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Subtitles for One Piece ep05.

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One Piece ep05

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Stop right there!
You female thief give us back what you stole
Wh. . .what. . .
A man fell out of the sky
But it sure did give me a helping hand
It's a pretty fun experience
Terrifying mysterious powers! Clown Pirate Captain Baki!
I'm so hungry~
Boss you've come to save me?
Who are you?
That woman's escaped !
The woman has escaped but boss is still here
So I see, you're trying to protect your underlings?
Excuse me where can I find something to eat around here?
Stop pretending you brat!
Don't touch my treasure!
Damn you!
Hey is that kid going to get beaten up?
Have a taste of my rubber. . .gun~
You're incredible!
Who are you?
Hey you want to be my partner?
Nope I don't see why I should work with you
Wait. . .wait a minute
Wait for me will you
I remember!
I'm starving~
Let me give you a treat?
Yeah. . .really. . .
The men you sent out. . . should be searching
Don't worry Captain Baki
Speaking of the Grand Line map,
how did that thief manage to steal it so easily?
And I was intending to enter the Grand Line and show off my prowess
Captain that's because you. . .
Left the key to the room where the Grand Line map was kept, unprotected
What did you say?
I said you left it unprotected . . .
Who did you say is unprotected !
I'm proud of my nose, is that a problem?
I've always left it unprotected
You've misunderstood !
You said my nose is big and red?
Please spare me
It's about to appear. . .
Who am l?
Captain. . .Baki. . .
What happens to those that oppose me?
They'll die a horrible death
Please spare my life sir
I won't ever say anything like that again
I beg you to spare my life
I'll let you off this time
For saying something wrong I'll let you off
Make sure you get the Grand Line map back for me
Otherwise you are all in for it, understood?
Yes Captain Baki
This tastes great
Do you stay in this house alone?
People who stayed here were afraid of Baki
And left a long time ago
So you're a burglar
You're being insulting
Don't get me mixed with burglars, I'm a thief
But a burglar is a thief
In fact, my goal is. . .
No matter what I've got to earn a million
What do you need so much money for?
That's a secret!
As long as I have the Grand Line map
Finding a million wouldn't be a dream
The Grand Line Map? You're a navigator?
If that's so then its perfect!
Would you be willing to be our navigator and partner?
You mean that?
Of course!
I'm looking for more pirate companions!
Then I'm not joining !
So you're a pirate?
I've got to get more companions to be pirates!
The one thing I hate most in this world are pirates!
And the things I love most are money and oranges!
Come on, join me as my navigator
I said no means no
You sure you don't want to?
Hey have you found her yet?
Not yet
If we don't get the Grand Line map back we'll be in trouble
It's them . . .got to think of a way to get rid of them
Hey if you agree to my terms
Then maybe I'll reconsider
Really? I'll agree to whatever you want!
I want you to look for the Pirate Baki with me
But. . .
Why are you tying me up?
Forget it, I was going to look for that pirate anyway
Let's go
Hey Wait for me
What did you say~
You let that thief escape?
To think that the three of you are so useless!
See you all in Davy Jone's Locker!
Captain Baki~
What did you say?
It's those two!
They are the ones who stole the Grand Line map!
Hey that hurts!
I've caught the thief Clown Pirate Captain Baki
I'm returning the Grand Line map to you
Thank you for returning the Grand Line map
What made you change your mind?
That's 'cos I had an argument with my boss
I've had enough of him
So please, let me join you Captain Baki
Captain Baki is getting really angry
The demon powers are about to be revealed
Had enough of him? You are an amusing woman
I like you I'll let you join us
My infiltration is a success
Why are you keeping my in this cage?
I'm in a very good mood
Woman what is your name?
My name is Nami
Let us all have a celebration to welcome Nami
Let us celebrate to the fullest
Yeah !
What's wrong this is your welcoming party
Eat more
Sure thanks Captain
With this I'll have a chance to steal the Grand Line map
And get Baki's treasure all in one swoop
I'm going to. . .eat. . .
