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Subtitles for Once and Again 01x02.

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Once and Again 01x02

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I have no idea what I'm doing.
- This is so awesome. - Grace, honey, please.
- I wanted strawberry. - That is strawberry.
- Grace, the permission slip. - Mom!
You were supposed to remind me.
What are these seeds?
My mom just doesn't want me to go on field trips.
- Zoe, would you stop that? - What did I do?
I'm Grace.
I'm forty years old. I'm not even divorced.
My husband still acts like he lives here.
This is not an appropriate way to behave.
- Good morning. - Hello.
Hi, sweetie.
We have to get these kids out of here.
All right, you kids. Let's go.
Damn it, you're bad kids. You're late. Come on, let's go.
- Grace. - What?
- What's that? - I gotta go. She's really mad.
I'm off, see?
- Mom. - What?
It's for you.
I'll tell him to call back.
Good morning.
You want me to call you back?
- No. That's OK. - Who's that?
Would you get to school, please?
Hang on.
They're late every morning you drive them.
- What? I'm ready. - Get them ready.
All right, let's go. In the car. Right now.
Jake, sandwich.
Come on. In the car. Let's go. Out.
- I haven't eaten. - Now. Let's go.
Here we go. Say, "Bye-bye, mommy."
Don't stay on too long.
- Have a great day. - Bye.
I want my bread, Dad!
I'm sorry.
I'm about to pick up mine in a second.
Hey, when do I get to see you?
- When do you want to see me? - Tomorrow.
Oh, no, wait. I have to pick up Eli after practice.
- What about Thursday? - Parent education night.
Oh, God. I forgot. Friday?
- No, I have the kids on Friday. - Yeah. Same here.
Saturday's too far away. Hey, what about tonight?
Actually, Jake is taking the kids to dinner...
so I could-- I'd have to be home by nine.
Well, that beats Saturday.
Hey, I get to see you. I can't wait.
Zoe doesn't like peanut butter anymore.
Let Spend the Night Together
I'm just trying to find out what you know.
How can I possibly know anything? I'm his father.
- Well, have you met her? - Yeah, sure.
Hey! Don't forget your tennies. And?
She's really nice. She's a girl.
Well, that's the problem. They're on the phone for hours.
I think...
I think I overheard him say "I love you."
Have you talked to him about c--
- about condoms? - I have to go now.
Rick, I'm serious about this.
One of us has got to make sure...
that he's dealing with this responsibly.
- This girl is so young. - And he's not young?
Boys his age don't see the whole picture.
Have you seen the girls at his school?
This is not a political argument. Say good-bye.
I just want to make sure that he's careful.
He's my baby.
You talk to him. You're the dad.
- Bye, mom. - Bye.
Come on, Dad.
I'm the dad.
How much work do you have tonight?
Oh, so much. There's no way I can see you.
I think I can get out by 8:00.
OK, I'll pick you up.
So the first thing I say is...
"Why is this guy in my living room?"
And then I see my mom has her blouse off.
Her blouse and like--
No, she had her bra on, but still...
It's like the worst thing I've ever heard.
Julie, you can't tell anybody about this.
In your living room?
Just tell your son that his job as a man...
is to get sex whenever he can get it...
with the most attractive woman he can get it from...
and barring that, from whoever's available.
David, how much money are we borrowing...
for payroll this month?
OK, I'm working. Just don't tell him all those old lies.
What lies?
That girls don't want to have sex...
and if you have sex with a girl, you've done something wrong...
and that you owe her something...
even though she's probably decided...
to have sex with you the day before.
Lindsey's on line one.
- Speak of the devil. - Shut up!
- Can I tell her? - Tell her what?
That you're in love with the mom?
I just met the mom. Lily, Lily.
- But you like her. - Yeah, I like her.
OK, so I'll go out with Lindsey.
David, the bank just called. They're repossessing your house.
You're never gonna sleep with two women at once.
- Lindsey, hi. - Hi.
Hey, how are you? When did you get back?
Just now. Did you try and call me?
No, I've just been incredibly busy.
So I can see you tomorrow night?
Tomorrow night? Well, jeez, I have a--
Hey, listen, can I call you back?
I've got, like, six things going on at once.
Yeah, sure, but call me right back, OK?
don't make any other plans. I want to see you tomorrow.
- OK. - I'm at home, so call me.
- Bye-bye. - Bye.
Hey, E.
- Now, that was telling her. - Telling who what?
Nothing. I'm just looking for a new partner.
