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Subtitles for One Nite in Mongkok.

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One Nite in Mongkok

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The person you want is never around.
The one you don't want to see keeps turning up like a bad penny.
It's fate
Fate would have it...
And so would sin.
How much is this one?
Eight hundred, very cheap.
Eight hundred?!
You gotta be kidding. You think we are dumb, huh?
Of course not!
Why would I?
OK, how much you want?
A hundred and eighty.
You two are smart.
That's my cost. That's right.
OK. Two hundred then. I still get $20-profit.
I said a hundred and eighty.
- Sir... - Sir...
His Rolex looks so fake, take a look at mine
Mine looks just like a real one.
Costs only hundred seventy, with ten little diamonds.
Something for your girl. Impressive, right?
OK, I'll take it. Give me two.
- Deal! - Hey!
You crossed the line!
What line? I ain't see no line!
Don't you know how to do business? He's mine! Bitch!
Mind your own damn business! Asshole!
You're just eating into your margin I can never beat your price.
Then beat it. Now, get lost.
Come on... it's OK now...
Screw you!
Norman, Evans... asshole!
Hey! What are you doing?
Take it easy.
What's up? What are you doing?
Those stupid bald-heads, they're out of their minds.
Don't you agree?
Get those bitches onto the streets. They're not even making a profit.
They are putting us out of business. What'll we do?
Can't let 'em go on like this...
Hey Franky!
Man, you're getting rich... good for you.
What's up? What are you doing?
You ain't even looking at me!
Tiger, we can talk.
Let's sit down and talk.
Sue, Tiger is here again. Go check him out.
Move it! Don't eat no more! Go take a look.
It hurts? Doesn't it? Come on!
Tiger, this is not your room!
Let's go to V1.
I like this room!
- I'll wait here! - Don't you dare mess around here.
I'll tell Tim.
Don't give me this shit!
Don't mess things up. Let's go.
- Play games with me, uh?! - Let's go!
Tiger, let me drive you home.
Get lost!
Let me take you home, Ok?
I Said get lost!
Stop your damn car! Shit head!
I said stop your damn car!
Go to hell!
Franky, are you alright?
Get in!
Get in!
Her legs are stuck. We need to tear off the top.
- Prepare saline. - Got it.
Let's do the repletion first.
- The car is on fire. - Get her out.
Hi Carl! Have a seat!
Have a seat, man!
Tim, no matter what,
it's not worth ruining our friendship.
You're Franky, right?
You killed my son!
- You killed my son! - Mary, take it easy...
Kill him! I want him dead!
What's the point now? It won't help!
Let's talk. Sit down.
Carl, you go first. We ain't talking no more today.
Tim is staying. We'll talk things out ourselves.
I can't go like this.
Why not? Go.
Tim, I'll make it up for you if I've got a son.
But I don't. What do you want me to do?
I ain't bringing anyone along, you ain't...
Don't... stop it!
Stop it!
Stop it!
Go to hell!
Let's go!
You're right behind the cashier and you see nothing?
How could I?
You wanna get me killed? Use your brain, sir!
Wake up!
Who stabbed you? Tell me, who stabbed you?
Sir, he's behind me. How could I tell!
Quick, get him onto the stretcher...
Ready, one, two, three!
Get out of the way, don't block the road.
Carl's fuming. I've never seen him like this.
Officer Milo, you should know,
Carl and Tim grew up together.
But they are never on good terms.
Like last night, their gangs were fighting
on the street, over a girl.
They came across each other again at the Karaoke.
Tiger kicked Franky's ass.
Franky's boys got him back, of course.
They wanna stop Tiger's car and beat him up.
But Tiger was so drunk that he couldn't stop his car and he crashed.
Tim then asked his buddies to settle this with Carl.
It's just that simple.
You're part of this?
Don't you kid with me! How would I? This is really big shit!
Were you there during the chase?
Of course not! I was in Macau last night.
I came to you guys the moment I came back.
In Macau?
You sounded like you knew the whole thing.
I just heard about this. I'm really not involved in this.
You sounded like it's real. Why don't you go be a script writer?
Give him some water.
Thanks. Officer Milo.
What's the matter with you?
Hey! Ted!
You two see your boy to work?
What a loving pa! And there are cakes!
Officer Milo!
This is Ted. He saw me getting into the cadet.
His whole family is in the force.
Now even his youngest boy has got promoted.
Officer Milo, this is my boy, Ben.
Don't worry, Susan. We'll take good care of him.
Let me introduce you to the team.
This is Ken, Jane, Wilson and Kinson.
Benjamin Yam. Nice to meet you all.
- Kinson. - Hi.
Ben is talented. Fired two shots on Nathan Road
and got two down. This is his first day here.
Keep it up.
- Come, let's have some cake. - Feel free, be my guest...
Hey, that officer there. Why don't you join us too?
Oh! Thanks. Let's eat.
Sit down!
He's a suspect.
Ted, Susan, stay a while longer.
We're fine. You carry on with your work.
Who stabbed Franky?
