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Once and Again 01x10

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Attention, shoppers...
remember, any purchase of $100 from now until Thanksgiving...
will earn you a 10-pound turkey.
And we are open till 12:00 noon Thanksgiving Day.
It's not about you and me, Zoe.
It has to be done right.
Can we keep him, Mommy? Can we keep him?
It's not fair.
Hey, what's up?
Okay, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, margarine...
You hate margarine.
Grammy and Grandpa.
Oh, right.
And we're not allowed to get the stuffing ingredients...
- We're not allowed to? - How come?
Because your grandmother's insane.
You know how Grammy likes to keep her stuffing recipe a secret.
Along with any love that she may feel for us.
That is taking stuffing way too seriously.
Gee, you think?
You think this turkey's too big for six people?
We could always invite Daddy.
- Daddy won't be joining us. - How come?
You know how come.
Okay, no more goldfish.
But aren't people supposed to do...
like, charity things on Thanksgiving?
That has nothing to do with this.
I mean, isn't this cruel and unusual punishment?
Are you his lawyer?
But what if he gets lonely?
Sweetheart, he could have plans, for all I know.
He doesn't.
Mom, will you just think about it?
No. It's not possible. I'm sorry.
Whatcha reading?
Hey, could you not, like, sit on my lap?
Like I'd want to.
Come on. This is a holiday.
Why is everybody acting so non-holidayish?
"Non-holidayish" isn't a word.
Let's bake something, Dad.
Bake something?
Yeah, something Thanksgivingish.
I don't know, sweetie. I don't think so.
what are you doing for Thanksgiving, anyway?
Uh, well, I'll probably get together with David.
We'll hang out and maybe get some work done.
You're gonna work...
for, like, the whole Thanksgiving thing?
No, just--
Actually, we--we probably won't work at all.
We'll get a bite to eat, see a movie--
That doesn't sound very Thanksgivingish.
Well, it'll be a Thanksgivingish bite.
This is big enough, right?
- We're how many? - Six.
- Right, six. - Unless you want to, you know.
Unless you want to what?
Invite Daddy?
Uh, no, Gracie, actually, something else.
- Make room in the fridge, please. - Yeah.
A carjust parked in our driveway!
They're here!
It's... showtime.
Baby, it's so good to see you.
Holy smokes, would you get a load of these shmendriks?
What are shmendriks?
Shmendriks? What you are! You're a shmendrik!
- Oh, Phil, your back. Be careful. - My back is fine.
- Hi, sweetheart! - Look at--Look at you!
Look at her!
Never mind her. Look at me.
You're both beautiful. My beautiful--my beautiful girls!
I am so glad to get out of that plane.
Barbara, stop complaining.
We got packed in like sardines, and that line for the rental car...
- I have a gecko. Do you want to see it? - went on and on.
Absolutely. What is it?
I brought you girls-- I brought you lanyard kits.
That's for you. I brought them lanyard kits.
Oh, great.
Is this a face?
Is this a face?
So, where's Jake?
I just meant, is Jake at the restaurant?
No, I meant, i--is he at the restaurant?
I don't know where he is, Dad.
We're not--w--we're separated. We have been for a while.
Well, Lilabet, I can't ask a question?
We hear things, we're told things, but we're not here.
It hasn't sunk in. It's not real for us yet, you know?
Well, we're separated, Mom.
Darling, we know you're separated.
Did you think we didn't know you were separated?
- It's just that we were wondering when we were going to see him. - I know. I know, Mom.
I'm going to help Judy.
Darling, come show us your ginkgo.
Gecko, gecko.
Phil, are you sure your back's not bothering you?
Leave my back out of this.
- It's not real to them. - Neither are we.
Can you say, "nervous breakdown"?
Can you say, "Barbados"?
'Cause that's where we're gonna be next year--
I just hate that you're giving up your room.
No, I'll take Zoe's room. The girls can sleep together in Grace's.
Musical beds.
Oh, no, Mom, it's fine. They like it.
Listen, about Jake--
Oh, honey, forget I said anything.
- We'll just follow your lead. - It's completely up to you.
W--What do you mean, it's up to me?
