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Subtitles for One Piece ep06.

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One Piece ep06

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Let's do this properly
Open fire. . .
It's a little too much for you to steal the bag from behind !
You big red-nosed idiot!
Zoro weren't you hurt?
Shut your mouth and keep quiet
I have my own ways of dealing this!
What in the world is he thinking about?
Rufi, who's this woman?
She's our Navigator
Stop kidding around . What are you all doing?
Stand aside
You're in the way. . .
(King of Pirates Special Episode. Let's Fight! Baki's Company)
It's just a pirate
Why do you have to do so much?
I can't believe that those three look down on me
Who do they think they are kidding !?
This will act as my declaration of war to them
Moji, King of Beasts
May I remove Roronoah Zoro's head?
Where did this dog come from?
Zoro, it's not moving !
Who cares? That dog can do whatever it wants
Is it dead?
Ouch that hurts. . .
Get off me you stinking dog !
You still have the mood to fight with a dog?
This stinking dog
I'm losing blood
Hi Navigator
I'll give this to you
Afterall you did save my life
It's the key to the cage
You especially helped me to get it?
Don't misunderstand
I just don't want to owe you any favours
This is really handy to me
Dang it. . .
You stinking dog ! That's not dog food !
Spit out the key quick!
Stinking dog. . .
Quick spit it out. . .
Spit it out quickly! What are you doing?
You bunch of brats. Don't you dare bully Chu Chu !
Chu Chu?
Who are you Old Man?
I'm the mayor of this town
I'm the one who wants to know who are you all !
My gawd, your wound is quite deep
Were you all attacked by that Baki
You should get a doctor to heal that as soon as possible
What's wrong with Zoro?
I said we should bring him to the doctor
But he said that he'll be fine after a nap. So he has already fallen asleep
So this dog is called Chu Chu
What's it doing sitting here?
It's looking after the shop
Looking after the shop? Oh yeah
This is. . pet food
That's right
The owner of this shop is my best friend
I'm suppossed to feed it in his stead
In his stead?
That's because he died 3 months ago
Due to ill health
Don't tell me it's been waiting here all this while for its owner to come back?
That's what they all say
I don't think that's the case
Chu Chu seems to be a really intelligent dog
I think it already knows that its owner has passed away
Then. . why is it still here guarding the shop?
According to Chu Chu, this shop is a really valuable treasure
Because this is what its owner, a dog lover, has left behind
I think it just wants to protect it forever
I've told it to hide from dangers for quite a few times
But no matter what it just wouldn't budge from here
Where did that roar come from?
That's Moji the King of Beasts
Who's this King of Beasts that you're talking about?
Wa. . . Wait a second
Something's approaching
I beg of you just return the key to me
You've been deserted by your mates?
And to think that it was so hard for you to escape
Who are you?
I'm Moji the King of Beasts from Baki's Company
But why are you wearing a bear's outfit?
How rude. This is my hair!
That's even more strange
Stinking dog, ever since I got in here you haven't been obedient at all
Don't you know how great I am?
As long as I , Moji the King of Beasts, is here
There is not a single animal in the world that I can't tackle
Shake hands
That hurts. . .
Anyway you will die in the end
I currently don't have any interest in your life
Just tell me quickly where is Zoro now
I don't want~
Kill him Richie
That's great The cage has burnt down
Killed on site
Alright Richie
Let's go look for Zoro
And once we defeat him, we can be famous
What's wrong? Oh so this is a pet food store
If you want to fill up your tummy then do it quick
What? Don't tell me this little dog is the guard dog for this shop
That's was scary! But at least I managed to escape from the cage
Ok! From now on I'll defeat them all
Let the lady thief Nami be my Navigator
Why are you still alive?
You're still alive?
Does the fact that I'm alive inconvenience you?
That's because the house has been knocked to pieces
And you're still alive jumping around . That's just too strange
Is that so?
What's your main purpose in coming to this small town?
Why are you involved with those pirates?
If you want my main purpose then I'll give you one
And that is the Grand Line map and a Navigator
That bear guy seemed to have said that he was looking for Zoro
Let me take a look!
Chu Chu
This shop belongs to you and me both
This bag is a little too big for Chu Chu
Chu Chu what if you get hurt?
I can push it by myself
Chu Chu haven't I told you before not to eat the things in the shop?
Come, eat
And you still dare to face us?
