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Subtitles for One Piece ep02.

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One Piece ep02

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Woah. . . nice weather
That's the marine base up in front
Corby You're really great Will we really reach the destination?
Of course That's the least a mariner should be able to do
Rufi You still dare laugh
You'll be arrested if you go there
By that famous pirate hunter Roronoah Zoro. . .
He's like a blood-sucking beastwho lives only for the bounty
And is especially good in slitting throats
Sometimes also known as the human monster
(enter the swordsman pirate hunter Roronoah Zoro)
We're here
The city of the marine's base
Oi Rufi It's not a good idea to get him for a comrade. . .
It's not decided yet Gotta see if he's good enough first
He's being caught precisely because he's a bad guy!
Wonder if Zoro's in the base
Everybody's tense when Zoro's name is mentioned
Anyway, let's just go look around the base
Didn't you wanted to be a marine?
But I'm not mentally prepared yet. . .
I heard that Colonel Morgan is on this island
This town is interesting !
This town is 'weird'.
Zoro aside Why're you afraid of the Colonel?
I just feel weird
Were the both of them blown away by the winds
How can that be possible
Right here
We're finally here
Guess we can separate now, Rufi
Although we haven't haven't known each other for long . . .
Rufi What're you doing !
Where's the monster?
He can't be here He's probably at the prison cell
I see him
You see him
How can that be possible
Black bandanna waistband . . .
That's Zoro
Untie him and he'll be able to escape easily
Don't be silly
If he runs away What's gonna happen?
You'll definitely be killed
It's OK! I'm very strong
You're really. . .
Hey You're really. . .
. . . an eyesore
Get away
If he joins you You're gonna lose your life
Wah, dangerous Rufi, you'd better stop him quick!
That kid'll be killed !
What is it
You must be hungry I made some rice balls for you
You'll be killed Just run!
You haven't eaten anything have you
Here ya go!
It's my first time doing it But I put alot of effort in it
I'm not hungry Really an eyesore You'd better go
But. . .
I said, I don't want it
Don't bully the weak and little
You look really spirited don't you, Roronoah Zoro
Another interesting guy enters
Yes! It must be the marines That kid is saved !
That rice ball looks delicious
You can't do that!
Wah It tastes horrible!
It's just shredded candy I thought stuff like these were made with salt
But I thought stuff are better sweeter
This terrible food. . . No! No!
You're too much
It wasn't easy doing those rice balls!
Didn't you see the warning?
All found assisting any criminals are liable to the death
penalty Colonel Morgan of the marines
Kid You know who my father is don't you
His father
That means he's the son of Colonel Morgan
Hey, get the kid out
Throw him outside Didn't you hear me?
Otherwise we'll report this to my dad
Yes I'll get to it right away
Don't. . .
Sorry curl up your body
Thank you
You okay, Rufi?
Are you hurt? Those people were too much
Does it hurt anywhere?
You beast
Come to think of it, you're really hard-lived
Yeah I'll live a full month for you to see
Then go for it
Ten more days
If you can live until then
How could they be so terrible, Rufi?
Ah They're gone
I heard you were a bad person
You're still around
You must be very strong to be tied up here
Mind your own business
If it was me I'd starve on the 3rd day
I'm different from you
I'll live and show it to them
You like being stubborn don't you
Wait a. . .
Finish the rice balls
It's mixed up with mud ls it still edible
Shut up and just give it to me
So I said
I'm done
Are you for real
Yeah He's eaten them all
I'm overjoyed !
Is Zoro really as bad as the legends say?
Of course not He was helping us play scapegoat by getting caught
Ah So that's what it was
It's all Halmoter's fault
Colonel Morgan's son. . .
Out of the way My cute little pet is coming through Out!
I'll kill anyone who blocks us
You can't! Stop!
Hey You got anything against my pet?
Lisan Stop Get over here
Ah Killed . . . Who did it?
Beast Who're you?
Could you be. . .
The legendary pirate hunter Roronoah Zoro?
And what if I am
Pirate hunters should stay on the seas
Let me have my dinner in peace
You. . . and you're pet was too noisy
You know what'll happen if my dad finds out about this. . .
What did you think would happen to this mother and daughter?
Let's have a deal
We'll arrest you over them
Yeah For a month Hold up for a month and you'll be spared
How's that?
It's a month~
It's been 3 weeks since then
Big brother gets beaten up by Halmoter everyday.
I . . . I
So that's what it was
I'm hungry What should everyone eat
Hey Get the utensils out quickly Hurry up!
