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Open Range CD2

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How you doing?
We run a freight outfit|when the weather cooperates.
Boss Spearman.
And the marksman here|is Charley Waite.
Is all that true,|what you said in the café?
There's a kid at the doc's house
put on death's doorstep|by Baxter.
Doc's wife's caring for him
until he comes back|after the storm.
Doc's wife?
Yeah.|Miss Barlow.
You mean Sue?
That's right.
Well, she'd make somebody|a fine wife.
But she ain't the doc's.
That's his sister.
His sister?
Ain't his wife.
Good evening, Mack.
Ray, Cory.
This is Ralph Peterson.|He runs the general store.
That's where I was|when the dog got free.
You fellers the free grazers,|I expect.
No offense.
Personally, I don't stand|with others around here
about free grazers.
There was a fight in your store|about a week or so back.
Some of Baxter's men|jumped our friend.
He was a big feller.
Yeah.|I saw the whole thing.
That big feller drubbed the hell|out of them other three.
Broke one's arm.
Be a gunhand named Butler,|would it?
That's what they say.
Felt bad about your friend.|Is he all right?
He's dead.
That's too bad.
Seemed like|a nice young feller.
It's a shame what this town|has come to.
You could do something|about it.
We're freighters.
Ralph here's a shopkeeper.
You're men, ain't you?
I didn't raise my boys|just to see them killed.
Well, you may not know this,
but there's things that gnaw|on a man worse than dying.
Evening, gents.
Better get out of this weather,
or your bones are gonna be|even stiffer than mine.
Heading into the saloon|to do just that.
Come looking for you boys.
I'd have bought you a drink|if you was earlier.
Then turn around|and do it now.
Marshal's got men waiting to|waylay you back at the livery.
Another one's in your wagon.
And then there's another|in the shed across from it.
Marshal with them?
He's sitting up there|all by his lonesome
in that warm, dry jailhouse|with his feet up
waiting for them|to bring you in.
Or kill you.
Well, thanks for the warning.
Like I told you, never been|partial to the marshal's ways.
Dent Baxter's either.
You're near the only friend|we got in this town.
I'll be buying a drink or two.
You keep it quiet, all right?
Time's come.|How you want to play it?
Well, I work for you, Boss.|I'll play it however you want.
Nobody works for anybody here,|Charley.
Now, the name Butler mean|anything to you?
You hear names when you're on|the other side of things.
He as fast as they say?
He's a killer.
Know him if you saw him?
He ain't hard to recognize
if you know|what you're looking for.
Too bad if we get|shot up tonight
before we get a chance|at him and Baxter.
Sure as hell is.
Tell you what,|I'd like to sit someplace dry
while the marshal's men|sit out in this rain.
Won't be so steady|come morning.
Small town.
It's hard to hide even at night|in this weather.
What do you want to do?
Heard me an idea|sounded pretty good.
You did, did you?
Well, all right.
He's alone.
Get your hands up.
You must be plumb crazy.
Shut up.
You're dead men.
Didn't he tell you to shut up?
What's that?
Chloroform.|Stole it from the doc's.
You gonna arrest me|for that, Marshal?
Well, looky here.
He's asleep.
Looky here.
Put 'em down.
This way.
BOSS: What do you think?|Do you like it?
You like it,|you son of a buck, you?
- Huh?|-
A little bit more?|A bit more?
A bit more.
Wasn't no call to leave me|setting out like that.
- There wasn't a lot of time.|- I ain't bait, Charley.
I hear you.
Best you remember it.
Well, I guess you ain't gonna|let me forget, are you?
Starting to enjoy that part,|aren't you?
Sorry if we woke you.
No, no.|You didn't.
- Come to see if...|- Go see for yourself.
- Hey, Boss.|- Hey.
You gave us a fright, pard.
Thought we was gonna lose you.
Just taking a little nap,|that's all.
It's good to have you back.
We owe you, Miss Barlow,|and we thank you.
You best thank God instead.
Yes, ma'am.|We'll... give that a try.
Well, I expect you men|are hungry.
Button just ate.
