]called "Harem's Servant" 00:01:13.80,00:01:15.79 It was stolen a few weeks ago. 00:01:15.94,00:01:18.73 That's why our director is so upset. 00:01:18.87,00:01:22.17 He is waiting here everyday. 00:01:22.34,00:01:25.24 Hoping there will be miracle. 00:01:25.45,00:01:27.44 The painting will re-appear. 00:01:27.61,00:01:29.91 Please follow me to another room. 00:01:31.18,00:01:33.78 Do you like this painting? 00:01:48.14,00:01:49.53 No, thanks! 00:01:55.38,00:01:56.57 Good. 00:03:00.97,00:03:02.57 Miss, are you alright? 00:03:02.71,00:03:04.51 Does it hurt? Please sit down. 00:03:06.78,00:03:09.37 No Miss, you can't sit on this box. 00:03:09.58,00:03:11.57 There's a very valuable[br]painting inside. 00:03:11.79,00:03:12.98 MonaLisa? 00:03:13.15,00:03:16.35 No, it's not,[br]it's a Modigliani portrait. 00:03:20.06,00:03:23.05 Please sit elsewhere,[br]or I'll get into trouble. 00:03:23.26,00:03:28.36 Miss here, your shoe is fixed. 00:03:28.50,00:03:32.70 There's a very valuable painting. 00:03:32.77,00:03:33.67 Miss please, I'm serious. 00:03:33.81,00:03:34.71 Thanks! 00:03:45.89,00:03:46.98 Bye. 00:03:53.59,00:03:55.58 GiGi. Good morning.[br]Thanks! 00:03:57.80,00:04:02.29 Today's perfume is fantastic! 00:04:02.94,00:04:04.43 I almost used the whole bottle. 00:04:04.67,00:04:08.87 I'll buy you another at Lafayette! 00:04:09.38,00:04:10.67 Give me a dimsum first. 00:04:11.88,00:04:14.68 Hurry up, time is running out.[br]What's the hurry? 00:04:14.85,00:04:16.25 Don't interrupt me. 00:04:16.45,00:04:19.04 I'm in no hurry, it's not dark yet. 00:04:24.52,00:04:25.72 GiGi! 00:04:25.89,00:04:27.29 You're just a loafer. 00:04:27.46,00:04:29.55 France is the best place for you.[br]Yeah! 00:04:29.76,00:04:30.86 Especially French women. 00:04:30.93,00:04:33.83 Yeah! Yeah! 00:04:40.04,00:04:41.44 Do you know what that is? 00:04:41.61,00:04:44.30 Of course! It's naughty Dame! 00:04:44.44,00:04:45.54 Of course not! It's Notre-Dame. 00:04:46.05,00:04:47.84 I really want to get married there. 00:04:49.02,00:04:52.51 With those little boys[br]and girls along the aisle. 00:04:53.65,00:04:57.56 Throwing morning glories.[br]Morning glories? 00:05:13.27,00:05:15.26 Close the door, let's go. 00:05:36.66,00:05:38.46 Do you know me?[br]No. 00:05:38.67,00:05:39.65 No. 00:05:44.70,00:05:50.61 My name is James, thanks. 00:05:51.98,00:05:56.18 I'm a notorious thief,[br]read tomorrow papers. 00:06:52.87,00:06:54.77 Look at that car! 00:06:59.85,00:07:01.34 Hey! Did you see[br]what they're doing there? 00:07:01.51,00:07:03.31 Youngsters these days[br]do anything they want. 00:07:56.54,00:08:00.73 Step on the gas, get closer,[br]take it. 00:08:01.11,00:08:03.60 Hey, be a pal and help me out?[br]Remember, the perfume! 00:08:03.81,00:08:05.30 Don't forget to drive in low gear[br]when you collect me. 00:08:05.58,00:08:06.77 Don't forget.[br]Sure... 00:08:21.76,00:08:22.66 Go away. 00:08:54.69,00:08:58.49 I don't smell a thing, how come? 00:09:13.75,00:09:15.34 Jeez, the perfume stinks. 00:09:18.15,00:09:20.95 More than a horse's shit![br]Oh, the perfume must be expired. 00:11:46.10,00:11:49.00 Hey, what's going on up there? 00:12:05.52,00:12:09.01 Hey, Joe is coming. 00:12:10.12,00:12:11.32 Let's go get him, come on. 00:12:12.06,00:12:15.55 Hey, over here, hurry.[br]Hey, over here. 00:12:18.30,00:12:22.60 Slow down. 00:12:23.47,00:12:24.16 Almost there. 00:12:24.27,00:12:25.76 Low gear, stupid broad. 00:12:26.94,00:12:28.93 Do you get him?[br]I got him, I got him. 00:12:29.21,00:12:30.30 Slow down, slow down. 00:12:31.08,00:12:35.57 Well?[br]Hey, stop, stop the car. 00:12:37.72,00:12:41.41 You goddamn stupid broad. 00:12:44.36,00:12:47.05 Joe, you alright, are you hurt?[br]painful? 00:12:47.66,00:12:48.85 Yeah, does it hurt? 00:12:49.00,00:12:50.49 Alright enough.[br]Well? 00:12:50.76,00:12:53.86 How many times did I tell?[br]Don'tjust drive in low gear. 00:12:54.10,00:12:55.80 Sometimes use the first gear,[br]sometimes the second. 00:12:55.84,00:12:58.43 You never do what I tell you! 00:12:58.54,00:13:00.53 You're a brainless bimbo. 00:13:00.64,00:13:03.84 I never know how you want it.[br]I want it off. 00:13:04.18,00:13:05.67 Where are you going?[br]Water the plant. 00:13:10.42,00:13:14.61 Pardon, excuse me please. 00:13:14.95,00:13:17.65 Hey, you said never start the car[br]in which gear? 00:13:18.02,00:13:21.43 Drive! Well drive! 00:13:23.90,00:13:25.30 Bye-bye. 00:13:25.50,00:13:27.59 You two will regret this. 00:13:27.87,00:13:34.17 Go on, leave,[br]I hope you get what you desire. 00:13:40.41,00:13:41.81 Mr. Chu,[br]do you know 00:13:42.01,00:13:44.51 some of our famous paintings[br]have been stolen lately, 00:13:45.15,00:13:47.75 we of course welcome those[br]who come all over the world 00:13:47.85,00:13:49.45 to appreciate our art, 00:13:49.59,00:13:51.68 butjust hope[br]they don't take them away from us. 00:13:51.79,00:13:52.88 We've done some investigations, 00:13:53.06,00:13:54.46 and we suspect that[br]the thieves are Chinese, 00:13:54.66,00:13:57.25 from an underground[br]painting collector. 00:14:03.70,00:14:09.40 You three remember, I raised you. 00:14:10.24,00:14:13.14 I fed you, clothed you.[br]Now you got to listen to me. 00:14:14.11,00:14:16.01 From now on. 00:14:17.78,00:14:20.08 I'll teach you how to make a living. 00:14:23.86,00:14:27.26 Joe, I'll teach you to be[br]sharp of eye and quick of hand. 00:14:27.53,00:14:29.52 I'm now in a bus, come here. 00:14:33.10,00:14:35.00 What's the matter? You crazy? 00:14:36.17,00:14:38.26 Nothing, the bus is moving. 00:14:40.37,00:14:41.77 Go over there. 00:14:55.76,00:14:57.05 Goddamn it! 00:14:57.22,00:14:59.32 You'll never learn,[br]you doesn't worth anything. 00:14:59.99,00:15:03.59 You're crying all the time.[br]Brings me bad luck. 00:15:03.96,00:15:06.26 No food for you. 00:15:17.61,00:15:18.91 Cherie, let's eat. 00:15:19.41,00:15:21.31 I stained my pants because ofyou. 00:15:22.42,00:15:24.51 I stole food for you.[br]Eat. 00:15:25.85,00:15:27.55 Go on, eat.[br]OK. 00:15:27.99,00:15:30.48 You must be hungry, eat up. 00:15:33.99,00:15:38.29 We hope that the Hong Kong police[br]will cooperate 00:15:38.53,00:15:41.02 with the French lnvestigators[br]in stopping this crime. 00:15:44.24,00:15:45.73 Cherie, you be the beggar. 00:15:45.87,00:15:47.96 Me again?[br]Go on... 00:15:48.24,00:15:49.73 Go over there.[br]OK. 00:15:52.55,00:15:54.74 Uncle, can you[br]give me some bread please. 00:15:54.85,00:15:57.04 I haven't eaten in days, please. 