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Subtitles for Ong-Bak (2003).

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Ong-Bak (2003)

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Up! Up!
Don't push!
Up the tree, quickly!
Pull him down quickly, quickly!
Catch the flag.
Don't let him get down
Calm down! The winner this year...
is Ai Bak Tim
Sawadee everyone...
from Ban Nong Pradoo.
We are gathering for good merit at this festival,
to give robes to the monks, and Ong Bak,
who is the protective icon for the well-being of our village.
This festival...
is to remind us that...
in 7 days we will be...
celebrating Ong Bak.
The last time...
being 24 years ago.
This means...
all prosperity will return to us once more.
Where is the amulet?
It's not good.
There is a little damage -
Not quite perfect.
200,000 baht for this is not cheap.
Why don't you want to sell it?
Ow! How much do you want?
Don. I'm not selling.
Ow! Why do you change your mind?
I came a long way from Bangkok just for this.
I've never given you any promise...
to sell it to you.
I want to give this to my son, Bak Hum Lae,
the day he's ordained here as a monk, for Ong Bak.
Call me whenever you want to sell it.
No, no. I don't have a telephone.
I'll give you my address,
so whenever you want to sell,
you can write to me.
Is this good enough, grandma?
I made it for Ai Tim for his ordination.
It's good.
Where did Ai Tim come from,
and how come he grew up in the temple?
He's now a man.
Ai Tim is an ophan.
He was left at the temple by someone...
when he was a baby.
Pra Kroo (the Abbot) took pity on him,
and adopted him.
And everyone says...
he has grown up well under Ong Bak.
Hitting the earth!
Crocodile whipping tail!
Confronting elephant!
Hanuman (Monkey) giving ring.
The threatening fight.
The rear kick.
Both elbows attacking...
followed with high knee.
Raising the army.
Getting high strength.
Cutting through the enemy.
Avoiding danger.
Putting your head down.
Knight throwing an axe.
Wave smashing the shore.
Meet friend, join friend.
Knight catching monkeys.
Breaking the joins.
Snake chasing lizard.
Cliff shaking.
Sticky water.
Throwing the spear.
Breaking the sword.
Raising the body.
Horse replacing bird.
I'll teach you all these styles...
but I forbid you to use them for money.
Do you understand, Bak Tim?
I understand, Pra Kroo.
He has gone.
You said you understood. Really?
There is a story that...
Pra Kroo learnt this boxing...
from the ancient books.
Then Pra Kroo wanted a challenge.
He went into the boxing ring for money...
and he hit his opponent to death.
He felt very guilty,
so he became a monk.
Thai boxing is very dangerous.
I don't want you to use it, unless it is absolutely necessary.
Or are you still not clear?
Come, fight with me.
Ai Bak, here.
Uncle! Come on!
Who is there? What are you doing?
Bak Don...
is the one that cut off the head of Ong Bak.
He took all the donation money too, Pra Kroo.
Bak Don! Evil son!
If Pra Ong Bak has no head,
our village will be faced with disaster.
Calm down, calm down!
We must try to get Ong Bak's head back...
to our village before the ceremony day.
Where can we find it, Pra Kroo ?
I will bring Ong Bak back here myself.
Who knows where Bak Don is?
The hopes of the people of Ban Nong Pradoo Sukon...
is in your hands.
In this tube is a holy herbal medicine.
My teacher told me...
it belonged to Kroo Dum.
Keep it with you.
This is the address of Bak Don,
and this is a letter to Bak Hum Lae.
Tim, you must return with Ong Bak...
to our village.
This is the money for your journey.
All my hopes are with you.
My mum gave me this ring before she died.
Warn, please look after grandma.
We've all contributed together...
for the fares.
He's losing.
Hey! What bike you using to race?
Why did you lose so easily like this?
Hey! Why are you speaking that way?
Win or lose is normal in any bet.
It isn't fair to blame me.
Why did you use a woman to race with me?
Why not? What's wrong with being a woman?
Ow! You dare race against me!
You cow!
If you rode as fast as your mouth, you'd probably win!
Hey! Hey!
Hey! Why don't you pay me in cash?
