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Subtitles for One Piece ep03.

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One Piece ep03

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You. . . Rufi
Straw-hat guy. . .
You can have this back
I said I am very strong
Just. . . who in the world are you
I'm Rufi
Who's gonna become the king of the pirates
Mogan VS Rufi Who is the mysterious bishoujo?
What? You want to become the king of pirates?
Do you know what you're saying?
Kings are kings and pirates, pirates What else could it mean
I was surprised too
But Rufi is serious
He's just like that
To be the the Pirate King
Find the legendary treasure One Piece
Now, your sword
I didn't know which was yours so I took all three
All three are mine I use triple blade techniques
Will you accept?
If you fight together with me
You'll become a demon to the government too
Between that and getting killed by the marines. Which'll you choose?
Son of demons. . .
Forget it, in this case, I'll just agree to be a pirate
YES! To be my partner!
Wah Too good to be true. . .
I know that So let me go already
What is this fellow
A thousand guns wouldn't get through. . .
He can't be just an ordinary person
He must have eaten something weird from the seas
Demon's Fruit?
That treasure. . .
Demon's fruit. . .
It is said that one will possess super-powers by eating it
Ability to toss fireballs Ability to call storms
It is said to be so But no one knows for sure
The answer is said to be found in Grand Line
That fellow. . . he has the abilities of a demon, that's for sure
Hurry hurry
I can't hit. . .
Don't be such a slow-poke!
Whatever that guy is
Anybody refusing to obey will be executed !
If guns can't work, I'll use my axe to slay him !
Eh? Strange. . . Getting tighter the more I loosen. . .
Loosen it for me!
That fellow
Wah Really cool !
I'll cut you if you dare move
I've promised to be a pirate
And being a pirate means I'm a bad person
But I'll say this beforehand
This only to fullfill my ambition
To become the greatest swordsman in the world
If I fall into a situation where this cannot happen
Then you should slit your stomach as an apology
The world's greatest swordsman
If you wanna be the pirate king's friend
You gotta have a title as grand as that!
Well said
This way it doesn't matter if you're a bad friend
I will let my name resound through the world !
What are you waiting for?
Finish them quickly!
Stoop lower
Watch my rubber shadowless kick!
Success Super cool!
Just who. . .
I have a rubber body
Rubber body?
Rubber man?
You really are someone who ate the Demon's Fruit
Colonel, we are no match for him
This is messy
Continuing to do this will be sending ourselves to death
This is the Colonel's orders
TThose who dare not to obey, kill themselves.
I have no need for weak soldiers
Those guys are weird
Watch me
Destroy the marines!
Men of low ranks have no right to rebel against me!
I am Colonel Morgan of the Marines!
I'm Rufi Pleased to meet 'ya!
Wh- What's wrong?
Kid . . .
Die. . .
No way
Tricked by. . .
A single. . .
What marines?
You dare destroy my dream
Wait, don't fight Watch this first
I told you to stop, idiot
I've specially put out 1 00 poses Can't see a thing
Colonel Morgan
Don't move or he's dead
I won't stand in your way. I'm not worthy being saved.
I got that
Don't waste your strength little prick
Corby's for real
Don't move, or I'll fire
Behind you. . .
Rubber punch!
I am Colonel Morgan of the Marines!
Dad Stop!
Watch this!
Good ball !
It was nothing, Captain
Even the Colonel was defeated . . .
I can't believe this
Just who is this fellow?
Anyone else wants to apprehend me? State your name!
Success, Long live the marines!
What's wrong? Why are they so happy that the Colonels' down?
Everybody's just pretending . . .
Mr. Zoro, are you okay?
I'm hungry
I'm sorry
Just hold up for a while more
Doesn't seem to be here
Got it Map of Grand Line
Really is hidden here
Ah It's not a sea map
This symbol is. . . Captain Bas
The one known as the immortal Bas
I'm so full
3 weeks without food'll do that to ya
You wanna stop?
You're a better eater than I am !
It's just too delicious
Right Corby?
I'm so sorry, even I am affected
Don't be You guys saved the town !
Big Brother was really great!
Right, really great
I'll be even greater!
Because I'm gonna be the pirate king !
And I've got a partner!
Yeah, who's there around besides me?