So, Eli, your father and I...
would really like to talk to you about sex.
The first time? Sixteen.
No, seventeen and a half.
It took me a year to try it again.
As long as you both realize what it is you're getting into.
You know what I mean? Not that I think...
there's anything wrong with it, mind you.
When I was your age, I...
I don't think I knew what sex was until I met Karen.
We were, like, twenty-two...
and we just... we went crazy.
You know all about AIDS and condoms...
and all that stuff, right?
Because I want you to feel free to talk to me--
We haven't had sex.
- Did mom say something? - Sort of, yeah.
Yeah. She worries a lot about that stuff.
I know, I know. E, look...
girls just see this stuff differently...
no matter what they say. It means more to them, OK?
You don't want to push somebody into something...
they're not ready for.
Dad, we've been indoctrinated...
in sexual correctness since the sixth grade.
Staying in bed for weeks, forgetting to eat.
It was like being drunk on somebody else.
- "My Sister's Bookstore". - "My Sister's Bookstore"?
Yeah. Kinda get a lot of comments about the name.
I never heard of sisters being partners before.
My father thought of it.
Judy wanted to start a bookstore...
and he always considered her a flake. Unfairly.
- Nice attitude. - Don't ask.
But it made sense...
because I wanted to go back to teaching...
and there's no money in that...
and he said, "Why don't you help Judy start a bookstore?
"You'll make more money and have more time with your kids."
Wrong on both counts, by the way.
What does it mean to be an architect?
Well, I spend most of my time...
trying to charm building inspectors--
one of the great oxymorons of all time--
or preventing clients from making bad mistakes...
or drumming up new business.
Every once in a while if I get really lucky...
I actually get to design a building.
I kept looking at his hands.
I know I was supposed to be listening to him...
but all I could think of was, "He has such beautiful hands."
- You found it all right? - It was easy.
You really have to be home?
- I do. - When?
I have to leave in seventeen minutes.
People can see in.
No. There's nobody. Don't worry.
- I have to go anyway. - I know.
We're like two kids with nowhere to go.
My parents aren't home.
My parents will be really mad if I get home late.
You have very strict parents.
My parents are 14 and 9. How did that happen?
I don't think the world was...
constructed for forty-year-olds to date.
- Is it bad that I'm leaving? - No, it's fine.
I think it's bad. I'm sorry.
No need. We're in the same boat.
Are we?
Call me?
E? Jess?
Dad! Thought you were out.
I was out. Is everything OK?
- Is Mom OK? - Oh, yeah, yeah.
Dad, can you not, like, come upstairs...
for a few minutes or something like that?
Not come upstairs?
She's, like, really embarrassed.
Maybe you should come down here and talk to me for a second.
Dad, look, she's upset, so can I just--
Look, I want you to take her home...
and then when you get back...
I need to have a talk with you, OK?
- Bye. - Bye.
Hey, it's Lindsey.
Listen, I know you said you'd call...
but since you're so busy I thought I'd call you.
Just give me a call when you get in.
The first time I brought a girl back to the apartment...
was three weeks after I moved out.
I was so excited.
- Eli, you lied to me today. - Dad, nothing happened yet.
- But it was gonna happen. - Well, she wanted it to happen.
She asked me to make it happen.
You said not to push anybody, so I didn't.
And the moment we were done...
all I could think about was when she would leave.
And then she was gone, and it finally hit me.
I am really alone.
I need you to know that I'm not upset...
by the fact that you and Jennifer might have sex.
But you can't do it this way, lying like this.
What would you have said if I asked you...
if I could bring her here to have sex?
I don't know. We'd have to talk about it.
You wouldn't let me do it. Come on.
So, where should we do it, if you say it's OK with you?
- Hello. - Lindsey, it's Rick.
- Hey, you. - How you doing?
So glad to be back. God, New York is loud.
-Did you miss me? -Absolutely. Listen--
I heand about this great new place that has swing dancing--
Actually, I need to-- we need to--
Can you hold on one sec?
So, I'm probably not supposed to call you.
Well, let me check the divorce manual on that.
- Can you hold on one sec? - Sure.
I am so sorry. My daughter cannot remember...
a homework assignment for her life.
- I have to deal with this. - OK. Call me later?
OK. Why don't I call you tomorrow from the office?
I have a meeting...
with the zoning commissior on Wednesday.
Good. All right. I'll be in and out.
You just call. OK, bye.
I'm so sorry.
That's OK. You have a busy life.