You bet me with drugs, didn't you?
You told me it was OK to use drugs instead of cash.
I'll give you only 10,000,
after deducting the 10,000 you own me.
I pay you interest every month,
and the loan is not yet due.
Can't you give me all the money now?
Do you want it or not?
OK . Better than nothing.
Hey! Give me all of that.
Give me!
You've already got my money.
Can't you give a few tablets to my friends?
You can find this drug anywhere -
you don't have to take mine.
Better not to use my drugs.
They're too strong. Your friends may go into shock.
Believe me.
Son of a bitch!
Eh! You're back at last. My money!
Give me my share quickly. Quickly!
Ai Keng caught me.
He knew we bet with fake drugs. He took all the money back
What? Don't tease me -
not funny at all.
Muey, look at my face.
Do you think I kicked myself?
Oy! Why are you poking me? I'm still in pain.
Oh well. How come you got caught?
Forget it!
Do you have 200 baht?
What! Lost all my share and still asking me for my money?
Listen! Muey.
When I won, you took the money.
Now I've lost, so you must share the loss too.
Ow! You're stupid to get caught,
and lose the money in your hands.
So I'm stupid and you're clever!
Ai Keng give me only 3 days.
If I don't pay back his loan he'll hit me. Hit me!
Ai Hum Lae?
Is it really you, Ai Hum Lae?
Er... Muay, is he your friend? Your friend?
How could he be my friend?
He is calling you, isn't he?
Do you know him? Yeah!
Remember me? I'm Bak Tim from Ban Nong Pradoo.
Hey! Fool! I don't know you.
Fool! Understand! I've just told you I don't know you!
But I know you, Ai Hum Lae
Hum Lae, Hum what!
What a stupid name! Hum Lae!
Bad luck! I warn're fool
Ow! No need to lie! Ai Hum Lae... Oops
Sorry! Slip of my tongue.
Mind your own business.
Get out of my sight! Out!
OK. You said you were from... Ban? Which?
Ban Nong Pradoo.
That's it. Ban Nong Pradoo.
OK, I'm leaving.
So you're both from Ban Nong Pradoo. Can have a good chat!
Very funny! You've made your point!
Go! Go away, but give me the money first.
Here! For your medicine.
I'm going now, Ai Hum Lae
Listen, peasant! You should return to your hometown.
Ai Ham Lae, I have to give you a letter.
I told you I don't know you! Get out!
This is my place.
Don't be angry with me. Close the door.
Don't let mosquitos in.
I'm in a bad mood and depressed
Ai Hum Lae.
Our villagers are in serious trouble...
because Bak Don stole the head of Ong Bak
The Chief sent me here to see you,
so you can help me to find Ong Bak
I have Bak Don's address.
No need to talk yet, and put your things down here
You're better have a wash first.
Go, go now.
Here, here is the washroom.
Go in.
I don't have any other clothing.
Don't worry I'll give you my towel. Go in, go.
I'll turn on the light for you.
Soap is on your left, toothbrush on your right.
Mind the slippery floor.
Hello! Muay!
I'll meet you at the stadium -
the boxing stadium. OK.
Do you still accept the bet?
Do I have time?
Here! All of them!
Do you have the amulet?
The chief changed his mind and didn't want to sell, Boss.
But I have the head of Ong Bak, Boss.
This is the most holy thing in the village...
that they all worship, and the most valuable.
This broken head -
why did you bring it to me?
I'm not interested. Take it away!
My head is hurting enough without...
you spoiling my mood.
Today, Captain seems to have little to please him.
Look at your fighter, Pearl Harbour.
I think he's losing to Arun, my fighter, with his Kami Kaze technique.
Defeat's certain!
I don't have the money yet - still trying to get some.
I'm not asking for money, I can find that myself.
Now you're selling drugs too!
My fighter will win the next competition.
If you think you will win, then why not increase your bet.
Any sum you like, ha ha!
You need not preach to me,
you don't really understand me.
Just because of one stinking male...
you turn yourself into this low-life.
Muay! You're not my mum!
Because we've no parents, you've become this bad.
Yes, a bad person like me, who has brought you up until now.