00:15:57.12,00:15:58.91 Go away, beggar.[br]Don't bother me. 00:15:59.15,00:16:01.55 Please don't, please.[br]Go away. 00:16:03.62,00:16:04.61 Hey, you hit me. 00:16:04.76,00:16:06.66 It's not me...[br]Go 00:16:09.30,00:16:10.19 You still deny it? 00:16:10.36,00:16:12.56 Really, it's not me.[br]Let's get out of here. 00:16:14.07,00:16:15.47 You stole my bread. 00:16:15.57,00:16:16.47 Hey, let's split. 00:16:16.60,00:16:18.00 You're so young,[br]who taught you to steal? 00:16:18.14,00:16:19.13 Stop![br]Cherie, run! 00:16:19.34,00:16:20.74 You still want to run?[br]Cherie, come on. 00:16:21.04,00:16:22.94 Those three kids stole my bread,[br]get them. 00:16:28.91,00:16:32.61 Lady, slow down,[br]no one will take your bread away. 00:16:32.89,00:16:34.18 We'll keep a look out. 00:16:34.35,00:16:36.65 Lady, is it good?[br]Very good. 00:16:36.86,00:16:41.56 Take your time, have more. 00:16:42.50,00:16:45.69 Hold it, come back.[br]It hurts. 00:16:46.57,00:16:47.96 What do you want?[br]I didn't do anything. 00:16:48.10,00:16:49.69 Don't catch them.[br]We didn't do anything. 00:16:49.90,00:16:53.00 Don't worry, I won't arrest you. 00:16:54.31,00:16:57.00 Well? You must be starving.[br]Yeah. 00:17:06.45,00:17:08.55 It's getting cold, get some clothes. 00:17:11.89,00:17:14.09 Thank you, papa. 00:17:15.16,00:17:16.86 When did I become your papa? 00:17:16.96,00:17:18.16 Whenever you gave us food. 00:17:18.33,00:17:22.53 You're the only one[br]who has been nice to us. 00:17:22.97,00:17:24.87 You're not so bad yourselves. 00:17:26.01,00:17:27.50 Ever think of becoming policemen? 00:17:29.48,00:17:30.77 Talk about it later. 00:17:30.91,00:17:32.81 Don't have to be a policeman[br]to help people. 00:17:33.08,00:17:34.38 That's right, papa. 00:17:36.82,00:17:39.31 Whenever you're in trouble,[br]come to me. 00:17:39.52,00:17:41.01 Don't ever steal again. 00:18:05.74,00:18:08.54 How come the painter chose[br]this lady as model? 00:18:08.71,00:18:10.41 She looks like[br]having a sprained neck. 00:18:13.09,00:18:14.88 James, come and try the soup. 00:18:15.02,00:18:16.42 It's been boiling for 4 hours. 00:18:19.13,00:18:20.32 Well? 00:18:21.23,00:18:23.63 Why does it taste like canned soup? 00:18:24.10,00:18:25.50 Go to hell. 00:18:41.31,00:18:44.51 Happy birthday to you. 00:18:44.75,00:18:47.65 Happy birthday to you. 00:18:48.29,00:18:51.38 Happy birthday to dear Cherie. 00:18:51.52,00:18:53.42 Happy birthday to you. 00:18:53.73,00:18:56.13 Congratulations, you look gorgeous.[br]Thanks! 00:19:00.80,00:19:02.39 Today's my birthday,[br]you do what I say. 00:19:02.50,00:19:03.40 Your birthday[br]doesn't mean you're the boss. 00:19:03.57,00:19:06.16 After this glass of champagne,[br]we stop stealing. 00:19:07.41,00:19:09.00 All agreed? 00:19:17.82,00:19:19.41 Hey, blow out the candles. 00:19:20.49,00:19:21.89 Hurry up. 00:19:23.32,00:19:24.62 Hey hey, make a wish first. 00:19:24.79,00:19:26.19 Go on, go. 00:19:26.33,00:19:31.02 OK, I hope after we retire,[br]we can live in peace. 00:19:31.36,00:19:33.76 Look! That's enough,[br]blow out the candles! 00:19:36.87,00:19:39.86 Hehe, Snow White, Snow White! 00:19:40.54,00:19:41.73 Let me help you. 00:19:46.95,00:19:48.85 Hey, you're going too far. 00:19:48.98,00:19:50.57 When I make a take,[br]I go all the way. 00:19:52.38,00:19:53.68 Make her feel better. 00:19:53.82,00:19:54.91 Hey, that includes you too. 00:19:54.99,00:19:57.29 Come on, she listens to you.[br]This is embarrassing. 00:20:10.90,00:20:12.80 Cherie, Cherie my love. 00:20:14.34,00:20:16.93 Are you really mad at me? 00:20:19.78,00:20:23.08 Look, my Cherie Amour. 00:20:23.55,00:20:27.75 Oval face, slim upper body 00:20:27.89,00:20:29.68 No need to mention the lower part 00:20:30.16,00:20:32.75 I know that you like these words. 00:20:33.39,00:20:37.59 You'll have many children with[br]your love 00:20:38.96,00:20:43.26 Come... Cherie! 00:20:43.64,00:20:47.04 Ifyou want a romantic love,[br]I'll give you one 00:20:47.47,00:20:49.46 Ifyou like watching films,[br]I'll go with you 00:20:49.61,00:20:51.91 Ifyou want to be a star,[br]I'll make you one 00:20:52.28,00:20:54.58 Many friends of mine are directors 00:20:55.31,00:21:00.72 Don't be afraid, sit here 00:21:01.42,00:21:03.12 We can act right now[br]for James is here to be our audience 00:21:03.36,00:21:09.66 Let's act as lovers.[br]I love you, babe 00:21:09.93,00:21:12.73 I love you, babe 00:21:12.93,00:21:16.63 Let's fall in love together.[br]Let's die together 00:21:16.80,00:21:19.10 You're my true loved one 00:21:22.21,00:21:23.40 Ah, I'm drowning. 00:21:25.71,00:21:26.91 How dare you kick me? 00:21:27.01,00:21:28.71 It's not me, something hit my leg. 00:21:28.88,00:21:30.08 Get me out of here.[br]Come on. 00:21:30.32,00:21:31.61 I'm freezing. 00:21:31.75,00:21:33.55 Let's go, come on.[br]It's you. You trick me. 00:21:33.79,00:21:36.88 You play tricks on me with others![br]Don't run. 00:21:45.13,00:21:46.62 Joe, where do you want to be 00:21:46.73,00:21:48.03 when you get old? 00:21:48.13,00:21:49.43 Anywhere is fine with me. 00:21:49.64,00:21:51.03 But, how about you? 00:21:52.10,00:21:54.40 Oh, I first want to live[br]in peace and quiet. 00:21:54.57,00:21:55.97 Iran is peaceful. 00:21:56.08,00:21:58.07 Heaven is pretty peaceful too. 00:21:58.24,00:21:59.34 Assholes. 00:22:08.29,00:22:11.19 We're always on the move. We should[br]try to find a place to settle down. 00:22:11.49,00:22:13.89 Yeah but that's not the point. 00:22:14.06,00:22:16.96 The Universe is endless,[br]the Brave are always searching. 00:22:17.10,00:22:20.59 For some happiness,[br]however fleeting it may be. 00:22:20.70,00:22:24.90 Actually I miss Hong Kong.[br]I miss wonton noodles. 00:22:25.07,00:22:29.87 And Yuen Long Cakes, Shen Zheng[br]roast goose, Causeway Bay seafood. 00:22:30.08,00:22:32.48 Sheung Wan's egg cakes.[br]Also Stanley's jeans. 00:22:32.78,00:22:37.18 Yes, Queen's Rd East,[br]Queen's Rd West. 00:22:40.45,00:22:41.44 Isn't it gorgeous here?[br]Yes. 00:22:41.65,00:22:42.85 Let's check it out. 00:22:45.76,00:22:48.06 Brigitte Bardot, Gina Lollobrigida. 00:22:50.40,00:22:51.80 What are you yelling at? 00:22:51.93,00:22:54.73 I just want to check[br]ifthose two women were here. 00:22:54.80,00:22:55.60 What are you saying? 00:22:55.70,00:22:56.90 Didn't you see the paper? 00:22:56.97,00:23:00.46 They said they always sunbathe here. 00:23:00.64,00:23:01.94 I want their autograph. 00:23:02.51,00:23:04.50 How can they have pens[br]ifthey're naked? 00:23:04.68,00:23:06.58 Let's go, DOM.