If you don't want to come with us...
to see the restaurant and see what he's done, it's okay.
She's probably already seen it, right?
Lily, it's fine. We'll go without you.
It seems like kind of a shame.
Sweetie, it's okay, it really is.
It's whatever you decide.
Hey, strangers!
How come you look so good, you old so-and-so?
You're supposed to be miserable.
I am miserable.
Okay, my turn?
Yes, yes, yes.
I missed you, you son of a bitch.
Yeah, me, too.
Come on, let me show you.
The pool tables are going to be here Monday.
Good, you'll get the college kids for the billiards...
- I'll... be right back. - and the bar scene...
and we'll get the families for dinner.
Right. Sure. Ready?
At first...
he wasn't interested in the restaurant business...
- but after about 10 years-- - He worked his way up.
Assistant manager, manager...
And then when we decided to retire--
I mean, when Phil decided to retire--
I made a deal with him.
You know, I sold him the restaurant at, you know, terms...
which he'd pay back over a 10-year period.
Otherwise, the kids could never have afforded this.
And that way we didn't pay capital gains.
It made it all possible.
For retirement.
To tell you the truth, it made us happy because now the restaurant would...
Continue on.
I mean, it's your flesh and blood, your business...
and you want it to go to somebody who'll appreciate what it is...
- And Jake was that person. - what it means.
There was no one else.
Holy smokes!
Will you look at this?
Barbara, this is where the laundromat used to be.
Right where you're standing, that's where the dryers were!
Ooh, I've got chills.
You remember how many years I had to put up with those damn washing machines?
Every time they'd go through a spin cycle...
the whole place would shake.
You know, there's so much room!
1,800 square feet, which gives us another 75 seats.
It's all ours.
It's all yours.
We know he's not perfect, and sometimes he looks before he leaps.
Makes mistakes sometimes.
Doesn't look before he leaps.
What did I say?
Well, I mean, he is impulsive, but--
He's a good boy.
I'm not going to make it.
So, your parents have arrived.
Ah, it's just-- it--it's amazing.
They get out of that rental car, and I'm so happy to see them,
and within five minutes, they've destroyed my will to live.
I need to see you.
Aren't you, uh, aren't you, like, grounded or something?
Cute. Very hilarious.
Judith Brooks!
Oh, for pity's sake.
Hey, Mom!
Don't you dare tell on me.
Fine, I won't... probably.
What are you doing sitting out here all by yourself?
How often do you see us?
This isn't about seeing you, it's about seeing him.
Oh, Judy, come on.
Okay, fine.
He broke my sister's heart and betrayed her trust, but he's improving the restaurant?
You don't see anything wrong with this picture?
I think he's doing an excellent job.
I just wish it weren't costing us.
Wait. What do you mean, costing you?
This is costing you?
He owes you and Dad money?
Not a word to Lily.
Well, my contractor--you know, the guy has got great references...
but he did this huge job for somebody, and they stiffed him...
so now, you know, he's got to file chapter 11.
Well, yeah, you told me all this.
No, I know, but now they've put a lien on this place...
so I can't move forward on any of this until that's done.
Well, what has to be done?
Uh, the bar's got to be sanded...
the plumbing, all the wiring...
Well, hell. We can do that.
Seriously? You up for that?
Are you kidding? Just put me to work.
I always wanted to own a bar.
Daddy, I need to start dinner.
Oh, speaking of dinner...
what are you doing tomorrow night?
Honey, for God's sakes, it's Thanksgiving.
Come on. You two can't be civil to each other for a couple of hours?
- Quiet, you. - Who are you, the thought police?
- It'll mean a lot to the girls, Lil. - It'll mean a lot to your daddy.
Do me this favor. Will you at least think about it?
Fine. I'll think about it.
That's my girl.
See ya.
It's good work.
Thank you.
Come to Mommy. Come to Mommy.
What do you call this thing again--Godzilla?
A gecko.
What happened to Barbies?
They're okay, but I really like reptiles.
You can't fool me. I know my little girls.
You'd rather play with a Barbie.
Dad, she just told you what she'd rather do.
So, Lilabet, what can I do?