Yeah It's been boring lately
Let's kill Zoro tomorrow
Let's all get excited !
What're you doing
Rufi Stop
You little piece of trash !
You dare hit me
I'm the son of Colonel Morgan!
So what if you are
I'm gonna go tell my dad to sentence you to death
Fight me if you dare
Rufi, stay calmlt's not good for you to fight a marine
I've decided, Corby
I'm gonna let Zoro join us
I am generous
Right, as you have said, Ambassador Morgan
But the tributes have reduced recently
It could be. . . because the citizens are getting paid less
The point is that everybody doesn't respect me enough
That can't be
Dad !
Please help me deal with a fellow
You're still as great as ever Zoro
I had a deal with you I won't die here
You again! You must be really bored
I'll cut the ropes Come with me to be a pirate!
What did you say?
I'm looking for companions to be pirates
I refuse
Save yourself the trouble, asking people to join you in bad deeds
What's wrong with being a pirate
Who'd want to be as low-down as pirates
You're the one to say
You're capturing pirates because of the money
They can say all they want, my conscience is clear
What I wanna do is
to last all the way to the end
Ah ls that so
But I've already decided to get you for my partner
Don't decide it all by yourself!
You used a knife, right?
Yeah But that idiotic son took it away
I'll get it back for you
Get your sword, be a pirate with me
You really. . .
Does this guy want to infiltrate the base
Stretch Stretch
Ah Just who in the world is this guy
Okay, stop there
Then straighten it up
Dad Why don't you help me get even
He beat me! You never even slapped me once
Do you know why I never beat you?
Do you know?
That's because to me as a father. . .
Right, because you. . .
Don't deserve the honour of a beating Stupid, useless fool
Don't be mistaken
Great is your father, me
A little rat has infiltrated the cells, I heard
I've already disciplined him.
You killed him?
No. . . I got peolpe to throw him out
Hey, you go finish him up
But she's only a little girl
Even if it's the Colonel's orders. . .
Because it's a kid
You're thinking of mutinity?
But I can't do it!
She's not deserving of death
I got the rank of Colonel through my axe
You heard that ln this world authority means everything
The highest rank on this base, the Colonel, me
Is the best species of human in this world
So whatever I do is correct
Right You bunch of idiots
Yeah You've said it
Leave that kid for now
After such a long time The statue has finally been finished
It is the symbol of my authority
Right raise it up
Lifting it to the highest pointrepresents my greatness
StrangeNot a person's around
Find that stupid son and get Zoro's sword back
Hey you. . .
You were the one who knocked it down
There's a loud noise from above
I'm sorry I was too careless
I've said that this statue represents me
And any scratch on it means rebellion against me
Stretch stretch
Stretch to the top
What's that There's something flying upwards
I'm sorry
Get the person who damaged the statue!
Yes Understood
Go dad he was the one who beat me up
Ah. . . it's you
I was looking for you
Come with me I want you to return me something
Mr. Halmoter
Get 'em ! Don't let 'em get away!
Colonel Somebody's infiltrated the execution grounds
The traitors emerge one by one
Give chase. . .
Someone's stopping me
WHere's Zoro's sword?
Put me down and I'll talk
Okay Talk
In the room, that we just passed
Why didn't you say so earlier! Now I gotta turn back
Don't move Release the Colonel's son !
No way
Shoot me if you dare
Wah Don't shoot!
MR. Zoro, you'd better run!
You'll be killed if you're caught
I can't take the actions of these mariners anymore
I want to become a real marine
Stop I can't run 1 0 more days and I'll be free
You'll be executed tomorrow
Halmoter never intended to fulfill his promise
Rufi beat him up coz he got mad about it
That fellow. . .
Rufi's being pursued by the mariners
I won't ask you to be a pirate
But at least help him
Only Rufi. . . can save you, Mr. Zoro
And only you, can save Rufi now. . .
Death for all who rebel!
I am at this square I'll execute you both now!
Is it this room?
Got it
Hey. . . which is Zoro's sword?
I can't catch my breath. . .
You think this thing is fun?
You want to coup together with that straw-hat guy?
I've always been alone
Unlike you, using the army to get your ways
Roronoah Zoro I'm not someone you can afford to anger
Your skills are below mine Just like those little pawns
Prepare to fire
I . . .
can't die here
You're just as weak
Rubber. . . rocket!
You. . . Rufi. . .
The straw-hat guy. . .
Take this back
I said I am very strong
Just. . . who in the world are you
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