I don't know.
Someone will talk sooner or later...
From the street fight, the car crash all the way to the killing,
you gave me all the names involved. Is that clear?
False leads won't pay you anything. Clear?
You go get the guys. I am checking out Anti-Vice.
Ted, Susan, help yourselves.
Brat! All go into hiding again?
No better here. All dead?
Scum bag! Get your ass out here!
All these technology is getting us nowhere.
Let's do it the old-fashioned way. Let's get going.
Where the hell are those little rats selling fakes?
Where are the PRADAs and GUCCIs?
Where are all the people?
They've all gone into hiding, for no reason at all.
Something's wrong.
What is it? It's just a street fight.
Hear anything?
No... no!
Start the car! Move it now!
Move it! Or else I gave you a ticket!
Officer Cheng!
What's up? How come you're doing this yourself?
The valet boys are all missing. It's a mess!
Where are they?
How would I know? I should be asking you guys!
Go! Move it!
Move it!
How's it?
Not a sign at the mini-bus stop.
The drivers said everyone had gone by noon today.
That serious, huh?
Now what, sir?
It looks like a curfew is really on.
Got it.
So, Officer Milo, what's up?
Hold on.
Imposing a curfew?
You're good.
I just learnt about it and then I get your call.
Where did you hear that?
Wayne, Officer Milo.
I know what's going on.
Who... who is this? What's wrong?
Listen, you two.
Two are down already. It's not going to get any better if this goes on.
Hero, I want you get me Carl. Right away, get it?
Tell him to straighten things out with Tim.
They're brothers, nothing'll happen.
Dumb ass!
Tim's son is dead! It's serious, man.
We've got one dead too.
Franky and Tiger are no father and son. Not even close, stupid!
Pay him back. A few millions should do it. Money can settle everything.
You two clear up this mess, I want you give me someone.
I'll try my best.
Don't you bull shit me. No is not an option. Get it?
Do you hear me?
OK, fine, no problem.
I'll call you when we work this out.
What now?
How about we continue tomorrow?
I need to go home for dinner.
You are on shift now. You are getting paid.
It's Christmas!
It's the 23rd. It's not even Christmas eve!
You wanna go sing Christmas carols?
I thought you're a Buddhist?
Your phone!
Those little rascals are more hardworking than you.
A hundred and ninety-eight for three hours. No tips.
- Let's go to the sauna - Damn you!
Don't turn off your phones!
- See you all early in the morning! - OK! Bye!
You interested?
Are we off now?
Relax. We've got years ahead. Take it easy, boy.
Let's go.
- Hello? - Should be this one.
Hi Tim, hold on a sec...
What's up?
So serious?
No problem. Money can buy you anything.
Wait for my call. No problem...
What is it?
Tim wants Carl dead.
Remember to get your pay check first.
You think I'm dumb?
Tin Fu.
Who is this?
It's Liu.
What's up?
We've got business for tomorrow.
Get me someone.
We've got no one else. You have used them all up.
We've got billions of brothers up there. Can't you find just one?
- Try Lai Fu then. - Who?
That silly guy living at the village edge.
You... some stupid ass again?
The last one was in prison.
I paid for the lawyers last time, I told you. Not a single penny less.
It cost me seventy... no, eighty grand.
And his sentence?
22 years.
That's pretty good. He'd be dead already if he were up here.
That Lai Fu, he got guts?
Don't think he's much choice. Has to make a living.
He got a passport?
But these guys are charging more now.
Fifteen grand. No less.
What? They think they are assassinating the president?
Fifteen grand for a life?
They're risking their lives!
Several got killed, right?
OK, I call you again after I get things ready.
Call me when he gets onto the boat.
Nearly get it!
That son-of-the-bitch is getting smart now.
We finish it tomorrow morning. OK?
Tian Fu, why are you running?
Got kicked out by your wife?
Lai Fu, it's time!
I'll go take my things.
Ok, Er Fu, start the car!
Let's get going.
Lai Fu, no regrets?!
No regrets.
Nope. Come to the worst, it's just my cheap life.
Listen, no matter what happens
no mercy never ever.
Get it.
Be careful!
Be careful...
Take care!
So late?
Yes, under-staffed at the ICU.
- I'm leaving now. Bye! - See you!
Hi Milo, your wife has left already.
Listen up, everyone. Don't you forget your date of departure.
If you miss you're late, you'll be penalized.
You ain't gonna get your visa next time.
Tomorrow, eight thirty in the morning. San Bu.
10-dollar change for you.
Where's Mongkok?
Mongkok? Very near. Get a taxi to take you there.
The room is paid.
You've got a parcel.
- Thank you. - You're welcome.
Lai Fu?
This is Liu.
Hi Liu.
You've got the parcel?
Which room are you staying?
Stay in your room. If you're hungry, call room service.
The pistol has been used.
If something goes wrong, will I...
Take all the blame?
Don't be silly!
It's just me, trying out the pistol.
We are brothers. I won't get you into trouble.
Shouldn't it be fifteen grand?
