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Subtitles for Once Upon a Time in America CD2.

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Once Upon a Time in America CD2

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Ain't you gonna introduce me to your friend here?
I'll introduce myself.
Excuse the glove.
Son of a bitch!
That's my cut.
You don't work for me, you don't work for no one.
I don't like bosses.
You was better off you stayed in the Bronx.
It would have been better for you too.
- I'm gonna kill him one of these days. - Yeah?
Meantime it looks like he's killed us.
Deborah, open up the door.
Deborah, open up the door.
- That stuff, is it ready? - We're loading it.
- Che cazzo succede down here? - AI, we got the big boys with us today.
- They wanna work for us. - Doing what Bugsy did. We want his job.
Do you get that?
We the best escorts you ever gonna get.
A fangulo a ma, escort your mother's ass out of here.
Okay. Let's go, Noodles. We'll peddle your invention somewhere else.
Hey, wait a minute.
What invention?
- You ship your stuff by the river, right? - Sometimes.
And when you get caught, you throw the cases overboard.
- You lose the whole shipment. - So?
For 10 percent, we'll save it all for you.
- What do you got, a submarine? - We got salt.
You got what?
- Me and the boys are rolling salts. - We need 3 tons of salt per shipment.
Get the fuck out of here. Go back to school where you belong.
What is it with all this salt?
Hey, hey, we got salt on our noodles. Show 'em.
This is full of salt.
All right, come here.
- So? - Keep your shirt on.
We gotta wait for the salt to dissolve.
- Well? - Hey, what's wrong?
Hey, look.
- Look at that! - It's great.
- Noodles. - Look.
- I see 'em! What did I tell you? - Yeah.
- Hooray. - Hooray for us!
We did it.
Come here, Max.
- We did it. - No, Max, no!
What would you do without me?
From here on, we establish the shared funds of the gang.
They belong to all of us together and to none of us alone.
And we solemnly swear to put in 50 percent of everything we make. Agreed?
- Agreed. - Agreed.
I wanna take another peek.
Announcing the departure of...
...the Lackawanna Railroad, Hudson Valley Express, Poughkeepsie...
...AIbany, Utica, and Buffalo.
All aboard.
This goes to Fat Moe. We don't tell him what it's for.
And he gives it back only when we're all together.
Bugsy's coming! Run!
I slipped.
Wanna go in?
You a relative?
An uncle.
It's open.
"Erected to their everlasting memory by their friend and brother...
...David Aaronson, 1967."
Can I take that for you, sir?
Your limousine is waiting.
How are you, uncle? You're looking good.
You're looking a little better.
Come on. Better get you off the streets.
- Some limousine. - What are you talking, huh?
We own the company now. It's a good cover. It pays off too.
My mother wrote me you was in the body-snatching business.
I appreciate everything you did for my family.
Forget it. It's your dough.
It's all down in black and white in the company books.
You're the company. You and Patsy and Cockeye. Gravediggers and partners.
Hey, enough of this. Business before pleasure.
We got a rush job. Here.
Come here. Look at this. Come here.
Sudden death. Fucking tragedy, huh?
- 26 years old. - 26?
- What a shame. - Great stiff. She died of an overdose.
And I'm ready for another.
Pump the life into her. You didn't turn pansy in there, did you?
There you go.
Turning over in the grave. They do it every time.
Don't worry. A pansy he ain't.
- Thanks. - You're welcome, Noodles.
Whoops. Sorry.
Thanks. Good night.
- Hey, you want a little pick-me-up? - No, thanks. I've had mine.
- Did you give her your all? - What do you think? You bet I did.
Wait till you see this place.
It's over here.
- Where we going? - To a place that never closes.
Whoops. Watch yourself.
What's this?
Our place. We got the hottest spot in town.
This is the real Fat Moe's.
Get rid of that rag, will you?
- What do you think? - It's beautiful.
- You like it? - Beautiful. Beautiful.
Hey, give me that.
- Noodles. Look who's here. - Patsy, look.
Come here, son of a bitch. Come here! Come here!