You were saying that you were gathering crew
To be an organization you need people first
No Only you
Yeh? Then. . .
Right All in all two people
You plan to form a pirate gang with just two people?
It doesn't matter, we're strong !
Where's that boat
Over there
It's that one?
We'll have a bigger boat next time!
Hahaha How?
And we need a pirate flag
Cool !
Rufi You're really someone who doesn't know how to plan. . .
Is this guy really our captain?
Our crew wll increase!
Big Brother, where're you going?
Where else?
To the majestic Grand Line!
With two people?
That's impossible!
Impossible impossible. . .
Is Grand Line really that scary?
Of course
There are two great pirate gangs in this world
The one to separate these pirate towns is a continent known as the Red Straits
There seem to be many towns in the Red Straits
After passing the towns
Facing the Red Straits, nearly about a week of sailing
Will bring you to the straits of Grand Line
The pirate king Gold Rogers
was said to have all the power
Before he died he hid the pirate king's treasure One Piece in Grand Line
To find this treasure many have journeyed to Grand Line
It has evolved to a hardened battle field there
Everybody says that it is a pirate's graveyard
I hear it from customers too
Once you enter Grand Line you'll never be able to return
But the treasure is somewhere along the Line
That's why we've gotta go
Looks that way
Even Mr. Zoro thinks so?
You won't be coming anyway
I won't be, but I'm still very worried
Can't l?
Although I haven't known Rufi for long, but he's my friend
Um , although we're about to part, we'll always be friends!
I didn't have a friend since childhood
And nobody's ever fought for me
I've never thought about fighting for someone
But seeing the way you guys fight on, believing in yourself, I am very moved
My childhood dream is finally coming true
I want to be a Marine
Then worry about yourself first
Although you were just running errands
But it's true that you worked on for Alveda pirates before
Don't underestimate the info-network of the marines
Once they find out You'll never be let in
In that case. . .
I'm sorry
I heard that you were pirates, is that true?
Yeah! Just got a new companion, the troupe's just been formed
Althogh we're grateful that you've helped the town
But once we find out that you're pirates, we can't keep dumb
Please leave the town immediately
To show our gratitude
We won't report this to the marines
Hey Marine. . . What're you saying?
You guys were crushed to no end by Morgan
Those two are our saviours!
Yeah yeah
Let's go Thanks for your food , obasan
Big Brother, you're really leaving?
Aren't you with them?
I . . . I . . .
Wait, you guys
I know what he was before
Rufi No. . .
I think a fat lady pirate, Ducky or something
I won't be able to enter the marine if they knew I was with the pirates
He was made fun of without end by that strict fat lady pirate
He was on their ship for two years!
Shut up, enough, Rufi !
You beat me, you idiot. . .
You beat me, you idiot. . .
That's enough, you're causing a disturbance in town
Right, I was too absorbed , let's stop here.
I know you're not with them
You guys better leave
He did it on purpose
On purpose. . .
For me
He angered me, made me beat him up
Until the end , I continued to need his help
Why haven't I changed?
I'm just an idiot
Please let me enter the marines
I don't mind running errands
I'll do anything to become a marine
Sir, I oppose
We can't trust him entirely
There have been pirates spies in the marines before
I feel there is a need to investigate his background
I firmly wish to become a marine General
Forget about the people who were hurt by the pirates for a moment,
don't think becoming a marine is something simple
Then. . .
I approve your application
That was some show you put up just now
It wouldn't matter if the secret was known now
Now, it's all up to Corby
It's not a bad way to start
It'll be easier for us to be hated by the people
Sounds like a pirate to mee
You're right
I'll never forget your rubber
A marine thanking a pirate I've never heard of it before
Corby See you around !
Bye Big Brother!
Rufi Full salute!
See ya !
You got good friends
That salute just now was against the law
As a punishment, there will be no food for the next 3 days!
Heard that?
I'm sure we'll meet again, someday, somewhere, Rufi. . .
A pirate and marine are opposing
We WILL meet again
The pirate ship's finally set sail
There are more dangerous things to do
I must become the king of pirates!
Why are you so bent on becoming a pirate?
Is there some reason?
Nope, only
I swore to a man before
I wanna gather heros and search for the greatest wealth in the world
And then become the pirate king
This straw-hat knows my past
Is that so
Towards Grand Line!
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