Will pay you the rest when it's done.
Then, can I reach you at this number?
You get caller display?
What on earth...?
You wanna have me traced?
That's impossible!
What's wrong?
Oh, it's nothing. Nothing.
Wait for my call.
Good morning. Here's your sandwich.
Thanks. Have you brushed your teeth?
- I had a blow-dry as well. - Officer Milo...
Are you okay?
Not really...
Officer Milo, we need to find Liu quick!
He's getting a killer for Tim.
How do you know?
It's true!
Give me two grand.
Quit it. You'll soon die because of it.
I will.
I gotta charge up first. Call you later.
And I'll help you to find that killer.
This druggie could be making up stories for the money.
He graduated in the same class with me. Gambling ruined him.
Tim shot Chadwick two years ago to get the minibus route.
He also shot Chicken in Yuen Long last year.
He goes too far.
I think Liu helped Tim to get that killer.
That's why he sent Shitty Kong to keep an eye on him.
Liu operates casinos and sells cell phones...
and now he's into this lining up thing too?
He and his wife are extremely greedy.
Look at this!
So what?
It's only 300 thousand. What are you so excited for?
Freeze! Give us your money!
- What's going on? - Take it easy, Liu.
Where's all this money from? Bets?
It's clean money. Keep your hands away from it.
Clean money?
You sell original goods now, huh?
Being rampant now that you've got your own company, huh?
Stop it! We'll sue you!
Shut up, bitch!
Every killer I caught...
said they were hired by you.
I can't take you to court without evidence.
It'll not be easy money this time.
Where's the killer?
Killer? I don't know what you're talking about.
Liu, this time it's not what you think.
If Carl's men knew it was you who lined up the killer...
Cut the crap. It's a matter of life and death!
If more people get killed, the whole thing will be out of control!
You earn enough money from selling guns don't you?
Tell me where the killer is so that I can close this case.
It's enough, Liu.
Tell us, and it'll be settled.
And you get the money too.
You think we're dumb?
There's nothing we can tell. Go talk to my lawyer!
Take them back.
I'm hungry. Get something to eat first.
Me too, let's go get something to eat.
- Good idea! - Just one block down. Let's go there.
The food is nice, and lots of people there.
Sit down and help yourself.
Take off those bags. You want them suffocated?
This way, come on!
Hi Officer Brandon...
Hello officers... good morning!
This is Liu. You know him?
Yeah I know you... Aren't you Officer Liu from Crime Squad?
Bullshit, the two of them are our informers.
Nice to meet you!
Have a nice day officers...
Get something to eat.
What do you want?
Black coffee. Noodle with egg and beef.
Two cups of hot tea with milk.
Hey Liu, I'm looking for you!
Those LV logos were badly printed...
and the buckles...
Officer Milo, aren't you going too far?
Sit over there and talk to your wife.
Let's talk about it after I finish this.
Sit over there!
These assholes, they're tricking us.
What's next if he really gets a killer for Tim?
Tim will call him when he locates Carl.
And show the killer the target. Then have him killed.
Check his phones.
Tell 'em to give us a price before handing them that killer zombie.
Are you out of your mind?
We gotta get out of this first! What else can we do?
Tim paid us already.
He'll smash up our store if we don't get this done
We're caught! What else can we do?
Find another one!
Who else can I find now?
We're close.
It's here!
Tim won't let you go if you don't get it done.
Talk to them!
Frankly, I know nothing, Officer Milo.
But I'll try my best to ask around.
And the informer fees...
Take my noodle for it, huh?
Er... I heard that a killer is coming to Hong Kong...
to help Tim kill Carl, right?
You just heard about it? Thanks...
Room 404. Evergreen Hotel in Mongkok.
Sit down!
Sit down!
I recognize him. It's him.
Your have such a good memory?
I recognize his box.
Check him.
Room 404.
He paid by cash. We don't have his record.
Are you kidding? What kind of hotel is this?
Is this a motel?
How many this time?
Just one.
There were two in the room last time when we opened the door.
I have to take a closer look.
Sweetie, what's up?
Let me handle this.
Where is it?
That way! Use your telescope!
What's going on there?
We can't see anything. It's blocked.
Your eyes are going. Step back to watch.
Easy, I can see things in a distance.
Don't come out!
I've played war games before!
It's over...
If there's a grenade, we'll be done.
Strong body but stupid mind.
Let's go!
Get up.
Get up, time to go!
I'm injured. I'm disjointed.
Does it hurt?
Why don't you use the key?
Aren't you ashamed of yourself? Let's go!
Make things clear first next time.
He's pissed.
Ken, beat him up.
How do you want it to be?
Lai Fu.
Where are you?
Did I not tell you to stay in your room?
I'm near that...
I can't read the words. Para something...
Paradise, isn't it?
I think so. I'll go back when I'm done.
Forget about it.
Wait for me right there. I'll come for you.
Where are you sitting?
The first table near the entrance.
I wore a yellow jacket.
Fine, wait for me right there, I'm coming.