What needs to be done? How can I help? I'm raring to go.
Okay, here's the plan.
- Oh, my gosh. - What?
Daddy--he's asleep?
Oh, yeah, he does that all the time now.
He does?
Mom, why haven't you ever mentioned this to me?
Well, why should I worry you? How will that change things?
I don't know. I just--
Doesn't it worry you?
Just part of getting older.
One minute I'm talking to him...
and the next minute, he's fast asleep.
It's, uh...
it's strange.
Makes me feel so alone.
Oh, Mom.
I'm going to drop him off at the restaurant...
while I go get my stuffing stuff.
He's going back to the restaurant?
- Yeah, he's meeting your husband. - Mom...
Lily, I think you should give a little thought...
to your father's request.
- Mom. - They speak to each other all the time.
The last phone call Daddy got from Jake...
Jake said he saw no reason why this whole thing...
couldn't be cleared up by Thanksgiving.
You ready, honey? Let's go.
I'm awake, I'm awake.
Okay, let's go.
Okay, yeah. Hi, sweetheart.
Hi, Daddy.
- See you later. - Okay.
You remember what I said.
Okay, come on, come on.
Okay, out we go.
Hey! Hello.
Hi, Mom. I'm missing the game.
- Eli, I want to see your face at some point today. - Okay. You will. See you, Dad.
Pumpkin bread.
Oh, my!
Karen, should I be basting?
- Oh, you remember my assistant Saj. - Hi.
Yeah, basting.
I thought so.
So, you're going to have this little Thanksgivingish thing with David, right?
Yeah, sweetie, it's going to be great.
You didn't tell me that Lloyd Lloyd guy was coming.
Just refer to him as "Lloyd", and, yes, I did.
No, you said that Aunt Phyllis was coming.
- Uh, hi. - Hi.
Hello there. We met at the...
Right, basketball. Happy Thanksgiving.
Hey. For you.
Oh. Thanks.
So, I--I'll try to get them back not too late.
Bye, Dad!
Bye, sweetie! Have a good time!
Uh, hey, Rick.
Melanie, uh, Rick. Rick, Melanie.
I'll just wait outside.
Yeah, okay.
Nice meeting you.
You, too.
Melanie? "Maple syrup" Melanie?
Yeah, after that brunch from hell, I figure I'd never see her again...
and then there she was, standing right in front of me, waiting for her nonfat macchiato.
- Go. Get out of here. - You sure?
Yeah, absolutely--quick, before she figures out what she's doing.
All right. Happy Thanksgiving.
Yeah, right.
You know, what I thought we might try is charades.
It's a great icebreaker.
Well, that sounds great.
Um, I don't know how to play charades.
Well, I'll teach you.
- Can you believe that? - Cleared up?
- By Thanksgiving. That's what Jake told Daddy. - Unbelievable.
Anything Jake tells them...
it's like the gospel truth from on high...
like he can do no wrong.
I know. Even this money thing.
What money thing?
I don't see butter.
All I see is that awful margarine.
Sweetie pie, I'm about to start my stuffing.
What is this about Jake owing you and Daddy money?
Oh, this family.
Gracie and I are going for a walk.
You can't tell anything to anybody in this family in confidence. Did you know that?
Yes, Mom, I know that, but that's not--
Daddy and Jake have this all figured out. It's between them.
If I had known that you didn't have butter...
Mom, the last time you were here...
you told me never to eat butter.
You said that it would kill us.
Well, now they're saying that margarine's very bad for you.
- Okay, well-- - It's all right. I'll start my secret part later.
Now, where are my breadcrumbs?
Mom, is it true that the last two checks never arrived...
and the one before that bounced?
This is unbelievable. It--it really is.
Do you and Daddy find him so damn irresistible you'll forgive him anything?
Anything, Mom?
Honey, I am going to be honest with you.
I'm going to be extremely honest.
Your father and I had a separation.
Mom, I--I know. I've heard this.
Yes, but did you know that there was an incident, that there was actually an occasion...
when your father... cheated on me?
Yes, yes, Mom, I know. You told me.
You found out, Daddy cried, you'd never seen him cry...
Never. I almost fainted.
