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Open Hearts CD2

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Jeeze! Have you told her? No, I have not.
Wait. It may blow over.
If so, that'll just be that.
But it's a toughie, specially if all she wants is a bit of consolation.
Would you look at this? I'd like your opinion.
What is it? A sick man. That's why we're here.
Why not turn it up a bit?
Look, Mum, a Mercedes van. Lovely. Really lovely.
It's much better than a horse. Yes. What have you drawn?
A skeleton. Will you help me colour it?
Ask dad, will you? I'm reading. Stine, why not bash a few saucepans?
I'm going to the supermarket. What for?
Can we come? To do the shopping.
We've done the shopping. We need some... Yes, you can.
Dad, can we have a swimming pool? No.
All you need is a JCB to dig the hole.
We're not having a pool. I thought you wanted a boat?
I do. What about that PlayStation?
Emil, come here! You can't have everything you want.
Why not? One just can't.
One has to choose. I choose the pool and the Mercedes.
You'll have to save up for them. No.
Dad, can we have one of these? What is it?
It's a plunger. No.
Can we have a bag of these? That's the last thing for now.
That's the last thing. No more now.
Hey, stop it!
Cecilie speaking. Hi. How are you?
Hi! I'm fine. How are you?
I'm pushing a trolley
round a supermarket where all I can think about is you.
I can see why. How boring!
What I'm trying to tell you is that... yes.
I'm afraid I've really fallen in love with you.
Are you still there? Yes.
Dad, can we have these? Not now. No more.
Calm down!
There's a special offer on those. Thanks.
I just really want to see you.
Hey! Hey! No mobiles. They screw up the card reader.
I'll only be a second. Turn it off right now.
Just a second. Now!
May I finish? Turn it off.
I'm back. Can't I phone you later?
Yes, all right. 'Bye.
That will do! OK?
Both of you!
What have you bought?! There are winegums, too.
It's for the weekend. Baby food?!
It's my jam. Did you buy that?
Honestly, what is all this junk?
We chose anything we wanted. Dad was on the phone.
Who to? Shall we have the chocolate?
To Finn. Here... Stine, too. Go upstairs.
Who to? Finn. He's a bit down.
Don't lie to me. I'm not a fool.
You say I'm lying to you? You just stare into space...
I know you weren't talking to Finn. You're saying I'm lying?
Don't you think I was talking to Finn?
Shall I phone him? Who were you talking to?
Where's the phone? Do you want to ask him?
Was it Cecilie? We'll phone him.
Was it Cecilie?
Are you having an affair with her?
You don't mean what you're saying, do you?
Do you mean what you're saying?
Shall I tell you something?
You were the one who asked me to help her. Agreed?
You're the one who told me to get up in the middle of the night
to go and help Cecilie. OK? It wasn't my idea, was it?
I'd really like not to have the trouble.
You go and talk to her. You help her.
Shall we do it that way?
How old is she? 22? 23?
She looks younger than some of Stine's friends.
Don't look away. Don't tell me I've got time for an affair.
You're the one who wanted me to help her. It's for your sake.
I didn't ask for this.
I just think you're being strange. Am I being strange?
Is it strange that I'm tired? You're not your usual self.
No. I'm tired because I work all the time.
And I'm sorry if I stare into space.
When the hell did you get so jealous?
It's just that I...
I just think...
I just think you're acting a bit strangely.
I'm not acting strangely. I'm tired, damn it!
I'm always at work. Is it strange?
Give me a break! Is it strange?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry if I'm not all there.
I'm tired, tired, tired. That's all there is to say.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Is there something wrong with you?
Did the boys give you any sweets? No.
Really? I think I'll have a word with them.
What's up? What?
What's up? Nothing.
Hi. Hi... will you kids get that?
Hi. Cecilie keeps phoning.
Oh, OK. She sounds a bit...
Did you talk to her? Not really.
Won't you give her a call? Yes, after supper.
Dad? A lady for you. She knows my name is Emil.
Niels speaking.
Why don't you answer your mobile?
The battery's flat.
Your little boy is sweet.
The furniture's arrived.
Get some sleep and phone me at work tomorrow.
Is your wife there? Precisely.
I'll phone you tomorrow, then. Yes. At work.
She says hello. Thanks. Was she OK?
I was wondering... perhaps we should ask her for supper?
This evening, maybe? Not this evening.
Isn't it OK just to be ourselves this evening?
Sure. Do you want rice or potatoes?
Goodnight. Goodnight.
Neurosurgery, Hanne speaking. Hanne speaking.
This is Cecilie.
I just wanted to hear how Joachim was or if he'd said anything.
There's no change, Cecilie.
That's it.
Now all we need is our bed.
You don't think we should cool it a bit?
What do you mean, "cool it"?
Just what I said. Cool it.
I'm sorry I've kept phoning. It's not that. That's OK.
It was silly of me. It's not that.
I just can't figure out...
I just can't figure out what we're doing.
I can't.
What the hell are you at?