Take a look. Is this okay?
This is the brightest room.
Hundred fifty a day. How long are you staying?
One day only.
Alright. I'll get you some tea.
Okay, thanks.
You are drunk!
I'm not!
Don't! I'm going back. I'm not doing it anymore.
I'll be quick.
What? Are you threatening me? You don't wanna do it?
You have to do it even if your're dead! Get it?
Easy, easy, Walter...
I have to go back.
What hometown? Which province?
You don't wanna do it?
What are you doing?
Damn you!
- Don't! - Damn you!
Hey, what are you doing? Why are you bullying her?
None of your business, bitch! Get back to your room!
Walter... What's up, Walter?
Don't be so angry. You are here for fun, right?
It's just a chick. It's not worth it.
I'll get you a better one.
Just easy.
What are you looking at?
- Take it easy! - So what?
You broke my glasses.
So what?
Let's go, Walter... easy
Stop it! Stop it! You'll kill him!
Stop it...
I'll pay...
I don't want your money!
Give it to her!
Sorry... sorry...
- Dear! - Who is it?
Open up!
We gotta go now, be quick! He'll come back for you!
Let's go!
Shou Shou!
Dan Dan, what's wrong?
I'll leave you my luggage. I'll come back later for it.
What's wrong?
- It'll be fine, don't worry. - Okay...
It'll be okay, right?
You don't understand. That guy's a villain.
This way!
This way! Quick!
This way, officers! Right there!
He called the cops?
He has so many tattoos.
I thought he's a gang master...
He's a fake one.
Are you okay? Are you hurt?
I'm fine. I'm as strong as a horse.
My dad has been beating me up ever since I was a child.
I have to go.
Can you see the way like this?
I'll take this one.
Can I have it immediately?
The earliest will have to be tomorrow.
How about contact lenses?
You can get a pair right away.
Contact lenses?
Try it, dear!
It sucks!
Is it okay? Does it hurt?
Clearer than glasses.
I feel a bit dizzy.
When you first look at this world...
You felt dizzy because the world is too clear.
You'll be fine when you get used to it.
What are you talking about?
Thank you.
Are you here for shopping, dear?
I'm looking for someone.
Do you know where Temple Street is?
I know!
That way! I've been there before!
Can you show me the way?
Of course! You saved my life, my dear!
I'll show you the way, come with me!
So many people out there. Is it a festival?
Yes. But not our festival.
Something called Jesus' birthday. I'm not sure.
What then?
You've got so much money, why the long face?
It's too busy. I'm not used to it.
Are you?
Hold on. I've got to buy something.
Do you have a Game Boy?
Out of stock. How about a PS One?
What... One?
PS One
Can kids play it?
Even babies can play it.
I'll take four. Give me a discount.
Four? Okay, I'll give you a discount.
One thousand eight hundred each, and four adapters for free.
One thousand eight hundred with four adapters for free?
It's very cheap.
I can get four buffalos for a thousand eight hundred in my hometown!
Go to hell you idiot!
Hong Kong people are bad. They always want to cheat me.
Where are you from?
South-east Asia. Hungxi village near Meigu.
I'm from Wuyuegou.
So we come from the same place!
That's great!
Aren't we... we meet each other in the same foreign place...
I've never been to school.
Your family's poor?
Very poor.
Me too.
But the good days are coming.
It will be prosperous soon.
Bro, you come here for a big deal, right?
Don't bullshit me!
Aren't you afraid that the money will be stolen?
Why should I? Afraid of you?
How dare I? You are out of your mind, dear!
You saved my life, why should I steal your money?
Come, this way.
- Look at this, from Italy... - Let's go.
Hold on, look at this!
The color is great, it's golden!
Give me a discount sir, I don't have much money.
But you wanna buy gold?
Give me a discount please.
How much is that?
Two thousand four hundred.
I'll pay for you.
Be quick!
Are you kidding? Thanks!
Who are you looking for?
We are here for Sue Lam.
Someone's looking for your granddaughter.
I'm Lai Fu. From Wuyuegou.
She's too old.
Where's Sue?
- Sue is my granddaughter. - Yes...
She's gone mad.
Her granddaughter doesn't live here.
She comes back sometimes to visit her granny.
Where's she now?
I don't know.
I'm a voluntary worker. I found a place in an elderly home for granny.
But I need her granddaughter's signature
to get her admitted.
This is a big favor. Thanks a lot.
You are welcome.
- Take this. - What are you doing?
No! We can't take money.
Take it, it's okay.
- No... - Come on...
I can't take this...
We will come back to see you, granny.
- You're welcome. - No, I can' take this.
- It's okay. - No...
What's going on? She doesn't want money?
Is she mad too?
It's strange.
Look at this, my dear.
There's so many. Must be stolen.
Your friend must be a prostitute here.
Take me there.
No prostitute wakes up that early.
Or maybe she's sleeping with someone else at this time.
I'll bring you there later.
Your friend must be a pimp.
Pimps don't have to sleep with men...
From Wuyuegou?
