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Once and Again 01x11

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Where There's Smoke
What'd they do with the pistol?
I don't know.
Didn't they put it in the river?
Weren't you watching?
I was sort of watching.
How did you get that?
She pushed me out of her tree.
Oh, God.
What time is it?
Can you stay for breakfast?
Oh, you're one of those morning people!
I am so late.
Oh, Rick, Rick, have you seen my, um...
Right here. Right here.
Oh, here, here, here. Wait, wait, wait.
- What? - One more bite.
Oh, no. I have--I have to go.
One more bite. Yeah. Come on. Come on.
Oh, God. You are the pancake king.
Hold it.
I am so happy.
So am I, actually.
What's your weekend like?
I have the kids. Jake is overwhelmed with work.
My scarf.
I'd love to take you guys to dinner.
What--what guys?
Y--You know, you and Grace and--and...
I know a really great...
Italian place downtown.
When were you, um--
I mean, when were you thinking about doing this?
Okay. Right.
You think it's too soon for us to...
I don't know.
...I mean, for us to do this kind of thing?
Of course not.
You know what? No. This is ridiculous.
We'll do that.
You'll get to know them. It's time.
Oh, my God.
Excuse me.
Where have you been? The house is on fire.
What? What happened?
Oh, my God. Where's Zoe? Where's Zoe?
I'm here.
It's not a fire. It's just some smoke. I might have overreacted.
I smelled it.
- When? - We just got here.
Where were you?
I was--I--I just--
Mom, that one fireman over there with the mustache?
His name's Larry. He's the captain.
Is everyone okay? Huh? Is-is everyone okay?
That's the important thing. Is everyone okay?
- We're fine. - Oh, thank God.
- It's--calm down. - I just...
- What if you hadn't been here? - I know.
- Found the problem. - This is Captain Connors.
- Lily Manning. - Nice to meet you, ma'am.
It's the north receptacle in the downstairs bathroom.
- I'm sorry. Receptacle? - Outlet.
- Yeah, that wiring is really old. - Well, look. We cut the circuit.
Don't turn it back on until you have everything checked out, okay?
Absolutely. Thank you.
- Thank you so much. - Oh, wait.
I want to play on the firetruck.
Are you gonna fix the house?
'Cause I'm scared now to even stay here.
Don't worry about it. I'm gonna get on it.
Check in at the restaurant and I'll be right back.
- Jake, it has to be done right away. - I can do it. I will do it.
If you don't have time, I'll call an electrician.
No, Lily...
- Hey, want to wear my hat? - Hello?
All right, who said this?
Can you get Zoe down from there?
Yeah. Fine.
I'll be there in two minutes, okay? Okay.
Look, I got to go to the restaurant, okay? I--
No. No. If you don't have time, I'll call an electrician and get an estimate.
I promise I'll be back. I can do it.
- I just need an hour. - I don't want you to.
Lily, do you have any idea how much th--
Fine. You--you get an estimate.
Bye, girls.
- Bye, Dad! - See ya.
Okay. You can turn it on now.
Ah! Great.
Is that the power for the whole house?
The whole house.
There is no way I'm going out in public with you and Eli Sammler's dad. It's just not gonna happen.
I'm totally open to new experiences.
Grace, I'm just asking you. Rick invited us.
I'm not saying we have to do this.
How can you even bring something like this up? It's just beyond me.
Um, I'm going out to my truck and write up the estimate.
Okay. Thank you.
Honey, please don't blow this out of proportion. It's just dinner.
I don't see why we should have to go on your dates with you.
Is this gonna be, like, pizza, or something fancier?
No, honey, it's really casual. Grace?
Honey, listen, I know this is weird...
but it's not going to kill you to do this one thing.
Well, I might as well agree to it now...
because eventually you'll force me to go.
So jeans would be okay, then?
Okay, this is, uh, kind of ballpark...
but somewhere in that neighborhood.
Is that a zero?
No, no. That's a nine.
See, what happens with some of these older setups...
is your hot wire will come loose and fall against the metal, heating it up.
And then the wood around there acts as a conductor and starts your smoke or fire.
See, they use plastic now.
- Do you want a carrot? - A what? Oh, yeah. Sure.
Okay. Well, I have to show this to my husband, and we'll get back to you.
Thank you for coming out.
Thanks for the carrot.
It's worse than it looks.
I mean, it looks worse than it is.
Hey, you know, you should get a pool table down here, E.
Am I gonna be allowed to come down here?