Stine? What the hell are you doing?
What are you doing here? I know everything.
You're having it off with her. You bastard.
Stine, listen... Does she like the furniture?
What? You won't even buy me a dress.
Listen... Stop it!
You've had a dress. That's not the point.
Let go of me! Stop it!
Stine, come back! Stine! Stine!
Thanks for trying to help, Anja.
I'll tell her to phone if I hear from her.
Thanks. 'Bye. 'Bye.
Well? I can't find her.
She's really for it now. Easy does it.
Something must have happened to her. It's 10.30.
Nothing's happened to her. ...Nothing's happened to her.
Just stay away from my dad.
You little tart!
You were wearing that jacket the day Joachim got run over.
But your hair was different.
It was my fault. What?
I told mum to go faster.
It was my fault.
It wasn't your fault, Stine.
Yes, it was. I'm sorry. No, it was an accident.
Want to come in? No.
Just stay away from us. Find another family to destroy.
OK. I'm going inside. I'm cold.
He's just screwing you. He isn't crazy about you at all.
Have you got a boyfriend? None of your business.
In that case it's hard to explain. What the hell do you mean?
I've had loads of boyfriends. I've got one now.
Oh. I thought he'd dumped you?
Did he tell you that?
Don't interfere with my life.
Or my dad's. No.
I know you know your dad loves you and your brothers
much, much more than he'll ever care for me.
Can't you just find somebody else?
Marie speaking. Hello. This is Cecilie.
I just wanted to say that Stine is at my place.
She's all right. I just wanted to let you know.
OK. Fine. We'll pick her up right away.
'Bye. And thanks.
She's at Cecilie's.
Why is she at Cecilie's?
Probably because I was at Cecilie's today.
Stine followed me.
She got upset and ran off because I bought Cecilie some furniture.
You bought some furniture for her? Yes.
Why did you buy ...What's going on?
How many times have you been to her flat?
I don't know. Six times? Seven, perhaps?
Marie... Marie?
No, no, no...
What about her boyfriend? Does he know you've been visiting her?
Are you out of your mind?
How long have you been lying to me?
I didn't mean this to happen. Does Stine know?
Yes, she does. Apparently.
Is that the kind of team we are now?
I run over the boyfriend and you fuck what's left?
Is that it? Stop it.
Me, stop it? Fuck her all you like but keep her away from my kids.
But when you've finished fucking her please come home again
because otherwise a lot of people will get very upset.
If she so much as gets close to my children I'll kill her.
Get the message?
Where are you going? ...Where are you going?
I'm going to get my daughter. Stine. Remember her?
Where does Cecilie live? I'll get her.
Tell me her address. I'd be happy to go.
I don't think you should. Just tell me where she lives.
Why? I'd be happy to... Where does she live?
Where does she live... 16, Fish Pond Street. 3rd floor.
You know her address by heart! You fool!
I'd better go down on my own.
Hi, Stine. Wait in the car.
Go on. I'll be right with you.
Well... thank you. No trouble.
I can see why you're upset.
I can.
I can also see why you need somebody to comfort you.
But you mustn't destroy our family. It's not like that.
Far too many people will get upset. Do you see?
Far too many people will get really upset.
Do you understand me? Yes.
So stay away.
Stay away.
And by the way...
We can't afford all that furniture.
Was dad angry? Dad wasn't angry.
Dad is just a huge idiot.
Hello, Princess. Hi.
Are you hungry? No.
Sure? Yes.
I'm sorry. No.
You're not the one to say sorry. I am.
I'm sorry, Stine.
She's nice.
Are you going to leave us?
You are.
I'm in love with her.
No, you're not.
You're not.
What about her boyfriend? I can't help it.
I think about her all the time. What can't you help? She's 23.
Not much older than the shirt you're wearing.
She's confused you, that's all. It's because you're confused.
I can't... I'm sorry. I'm going to have to go.
Please won't you stay? I can't bear it here.
I can't bear lying to you all the time.
Do you love her?
I suppose I do.
No, you don't. I'll have to go.
Please stay.
I love you. Please!
I know.
I can't.
What about the children? What when you're not here?
Stop it. Don't start. You won't see what they do.
Stop it! What about Stine?
Stop it! I think about it all the time.
I love you, Niels. Please won't you stay?
I can't. I can't stay here. My head is spinning.
Please won't you stay?
Mummy? What?
When are we going to eat?
Ask your father. He's leaving us.
I didn't mean it, Niels.
I know. I just can't. It's no good.
It's no good.
I'm sorry. Marie, listen... let go of me.
I'm sorry. It'll be over in a moment.
I'll pull myself together, OK? lt'll be better in a moment.
I've left them.
She's stopped coming, hasn't she? You refuse to see her.
Doesn't she phone any more either? She phones every single day.
Every single day?
I dreamed she had somebody else. I don't think so.
You know fuck all about that. No, you're right. I don't.
God, you're ugly. Yes. I have not been fortunate.