But you stuck to your guns, and you packed his bags...
and told him to straighten up or fly right...
- and then he lasted four days. - Five days.
- And he came back. - Yes, with his tail between his legs...
And begged for forgiveness, and you forgave him.
That's right. We weathered the storm.
- We didn't just throw up our hands-- - Grammy!
- Is that what you think I'm doing? - I don't know. How do I know?
God, Mom, I've agonized over this.
I've laid awake nights.
I never said you didn't.
Yes, you did. You just--
Um, it's all right, sweetheart.
I haven't started the secret part yet.
Oh, darling, no, that's all wrong. Here.
Just let me take it apart for you.
My mother? Oh, my mother's really capable.
She's a great cook.
She makes everything from scratch.
She's always doing something.
I've never been able to go to her for help my whole life.
Do you want me to-- to go out for butter, or--
No, never mind. I'll make do. You know me.
My own mother was very cold.
It wasn't her fault, but still...
I made it a point to be different...
with my own children.
There. Now... you can start all over.
Sweetheart, I'm going to start my stuffing now.
Right, right.
Okay. Zoe?
So, what did you do?
What did I do?
You heard me. What did you do?
I was bad.
How bad?
Is this person... still in the picture?
No, that's, uh... that's not an issue.
Well, then, enough already.
I mean, come on. People screw up. Let's face it.
It happens... to the best of us.
Yeah, Lily told me that, uh... Barbara threw you out once...
said it was a long time ago...
that you were in the doghouse for about a week...
and, uh, she took you back.
Is that pretty much it?
Pretty much.
Well, I wish that was my situation.
What do you mean, you wish?
If wishes were horses...
Come on, Jake, let's go home.
Come on.
Oh, a beauty!
Is the ruby nicer?
It's expensive.
Zoemorph, hey!
How come you're here?
Hey, you.
We asked Mom if you could come, and she said no.
Well, I know how to ask your mommy in a very special way.
So, book, movie, song...
and this is musical, all right?
Excuse me.
If you--
use this for "sounds like". That's very important.
Okay, you got that?
This means "whole idea". The whole idea.
Let's say you want to act out the whole idea.
Let's say you're doing "Prince of Egypt", okay?
Instead of doing "prince", then "Egypt"...
you can act out the whole story...
like "bulrushes", "Mount Sinai", you know.
Anyway, um--
Oh, this is important. Small word--"of, and, but".
The number of syllables in a word-- boom, boom, boom, boom--
Very important.
If you have a multisyllabic title...
I strongly suggest that you break it down into syllables, okay?
Any questions so far?
All right, all right, everybody...
let's go around the table and say what we're thankful for.
I'll start. I'm thankful to be married to the sweetest--
The children should go first.
You're right. Absolutely right.
Children should go first.
Children, go first.
Okay, well, I'm really thankful that Dad's here...
so thanks for changing your mind.
That's nice.
Actually--never mind.
Actually what, Mom?
Actually, I didn't change my mind, but--
Dad, I said I would think about it. That's not changing my mind.
The point is, we're all together.
Oh, Dad, we are not all together.
Oh, you know what I meant.
How can you say that? How can you say we're all together?
I thought that we had agreed--
Well, I didn't agree, okay? And it's not right.
What are they talking about?
Come on, Lily. He should be here.
I know. You're right.
- Who? - It's Zoe's turn to give thanks.
Jake gets invited, but not Aaron?
Uncle Aaron. Dad!
Jake, Jake, come on.
Everybody hold hands.
I'll make it quick.
Jake, come on, now.
Everybody, come on.
I'll make it quick.
I just want to say I'm thankful for my beautiful wife...
and my family...
and that includes everybody...
and, of course, I want to thank God for everything.
Me, too.
And may there be many more occasions such as this...
only with a little less mishigas.
- Amen. - Amen.
Now let's eat.
I'm so glad it's you.
I tried you at your office.
I thought you said you and David--
No, something came up. So, how's it going?
Oh, Jake came to dinner.
Really? How did that happen?
Oh, God, don't ask.
Oh, it's so good to hear your voice.
How are you?
You have a really nice voice.
I like your voice.
