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l know how to breathe and how not to breathe...
And how to think to stop myself going mad or passing out.
He's been carrying on like this for as long as l can remember.
Would you like some more?
No, thank you.
Hold your fork properly, Erik!
Let's have a talk after dinner, just the two of us.
Bullying...physical abuse...
Do you understand what l'm saying? What do you think will be the result?
Never, l repeat never, in all my years as headmaster ot this school–
–have l met a more vicious pupil than you–
–with such a brutish level of behaviour.
Erik Ponti!
Now you listen to me!
The fact that some teachers happen to defend your academic ability–
–does not make up for your behaviour. ln fact, it makes it even worse.
lt's beyond understanding.
lt's deeply worrying.
There's only one word for people like you, and that is ''evil''.
Evil in its purest form. There's no other explanation.
What you need is a good trashing.
And more...
Be aware of one thing...
You'll never be admitted to any state high school in this country.
Now go.
There's only one word for people like you and that's ''evil''.
Evil in its purest form.
The best thing would be to set up some kind of trust fund for Erik.
Has your husband approved this sale?
These things are mine. This is what l have to do.
l was only asking. He is the boy's stepfather...
–As for your fee, we'll... –Let's deal with that after the sale.
Erik! Come in, Erik.
–You've met mr Ekengren, our lawyer. –Yes, it was a few years ago.
l suppose you only came up to here in those days.
lt was at your father's funeral. We were old school friends of course.
Oh, excuse me...
Be careful! That's right.
Be careful with that door, it's too low.
Erik, one thing, l was wondering about these thefts...
–They couldn't prove anything. –No, in which case you're not guilty.
At least from a purely legal angle.
ls there any other way of being guilty?
No. – l'll prepare the paperwork and then l will be in touch.
Take my card, Erik. You can always phone me if anything comes up.
l'll find my own way out.
Erik, l know.
l know everything.
l suppose that you smoke.
There are so many things l should have done for you.
l've spoken to your form mistress and she believes you, she knows.
l had to explain to her how things have been for you. She understood.
There's only one year left until you go to the Sixth Form.
l've arranged for you to...
l didn't want to say anything until it was all finalized.
You're going to go to a new school, a boarding school.
There's a train in four hours. l had to sell a few things, as you can see.
You have to promise me something.
This is your only opportunity of reaching the Sixth Form.
You mustn't make a mess of it. Promise me. Promise.
By the way, there are some new clothes on your bed.
When's he coming home?
lt's for the best. Here, run down and get your hair cut.
Erik Ponti.
–Do you ride? –No.
All the better. There's no stable here.
One has to go to the manor, a couple of kilometres away. Otto Silverhielm.
l'm the head of the student council. l introduce pupils to the premises.
And so onwards to Cassiopeia.
ln the lower classes you live simply. Next year you'll have better quarters.
And finally you'll stay in splendid rooms in Olympia.
–l'm only here for a year. –ls that so?
Right, so now we are heading for Cassiopeia, which is down there.
You're in the room at the bottom.
No feet on the chairs!
You're with Pierre Tanguy. A good man, good head on his shoulders.
His father is involved in big business. ln Switzerland unless l'm mistaken.
Having said that, Tanguy is hardly the athletic type.
–Do you do any sports? –Yes, swimming. l swim.
Good. This way...
Let's go to work, boys.
Stjärnsberg has the best sports facilities among the boarding schools.
–A freshman? –A swimmer, he says.
Good day, sir.
ln my lessons we use the second person...
Excuse me.
Berg is not so bad, but there are rumours that he's a social democrat.
Let's start again!
–This looks about as good as it gets. –That's what people say.
But l stay on dry land.
Be glad you're here. lf you've got questions, you're welcome to ask.
Here at Stjärnsberg, we believe in team spirit.
–Erik. –Pierre.
–Do you like Charlie Parker? –He's okay. l prefer Elvis.
lt seems good here. Good pool. What's Berg like?
–You're one of those sports fools? –Well, yeah, l suppose l am.
–What about you? –Guess!
But l did like Hamrin's goal against Germany.
Of course none of it measures up to a good book.
l like reading as well. Just so you know.
Why here? Too posh for a normal school or is your father a diplomat?
Neither, really.
You're going to like him. Berg, the sports master.
He's quite a good sort really, to us incompetents.
–What are the teachers like? –Good. They're the first team.
–They don't beat you then? –No, here the pupils keep the order.
–That's the point of team spirit. –Sounds good.
lt is what it is, always been... Do you have good grades?