No, no. My daughter and homework. Don't ask.
Tell me about it. I'm sorry about before.
Oh, no, you have nothing to be sorry about.
I--Maybe there will even be a night...
when we don't have to go home.
Wouldn't that be amazing?
Can you hold on one second?
- Hello? - Where's Eli?
He's here. He didn't call you?
No. And what's he doing there?
He was supposed to be home hours ago.
Can you hold on one sec?
We have a domestic situation here.
Say no more.
Can I call you back in five minutes?
Don't worry, I still have algebra homework...
and a diorama, and you know.
Maybe we should talk tomorrow.
Maybe I can sneak out before I have to pick up Eli.
OK, let me know.
What are you wearing by the way?
Shut up.
I'm so sorry.
David's having another fight with the zoning commission.
I'm calming down. Just tell me...
he didn't come over to your apartment to have sex.
I'm not very good when people pull away.
I know sometimes people pull away.
It has nothing to do with you.
They're just busy or something.
But I always think that it's something I did.
I guess I take responsibility for everything.
Am I sixteen again?
I spent half an hour agonizing over whether to call him.
- You didn't call him? - And then I'm talking to him...
and for the first second, something just wasn't right.
- You called him. - We're grownups.
I can call him if I think that's the right thing to do.
After how many dates?
What. I shouldn't have called him...
and that's why it was weird?
Men say they like it when women call. They're lying.
She called. That's very cool.
When a woman calls, it means she wants to have sex.
Will you please? I'm trying to tell you...
I lied to three women in the space of four minutes.
But did you get caught?
Look, they want you to lie to them.
What did he actually say?
Something about a family situation.
- And you didn't believe him? - You don't think he was lying?
Men need to lie. You can't take it personally.
Any woman asking anything of them...
is automatically their mother...
which means they're terrified...
which means they lie just to keep...
a part of themselves out of your evil clutches.
- Thank you. - So, how'd you leave it?
Well, he had to hang up the phone.
We're supposed to see each other tonight.
He's supposed to call.
Two nights in a row. Not bad. We'll see if he calls.
Two nights in row. Does that mean you're going steady?
Damn it. I don't have her work number.
Is it OK if I call her at 4:30 for a date the same night?
Oh, I don't know, buddy. That's a pretty serious infraction.
Men have ended up in relationship jail...
for less than that.
- You think so? - Jesus. Would you get a spine?
Just sleep with her. Sleep with both of them.
See which one you like better, and I'll take the other.
As long as it's Lindsey.
- Hey, is your mom there? - Yeah...
but she's in the bathroom.
When she gets out, could you tell her that Rick called?
- Sure. - OK. Thanks.
- What? What's up? - I don't believe you.
I completely-- I don't believe you.
- Don't believe what? - Ask Grace Manning!
You're kidding. Mom, I'm on the phone.
Grace, honey, I'm waiting for a call.
Oh, and, mom, I need to go to Fashion Hill.
- Now? - I don't have any bras.
You have seven bras.
- They all wore out. - I need a bra, too.
We're not going to Fashion Hill now.
It's dinnertime, and I may have to go out tonight.
You never said you were going out.
Can I get a bra? Please? Please?
No. You can't get a bra.
I'm getting a bra!
Did anyone call me this afternoon?
Are you still seeing that dad?
Get off the phone!
- Hey, Jessie, what's up? - What's up with you, big D?
Hey, you didn't by any chance...
pick up the phone in the last hour, did you?
- Why? Who's calling? - Nobody.
- Is the mom calling? - No. Go do your homework.
- Are you calling the mom? - Leave the room.
I have to get something to eat.
And my Mom says I can get a bra.
Yeah. She just--
Get that off right now! Zoe! Come here!
- Come here! That's not funny! - Give me the phone.
Zoe! Zoe! That's not funny!
And you told her it was Eli?
She said she can't talk right now.
This is really important. Can you ask her again?
Hold on.
I'm sorry. She said she Just can't talk right now.
OK, thank you.
OK. Fashion Hill!
I could use some bras myself.
Hi--wait-- this is the Mannings--
Lily, Grace, and Zoe...
and none of us are here right now to take your call...
but if you-- blah--blah--blah--
So, if I finish my dissertation in eighteen months...
but everyone's telling me...
there's no way I can finish in eighteen months...
which means I would have to take out another loan...
which how am I going to repay...
on an assistant professor's salary?
Yeah. That's a tough one.
"My Sister's Bookstore".
Hey, it's Rick, can you hear me?