So, here's what I was thinking--
the bed here, my desk, and, uh, the TV and the stereo.
Or I could combine them and make a whole entertainment center.
What do you think about surround sound for Christmas, Dad?
When did we stop playing ping-pong?
Well, you know what? You still have to ask your mom.
I mean, you don't think it'll be a problem or anything, do you, Dad?
Well, I don't know. It looks like an awful lot of work.
I--I guess maybe I didn't realize how much.
How much what?
Hi. What are you guys up to?
Eli is gonna move down to the basement...
and I'm gonna take his room.
He is?
As a mother, there are these moments...
and--and you should know that they're coming.
In fact, you do know that they're coming.
But for some reason, they just still...
hit you like a brick.
It's just something Eli came up with...
and I thought I'd come down and have a look and see if it was even feasible.
Well, I--I was thinking that, um...
you know how I need a really quiet place to study?
Well, uh, I don't know.
I was thinking this would be good for me...
and be good for my... sense of independence.
I think what he's trying to say is that he could just use a little more privacy.
You know, his music won't get on your nerves.
I like his music. I mean, most of it.
Well, I--I wasn't trying to--
It's just that, uh, I play it too loud, and you don't like that.
- Yeah, you do hate that. - Yeah.
Well, you know...
I--I have been wanting to, uh, you know...
clean this place up a little bit.
It really won't take that much, really...
and, uh, Dad's up for it.
Well, uh, maybe it's something that we can plan for spring break.
Spring break? But that's three months away. God.
E, with school and trying to get your grades back up...
so that you're eligible to play ball, I just don't see how you have much time.
Oh, thanks. Throw that in my face.
- I told you she'd say no. - Eli...
God. Never mind.
E, what--
What just happened? I didn't say no. I...
I'm sorry.
I probably jumped the gun on this whole thing.
Which is why he always goes to you.
Well, I didn't tell him yes.
I said he'd have to ask you first.
Of course you did, but you know what? I'm not gonna be the bad guy this time.
I-If Eli wants to move down here, fine.
I'm--I'm not going to stand in his way.
Well, I--I'll help him, we'll do it together...
and we'll do it so it doesn't interrupt his studies.
So, what do you think?
How long is it gonna take to finish?
Well, I think a couple days. Maybe more.
Daddy, do you want tomatoes on your sandwich?
Yeah. Sure.
- Thanks, pumpkin. - Sure.
- Mommy? - Yeah?
Is tonight the night we're going out with your friend?
Oh, God.
Um... here.
Grace, would you...
I can't believe you!
- What did I do? - You are submental! You shouldn't talk about that guy in front of Dad.
- Do you want to hurt his feelings? - No.
Grace... stop.
I just want to figure out what to wear.
That's all I care about, okay?
Honey, they're both cute.
That doesn't really help me.
Well, this is gonna be fun.
Well, I don't give a damn. That was not the agreement, Cliff.
Jake always had secrets. I knew that about him.
That was not the agreement.
At first, it made him seem mysterious...
but at some point, I realized he was just hiding things.
No. No. Did you even finish the tile work, Cliff?
'Cause I'm not paying for it unless it's done, all right?
No matter what I did, I could never get Jake to really... open up to me...
really talk to me...
and I know there were things he needed to talk about--
his father.
No. No. You know what? No. I don't give a damn.
That wasn't the agreement, Cliff.
No. Just get it done, all right?
It never stops, you know?
You got to--you got to stay on top of everybody.
Is everything okay?
Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
Yeah, it's... fine.
I'd try to get him to confide in me.
I think I--I wanted him to need me at a deeper level...
but he just wasn't willing to do that.
I don't know. Maybe he didn't trust me.
Maybe he... talked to someone else.
We're gonna go out soon, so do you want me to bring anything back for dinner?
Uh, no. No. I--I got the sandwich. Thanks.
I'm fine.
Have fun.
Jennifer's gonna help me decorate.
She's got this really amazing idea--
shag carpet on the walls.
That's genius.
Yeah. I've never seen that before.
Did you guys know that it was all wet back here?
E, move these boxes out of here.
Oh, this pipe is leaking.
It's not that wet.
Uh... well...
Jess, I think I can fix it.
Grab me the big adjustable wrench from over there.
You sure you can fix it?
Yeah, I think so.
It's just a slow leak.
You guys have made a lot of progress.
Yeah. Yeah, we have.
Hey, E, maybe tomorrow I can take you and we can go look at carpet remnants.
Oh, I--I don't think I want carpet.
You know, it's-- it's damp down here.