Not exactly. Not in mathematics. l could do with some private lessons.
l can do that for you. Half the price! lf there's no results, your money back!
–Yes, why not? –lt's in the family, you know.
That's how my old man got rich, he profited from dodgy guarantees.
–Silverhielm talked about Switzerland. –So he showed you round, did he?
–That's right. Quite a decent sort. –Ha, some people think so.
–What do you think? –l try not to think too much.
lt's better that way, not thinking too much.
Do you like film?
–No one is better than James Dean. –What's your favourite scene?
When they're in the observatory looking at the stars–
–and then they fight with knives. And yours?
At the end when his friend dies. l cry every time l see it.
The headmaster and all the teachers sit here.
Newcomers always sit at the bottom end of the table.
And every table has a monitor and a vice–monitor.
Yours is Silverhielm and the other one is called Dahlén.
Don't talk more than you have to, and mind your table manners.
ln Jesus name we sit at the table May God bless the food we are given
And with your benevolent hand Bless our home and country
–l hear you'll be in my class. Johan. –Erik.
–You're from Stockholm as well? –Yes, Vasastan.
l'm from Kungsholmen.
Don't they seat us in our class groups?
They also mix the lower forms with the higher ones, the Sixth Formers.
That's the way it's always been. Every school has its own traditions.
And here everyone is placed according to the Peerage.
–And those who aren't aristocrats? –According to how rich they are.
–And the others? –They don't belong here.
lt's as easy as that. l suppose you can think what you like about that.
His father's a social democrat. What's your father, then?
–None of your sodding business. –What did l hear?
What sort of language is that?
–lt wasn't me. –Don't give me any lip. Come here!
–You'd better count on the pepperpot. –A pepperpot? What's that?
What Karlberg had. lt's not as bad as it looks. The vinegar strike is worse.
–Let's go and smoke. –May we...?
–Absolutely not. Are you coming? –l have to study but l'll see you later.
–What if you refuse the pepperpot? –The dunce's corner!
What if you won't stand in the dunce's corner?
Weekend detention.
l see. At least then you won't have to go home.
The same for smoking. You say no to weekend detention, you get expelled.
l have no intention of getting expelled. l'm going to improve my marks.
–Make sure you don't stick out! –What do you mean?
The best thing is to be ordinary.
Damn, we have to go. Don't forget the pine–needles, so you don't smell.
Pierre, what happens if you hit them back? Pierre!
So we see here the dispersion of the Germanic peoples.
The Germanic tribes were distinct in many ways–
–from the Slavic tribes originating in the east.
These differences can be seen and traced even today. – Wägner...
Actually, we have a newcomer here in the class.
–Ponti! –Yes, sir.
Can you come and stand here so everyone can see you clearly.
A good specimen. So what do we see?
A steady gaze. – Show us your profile.
Straight nose, a powerful chin, a broad jaw–bone.
Observe the well–developed musculature on the arms and legs.
All in all this is typical of the Germanic type.
Many of Charles Xll's Carolinians would have looked like this.
The blues...
Well thank you, you can sit down.
And now let's take another example.
–Tanguy! –Yes, sir.
Would you like to come and stand here?
The most capable intellect in this school.
But, but, but...what do we see here?
Eyes set deep in the head, poor vision, a fleshy nose...
Sloping shoulders like the outline of a bottle.
The waist like the base of a skittle.
ln addition, thin legs, a tendency to flat–footedness.
All this is a splendid example of the southern type.
ln other words we can easily distinguish clear differences.
The only question is, how do we act on this insight, this knowledge?
Any suggestions?
–Are there any others like Melander? –Nazis? No, he's the only one left.
Jews are being admitted now, but it wasn't like that 10 or 20 years ago.
Strange that they let him carry on like that. lt's just a lot of bloody crap.
–l just thought l heard something. –Excuse me, maybe l swore.
Over here!
–We were discussing something. –l said come here.
–Are you refusing? –Yes, l'm refusing.
You'll have to stay in the dunce's corner.
l'm afraid l'm going to refuse that as well.
–You know what that means. –Yes, weekend detention.
And you, you should know better. Come here!
May l help you?
Can l swim a couple of lengths?
Can you swim a couple of lengths?
–You're new here, aren't you? –Yes.
–This pool is reserved in the evenings. –Reserved for who?
Sixth formers, members of the council, the school team. You'd better leave.
What does it take to get into the school team, then?
What's the school record 50 metres freestyle?
l can do 50 metres in 29 seconds.
You were out by 1/1 0.
Welcome to the school team. My name is Karl von Rosen.
