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Open Hearts CD1

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Open Hearts
Would you like a sweet?
No. No? Not at all?
What's up? Nothing.
I just thought maybe you'd like a sweet.
Well, I wouldn't.
What's that?
It's... a ring.
But you can only have it if you'll marry me.
Are you're sure you're not just drunk?
Actually, you're right. I'm as pissed as a newt.
Can I have it back? You're right. Sorry.
Can I have it back? No.
Do you want it? OK. What the heck!
"OK, what the heck"?! You've got to say it properly. "Yes".
I love you.
I love you and I'd love your hideous ring.
You would?
I love you.
Five people have been killed by an avalanche in France.
Everyone on our trip has tried it thousands of times.
I just don't see what's so funny about dangling off rock faces.
Of course it'll be great for me to be widowed at 25.
There are also dangers to being a cook.
Yes. Lots.
You're always burning your fingers.
And what about all those big knives?
I worry about those every time you leave for work.
"Will she come home in one piece?"
Cille baby... nothing will happen. I promise.
Nothing will happen.
I promise I'll be careful, Cille. Yes.
I don't believe it.
Come on, out you come!
It's an extra prezzie to help you look good while I'm away.
The box does open...
Do you like them? No, of course not.
The problem is, I've just got to see them on you.
You can change them if it's too big.
The shop assistant was a man so I couldn't say
you were "about his size". It's ridiculous, anyway.
A man in the lingerie department.
What on earth does he tell his kids?
Cille... Let me have a look at you!
Know what?
I don't think they're very nice after all.
We'd better take them off.
Nice of you to buy me a car. But you borrow it the whole time.
You can have it tomorrow. How many times have I driven it?
Twice? You can have it tomorrow.
Out you get!
See you later. Have a good time.
I'll sit here for a moment. Goodbye!
See you.
Oh, God, no!
Can you feel his heart beat?
I daren't touch him. Wait a moment.
Have you got a mobile phone? Stine? Give me your bag!
Does anybody have a mobile phone to call an ambulance with?
You didn't bring it? OK.
I've got to calm down. I'll go and get a doctor.
Does anybody have a mobile phone?
When it's my birthday can I have a horse?
No. Horses are for girls.
You're a boy. You want something motorized.
Maybe I'm gay. No, you're not.
Not at the age of eight. What if I am?
You'll just have to wait to come out of the closet till you're 12.
All right? Yes.
Good. Will I get a horse then?
You'll get a horse. Where are your glasses?
In the lounge. Where in the lounge?
On a chair. On a chair? Again?
Go and get them before somebody sits on them.
Do you want a horse?
No. Sure? Shall I tickle you a bit?
Give me your hand. I need a hand.
Here comes the surgeon to cut off your hand...
Hi... they've only just paged me. Are you OK?
She's just had a fright. Yes.
Niels, I have done an Xray. Thanks. Where is Stine?
She's OK. She's fine.
She wasn't sure she wanted to celebrate this evening.
Don't worry. I'll see what we can do.
Marie... what happened?
I didn't see it. I only heard the bump.
It wasn't your fault, Marie. You do know that, don't you?
Yes. That's what the police said, too.
But I didn't tell them we were going a bit too fast
because me and Stine were arguing.
That's not why it happened. I only heard him. I didn't see him.
You couldn't help it.
Will you find out how he is? I'll run you home first.
No, I want to know how he is. I'm afraid it's really bad.
Really bad.
We don't know for sure. But it looks really serious.
His girlfriend is sitting in the hall.
Yes... er... yes.
Hello. Hello.
Have you time to talk to me? Just for a moment?
Is he dead? No, I'm just... Sorry.
I'm not on duty. OK.
Clumsy of me. Sorry.
My wife was driving the car.
Your wife? Yes.
OK... So that must have been your daughter?
Yes... she'll be all right, too.
It's her birthday. We're getting married.
You will. You think?
Yes. I'm sure of it.
We're so terribly sorry this has happened.
If there's anything we can do to help...
Is there anybody at home?
I don't have any parents, and Joachim's live in the USA.
That's me, and that's our phone number.
Call whenever you feel like it. Can you ask how bad it is?
They won't tell me. I don't know anything.
That's because they don't know anything yet either.
But they would tell me, wouldn't they? If they thought...
They would tell me? Yes, definitely.