From now on, a good person like you should leave me alone.
Yes, tell me whenever you want it.
Strike, strike.
Knock out.
Get up and hit back.
The next one is coming.
Tell me if you still want to bet.
The winner is ... Pearl Harbour.
Pearl Habour is the Number One.
Two wins two minutes. Two wins two minutes.
Where are all my things?
My money bag, where is it?
I don't know, I didn't take it.
Two and one...
Oh! A fresh challenger.
Taking bets now, taking bets now.
Aw... How come that peasant is in the fighting ring?
Yeh... Ai Tim is surely dead.
I'll give you 10 to 1.
But you'd better not dare to bet.
OK. I'll bet one million, if you'll dare to accept it.
I accept.
I'm not here to box. I want the money.
Calm down, I'll give you the money later. Start!
We have a new champion tonight.
What's your name?
Tim from Ban Nong Pradoo.
Tim Pradoo Prew!
Prize for the winner!
I don't want it. I only want my money bag, there.
What an idiot!
Hey! Hey! Why don't you take the prize money? Why are you so stupid?
Tell me if you want to fight again.
You have the skill to win.
I can see lots of money, lots and lots.
You ask me to fight for money.
Ai Hum Lae -
why did you steal the villagers' money to play gambling?
For the investment...
to get enough money to help you find Ong Bak.
You really want to help me? Yes.
This is Don's address. Could you take me there?
Keep it. I'll take you there later.
Now could you give me some money.
Give me, for the investment.
When I make a profit, I will pay you back,
and I'll go anywhere you want.
Absolutely sure!
Go! Go away! Damn you!
Peasant! Can't talk to you, stupid!
Huh! Where will he sleep tonight?
I don't care! Or he can sleep with you!
You're crazy!
What shall I do? Ai Keng will kill me.
Muay! Take these drugs to sell in Yai Lao's den.
When we have enough money, I will pay you back.
I'm sure to earn money. I know this place well.
After the last one, you still haven't learnt anything.
I told you before, I don't want to sell drugs.
You must help me out. I don't want to be hit again.
Yeah. Yeah... I will try, but it'll have to be tomorrow.
OK, now I feel much better.
You don't have to look so happy.
From the takings, you'll get 30, but I'll get 70.
Muay! 50/50.
The money you asked for starting your business in Bangkok
I don't have it...
because we had a very dry season,
and Ong Bak's head was stolen by Ai Don.
Dad wishes that you will help Bak Tim to find and return Ong Bak to us...
and save us from disaster.
What nonsense!
Warn! The pool is dry. Where are we going to find drinking water?
I pray to have Ong Bak back with us soon, please.
Ai Rung, are you alone?
Ai Piew, are you betting?
Brother I'm here.
Damn Ai Yod. Where have you been for months?
I had to see my friends.
You are fully aware that I'm short of staff.
You assist me first, hurry.
Not now, I have to meet a friend.
Don't make an excuse, you help me now.
Not today, some other day.
No, now, quickly!
Take it.
Go away, you deal cards badly.
Put down your bets now.
At your age you should stay at home, looking after your children
What are you looking at? Get out!
Go to that desk...
and change your hair colour too.
The colour that suits me, and you have to copy.
Put down your bets, to lose, to lose.
Betting and losing is not my fault.
Turn the cards. 19 and 19 both hands.
Pay yje money.
More bets down, bet, bet.
Here's mine.
Do you have money?
Here it is - 3,000 real money.
You want to play? You will lose...
all your money and your belongings.
I bet 200. OK, 200.
No card swapping.
Oh! 18 points.
Pay the money. Wait... mine is 19. Pay me!
This is 400.
Ai has only 6 points, 1 card. Mine is 9.
8 points 3 cards. 9 points.
What sort of cards are these?
She's lucky.
It's luck, good luck. 9 points.
8 points again. 9 points again.
Damn cards, take it.
8 points again.
Got you, pay!
Damn! 8 points again. 9 to beat you.
These cards are impossible.
I must check if she is cheating.
She got all 9 points for 15 games. Took most of my money.
Why do you pay her?
I want to see if you will get 9 again.
