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Subtitles for One Take Only 2001.

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One Take Only 2001

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What's your name? Som, please
You been working here for long? No, I've just started
I haven't gone out for years
About 10 years, I became a family man
But I'm so lonely
My family went out of town
Think about it Nobody's home so I am here
Anyway, you look like my wife
Your eyes, your nose, your lips
I'm not cheating my wife
but it's normal for lonely guys
When I came here, you know?
It's just good to see your face
So... you ready?
A pack of Marlboro reds
Thank you, please come again
Hey! I gave you a 500
No, just 100
But I'll only have 500 left
You gave me a 100 What do you want?
Relax man It was a 500, I swear
A 100 bill for 65 Bath item
and your change is 35, right?
Don't' get smart, man!!!
Can I help you?
100... 100... 100
100 or 500?
100... 100... 100
100 or 500?
100... 100... 100
How much?
Say it again 100 or 500?
Give me the money
You really gave me 100, not 500
Don't trick me, OK?
Are you sure, it's 100?
See you there
Yes Bye
Hey! Girl, what's your name?
Where're you going?
Can I drive you home?
Hey! Lower your voice
Please tell me your name, girl
Speak like a woman, can you?
Are you a woman?
What did you say?
Shit! I'm going to hang up
Hey! Go! Go! Go!
Ju, what the hell happened?
The same guys?
Okay Did you bring it?
Yep Wait here
Who fucking did it?
The same fuckers
What does it matter? You going to help me?
16 Darling Bar
Hi, long time no see You look so happy
Nothing's special So how your business?
Bad news It's very slow
It is?
In this bad economy, our business is the first to go
Any new girls?
Yeah! But not good "quality" like you
Wow! You just said "quality"
Yeah! I have to get business
What? Say it again?
The internet
But I heard them say "inter", not internet
Really? You just mixed it up
But why are you speaking English?
Tell you what We now have many foreign customers
Big money?
Sure That's why I have to improve
You want to go out with them?
Can't I?
Sure, you can
I wish I could get one
Can you advance me some money?
How much?
15, 000 Bath please
What do you need it for?
Som, don't spend much money, ok?
I know
Hey! Have you visited the pub on Petchburi Road?
What do you mean by "the pub"?
It's a wonderful place with cool music
Not country music like here
Thank you
So, where're you going?
Not gonna tell
Next time take me to the pub so I can be "inter"
Sure Thanks, bye
Siam Square
Been here long? Few minutes
So what are you doing?
Working for Dad Family business
Any news from Ko?
Nope They're fucking gone
How about you?
Slow... very slow
Cops are all around town
Gotta go Yep Bye
Listen to me guys
I heard you watched the video last night
What video? Tell me
It left you horny and hot, right?
The air conditioning went off
You watched that video alone? Alone
Are you sure? Why?
Your voice on the phone was so exhausted
Hey! God! Look at that
Where are we? The zoo?
It's Fashion Center Point meets the zoo
What do they think they are?
Such a Bimbo
Such a Bimbo
Hey Look at that grandpa
What's he doin' here?
I see him everyday
How old is he?
An old man like him shouldn't be here
Hi Dao
What's up Bank?
Couple of minutes
You just missed a flaming fag
Flaming fag? Let me tell you guys a joke
Yeah... go ahead
A fag with piles walks into a Doctor's office
The Doctor asks him to wash his ass and then bend over
The Doctor pokes his finger into the guy's ass to find what's wrong
The fag speaks with happy voice
"Take off your ring or I'll get hurt"
The Doctor smiles and says
"It's close to my watch"
Ha ha ha... the watch... isn't it funny?
I didn't get it
Fine I'd better go
Hey! You can't leave us with this stupid joke
Hey... don't tease him
What's so funny? I didn't get it
I laughed at the way he was trying to tell the story
Not at his stupid joke
Who is that guy?
He just came and left
That's the way he is
What's up?
So... so, I heard about the cops
No... not me
My brother He walked straight to the cops with the guns
You carrying the gun?
Yes Do you need one?
Hey! Bring me some chocolate next time
Okay Bye
Get the fuck out of here
It's him again
I said GET OUT
Just leave me alone
You see? Your dad has another woman
He didn't even care you
Get out of my life
I don't wanna see you again Get out of my life
Dad You never have enough for young girls
Mom It's yours
Hi You guy ready for the game?