Shall I ask Sue's mum to bring you back?
Back to Wuyuegou?
Wuyuegou is poverty-stricken...
What's this? The damn thing is raw.
Don't make a scene, my dear.
This is the appetizer dish.
Just pick the tomatoes if you don't like the others.
Have some more soup. Give me the veg.
Where's the button? I wanna my button. Quick!
Pardon me?
I said my button!
It's pronounced MUTTON.
Excuse me, miss, we serve one course after the other.
Hurry up, I'm starving!
Listen, I've only been here twice.
It's a real an eye-opener.
You'll get more civilized.
They've got everything here.
Don't you think so?
My name is Lin. They call me Lai Fu.
Lai Fu? Sounds like a pet's name.
Mine is Liu Dan Dan. You call me Dan Dan.
Sue is your wife?
We're not married yet.
Then, why are you here?
To take care of her grandma.
I come here with a One-Way-Permit
How... how about you?
I was taken in to come here the first time.
That asshole said he'd marry me.
This time... I came here to make some bucks.
Someone in our village also got conned.
There're swindlers everywhere now.
I don't get it.
How much... do you make for one trip here?
I charge $360,
$90 for the room, $140 for the pimp
I got $130 for one transaction.
You wanna know how much I earn for one trip here
I came here for three weeks and already earned more than $8,000.
Don't you look down on me.
I won't.
We all have our own difficulties.
Every cloud has its silver lining.
I've got fifteen people in my family.
Let's talk about something else. It's going to upset me if we continue.
Look, we've got a really big dish here.
Let's eat. If you've nothing else to do,
we can find a place. I can sleep with you.
You saved my life, my dear.
No, thanks.
I am not charging you!
No, thanks. Really.
I am not charging you.
So weird...
Something's wrong with everybody today?
Sir, let me go.
I'll find you the killer.
Your wife has to stay.
Asshole! How could you leave me behind?
Then you go! Go! I'll stay!
I'll let you go. Will it help?
- The money. - What?
Remember to get the money. Stupid!
Can't change it yet. Tim is going to call this number.
Why don't I call him?!
What am I to do with this Lai Fu? Lai Fu...
Call Tim first...
Hi Tim, are you looking for me?
Scum bag! Where the hell are you?
I ran out of battery.
You've got phones everywhere in your shop
and you tell me you have no batteries? You think I'm stupid?!
Just having a little trouble.
I changed my number. Write down my new one.
You let our plan slip? We have to stop then.
No. Nothing's slipped.
No problem. Everything will be fine.
Wait for my call!
The building is on fire.
What the hell are you doing?
There's a slaughtering between two gangs.
Which two?
The Hung's and the Dong's.
Where's the people?
Checking them out.
Several are dead already. Find 'em!
Anything from CIB then?
The Commissioner is going to a ball tonight. He asked me...
What is he going tell the press?
Draft something! Quick!
It's "Yes Sir"
Yes Sir!
It's Christmas eve. Keep a close eye on it!
Yes Sir.
Sir, why don't we mount an operation?
Good idea. I'll issue a code. Call everyone back on duty.
Every one of them!
The party has to be called off, then.
We paid for everything. It costs six hundred sixty eight per person!
My wife is going to be furious.
This hearing aid is for my grandpa.
I want the best one.
We've got some new arrivals.
This model is the most expensive.
How much is it?
Three thousand two hundred. It's a bargain price.
- I'll take this one. - Thank you.
Where is my bag?
What's happened?
I lost my bag!
I saw that guy take it.
Why didn't you say something then? Bitch!
Watch it!
Stop it!
Give me back the bag!
Bumpkin my ass!
I got lost.
I'm fine now.
If we got lost, I'd look you up in your village.
Where're we going now?
Let go of me!
I'll kill you if you leave!
How dare you!
I told you, my life is cheap. Isn't worth a dime.
What's happened to your head? You're wounded.
Let me get some bandage.
No need!
What if the cops notice it?
Come on, let's go!
Oh, it's nothing. I'll get you some medicine.
Putting some spray on will do.
You'll be fine. I'm leaving now.
I need someone to lead the way for me.
Spare me please, would you, my dear?
You take a bus or a taxi will do.
My visa is about to expire. I need to leave before midnight.
Or, they won't let me come next time.
I'll pay you.
I'm not asking you for that.
I'm just paying you for your time.
How much can you afford?
Three thousand?
Three thousand?
I saw that thing, that pistol...
You want me to cover you up?
Why don't you pay me a bit more.
So that I'll feel better.
How about... five hundred more?
It's going to hurt. Hang on.
Here it is...
Take a seat, everyone!
We are not distributing the sketch of the suspect.
Please pass them on. Thanks.
Tell them to quieten down.
Quiet, please.
Quiet, please. Thank you.
Sorry, everyone.
Sorry to ask you all to resume duty on Christmas Eve.
This evening, within half an hour,
two casualties were reported.
We believe they've something to do with
Tiger and Franky's case the day before...
This operation has two objectives.