Barely. Where are you?
Just at a job site.
I tried to call you last night.
- What? - I tried--you--night.
You got into a fight?
No. I tried to call you last night.
Twice, but I--
Lily? Hello?
- Hey, is this better? - A little.
I tried to call you last night.
You mean your daughter...
is as good at relaying messages as mine?
You were foolish enough...
to leave a message with either one of them?
I don't know what got into me.
So, you didn't not call me?
And you didn't not call me back?
No, I didn't not call you back.
I'm glad.
- What are you doing right now? - What do you mean?
Are you eating? Come have lunch with me.
- Right now? - Yeah.
I can wait five minutes.
Soccer. I've got homework--
now my mom wants me to baby-sit Zoe.
Didn't you baby-sit her last weekend?
- Yeah. - Grace.
- What? - Can I talk to you?
I guess.
I don't know what you have against me...
but you can't just--
I know you're in ninth grade and all...
but you can't just start saying stuff that isn't true.
What do you mean?
Why would you tell people that you and I were--
You and I were what?
That your parents caught us at your house!
Because, like, my girlfriend is really upset.
You heard that I said my parents caught us at my house?
- You were telling people that. - You and me at my house?
I heard from six people that you were telling people that.
I told one person that I caught...
your father and my mother at my house.
- You caught them? - Yeah, I kinda caught them.
You mean...
Headed in that direction, I think.
No kidding.
Back-to-school night was postponed.
- Really? - Yes.
- I am so sorry. - Oh, me, too.
I look forward to those informative evenings.
Not to mention the wonderful coffee.
Jake was already taking the kids, so...
I guess he doesn't have to know it was canceled.
What will we do with each other for a whole evening?
We'd have to think really hard about that.
There you are.
Oh, God!
- No, it's OK. - Sorry.
- I got it. - Here, use my napkin.
- Lindsey. - Hi.
This is Lily.
- Hi. - Hi.
Lily and...
Anyway, I just stopped by your office...
and David said you had run off to lunch by yourself...
but obviously, well...
Lindsey and I work together.
We're--we're-- on a lot of projects.
She's real estate. She works in real estate.
She--she points me in a lot of good directions.
- What firm are you with? - Decade Homes.
Oh, we got our house through them.
- Oh, really? Where is it? - In Deerfield on Oak.
- Oh, I love that street. - We do, too.
Well, anyway, like I said, I just stopped by to say hi.
I haven't seen you in so long.
Oh, isn't he the greatest? Well, it's nice meeting you.
- You, too. - Bye.
Lindsey is a good... friend.
She's--she's an old friend.
- She seems nice. - Yeah, she's--she's--
- I--I want you to know-- - It's OK.
I feel like I should say--
I know, I know. I didn't bring my key.
Just don't yell at me.
Honey, how many times have I told you?
Sometimes I can't help being late. I'm really sorry.
- Hi, mommy. - Hello, my sweetness.
How was your day? Finish your diorama?
Why do you have to go to back-to-school night?
Hey, Daddy. Mom, I have tons of homework.
None of my teachers talk to each other...
so they all think they're the only teachers we have.
- Daddy, I have so much homework. - You don't have to do homework.
What's so important about school?
Who cares about college anyway? Hi.
All right, girls. Get your things.
- Lily, how you doing? - Fine.
The problem with Jake was that he was so attractive...
I didn't even like him at first...
but I just couldn't get him out of my mind.
You look nice. That a new sweater?
Judy's, I stole it.
When you're twenty-two, and a guy decides he wants you...
and comes at you with all this energy...
- You're skinny. - Oh, I am not.
Look at you. You must've lost ten pounds.
You look great.
Thank you. Can we not have this conversation?
- I'm giving you a compliment. - Thank you.
We're ready. Bye. See you tomorrow.
Bye, Mom. See you.
- Y'all have fun. - OK.
Have fun at back-to-school night.
I need to talk to you.
Look, I know you don't want to talk to me...
but there's something you need to know.
I wasn't with Grace Manning.
Grace Manning never said she was with me.
My father was with Grace Manning's mother.
- Why'd they say it was you? - Because kids are idiots.
Ask Grace Manning.
- Really? - Really.
I knew you weren't with her.
You did?
Grace Manning isn't about to have sex with anybody.
- Then why were you mad? - I don't know.
Because it could've been true.
And because it's so easy for you.
- What is? - All of it.
Because you're a guy and...
because your father comes home and I'm naked...
and you don't even call me the next day to see if I'm OK.