I'm not going to have you walking on concrete floors.
Well, isn't it my choice if I want to walk around on concrete floors?
And I think I'm old enough to make that decision.
Well, it wouldn't be a very rational decision.
I'll wear socks.
- Is this the right one? - Yeah. Yeah, sweetie.
Did something happen?
Oh, it's just a small leak.
I'm just gonna turn the pipe a little bit...
and see if we can... maybe close it off.
Look, don't freak out, Mom, okay? He's got it fixed.
Eli, I am not freaking out.
I don't even dare buy him clothes anymore, and that's fine.
But I can't even ask him a question...
without him accusing me of trying to run his life.
Okay. There.
I think that does it.
Listen, I have to go, so, uh, see you guys later, huh?
- Bye. - Bye, munchkin.
Whose is this?
Oh, that's Eli's Boo Bear.
He couldn't say "blue", so he called him "Boo".
That's so cute.
Do you remember, Eli?
Yes, you do.
It was your favorite.
I mean, you took him everywhere.
He had to sit at the dinner table with us.
Don't you remember?
I guess.
Eli, can I have your bed?
But if I don't ask questions...
I mean, how would I find out anything?
Are you... planning on not having a bed?
Well, I'm getting a sofa bed from Coop.
His mom's having a garage sale...
and said I could have it for, like, nothing.
Isn't that swingin'?
Yeah, just swingin'.
Can we order a pizza?
That's a great idea.
Honey, why don't you stop now, for dinner?
Well, can you just tell me when the pizza gets here?
Yeah, I can do that.
I said I'd come up when the pizza gets here.
Oh, wait.
Uh, here.
Thank you.
Oh, I want to sit next to Mom.
I want to sit across from my sister.
All right.
These menus are so big.
Thank you.
Zoe, do you want me to cut that for you?
Garlic bread?
I have some, thanks.
It's so good. I'll have another piece.
Yeah, it's really--
it's... cheesy.
So, Grace, uh...
how is, uh, how is soccer?
Oh, she loves it.
It's over for the season.
Yeah? What, uh, what was your record?
Oh, that's right, because I forgot about the tie.
- Zoe, don't you like that? - It's not...
It's not what I expected.
Give me that sugar.
Do you want some of mine, honey?
- What is it? - Lasagna.
That doesn't sound good.
Uh, do you want some of my ravioli?
You have lettuce in your teeth.
Is that better?
It's still there.
Yeah? Oh.
It's still there. It's, like, two over.
Okay. All right.
If it's still there after this, I'm gonna...
I'm just gonna leave it.
It's gone.
All right.
I got sauce on my dress!
What, honey? Where? I don't see anything.
Right there! Oh, that spot!
Sweetie, it's okay.
It's okay. Here.
Zoe... Oh, honey, okay. All right, it's okay.
I'll be right back. We'll go to the washroom.
- It's okay. - I have a headache.
We need club soda.
- Bye. - I'll be right in.
That went well.
Yeah. Let's do it again... tomorrow.
Actually, it wasn't that bad.
They think I'm the world's biggest dork.
No. That distinction is reserved for me.
I'd better go.
I'll call you.
I promised her I'd try to get the spot out.
Is she okay?
She's fine.
Daddy's tucking her in.
I really...
You were great tonight.
It meant a lot. Thank you.
Well, I can be surprisingly mature.
I love you.
Hi. She still awake?
Crashed as soon as her head hit the pillow.
Good. She was very tired.
So, I guess it was an interesting evening, huh?
Jake... please.
I'm not going to talk about this with you.
It's too strange.
Oh, well, I finished everything downstairs...
except the laundry room.
So did Zoe say anything, like, to indicate...
that I'm the world's worst mother or something?
Well, let's see.
She mentioned something...
about the high-top sneakers she wants...
and then something about humpback whales...
and then she fell asleep.
Okay, the laundry room--
You know, I got into deep trouble last week with Zoe...
for, uh, giving her some socks that didn't match.
Oh, she's gotten very particular about what she wears.
I know. She's just her own little person, you know?
Oh, she's so intense.
Remember when we had to call her...
We had to call her Dorothy all the time?
Oh. Jake, she wore those red shoes for, like, two weeks.
Oh, I know. I know.
What a sweetie.
Sometimes I look at Jake...
and I think, "We made these amazing kids together.
How did that happen?"
- Hey, sweetie. - Hey.
I think I'm gonna go to bed.
- Okay. - Good night, honey.
Good night.
Good night, love.
Love you. Okay?