With lovely hot chocolate and birthday cake...
And when she... Happy Birthday, Darling!
Did you hear that Torben's walked out on Birthe and their ugly kids?
When was that? Beats me why he stayed so long.
She looked like Henry Vlll.
She even dressed like him. You're talking about our friends.
She could have made an effort.
A manicure or the occasional bike ride. Is the sauce all gone?
I'll get you some more. Are you OK?
He just had so much blood in him. Was the car damaged?
Finn! It's a fair question. A new car...
Are you sure? Yes. What did she say to you?
She didn't say anything. She was afraid and upset.
She asked how you were and also how mum was.
It's a very typical reaction. It's psychological.
In crises we look after others. I mean... women do.
Give us a break! You could learn from it, Finn.
Why don't you go get a tattoo?
Don't be silly, Finn! She's right.
Niels's dad spent his life working 16 hour shifts.
The only time he was with his whole family was at his funeral.
You can't accuse Niels of the same thing. He's got seven kids
or however many it is, and they stick to him like warts.
We've got three, and that was a lovely way of putting it.
Three, then. It's just too much.
Well, I wouldn't mind trying for another.
It doesn't surprise me. Good luck to you!
Is there any more sauce? No. Funnily enough, not for you.
There's a drop left here, Finn. Thanks.
Would you phone to see how he is? Shall I phone now? ...Of course.
What did they say? No news.
You're sure? Yes.
How long will he be in surgery? It could be four or five hours.
When will they phone? As soon as they know anything.
How about a toast for Stine? Yes!
You really don't have to. Of course we do.
This is a no smoking area. Sorry.
Good morning, Cecilie. Have you had any sleep?
No, not really. Have a seat.
Coffee? Yes, please.
I could give you a long lecture. Just tell me the truth.
It's not good. Joachim has broken his neck and his back.
Most of his back simply got crushed.
What does that mean? It means...
He'll be able to talk and think. But that's all.
Does he know?
Not yet.
Hi, Baby.
It's blown my trip to Pelagonia.
Yes... Patagonia... Yes.
I can't feel my arms or legs. It feels really weird.
It's not a good sign, is it?
You'll never feel anything again from the neck down.
Oh... but...
I know it sounds harsh, but you'll never be able to walk again.
I'd like to be left alone for a bit.
We've got several psychologists... Please go now.
I'll leave the two of you. I'm sorry.
Cecilie... please go. Joachim...
I really mean it. I want you to go now.
Joachim... No, none of that.
I can't be bothered with it, OK?
Damn it... all right? See you.
Joachim... Cecilie, stop it. Go now, damn it.
I love you. Please go. Stop that. STOP IT!
Get out!
Yes, we could do that, too. Or send him flowers or chocolates.
But it won't help him.
Can't he have sex any more, either? Stine!
It's pretty important. To some people, anyway.
No, he can't have sex either. Maybe I could write to him.
All right. But it won't help him right now, or make it easier.
Marie, he stepped out in front of your car.
You couldn't help it. No.
It wasn't your fault. Marie, it wasn't!
Things like that happen. Every single day. And life goes on.
Yes, for us. But not for him. Just think of his girlfriend!
It wasn't your fault.
You know that, don't you?
Tell me if there's anything you want me to bring you from home.
Loads of people have phoned to ask if they can come and see you.
Are you thirsty?
You're going to have to let me in on this.
You're going to have to let me help you.
I love you.
Hello. Hi.
It's really nice of you to spare me the time.
Of course I do.
How is he? Well...
He won't talk to me.
I know he talks to the nurses.
But when I come he just lies there without saying anything.
And what do you do? They say it's normal.
And that it'll pass. It is very normal.
And it will pass.
I just don't get it. There must be ways...
They can do all kinds of things. There must be something.
I wish I could be more encouraging.
But there isn't even a theoretical chance.
He only has a year left before he gets his M. Sc.
We were going to get married.
What is he studying? Geography.
I'm a cook. Or...
Would you like an apple?
You've got apples? A little bag. For our blood sugar.
For our blood sugar?
Here. Thanks.
Has he dumped her or what? I don't know.
Her best friend has slept with her boyfriend.
Poor Stine! As if she didn't have enough problems as it was!
I'm lost. What problems? What's going on?
She's not doing well at high school. Or turning up for work at the library.
And I think she's started stealing. Money keeps vanishing from my purse.
