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Subtitles for One Piece ep01.

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One Piece ep01

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It's huge
My name is Rufi, a soon-to-be pirate
Don't have to worry about that little whirlpool
It won't affect this ship in any way at all
May I have this dance? Um
How could it be
The difference's too big
What're you doing really pathetic
Heavy. . .
That thing in there has got some weight
Could it be treasure?
Let's keep it
Increase defenses
There's a pirate flag on the pole
It's a pirate ship
Keep alert
Captain The pirate ship's approaching
Please keep calm Please disperse in an orderly manner
Who is the prettiest in all the seas
Of course it's The Captain Lady Alveda herself
Well answered
I thank you
Lady Alveda This is the fat haul we've been waiting for
Ah ls that so Sink that ship quickly
Yes. . .
I'll let you see the powress of the Alveda pirates
Corby What're you waiting for
I'm terrified of this
You dare talk back!
Please don't use the Moliban
Then hurry up
I'm coming
We don't want your lives if you just hand over your fortune
Otherwise we'll feed you to the fishes
Is anybody in
Looks like nobody's in
Great. . .
Humongous wine barrel. . .
Who're you? Never seen you before
Corby you idiot, think you can hide there and laze
No I'm just trying to move this big barrel
Heh heh We'll let it 'lighten' a little
We're very thirsty
You can't do that lf Lady Alveda finds out
You'll be killed
Nobody'll know if you don't talk Right
You're right
It's heavy
Can't take it anymore
Forget it I'll just break it open
Had a nice nap
What the-
Who're you
And who're you
I was sleeping inside
The rodent
You brat
Don't you know we're pirates
I'm hungry Got anything to eat. . .
Pay attention
If this is the case. . .
What're you guys doing
Just who are you
Who me Monkey D. Rufi here Pleased to meet you
Just. . .what is going on
What's going on with these people
They're calling for backup You'll be killed
Whatever I'm so hungry
Why're you so reckless?
They've got lotsa men
Can't head there
Not here
Wah i see food lotsa food this is great
Maybe they won't find you here
It's that That box Yeah Looks delicious
My name is Corby You're Rufi, right
That was some stunt just now How'd you do it
Super delicious
This ship is a pirate ship
No. . .it originally wasn't
Only after Alveda attacked and hijacked
Forget it I wonder if there're any lifeboats onboard
There should be
My ship got swallowed by a whirlpool
Ah! A whirlpool A normal person would've died already
Well, I was scared to death
Are you with the pirates?
It's a long story That fateful day
That day, I went fishing . but got lost and ended up somewhere faraway
So I hid on a boat
And that boat was headed for the pirate ship
It's been two years since
I wasn't killed but had to run along being their servant
You little nitwit
That was too much
You could've ran away
No, impossible
If Alveda finds out they'll break my legs
Where's your spirit? You're really an annoying brat
Still spacing out? Move 'em all away before the marine comes
Don't dream
Leave the empty boxes alone
Which sane person moves empty boxes
It's not productive at all
Wah Lady Alveda
What is it You're noisy
There's a ghost
Who's a ghost
No, there's a weird person
Could he be catching pirates for the prices on their heads. . .
That's what it was
If I were as brave as you Drifting the seas with a wine barrel
I do have something I wanna do
Do you have any dreams, risking all to drift on a barrel?
I wanna be the Pirate King
Pirate King?
that's right
Which means you were once a pirate
Where're your comrades
Nope Looking for some now
A Pirate King has everything in the world
Wealth, composure, power. Or that moving piece of secretive treasure
Your aim is to be the Pirate King
What 'ah'?
But this is the goal of all pirates in the world
That's why I'm working hard towards it
Impossible lmpossible It can't be possible
It's impossible to reach that peak in piracy
Impossible impossible
Why'd you beat me
Because you deserved it
Forget it I'm used it to anyway
Nothing is impossible
As long as you have dreams you can fulfill them
I've decided to be the Pirate King
I'll fight to the bitter end for this dream - with no regrets
Okay Hungry already I'll go ask him to give us a boat
I wonder if he'll agree Really hope he's a timid fellow
His words were something I never thought about before
Can I do that too
If I put my life into it
Can I enter into the marines?
Yeah To fight crime as a marine It's always been my dream
From since very young Can I do it?
How'd I know
I'm doing it. I don't wanna keep doing chores here I'm getting out
Alveda I'm gonna arrest you
You're an accomplice d'oh Who'd you say you're gonna catch?
Now isn't it the pirate hunter Zoro
Corby Who's the prettiest in all the seas
Of course it's
Who's that obese aunty over there?
Obese? He actually said that. . .
Let's go. . .
A back attack? That's too low-down
Lotsa people coming
Great huh
Gum Gum . . .
How's that pos. . .
Rufi Just who are you. . .
Me? I'm a Rubber Man
Rubberman. . .
You ate the demon's fruit
Yes I ate the gum gum fruit
I thought it was just a legend I never thought it'd exist
You really worked your butt off for the prize
I'm a pirate
Pirate? Alone?
Alone for now I'll get more crew mates in the future
'bout 1 0 or so should be enough
Hah hah So you're a pirate
That puts us in the same employment
Rufi Run
Why should I
You saw what the Alvedas could do
He's the best on the seas. . .
I've decided to be the Pirate King
For this dream I will fight to the bitter end - without regret
The best wha. . .
The best. . .
The best grandma sailing the seas!
What did you say
I wanna be in the marine, fighting pirates
Do you know what you're saying
Of course I do I wanna do what I wanna do
I wanna join the marine and then. . .
Arrest you
Little brat
Not afraid not afraid I've said it It's for my dream
It's useless
Strange. .
I'm rubber
Rubber Punch. . .
The sky is really blue
Give Corby a small boat He's gonna join the marine
Shut up and just let 'em go
Yes. . .
That's the marine
Great You can go now
I wanna be a pirate I'm gonna run
How could I . . .in this situation I'd be arrested before I even join
Finally escaped
That was fun
If your goal is the Pirate King's throne
Head for the Grand Line
Isn't that the legendary pirate's graveyard
That's why I need strong companions
That pirate hunter What kindda person was he
You mean Zoro?
I heard he's been locked up in the marine grounds
Why? Quarantine?
No He's a terrifying beast
Why ask about this
If I want good fellows I gotta get him in my gang
You're dreaming again
He could be not bad for all you know
Only bad people get caught
No no That's not possible
Why'd you beat me again?
'Coz you deserved it
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