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Subtitles for One Piece ep04.

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One Piece ep04

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We got quite a good catch today
With so much gold and silver,
we don't have to be afraid that Captain Baki'll go nuts
Hey! Take a look at that!
What's wrong with that boat?
Oh! It's a woman !
Are you alright?
Am I dreaming?
Finally, I find someone in this big ocean
Though I don't know who you guys are
If you want money,
I've got plenty, just help yourselves
But please, save me
Alright, we can save you
But we have to make sure of your treasure
Er? How come I can't open this?
It's open
If you like I'll give it to you
And you can take my boat too
Our boat. . .
That woman tricked us!
There are dark clouds heading south towards some cold weather
Bye~thanks for your treasure
Damn it woman, don't run!
I won't forget this!
I'm soooo hungry~
How long more till we reach land?
I don't know
We're letting the wind and the currents decide where we're going anyway
Don't know if we'll ever reach land again
We'll reach it sooner or later
How come YOU , the guy who wants to be the King of the Pirates
can't even navigate? lsn't that wierd?
There's nothing strange about that, it's my personal style
What about you? A bounty hunter that's drifting on the ocean?
I don't recall having said I was a bounty hunter!
In my search for this man
I believed that once I set out to sea
I could return back to my village
I was forced by circumstances to hunt pirates in order to earn a living
What the heck? So you're just a lost kid?
Shank. . .
This straw hat has been with me through thick and thin
Rufi, I can't give it up, not even to you
Then. . .bring me with you when you set out to sea again, Shank
'Cos I want to be a pirate too!
You little brat, what makes you think you got what it takes to be a pirate?
Why not?
Rufi, no matter how good you swim
I'm good at fighting too!
'Cos my fist is as good as a gun
Right~ What do you mean !
Whatever it is Rufi, you're still too young
And you're the same age as the brat in my home
I'm not a brat! I'm an adult
Don't be angry
Here, have a glass of apple juice to cool down
See? And you said you weren't a brat
Brat~ Who are you calling a brat?
No fair! Shank you miser!
This door is in the way
So this are the so-called pirates
Look more like a bunch of good-for-nothings
We're bandits
But we mean you no harm and don't intend to break your stuff
We just want you to sell us some ale
I'm really sorry, but we just sold off all our ale
Now, that's not nice of you
Don't tell me all these pirates here are drinking water?
Really sorry
My apologies! lf you don't mind , take this bottle of ale
It hasn't been opened yet
Us bandits are worth 800 thousand in bounty
Surely we deserve more than a bottle of ale
Don't underestimate me!
Botherations! The floor's wet
Sorry about that Miss Maggie
Have you got a cloth?
Let me wipe it
You look like you enjoy housekeeping
You'll have your hands full with this mess
Since there isn't any ale left, no point hanging around
Let's go!
Good riddance you bunch of good-for-nothings
Are you alright? Captain are you hurt?
I'm alright, don't worry
Boss, they beat you up pretty bad, just look at you!
Why are you still laughing !
Don't you find this embarrassing?
Why didn't you retaliate?
They may look tough and outnumber you
But to let them treat you like the scum of the earth, you're not fit to be men
Nor fit to be pirates!
I understand your feelings
Having your head smashed open with a beer bottle
Ain't nothing to be angry about
I can't be bothered with you !
Why don't we eat something to cool down? Brat
Quit nagging !
What are you eating?
That box. . . You ate what was in that box?
Yeah. . .
Spit it out!
Spit it out now! Spit it all out!
What are you doing , Shank!
What. . .is going on. . .
You just ate a rubber fruit
The rubber fruit that's been called the Evil Fruit
Those who eat it will be like a rubbery man
And never be able to swim again !
That's impossible~
You idiot!
We were enjoying ourselves having some ale
Why did you have to mess it up brat
Damn it, apologize now!
Don't you underestimate Shank!
Did I say something to make you unhappy?
You did ! Apologize now!
Mr Mayor!
Boss smashed his head in with a beer bottle,
now he won't even fart without permission
Utterly useless
A bunch of useless buggers
Shut up!
Don't you use your dirty mouth to malign Shank!
They're not useless buggers!
Enough said Rufi
I won't let you say anything bad about Shank stupid bandits!