Ok See you there
Fuck chicken shit
Get him
I can't believe it
An eye for an eye
So what's going on?
They hit my friend I got them back
Where are your friends?
Are you Som? Yep!
What are you doing here? I followed you
Just want to see your flight club
Hey, what were you doing at Center Point last time?
I dropped off something for a friend
Remember your joke last time It was funny
What joke? The finger one
Oh, yeah?
Yep it was funny listening to your stupid joke
Even my mom said so
Where're you going?
Going home I go this way
Hey! Don't tell me you also live in the housing project
Building #7?
5th floor
7th floor
Why haven't we ever met before
Umm, you look familiar
Maybe but I can't remember
Just two floors away
Wanna stop by my place?
Hello? Hi mom
How much? 30, 000 Bath
What do you need it for?
Okay I'll tell you if I have it
Who is it?
Hey! Som
What are you doing?
Nothing Anything going on?
Why? Want to do for a walk?
Sure, give me one second
I heard some strange noises What were you doing?
Karaoke Really?
Yeah! Wanna join? No. Hurry up
Why did you buy me a necklace?
Just wanted to
Good Next time I'll ask for more
Nothing serious
Buy me a gold one
Gold one? Come on
Wait until I'm rich
I'm joking
My mom bought me I took it to the pawnshop
Did she get mad?
No, I send her money every month
She lives in the up-country
Do you live alone?
No, with my mom
With your mom?
But I pretty much stay alone She's out all day
Playing cards?
One day I was shocked by her face
It was like a dead person
I guess she blew all her money
The image is still in my head
Maintenance Department
Stay right here
So... late...
Hey Bank! What's up? OK
How's things going?
Very bad
Do you want to play cards sometime
Do you have time for me?
Tell you what
Someone needs it but it's larger than usual
How much?
2,000 Can you handle it?
Who needs it?
The rich up-town with big money... you know?
It's too risky
What's the problem?
I need time
Yep... but hurry or we'll lose this order
I'll give you a call
Gotta go
Okay Hey!! The sooner, the better
What did you guys talk about at the road?
He asked me to do a delivery
What's new about that?
You looked so serious Anything wrong?
It's bigger than usual
But if I make it, I'll be rich
One time for big money? Yes
Only once
How about the last time?
Only 10,000
Oh God 10,000 Yep!
It takes me all night for 10, 000
Forget it
If it's easy like you say, I'll do it with you
Are you sure?
Look... Did you know these...
Papaya... Orange... and Chocolate?
Papaya is green Orange is orange Chocolate is brown
What's the difference?
Papaya is the best... the others are just OK
That's it? I believe I can do it
Are you sure?
I guess I'm not ready for the next trip
You go ahead, okay?
I wonder if you had money... what would you do?
I really want a cell-phone...
and nice clothes...
Hmm... many things
How about you?
Same things
Make my life better than this
Bank, if you become a rich guy
will you ask me to get married?
But if you're rich... you ask me first, okay?
God... I have to work hard for money, money
100,000 Are you crazy?
Where can I find it?
Every baht I have I give to mom
You keep saying, but you never do
My boyfriend and I are going to die...
if we can't pay the football bookie off
Som, take me to your bar
Are you crazy? It's not what you think
Did you lose your mind?
What do you want me to do?
Did you tell your boyfriend?
I'll never let him know
Dao Let me tell you one thing
It is not an easy job
Once you start, it's not easy to leave
Hello, Mr. Nipun
Why are you so late?
I'm sorry I was stuck in traffic
How are you?
I'm okay
How about your business?
Not so good as before
You haven't stopped by lately
Is she new? How is she?
It's so easy Just relax
Don't worry itíll be over in a flash
Okay... let's go
Take good care of him I will
I got to go Goodbye Good luck
You'd better take a shower
Don't' worry
It's so easy
Just relax
itíll be over in a flash
Did you see the soccer game last night?
Yep, fucking damn good And you?
Did you bet? Sure
How's that?
Everything's gone
Is that your girl?
Yep, what do you think?
Been there, done that How much did you pay for her?