Chu Chu I'm getting old as well
You are all that I have
Thus I will definitely recover
I'm now placing you in charge of the shop
It's so itchy Chu Chu
This shop must be a precious treasure to Chu Chu
For it is after all what its owner has left behind
I think what it wants to do is to protect the shop forever
Damn ! That dog bit me
Hey I remembered that I killed you just now
How can THAT kill me?
I must really eat out your brains this time!
Huh I won't be eaten by a lion!
Look at my rubber. . .
What are you??
I ate the rubber fruit. . .
Don't tell me. . . you'r just like Captain Baki
You both have the ability from the evil fruit
I understand now
I'll apologize without a fight
It's okay even if you don't apologize
The dog's treasure will never be returned
Thus. . . I have to beat you into a pulp!
No matter who you are
All pirates are the same!
Snatching away people's precious things just like that
Aiyah. You're still alive, pirate?
And I had thought that you would have been gobbled up by that lion
If you were a pirate, you would have done the same thing as them !
Since you still haven't started to gather your mates together
I should just kill you here now!
Don't be like that miss
You won't be able to kill me
I haven't even started .
I've already told you not to act that way. What's wrong with the two of you
I've only managed to grab these for you. The rest has been eaten by it.
That guy. . . just because of that dog
Went after that lion?
You've really done your best in the battle eh
Even though I never saw it with my own eyes, I can imagine
I know. You should do your best as well
You said you've been defeated?
I'm re. . . really sorry. . .
Captain Baki
Moji. You were defeated by Zoro right?
No! Not Zoro. It was that one with the straw hat
That kid is rubber. . .
I can't stand it anymore
Prepare for me the special Baki cannon
I want to blast away the whole town
I'm really sorry about just now
I shouted at you unknowingly
That's okay. I'm sure you have some unmentionable pasts as well
And I didn't. . have the urge to clarify
I'm too ashamed
That little brat has even fought with the lion
As Mayor, why can I only stand here and admire
And yet unable to stop the town's fate to be demolished?
Calm down Mr. Mayor!
40 years ago. . . this was just an empty land
We combined our energies and worked together
Produced farms, opened shops
It wasn't easy but this town was born
No matter if they are the town's people
Or everything else in this town. They are my treasures!
I can't let those people do this anymore
Baki's special canon, Fire!
Let me destroy this town!
Even my house. . .
O no! Zoro is still sleeping in there!
That little brat. . . I wonder if he's already dead . . .
Hey Zoro are you still alive?
How can you wake me up this way
Darn it I haven't slept enough
How come he's still alive?
That's great! You're still alive
How can I let them continue on with their destruction
I can't stand it anymore
Having lived here for 45 years
I didn't ask for you folks to help me
I AM the Mayor of this town !
I WI LL protect this town!
Wait a second Mr Mayor
As a man one should battle until his death
Don't you agree, brat?
That's right Old Man
Don't just follow her!
What can he do looking for those pirates?
Nothing at all!
I know that even if I go, I'll be useless
Just wait for me, Baki the Clown!
Hey Mr Mayor's crying
Is it? I didn't see anything
I think he's pretty agitated
I don't think now's the right time to laugh?
Don't worry. I admire that old man
I won't let him die
Well if you said so. . .
You want to come along? But you're still hurt!
In comparison with this kind of physical wound
The taints on my reputation hurts even more
Our goal is the Grand Line
Let's go and grab back that map
Come and join us Nami
Come on
I will never be a pirate!
But due to our similar goals
Can I join you all?
The second firing load has been prepared
Very good. Fire!
Come on out here Baki the Clown~
I'm Budol the Mayor of this town
I'm here because I want to protect my greatest treasure, this town
Come out and duel with me
Are you nuts?
Treasures should be gold and jewels?
And you say that this town is your treasure?
Stop saying rubbish !
How can I let you destroy my precious memories. . .
It was not too long ago that I had the Grand Line
It will bring me all the treasures in the world
All the treasure in the world will be mine!
This world doesn't need another man with treasures
Since you are so taken with this town
Then I'll let you be destroyed along with it
Before you sprout all those nonsense, just have a one-on-one fight with me
Don't be so cocky
Even if I have to sacrifice this old life of mine
I will never let you destroy this town !
Then just watch me kill you !
It's that straw hat guy!
I've kept my promise
I'm here to pummel you into a pulp
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