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Once Upon A Time In China 2

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"Temple of the Goddess"
The King rules heaven
The devil rules hell
Between the two there is White Lotus
Keeping our country safe
White Lotus is divine! Power to the people!
White Lotus is divine! Power to the people!
Welcome Priest Gao Kung from the South Heaven Gate.
Green Dragon on the left.
White Tiger on the right.
On September the first, 1895,
I became a disciple of the White Lotus Goddess.
I speak these words before the heavens
to show my powers and spread my word to the people.
Mystical powers protect me!
Impervious to water and fire!
Goddess, lend me your powers!
Welcome spiritual master, Gao Kung.
Goddess, make me as strong as iron - fearless before blade or sword.
Stabbing and slicing have no effect.
I'm fearless before cannons or gunshot!
49 levels of transformation!
Holy Army under my command!
My bones are like pillars supporting the sky!
The fierce flames are like dust to me!
Unlimited mystical powers at my disposal!
The White Lotus Sect... eradicates evil!
A thousand knives are deflected! A million blades are deflected!
A thousand knives are deflected! A million blades are deflected!
Regiment commanders!
Mystical power protect me! Mystical power protect me!
Cannon fire is as flying sand to me! Bullets are mere raindrops!
White Lotus is divine! Power to the people!
Bring out the objects of evil.
What's this animal? It's so ugly!
It's a Western dog, Master!
It has spots, so it is evil, kill it!
White Lotus is divine! Power to the people!
Kill all foreigners so we can live in peace!
"Protect your homes for the sake of your country!"
Starring: Jet Li, Rosamund Kwan, Max Mok Siu-Chung, Donnie Yen
Also starring: David Chiang, Xiong Xinxin, Yam Sai-kwoon, William Ho
Screenplay: Lee Wei-mun
Created by: Chow Gin-mun
Script Writers: Tsui Hark, Chan Tin-suen, Charcoal Cheung Tan
Action Director: Yuen Woo-ping
Wardrobe: Chao Kok-pui Art Director: Eddie Ma Poon-Chiu
Cinematographer: Arthur Wong Ngok-tai
Edited by: Muk Chi-sin
Sung by: Jackie Chan
Steady, Master.
'He doesn't spill a drop to either side.'
'Good footwork.'
Aunt Yee, the train is rocking so much, how will we eat?
You're not used to it. Look, the foreigners are coping fine.
Come and sit here.
Now it's much better, this journey used to take all day.
The trees look like they're flying.
- I feel ill. - What's wrong, Foon? So much talk!
My stomach is churning.
You're trainsick! Don't eat or you'll throw up.
But I must! There's Western food to eat, right, Master?
Excuse me, waiter, we haven't ordered yet.
You don't need to order your food on the train.
- Miss, the soup. - Thank you.
It's all been prepared.
You mean it's not fresh?
- Solar eclipse? - Don't be so scared, idiot!
Aunt Yee, what's going on?
We're in a tunnel.
A tunnel? The train is strong enough to go through a mountain?
Foon, we're all together now, but don't run off when we get to town.
There will be a lot of foreigners at the medical convention.
Don't embarrass us.
I understand, Master.
'So many hands!'
Fei-hung, eat the soup while it's hot.
Foon, eat the soup while it's hot.
I don't know which hand is mine.
'I can do it that way.'
- Have you finished your soup, sir? - I'll finish it later.
Only meat? Where's the rice?
Miss, have you finished your soup?
I don't want it.
Thank you.
Fei-hung, it's a steak, use your knife and fork.
I've seen this before.
You're always doing this.
What a waste! Don't throw it away.
Waste not, want not.
Watch me.
- Are you OK? - I'll clean your face.
Yes, I'm fine. Here's your steak.
Master, don't throw it away!
It's all your fault.
Forget it, let's eat.
Why are you so quiet?
No reason. Why are you so quiet?
Oh, no. I can't hold it any more!
I told you not to eat.
Hold on, we'll be in Canton soon.
- Really? - Yes.
Riding on a train is quite a challenge.
Waiter, can you pack this?
- What did you say? - I just don't want to waste it.
Chicken buns!
Give me a pot of tea.
- Old man, you owe me money. Pay up! - If I can't play, I can't pay.
Look, a crowd. What's on the banners?
- Support the scholar's proposal! - Support the scholar's proposal!
- We object to the cession of Taiwan! - We object to the cession of Taiwan!
Where is Taiwan?
We lost the war and gave it to Japan.