Um, I have to go to the restaurant first thing in the morning...
so I might not get here till about noon.
All right, listen, I'll--I'll just go to the, uh...
I'll just go to the restaurant now...
and, uh, I'll be here first thing in the morning, okay?
- Your phone's ringing. - Yeah, I know.
Are you going to answer it?
I appreciate you doing this.
Good night, Lil.
Good night.
So let's look at the cosmic chain of events, okay?
You had your first happy sleepover play date with Rick.
The next morning, your house catches on fire.
Do you think it's a sign?
Uh, no.
Oh, I'm just sick over this.
I can't--I completely-- I can't move.
Is this decaf?
Lilabet, honey, are you sleeping at all?
You are too hard on yourself.
Look... hon, you-- you met a guy, okay?
You fell in love.
Your kids, maybe... hate him.
I'm sorry. But it's life, okay?
It's like that for people in the world.
I mean, let's face it...
they'd probably hate anybody who walked through the door.
Is--is this supposed to make me feel better?
How can I go out with a guy that my kids hate?
How can I do that? It just stops me.
You're not disagreeing with me.
I know how you feel about Rick, but honestly...
you--you could... survive without him.
What kind of thing is that to say?
No, no, I didn't mean--
I meant it as a compliment, okay, to your--to your strength.
I'm trying to help here.
I--I know you are.
I--I should have been more sensitive.
Clearly, Grace and Zoe were not ready for this.
You're not saying anything!
I'm thinking.
Eli, I found something that you might want...
you know, just to give yourself some more light down here.
When he was really little, Eli used to, uh, hide...
in the kitchen cupboards.
I would pretend that I didn't know he was there...
and he would pop out and scare me.
Oh, God.
Hey. Hi.
This is really coming together.
Yeah, in record time.
Where's Eli?
He went out to get some paint.
Oh, I-- I didn't see him leave.
He went out the door.
Oh, right.
I--I forgot about that-- that door.
Yeah, I put some weather seal around it--
knock out that draft.
Well, you know, I--I just brought down this lamp.
Um, he's--he's probably not going to like it...
but, you know, whatever.
I mean, if he doesn't, then we'll just--
we'll just get him something else...
that, you know, he doesn't--
he doesn't like.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
I--oh, no. You know, I'm not okay.
Okay, I--I'm really uncomfortable with this.
With what?
With Eli having his own entrance. I...
Well, I imagine that was part of the appeal of the basement.
Well, I--I just--
I--I think we need to do something about this, you know?
Like bolt it shut.
Are-- are you really defending this...
or are you just trying to provoke me?
I just think you're overreacting. That's all.
No, I--I'm not overreacting when our son...
who is barely passing school and is only 16...
is gonna be able to come and go as he pleases at all hours...
without anyone knowing about it.
- I--I find that a big problem. - Well, not if you trust him.
He could come in or out-- he could sneak in and out--
whether he lives here in the basement or not.
Yeah, but, see, somebody has to set boundaries for him...
and obviously you don't want that responsibility, so...
You know, I'm--I'm just tired of having this conversation again and again, and...
I don't see the problem with Eli having a little breathing space.
We are his parents, Rick.
But obviously you just want to be his buddy, even if it's at his own expense.
That is entirely unfair.
- Well, maybe. But it's true. - You know what else is true?
I think you drove him down here to the basement with that tone of voice.
Oh, you--you know what, Rick?
You know, sometimes you can be just such an ass!
I like it. I'm sorry. I like it.
But do you think it would be decadent of me...
to have every color of these high tops?
Do you even know what "decadent" means?
Well, it's not possible, 'cause Mommy just maxed out her credit card.
Mom, something's happening.
- Daddy? - What are they doing?
Wait. Wait, honey. Grace!
Back off! Hey! Back off!
Gracie. Hey, sweetie, how are you?
Are you okay? ls everything okay?
Oh, yeah. Everything's fine. It's okay.
This is Cliff, my contractor.
He was just leaving.
We'll talk about it later, Cliff.
Yeah... we'll talk about it.
Hey, you.
Did that man push you?
No, no, no, no. We were just goofing around.
He works for Daddy. It's okay.
Look at my new sneakers.
Oh, look at those! Those are certainly awesome.
Okay, girls, will you go inside? I need to talk to your dad.
- Dad, are you okay? - Yeah, I'm fine.
Your hand's bleeding.
No, it's okay. I did it before. I did it before. It's okay.
Go on. I'll be right in, all right?
Sweetie? Okay.