Maybe she needs more pocket money.
You're such an easy touch!
She's probably upset in general, don't you think?
Maybe it's affected her more than she admits?
What do you mean? She knows she made you speed up.
Do you think that's what she thinks? I don't know what to say.
Maybe it's her age. Remember what it was like?
I was never that age. No, you weren't.
Shall we just sell her and make a new one?
No, we can't. You have to have sex for that.
I don't know if you've ever heard of it. Sex.
You mean we both have to have it? Yes.
My goodness...
What was that? I think it was a kiss.
You don't usually kiss me like that. Yes, I do...
"An idea to be regarded in the light of his new confidence in himself
following the incident in the quarry eighteen months ago."
"Professor, it can't be that significant
that the monument was based on frost?"
Will you please shut up?
I didn't think you could talk any more.
Why are you doing this? Why?
Why do you insist on humiliating me like this?
Why do you make such a fuss?
I think you should beat it.
I promise we'll work things out.
In about two years' time my legs will start to wither.
They won't.
My arms will dangle like two lengths of boiled spaghetti.
At some stage they'll have to amputate the whole bloody lot.
All you'll have left will be the dead bit of skin that was once my dick.
Stop it! Think about it.
I'm telling you the way it is.
You want to live with that? Yes, of course I do.
In that case I think we should get married at once.
You'll be able to spend your wedding night wiping my arse.
Do stop it!
Please go. I mean it. In all sincerity.
I can't. I can't just go.
I love you, damn it.
If I love you enough you'll love yourself one day.
Listen to you! Shut your face!
You've got to stop listening to all those pop lyrics.
Come here...
If you love me as much as you keep bragging about
you should walk away. You'll do us both a favour.
Stop coming here. It's dumb.
Get a life. Yes.
Right? See you around. It doesn't have to be like this.
You're just making everything worse. It can't be worse.
It can!
Please just go. Now.
Cecilie... I am on my way.
But I'll be back.
You will not come again.
Why take it out on Cecilie? She hasn't done anything.
It'd be a fucking good idea if you shut your arsehole
and turn on the TV.
By then we'd been through the repertoire several times.
She was jumping up and down on top of me.
And I had to tell her "I just can't do it any more, Honey".
Hello? Hi. This is Cecilie.
I'm at the hospital. I was wondering if you had five minutes?
Who was that? That Cecilie girl.
She wants another chat. I'd be happy to...
Finn, eat your mackerel.
And she said "I've got to have an orgasm too or I'll get a headache".
OK., And you said...
"Take some aspirin!"
Then I drove home and watched Bridge over the River Kwai.
Bloody good film, by the way. Finn, eat your mackerel.
See you in a moment.
Hi. Hi.
Were you nodding off to sleep? I was admiring the weather.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
I never have breakfast.
Oh, right, you're a cook.
After all, I don't start my day by...
No, I don't suppose you do!
Look... I used to live...
...just over there. In Randers St.
When you were a medical student? No, as a boy.
It was my childhood home. We used to climb over...
...there used to be a fence. But you don't want to hear all this.
I do! Oh, OK.
Niels! Niels! I thought I saw you.
Hi, Robert, hi Sanne.
This is Cecilie. Robert and Sanne.
So this is where you two hang out.
No, Cecilie is...
She was in the car. When Marie and Stine...
And Robert sells combine harvesters.
We were airing the twins.
Yes, it's good to get away from the white walls once in a while.
What was all that about? That was Sanne and Robert.
Robert is Marie's brother and he's in combine harvesters.
So you said... but what came over you?
I just got confused. I forgot why we were out here.
And then they showed up.
I'm sorry.
It wasn't very... That's all right. It's OK.
We can take a short cut.
Cecilie? Come in.
He doesn't want to see you today. Come off it! He says things...
He is within his rights. He doesn't want to see you.
Maybe. But I have to see him.
Joachim? I don't believe it.
We've got to... You are a fool.
Calm down! I told you to stay away.
I asked you to leave.
Yes, but... Didn't I ask you to stay away?
Calm down. I asked you to go.
Calm down...
Which book? You choose.
Is it for me? Yes.
I'll put you to bed. Good night, Daddy.
Daddy'll come in a moment.
Niels speaking. This is Cecilie.
Hi. How are you?
It's Joachim.
I know he's going through hell but he needn't be such a bastard.