Taiwan must be near the sea... or it wouldn't be called Tai-island.
I don't even know how big it is.
We can't even manage Canton, forget it.
- Let's drink. - Yes, let's drink.
Eat, we'll talk later.
We object to Li Hung-Chang's concession to Japan!
- We object to the cession of Taiwan! - We object to the cession of Taiwan!
Look at the clothes on that woman!
- Where? - Over there.
The one in the rickshaw. Come and have a look.
She's wearing Western clothes.
Let's do the lottery. Nine is my lucky number.
No, I don't want to.
Support the scholar's proposal!
We object to the treaty of Shimonoseki!
We object to Li Hung-Chang's concession to Japan!
We object to the cession of Taiwan!
Support the scholar's proposal!
Money first, look after your tickets. Get your ticket and move on.
The lottery!
Roast pork buns!
We're here, sir.
- Ten cents, please. - Thank you.
Let's eat. Pulling this rickshaw will be the death of me.
That's a pretty dress. Can I take a picture?
You're not a foreigner. Get her!
Get her! Get her!
- Come with me. - Go away, you pesky kids!
Throwing things at people!
No manners!
- Foon! - Get lost...
Don't hit the children.
I'm bleeding!
- Look, you've made trouble again. - Master...
Let's go, we'll tell Uncle Gao.
Those kids are so naughty, throwing things at people. Look at the mess.
Attention, please.
White Lotus are meeting at Telegraph House. We should all go.
Don't leave! Don't forget to pay!
Master Wong, I'm going to have a look.
Aunt Yee...Aunt Yee!
Foon! Foon!
Hurry! They're about to start!
Come on, hurry up!
In the name of the people's army stand down!
Damned soldiers, working for foreigners! Stone them!
Get out of the way.
Wind and fire come together to kill the foreigners in one fell swoop!
White Lotus has come to save you by driving evil away!
- Burn down Telegraph House! - Burn down Telegraph House!
Excuse me, please.
- Aunt, let's take the photo here. - Help me set up the tripod.
Over there.
Wind and fire come together...
It's starting now.
- I can't see. I can't take pictures. - Get on my shoulders.
Get on your shoulders?
OK, keep still.
White Lotus is divine! Power to the people!
Protect your home for the sake of the country!
Kill all foreigners so we can live in peace!
Foon, this position is no good.
So good.
White Lotus has come to save you by driving evil away!
What was that?
Thank you.
She can make lightning, run away!
Arrest that evil spirit!
The top one or the bottom one?
The foreigner on top.
Arrest her!
Calm down! She is chinese, she's not a foreigner! Have a look.
Look at the way you dress. It proves you're evil. Arrest her!
Stay calm! Don't! Aunt Yee, run! I'll protect you!
My camera!
Aunt Yee!
Aunt Yee! Where are you, Aunt Yee?
Foon! Help me, Foon!
Kill all foreigners so we can live in peace.
Take her to the temple, burn her to death!
Who the hell are you to stop me? Tell me your name!
I'm Wong Fei-hung from Fushan.
- Fei-hung?! - And Leung Foon too!
I hear his kung fu is deadly.
Kick you, kick death!
Leave him alone, pick on someone else. You'll hurt him.
- Who else? Where? - Hit them, don't hurt them.
That's enough.
Ten-finger punch!
Thank you, thank you.
- Are you all right, Aunt Yee? - You came just in time.
What is it? It smells sweet.
It's sleeping powder. Foon! Take care of Aunt Yee.
Aunt Yee, Aunt Yee.
Mystical power...
All this trickery and mumbo jumbo and you claim to be acting in God's name!
Aunt Yee, wake up! Aunt Yee!
Aunt Yee! Help her up.
Foon, take Aunt Yee back to the inn.
Foon, what are you waiting for?
He's one of Canton's Ten Tigers. His kung fu is legendary.
Get back!
Master Wong, don't! That thing is evil!
Stand back!
Master Wong, can I be your apprentice?
Back! Don't follow me!
- Fei-hung. - You're awake.
They covered you in sleeping powder.
- Did you carry me back here? - No, Foon did.
Why did he carry me back?
Foon is preparing your medicine.
Take it and rest for two days and you'll be fine.
- Master Wong. - Come in.
Don't go out alone, this town is in turmoil.
Rest a while, don't worry.
Fei-hung, I'm all right.
I can still be your interpreter at the convention tomorrow.
Let's talk about that later. Take your medicine now.
- Master Wong, sorry to disturb you. - It's OK.