[br]I have one! 00:23:14.45,00:23:15.44 Hi! 00:23:22.49,00:23:23.69 How are you? 00:23:28.87,00:23:30.36 Hello Cherie.[br]Hello. 00:23:30.67,00:23:32.66 Joe, James, welcome.[br]How are you? 00:23:33.17,00:23:34.26 Ah, how come? 00:23:35.84,00:23:37.04 How much? 00:23:38.54,00:23:39.64 Half a million. 00:23:40.51,00:23:44.61 Too expensive,[br]the painting is only worth 400,000. 00:23:45.68,00:23:47.48 He said it's too expensive, 400,000. 00:23:49.66,00:23:51.05 Tell him he's a motherfucker. 00:23:51.46,00:23:53.76 What is he saying?[br]Go on. 00:23:55.03,00:24:01.13 I want to ask you[br]"Where's your mother?" 00:24:01.27,00:24:03.06 I want to say hello to her. 00:24:03.54,00:24:05.53 She's fine, thank you very much. 00:24:05.67,00:24:06.87 You are welcome. 00:24:07.67,00:24:09.27 Tell him, not a penny less. 00:24:10.54,00:24:13.64 Half a million, no discount. 00:24:15.31,00:24:16.71 OK, it's a deal. 00:24:16.88,00:24:19.18 Half a million, he agreed.[br]Great. 00:24:20.09,00:24:25.08 Steal this painting for me,[br]I gave you 2 million. 00:24:26.46,00:24:27.76 Please translate. Thank you. 00:24:27.83,00:24:30.02 He offered you 2 million[br]to steal a painting. 00:24:30.20,00:24:31.39 2 million? 00:24:31.50,00:24:33.19 But you both promised[br]not to steal any more. 00:24:33.50,00:24:35.80 Did I say that?[br]I don't remember saying that. 00:24:36.00,00:24:37.99 You can't break your promise. 00:24:38.20,00:24:40.50 This painting[br]is in a castle in Nice. 00:24:40.61,00:24:43.20 There's also a love story[br]attached to it. 00:24:43.31,00:24:45.61 The lady in the painting[br]was the painter's lover. 00:24:45.71,00:24:48.20 The painter died soon[br]after finishing the painting 00:24:48.38,00:24:54.38 and it's haunted by his soul. 00:24:54.65,00:24:58.56 Any self-respecting thief[br]would be proud to steal it, 00:24:58.66,00:24:59.95 but it's never left the castle. 00:25:00.09,00:25:03.58 Whoever manages it will be famous.[br]For you it's a challenge. 00:25:03.76,00:25:07.06 Such a long speech, what did he say? 00:25:07.23,00:25:08.43 I don't want to tell you. 00:25:08.53,00:25:09.43 Tell me. 00:25:09.67,00:25:11.07 Tell us. 00:25:12.54,00:25:15.44 He said this painting is evil,[br]whoever steals it will die. 00:25:18.04,00:25:19.24 So what do we do? 00:25:19.91,00:25:21.40 Well? 00:25:21.61,00:25:22.71 Do it. 00:25:22.92,00:25:23.90 Do it? 00:25:24.05,00:25:25.35 Do it... 00:25:26.59,00:25:29.38 Sorry, we've already retired. 00:25:29.86,00:25:31.45 Is that true? 00:25:31.92,00:25:33.72 He asked ifyou're sure[br]you can do it. 00:25:34.03,00:25:37.52 Sure, Yeah... 00:25:38.33,00:25:40.92 OK, forget it, I'm really sorry. 00:25:41.50,00:25:42.49 He said we can go now. 00:25:42.67,00:25:43.97 Hey, what about the deposit? 00:25:44.17,00:25:45.47 They will contact us. 00:25:45.67,00:25:51.47 Hey, let's have a drink first.[br]Why didn't you tell him? 00:25:51.61,00:25:55.81 Bye. I'll kiss you next time.[br]Please shave. 00:25:56.98,00:26:00.08 Thanks, bye. 00:26:05.56,00:26:06.85 It's working. 00:26:06.96,00:26:09.55 A call from Hong Kong, sir.[br]Thanks 00:26:11.36,00:26:12.66 Hello, Mr. Chow! 00:26:12.80,00:26:17.39 Hello, Mr. Burton, any problem?[br]No problem, just do it. 00:26:17.80,00:26:18.90 Very good. 00:26:30.12,00:26:31.71 Cherie, did you see James? 00:26:31.88,00:26:33.08 I don't know where he went. 00:26:33.15,00:26:35.64 His "work" tools have disappeared too,[br]do you think... 00:26:35.82,00:26:36.91 Shit! 00:26:57.48,00:26:58.67 Please don't go. 00:26:59.65,00:27:01.24 He can't do a thing without me. 00:27:02.05,00:27:03.24 He'll be fine. 00:27:03.92,00:27:05.31 I'm afraid he'll get into trouble. 00:27:08.89,00:27:10.18 I knew you'd do this. 00:27:11.69,00:27:13.49 You two better come back safe[br]and sound. 00:27:23.17,00:27:25.57 I'm going, you go pack up. 00:27:25.74,00:27:29.73 Remember tomorrow morning 9 o'clock.[br]Wait for me at Cannes airport. 00:27:29.98,00:27:33.07 Book 3 tickets, 3 tickets, OK! 00:27:35.01,00:27:36.50 And then what? 00:27:37.18,00:27:39.28 Promise me[br]this will be the last time. 00:27:40.92,00:27:42.82 You're such a pain! 00:29:37.54,00:29:38.63 What are you doing here? 00:29:38.70,00:29:39.90 It takes two to tango. 00:29:58.06,00:30:00.85 Hey, it's too quiet, must be traps. 00:30:01.39,00:30:04.19 Yeah, like lots oftrap-wires[br]and arrows. 00:30:05.53,00:30:06.83 Let's check it out. 00:30:21.08,00:30:22.27 Nothing. 00:30:28.79,00:30:31.98 Here's the stone gate,[br]wonder where is the switch? 00:30:32.92,00:30:35.72 For sure it's well hidden. 00:30:36.70,00:30:37.99 What are you saying? 00:30:40.40,00:30:44.10 I don't believe it! They hid[br]this precious painting here? 00:30:44.30,00:30:46.00 These are all cheap wines! 00:30:48.01,00:30:49.00 The hidden must be the most obvious. 00:31:01.65,00:31:03.45 Hey, how come it's so long? 00:31:10.70,00:31:11.79 Let's go! 00:31:32.25,00:31:33.74 It's you. 00:31:37.36,00:31:38.95 Hey, did you see that? 00:31:48.60,00:31:50.30 Damn, which one? 00:31:57.31,00:31:59.61 Hey, it moved by itself. 00:32:00.81,00:32:02.30 It goes back.[br]Hurry up. 00:32:22.10,00:32:23.29 What is it? 00:32:27.37,00:32:28.77 What are you doing? 00:32:38.75,00:32:41.05 May not be laser beams[br]but electricity, yes! 00:32:48.49,00:32:50.29 God, so windy. 00:32:51.50,00:32:52.90 It's for effect! 00:33:01.57,00:33:02.77 Come on. 00:33:27.10,00:33:28.50 Come on. 00:33:34.07,00:33:36.06 Be careful. 00:33:39.28,00:33:40.68 Here.[br]Come on. 00:33:43.05,00:33:44.64 Come on.[br]OK. 00:33:54.23,00:33:56.22 Hey, careful, want me to die? 00:33:56.56,00:33:57.76 How come you're so heavy? 00:33:57.93,00:33:59.62 I eat a lot. Pull me up. 00:34:02.03,00:34:04.02 I said pull me up, not down.[br]Want me to die? 00:34:04.20,00:34:06.19 Hold tight.[br]Come on. 00:34:07.81,00:34:10.30 Pull me up. 00:34:10.41,00:34:12.81 Don't fart.[br]Swing harder. 00:34:19.82,00:34:21.12 Harder. 00:34:21.69,00:34:23.09 Did you get it?[br]Almost. 00:34:28.26,00:34:29.25 Did you touch it? 00:34:29.36,00:34:30.76 Yeah, harder. 00:34:32.23,00:34:33.63 Almost got it. 00:34:37.37,00:34:38.96 Got it. 00:34:39.54,00:34:41.53 Ready.[br]OK. 00:34:41.91,00:34:43.10 Go.[br]Let's go. 00:34:53.52,00:34:55.21 Hey. Do you still want your shoes? 00:34:55.35,00:34:57.75 We made it, It's the real thing. 00:34:58.22,00:35:00.42 My blood is all going to my head. 00:35:03.76,00:35:05.75 How come she is staring at me? 00:35:05.96,00:35:07.26 It's your lamp's reflection. 00:35:08.03,00:35:08.93 Right. 