'Cause you could do it with anyone, and you wouldn't care.
That is not true.
I just felt dirty.
I thought you wanted to.
I did, but I knew you wanted to more.
What does that mean?
If you don't want to do it, we won't do it.
- Yeah, sure. - No, I mean it.
For how long?
I didn't do anything wrong. I didn't lie. I didn't cheat.
So why do I feel so guilty?
And why the hell did you send her over there?
Oh, come on. Of course you did something wrong.
You didn't pledge your entire life...
to this person that you barely know.
Maybe I want to pledge my life to her.
Yeah, but you don't know that, do you?
Well, how do I find it out?
Would you just sleep with her already?
Maybe she'll be terrible...
and you won't have to worry about it anyway.
How can I sleep with somebody I don't know anything about?
Who said anything about sleeping together?
Where do you think all this is headed?
I kissed him after the first five minutes.
On the second date, he was taking my clothes off.
It isn't exactly like I've been a shrinking violet.
Move your feet. What message have I given him?
I am. I don't understand my own actions.
At lunch today, a girl walks up who he's clearly going out with.
What am I doing?
Where'd you get those jeans?
You think he's sleeping with her, too?
- Was she pretty? - She's OK.
She's also maybe thirty.
Have I lost weight?
- Oh, did you see Jake today? - Shut up.
God, I've got two kids.
How can I take my clothes off?
Has he asked you to take your clothes off?
- What's her body like? - How should I know?
- Exactly. - I'm sure it's great.
Two kids.
I actually kind of like that. I think.
Oh, you're so evolved.
Tell me I'm making a terrible mistake.
You're making a terrible mistake.
I'm meeting this man in an hour. I'm going to his house.
I have no real idea who he is...
except that his kids go to my kids' school.
What am I thinking?
So don't go to his house. Go bowling again.
You have no idea what it's like.
If I go out with him, we'll end up back at his house.
It's like this force field, and we're helpless to resist it.
It's just...
OK, I can't cancel now, so what do I do?
You're canceling?
Well, I got to cancel. It's outta control.
At six thirty?
I know it's gonna happen, and I don't want it to happen.
Can't I just-- can't I just lie to him?
Can't I just tell him that I'm sick?
Because I am sick at this point.
But you look so hot in that outfit.
I do?
No one's forcing you to go. Just tell him the truth.
Or lie.
Hi, it's Rick and the kids...
and here comes the beep.
Hi, it's Lily. Listen, I never got your work number...
so I hope you are checking this soon.
I'm so sorry, but something came up...
and I'm not gonna be able to get together after all.
I'm so sorry.
I know it's last minute, and I just didn't have any choice...
so I will-- I'll call you back, OK?
I'll talk to you soon, I hope you understand.
Oh! OK.
I just didn't have any choice...
so I will-- I'll call you back, OK?
I'll talk to you soon. I hope you understand.
Hey, Dad, I thought you were going out.
No. It was canceled.
I don't have any socks at Mom's...
so it's not like I'm sneaking in.
You don't have to worry about that.
- You OK, Dad? - Yeah, Yeah.
Fine. I'm just trying to figure out what to do with my night.
What do they want anyway?
I mean, you try to be nice...
you try not to be disrespectful...
but they still get you for it.
You and Jennifer?
Yeah. I did something wrong...
but I'm still trying to figure out what.
Is this from the other night?
She wanted to. We were going to.
But then she said she didn't want to.
How could I know that?
She's just scared, E. Weren't you scared?
A little, I guess.
But I just figured it was better to get it over with.
I guess we're worried about the moment...
you know, and whether it's gonna go OK.
But they're worried about what comes after.
So, what do I do?
Let them decide when they're ready, I guess.
The thing is, E, and I don't know...
whether I should be even telling you this...
because it's just liable to confuse you.
But they don't always know when they're ready.
At some point, they just need you to be the guy.
To let them know it's OK to stop being afraid.
But you really have to know that you mean it.
You have to be willing to take responsibility for that...
because, otherwise, you'reJust--you're just--
you're just another jerk trying to get laid.
How will I know?
Don't worry. You'll know.
Where are you going?
I just figured out what I'm doing with my night.
Lock up when you leave?
- What... - Hi.
I got your message.
I'm really sorry.
What came up?
Oh, you know, I just...
I can't even begin to explain it.
- You got scared. - No. No, no, no, I just...
Yes. Petrified.
I think we should still go out.
- You do? - Yeah.
Are you hungry?