Oh, you're awake. Did you know...
You carried me back.
Yes, I did.
The medicine is very hot, be careful.
Mr Mak, what can I do for you?
I sent my servant to buy these clothes.
Please ask her to wear them.
- That's very kind of you. - Don't mention it.
Mystical kung fu is very popular now. Foreigners make them mad.
Master Wong, I've known you for a long time, I'll be frank with you.
If Miss wears her own clothes, she'll definitely get into trouble.
I understand. How much were they?
- There'll be no charge. - Thank you.
Thanks for your help, Master Wong.
'lf I'd known it'd be so boring, I'd have asked So to come.'
'There's another one!'
'lt's not any of them. Another foreigner.'
- Dr Wong, it's your turn. - Foon, it's our turn.
- I'll let you out. - We'll go together.
Thank you. Thank you.
My topic of discussion for today is Chinese acupuncture.
There are 360 pressure points...
Do you want him to speak louder?
That's not what he means. Dr Wong, may I interpret for you?
- May I know your name? - My name is Sun Yat-sen.
- Mr Sun, I'm most grateful to you. - Don't mention it.
Thank you.
The five elements are gold, wood, water, fire and earth.
They form a network.
Acupuncture regulates the nervous system.
Dr Wong, Dr Thompson doesn't quite understand.
His demonstration shows the Western understanding of the nervous system.
That's quite simple -
I can use needles to close two nerves so that he can't move his leg.
Master, are you going to stick those in me?
Dr Sun, ask them to test his reflexes now.
Join White Lotus and save your country!
Foreigners out, leave us in peace!
The White Lotus Sect again!
Master! I can't move!
I'll be shot! I'm a goner!
Master, I've only been stabbed by you, not them.
- Mr Sun, your bag. - Leave it.
We're finished here. Back to the Temple!
- Are you OK? - I'm fine.
Mr Sun, here's your bag.
If we get the opportunity, let's exchange ideas, shall we?
China needs more men like you.
You flatter me.
See you soon.
The White Lotus Sect is always making trouble.
Master, Aunt Yee must still be at the inn.
Why didn't you tell me earlier?
The White Lotus Sect?
Come out!
Master, what's the matter?
Nothing, come on, out.
Master, you look pale, something must have happened.
It's just a woman changing. Mind your own business!
But you saw it.
- What a terrible noise! - Tell him to stop.
Thank you, thank you...
Telegraph House is our only contact with the outside world. Protect it.
Yes, sir.
There are a lot of bystanders, take care not to hit them.
Drive the White Lotus towards the gate.
Yes, sir.
Sir, if this continues, we will be outnumbered.
Dinner time!
I got a nice treat to help Aunt Yee get well.
- Is it game? - Yes, it is.
What is it?
Foon, haven't you told Aunt Yee what this is?
Don't you know?
Aunt Yee, do you like dogs?
They're man's best friend. I like them more than cats, anyway.
- What's the matter? - Nothing. Let's eat.
People like dogs in different ways.
They went that way.
Canton is in chaos. Foon, pack our things after dinner.
We'll go to the station early tomorrow.
- Take Aunt Yee back to Fushan. - OK.
You'd better eat well tonight, you don't want to be sick on the train.
Come outside when you've finished the dog meat, I'd like a word.
You'd like a word with me?
What did you say? This is dog meat?
- Is it really? - Yes.
Yes, Master loves dogs.
- Aunt Yee. - Yes.
- I want to teach you kung fu. - Me? Why?
These are troubled times.
You could use it for self-defence.
The basic technique has 36 stances. The advanced has 72 stances.
- There are 108 pressure points... - Fei-hung...
Do I need to remember all this?
No, just listen and try to get the basics.
Remember, for punches, attack from the side.
For kicks, come from below.
What if someone has a knife?
I'll teach you that another time.
Look, this is the single, this is the double.
- Such effort! Why don't I use a gun? - Shut up!
I was a bit rude. That's how I speak to my students.
I'm fine, let's continue.
The first move.
Go for my head.
Pay attention.
Grab the hand, Crouch down, then twist.
Grab the hand, crouch down...
- then twist. - Then twist.
Let's try again.
Grab the hand, crouch down, then twist.
The second move, throat lock.
Come on, attack my throat, harder. Grab the hand, crouch down, elbow up.
Aunt Yee?
Be careful!
Why aren't you concentrating?
I was practising in my head.
Try it once more.
The first move, grab the head.
What's next?
Then punch!
Are you OK?