00:35:11.07,00:35:11.97 What are you doing? 00:35:12.14,00:35:13.33 Come help me. 00:35:13.44,00:35:14.34 OK. 00:35:14.51,00:35:15.50 Hurry. 00:35:20.55,00:35:21.64 Come on. 00:35:35.56,00:35:36.75 It's quiet here, let's go. 00:35:38.76,00:35:40.16 Looks like a trap to me. 00:35:41.07,00:35:44.36 Strange, so quiet,[br]how could that be? 00:35:44.60,00:35:45.80 Wait and see. 00:35:48.47,00:35:50.96 OK, here's to our friendship. 00:35:52.74,00:35:54.04 There's no need for words. 00:35:54.18,00:35:58.17 No, I mean that wine[br]is made up of preserved grapes. 00:35:59.85,00:36:01.84 Everyone is drunk, I alone am lucid. 00:36:05.39,00:36:06.79 Wow, Surat guy (Superior intellect) 00:36:12.76,00:36:14.76 Hey, over here![br]I see it. 00:36:50.54,00:36:51.93 Come on. 00:36:54.54,00:36:55.34 I'll check it for you. 00:36:55.54,00:36:57.03 You better![br]Of course. 00:37:01.05,00:37:03.24 Hey, watch your ass.[br]I got a big one. 00:37:15.36,00:37:16.26 There's one more. 00:37:16.39,00:37:19.80 Easyjob, cheers. 00:37:22.67,00:37:23.57 Cheers. 00:37:25.50,00:37:27.10 How old are you? 00:37:27.87,00:37:29.17 You should be older. 00:37:29.51,00:37:30.91 See who's better? 00:37:31.04,00:37:32.63 Come on... 00:37:49.09,00:37:50.49 Hurry up.[br]Alright. 00:37:51.53,00:37:55.02 Get them, don't let them escape. 00:37:57.14,00:37:58.33 Quick get in. 00:38:04.18,00:38:05.37 You alright? 00:38:21.19,00:38:22.78 Lucky the bullet isn't in too deep. 00:38:24.93,00:38:26.33 Raise your arm. 00:38:27.53,00:38:28.83 Higher. 00:38:30.00,00:38:33.40 Move your finger, make a fist. 00:38:35.81,00:38:38.21 No big deal, you'll make it. 00:38:41.15,00:38:43.84 I warned you not to try it alone. 00:38:43.98,00:38:46.47 You had to try, look at you now. 00:38:50.05,00:38:51.75 I didn't do it for the French man. 00:38:51.89,00:38:53.79 Don't be so superior,[br]you're no artist. 00:38:53.96,00:38:55.36 I know that. 00:38:59.76,00:39:01.25 I did it for Cherie. 00:39:04.20,00:39:05.90 Ifyou did it for Cherie,[br]you did it for yourself. 00:39:06.07,00:39:07.16 Ifyou did it for yourself,[br]you did it for me. 00:39:07.34,00:39:08.43 Ifyou did it for me,[br]you did it for us all. 00:39:08.61,00:39:09.90 What are you talking about? 00:39:12.98,00:39:15.78 You treat friends[br]better than the woman you love. 00:39:16.28,00:39:18.98 No, I treat them both the same. 00:39:19.18,00:39:21.67 Same? Say what? Are you sure? 00:39:21.79,00:39:22.98 You're saying I'm not. 00:39:23.15,00:39:25.35 You treat her like an object. 00:39:26.26,00:39:28.66 Sometimes good, sometimes bad. 00:39:29.56,00:39:31.26 You call that treating her right? 00:39:33.70,00:39:35.39 Do you know I'm jealous ofyou? 00:39:37.44,00:39:39.43 Did you ever think of her? 00:39:40.17,00:39:41.47 Did you? 00:39:49.75,00:39:52.74 Ifyou think of someone else,[br]you lose yourself. 00:39:53.32,00:39:54.61 You both know how I am. 00:39:54.79,00:39:57.58 I like to be footloose[br]and carefree. 00:39:59.09,00:40:01.89 Who says I'll spend the rest[br]of my life with her? 00:40:02.19,00:40:05.09 If I like a flower,[br]I don't have to pick it. 00:40:05.86,00:40:08.96 If I like the wind,[br]I don't need to bag it. 00:40:09.43,00:40:12.03 If I like a cloud[br]I don't need to hold it. 00:40:12.24,00:40:13.03 If I like the sea, I don't... 00:40:13.24,00:40:14.93 What are you talking about?[br]I am talking about humans. 00:40:15.07,00:40:16.66 What's that about wind,[br]flowers, clouds... 00:40:16.77,00:40:18.47 I was talking about women. 00:40:19.61,00:40:21.70 Women need to be loved,[br]and cared for 00:40:22.01,00:40:24.31 I know after marriage,[br]no more freedom of Democracy. 00:40:24.52,00:40:28.21 All I want are... flings! 00:40:28.42,00:40:29.32 Did you ever hear that? 00:40:29.49,00:40:31.48 A fling is not forever. 00:40:33.83,00:40:35.32 Hey, do you know you're bleeding? 00:40:35.46,00:40:37.16 Do you know you're wounded? 00:40:37.26,00:40:39.16 So what?[br]Are you finished? 00:40:39.96,00:40:41.56 Well?[br]That's it. 00:40:41.80,00:40:42.70 Really? 00:41:38.96,00:41:41.15 Are you feeling better? 00:41:42.73,00:41:45.53 Ifyou're alright, let's go.[br]Cherie's waiting at the airport. 00:42:31.54,00:42:34.44 Kill them,[br]get the painting whatever it takes. 00:43:10.82,00:43:15.51 James, take the painting,[br]don't wait for me. 00:43:16.99,00:43:19.08 Tell Cherie I'll look for her. 00:44:38.44,00:44:40.84 I'll hold them off,[br]go to the airport. 00:44:41.67,00:44:42.66 OK. 00:44:45.14,00:44:47.54 Boss, we'll get them at the pier. 00:44:58.09,00:44:59.39 Damn it! 00:46:50.90,00:46:51.99 James. 00:47:09.99,00:47:11.28 Damn you. 00:47:45.16,00:47:46.45 James. 00:47:55.00,00:47:58.49 Did you do it? Where's Joe?[br]Where is he? 00:47:59.94,00:48:03.03 James, look at me, what happened? 00:48:07.31,00:48:08.71 Huh, what 's this? 00:48:09.21,00:48:10.70 We had some problems. 00:48:12.45,00:48:14.44 I'll go look for him.[br]No, he's dead. 00:48:15.05,00:48:16.54 Let's go. 00:48:16.92,00:48:18.62 I want to find him.[br]Come on. 00:50:44.47,00:50:46.77 Beautiful... This is art. 00:50:48.37,00:50:49.67 Your money. 00:50:49.94,00:50:51.64 We're two of a kind. 00:50:52.41,00:50:54.71 We both love the money, good work. 00:50:54.88,00:50:55.87 Thanks. 00:50:56.05,00:50:57.34 Would you like to see[br]the Hong Kong by night? 00:50:57.55,00:50:58.74 Sure, sure. 00:51:01.02,00:51:02.51 Yeah! 00:51:04.52,00:51:05.61 Someone will show you around. 00:51:05.72,00:51:08.02 Yeah! My pleasure 00:51:09.39,00:51:11.69 I heard that the crime problem[br]in H.K. is very serious. 00:51:43.86,00:51:48.46 Dad, dad! 00:51:49.53,00:51:52.13 Joe, you are still alive. 00:51:56.67,00:51:57.97 Your leg... 00:51:58.08,00:52:00.98 I am lucky,[br]the explosion hasn't ended my life. 00:52:01.38,00:52:05.28 It's all dad's fault,[br]it must be the French man. 00:52:05.52,00:52:07.01 I'll get him. 00:52:08.32,00:52:11.31 Your brother used to be the best[br]in his field. 00:52:12.39,00:52:16.19 Joe, come and ski with me some time. 00:52:16.36,00:52:17.55 Ifyou still can. 00:52:17.96,00:52:21.26 Dad, I hope you'll think of me 00:52:22.00,00:52:23.59 for old times sake. 00:52:24.67,00:52:26.57 I'm useless now. 00:52:26.70,00:52:30.30 Think of me as charity,[br]give me a boost. 00:52:31.44,00:52:35.54 Joe, you know dad is pained 00:52:36.78,00:52:39.27 to see you like this. 00:52:39.62,00:52:41.52 But how do you want me[br]to help you out? 00:52:55.53,00:52:57.83 Joe, are you OK?[br]Son, are you alright? 