I like your-- I like your body.
I mean, what in particular?
Well, the way it... tells me all its secrets.
Where are you?
Just walking.
Actually, not-- not far from you.
Oh, I need to see you.
Don't you kind of already have your hands full?
No, I mean to see you.
I need to lay eyes on someone who's sweet...
nonjudgmental, who doesn't think I'm a selfish bitch.
Okay, okay, so it's, uh, big, and it's round.
- Fat, round-- - What?
- Big, fat, round-- - What does that have to do with--I give up.
It's a big, giant snowball.
Honey, I think he's talking about the whole concept.
Oh, right, right. Okay, okay, okay, all right.
Thirsty. Drink.
You're thirsty. Thirsty person.
You're a crazy person-- crazy person who can't stop--
You're crazy thirsty.
You're insane!
You are swimming!
That's it! You're swimming! You're swimming!
You're in the water, and you are dead!
You are dying! You are dead in the water!
Oh, my God! "Titanic"! That's it!
Yes! Bingo!
Yes! My turn.
I can see your house.
You can?
Yeah, where are you?
I see you.
You can?
I don't-- I don't see you.
I'm right here across the street.
Where? I don't--
Aah! I see you. There you are.
Stay right there. I'll be right down.
Oh, excuse me. Over here?
Mom, sorry, excuse me.
Oh, good, the garbage is full...
so I'll just take it out.
No, Lil, I'll take the trash out. It's all right.
No, I just need some air.
All right, you know what?
I'm--I'm going to say good night to the kids.
What's going on?
Aren't you cold?
When I was a kid, I used to walk down my street
and just, you know, wonder what it would be like...
to live inside these other houses...
where everything seemed...
like it was, you know, perfect.
I have a brother... a year younger than me.
He lives in the city in a group home.
When I was 17, he came to visit me in college...
and he said he had something to tell me...
and I had to swear not to tell anyone...
and it was that he, um...
he didn't need sleep anymore.
He hadn't slept in over a week...
and he didn't need sleep anymore...
because he was immortal.
And when he was first diagnosed as schizophrenic...
my parents said, "Don't talk about it",
so I didn't.
I never told anyone.
That was when I still had hope.
And Judy sees him all the time.
It's just his medication--
what if he goes off it?
Because he'll end up in court or in the hospital...
and I just...
It was just too much this year...
only now I wish that I...
It just hurts so much to be around him...
because I, uh...
because you miss him.
Yeah, I do.
Come on.
That was amazing. Absolutely amazing.
Lloyd, I told you, I bought it at the market.
Well, I don't care. This is crumble, right? This is crumble?
Yes, this is crumble.
Well, this is the best crumble that I've ever eaten...
and I'm going over there right after I leave to buy some more.
Your children are very charming--both of them.
Well, thank you.
I'm gonna go get some wood for the fire.
Okay. Thanks, E.
Seriously, they're smart, and they're interested...
they know how to handle a knife and fork--
Well, that--
No, clearly, you've--
Children don't get that way by accident.
Oh, yeah, I don't know.
I tend to think they're born who they are.
Of course, but they need help along the way.
Well, of course, I know, but--
And you gave them that help. That's all I'm saying.
My son mentioned you.
He did?
Yeah, after the tournament.
He was asking me all about you.
Well, uh, was that-- was that significant?
Oh, if you knew Warren...
you would know that that is very significant.
I need to tell you--
No, I really appreciate you inviting me here...
to your beautiful house with your beautiful children...
for Thanksgiving...
and I think they got their beauty from you.
Let's play Monopoly!
Oh, I--I'm an expert at Monopoly.
I've worked out a whole system.
Yeah, it's-- it's in the railroads.
You know, if you just buy the railroads, that's the key.
No, Boardwalk, Park Place, Mediterranean, and Baltic.
Oh, Mom, let me get the rest of this, okay?
You've done enough.
How could you not tell me?
Tell you what?
That you're seeing someone.
- Mom, this is not-- - What, the guy outside?
What guy outside?
Must be the dad Mom's seeing.
She's seeing a dad?
Only constantly.
Yeah, I thought I told you.
This is not happening.