It was nothing, all right?
It was a little argument with my contractor. It happens.
But it happened here in front of the girls, and it scared them.
And you can't tell them everything's okay. They're smarter than that, Jake.
- Do you owe this guy money or something? - No.
What would have happened if we hadn't driven up?
Would you have beat him up? Would he have beaten you up? Would the police have showed up? What?
I would have beaten him up.
Jake, you've got to tell me what's going on, as much as I don't want to know.
I'm not having this conversation with you. I told you--everything is fine.
Jake, at least tell me if I should be worried.
If it affects me financially, I have a right to know that.
Look, you have no idea what I have to deal with.
Oh, that? That--that was nothing.
You caught a glimpse of something.
So what? I mean, every day--
- What are you-- - No! No. Every day.
If you knew what I have to deal with to keep this family afloat...
you might--might just have just a-- just a little more compassion for me.
Damn it!
I thought I'd surprise you.
I'm--I'm surprised.
I brought some stuff.
Uh, some button candy for Zoe...
Great. She could use more sugar.
And for Grace--
it's all about the U.S. women's soccer team.
That's really, really nice of you.
So, it's okay if I come in and bring them these?
You know, it's not a good time.
I'm trying too hard to make them like me?
No, uh, there's just a lot going on in there.
Jake is here, fixing the wiring.
And it should be okay. You should come in.
I--I would like to be a modern person...
but the truth is, I would be so uncomfortable.
I don't know if I can handle that right now.
Well, I--I appreciate your honesty.
- Don't be mad. - I'm not--
I'm not mad.
I'm--I'm disappointed.
You know, I--I felt like Grace and I really... connected, and--
- Yeah. - Zoe will take some work, of course.
Well, actually, Zoe's never like that.
No, I didn't mean--
She'll be fine, in time.
You think this was too soon.
I think the girls need time to accept everything.
Rick, it's a lot.
You know, I-- I actually disagree.
I mean, yes, I--I think it is a lot...
and... sure, of course we should consider...
how this will affect our children's lives...
but at the same time, I don't think we ought to let our kids run our lives.
Is that what you think I'm doing?
Well, to an extent, from what I can see, yes, I think you coddle them.
It's not unnatural.
What, you don't do that when your kids want something?
I only do what I sense they need.
You--you couldn't know what my kids need.
What are you saying?
I don't know. I don't know what I'm saying.
I don't--come on, Rick.
I've got to go back in there.
I have to go.
Hey, come on. Let's finish this.
We don't want Mom to go ballistic and suddenly change her mind.
But she's constantly on my case.
Like, when you were gone, you know what she did?
She kept walking around this door...
and, like... and feeling it.
Okay? I mean, it's gotten to the point where I can't think...
but I really need this.
Thank you for standing up for me, by the way.
I didn't have to. Your mom completely supported this.
Yeah, right. I know.
There is nothing wrong with her wanting you to feel comfortable.
Yes, but that's not what this is about.
What this is about is that she wants to have control of everything in my life.
I mean, I can pick out my own lamps...
and if I want carpet, then I'll have freakin' carpet.
So tell her.
lf you even try to tell her anything...
she just gets all uptight.
I mean, there's no point.
I think you're exaggerating.
Oh, come on, Dad.
I mean, you know what she's like.
I mean, lucky for you,
you don't have to live with it anymore.
I totally know why you divorced her.
Hey! Hey, you have no idea what you're talking about.
Your mother is a terrific person.
She's completely there for you, and you know it...
- so don't even go there with me. - Yeah, but, Dad, I was just--
Listen to me! I don't want to hear it!
You fight your own battles from now on.
I'm sorry.
Okay. Get some more stuff.
Dad, I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Okay, what do you think-- rice or mashed potatoes?
What are we having?
You like meatloaf.
I like it, but I don't want it.
Can I have something else?
All right. You know what?
There's no reason you can't eat what everybody else is having.
What are we having?
I don't want any.
Then who am I making it for?
I don't know.
What's this?
Oh, actually, Rick... dropped that off for you.
So am I making this meatloaf or not?
Daddy's probably hungry. He's only been working all day.
Poor Daddy.
Poor Daddy what?
We were saying how you're probably really hungry for dinner.
Oh, I'm okay. I'll get something later.
Almost done.
Daddy, you need to eat.
Jake, would you like to eat?
Well, if you're making some for everybody else...
yeah, I'll take a plate.
That would be great. Thanks.
You could be a little nicer.
- Grace-- - Lily.
Stop it right now.