–l can't congratulate you. –Are you jealous?
Not the least. The less you stick out the better.
So what do you think l should do? Swim more slowly?
–How do you keep a low profile? –l'm a bookworm, a bit of a coward.
lt's not fun punching a cowardly intellectual.
lt's going to be much worse for you. But you don't understand that yet.
Come in.
–Erik Ponti? Go to the Olympia House. –Why?
–lt's an order from Dahlén. –lsn't that what l said.
Just see me as the winner today.
Well here we are... Our little swimming boy–
–who's a bit of a big–mouth or maybe just a little dense up top.
–No, l'm not. –Good.
So l won't have to explain how to polish shoes then?
–Back in a minute. –So you get started on these.
All these pairs have to pass inspection. You better get started.
Not on your life!
–What are we going to do with him? –Calm down. He's new.
Listen, why didn't you just do it? You have to do as they say.
l should have polished their shoes but couldn't. At least l didn't fight them.
–What if you hit a council member? –Expelled straight away!
l don't want any trouble. That's why l came here in the first place.
–Can't you just lie low for a while? –What if you can't?
–Wait! Have you read Gandhi? –What do you mean, Gandhi?
He created peace in lndia without any violence.
Good, so we'll just tell everyone that we refuse to be bullied?
You have already refused to do two things. You'll be punished.
They can give me weekend detentions. l still won't polish their shoes!
Do you think it's possible to resist them non–violently?
–That's what l want to think. –l'd like to think so as well.
–Shall we say good night then? –Yeah, let's... Good night.
–Erik, are you asleep? –Almost.
l just wanted to say, you're my friend.
You're my friend too, Pierre.
You're the only friend l've ever had in this school.
Round and round until it actually passes out.
Possibly this behaviour explained by the intoxication of love.
The scent is strong and disengages the normal self–protective instincts.
A capercaille that's displaying–
–that is a Tetrao Urogallus, can get into such a pitch of excitement–
–that it starts attacking cattle or even people.
lts sexual instincts, so to speak, make it lose its common sense.
You can read about all this in Schultz, chapters 5 – 8.
–That'll be all. Thanks, my friends. –Thank you, sir.
–He's good, Tranströmer. –The Crane is the best teacher.
He was going to be a professor in Lund, but someone else got the job.
Look out!
–Apologise! –For what?
–For behaving like an oaf. –Apologise...
Just apologise and we'll forget it.
–Like hell l will. –You stuck–up little shit.
–Apologise. –Never!
Right. Consider yourself challenged, in the ring, 7 o'clock.
What bloody ring?
They're always two against one.
You have to take a lot! Otherwise you're a coward.
When they knock you down you must crawl out of the ring.
–But you're allowed to hit them back? –Yes, but you don't stand a chance.
You don't have to.
But then you'll be called a rat for the rest of the term.
Everyone wants to see blood. That's the sad thing. They want blood.
–l don't understand this. –Let's see...
This is the same thing.
–l don't want to be disturbed. –But l...
Beg for mercy! What did you say?
–l'm begging for mercy! –What did you say?
Go on, on your hands and knees!
–Hello! Erik! ls it really you? –ls he at home?
No, father is in the restaurant. They are so busy at the moment.
–He's not my father. –How are things with you?
–l've been thinking about you. –l won't be home for a while.
–Has anything happened? –No, l just have to study.
l understand. No one is giving you trouble, l hope?
l've made a good friend. Pierre, he's called.
That's nice. l knew things would go well.
Didn't l say so?
Next man! Erik Ponti!
lt appears that Rat doesn't have the guts to be here.
Let's go and smoke.
–No... –Well done!
lt's forbidden to socialize with the kitchen staff.
–Do you get expelled for that as well? –Yes, definitely.
–Have you ever done it? You know... –Yes, many times.
No, l haven't. And you? Rats tend to multiply very quickly, don't they?
–So what's your conclusion? –lf x=18, then y=–3.
Well done!
Room search!
–Get out! –Out!
Well done, Markus! But you need to kick harder as you approach goal.
–Okay. –Thanks for today, boys.
You really feel at home in the water, don't you?
Just before Christmas we have the championship.
Why is it called ''The Lewenheusen Cup''?
His father endowed the prize–
–and obviously his son is supposed to win it this year.
But...l think you have a good chance of pipping him at the post.
l don't know.
Erik, do you know the worst thing for a sports master?
lt's when you see talent go to waste, promise that never comes to fruition.
Never get like that, even if winning would create enemies for you.