I'm just as unhappy as he is.
But he doesn't care. It's as if it's all... fault.
Listen... calm down. It isn't your fault.
Do you hear me?
Shall I come over?
Mummy! Gustav took my Cocoa Pops!
Give them back, Gustav.
Get a move on!
Stine? How much is 20 plus 20? Forty.
Size forty for a bum is plenty. Gustav!
Was that you coming in so late? Yes, it was me.
Where were you? At work.
Why were you up?
Why weren't you asleep?
I couldn't sleep. Were you with the mishap girl?
Her name is Cecilie.
What do you do when you're together?
We talk. OK. That's nice.
You don't think it's odd? No, I don't.
What are you trying to tell me?
She's miserable and I talk to her. The way I talk to all my patients.
Hurry up, Gustav. We've got to go. It may take me ages to finish.
Be quiet and eat up, all right?
Does she like talking to you? You're asking for it!
You go on and on.
What are you playing at?
She's lost her boyfriend. You know how that feels, right?
That wasn't too good. No.
She'd only just stopped crying over him.
It was wrong of me, OK?
But don't you agree she was insolent?
It was nothing compared to what she called me yesterday.
I am just tired. I've been at work.
What did she call you? An East German dyke.
I was proud of her. They're doing the Cold War at school now.
Stine will have to pay for that plate, won't she?
Remember this?
Do you?
Joachim, please look at me.
You're not going to smash me like this.
You're not.
Look at me, Joachim!
Was that it? Was that all we had together?
Joachim, look at me, damn you!
My whole life also disappeared that morning.
With you.
Please won't you come back to me?
Won't you speak to me?
Cecilie... come along.
Is there anything I can do?
Is there anything you want?
Beat it.
Yes? Hello?
Cecilie? Is something up?
Will you come over and hold me?
Yes. Of course.
Was that Cecilie? Yes.
What did she want? She's upset, I think...
Should we do something?
I think she just wants to talk to someone.
She's at the hospital.
She asked if I'd come over.
Can't you? She's at the hospital all on her own.
All right.
I love you.
Right, what's happened?
What's happened, Cecilie? Nothing.
We're just going to stand here for a moment.
Yes. Cecilie, has something happened?
No. We're just going to stand here a moment.
I'll take the boys to school. Stine doesn't start till 10.
OK... have a nice day.
What's up? Showers suit you.
Shall we go to Norway at Christmas?
Gustav and Emil could try skiing.
Yes... but drive Stine to school first, all right?
Have a nice day.
Good morning, Darling.
Got out of bed on the wrong side?
Something to do with Rolf? Rolf is a jerk. His breath smells.
In that case what's up? Why would you care?
You're always with the mishap girl. Stine, do you mind?
Are you seeing her?
Just stop it.
If you go on attacking everyone with all your crap
your life will be very difficult.
She's living at the hospital?
Mum feels the same way. Be nice to her.
She's losing patience with you.
Right. Eat up and I'll drive you to school.
But how long will he go on feeling bitter?
It varies. Some people take years. Others take months.
Some never get over it. They die bitter and lonely.
Nobody can help them. You can't help him.
He's the only one who can.
The only way you can help him is by getting on with your own life.
But he's doing it for my sake. No, he isn't.
He is only thinking of himself. He's so sorry for himself
that it's the only thing that matters.
It's hard. But you must move on.
It's fine that you've met somebody else. No need to feel guilty.
No, but it isn't for real.
He's married and stuff.
Oh, so you can't fall in love with him?
I don't know. I just want to talk to Joachim.
From Joachim Peterson
Don't come after all.
I haven't done the shopping, anyway. I want to be alone.
Pizza delivery. Two pizzas for Cecilie Pagh.
Come in.
Is it OK? Yes, come on in.
Wow! You've certainly rearranged the place.
Yes. It's cosy, don't you think?
What have you done with the furniture?
Joachim took it. He needed it for something.
Maybe he thought it was his.
It may also be a way of trying to tell me
that there won't be a wedding.
I don't know. Maybe there'll be a wedding anyway. You never know.
Are you OK? I'm fed up with talking about him.
I talk of nothing but him.
But do sit down...
You don't think I should go? No, stay. Sit down.
Right. I'll sit over here.
Have you cheated on Marie often?
No, I must admit I haven't. Why do you ask?