Shut that mouth brat
Of those who angered me
None have been able to stay alive
Please hold on!
Please spare the kid !
I believe you don't want to have trouble
If you promise not to kill him I'm willing to pay you
Please spare the kid
Mr Mayor. . .
Looks like the old man is the wiser one
But its no use the kid is dead for sure
Cos he's gone and made me kicking mad
You asked for it kid
Rufi! Please let him go!
Aren't those the bandits?
Captain sir?
Shank. . .
Pirate you still hanging around here?
You intend to stay here forever wiping the floor boards?
Didn't you mention that your fist is as good as a gun?
Mind your own business!
I don't know what you intend by stepping out
But I'd advice you to get out while you're still in one piece
Otherwise I'm going to blow your brains out good-for-nothing
I told you to stay back
Or I'm gonna blow your brains out
Then lets bet with our lives
If you're that good with a gun, lets bet with our lives
What are you talking about?
All I'm saying is that that isn't a toy to scare people with
You dare to start the fight first
Unscrupulous scum !
We are unscrupulous? Save on the name calling !
Do you mean we have to see what kind of a man
you are to call you good or evil?
To you we are pirates
Quit nagging ! And this has nothing to do with you
Listen real carefully bandit
No matter who smashes all or food over my head
Or spits in my face, I can let it all go with a smile
But regardless of the reason
Shank. . .
You say you won't let us off?
Don't think too highly of yourself bandit
Next time you want to come against us, bring a warship
Incredible. . .
Wait. . .wait a minute. . . this fight was started by that kid !
Didn't you say you were fugitives with a bounty?
Damn it!
Smoke bomb?
Tell me what are we supposed to do now~
Now isn't the time to panic dumb boss
Really can't stand him
That was a really smooth escape
They'd never guess that a bandit like me would escape to the sea
Damn it! Let me go you stinking monkey
Why don't you go kick the bucket!
Idiot the one who's gonna die is you
Who asked you to make me mad
Farewell for good
Damn it. . .he's scum
Damn it!
I'm really sorry but you are of no more use
What. . .what is this?
Shank. . .
Get out of my sight!
I owe you one Rufi
I heard from Miss Maggie
You stood up to them for us, didn't you?
Don't cry, you're a man right?
But. . .Shank. . .
Your arm. . .
As long as you're alright
You're leaving Yeah
Though we've been here for a while, in the end we still have to leave
Will you feel lonely?
Yeah, but even if I feel lonely
I won't pester you to bring me with you
I've decided to depend on my own strength to be a pirate
Quit fooling !
I wouldn't bring you with me anyway
There's no way you can be a pirate brat
I will !
I'll find the most valuable treasure
And I'll be the King of the Pirates!
You want to be better than us
Then. . .
I'll leave this straw hat in your care
This is my most precious straw hat
Take good care of it
I'll be waiting for you. . .
To bring it back to me!
Be an outstanding pirate!
That's a promise Rufi !
Hey if you keep daydreaming like that your straw hat's gonna fly away
Isn't this your most precious treasure?
You're right
Thanks Zoro
I'm starving~
Bird. . .
Let's eat that bird !
It's flying in the sky
Leave it to me
Just watch my rubber. . .Arrow~
So I see
Idiot what are you doing !
The boat in front stop quickly!
I don't have the time for this!
I never thought you'd managed to get up here
Are you trying to kill us!
We are the famous Clown pirates Captain Baki's henchmen
We are confiscating your boat
I'd never imagine you'd be the famous pirate hunter Master Zoro
Forgive us if we have offended
Your intereferance has made me lose track of my friend
Whatever it is just keep moving forward
There should be a way to survive this
But. . .what are we supposed to do bro
You said it
If Captain Baki finds out
All our treasure had been stolen by that woman
Who's the 'Baki' you've been muttering about?
Master you've never heard of the Clown Pirate Baki?
Anyway he's a really scary person
It worked I finally got it
Damn brat! Woman give that back to us!
If you steal that away we'll never get to the Grand Line
I don't want to be on the receiving end of the Captain's canon !
Captain Baki there's something strange in the sky over the port entrance
Shoot it down!
Wh. . .what. . .
What's going on?
A man fell out of the sky
Damn it~where did that canonball come from
But it sure did give me a helping hand
It's a pretty fun experience
(To be continued)
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