00:52:58.10,00:53:00.50 You bastard, I'll sue you. 00:53:01.91,00:53:03.20 Hey, don't talk nonsense. 00:53:03.34,00:53:05.43 Ifyou must sue, sue the staircase,[br]it's what hurt you. 00:53:05.58,00:53:06.67 What? 00:53:06.78,00:53:08.47 Stop yelling. 00:53:08.75,00:53:10.94 He's got nothing to do with it,[br]it's my fault. 00:53:11.05,00:53:12.54 You're still protecting him? 00:53:12.68,00:53:16.08 Buy him a new wheelchair. 00:53:16.85,00:53:18.05 I'm leaving. 00:53:29.93,00:53:31.73 Hey, how can you eat so much? 00:53:31.94,00:53:33.93 So you can cook for yourself[br]when I'm not there. 00:53:42.91,00:53:44.51 Kick them over there. 00:53:44.62,00:53:45.81 Come on, help. 00:53:47.38,00:53:49.28 This is embarrassing.[br]Never mind them. 00:54:06.40,00:54:07.70 Let's go. 00:54:12.88,00:54:14.57 Hey, I'm busy, you go back first! 00:54:14.91,00:54:16.50 Hurry back, I'll cook for you. 00:54:16.65,00:54:17.84 Do you have money?[br]Yeah 00:55:07.63,00:55:09.72 Hi. James, Cherie. 00:55:10.10,00:55:11.40 Dad. 00:55:11.97,00:55:13.16 Hey, what happened to your hand? 00:55:13.27,00:55:14.46 Oh, nothing really. 00:55:14.57,00:55:16.87 Cherie, why are you so thin?[br]Not really. 00:55:17.11,00:55:18.80 Doesn't James feed you well?[br]Of course he does. 00:55:19.21,00:55:22.70 James, you said you wanted[br]to pay me back. 00:55:22.81,00:55:24.11 What do you mean? 00:55:24.28,00:55:26.27 Steal me that painting.[br]What painting? 00:55:27.32,00:55:31.72 Come on, follow me, come on. 00:55:46.04,00:55:47.33 How come the painting is here? 00:55:47.50,00:55:48.60 You don't need to know. 00:55:48.74,00:55:51.54 It disappeared for 2 years,[br]the price tripled. 00:55:51.68,00:55:55.87 If it stayed losing 2 more years,[br]how much will it be worth then? 00:55:56.71,00:55:58.81 I'll take it to the auction later. 00:55:59.08,00:56:00.88 With Joe, it would be easy. 00:56:01.15,00:56:02.85 Pity he lost his legs. 00:56:04.92,00:56:06.82 Doesn't he die? 00:56:08.96,00:56:12.16 James saw him, didn't he mention it? 00:56:34.95,00:56:36.15 Papa. 00:57:06.58,00:57:10.49 Somebody's looking for me? Outside? 00:57:28.94,00:57:30.13 Joe. 00:57:40.38,00:57:41.78 How are you? 00:57:45.79,00:57:49.38 You used to travel a lot,[br]do you miss it? 00:57:49.66,00:57:50.75 Nothing's different. 00:57:51.73,00:57:54.22 I still travel, but around here. 00:57:54.36,00:57:58.27 My trips are smaller, quieter. 00:57:58.90,00:58:01.50 But it's a lot more peaceful. 00:58:03.37,00:58:04.77 I'll take you around. 00:58:11.58,00:58:14.88 Never mind,[br]my legs don't feel a thing. 00:58:16.49,00:58:17.48 Come on. 00:58:23.23,00:58:26.72 This is where I work,[br]in front is my observatory. 00:58:27.50,00:58:29.59 This is my latest computer. 00:58:29.80,00:58:31.39 Whenever I can[br]I play computer games. 00:58:33.00,00:58:34.30 This is my guest room. 00:58:36.34,00:58:39.74 This is my newest painting,[br]I call it "Bud's Paradise". 00:58:40.71,00:58:43.51 This is my newest partner, Bobo. 00:58:43.65,00:58:45.34 Bobo, say Hello. 00:58:48.15,00:58:51.35 This wall painting took me 3 months,[br]do you like it? 00:58:52.49,00:58:54.29 I still exercise a lot. 00:58:57.83,00:59:02.63 This side is my Botanical Garden.[br]The other side is my zoo. 00:59:02.80,00:59:04.29 All the birds are from South Africa. 00:59:04.43,00:59:06.63 The one sitting there[br]looking serious is my benefactor. 00:59:06.84,00:59:08.53 He's like a father to me. 00:59:11.88,00:59:13.17 Bye. 00:59:18.48,00:59:20.47 Come on, I'll show you the kitchen. 00:59:22.75,00:59:27.35 No need,[br]I just came to ask you a favor. 00:59:28.16,00:59:29.56 What is it? 00:59:29.69,00:59:31.39 I want you to help James. 00:59:31.63,00:59:33.03 What's wrong with James? 00:59:34.83,00:59:36.42 He promised Dad. 00:59:37.97,00:59:41.46 He would steal him[br]the painting again. 00:59:44.67,00:59:46.57 I'm afraid[br]he'll get into trouble again. 00:59:50.98,00:59:52.47 Please help him. 00:59:54.88,00:59:57.18 You two always work together. 00:59:58.69,01:00:00.38 I want to help, 01:00:01.22,01:00:02.92 but does he want to be helped? 01:00:03.46,01:00:07.76 I knew you would, I'm leaving. 01:00:16.94,01:00:18.34 Bye... 01:00:18.58,01:00:25.48 Cherie. Mou Amour.[br]Come on, Cherie Mou Amour. 01:00:26.92,01:00:30.61 He's depressed, his girl friend[br]eloped with a vulture. 01:00:30.92,01:00:32.51 He almost killed himself. 01:00:35.06,01:00:38.76 You haven't changed at all. 01:00:46.90,01:00:49.30 Bobo, ifyou want to sleep,[br]then go to sleep. 01:00:50.07,01:00:52.27 I'm heart-broken, don't you know? 01:00:54.08,01:00:55.98 Sold for 1.5 million. 01:00:56.08,01:00:57.67 Mr. Hamupton, for 1.5 million. 01:00:57.85,01:01:00.04 Gets this Ming bottle. 01:01:00.18,01:01:01.38 Congratulations. 01:01:02.75,01:01:07.25 OK! Now we have Tang Camel Statue.[br]On p.15, no.6. 01:01:07.42,01:01:09.22 The auction's proceeds 01:01:09.39,01:01:11.88 go to the HK Handicapped Association 01:01:12.00,01:01:14.99 I hope you'll all contribute.[br]Starting price, 500 thousand. 01:01:15.10,01:01:18.00 OK, no long faces,[br]this is for charity. 01:01:18.17,01:01:20.07 Sir, you can only enter[br]on invitation. 01:01:20.17,01:01:21.47 Really? Sorry I didn't know. 01:01:21.60,01:01:23.60 Good, 600 thousand, 700 thousand. 01:01:23.77,01:01:27.57 now 700 thousand, 700 thousand...[br]who says more? 01:01:27.74,01:01:31.84 Mr. Chow, your painting is popular,[br]it'll sell well. 01:01:32.12,01:01:34.71 I know, but is your security safe? 01:01:34.92,01:01:36.01 I have bought an insurance. 01:01:36.15,01:01:41.35 Of course, your painting is safe[br]with us. Excuse me 01:01:41.76,01:01:43.45 Alright, who give more than[br]1.1 million? 01:01:43.53,01:01:45.52 Anyone, anyone? 01:01:45.63,01:01:48.43 1.2 million, 1.3 million... 01:01:48.60,01:01:52.09 Alright, 1.4 million once, 01:01:52.20,01:01:53.60 1.4 million twice... 01:01:54.34,01:01:55.63 On the far side ofthe room, 01:01:55.74,01:01:58.64 something wonderful. 1.5 million 01:01:58.78,01:02:00.27 Who says more, 1.5 million, 01:02:00.54,01:02:04.14 1.5 million. OK.[br]1.6 million... come on... 01:02:04.35,01:02:07.84 Keep on, 1.6 million,[br]1.7 million... come on. 01:02:07.95,01:02:10.85 1.7 million, alright. 01:02:11.69,01:02:13.09 You're not a useless handicapped, 01:02:13.22,01:02:15.02 I'm impressed.[br]Can you guys do any better? 01:02:15.16,01:02:16.46 Dad, you're just pretending[br]to be charitable. 01:02:16.76,01:02:20.75 1.8 million, 1.8 million. 