I don't know.
OK, OK. We have to eat, right?
What do you want? Italian, Japanese, Chinese?
Which one?
OK ltalian?
No. OK, let's go to your house.
Well, it may not be much, but at least it's overpriced.
It's nice.
I have menus. We can order in.
Or I could cook us up something.
I have--I have breakfast cereal.
I don't know if I'm hungry yet.
How weird was it when you moved out?
The weirdest ever.
I slept with three guys before Jake.
But one of them didn't count...
because it was Homecoming weekend...
and we were pretty out of it.
I feel a sudden aversion to doing this in a living room...
thanks to you.
Come on.
You understand I'm not ready to...
Of course.
Will you forgive me?
For what?
Who are you?
When I figure that out, I'll let you know.
We don't know anything about each other.
We--we don't know what our assumptions are...
Assumptions. About?
About life. About what we're looking for. About...
I mean, OK, like today, Could I just ask--
and it's none of my business. I'm just curious--
- Who was Lindsey? - Yes.
She's someone I've been going out with.
OK. I figured, I just wanted to know...
If we're still seeing each other.
It's--it's none of my business. I know that. I understand.
You and I just started--
No, no. She works for Decade Homes.
- We met when-- - I'm sorry.
I just need to know if you're sleeping together.
No. Not anymore.
OK, OK. I'm sorry.
I--it's just all this new stuff.
Am I supposed to ask you if you've been tested?
Do you use condoms? I can't even believe...
I'm having this conversation.
It's a scary world out there, I know.
It's not even that.
It's just I have no right to ask these questions.
I don't have any claim on you.
You're--you're a very attractive man.
I'm sure there are lots of women who--
I'm just--I don't know.
Lily, I don't have "lots of women who".
I don't think I'm ready for the modern world...
as everyone describes it to me.
I'm gonna sound like an idiot saying this, but...
from the moment I saw you at school...
I didn't want anybody else.
I--I didn't care about anybody else.
You just... don't have to worry about that.
I shouldn't have asked.
Jake was really patient in the beginning.
It was the sweetest he ever was.
And I just felt him needing me so much...
that gradually I just opened up and...
Oh, God, the things we did.
I loved being pregnant.
It was such permission to be a woman.
I loved eating. I loved the whole thing.
You're so beautiful.
And when Karen was pregnant with Eli...
I couldn't get enough of her.
I kept wondering how I got so lucky.
I gained forty-six pounds with Zoe.
And then all of a sudden...
I had all these stretch marks. Oh, my God.
Do you have something?
- I thought you said-- - I know.
I do have something.
You knew this was gonna happen.
Actually, they're my son's.
Oh, my God, you have a child old enough to have sex?
I'll be right back.
I was doing the bills one day...
and there was a charge on our credit card...
from a hotel downtown...
and I just didn't deal with it.
The last time I saw one of those...
Jimmy Carter was president.
I hate these things.
I forgot how slippery they are.
Get that out of my face!
You get over there!
Then after Jessie was born, something happened.
It was like she lost faith in me...
or she was just overwhelmed with everything...
but I could tell.
I was disappointing her every day.
No, my knee, I just need to move my knee.
- I'm sorry. - No, you don't have to move.
My arm, OK.
- Are you OK? - Yeah, yeah.
You sure?
It was my fault, you understand...
because if you know something and you don't deal...
it becomes your responsibility.
You don't have to stop.
I need a minute.
- I'm sorry. - No, no, I just...
I just know that if I had figured out...
how to give Karen what she needed...
she wouldn't have had to shut down.
I just couldn't figure out how to do that.
Can I help?
It's not that. I don't know why this is happening.
Because I'm hopeless. Because I don't remember how to do this.
No. No, you do not take this on yourself.
This is--this is not you.
OK? It's not you. It's me.
No, it's me. I don't know why I'm so scared.
I have a life. I've given birth to two children.
I don't know why letting a man touch me feels so dangerous.
Maybe it's the wrong man.
Oh, God, no.
You're not the wrong man.
When I found out--when I...
admitted that I knew what Jake was doing with other people...
It's not very good for your opinion of yourself.
And it's very hard, then, to...
to imagine anybody else really wanting you.
Lily, I want you.
Is it possible you might be who I need you to be?
I don't know.
Be quiet.
Can I say I'm not altogether displeased that this happened?
You may.
Are you displeased?
Does that mean shut up?
What about my dinner? I'm hungry.
OK, I'm shutting up now.
Thank God.
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