The first one is to dig out the relevant persons-in-charge,
Tim and Carl.
The second thing is, according to our source,
Someone has paid to kill Carl.
The killer is five feet eleven, with short hair,
I know the sketch is not very clear, but we've tried our best.
The code for this operation is...
"One Night In Mongkok".
So, everyone, I'm afraid it's going to be a tough night.
Turn all the dens, clubs and motels in Mongkok upside down,
I don't care what you do with this place, just dig these three men out.
Is that clear, everyone?
Is that clear?
Is that clear? Is that clear?
Yes, sir!
Then, let's get on with it!
Let's go!
Come on, move it...
There's four gangs in Mongkok and they control mini-bus routes,
more than a hundred karaokes, over two hundred saunas,
three hundred newspaper stands, six hundred restaurants,
seven hundred dens, and thousands of scoundrels...
We've got a busy night, buddies.
No problem, sir.
Let's check out Tim's area first.
Start with Da Wah Karaoke in Portland Street.
What's up, Fatty?
Excuse us. Sorry to bother you.
He's looking for his girl, called Sue.
Her name sounds familiar. But we've got none of her data here.
Are you sick or something? Have you nothing to do?
There are hundreds of girls called Sue in Mongkok, Yaumatei and Tsimshatsui.
Tell him to get lost!
What did she say?
She said most hookers called themselves Sue.
Sue is not a hooker!
What? Hooker?
I said Sue is not a hooker!
Are you dumb or what?!
What are you staring at? I'm not scared!
I say whatever I want, so what?!
I said she's a whore, Sue is a whore.
You dumb ass!
What is it? That's enough...
What're you doing?
Help! Help!
Don't move!
I told you, don't you insult her.
Sue'll never be a hooker!
No... she's not...
Routine check.
We're not open yet, sir.
Tell your manager to come out.
Manager... the cops are here. They are asking for you.
Cops are here...
Please, I beg you!
Let me take you to the rear exit.
Don't move!
He was here just now.
Find him. Hurry!
Go! Quickly! I'll take you to the rear exit.
Beat it.
What's up? What's happened?
Where're you two going?
What's up?
Oh... it's nothing. She's bumped her head.
Bump you ass!
There's a guy, with a girl... back there...
A guy and a girl, so what?
- They've got a gun! - Call headquarters!
- Calling headquarters... - Into the room!
We found a male, armed, at Dai Wah Karaoke in Portland Street.
Backup required!
Down there!
Armed male in Portland Street. Go!
Team B of Crime Squad is on its way! Move away...
Over there!
The girl is wearing a red coat!
Everyone is wearing red. Which one is it? Did you see her face?
Calm down!
Don't panic.
Out of the way...
Take the elevator.
In the elevator!
Out of the way...
Out of the way! Out of the way...
Out of the way! Out of the way...
Don't shoot! There're too many people!
Get down.
Come back! Don't chase. It's too crowded here.
Come back!
What now?
The killer fired three shots. Luckily, no one was hit.
Did you check out Tim and Carl's den?
Not yet.
We can do nothing without any information. I told you to act quick.
They're both in HK. Shouldn't be difficult to dig them out.
Yes. We can close this case when we find them.
Let's try harder!
Don't these people belong to Anti-Vice?
We only got seven people in our team!
The others were assigned to you!
Do you know how big Mongkok is?
This small. Not as big as you think!
Calm down...
Our holiday is ruined. Everyone is in a bad mood.
If both of them don't show up, something's got to happen.
How about calling the patrol here to rampage and make'em surface?
Are you kidding? You guys looking for trouble?
Don't pull everyone else in. We're not crazy like you.
Then what do you want? End the operation now?
If you're going to blow the whistle, I'll be the first to leave!
Take it easy.
Got a problem?
If you've got no problem, I'll ask for permission.
God! I have never been chased by cops before.
This is scaring me to death!
My dear... listen...
If we're to split here, are we still friends if we meet again?
That's what they say too.
Why do you want to kill her?
She's not my target.
You're a pro?
Never tried it before.
Then don't try it now!
I once killed a pig, when I was small.
It haunted me ever since, even now.
Don't worry. I won't hurt you.
Run! Cops!
Hold it right there!
Michael, they're around Shan Dong Street...
Please go check it out.
No problem. We'll go now.
My goodness, where do we begin? Mongkok is so big!
This is part of our job. Just do it.
What's up, kid?
How come you guys seem so reluctant?
It's only your second day here. Don't push yourself so hard.
There're always thieves around!
Catching thieves is all about using your brain...
not how fast you run.
You can't win a battle with just bravery.
You only get a national flag...
over your coffin if you're dead.
You talk just like my dad.
Are we going to be the same when we grow old?
Officer Milo looks depressed.
After he killed a criminal...
He changed.
Affected even his family.
His wife ran away and disappeared.
How about the psychiatric thing?
How about you? You killed two as well.
The doctor said I'm fine.
I don't feel guilty. This is part of my job.
Do you?
You killed someone. Don't you have nightmares?
They're bad guys, they deserved it.