01:02:22.13,01:02:23.62 Do you think they know 01:02:23.80,01:02:25.60 you're such a hypocrite? 01:02:26.90,01:02:28.60 Good, Mr. Chow now bids 2.1 million. 01:02:28.74,01:02:31.94 Are you doing[br]this to buy respectability? 01:02:33.04,01:02:35.64 You know every time you bid,[br]I lose 200 thousand? 01:02:35.85,01:02:38.44 2.2 million, 2.3 million. 01:02:38.58,01:02:39.57 I don't agree. 01:02:39.65,01:02:41.84 I helped you make so much money, 01:02:42.39,01:02:44.79 now I'm helping you to spend it. 01:02:44.92,01:02:48.41 The guy in the wheelchair[br]now bids 2.4 million. 01:02:48.79,01:02:52.19 2.5 million, 2.5 million, come on. 01:02:52.33,01:02:55.23 Bid again, you'll lose your arms. 01:02:59.14,01:03:01.33 Oh, yes...[br]Mr. Chow ups the bid to 2.7. 01:03:01.47,01:03:02.96 Any more than 2.7, 2.7 million. 01:03:03.17,01:03:05.16 Knock for the first time,[br]knock for the second time. 01:03:05.61,01:03:07.80 Sold for 2.7 million. 01:03:07.98,01:03:09.47 On behalf ofthe[br]H.K. Handicapped Association. 01:03:09.61,01:03:11.41 Thank you Mr. Chow, oh, right! 01:03:22.76,01:03:24.95 Sorry, I did it on purpose. 01:03:27.36,01:03:28.46 What do you want? 01:03:28.60,01:03:33.90 Guards, help me. 01:03:37.14,01:03:38.33 Calm down. 01:03:38.44,01:03:39.24 Clean this mess up. 01:03:39.38,01:03:40.87 Have the cleaning ladies picked up[br]these worthless ceramic pieces. 01:04:04.13,01:04:06.73 Hey, careful,[br]you can't afford these. 01:04:07.64,01:04:10.73 Sorry, this entrance is forbidden. 01:04:31.90,01:04:33.19 Sorry. 01:04:43.84,01:04:45.74 Please sir, put on your ID badge. 01:04:46.34,01:04:47.93 Sure, sorry I forget. 01:04:56.45,01:04:58.55 Sir, it is all right... calm down. 01:04:59.46,01:05:00.65 Check it out. 01:05:01.22,01:05:02.62 Lead all the people out of here. 01:05:02.93,01:05:04.12 What happened... 01:05:04.23,01:05:05.72 An explosion there, "BANG". 01:05:05.93,01:05:06.73 Get the fire extinguisher, be quick. 01:05:06.93,01:05:08.73 Turn offthe mains.[br]Be quick. 01:05:12.27,01:05:13.36 Follow me! 01:06:04.15,01:06:06.75 Brother, you made dad furious. 01:06:08.69,01:06:10.68 Don't play here, 01:06:10.83,01:06:12.52 this place is not for playing. 01:06:13.23,01:06:15.42 This is my turf, scram. 01:06:15.57,01:06:18.36 If not,[br]you can't even sit on a wheel chair. 01:06:20.64,01:06:21.83 Don't forget! 01:06:28.98,01:06:30.17 You look. 01:06:32.35,01:06:34.34 The auction house vault 01:06:34.55,01:06:35.74 has more than 10 security systems. 01:06:35.85,01:06:37.44 Even ifyou get to the vault,[br]it may not open. 01:06:37.62,01:06:39.21 We may have to bring[br]the whole computer inside. 01:06:39.42,01:06:41.91 No,[br]we just need good communications. 01:06:42.06,01:06:43.96 Hey, what are you two talking about?[br]James, do you need me? 01:06:44.13,01:06:45.42 Papa. 01:06:45.60,01:06:46.89 You're going to steal again? 01:06:47.00,01:06:48.29 We're playing computer games. 01:06:48.40,01:06:49.99 Well, I hope you two will stick[br]to the straight path. 01:06:50.40,01:06:51.70 Go back and cook. 01:06:51.80,01:06:53.10 Hey, this apron looks "camp". 01:06:53.24,01:06:54.64 Be serious![br]It suits you. 01:06:57.67,01:07:02.47 Alright,[br]we got everything but the vault key. 01:07:03.48,01:07:04.78 Let me steal it. 01:07:05.11,01:07:06.21 What? Without me? 01:07:06.32,01:07:07.81 I think I can handle this. 01:07:11.02,01:07:12.72 Brother,[br]I won't cause you any trouble. 01:07:18.06,01:07:19.55 But you lost one leg already. 01:07:20.86,01:07:22.96 I don't want you to lose an arm[br]or your life. 01:07:24.83,01:07:26.43 What were you talking about? 01:07:27.97,01:07:29.77 Don't be so nosy. 01:07:30.61,01:07:32.30 When do you want children? 01:07:34.78,01:07:38.37 We thought about it,[br]not till after this job through. 01:07:39.32,01:07:41.22 You want a boy or a girl? 01:07:41.58,01:07:43.07 Of course a boy. 01:07:43.42,01:07:45.41 But she wants a girl,[br]easier to carry. 01:07:46.52,01:07:47.82 Did you think of a name? 01:07:48.29,01:07:55.70 If it's a boy - Joseph.[br]If it's a girl - Sherry. 01:07:57.30,01:08:01.90 OK? Want me to be godfather? 01:08:02.21,01:08:04.70 Of course, who else? 01:08:04.91,01:08:06.90 But you'll have to come[br]to the States. 01:08:11.18,01:08:15.98 We plan to settle over there. 01:08:18.42,01:08:21.32 Happy Birthday. 01:08:24.16,01:08:25.56 Happy Birthday. 01:08:27.40,01:08:28.80 Beautiful cake! 01:08:29.53,01:08:31.02 Cherie made it for you. 01:08:31.13,01:08:32.83 Don't you remember today[br]is your birthday. 01:08:33.80,01:08:35.29 Oh! yeah, how old am l? 01:08:35.47,01:08:36.67 36 01:08:37.04,01:08:38.84 Time sure goes by fast. 01:08:40.18,01:08:41.77 Close your eyes. 01:08:41.91,01:08:43.50 What for?[br]Make a wish. 01:08:46.32,01:08:47.81 You're so fussy. 01:08:59.20,01:09:00.29 I told you there's no trick. 01:09:00.46,01:09:01.56 Lucky for you 01:09:09.17,01:09:10.57 The cake is delicious. 01:09:29.29,01:09:30.38 Thank you. 01:09:36.77,01:09:38.36 Hey, do you see him?[br]Who? 01:09:39.14,01:09:41.13 He's the auction director,[br]Stanley Wu. 01:09:41.60,01:09:44.10 He has the key,[br]but don't know where he put it. 01:09:44.37,01:09:47.87 With Cherie's charm,[br]we'll be able to find out soon. 01:09:49.11,01:09:50.31 What high praise. 01:09:53.98,01:09:56.88 James, can I dance with your wife? 01:10:01.19,01:10:04.68 Please.[br]Listen for the key's noise. 01:10:33.12,01:10:34.02 Dad 01:10:34.39,01:10:36.38 Bringing Joe here is asking[br]for trouble. 01:10:38.96,01:10:40.16 Just to gather together. 01:10:41.00,01:10:43.09 Don't worry,[br]you'll get your painting. 01:10:44.57,01:10:46.16 You'll be responsible for him. 01:10:54.81,01:10:56.00 What are you doing here? 01:10:57.25,01:10:59.54 I come to see my son,[br]What are you doing? 01:11:00.18,01:11:01.48 I come to see my son too. 01:11:13.73,01:11:16.22 It's time to work, be careful. 01:11:28.78,01:11:31.47 Mr. Wu.[br]Hello. 01:11:33.72,01:11:38.92 I'm the representative ofthe L.A.[br]Chinese Antique Association. 01:11:40.06,01:11:42.05 I'm keen on antique. 01:11:42.53,01:11:44.22 I know you are the auction director. 01:11:44.39,01:11:46.38 You must know a lot about antiques. 01:11:46.60,01:11:49.09 Well,[br]actually I myself is an antique. 01:11:51.73,01:11:55.14 I want to do my thesis[br]on Chinese culture and history. 01:11:55.60,01:11:57.30 Would you show me the way please? 01:12:24.67,01:12:25.57 James. 01:13:17.05,01:13:18.95 James, what are you doing here?[br]Stealing again? 01:13:19.79,01:13:20.98 Hey, what's the hurry? 