- You look fantastic. - Wait a minute.
How you doing?
- Look how big you got. - Me?
Noodles. Oh, God.
- Noodles! - Number three coming through.
Let's have a toast, for chrissakes!
- You look like shit. - I just got out of prison.
- Nice guy. - Hey, Noodles, get a load of this.
Hey, scotch heating.
Yeah, a buck a cup.
- A buck a cup? - Yeah.
- How much it cost us? - Costing us?
A dime, including overhead.
- Hey, Noodles. - Fat Moe.
You look terrific.
- Look like you lost an ounce or two. - You think I'm gonna lose hemorrhoids.
Can't recognize him without an apron.
- L 'Chaim. - L 'Chaim.
Welcome home.
What kind of maitre d' are you? You don't even show a guy around.
- Yeah. - What's with you?
- I didn't know. I'm sorry. - You're some bunch of shtunks.
- You don't come up and get me. - He's the shtunk.
- He said you weren't out till Monday. - You get him the next time he gets out.
God forbid. God forbid.
Come on, let's see if you can guess who it is.
Charlotte russe. With a little too much whipped cream.
Hey, you watch it, now. And my prices, they've gone up.
I work in a high-class joint now. And I get paid by the pound.
My Peggy, she's worth every penny of it too, my red-hot mama.
Come on, come on.
You've seen your old pals, now I want you to meet some new ones.
- I'll see you later. - You gonna lay here all night or what?
Cockeye wanted to play with the band. I'm serious.
Come on.
- Aren't you going to say hello? - Hello.
- Your brother's a real friend. - He's a romantic.
- Max tell you I was getting out today? - Max? No.
- You remembered yourself? - No, Moe. It's always Moe.
You weren't counting the days?
Of course I was. 4344, 4343.
I lost track at 3000.
- That wasn't my choice. - Yes, it was. It still is.
Did you come here to welcome me back at least?
I still live here. I was on my way out. Moe said I should say hello.
I hope Moe didn't have to bend your arm or anything.
Welcome back, Noodles.
Hey, Noodles.
You dancing?
Every night at the Palace Theatre.
I've made some progress since I danced here among the brooms and the empties.
You can come spy on me if you like. If you have time.
Every night.
Go on, Noodles, your mother's calling you.
It's good to see you again, Noodles.
My pleasure.
- Did you get the wine? - Dago Red. The best.
How you doing?
There they are. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
Did you see that movie, Joe? It's a good movie.
- Max, how are you? - Good to see you.
- This must be Noodles. - Noodles, say hello to Mr. Monaldi.
- Hi, how are you? - All right.
Nice to meet you. You don't have to call me Mr. Monaldi.
I like my friends and people I respect to call me Frankie.
Come on, sit down. Get some chairs and some glasses.
Sit down, relax. You're home now.
This is my very dear friend Joe.
He came from Detroit to ask me to do him a favor.
And I wanna do it for him.
I don't have to tell you who Joe is, how far he got, or how far he'll get.
He's not only my dear friend, he's my brother.
I'll tell you the truth. Even a Jew can't eat this shit.
I mean, the mustard doesn't even help.
These guys with you?
I told you these fellas are with me.
You could trust them. You're in good hands.
Just tell them what you want them to do.
Move some diamonds from Detroit. Kid stuff.
Why us then?
If it's kid stuff, why not have the kids from Detroit do it?
Excuse me, Noodles. He means that it's something that's very simple.
But he needs kids from outside to handle it.
He just found out they're moving these diamonds to Holland in a few days.
So it's something came up right away.
You understand?
Hey, Joe.
Tell these guys the story about the pussy being insured. What is it?
Tell these guys how you stumbled on this whole thing.
- Tell them the story. - Come on.
Pussy insurance. The insurance pussies. Tell them that story.
Life is stranger than shit, that's all. It's a pisser. No big story.
I got this insurance agent, this Jew kid named David.
He conned me into every policy in the world. Every policy, name it.
Dogs, house, wife, life, anything.
I'm drinking with the boys one night, he comes in with his wife...