Have you ever?
Before, I mean? Before what?
Before this. No.
Not at all? No, I haven't.
Never ever? Never ever.
This is the first time.
Is there anything wrong with that? No.
Hi. Hi. What are you doing?
Nothing. Just walking.
Listen. I've been thinking.
It's no good your not having any furniture.
You must let me buy you a sofa. May I buy you a sofa?
So that's leather.
It's leather.
Is it comfy? Yes.
It really supports your back. Yes, it does.
It's an incredibly lovely sofa. We sell lots of them.
But it's very dark. Haven't you a lighter model?
Not this one. We have other sofas that are lighter.
But this one is incredibly practical. You wipe it with a damp cloth.
And if it tears you can patch it with your trousers.
We'll take it. I saw something over here, too.
Do you only have one of these? No, we've lots.
We'll take two of them. Two of them.
We'd like to look at a bed.
In that case you'll have to move down the bus, please.
Straight ahead and turn left by the stairs.
Then sharp left again. I'll be with you in a moment.
Sharp... left. It was brown.
Aren't you coming up? Yes. It's very clever.
If we have a row we won't have to turn our backs on each other.
I see you've found the mattresses.
They're incredibly lovely mattresses. Elevating mattresses.
I was wondering what the benefits of this position are.
It's incredibly comfortable if you like watching TV or reading in bed.
Lots of people do.
Yes, I can tell.
It's actually a pleasant position.
Are there any that don't move like this?
Of course. But then it'll just be an ordinary mattress.
Obviously. But can't you get the same quality?
Yes, but as I say, it wouldn't be an elevating mattress.
Is there a difference between these two?
In addition to price, this one is an incredibly good mattress.
You get a lot of mattress for your money.
It's the Ferrari of mattresses.
Oh, is it? In that case we'll take two.
And two mattress mats.
Oh, goodbye! I think that'll do it.
I think we've a couple of bookcases left for our other customers.
Down I go... You're mad. I'll pay for it all.
No, you won't. It's just furniture.
If you win the lottery you can give me some money.
There may be a couple of day's delivery time.
That's all right. I think we'll just stay here.
Oh, no, no, no!
Stop it! Hanne!
Damn it! Look at this! Hanne!
Did you call? No. Look!
It keeps turning the pages back.
It's very clever. I can't read backwards, you jerk.
Give Mikkel a call. I'll have to wait till tomorrow.
No, I've got to have another machine. It's the 9th time.
We'll have to ask one of the technicians tomorrow.
Yes, let's tell one of the technicians tomorrow.
Would you like some water? No.
I don't want any water.
Funny you should mention water. Why...?
Because I heard a little story about your son Michael.
Who told you about Michael?
I don't quite remember... Who told you about Michael?
Someone in a white coat?
If you ever mention Michael's name I'll...
You'll what?
You'll what?
Just tell me!
Come on, Hanne, my lass, come on! You'll what?
Just never mention Michael's name. Get the message? Never!
Oh, I didn't mean to...
To what? I'm only asking because...
Because what?
Death by drowning, right? It's meant to be... far as I've heard... one of the very, very worst...
No, I don't think so. Do you know what the very, very worst is?
It's being a selfcentred little bastard
lying in a hospital bed, pitiful and helpless
while his girlfriend is in love with another man.
That's the very, very worst thing.
Get the message?
I'm sorry.
It's not true. She phones every single day.
Hi, Finn.
By the way, I saw that Cecilie girl.
Oh? OK? She's a looker.
Are you shafting her?
Finn, her boyfriend is in room 3092 and he's a quadriplegic.
Yes, but are you shafting her?
That's right, just ask me directly. Well, Somebody is. It shows.
That's good. It's what she needs.
I just didn't know you had it in you. It's great to see.
Is it?
Well, you are a warm, very likeable person, Finn.
Just don't screw up.
It's not serious, is it? Will you just shut up?
What a mess, eh? How old are Gustav and Emil?
Six and eight. Does Marie know?
No. Funnily enough she thinks Gustav is in his mid thirties.
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Out of Reach 2004 I
Out of Reach Rescue The
Out of Sight Collector Edition
Outlaw The (Howard Hawks 1943)
Outsiders The (1983)
Over the Rainbow
Ovosodo (Paolo VirzÍ 1997)
Owl and the Pussycat The 1970
Owning Mahowny