–l already have enemies. –So show them! ln an honest battle.
Show them that your name doesn't have to be Lewenheusen–
–to lift the swimming cup.
Think how good it would be for the Lower School to have its champion.
–You think so? –Of course l do!
lt's never happened before.
Sport is democratic, Erik. Think about that.
l want you to write freely, straight from the heart–
–something personal about an animal of your own free choice.
Well, on you go!
That felt good.
His friend Egon, was so big and tall, as bad at mathematics as you are.
Listen here, please! The council is meeting tonight at 20.00.
The following are required to be present:
–What did you get? –Three weekend detentions.
Bloody hell...
Rat, it's your turn.
Please read out the accusation.
The accused has refused to comply with orders.
On the third of Septembre at 21.15 – refused to polish a number of shoes...
–ls this statement correct? –Yes.
–Stand up straight! –Does it affect this hearing?
Your punishment for mouthing off is a Saturday–Sunday of punitive labour.
Would the Secretary make a note of that?
Do you have anything to add in your defence?
Lower School pupils have to follow orders from Sixth Formers.
Dahlén piled up a load of muddy shoes. He was trying to humiliate me.
l don't think we need to deliberate further on this.
lt's a simple case of insubordination and you've been cheeky here.
Two further weekend detentions, we warn you to shape up in the future.
Do you understand?
l'll obey orders from council members, but l won't polish any bloody shoes!
Bad language again!
Another weekend detention! Plus we demand an apology.
l've been given my punishment.
Four weekend detentions and two under house arrest!
–Will you now apologise? –No.
Two weekends with forced labour, eight weekends under house arrest–
–for verbal insubordination and disrespectful behaviour. You may go.
Lagerros: raking of paths. Leffler: Cleaning in corridors.
Bergvall: Painting of flagpoles.
You may go.
Rat, come with me.
We need a trench, one metre long, one metre wide and one metre deep.
So go to work!
They say that American swimmers have started working out...
–...with weights, rings and all sorts. –You only go stiff.
Yeah, but it gets better, they say.
You build up more speed than you ever had before.
–So this is a good way of training? –According to the yanks, anyway.
We have to hope they're right. Go on, speed up a bit, it's going to rain.
Well done! Good work!
–Do you know what you'll do now? –No, what?
You have to fill it in again, before someone falls into it...
–Did you hear what l said, Rat? –Yes.
Good. Get to work!
Have they forced you to work? Because you don't want to fight?
–That's not right. –lt's known as team spirit.
l've got a brother at home. He reminds me a little of you.
Doesn't say much but gets steamed up if anyone does anything unfair.
Mikko's his name.
–Where are you from? Helsingfors? –No, Savolaks.
Back home those fine and mighty council members would get lynched.
They wouldn't be allowed to carry on like the Whites during the war.
–Do you ever miss home? –l miss my family, of course.
But there aren't any jobs back home. l like it here. lt's fine.
But l only make 125 crowns a week and l'm not allowed to join the union.
–What's your name? –Marja.
–Erik. –l know.
l found it. Savolaks.
lt says here it's got some of the finest nature in Finland.
Something else. l've realized what l want to be – a writer.
But my dad would never let me do that. What about you?
–Finnish. –Sounds okay, but it's hardly a job.
–A lawyer, then? –Why not? A Finnish lawyer.
Have a nice weekend, Rat.
–Oscar Wilde. He's a puff, isn't he? –Wilde. He's dead.
–Have the Swedish masters approved? –What? That he's dead or a puff?
Bloody watch yourself!
Don't you ever have any free time?
Apparently not, but it doesn't bother me too much.
–Don't you miss your parents? –Not very much.
At home it's winter, here it's warm enough to take an evening walk.
l was going to take a stroll later. At about 7 o'clock.
Where you boys stand around having a smoke.
Like l said, about 7.
–Hello. –Hello!
–How did you know we come here? –You know what you know.
–You shouldn't smoke. –That's what my coach says.
That's not what l was thinking about. l was thinking about your breath.
We take these pine needles and chew them.
lt makes everything disappear!
–Everything? –Yes, everything.
–Even me? –No, you're here.
But who wants to kiss an anthill?
Let's concentrate!
–Did you do this? –Stop this!
–Come on, boys! –Take the ball, Pierre.
–Take up your position. –Where shall l go?
–You're the goalkeeper. –Okay.
Nice try, Pierre!
–And then there's the Cloister Night. –What's that?
A fine old tradition. Most people get away with a cold shower.
But they hoisted one kid up the flag– pole. He was hanging there for hours.