...a brunette with a nice ass who works for a jeweler.
And he's still on the hustle, this guy.
So I wink at the guys, I say, "Look...
...the most serious policy, you don't have me covered for."
He goes, "What's that, Joe?" "Cock insurance."
"You make me a policy that when it don't work, I get a payment...
...I'll write out a check now."
He thinks, and he says, "I don't know if the actuality gauges govern this...
...but we can make a policy.
But you gotta guarantee you're in good health now."
I says, "Look, leave her with me. Come back and see if it stands up.
If it stands up, you know I'm in good health."
The jerk leaves her. I screw her.
Not only that, she likes it. And she tells me when her boss, the jeweler... shipping stones to Holland...
...where he keeps his stash in a drawer in the safe. Everything.
Can't ask for more, right? Except, one better.
I never paid the first premium on the new cock policy.
Cock insurance.
Life is funnier than shit.
But... easy with the girl.
I mean that. Be easy with the girl.
Oh, my God!
Open it!
Who's gotten in?
Had to go and be a hero, huh?
- Open it. - No.
- Open it! - No, don't hurt him!
- Don't hurt him! - Get this bitch out of here.
You animal! You asshole!
- Come on, hit me. - What do you mean?
- Hit me. - What, are you crazy?
- Straighten up and fly right. - I'm all right.
Let me make it look real. Make it look real.
- Knock it off. - I'm all right. Let go.
- Come on, cut the act. - Hit me!
She said hit her. Go ahead, rap her in the mouth.
- Hit me! - I'll hit you! You bitch!
- You animal! - Put a cork in her.
No. Don't.
Don't. No!
No! You dirty bastards!
Try the secret compartment.
Nice matzo balls.
Beautiful. Look at that.
Okay, better wrap them up.
We're going. You coming?
- Morning. - You get the stones?
Pay him.
- Any trouble? - No trouble. Kid stuff.
You okay?
- How come you didn't tell me? - Being inside can change you.
I'd already made the deal with Frankie to get rid of Joe.
With Frankie Monaldi you don't say, "yes" and then, "no."
You're right. I would have said, no.
Frankie is as big as they come.
He's got the combination in his hand.
If we're not careful, he'll have us in his hand.
You don't get nowhere alone.
I thought you didn't like bosses.
It sounded like a good idea then. It still is.
Think about it.
They're gonna ask us to come in with them. There's a lot in it for us.
Today they asked us to get rid of Joe. Tomorrow they ask me to get rid of you.
Is that okay with you? 'Cause it's not okay with me.
All right.
Let's just forget about it.
Wanna go for a swim?
Yeah, let's go for a swim.
All right, what are you doing?
Hey, Noodles. Don't fuck around, Noodles.
- Noodles, what are you doing? - Hey!
You crazy?
Asshole! Can't believe you did this!
District Attorney James Lister was killed in an explosion of a car...
...belonging to Secretary of Commerce Bailey as he left the secretary's estate.
Mr. Lister, killed in the blast, was scheduled to testify... Washington on Thursday before a Senate committee.
A committee investigating what has been called "The Bailey Scandal."
A team of detectives has been assigned to the case.
Secretary Bailey was not available for any statement at this time.
Did you know them?
- offices of his legal advisor, Irving Gold... hopes of getting some comment.
Mr. Gold, you're aware that District Attorney Lister... the second witness in the Bailey Scandal to meet a sudden end.
The first was Thomas Finney, Undersecretary of Commerce...
...who fell to his death from his 15th floor office a month ago.
Is there a connection...?
Take the money and run, Noodles. What's keeping you here?
The only remaining witness is the man who...
...rightly or wrongly has given his name to this affair, Secretary Bailey.
The secretary has no worries.
If he has no worries, why has he retreated to his place on Long Island?
He's preparing his attack on the questions...
...he will be asked by the committee.
I'd call them accusations more than questions.
- He has no worries. - The public does.
Particularly, in view of the rumors about rigged contracts, bribery...
...the international Mafia. Especially those dealing with the illegal use...
...of the Transport union pension funds.