I'm OK, it's better to be your friend than your enemy.
Sir, we've received a telegram from Hong Kong.
We've no time for that now.
It says someone's planning a rebellion here.
Here's the message.
Sir, it's another telegram from Hong Kong.
This is serious, guard Telegraph House well.
- I'll inform the Governor. - Yes, sir.
Your Excellency.
The British Consul invited me here, can't this wait?
Our spies in Hong Kong cabled us twice today.
The Chiu Chow Society are planning to smuggle weapons to Canton.
- They want to start a revolution. - A revolution?
- Is it the White Lotus Sect? - No.
Their leader is called Sun Yat-sen.
Sun Yat-sen?
Officer, who is this Sun Yat-sen?
He's the one who started the Agricultural Society.
He's a doctor,
he's always giving speeches and criticising the Government.
He encourages democracy too. He says China should be a republic.
How can a doctor rebel?
Do we not have enough men?
White Lotus has been causing trouble recently, so we're under-manned.
The Government is having trouble with the French in the north.
I think there'll be war soon.
It won't be easy to get reinforcements.
The British are our allies,
they'll help keep the other foreigners at bay.
Put the army and navy on alert and extra men at ports and stations
till we find Sun Yat-sen.
- What was that society? - The Agricultural Society.
Who else is involved with Sun Yat-sen?
Someone called Luke Ho-dung is the money man.
Sir, should we bring him in for questioning?
- Yes, let's bring him in. - Yes, sir.
- Sir? - I'm not going.
Chow, tell Snake to get up, it's not his day off!
Did you spend all night at the brothel? Get up!
Be careful, Aunt Yee. Take it easy.
Foon, what are you doing?
She twisted her ankle.
How come? I only showed you hand movements. What happened?
I don't know, it was just hurting when I got up.
Foon insisted on carrying me when he found out.
I don't mind, Master.
Well, let me carry her, you take the luggage.
It hurts.
I always do the carrying. Now you want to get involved.
May I help you?
We'd like to check out.
- Leave me alone! - Get up.
You're too much!
- Mr Mak. - Master Wong?
- We are leaving now. - Oh, thank God!
No, no, I mean have a safe journey.
Sorry for the trouble. If you're ever...
Fei-hung, look, what's going on?
Hey, what's going on?
The White Lotus have burned down Friendship Hall.
What's Friendship Hall?
It's where they teach foreign languages. It's full of students.
- Mr Mak, where's the school? - Near the fruit market.
Don't go there!
- Aunt Yee! - Master, where's she going?
Foon, you lied to me, she's OK.
It was her idea, Master.
Wait for me.
"Friendship Hall"
Is this it?
Master! Wait for me!
- What is it? - Skin.
It's human skin.
It's the younger students. It's lucky they were hiding.
What's happening?
Let's go and have a look.
What's going on in there?
They've gone now. Don't worry. Be good.
Are you hungry? Eat something.
It's so gloomy in here. Mr Mak is here!
Master Wong! Why are you still here?
Are these children with you?
They're students. We just needed a rest.
They can't stay here! lfWhite Lotus comes, I'm finished!
I don't know them, even worse, they study foreign languages.
Take them to the courthouse.
Can't we rest for a moment?
I don't know how to fight. This inn is all I have.
If it's burnt down, I'll...
- Mr Mak! - Mr Mak!
Have you got some salts?
You've made him faint. Who do you think you are?
If he dies, I'll call the police.
Then I'll back off. Foon, Aunt Yee, let's go.
Let's send them home.
Where do you live?
I'm from Kwangsi Province.
I'm also from Kwangsi.
I'm from Fukien Province.
He's from Chuijao, they're from Kwangsi.
I guess the rest are not from here either.
Do any of you live here?
Miss, I live by the north gate, so does he.
I live in Sha Min.
I think I live near the east gate.
I live in Shu Zhao!
Anybody else?
I came here on the train, I don't know where I come from.
We'll take these two home. The rest come with us.
I'll carry you.
Foon! Order some chicken rice for ourjourney.
Waiter, 20 portions of chicken rice! Come on, you, too.
what can I do for you?
I'd like to know if the children from Friendship Hall came here earlier?
Students? No, no, you've come to the wrong place.
Have any of you seen the students?
There are no students here, you fool! Maybe the boogie man's got them.
The King rules heaven
The devil rules hell...
It's lucky the students are gone.
Between the two there is White Lotus
Keeping our country safe
- Lucky tokens! - I want one.