You're cheating me, bitch!
I know I got 8 without turning the cards.
Points? If 9...
I'm certain that you cheat.
Look! Loser! She got 4 points.
I don't believe it.
I'm sure that she concealed some cards. I want to search her.
Wait... Calm down!
You should search her.
Hey! Do you hide some cards?
No, I don't. Let's see.
There are none, I told you.
Any hidden in your bag?
Let me check her myself.
Don't trouble yourself.
Come here. OK you can go.
You've got to search her everywhere.
All done, everywhere. You can go, go now.
Don't come back here again, bitch!
Winning every game like that is bad for my place.
Let's continue, we can beat these people.
No point to win, they're all broke. Broke! Broke!
She won all their money, nothing left.
Don't you have a go at me.
Total 8,000, I give your 3,000 back .
Why is it only 3,000?
You won't need so much anyway.
What? No profit for me at all.
Er... You take this money first.
Don't spend too much.
Give me another 1,000.
3,000 is enough for you.
This will merely cover my college fees.
Hey! Seem to have a lot of money.
That guy is here
Lend me your money.
This is my money. Er... I'll pay you back.
Will pay you back.
Hi! I was on my way to pay you, but you beat me to it. Here!
That is my money.
8,000 - I'll give you the rest later.
Don't look at me so menacingly.
I'm not bothered too much about the rest of the money.
but when you two try to cheat me, I can't forget!
Hold him! Beat him! No, I won't fight you.
Ai Tim! Ai Tim!
I won't fight, I won't fight. Help! Help!
You cheated me, here!
You want trouble?
Here's some!
Will be seeing you!
I have to thank you, Ai Tim.
And I will help you to find Ong Bak
Could you fight one more time?
Wait... Listen to me first.
You saw just a minute ago, they beat me.
If I don't pay them, they will kill me.
Could you help me?
One last fight for me.
OK. It doesn't matter anyway. Stupid peasant!
Stupid village, stupid villagers! Relying on only one boxer...
to find and return Ong Bak to their village. Are you crazy?
If Ong Bak is so powerful, why let a thief cut his head off?
It's only made from pieces of stone and earth.
Box me! Why box me?
You are from the same village. Don't kill each other.
He boxed me!
Never mind that! There! The people you want to kill are over there!
Ai Peng! Haven't you had enough?
You want a kick to send you to sleep?.
Umm... You have too many.
Ai Yod. You know very well what to do.
Muay. You know what to do.
Use your individual skills.
Don't leave me.
After them!
Follow them, I'll go to block the other way.
You! I'm going!
Get out, get out!
Oh! How can he pass?
Ooh! Is my bum still OK? I don't know how I crossed them?
Let me borrow the chopper quick.
Come near me and I will slaughter you.
Knives! Knives! Big ones, small ones for sale.
'Chilli Powder'
Get him! Kill him!
Ai Tim! Help me!
I won't help. You have to fight them yourself.
Ai Don! Yes, I know his address. I'll take you.
Ai Tim! I know where Ai Don is.
Who's next!
I used to see Ai Don hanging around here, selling drugs.
Ask Muay, if you don't believe me...
But today...
That boy is here, Boss.
Bring him here to fight until the stakes are high,
then I will get rid of him.
Depends on how brave you are to take a bet?
You are a maniac!
What's the matter, Yod?
Ai Big Bear is challenging Ai Tim to a fight.
Come on! I'll fight you! I'll teach you Thai boxing! Come on!
Have you seen Bak Don?
No, but I've seen a Thai man being beaten.
You are a coward.
Are you going to help him? Without help he'll die.
Ai Tim!
If I knew you were like this, I wouldn't have helped you find Ong Bak
Huh! You can do that later. But now you must help him first.
Lay down your stakes! Lay down your stakes now!
Lay down your stakes ... quickly.
I'll give you 2 to 1, want to bet?
OK. Put me down for three million.
Attacking Enemy.
Hanuman (monkey) crosses the city.
If my man wins, I want to collect the money.
OK, I know!
Ai Tim! Ai Tim! The best!!!
I think you've had enough. No chance to win your money back today.
Well done! Well done! The best!