Can't one of the surgeons fucking you remove the bags under your eyes?
I don't know. They probably can't be bothered.
Let me ask you straight out...
Do they sign a list to shoot their wads up your cunt?
I don't think we know each other well enough for me to answer.
Eh? Let me give you some advice. You can take it or leave it.
Take whatever you can get.
Of what? Men.
Do you need some fresh air? What do you mean?
How about a short walk? When we've had lunch?
Just a short one.
Cecilie here. I can't come to the phone right now...
This is Hans Thomsen, Rigshospitalet.
Joachim asked me to phone you to ask if you'd come and see him.
Perhaps you could phone me. Goodbye.
Shall I give you a lift?
I think I'll just walk.
'Byebye. 'Bye.
Hi. Hi.
I... have missed you.
I... am sorry I...
That's OK.
Will you help me? Yes.
I'm driving. Give me a push.
Hi, guys! Hi, Dad!
How's things?
Fine. Happy Birthday!
Is it for me? Yes. And a bit for you.
It's really heavy. What is it?
A Mercedes horse with a swimming pool on top.
It can't be. Mercedes aren't this small.
Open it, then! Let's see what it is!
Open it! I am.
Hi. Hi.
How is everything?
The last of your stuff is in the hall.
Good. What stuff?
A few shirts and books.
You've got cream right here. Oh, OK. Thanks.
Was it a horse? What was it?
Look, Mum! Dad's given me a PlayStation!
Wow! You lucky boy! It's brilliant.
Shall we see what it's like? Yes.
What do we do? Need any help?
Stick a few flags into the cake.
I'm not the best in the world at this. We need mum to help us.
No, I want to try.
Are you living at work?
When will Uncle Finn be here? Uncle Finn is not your uncle.
And why isn't he coming?
He's at work.
But he says Happy Birthday and that being eight is cool.
But it means no present. Sanne and Robert will have one.
How is Cecilie?
Are you going to live together? Stine!
It isn't a secret, is it?
You don't want to talk about it?
No. Stop it.
Have fun! Goodbye.
Take care, you little devil.
See you! Yes. Have a great birthday, Gustav.
Gustav! Can't you stay?
We're having pork. I have to go to work.
But I'll come and see you in five days' time.
OK? Give me a kiss!
Thanks for the cake. Thank you.
Take care now... all right?
It's not pretty but it's clean. Thanks.
Do you want a TV down here? No, thanks. I'm fine.
Fancy getting drunk? No.
I'll give it a miss. I need some sleep.
Cheer up. Marie will have you back.
It'll take three months. It always did with Mille.
They just need a while to flex their biceps.
Give me a break. You don't know what it's about. Do you?
Maybe it's not about getting Marie back?
In that case it might take longer. It probably will.
Goodnight. Goodnight. Thanks for the sheets.
Careful. All right, all right!
Bloody hell! Be careful!
Hold on tight.
Taste this one.
We'll have to build a ramp.
Is there anything else you'd like?
Yes, Tommy. Tell you what...
Do you think you could help me to have a pee?
Because Cecilie can't go into the gents'.
I was joking.
Tommy! Relax! Bloody hell!
You had me there. But call me if needs be.
I'll be right with you.
Yes, what the hell am I doing here?
You are very beautiful.
But I really want to tell you that it is OK...
...that you don't want to be with me.
It's fine. It's perfectly all right
if it's because you don't love me.
It is not all right...
...if it's because you're confused as hell.
Because if so I'll go mad.
I don't know what you want with me.
What do you want with me? What do you want with me? Eh?
You don't know. Because you are spoilt as hell.
You are so bloody spoilt.
You said "Come here, I want you".
"Lovely. Take him!"
Then you changed your mind.
I love you.
That's what I came up the stairs to say.
Right. Now I've said it.
Niels, please... What do you want?
What? To kiss?
To hold me, even?
I've been missing you, too.
I have. I've been missing you.
What are you thinking about? Hey! Why aren't you asleep?
I thought you were tired.
What were you thinking?
I was wondering whether we should go to the theatre tonight.
We could have supper somewhere first
and then find a play we both want to see.
Cecilie... What is it?
I never go to the theatre. It bores me to death.
I'm not the one you ought to take. You are.
No. Yes.
I don't want to go.
All I ask is for you to come and see me now and then.
And to help me a little. Specially to begin with.
As time goes by more and more time will pass between visits.
But by then I'll be much better at coping.
You mustn't cry, all right? No.
I'm not crying.
We were just unlucky.
That's no reason for you to suffer.
Sweet, widefingered Cecilie...
See you.
See you, all right? Let's say so, eh?
Yes. That's the best way.
'Bye. 'Bye.
Take care. Same to you.
Hi. Hi.
I've left Joachim.
Or we've left each other.
What now?
I don't know.
But I'll work it out.
May I phone you?
Yes, you may.
See you. Yes.
Cecilie? I want you to know that had I known all this would happen
I'd have done it anyway.
Shall I sit with you for a bit?
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