01:13:21.09,01:13:22.79 They're just having a good time. 01:13:23.49,01:13:24.89 Let's have a drink, come on. 01:13:25.23,01:13:28.03 Don't you two think it's time[br]for a drink? Come on. 01:13:28.20,01:13:29.49 Have a drink with Papa.[br]I got mine. 01:13:29.70,01:13:31.10 Take it, take it, come on. 01:14:46.44,01:14:56.65 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 01:15:03.09,01:15:04.29 Hey, something's going on there. 01:15:34.06,01:15:37.55 Hello, Control, it's time to work,[br]can you hear me? 01:15:38.93,01:15:41.12 Hey man, I can hear you,[br]no need to shout. 01:15:41.26,01:15:42.46 Don't make me deaf. 01:15:43.97,01:15:46.66 The guards are off, they haven't[br]locked the electricity room. 01:15:48.17,01:15:49.97 I didn't think you're that good. 01:15:50.14,01:15:51.83 No wonder we're partners. 01:15:52.54,01:15:54.44 Don't forget I'll be with you. 01:15:54.61,01:15:57.60 Whenever you get lonely,[br]I'll be the DJ in your ear. 01:15:57.91,01:16:00.51 Control, what's gotten into you.[br]Are you possessed? 01:16:00.78,01:16:04.08 Don't worry... As soon as you get[br]into the electricity room. 01:16:04.32,01:16:05.51 Don't panic,[br]you'll see lots ofwires. 01:16:05.69,01:16:07.68 Once you find the switch,[br]just switch it off. 01:16:08.36,01:16:13.45 Roger, the switch is off, what next? 01:16:13.63,01:16:16.72 You're not only smart,[br]but intelligent too. 01:16:16.93,01:16:19.33 Now give me the model number,[br]please. 01:16:19.57,01:16:20.97 JJ063, OK? 01:16:21.40,01:16:24.70 According to the computer,[br]the red one is dangerous. 01:16:24.84,01:16:28.04 The blue one has the blues. 01:16:29.21,01:16:30.51 As for the yellow one, 01:16:30.68,01:16:33.77 can't cut that one,[br]it's the sex one. 01:16:35.15,01:16:36.64 So which one do I cut? 01:16:36.92,01:16:40.01 The blue one, I hate the blues. 01:16:41.06,01:16:42.35 You got it. 01:16:43.16,01:16:44.46 I feel much better now. 01:16:48.56,01:16:52.06 Oh, I saw a road block,[br]ifyou push the right 6 numbers. 01:16:52.30,01:16:54.70 You'll win the grand prize. 01:16:59.51,01:17:00.81 What numbers? 01:17:00.91,01:17:02.21 Hold on. 01:17:05.88,01:17:07.37 Easy, first a 6, then five 8's. 01:17:07.52,01:17:10.11 I used these numbers a lot,[br]but they never won. 01:17:10.29,01:17:11.48 So I keep on trying. 01:17:16.43,01:17:17.52 Are you done yet,[br]you one eyed trouser snake. 01:17:17.69,01:17:18.59 Done. 01:17:18.66,01:17:20.36 Yeah? I knew you could do it,[br]Sherlock. 01:17:20.50,01:17:22.40 Next time,[br]don't ask me if it's so easy. 01:17:22.53,01:17:24.23 Alright, whom should I ask? 01:17:24.40,01:17:26.10 I'd introduce you to Watson. 01:17:30.21,01:17:33.80 Hey, stop joking,[br]let me listen to the vault. 01:17:36.21,01:17:38.61 Turn left to 32, right to 15 01:17:38.75,01:17:40.24 is it really this easy? 01:17:40.45,01:17:42.04 Turn left to 13, stop. 01:17:42.18,01:17:43.28 Yes 01:17:43.39,01:17:44.88 Now put your stethoscope 01:17:45.02,01:17:46.42 on the lower lock. 01:17:47.19,01:17:48.49 Then what? 01:17:48.82,01:17:50.62 How can a DJ stop talking? 01:17:50.76,01:17:52.06 You want to steal that painting? 01:17:54.06,01:17:55.36 I'm on the air now. 01:17:55.53,01:17:56.62 On the air? 01:17:57.20,01:17:58.10 Hello kids, 01:17:58.30,01:18:00.60 we have a riddle for you to solve. 01:18:00.70,01:18:03.70 Last riddle was:[br]What room has no wall? 01:18:03.87,01:18:05.27 I'm going to tell you[br]the answer now. 01:18:05.47,01:18:06.96 The answer is MUSH-ROOM. 01:18:07.11,01:18:09.51 Now for those[br]who are not receiving us well, 01:18:09.71,01:18:11.01 because you're far away[br]like the New Territories. 01:18:11.11,01:18:13.91 Please turn your radio[br]to FM 80, FM 80. 01:18:13.98,01:18:16.18 Turn twice to get[br]a clearer reception. 01:18:16.29,01:18:17.78 So what do we do now? Of course 01:18:17.89,01:18:19.68 we can't stop here.[br]Must be riddle time again. 01:18:19.82,01:18:22.52 Today's riddle is: What's pink[br]and hides in a strawberry patch? 01:18:22.73,01:18:23.62 Can you guess the answer? 01:18:23.79,01:18:26.19 Wait a bit, Bobo the clown[br]will give you the answer. 01:18:26.40,01:18:27.79 That's all, bye. 01:18:29.90,01:18:30.89 You came just in time. 01:18:31.03,01:18:33.52 I'm helping H.K. Handicapped[br]Children do a charity broadcast. 01:18:33.77,01:18:34.76 They're really cute. 01:18:34.90,01:18:36.60 I gotta go bleed the lizard,[br]I'm lucky you're here. 01:18:36.77,01:18:38.17 Can you help me? I'll be right back. 01:18:38.31,01:18:39.60 Good thing you're not stealing[br]the painting, 01:18:39.88,01:18:41.07 they changed the security system, 01:18:41.18,01:18:42.07 as soon as you lift the painting 01:18:42.21,01:18:43.51 the vault door[br]will automatically lock. 01:18:45.25,01:18:48.74 Hello, Hi kids, I'm Bobo the clown. 01:18:50.55,01:18:52.45 Well kids,[br]here's the answer to the riddle. 01:18:52.62,01:18:55.72 What's pink and hides in strawberry[br]patches? A pink elephant. 01:19:36.80,01:19:38.60 Joe, are you there? 01:20:02.52,01:20:03.72 Hey hold it, don't move. 01:20:24.11,01:20:31.92 James... 01:20:49.91,01:20:51.70 Hold on. 01:21:14.13,01:21:16.32 Why didn't it explode? James, damn it. 01:21:18.20,01:21:20.00 Wrong connection. 01:21:20.70,01:21:23.19 James, are you alright, answer me. 01:21:23.31,01:21:25.21 James, don't scare me. 01:21:25.64,01:21:30.24 Damn, it's all connected. 01:21:31.91,01:21:33.40 James. 01:21:34.72,01:21:36.31 Thanks. 01:21:37.92,01:21:40.32 How come you have the keys?[br]How come you're here? 01:21:40.42,01:21:42.32 You put the explosive here, so why[br]did it explode on the other side? 01:21:44.76,01:21:46.66 Wrong socket. 01:21:47.43,01:21:48.52 Ifyou don't believe me, 01:21:48.63,01:21:49.82 I'll show you again. 01:21:49.93,01:21:51.42 I dare not, let's go. 01:21:51.97,01:21:54.77 Hey, I'm serious, get in,[br]I'll show you. 01:22:02.04,01:22:03.24 Did you see them? 01:22:03.61,01:22:04.91 Yeah 01:22:06.82,01:22:08.21 Are they people or ghost? 01:22:10.42,01:22:11.61 People. 01:22:50.39,01:22:51.19 Let me head butt it. 01:22:56.37,01:22:57.56 Change position. 01:23:46.82,01:23:48.21 I head butt it. 01:23:56.89,01:23:57.88 Jump! 01:24:32.03,01:24:34.02 Please grant me a bomb[br]to kill this kid. 01:24:38.03,01:24:39.23 Not again? 01:24:55.82,01:24:57.91 After war,[br]time of peace come upon us. 01:24:58.09,01:24:59.18 Super. 01:25:07.33,01:25:09.02 Dad, you didn't sleep all night? 01:25:09.90,01:25:12.39 How could l? Where's my painting? 