Watch out. They focus their efforts against freshmen who stand up.
–What time will they be here? –About midnight.
lf they really wanted the element of surprise they'd come at three.
–What are you going to do with that? –Defend myself.
Are you mad? lt's the whole council. Twelve men. You'll be expelled.
Maybe you shouldn't stay here. Jakobson is away, sleep in his bed.
No, we're not going to do it like that. l'm staying.
–Are you sleeping? –Are you mad?
What are you most afraid of?
Being expelled. My future goes up in smoke.
l mean what they might do to you.
My face. lf they take a club and knock my teeth out or break my nose.
–What about you? –Forget that l asked.
This is how we'll do it. You open the door. Keep a watch!
Don't stand so close!
One, two, three...
Best wishes from Olympia!
Oh, Jesus!
Are you sure about this?
–What's the time? –lt has to be 2 o'clock.
l'll be back in ten minutes.
–How did it go? What did they say? –They had no proof.
l said it could be anyone, even you.
Thanks! But Silverhielm will never let this rest.
Better to get it over and done with straight away.
ln Jesus name we sit at the table May God bless the food we are given
And with your benevolent hand Bless our home and country
Strange. Can anyone smell shit? Shit, l smell shit.
ls there someone here who hasn't washed properly?
l wonder if Sixth Form shit tastes better than First Form shit?
What do you think, ''Shittyhielm?''
l heard that you tried it. Maybe it was your own shit you were eating.
You're stinking ''Shittyhielm''! Even your hands are stinking.
Stop that!
l think that'll do, boys.
Who are you? Really?
l'll deal with that question later. l have to sleep.
No talking in the ranks, Karlberg!
Let's maintain proper behaviour in the ranks, boys.
–You're not allowed here. –But l want to see you.
–Can l ask you something? –Yes.
–Will you come and watch tomorrow? –Do you want me to?
–Will you win? –lf you come l'll win.
Do you have the guts? Do you dare win?
The winner of the 200 metre freestyle is Erik Ponti from class 3:5.
So now there's only the 300 metre freestyle left.
lt's between you and Lewenheusen. What are you doing to do?
–What do you mean? –Are you going for it?
Should l let Lewenheusen win? More sportsmanlike not to enter the race!
This is not about being sportsmanlike. Haven't you understood that?
–This is Stjärnsberg. –Hey, boys!
Just thought l'd check that no one falls before the last hurdle.
We've got them! Be careful not to get disqualified at the start.
–Everything has already been decided. –For that very reason. Show them!
–What'll happen if l win? –You'll be untouchable.
l promise. lt's a matter of honour for me.
Get set. Go.
The over–all champion and holder of three new school records, Erik Ponti!
Hello there...
–l'm decorating the tree. –l can see that.
l can see that you're decorating the tree.
My darling, welcome home. l've missed you so much!
How is my little boy?
You look so grown up. – Doesn't he?
But what the hell is he wearing? You look like a tram driver.
Doesn't he?
You look lovely, really lovely.
–But what happened to you there? –Nothing. Here.
lt's wonderful.
We'll keep it here.
Are you hungry? We'll be eating in a minute.
Father has taken food back from the restaurant. Venison.
This is very good.
How many straight A's have you got?
But what the hell is all this? C for Behaviour?
How does our ''Stjärnsbergian'' explain that?
Has it got something to do with all the weekend detentions?
Just think, you won the school championships in swimming.
But my dear, that's not what we're bloody talking about, is it?
Do you have an explanation?
l didn't want to be some errand boy for the Sixth Formers.
Oh, l see. What did you want to be then?
–Left in peace. –What?
Left in peace.
ln peace... So you thought your mother should sell off her heirlooms–
–so you could be left in peace.
–ls that it? –No.
That's not what you meant. What then? l'm not understanding anything.
How many do you want, Erik?
Thank you. Look how wonderful it looks.
Pommes duchesse, marvellous.
Erik, you know whenever there's something l don't understand–
–we have to have a talk after dinner.
That's what we'll do.
But...have some, darling, start.
Haricots delicious!
There we are...
–We're friends again. –Friends again...
–Hello, Pierre. –Thanks for the record. Sounds good!
–What's this? –Open.
lf you're going to be a lawyer you'll need one of these.
Not that it applies in this school, but nonetheless.
lt's quite strange when you think about it.
School rules shouldn't be above the law of the land, should they?!
No, thanks.
You there!
–l haven't done anything. –Don't give me any lip. Come here.
–No, l won't. –You'll have to stand in the corner.