Stop what?
- I will not be held hostage. - Then don't.
You know what, young lady? I'm warning you--I'm not gonna put up with this.
Grace Manning!
Oh, hey. Hey.
Okay. I'm leaving.
Call me when dinner's ready.
I'm sorry. I--I was gonna call you.
You're lying.
It's okay. I don't mind being the one who caved.
I'm so sorry. I--I'm just... having trouble.
I don't want to be the cause of it.
You're not... entirely.
of course I understand that your kids come first...
and I know it's gonna take time--
maybe a long time...
for them to accept me, if--if ever...
and that's--
that's just something we have to deal with.
And I'm willing to do whatever it takes...
to give them all the time that they need.
Thank you for saying that.
I really appreciate it.
But the thing I'm not willing to do...
is to let anything stop us--
stop this from-- from moving forward.
I just... f--feel like somehow--
What you're saying is incredibly sweet.
I just--
There's--there's also a part of me that feels like...
you're putting pressure on me.
I didn't mean to.
I know-- I know you didn't.
It's me.
I... I'm just in a state of something.
I don't know.
We're going to make it through this.
You know that.
Tell me you know that.
I know that.
I do.
I'll call you in the morning.
You better.
Good night.
Good night.
What's that smell?
Oh, is that that thing-- that stew thing?
It smells good.
Would you hand me the pepper?
When Eli was 6, he decided to cut his own hair.
It--it looked ridiculous, but he was so proud of it.
I--there was nothing I could do.
I mean, I just had to let him keep it that way.
You want me to set the table or anything?
Are you going to be joining us?
So, Dad left...
and, um... we're pretty much done.
Uh, I started my homework.
Do you want me to go get Jess?
I want you to feel like you can talk to me.
And I want to know that I can talk to you--
that not everything I say is wrong.
It's not wrong.
I--It's just...
Maybe you don't need to, like, say it...
all the time.
Well, I guess... that's fair.
It's not fair, you know...
because... soon he's gonna be going away, and--
you know, maybe far away-- I don't know--
and... I only really only have him...
for just a little bit longer.
And in some ways...
Well, in some ways he's already gone.
I'm going over to Coop's to play.
Bye, Mom.
Grace. Jane, you do not like him.
You're absolutely right.
Oh, my gosh.
And this guy, Brian...
Jake's father was not a nice person.
He wanted everyone around him to be as miserable as he was.
He told Jake he was worthless.
He put those things into his head.
Yeah, well, that's it, right?
Look, I--
Yeah. Tomorrow.
When we were first married, we would visit him every Sunday...
and the whole time we were there...
he would... never take his eyes off the television.
He sat in his chair, he ate mixed nuts...
and he never said a word.
After Grace was born, we stopped going.
Oh, God.
Yeah. Two seconds, I'll be out of your hair.
Is everything okay?
Yeah. Safe and sound.
I don't mean the wiring.
Everything's fine.
Jake, you were just banging your head against the wall.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I wish you hadn't seen that.
- What the hell's going on? - I can't have this conversation with you.
Well, you have to tell me what's going on, 'cause I can't live like this. I'm scared.
I'm sorry. I can't.
Why do you have to always shut me out?
Jake, why do you feel like...
you have to do everything alone?
Lily, please.
I mean, you're getting all these phone calls...
you're--you're having fights with people.
What am I supposed to think?
Damn it, Jake, say something!
I'm a schmuck, all right?!
I'm a failure and I'm a schmuck! ls that what you want to hear?
No, it isn't.
If you would just tell me what's wrong...
maybe I could help.
I'm g--I'm gonna lose the restaurant.
I mean, I can't pay the people I owe...
- Oh, my God. - and some of them, like--like this guy...
are gonna put a lien on the place.
There you have it-- that's everything.
Jake, how did this happen?
Oh, God, I--
I don't know.
I don't know.
Everything just got away from me.
It's my fault.
I screwed up...
like I screw everything up.
I mean, you're the greatest thing that ever happened to me...
and I screwed that up, too, you know?
Oh, Jake.
It didn't even seem real to me till today, you know?
When the girls came home and they saw...
You know, when they-- they saw their dad...
Listen, I know...
I know it's you that takes care of Grace and Zoe.
You know I know that.
I mean... you know you do everything for them.
You know, but they--
they think it's me, you know?
And I need that.
Oh, God, I need that, Lily.
Oh, God. I'm so sorry.
I'm--I'm so sorry.
Oh, God.
Oh, baby.
Oh, God.
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