Could you tell us anything about that?
Gentlemen, I deny all of these rumors and allegations against my organization.
Our hands have always been and will continue to remain clean.
In my entire life, I've fought to keep the American labor movement clear...
Him, I know.
- forced speculation, criminal elements...
...or corrupt politicians. If any mistakes have...
He's still giving out the same old bullshit.
If any guilt at all exists in this situation, it lies elsewhere.
What's this I've been reading about you in the newspapers?
Inflammatory words from a union boss?
You still won't come and stop the workers or the social movement.
Listen to me, you socialist asshole!
We don't give a good fart about the socialist workers and their movements.
We want you out of the factory so we can get the furnaces working again.
This is the last offer you're gonna get.
You want to sign it or what?
Tell your bosses they can wipe their ass with it.
Fill her up.
This is my last...
Hold it, boys. Don't shoot.
It's me, Crowning.
- Crowning. - Yeah.
That'll do, boys.
What'll do?
We almost got the kid where we want him.
And we got the boss where we want him.
Put 'em down.
Put your guns away, boys.
Just swapping prisoners.
Fair trade, huh, chickenhead?
Union boy over here for Mr. Boss Man.
Well, look who's here.
Fat Moe's boneyard boys.
Which reminds me.
How's that cancer in your gut coming along, Chicken Joe?
- Untie him. - I don't take orders from you.
We're not asking you to take orders. We're telling you.
Now go ahead, untie him.
Untie him.
Untie him.
Who are you?
Who's paying you?
I think this is gonna piss you off, Mac.
I think it's those dirty politician friends of yours.
Yeah? Well, you crawl back and tell 'em we don't want you in with us.
Our fight's got nothing to do with liquor and prostitution and dope.
Well, you'd better get used to the idea, pal.
This country is still growing up.
Certain diseases it's better to have when you're still young.
You boys ain't a mild case of the measles. You're the plague.
Bastards like him are immune.
That's the difference between us and them!
Take it easy.
The difference is, they'll always win.
And you'll keep getting it up the ass.
Sooner than you think.
Chief Aiello, moving policemen into the factory came as a surprise.
The press, the unions, especially the strikers.
What did you want, a declaration of war?
Ours was a peaceable operation.
Wasn't that contrary to new union laws?
I'm chief of police, not chief of people.
Was there any violence to justify...?
My motto is: "Prevention, not repression."
You let scabs move in and work.
Young lady, you wanna talk to me, call them "unemployed workers."
With your permission, I'll take these flowers to my missis before they wilt.
Or maybe you heard. I'm the father of a baby boy.
We heard he's the youngest stockholder in that factory you occupied.
What'd you mean by that?
They say management expressed their thanks with a present for the baby.
You know, slander is a serious offense.
Especially from a hack reporter.
You wanna find out how serious?
But since this is my first boy after four girls...
...I'll declare amnesty.
Behave yourself.
Thank you.
He's eating?
- For five. - For five? Well, why not.
You could feed an army with these milk plants.
We could open up a dairy.
Oh, hey. Che bella.
Who loves you? Who loves you? I love you.
And I love you. And I love you.
Don't you have to feed him at 6:00?
Come in.
- Oh, here he is now. - That's my son.
That's my son.
That's my son! That's my son!
Jesus Christ, they change fast.
Yeah, but he looks like my old man.
Yeah, yeah, look, same eyes.
And look, the same devilish pride.
Hey. Hey, hey.
Did you see his dickey?
- Vincent. - What?
- The girls. - The girls!
Sooner or later you have to learn that after me, the boss in the house is him.
He's got balls like his papa.
- Hey! - Let me have him.
No, no, no. I'll do this. I'll do this, huh.
Hey. No, no, no.
Look. Hey, hey.
Let Papa change you.
Come on, everything will be swell.
Come on, come on, come on.
What the fuck is this?
What is this? Huh? What's that?
- Look! - It's the right number.
The right number? I'll break your goddamn neck!
Find my son, or I'll burn down this building.
Would you shut up?