Damn it
I feel great
Fellow pirates!
Help me ready my Baki canon!
Everything is ready
What. . .what is going to happen?
Look carefully and watch the power of Captain Baki
Light it
What is that explosion?
Baki canon?
It is powerful indeed
With Baki canon and the evil fruit
I can control the Grand Line lsn't that right Nami
Yes you are right
I'm the one who will control the Grand Line!
What. . .
Because I'm going to be the King of the Pirates
You idiot!
I finally understand why you've had enough of him Nami
You said it
I feel he's too naive about society
That'w why I can't follow him anymore
You're right
In that case Captain Baki will give you a gift
And help you get rid of your boss for you, how about that?
This is also to test if you'll be loyal to me
Get ready
I don't think I should do this
Especially since you've thrown me a welcome party
Why don't we just enjoy the party
Do it
This is the style of the my parties
Fire the canon. . .
If I don't fire I'm going to get killed
But if I do then I'll be no different from the pirates
Let's light it up!
Fire the canon. . .
Nami don't spoil everybodies fun !
What is it? Your hands are trembling !
If you aren't mentally prepared
What do you mean by mentally prepared?
Do you mean be mentally prepared to kill with impunity?
Be mentally prepared to give up your own life!
Fire the canon. . .
Hey newbie! Don't let everyone wait too long !
You should like that canon like me
Fire the canon. . .
Oops. . . I fired it without thinking
How come?
Stop talking nonsense!
I was just a little overexcited and fired it without thinking
Because I don't want to be like these pirates
Oh so you were just a little overexcited
Pirates took the life of the most important person in my life
I don't want to be like them . . .
So you. . .
The engine has started !
You really think you can defy me brat
Kill her!
Water. . .find water quick. . .
Oh no!
You. . .
Hey hey hey
What are so many of you doing bullying one woman?
Are you hurt?
Are you hurt?
This wound is nothing
That's great You really found your way here
Help me get out of here
I say you What kind of game are you playing?
The last time you were carried off by a bird
And this time you've decided to stay in a cage?
But I find this kind of fun
Shut up?
Don't tell me the mate he was talking about. . .
Is the Pirate Hunter Zoro?
What is going on here?
You are Zoro?
Why are you here? Are you here to take my head?
No I have no interest
I've decided no to be the Pirate Hunter any longer
But I am interested~
I'd advise you to forget it or you're dead
Are you ready?
You won't understanding just by listening . . .
Let's kill him Captain! Captain Baki
Baki. . .
Go to hell!
How come this fellow doesn't have any reactions after being chopped
It was so easy to take care of him
I don't think so. . .
What's wrong with these people?
Their captain just got killed
And they're laughing?
Hey you guys what's so funny!
What. . .
Shut up!
How come that hand is moving?
What is happening. . .
The evil fruit. . .
His body is joining up again?
I always thought the evil fruit was just a fairytale
You say he's a rubber man? This guy is a monster?
Rubber Man
Even though it wasn't fatal But that wound is deep enough
This time the outcome is certain
You did it Captain! Baki . . .
Oh no
The situation is not to our advantage
If we remain here
These two and I would be in danger
The situation is not good
Baki. . .
You big red-nosed idiot!
You. . .you called him an idiot. . .
You must never say that word in front of him
Who did you say. . .
Is a big red-nosed one!
Baki !
I am going to get you
You want to get me?
Still dare to utter nonsense while you're at deaths' door?
You three are going to die
Now how am I going to blow you all away?
Finished . . .everything is over. . .
We won't die!
Let's run Zoro!
How can you ask the person who is saving you to run?
What about you?
Got it
Oh dear I can't make head or tail or what is going on
That's why I hate pirates
Don't you dream of escaping !
Hey! Why don't you listen to me!
The mouth of the canon is facing us
Hey light it!
Wait a minute. . .
The Baki canon is still inside!
You lighted it?
Wait a moment
Stop. . .
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