They are human too. They have lives.
Do all young people think like this?
For the sake of your parents, or for yourself...
think twice before you take any action.
Twice is good enough.
I think...
you'd better give it up, my dear.
If she's turned into a hooker like me, what would you do?
Can you stand it?
Don't even try to ask her about it if you do find her.
Talk about something else.
It's just a wild guess.
Maybe she hasn't done anything shameful...
or maybe she has married someone else.
Hong Kong really smells... the air is so polluted.
Wonder why it's called Hong Kong (sweet-scented).
Despite the foul air,
this place is still a paradise.
I wish I could do something else here other than this.
The future is all yours to decide.
Choose a good way and you will be good.
What I mean is...
If you do something bad, it slowly becomes a habit.
When you're used to it, you become a bad guy.
If you stay away from the bad things,
you will become good again.
Is this what you are telling yourself?
Fate brought us together, my dear...
Why don't we take a picture? We may not be seeing each other.
Sir, can you take a picture of us?
We want more of the scenery behind, and our faces in focus.
Carl will be at the Huasheing Restaurant in Yinchang Street.
Get it.
Don't play any tricks on me again.
No... I won't...
Jesus! Where the hell have you been?
Officer Milo, I've found the killer.
Where is he?
Go to Yinchang Street now. Meet me there.
Brandon, we've found the killer.
Let's go!
Excuse me, where's Yinchang Street?
Go straight through the alley and turn right.
Leave first.
Do you know the way?
Leave now. I'll look for you... if I have the chance.
I'll wait for you here.
You there?
I'm somewhere near.
Where are you?
Give me a couple of minutes and I'll be there.
How about you? Where are you?
I'm around.
Call me when you arrive.
What now?
Your car is right in the middle. Aren't you being a bit obvious?
Pull over to the side.
I'll call you when the killer arrives.
I'm here.
You're here?
Can you see the Huasheng Restaurant?
See the white car in front of the entrance?
Listen. The target is in the restaurant.
He's wearing a white shirt and black suit.
Shoot him. And get onto the white car.
That car will be picking you up.
Hello? Hello?
The car you asked me to get in...
Who's in it?
You bastard! We come from the same village!
I do the job for you, and you betray me!
I didn't...
Remember that guy who is spending 22 years behind bars?
He's my elder brother!
Don't shoot...
Cops are right over there!
Stop it, my dear...
Stop it right now!
I'm going to call and let them know in the village
about this. I'll tell them everything...
And see what they gonna do with your family.
Your wife's family is still living in the village, aren't they?
Grannies, grandpas and the kids...
pretty big family, huh...
I deserve this. Kill me...
Please kill me. But don't tell them.
Lai Fu... Lai Fu...
Don't you tell them...
Lai Fu, don't you...
Get in the car!
The person you want is never around.
The one you don't want to see keeps turning up like a bad penny.
It's fate
Fate would have it...
And so would sin.
Let's pray that we don't bump into the killer.
We'll make our own way. Then we'll be safe and sound.
Times flies. One year won't be long.
Right, officer Milo?
You bastard, what took you so long?
What's up this time?
Don't listen to him. He's just cheating you.
Believe me! It's true this time!
I saw a creepy guy...
The address is 50, Tung Choi Street.
That villa is called Jin...
Jin Han Villa?
Yes, room 402, Jin Han Villa.
I checked it out myself!
Don't you believe me?
I can take you there.
I know that place.
The rooms are all wood, pretty dangerous if we started firing there.
Why don't we...
Let's have a look.
Shou Shou
Shou Shou
Where have you been? It's so late now!
What's happened?
Forget it. It's that Walter...
He looked for you in the afternoon...
and beat the boss up.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
I'm sorry. It's all my fault.
Never mind. You were just trying to help Dan Dan.
Forget about it...
Hurry up and pack now. Leave before dawn.
I'm sorry, boss.
Let's stay in Shou Shou's room.
It'll be fine.
You've got lots of stuff.
I'm going to sell them in my hometown. They're worth a few quid.
You're not coming back?
I'm exhausted. Come on, take a rest.
Come on.
It's a tough day.
Milo, this don't look good. Something's wrong.
Call for backup.
I dunno... Let's check it out first.
Why're you up so late?
Well, I've still got lots to pack.
Take your time.
402. Who's staying in there?
Someone from South-east Asia, a pharma sales, I think.
- Does he live there all by himself? - Seems like it.
Milo, someone's in there, but the door is locked?
Cops! Freeze!
Calm down!
- Stop it... - Hold it!
What happened to you?
I... I got nervous.
Nervous? Damn you!
This is big shit!
You got us all into trouble!
Calm down.
Ken, Kinson. Block the stairway.
Pull some tricks if anyone arrives.
Jane, you go to the front door. Don't let anyone in.
Come back...
Only Ben and I were here.
You all came up when you heard the gun shot.
No one saw anything. Is that clear?
I'll go check the back alley.
Wilson, find me some gear. Just a little something will do.
It's very late now. How about some dope?