Muay, give me that. No. Half then.
I don't have to. Trust me.
Do you have any real contenders?
Yes, but do you dare??
Oh! No problem.
Retreat! Mother of God!
Too much for you? Give up?
Ay! Let go of me!
Ay! Let me go!
You've disappointed me.
Good! The best! I told you, Muay, to bet on him. We're rich! Rich!!
Muay! Pick up the coins!
Enough for today! You won't get your money back.
Ai Tim! You are so good, we have a great opportunity to get rich.
Ai Don!
Follow them!
Get them!
Quick! Let's go!
Ai Don!
Follow them.
This week I have to see customers.
I want you to get things ready.
Tell me first if there is a problem.
Yes Boss.
I want you to report everything.
Ai Hum Lae! Where will we find Ai Bak Don?
You eat your food first. Eat!
Don't worry.
I'll find him! At the rice mill, everyone know him well.
Muay! Tomorrow you'll go with me.
May be some chance to get money.
I can't. Exams tomorrow.
Exams! I've never seen you attend class.
How can you pass? Do you have something special with the teacher?
What! A joke, a joke.
You're a good student, you're clever. Eat...
Thanks a lot for helping me to find Ong Bak.
Don't thank me.
Ai Yod, you own me 3 months rent.
What are you going to do?
Er... Give me 3 days.
I'll pay you. This time for sure.
You said 'sure' too many times already.
I want money today - otherwise you must move out.
Will you accept this ring instead?
You must pay the rent within 7 days.
If you have no money again,
I'll kick you out, understand?
Son, I want you to return home with Bak Tim.
Don't worry if you don't have enough money.
I don't mind if you don't want to become a monk.
I only want you to visit us.
I miss you, son.
What's the matter! Am I not as good as your ex-husband?
You spoil my mood.
I don't want to sell drugs any more.
I want to stop.
You want to stop?
Really want to stop? Come here!
You think you can stop that easily.
You think you can but you can't.
Huh! Ai Don.
Pi Ngek, Pi Ngek, Pi Ngek, Pi Ngek.
Where is Ong Bak? I don't know.
You brought it here! I don't know.
Ai Tim.
Get away.
Pi Ngek!
Get out quickly, Don.
Go, Go.
Call an ambulance for Room 212. She's dying. Urgent!
Ai Tim! Come here quickly in a Tuk Tuk.
Hurry up.
You're dead.
Keep following me!
Come! You're dead.
Huh! Ai Tim.
Ai Tim! Brake! Brake! Brake quickly!
Oh Bhudda! Oh!
Spread them out.
Oh! Damn!
Get out!
You're dead.
Remember! You must search every square metre. Don't miss anything.
Most important, you must not allow any strangers in. Understand?
Damn them! They keep chasing after me.
Get in.
Today the Police and National Heritage have found...
lots of Buddha statues and relics on the Chao Praya river's bank
This finding of invaluable objects is very significant.
Because every piece is a national treasure.
National Heritage is making a catalogue for protective conservation.
We will report any developments to this story.
I told you not to cause trouble.
I didn't. They are looking for Ong Bak.
What's Ong Bak?
The head of the Buddha Statue that I brought to you.
Why does this man cause me so much trouble?
I lost my betting money,
and all my relics collection...
because of one peasant.
I'm sorry I can't save her.
Pi Ngek! Pi Ngek. Pi Ngek!
Pi Ngek don't leave me.
Who's she?
Muay's big sister.
You cann't leave me. I have nobody.
Muay, Muay.
Ngek asked me to give this to you...
'For Muay College Fees'
I don't want it, don't want it
I want you. I have nobody else.
You can't leave. I've no one else.
Don't be so sad, Muay.
Birth and death are part of life.
I won't leave you.
What's this? What?
Where are you taking me?
Let's go, go quickly. Go, go!
Do you know who I am?
How dare you attack my property!
I don't know. It's between Ai Tim and Ai Don.
True! I don't know.
I know that you are looking for this Head.
Do you really want it?
If you want it. I've a game for you to play.
I saw Ong Bak with my own eyes.
If you accept to fight for him,
he will give you Ong Bak and release Muay.