–Why? l haven't done anything. –Come to the council at 1 9.00.
How did it go? What did they say?
–Three weekend detentions. –Why?
l gave them lip, refused the pepperpot. The next time: the ring!
''No fun thumping a coward and an intellectual.''
Room search!
Stand up straight, Tanguy!
–What the hell are you doing? –Stand up straight, Tanguy!
Stand up straight, Tanguy!
Look at me!
lt looks like we have a bed–wetter here.
Be ready in an hour, Tanguy!
Don't you understand what this is about?
They're trying to get at you. They've just changed their tactics.
Good day, sir!
–Good day, sir! –Erik!
–l've got an idea about the training. –l'm not going to swim any more.
–What? You can't do that. –Yes l can.'re the best swimmer we've ever had.
You said l'd be untouchable. That it was a matter of honour for you.
But there's no honour here. You know that.
There are many different ways of making life hell for people.
–Hello! –You're not allowed to be here.
–Don't you want to talk to me? –Of course l do, but it's too risky.
–l don't give a damn about them. –l'm thinking about myself as well.
l don't want to lose my job and you could be expelled.
l'm sorry, Erik. lt's not possible. Not now.
Rat! Come up for an inspection.
Rat! ln here.
Good that you could come, Rat. We need an independent witness.
Fatty here is just about to admit he's been smoking on the sly.
–No! lf you hit him, you'll be expelled. –That's quite right. Paragraph 13.
Smoking indoors is also enough for immediate expulsion. Paragraph 7.
Who's going to prove that? A rat and a pig?
Shit, Dahlén, it's like a bloody zoo in here!
Now about that confession.
lt's about time you stubbed out your cigarette for good.
Here. Stub it out, you coward!
Let's see if it hurts as much as you think.
With your permission, in front of witnesses.
With any bloody permission you like.
You haven't got the guts, have you?
Get dressed, Tanguy! Present yourself in the ring tomorrow at 19.00.
You know...
None of this really needs to happen.
lf everyone just followed the rules. Everything would be easier.
That's what rules are for. Why should your friend have to suffer–
–just because you think you are above everyone else.
You should give some thought to that.
Come on.
Silverhielm is cruel. He's an evil human being. But why?
Was he born like that or has he been here too long, maybe beaten as well...
That's how the system works, isn't it?
Kicked around in the Lower Form? Revenge later on...
That's why it just continues. Does it hurt?
l just know that people like Silverhielm have to be fought.
Someone like him must never win. Not now or ever. That's it!
–Have you seen Pierre? –No.
–Have you seen Pierre? –No.
–Have you seen Pierre?! –Not since the maths class.
ls it true he's been called to the ring tonight?
You don't have to do it.
lt doesn't matter what you say. l've already decided.
–l'm going to do it. –Why?
Otherwise it'll just carry on. lf l do it now, maybe they'll leave me alone.
Wasn't that what you said yourself? ''Might as well get it out of the way.''
But you're not like me, Pierre. l can fight.
Not a bit, more than you can imagine!
l've been fighting my whole life, and once you've done that it never ends.
But help me then. Show me! Teach me how to fight.
–You can't learn to fight. –Why? Am l too weak?
lt's not about that. lt's completely different. Something in your head.
Let's forget it. l'll take the pepperpot and l'll clean their bloody shoes.
You don't seem to understand. lt's too late.
How is it going to help, you getting beaten up?
How do you know l will? Get beaten up...
You're not the only one who can fight. People like Silverhielm must disappear.
–Who said that? –l wish l could take your place.
What? Why? Do you think you're better than me?
Maybe Silverhielm was right. You like putting yourself above the rest of us.
Because you keep quiet when they burn you with a cigarette. That's sick!
So what do you want me to do?
lt doesn't matter what you say.
l'm going into the ring anyway.
Okay, be an idiot then!
Pierre Tanguy, come and get your punishment!
Come on, Tanguy!
Come on, little Piggy!
Will you do as you're told from now on, or carry on being cheeky?
–Do you promise to do as you're told? –No, you coward, you bloody swine!
–What did you call me? –A swine! A stinking swine!
–Can we hear that again? –''Shittyhielm!''
One more time?
On your knees!
Get down on your knees!
–What's the time? –Almost 9.
–Have you had any sleep? –Yes, a bit.
You got in a good punch there. Have you been practising on the quiet?
No. l just lashed out, sort of.
Don't worry. l'll have a word with Silverhielm. This is going to stop.
l have to go to my house arrest now. See you tonight. Will you be okay?
See you later.
Yes, see you later.