No, hey, no. Wait, wait. I'm not talking to you.
Well, who's this?
Never mind... To who am I talking?
Where the hell are you? My son, where is he?
Where do you think? He's in the maternity ward. He never left.
He got restless, so he wanted to change his bed.
The other kids got the same idea, so they wanted to change their beds.
You got 30, 40 screaming babies jumping from one bed to another...
...switching tags, so now we do have a real problem.
Piece of shit whoever you are! What the fuck?! I want my son!
Luckily, we were there to see that everything was under control.
If you want, we can put everything back.
- Except you gotta meet us halfway. - Tell me!
Why do you give a fuck who wins the strike?
That's got nothing to do with me! What did I do?
First of all, you let the scabs in.
Second, you've got the cops in there protecting them.
- I'm a cop! - All right, shut the fuck up!
Now listen very carefully.
Call off your dogs and let the strikers work it out with the bosses.
I want my son!
Do that and we'll give you the kid's number.
If you don't, look for your kid yourself.
- So, what is it gonna be? - Okay.
- I'll call my men off today. - Attaboy.
You know, for a rotten bastard son of a bitch...'re not as stupid as I thought.
- We'll be in touch. - When will you call?
Don't worry, don't worry. We'll be in touch with you. Bye.
- So? - We got a deal.
- To a very smooth talker. - Yeah.
- Mazel. - At least.
Where's that switch list?
- The switch list? - Yeah.
- I can't find it. - What?
I can't find it.
- What'd you do with it? - I think I dumped it.
What a yutz.
- Oh, Pat. - Wait a minute, listen.
Listen, Noodles, Noodles, wait. I remember.
The boys' numbers was odd... Even, and the girls' was odd.
- It's simple. - You took good stock.
Hey, let's give him an even number.
Eight. Let's pick an eight.
- Yeah, it's a good number. - Wait. What about the other pissers?
We're better than fate.
We give some the good life, give it to others up the ass.
All right, boys, let's settle up. It's Saturday.
Settle-shmettle, I'm gonna take mine out in trade.
You're such a nudge.
You know what? You know, I wish I was switched when I was a kid.
What makes you think you weren't?
I don't believe it.
Hey, you guys, come here. Take a look at who's over here.
- That suit you, Peg? - Fine, Max.
- What've you got? - Over there.
Well, what...?
Holy shit! Noodles! Noodles! Come here, come here.
The blond by the piano.
- Who's that? - Who is that?
You and this broad were practically engaged at one point.
Oh, beat me. Oh, I love it.
- Who was it? The Detroit cock-squasher? - Yeah.
- Peggy. - That's not her. She looks different.
You know that platinum blond. She's by the table.
See her? Call her in, will you?
- Carol. - Carol, whatever.
Just tell her there's a bunch of her old friends here.
Noodles, come here.
- Somebody here wants to see you. - Who?
You know these guys?
I don't think so.
No. I'd remember a bunch of good-Iookers like these.
Oh, well, how could I forget.
There was...
There was only one of you I got to know personally, though.
Which one?
Let's see how good a memory you've got for faces.
We've been hanging out so long we're starting to look alike. Hanging out.
You can call me Carol.
We've already met.
The pleasure... all mine.
So you left Detroit, huh?
Her and her husband just come in on weekends.
Yeah, beats the seashore.
She takes on 10 guys while her hubby watches through the peephole.
Beats the hell out of the movies.
I wonder what that jerk is up to in his cubbyhole?
He must be wondering where is his fucking wife.
Why don't we make it a threesome, huh?
Can't you see he's got other plans for tonight?
Well, bring her along. We'll make it a foursome.
I'm not that kind of guy.
I'm afraid if I give you a good crack in the mouth, you'd probably like it.
Have a good night, fellas.
See you later.
- Been waiting long? - All my life.
You wanted a place by the ocean. I had it opened. It was closed for the season.
All these tables are for two people.
Pick whatever one you want.
I like this one.
Here, sit down.
Boeuf á la mode.
I'll have the asperges sauce vinaigrette and then a chateaubriand.
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