The hanging lantern will keep you safe.
Lucky tokens will protect your family!
- Light the lanterns. - Here's the offering.
Lucky tokens will protect your family!
- This will keep you safe. - Of course, of course.
Give more offerings to ensure your safety.
Finish up in there. We have to leave.
- I'm scared. - Be quiet.
- What happened to your hands? - It's notmy blood, it's his.
It's everywhere.
He's badly injured. We can't stay here.
I'll go to the courthouse to see if they'll take them. Stay here.
- Foon. - Yes.
- Help me bandage the poor kid. - I haven't finished yet.
Don't be naughty. come back here.
I just wanted to know where he was going.
Foon, you stink.
- You peed on me! - I told you I wasn't done yet.
"Only the truly brave reach the top"
Sir, Wong Fei-hung is here to see you.
Master Wong, come in.
Master Wong, now I see why you're so famous.
- Sorry, sorry. - It was nothing, sir.
I just wanted to spar with you a little.
Master Wong, your Shaolin staff is excellent.
Maybe you can teach me some other time.
Have some wine.
Thank you.
His Shaolin staff isn't that good.
He hit that pole, but it didn't even move. Wong is full of himself.
All our troops are busy protecting foreigners.
It may not be that safe here either.
If the students come here,
the White Lotus will come to cause trouble.
I know it's myjob to protect the people.
The trouble is even though I can fight,
I don't have the men to support me.
I'm deeply ashamed.
Foon, come over here.
Stay out of the way.
He is still bleeding.
Master isn't back yet. What shall we do?
- He's not moving. - Why isn't he moving?
- It's Mozart. - What do you mean?
Listen. can't you hear the foreign music?
There must be a foreign consulate nearby.
A consulate?
Beware of fire!
Beware of thieves!
Aunt Yee, Foon!
- I need to pee. - Wait until you're home.
It's bad for my kidneys.
So? They're rotten anyway.
Don't move!
Stay there!
Where has the sect taken the woman and children?
We aren't with White Lotus.
My children are in bed now. My woman has run off...
Foon, where did you go?
Aunt Yee took the children to a safe place.
Why are you holding a White Lotus lantern?
To bring us good luck. But it doesn't seem to have worked.
- May I go now? - Yes!
Come on, hurry.
Foon, let's go.
Don't you remember me? I came with the children...
and a beautiful lady.
I only left to find my master.
I don't understand you.
Foon, did Aunt Yee bring the children here?
Yes, he let us in before, but now he won't.
Aunt Yee! Aunt Yee!
I've come with Master!
- Did he ask us to stand up straight? - That's what I heard.
Aunt Yee, we are waiting at the entrance.
Master, they're opening the gate.
- How dare you! - Foon, stay calm.
Don't hit me!
- Tell them why we're here. - I have!
- Put your guns down. - They don't understand.
- Stop pointing that at me! - Stop!
Pardon me.
My name is Luke Ho-dung, and yours?
I'm Wong Fei-hung from Fushan.
Wong Fei-hung? You saved the children!
Yes, they're all inside, but the soldiers won't let us in.
Allow me.
I don't understand...
Why do foreigners believe in a god whose face has so much suffering?
Everyone has a god in their heart.
When we're young we believe in one god,
when we're older we believe in another.
Finally we realise all beliefs are just lies.
Why are you always looking at your watch? Are you expecting someone?
A bad habit I picked up from a friend.
He says time is valuable. We Chinese waste a lot of time.
I still can't read foreign numbers! I'll never keep good time.
Stay where you are.
Don't be afraid.
Foon, take them upstairs.
They're foreign merchants and their families.
They've been attacked by White Lotus and have come to seek refuge.
They need a doctor.
Master is the one they need. Master!
They're looking for a doctor.
They don't want chinese doctors.
Mr Sun.
Mr Wong.
This is...
No need to introduce me. He's the one who's always looking at his watch.
White Lotus will free the poor!
Kill the foreigners so we can live in peace!
Burn the foreigners' belongings!
Aunt Yee.
Burn it down!
White Lotus will free the poor!
Kill the foreigners so we can live in peace!
White Lotus are making trouble again.
Mr Luke.
Which one tells the right time?
Your watch is fast, Sun. Mine can't keep up with yours.
Enough of this, let's check the injured.
Foon, I never thought time was so important.
I didn't think you'd understand.
Burn the foreign devils! Chase them out!
Aunt Yee.
Oh, no, they must have taken her soul!
If they're so clever, they would have won by now.