Rat! One of the boys in 2:5 is sick, so you must do his punishment duties.
–But l have to go up to house arrest. –Don't give me lip!
These have to be put into the ground in a 2x2 metre square. Firm as a rock!
–Then you can go to your arrest. –Yes.
Good. Get to work!
You can go and have some food now.
No. Let me go!
Let me go!
l hope you put the stakes in properly.
We'll take your dick last of all.
How does it feel, then? Are you scared?
l'm never going to be scared of you, ''Shittyhielm.''
Start with the warm water.
Pour it on!
–Pour it on! Pour it! –l don't want to!
Looks like you need cooling down, Rat! – Cold water!
Let him stay there.
We can't leave him there. He'll freeze to death.
You shut up!
–Are you cold? –Yes, a little.
Dear Erik, by the time you read this letter, l'll have left Stjärnsberg.
Don't think l'm a coward. l tried to hold out for as long as l could.
There is so much l want to say, but the taxi is coming in a minute.
Anyway, l want you to know that you're the best friend l've ever had.
lf you like you can write to me at my mother's address in Stockholm.
Your affectionate friend, Pierre.
PS. l didn't have space for my works of Strindberg and the gramophone.
Please make full use of them.
Come in!
–Hello, Erik. –Hello.
–Am l disturbing? –No.
You've been lying here for four days. Shouldn't l ask matron to look at you?
No. l feel much better.
The rumours are flying. l've heard that...
...Silverhielm went over the top this time. What exactly happened?
Very sad about Pierre. lt really is.
What kind of freaks are you? Don't you understand what you've done?
Pierre was one of the most gifted students we've ever had here.
You and he were close friends, Erik. Couldn't you have defended him?
Why didn't you defend him? At least give me an answer!
Why didn't you defend him? Are you as cowardly as the others?
You get expelled if you fight with a council member.
The thing that separates humans from animals–
–is not only intelligence, it's also morality.
The ability to know the difference between good and evil.
You have all behaved like animals. Like vultures.
lt's undignified! Do you hear me? Undignified!
This has to stop.
l don't think sir understands exactly what's happened here.
That'll be all for today. Thank you.
The ring in one hour. Bring von Schenken with you.
After much deliberation, Rat has decided to accept the challenge.
Teach him a lesson in the true spirit of Stjärnsberg.
You may start.
l've got a question. Do l have to hit both or is it enough if one crawls out?
lt's over once you crawl out, or... if both punisment prefects crawl out.
Good. Just one more question. Can l hit them as much as l like?
–Fight! –l was thinking about you, Dahlén.
l thought l might break your nose. – And you! Left– or right–handed?
Very well. l'll break your left arm at the elbow.
Don't talk so bloody much, Rat!
We said the nose, didn't we?
You too. Crawl!
Hello. l'd like to talk to Marja. Can you ask her to come out?
–Marja doesn't work here any more. –What?
She got fired. Three days ago.
They had no proof, but apparently they didn't need any.
What do you mean, fired? For what?
You should know.
...and because Linné called this groupe cryptogams–
–with crypto indicating ''hidden'' or ''obscured''.
This gives us ''hidden wedding'' or ''hidden fertilization''.
–Erik! –Yes?
–Are you alright? –l'm fine.
And then we have the other group, phanerogams...
Von Leiven.
Ponti has a letter from Finland.
Room search!
l found it!
This is even better than l thought.
''Don't worry about me getting with child with you.''
That prostitute can't even put it in proper Swedish!''With child with you!''
''l had my diaphragm on.'' The stopper on her head, not in her cunt?!
''l'm sorry it all went so wrong.''
''But l suppose it's both of our fault.''
''Maybe it's true l love you, but not that l think we'll meet again.''
l don't think so either! You've fucked the kitchen whore!
When the headmaster sees this you'll be expelled straight away!
Stretch your legs a bit!
And now sit down, gentlemen. – Not you, Ponti!
Go to the headmaster straight away!
Take your things!
lt's November, the 6th of November to be precise, 1632, Lützen.
Dense fog before us.
Come in.
lf l understand things right, you've been having long–term problems...
...finding your feet at Stjärnsberg.
ls that right?
Well, the school rules are very clear on these matters.
l have no alternative but to expel you without matriculating from your year.
l would prefer to have you off school premises–
–shall we say by 15.00 tomorrow.
lt's my duty to inform your parents–
–but l assume you'd prefer to have a word with them first.
The letter, may l have it back?
–What are you going to do with it? –Her address. l'd like to write to her.
The best thing you can do know is to forget about that girl.