01:25:12.50,01:25:15.90 With me, ifyou want it, 01:25:15.97,01:25:17.77 give me 30 million for it. 01:25:18.11,01:25:21.10 You bastard, how can you[br]talk to your dad like that? 01:25:21.21,01:25:23.30 I don't want[br]to talk family bullshit, 01:25:23.75,01:25:26.24 Iet's talk business. 01:25:26.65,01:25:28.34 OK, how do you want it? 01:25:28.42,01:25:29.61 Come to my place. 01:25:41.36,01:25:42.85 Where to now? 01:25:44.53,01:25:47.43 Japan, States,[br]wherever you want to go. 01:25:47.77,01:25:51.47 Really? I hope you won't leave me[br]standing again. 01:25:52.61,01:25:55.91 We'll come pick you up as soon as[br]we're finished. 01:25:56.01,01:25:57.41 Dear, you be at Clear Water Bay pier. 01:26:00.18,01:26:01.67 You better! 01:26:36.15,01:26:37.55 Dad. 01:26:40.29,01:26:43.88 Son, where's the painting? 01:26:46.60,01:26:49.09 What happened to us? 01:26:49.23,01:26:50.43 What's wrong? 01:26:50.93,01:26:53.33 I'll never forget you raised me,[br]it's engraved in my heart! 01:26:55.74,01:26:59.33 James, I know you are very filial,[br]I just want my painting. 01:26:59.61,01:27:02.01 I'll give you the painting,[br]but you have to let us go. 01:27:02.14,01:27:04.04 That painting is my life, 01:27:04.78,01:27:07.37 ifyou give it back to me,[br]I'll let you go. 01:27:07.62,01:27:11.92 You're so kind,[br]thanks for giving us freedom. 01:27:12.05,01:27:13.85 Especially this chance. 01:27:14.59,01:27:16.08 The money? 01:27:37.55,01:27:40.54 I raised both ofyou, but I never[br]thought you turn out so cruel. 01:27:40.82,01:27:42.31 I'll exterminate you. 01:27:43.89,01:27:44.98 No please. 01:27:48.49,01:27:50.19 Joe. 01:28:43.14,01:28:44.84 It's bullet proof vest, so what? 01:28:45.58,01:28:49.78 Nothing, but aren't you limped? 01:28:50.62,01:28:53.71 If I weren't limp,[br]you won't be with me. 01:28:54.19,01:28:57.28 If I weren't limp, when I came back,[br]dad would have killed me. 01:28:57.86,01:29:00.45 Did I made you cry and sad? 01:29:00.80,01:29:01.69 What about Cherie? 01:29:01.86,01:29:02.96 I'll explain to her. 01:29:06.07,01:29:07.16 Where's dad? 01:30:59.38,01:31:02.18 You bastard,[br]where's the real painting? 01:31:21.10,01:31:22.80 Kill him, don't spoil the painting. 01:33:34.74,01:33:35.93 Dizzy?[br]Yes 01:33:44.55,01:33:45.64 You want to buy any insurance? 01:33:45.78,01:33:46.87 Go to hell! 01:33:50.08,01:33:51.18 Black Jack. The banker win. 01:33:59.09,01:34:02.09 So many Ace, you must have AIDS. 01:34:02.50,01:34:04.40 Not as many as you.[br]I'll check for you. 01:34:11.34,01:34:13.53 Shit, you spoil my best suit. 01:34:57.15,01:35:01.35 It's corrosive fluid.[br]I drank the corrosive fluid. 01:35:13.33,01:35:14.43 Call the ambulance. 01:35:37.43,01:35:40.52 I asked you not to play with fire. 01:35:44.17,01:35:45.66 Call the fire truck. 01:36:09.22,01:36:10.62 Go.[br]What do you want, dad? 01:36:10.89,01:36:12.69 Get the painting![br]But it's wired. 01:36:14.10,01:36:16.00 Go on. 01:36:16.23,01:36:17.53 Go on. 01:37:14.12,01:37:18.82 Upstairs! Put it out,[br]it's gone, it's gone. 01:37:19.09,01:37:21.58 The painting is gone, put it out. 01:37:22.80,01:37:26.70 Put it out, put it out, oh, no! 01:37:27.64,01:37:30.23 Dad, is that painful? 01:37:30.34,01:37:31.64 Take a rest. 01:37:34.11,01:37:36.01 Let me help you. 01:37:40.05,01:37:42.64 You two want to kill me,[br]not so easy. 01:37:44.55,01:37:45.95 Papa. 01:37:46.42,01:37:47.41 Alright, alright. 01:37:47.56,01:37:48.95 Go and talk to dad for a while. 01:37:50.12,01:37:52.52 All movies have the bad guys caught[br]at the end. 01:37:52.79,01:37:54.59 This movie is no exception. 01:37:57.40,01:37:58.80 Smile, hey. 01:38:00.40,01:38:04.20 Don't move.[br]You intend to leave like this? 01:38:04.74,01:38:06.14 We caught him forjustice. 01:38:06.37,01:38:08.87 And your wish come true,[br]what's the point of staying? 01:38:11.31,01:38:12.71 Clean this mess up first. 01:38:12.85,01:38:13.64 What do you mean? 01:38:13.75,01:38:15.15 I'm a police officer. 01:38:15.48,01:38:17.28 I can't let you go, that's illegal. 01:38:18.92,01:38:20.32 I can't do this. 01:38:20.59,01:38:22.58 Patricide is punishable by death. 01:38:22.72,01:38:24.12 Yeah, die young. 01:38:25.16,01:38:26.65 Huh, alright,[br]that's enough out ofyou two. 01:38:26.79,01:38:28.09 I close my eyes. 01:38:28.40,01:38:31.89 Hit him. 01:38:32.23,01:38:33.33 Alright, here I go. 01:38:33.50,01:38:34.59 OK. 01:38:34.70,01:38:37.00 Don't hit the forehead.[br]Hit the temple. 01:38:37.44,01:38:38.74 OK, here I go. 01:38:39.04,01:38:41.24 Get ready. It'll hurt. 01:38:42.54,01:38:44.24 They're gone already, dumb jerks. 01:38:56.46,01:38:57.75 Cherie. 01:38:58.63,01:39:02.93 James, where's Joe? 01:39:10.14,01:39:12.04 Cherie. 01:39:22.08,01:39:23.48 Honey bunch. 01:39:29.52,01:39:30.72 You can walk? 01:39:30.93,01:39:32.62 If I'm limping, how can I run away? 01:39:33.49,01:39:36.09 Ah, so you lied to me, you bastard. 01:39:36.33,01:39:38.32 Alright, enough. 01:39:38.57,01:39:39.97 You're in a rush,[br]I got nothing for you. 01:39:40.13,01:39:42.73 Except for this fruit cake, bye. 01:39:42.87,01:39:44.36 Aren't we leaving together? 01:39:44.57,01:39:47.17 Right, didn't we say[br]we'll always be together. 01:39:47.44,01:39:50.04 James, well, not exactly. 01:39:50.68,01:39:52.98 Every good thing[br]has to end some time. 01:39:53.11,01:39:56.02 In fact, I prefer travelling alone,[br]footloose and carefree. 01:39:56.42,01:39:58.11 Take good care of Cherie. 01:40:01.52,01:40:03.11 What do you mean? 01:40:03.29,01:40:04.48 Take care. 01:40:05.69,01:40:06.99 What do we do? 01:40:07.46,01:40:10.76 I'm leaving,[br]I wish you all the best. 01:40:10.97,01:40:12.46 Joe. 01:40:12.57,01:40:14.76 Yes, well, what do you want? 01:40:14.90,01:40:16.10 We don't mean you must stay. 01:40:16.27,01:40:17.76 But don't you think[br]a promise must be kept. 01:40:17.91,01:40:19.40 What did I promise? 01:40:19.51,01:40:21.30 You promised to be godfather[br]to our kids, remember? 01:40:21.38,01:40:23.07 That was a long time ago. 01:40:23.18,01:40:25.58 Well, Cherie is pregnant now.[br]Hey, stop that. 01:40:25.81,01:40:27.21 Mustn't forget the condoms! 01:40:27.38,01:40:28.47 Are you coming? 01:40:28.62,01:40:29.71 Sure you don't want to come. 01:40:29.82,01:40:31.01 Alright, cast off. 01:40:31.12,01:40:33.31 Stop, wait for me. 01:40:35.52,01:40:36.92 So where is the painting? 01:40:37.06,01:40:38.15 Back home. 01:40:38.33,01:40:39.82 Yes! 01:41:02.32,01:41:03.41 Go to work.
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