They're just trying to scare us. Don't worry, just relax.
What if she vomits?
We're not on the train now.
Mr Luke.
Ask Wong to come in.
Feeling better?
Mr Wong, Dr Sun would like you to help him.
- Where is he? - He's in the reception hall.
OK, lead the way.
He said thank you. He's never seen anything like this. He's amazed.
Not at all, saving lives is what matters.
- What's happening? - Aunt Yee, don't! Stay with me.
I won't leave you.
The children!
Watch out, Mr Luke. Get down.
The army have closed Telegraph House. We've lost contact with Hong Kong.
Are we still going ahead with our plans?
It's too risky. We'd better lay low for now.
Let's split up and tell the others.
The telex at the Consulate is the only way we can contact them.
Mr Luke, you know how to send a telex.
Stay here and keep contact with the outside world.
- Sun, l... - I've taken care of your family.
I'll go back to the villa now, and then go on to the wedding.
If you don't get a message from me...
take the boat to Hong Kong tomorrow morning.
Don't be late. Take my watch with you.
If I fail...
Carry on the fight.
I will.
- Dr Sun, are you leaving? - I've got something to do.
- I'll see you out. - Thank you.
- Stay here. - Be careful, Fei-hung.
The White Lotus Sect will drive the foreigners out!
Dr Sun, how will you get out?
It's easier to save men than their country.
It seems my medical case and I can't save them all.
Get them out of here!
Get out of here! Go!
See you later, Master Wong.
Sir, we just want to expel the foreigners.
We wouldn't kill our own people.
I'm glad to hear it. Leave the negotiating to us.
If you were so capable, we wouldn't have lost so much land.
It's all your fault!
If you continue to make trouble, I'll arrest you all.
- Take the altar away. - Yes, sir.
General Lan is here, make way.
I see Mr Luke is hiding here as well.
Mr Luke.
- Let's go! - Yes, sir.
- Sam Fok. - Sir?
Cut the wire pole down.
I want to stop all communications.
An army without information is a dead army.
As soldiers we are men of the world. We must do what is best.
- I know. Just follow my orders. - Yes, sir.
Carry out the General's instructions. Go on.
The British are trying to divide us.
Pick up the altar!
Let's go.
If you are all up for this, let's practise some kung fu.
Once you have your stance, don't move. This is the Hanging Horse.
One move and you're steady as a rock.
This stance brings unlimited power. Perform the Unicorn Move.
Third move...
Hold the head, grab the hand, twist!
Watch carefully! Return to your original position.
And again!
Not bad. Hold that stance for two hours.
Hold the head, grab the hand, then twist...what do you do with it?
Grappling Hand?
Yes, I've learned it, but I don't know how to use it.
That's easy. I'll attack and you counter attack.
- Watch. - OK.
Is it this way? It doesn't feel right.
Foon, what are you doing? Why are you holding Aunt Yee?
- I'm teaching her Grappling Hand. - You teach her?
Do you think I can't teach her?
It's not right for you to hold Aunt Yee. Knee bends, now!
- Master, l... - Now!
Stop looking at me.
Carry on!
I'm going, Master.
What are you doing?
The stance.
That's not the way!
Fei-hung, don't be angry with Foon, I asked him to teach me.
You did?
Why don't you ask him to come back?
Go on, then.
I'm punished for this? What would happen if I taught her the Bear Hug?
These foreigners are really lazy!
If White Lotus came, you'd be a goner.
Trying to scare me?
Wait for her to come down.
Mr Luke.
Have you seen Foon?
- White Lotus?! - Help!
White Lotus is here!
They're here!
Wind and fire come together. Kill all foreigners.
White Lotus, saviour of the world. Eradicate all evil!
Go and hide and don't come out. I'll be right back.
OK, come back soon.
Come on, come on.
- Who is that? Mr Luke? - Yes.
- Upstairs. - You go first.
- General... - Be quiet.
Now you'll die, you little brats!
The stance!
Foon, tie them up. I'll see if there are any left.
- Arrest them, go! - Yes, sir.
Arrest the White Lotus.
- What are you looking at? - They are fighting.
Fei-hung, General Lan killed the Consul!
Don't move!
- Search everywhere! - Yes, sir.
Nothing over here.
- Tell Sun to run for his life. - OK.
I know you look on me as your aunt...
but you're the one for me in my heart.
If we lose each other... Come and find me.
It's time to go.
Whatever happens, we must survive this night...
so that future generations can see a new dawn.