When you read this l have left...
l tried for as long as l could...
One thing l want you to know...
Best friend l ever had.
Maybe it's true l love you, but not that l think we'll meet again.
Only members of this school are allowed to eat here.
Who is it?
Erik, hello? Erik, is it you?
lt's just the two of us now, Silverhielm.
lt's 2 kilometres to the stable and even further to the school.
You could make a run for it. You're fairly quick.
lf you go now, it'll take me 100 metres to catch up with you.
–What the hell are you talking about? –Down on your knees!
–You're bloody mad. –l said, down on your knees!
What do you want? Money? l'll give you 10 000. My word!
–1 0 000?! ls that all you're worth? –l'll give it to you tomorrow.
–l swear on my honour as a nobleman. –Your honour as a nobleman?
Where was that when you tortured Pierre? And when you struck me?
You did everything to provoke me.
Don't you understand the living hell l had to endure with you?
That ring, give it here!
lt's the sort of thing they use to identify a rotten old corpse.
And the teeth, of course.
You won't enjoy having all your teeth out, but you won't feel a thing...
Are you mad? They'll give you a life sentence in prison.
l've thought everything through. No proof once l've burnt your clothes!
Only Pierre and Marja will know about it. l won't tell anyone else.
Did you really think l was going to kill you?
l'm not like you, Silverhielm. l'm not like you.
Three cheers...
Dear colleagues...
l'm extremely moved by all this kindness.
And l'd very much like to say on behalf of my wife and myself...
l think we have a visitor.
Ponti? Still here? l thought we had concluded any remaining business.
–lt was the thing about the letter. –Maybe l didn't make myself clear.
Some things have not been acceptable in the sense of existing legislation...
–What are you talking about? –My right to privacy was violated.
lf you keep the letter, it's a criminal act according to Swedish law.
What are you trying to say? Leave the school premises immediately!
–Do you hear? –Excuse me if l'm interrupting things.
–Who are you? –This is my lawyer.
The name is Ekengren. Good day to you, gentlemen.
Well, this is a rather sorry tale for everyone involved, you might say.
l've just had a long telephone call with a good friend, a reporter.
Who happens to work for this newspaper.
He was very interested to hear about Erik's story.
ln fact he'd like to come and write a reportage on this school.
And perhaps flesh out Erik's story a bit more.
However, you may not feel this sort of publicity will be of benefit...
l'm rather busy at the moment. Perhaps we could...
The legal implications are already clearly set out here.
l don't know what you think, Erik?
Could we possibly avoid making this a police matter?
–Maybe. –Excuse me, what is all this about?
lf all the information has not been squarely placed in front of me, then...
Surely Headmaster has access to all the information?
As l say, if there are certain circumstances–
–to which l have not been alerted–
–then naturally l would like to be told of them.
lf you'll all excuse me. Have some cake in the meantime! – Alma...
The letter... May l have it back?
Behave for the rest of the term and get in touch when you come back.
lt's not my hope but rather my conviction–
–that you'll go into life bearing something–
–that we proudly call the Stjärnsberg spirit.
Good luck!
Now it all begins. Good luck!
Erik, if you see Pierre give him my regards.
Erik, take care of yourself.
With these reports you'll get into any Sixth Form college you like.
But a D in General Behaviour! ls that heading in the right direction?
l mean, before you had a C. And now you have a D.
What's your explanation?
ls it that Finnish whore?
We've heard all about it.
She was a waitress, just like you.
We'll talk this over after dinner.
What's the matter with you? What are you staring at?
What the hell are you staring at?
What are you staring at? You're coming with me!
l'm sorry.
–Let's get this out of the way. –Please!
–What's going on here? –Now listen to me!
lt's over. You're getting out of here.
ln half an hour you're going to be in hospital.
You won't see, your nose will be snapped, your arms will be broken.
You won't dare tell anyone. You'll say that you fell down the stairs.
lf you get the police involved, they'll find out what you've been doing to us.
This is going to hurt a hell of a lot. You'll be screaming until you pass out.
l swear l'm really going to do it. People like you have to be destroyed.
This is the last time, then never again.
l thought you'd be in Savolaks by now.
–Where are you going? –To Geneva. Another school. Business.
–l thought you wanted to write. –Many things one wants to do! You?
l've got a job in a legal firm over the summer. As a messenger boy.
–l have to pay for my private tuition. –Forget that. We're friends.
–lt makes no difference to me. –Because you're rich.
–l'll be seeing you, Erik. –l'll be seeing you, Pierre.
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