Mom, you're turning a weird color.
Make me stop eating.
I have to say I'm really very hurt.
I suppose you knew that she was involved with someone.
No, Mom, I had no idea. You're involved with someone?
Barbara, Jake is leaving. You want to say goodbye?
- I know why you're doing this. - I know why I'm doing this, too, Mom.
A little louder. I don't think the neighbors heard why.
- Because he hurt you. - Oh, I don't believe this.
You know what, Mom? Actually--
Judith, this is not about you right now.
That's not exactly breaking news, Mom.
Lily, you listen to me. I am trying to help you.
- It's never about me, Mom. - What is that supposed to mean, it's never about you?
She means, like, the conversation.
Hey, Mom, I'm going, okay?
- Okay, Grace, upstairs. - Mom, we're not leaving.
- I'm sorry if you don't want to hear this-- - I don't think you are sorry.
You know, I thought you were leaving.
- He'll leave when he's ready to leave. - Grace!
I don't think you care whether I want to hear it or not.
You're right!
I don't care, because with everything you've invested in this marriage--
Wait, wait, wait. After all who's invested?
- Good one. - Who's invested in this marriage, Mom?
What are you getting at? What is that supposed to mean?
Okay. You know what? I am so sick of this. You know why?
Because I am not the one who screwed up!
Okay, kids, bedtime.
Here you go, Zoe. Come on, Grace.
- No. - Grace, out.
- Mom! - Now!
Fine. Like I don't know what's going on.
You know what, Dad? You don't see him. You never have.
He's had you seduced all along, both of you.
I beg your pardon.
And the fact that he can just take your money--
- I don't care about the money. - No explanations, just helps himself.
Your father and I have an understanding.
Like we did?
No, I'm going to pay him back with interest.
I'm doing this for you, and you don't even see that.
- Phil, let's not get upset. - I mean it!
And you don't owe anyone an explanation, son.
Oh, stop calling him that!
You know what? I shouldn't have come.
No kidding.
Jake, wait, wait, wait.
It's okay, Mom. I'll see you before you go.
You know, next time, let me fight my own battles. And how the hell do you even know that he owes me money?
Why shouldn't I know? This is what-- this is what I hate about this family.
What, that someone I happen to care about is a little late with some cockamamie payment?
No, Dad, all these secrets that shouldn't be secrets.
What secrets? Who's keeping secrets?
Except for the very things that should be kept secret that are shouted from the rooftops...
so that everybody can jump in and give their opinion...
and get all bent out of shape!
Just because I, for once...
had the audacity to do something that I wanted to do.
Something actually for me.
It's warm.
I warmed it up for you.
This is really good.
Dad, can you get that?
Look, I know it's late, but it just occurred to me that you didn't get any Thanksgiving dinner..
and I have all these leftovers, so I could--
you have a Thanksgiving dinner, don't you?
You're having it right now, aren't you?
You're amazing.
Happy Thanksgiving.
You, too.
This is delicious.
Mom... I'm sick.
I think I'm gonna throw up.
Oh, honey, you're not sick.
You're just upset 'cause Daddy...
and Grammy and Grandpa and I had a fight.
No, I'm sick.
Grammy gave me and Zoe this, like, humongous box of chocolates...
and she said it was just for us and not to tell anyone...
and... I practically ate the entire thing.
Oh. Oh, sweetie.
Come here. Oh.
That was a silly thing to do.
Okay, Grace.
Zoe, stop bouncing.
Zoe, come on.
Okay, you got to drink it while it's still bubbling.
I know, Mom.
Do you want some Alka-Seltzer?
It's not Grammy's fault.
Oh! I didn't say it was.
So, did you say it was okay to invite Daddy or not?
I told you and Zoe that it was not possible...
for Daddy and I to spend this Thanksgiving together...
but I didn't exactly say that to Grandpa...
because sometimes it's hard for me...
to say certain things to Grandpa.
Don't tell me you're scared of Grandpa.
Well, that just doesn't make sense.
I could never be scared of Grandpa.
Go to sleep now.
I love you.
Good night.
Do you hate Daddy?
That's how you act.
I do?
A lot of the times.