Do you understand?
Foon, you pretend to be Mr Luke and distract the soldiers.
If you can, find the name-book in the market for Mr Luke.
I will.
Leung Foon, take this watch. Meet me at the pier at seven am.
It's down to you now.
You said my name! It's the first time you've done that.
Who are you?
I'm the interpreter from the consulate, sir.
Go on, then.
Foon, go now.
Mr Luke! Mr Luke!
- Mr Luke?! - After him!
- General. - Wong Fei-hung.
Sir, I want to destroy their leader. That way I destroy the whole sect.
And who's that?
Foon, come and meet the General.
He was injured by the White Lotus.
Sir, we can't predict what might happen.
Please take care of the children.
OK, I promise you.
Thank you.
- Escort Master Wong to the temple. - Yes, sir.
White Lotus, I want to join you.
The White Lotus Sect welcomes you, our guests.
Master Wong, there are so many soldiers, how can we escape?
The temple is so big, we can just disappear. I'm sure we can get out.
Under the incense, long live the White Lotus Sect.
Is it safe in there?
Don't worry, just relax.
- Anyway, we can't go back now. - Let's go in, then.
The Goddess comes to save all people. White Lotus will free the poor.
Our sect brings peace to the world. Prepare for our initiates.
Wong Fei-hung, Leung Foon, come to the altar.
Come forward to be purified.
Let the ceremony begin.
Swallow the lucky token, become a child of the sect.
We are all brothers.
We share a common bond - for better or for worse,
for richer or for poorer - all are equal.
Drink this and you'll be a member forever.
May lightning strike down all those who betray us.
Be loyal before God. Drink it!
God in heaven, devils below.
Protected by God, nothing can harm me -
A thousand knives are deflected. A million blades are deflected.
The body is now as strong as iron.
Nothing can penetrate!
Master Wong!
Kill him now!
Seek the power within!
Wong Fei-hung, how dare you make trouble here!
Priest Gao Kung's name is famous.
But I need to see him before joining the sect.
I need to see him now!
We won't let you see his righteousness!
You won't?
I'll fight my way in, then!
"White Lotus"
How dare you!
Leave here.
Surround him!
You'll have to look out for yourself.
Sky, wind, earth, fire, eight stances to challenge you!
Surround him!
You're all frauds!
That's enough.
It's all a deception!
God will protect us.
Gao Kung, why don't you come out?
This whole thing is a fraud. I want to reveal the truth.
Protect the altar!
White Lotus brothers, kill him!
Come and fight me if you dare!
God will protect us.
Stop, or I'll shoot!
Can't you see this idol cannot protect you?
You must stop believing in it.
- You... - Mr Luke!
Come this way and we'll see who doesn't die.
Let me through!
God will protect me. Your gun doesn't scare me!
God will protect you! The body is as strong as iron!
Little girl, you will lose your life. Get back!
White Lotus is divine! Power to the people!
Let's go, quick!
I've shot the girl!
Don't worry about that now. You first.
- Stay there! - Look at these people.
They're giving up their lives for this idol.
Mr Luke, let's go!
If they're all like that, how will they ever change?
They know nothing else.
Surround them!
There's nowhere to run to. We can't escape.
Don't let them get away!
Beloved God, take over my body.
God will protect my body giving me power to exorcise the evil spirits.
With God in my body, I'll teach you the true way.
How dare you wake me to come here, you fools!
Anger the gods and bring them to earth. I'll teach you!
Come out, or I'll burn my own altar.
Gao Kung, the righteous, is here.
Welcome High Priest Gao Kung.
The invincible Gao Kung!
The universe is controlled by him! All things obey his command.
The Goddess personally taught me.
She instructed me to set up an altar to exorcise the evil spirits
and save us from this impure world.
Come spirit!
Come, spirit!
Here I come!
Come down here!
Be gone!
Trap him! Come on!
Yes, sir!
- Why do you need help? - I'll do what it takes!
Come down!
Yes, sir!
You set up a useless altar. Come up here!
Supreme Being, come into my body!
I'll leave this broken altar for you.
Steady, steady!
How dare you!
How dare you wreck my altar!
Protect Priest Kung.
Use the cloth as an altar.
Do you want to die?
Supreme Being, four Guardians of Heaven, come to my aid.
Destroy my enemy.
Guardian of Anger!
Guardian of Mercy!
Guardian of Evil!
Little girl.
Guardian of Defiance! come!
Gao Kung, you've summoned all the guardians! Are you ready yet?