What are you going to do? Tell me.
I will do anything...
to bring back Ong Bak to Ban Nong Pradoo.
I'll sacrify even with my life.
Why do you call me to leave the frontier?
To warn you to stay away from political issues and I want you to make a bet.
Oho.You want to revenge that country boxer to death!
How much you want to bet? Your call.
You don't call the shots anymore!
On the East corner is a Thai Boxer. He's new to us .
The Burmese Boxer is on the West corner. He's one of the best.
Now the fight has begun. (Voice of the commentator continues)
Ai Tim! Ai Tim! Are you OK? Enough.
Hey! If you want Ong Bak, follow me.
You're crooks too. Tim lost the fight so I could win the bet.
Huh! This is Pra.
It's just the head of some worthless statue that you're trying to get.
I'm not interested in the head, I just want you to box for me.
Don't dare challenge me because I can make you live or die.
Damn you! You betray us.
Ai Tim lost the fight for you, why don't you return the head to him?
Son of a bitch!
Calm down. Finish them after I've gone.
You got hurt but I got the money. Remember that I ordered this.
Get rid of them. I can't help if they don't listen.
Huh! Kill them!
Pi Yod!
Damn! I told him not to make a noise.
Hey! Do it quickly! Police may be here soon.
Hey! Go there.
Where is Ong Bak?
Hey! I go with you. No, I can't let anyone die for Ong Bak.
Except me, only me.
Ai Tim, Ai Tim.
Let me help you.
I don't want to be like this. I apologise to you.
Let me do one good deed for Ban Nong Pradoo.
At least... Let me start the bike for you.
I, Bak Hum Lae, from Ban Nong Pradoo.
Don told me there is a secret cave behind the next mountain.
Still not dead!
You want Ong Bak! You have to exchange it with your life.
We're cutting the biggest head.
Ai Tim! Ai Tim.....Ai Ti...
Ai Ham Lae! Are you OK?
Go and get Ong Bak. Go!
Don't worry about me. Go and get Ong Bak.
Huh! Where're you running to? Continue working! Cut the head off!
Be careful! Last time I told him to lose.
The head is off now boss. Good, pull it off.
You want this head! I want to see if it's unbreakable.
Ai Hum Lae!
Ai Hum Lae... Are you hurt?
Take... take... Ong Bak back to our... our village.
Ai Pi Yod! Ai Pi Yod! What's happenning?
Ai Hum Lae.
Muay.. finish.. your studying and find.. a good job.
Bak Tim..Tell my dad I can't become a monk.
Huh! What are you saying? Let's go to hospital and you will be fine, Pi Yod.
Ai Hum Lae. Ai Pi Yod, Ai Pi Yod. Huh!
You can't die! You promised not to leave me, you can't die.
You can't do this! You mustn't lie to me, you cannot lie to me.
Do you understand! You promised me! I've nobody else! I've nobody else!
Wake up now! Don't do this to me, you can't, can't. Understand!
Wake up now! Ai Pi Yod, you can't die. You must keep your promise.
(Weeping goes on continuously)
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Once A Thief 1990
Once Upon A Time In China 2
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One-armed Boxer
One Fine Day
One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest
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One The
One Two Three 1961
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Ong-Bak (2003)
Onibaba (Devil-woman) 1964
Only Angels Have Wings CD1
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Onna kyuketsuki
Open Hearts CD1
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Open Range CD1
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Open Water
Operasjon Lovsprett
Operation Pacific 1951
Opposite of Sex The
Orange County
Ordinary People
Orfeu Negro
Original Sin CD1
Original Sin CD2
Orphans 1997
Oscar and Lucinda 1997
Osennij marafon - Autumn Marathon 1979
Oso Rojo Un
Ostrov Sokrovisch (Yevgheny Fridman USSR 1971) CD1
Ostrov Sokrovisch (Yevgheny Fridman USSR 1971) CD2
Others The
Otogiriso 2001
Our Lady of the Assasins CD1
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Out-of-Towners The (1970)
Out Cold
Out To Sea 1997
Out for Justice 1991
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Out for justice
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Out of Sight Collector Edition
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