Pay? What do you mean?
You don't know that...? Do you?
You sure?
I'm sure I'd better leave
Have fun
Have a little bit of fun for me
Wait... wait...
What did they tell you?
What are you doing now?
What did they tell you?
What the hell are you looking at?
Answer my question!!!
It is what your friend told you
So what?
Som, is that you?
Where're you going?
Goin' out
If you go... I'll go too
What? Say it again
I will do it, too
Som... quit your job
How can I survive?
We're together We can get through it
Please don't go
I'm not going anywhere
I need something to eat Are you hungry?
You're crazy Look at me
Think I'm ready to work?
Come on... let's go
Yeah, but I'm broke
I'll treat you
What do you want to have?
I love it I love free food
Chicken rice, okay?
Trust me Everything's going to be fine
Are you sure?
Sure, man
Good, I trust you
Remember! You have 2 days to clear up everything
Okay... deal Give it to him
I'll pay you Bye
Man... just relax
You don't have to say anything
Let me do it
Relax... relax man
Just two of you?
Where is it?
Here it is 2,000
Hey What the fuck you waiting for?
I told you it's an easy job
Just relax... man
Damn it Easier then I thought
Man Just relax It's easy
But those guys scared me
You're serious?
Look at their faces, man
Forget those fucking guys The money's all here
Hey!! Watch out!!!
Man Let's get out of here I'll buy you a beer, okay?
And... music
Sure Go for it
Our latest one v8088 can be connected to the Internet...
and operated by your voice
So cool... like you plug a walk-man earphone into a cell phone
What do you call? I need it
A small microphone with a built in remote for 700
The total is 35,000
Cash or credit card, please
That rich guy just asked for it again
Okay It's an easy job How much does he need?
God 5000
Why? It's easy for you, man
We need someone to help
No problem But who?
Yes Okay
She's mine
Sure but it's very urgent
End of this month
End of this month!
Hey... Don't worry
Hey! Little girl
How much for this garland?
20 Baht
Let me help you
Here is the money
You're so nice
Don't worry
I'll help you next time
I feel...
What? Tell me
It's... really great
You love karaoke, don't you?
No... no more karaoke This time it's for real
Hey guys As usual you don't have to say anything
Let me handle it
Just relax...
Don't say anything... just relax guys
Where's the package?
How about the money?
Show me the package
Don't trick me Asshole
I'm calling someone to bring it over
Som... It's time
What the fuck are you doing?
Calm down... man Calm down
I'm hurt
You're gonna be fine
Bank I can't...
Hello 191?
I need to report the shooting
I'm really hurt
Hold on You're going to be fine
No... Bank... Iím hurt
It's okay Hold on... Som
I can't stand it
Where's the package?
You're crazy I didn't take it
Oh... God
Damn it...
What the hell we going to do?
I'm hurt
Hold on We're almost there
I'm hurt
You're gonna be fine
Som... you hear me?
Be patient
Drink some water
Bank... Iím hurt
Hold on... Som
Som, stay here I'll be right back Be patient
I'll send the money real soon
Take care... bye
Hello Please send someone out right away
Somebody was shot in the Sri Nakorn Hotel
Relax... man
Where's my stuff?
It was stolen but I... I didn't take it
It's your business son of a bitch...
Bring my stuff back
Stay down if you don't want to die
My friend is dead
Who cares? Even if you're dead
What I care about is my stuff
Bring that fucking thing back
Give me some time
I need time
You have only one day
Bring the stuff back
You hear me? Only one day
Tomorrow is your deadline
Hey... what happened?
Can you find me a gun?
Sure but it's not easy... you know
Cops are cracking down Can you pay?
Don't worry
Someone is going to bring it over
Sure... bye
Son of a bitch
You think you can run away from me?
Stop... the gun is in this bag
So what? Son of a bitch
Look at this bullshit gun...
You wanna kill me with this fucking thing
Shut up
Oh my God!!
I need everything back
I never do What's your problem?
Lad Phrao Police Station
I want you to arrest me
What's your crime?
I never do What's your problem?
Move the body Yes, sir
"300 for mom... the street girl a pair of shoes with the rest"
We found the injured...
but it seemed like she was dead
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