If any guardian was of use, one would be enough.
They will all punish you!
Death to you, the guardian's enemy!
Die now!
Wind somersault!
Mighty strike!
Evil being!
Priest Kung is invincible. He will exorcise all evil!
Get down!
No Shadow Kick from Fushan!
Protect Gao Kung!
Killer cloth!
I am not any sort of god. I'm Wong Fei-hung!
Can't you tell gods from what is not?
Wong Fei-hung, prepare to die!
White Lotus opens up!
Put your feet on the ground.
It's all a deception.
Wong Fei-hung, how dare you challenge the gods!
Gods don't burn!
If that's true, there's no justice.
Solar explosion!
Gao Kung.
Your show is over now.
You demon!
You say believe in God and peace will reign.
How many people have you killed? Let's see you survive this!
- Nobody can stop me! - I can.
Claw Knife!
A metal plate!
His magical powers amount to this.
Now they've no god, they must look after themselves.
- God! - Master!
How can this happen?
Let's go.
What kind of number...?
I can't even read it, this is no use to me.
Good, we meet again.
It's six o'clock, there's still time.
Hey, where is the name-book?
Oh, no! I was distracted by the soldiers and forgot it!
Why are you so careless?!
I'll go back and get it.
Do we have enough time?
I must get it, it's a matter of life and death.
Let's go.
Mr Luke, it's well-guarded, do we have to go in?
I must get the name-book. The boat leaves in 30 minutes.
We can't be late meeting Sun at the pier.
Wait there.
- Foon, see if Mr Luke is ready yet. - OK.
I'll keep watch.
- Mr Luke, can I help? - I've got it, let's go.
Soldiers, let's hide.
Search the building.
Master Wong, this way.
I'm going to die this time.
Help him up.
Where are you hurt?
It hurts, it really hurts.
Luckily they shot your watch...
Mr Luke!
You bastards!
Foon, you go first.
Mr Luke, I'll carry you.
This way, Master.
Don't move!
Master, there's a way out.
Let's go.
- Are you all right? - I can't go on. Leave me here.
Let me help you.
The name-book is vitally important.
Don't let the Government have it or many chinese people will be killed.
Take me over there.
You can't burn this cloth.
Master Wong, I beg you, deliver this to Sun personally.
Tell him I died for the revolution. He must live for the revolution.
There's blood here. They're over there!
Foon, look after Mr Luke.
General Lan?
We meet again.
- Arrest the rebels! - Yes, sir!
Hold it. What are you burning?
Wong Fei-hung, this will be our last chance to spar.
I wonder how many of my moves you can withstand.
Give me that now!
Here you are!
How dare you!
The name-book?
Foon, stay where you are. Carry on with what you're doing.
Master, take care.
Lan, didn't you want to test me?
Wong Fei-hung!
Come on, then!
Come down!
You come up!
Come down!
You wanted to fight?
Son-of-a-bitch! This is too much!
Why aren't you down yet?
Mr Luke!
is vital.
Be on the pier.
Meet Sun Yat-sen.
Mr Luke!
Mr Luke.
Wong Fei-hung, there's no way out! Come back.
You killed the British Consul, everyone will know sooner or later.
There's no way out for you either.
Well...we're both doomed, then.
Foon, you can't burn that cloth!
- Master! - Foon, go quickly. Time is vital.
It's a dead end, there's no way out.
Foon, what time is it now?
I can't tell the time, but it's getting light.
There's not much time left.
Mr Sun must meet Mr Luke before he sails.
Wong Fei-hung.
Please give me the name-book so I can go back to the Governor.
He won't let us go. Try and find a way out.
Quick! go!
Cloth Staff!
Foon, make the hole bigger.
Well done!
Thank you.
- Foon, get out of here. - Yes, Master.
- Master, we can go now. - Yes, you can go to hell!
No Shadow Kick!
All aboard! Hurry up, everyone! All aboard!
- Where's Mr Sun? - Hurry up.
We've found him.
Don't move! You're coming with me.
Out of the way!
Grab the hand, crouch down and twist.
Aunt Yee!
Where is Mr Luke?
Dr Sun!
May a new dawn break over our land.
May we never forget our martyrs' blood.
Mr Luke, your spirit will always be remembered in our hearts.
Don't worry, I'll meet you at the pier!
Foon, are you missing Aunt Yee?
Are you, Master?
I asked you the question.
I think you're the one who's missing her.
- Really? - Yes.
English Subtitle translated by: Indra
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