Well, I could never really hate him...
because he gave me both of you.
No, come on, it's like we ask these questions...
and you just say these predecided things...
that I already know you're going to say.
Well, I'm sorry.
I know it must seem like that sometimes.
Good night. Sleep tight.
Don't let the bedbugs bite.
Come in.
I left my... nightgown.
Good night.
I am stuffed.
So, how old do we think old Lloyd Lloyd is, anyway?
Um, about 80 or 90.
That's what I thought.
So, did you have fun?
What do you think, Dad?
I think it was incredibly boring.
It was, totally.
The way a daughter looks at you--
there's nothing like it.
You're the moon, the stars...
then they grow up, and it dawns on them--
you're not the infallible god they thought you were...
and it pisses them off.
Even if you never said so, it still pisses them off.
Basic physics--
you start at the top of that pedestal...
there's nowhere to go but down.
He was just the best father in so many ways.
He taught us how to play chess...
and he taught me the names of stars.
You know, I always disappointed him.
I--I don't mean just the separation.
I mean always... somehow disappointed him...
never knowing why.
Come in.
The light was on.
Yeah, come on in, Dad.
I couldn't sleep.
Yeah, me, neither.
That's the way it is now--
fall asleep at the drop of a hat...
but at night, when I want to sleep...
So, why couldn't you sleep?
This guy, the one from outside?
W--What do the girls call him?
The dad.
You're in love with him.
I can see it in your face.
- Oh, Dad, we hardly even-- - Did you think that I...
that I've never felt that way?
You think I've never been in love like that?
Dad, what are you talking about?
Oh, boy.
That time your mother told you about...
when I left.
W--Wait, you mean you were in love with someone else?
I thought that was just--
- What, just a--a one-night nothing? - Yeah.
Some waitress, after we closed up?
No, no, this was nothing like that.
This was...
this was something else.
This was somebody I thought I couldn't live without.
You were 5.
Aaron was 4.
Your mother--she begged me not to go, so I stayed...
but I still kept seeing this person.
I couldn't help it. I couldn't help myself.
Mom didn't know?
She knew. Of course she knew.
I had--I had to tell her because I couldn't let go of this woman...
till finally she let go of me.
She got tired of waiting, married someone.
Your mother got pregnant with Judy.
You know, now, looking back on it...
all these years, you think I'm sorry I didn't go?
Why do you think I'm telling you this?
Dad, don't. Don't tell me we should stay together.
I'm telling you this because I'm glad that I stayed.
So you think--you think you're in love, all right?
So what?
So what? I thought I was in love. I did.
But who knows what it was?
Love--who knows what it is?
Yeah, we're just-- we're saying good night.
Oh. Did I give you that?
Um, yeah, I love it. It's really warm.
Good night, darling.
Good night.
Come on, you.
In a minute.
Come on. You'll read.
How are you going to sleep with the light on?
I'll manage. Come on.
I'll be right there.
Okay. Good night.
Good night.
Every day, I thank God that woman took me back.
Well, maybe not every day.
Honey, people change.
- They really do. - Dad...
They learn from their mistakes. Jake can, too.
Jake isn't you, Dad. He never was.
I mean, he didn't have an affair--
one affair, Dad.
Okay? We're talking about a lot of girls, Dad.
I don't know who you see when you look at him--
What do you mean, who I see?
Daddy, my marriage doesn't work...
- Oh, Lilabet, Lilabet. - and even you can't fix it...
- and I'm sorry. - I'm sorry.
I'm sorry that I let you down.
Honey, who said anything about letting anybody down?
Come here.
This, uh, this dad--
does he have a name?
Not a bad name.
Some Thanksgiving, huh?
Oh, Daddy...
I know, I know.
Oh, it's going to be all right.
Daddy's here.
Everything's going to be okay.
I'd love to take you guys to dinner.
I don't see why we should have to go on your dates with you.
Is tonight the night we're going out with your friend?
- Zoe! - Oh, I got sauce on my dress!
How can I go out with a guy my kids hate?
You think this was too soon?
I mean, you're the greatest thing that ever happened to me, and I screwed that up, too, you know.
I'm so sorry.
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