Marijuana, get some more.
OK, let's place this knife somewhere...
He was pissed when he opened up?
We are not covering for you.
But for your parents.
And the whole team.
I was just about to kick the door open...
an' this guy came rushing out and attacked me!
Repeat it.
You were about to kick the door open when he attacked you.
Say it one more time.
Officer Milo were about to kick the door open when this guy attacked him.
I saw him and fired.
Milo, we finally made it.
Congratulations! You cracked another case!
You'll soon get promoted.
Don't say that.
This must be what you expected?
Congratulations! Officer Milo!
Congratulations Milo!
I always knew you were good.
That's why we're all here to support you.
Milo, why don't you share your tips with us...
We could've helped out.
Milo, I knew you were good!
Officer Milo has good luck.
Luck's not enough on it's own, he's really good.
Well then, let's throw a party to celebrate!
Officer Milo, what would you like to eat?
Kinson, Shitty Kong's there!
Don't beat me...
We're not going to hurt you!
Hey! You two! Stop messing with him!
Thirty mil. 10% of that is three mil!
We ought to call you "Boss" from now on!
Officer Milo...
Quit it.
Or else, you won't live to enjoy the riches, get it?
I'll quit...
I will for sure.
Let's go have breakfast.
You wish! We need to write up the reports.
Thank you.
Let's get some take away.
Your gun, Ben.
It's all over. Everything'll be fine.
Forget about it.
Officer Milo.
We're alike.
Do some good if you've any spare cash.
What's wrong?
I just took an injection when I was about to have my period.
The pain's coming back now.
Got any pain-killers?
Let me see.
I only have the bottle of sterilizer with me.
I ain't wounded, stupid!
Go buy me a pack of pain-killers at the convenience store round the corner?
It's called Panada.
Panada. Just tell 'em Panada will do.
I got some change in my bag. They won't take large notes.
You're from a jar. You come all the way looking for your loved one.
When I go back...
I swear I'll find someone like you.
Don't look at me like that. I'm no good at all.
I've no education, but I once saw a movie
and the teacher in the movie said...
It's wrong to say "I come from a jar",
you should say "I come from afar".
That's right.
Throw away your gun.
Excuse me. Do you have panada?
Are there any panadol?
They're in the drawer.
Please wait a second.
I'm starving.
Hey, let's eat first.
Good idea!
No need to take way. Milo said we'll eat here.
We'll eat here.
Missy, any seats?
Yes, how many for?
How much is it?
Anyone wanna drink?
- I'll get 'em in. - Gimme some.
I'll get a newspaper.
What is it? Someone you knew?
He looks like the guy at Dai Wa Karaoke.
It won't be him. Let's go.
But he looks so much like him.
How much?
No, 90%.
Hey! You jumped from 70% to 90%!
Don't be silly!
Forget him. Let's go.
Let's go. You said you wanna get a drink.
What's wrong?
Sue... she's got into trouble.
She's in the paper. Look.
What does it say?
Something like... a car accident.
She's in critical condition.
Can you find out from the paper where she is staying now?
The paper didn't mention it. I'll check it out for you in a moment.
Can I go along?
It's going to be fine. Calm down first. Don't panic.
Let me get you a cup of hot tea.
So, you're back, huh?
I've been looking for you the whole day.
Where's that four-eyed?
I don't know him. He's just a tenant...
Go and guard the door. Don't you dare make a sound...
I'll kill you.
Walter, please don't!
Please stop it, Walter...
Let go of me! Let go...
What now?
Walter! Not again!
It's none of your business, get back in!
What are you doing...
Shut up! Go to hell!
Stop it...
What do you want?
It's none of your business, go back to your room!
Get in!
Get in, now!
Shut up or I'll kill you!
Watch over them! Beat them if they dare make a noise.
And don't stop till they're dead!
Please stop it, Walter...
Stop it!
Isn't this great?
Don't I look cool?
Cool, right?
You crashed my head! You enjoyed that, didn't you?
Walter, that's enough. Stop it...
It's your turn.
Now? We should be going.
You tell him.
Get me some tissues.
He got the news faster than us.
Please... This is for my mum,
please don't take it, I beg you.
It's for my mum, I beg you...
Why are you doing this to me...
Dan. Dan, are you okay? Don't cry.
- Have they all gone? - They're gone.
- Oh my god! - What?
Where are you going, dear...
I'm gonna kill that bastard!
Don't go, dear...
Don't go, I beg you...
Don't you follow me! Just go!
Go back!
Leave me alone!
Hold it right there, you bastard!
What's he doing?
What's he doing?
What's that on his face?
He's holding something...
Help me!
Take Cover!
- It's him! - Get down!
It's him!
Freeze! Police!
Ben! Get Down!
Why are you chasing me?
Stop chasing me!
Madam, you overstayed.
I'll never come back.
Sir, she's overstayed.
Why do they call this place "Hong Kong"?
Hong Kong is so named as it used to be an incense(HONG)-producing port(KONG)
Mongkok, the most densely populated area in the world.
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