I thought I'd make myself|some breakfast.
Two more mouths wouldn't be|any bother.
I'm just gonna change.
You.|You should try to sleep.
He will.
Now, you do as she says now.
Yes, Boss.
I'll be along in a minute,|Charley.
Be seeing you, Button.
If you don't mind my saying,|ma'am, you look...
Oh.|It's been a long night.
Why don't you sit?
Let an old cowpoke cook up|some breakfast.
No, I couldn't let you.
Sure, you could.
Thank you.
I want to apologize|for earlier.
Oh, no, no.|There's no need.
You were startled.
No, it was more than that.
I've been trying to put|some bad times behind me.
But sometimes|they don't stay put.
Always makes me feel better|to let things breathe a little.
Not bury them.
I'm learning that.|Trying, anyway.
Well, that's all|any of us can do.
Just glad Button's|getting better.
Don't believe I've ever seen|Boss so worried.
Well, the doctor will be|on his way home
as soon as the storm's passed.
By the doctor,|you mean your brother?
It's just we've been thinking|that you and the doc was...
husband and wife.
You did?
Didn't find out|till last night.
Thought you was married, Sue.
Why, no.|I'm...
I'm not, Charley.
Well, that's good.|I mean that's good to know.
Otherwise,|we'd been thinking wrong.
We wouldn't want to do that.
No.|No, of course not.
Much obliged to you, ma'am.
You're very welcome,|Mr. Spearman.
Thank you, Sue.
Take care of yourself,|Charley.
Are you just gonna go off like|that without saying nothing?
Ain't nothing to say.
I seen how you look at that gal|and the way she looks at you.
It ain't right to walk away|without a word.
What do you want me|to tell her, Boss?
We probably ain't gonna make it?
|Be a big fat comfort.
I don't know what you should|tell her, Charley.
I wish I'd have said more|to my wife before she passed.
This may be the last time she|sees you in this world, Charley.
Or you her.
So tell her whatever you can.
'Cause she's entitled to more|than just your backside
walking away.
I'm not sure|what's worth saying or not.
Well, you don't have to|say anything.
Yeah, I do.
Boss is right about that.
He's right|about a lot of things.
It's just...
I'm not who you think|I am, Sue.
I've... been places.|I've done things.
Most of them, I'm not proud of.
You know, I always hoped|somebody gentle and caring
might come along.
Years pass.|A small town and all.
And your hopes begin to fade|a little every day
until you hardly remember|what they were.
I've seen who you are, Charley.
The way you looked after|that boy
and the respect you give Boss.
It might be little bits.
But they're enough|for a woman who looks.
Men are gonna get killed|here today, Sue.
And I'm gonna kill them.
You understand that?
I want you to have this.
It's always brought me luck.
I... can't take your locket.
It's not your choice|when it's a gift.
It's a good likeness of you.
It's my mother|when she was young.
She's beautiful.
I want you to know that|if I don't ever see you again
that I meant everything|I said to you
and I appreciate everything|you said to me.
Ain't nothing that happened in|this old town been a surprise.
Except you.
I'll be seeing you,|Charley Waite.
Yeah.|If you are.
Morning, boys.
Brung you breakfast.
Hey, you kids.|Come away from there.
Come on.
You get along.
What do you suppose|this looks like?
It don't matter.
Whole town knows|there's a fight coming.
They just hope it don't|spill over to them.
Well, if I'm gonna get killed,
I got a hankering to soothe|my sweet tooth.
What can I do for you fellers?
Thinking about some candy.
- Candy?|- Yeah.
Yes, sir.|Candy.
Got anything you want.
- Got jawbreakers.|- Yeah.
Gumdrops, candy canes,|licorice, caramel, honey crisp.
Jujubes, lollipops,|milk chocolate...
Looking for something special.
Now, what's the most expensive|you've got?
Ooh.|I got just the thing.
- This is dark chocolate.|- Yeah.
It comes all the way|from Switzerland, Europe.
That's near France, see.
They call it bittersweet.
Melts in your mouth.
- You tried it?|- No.
How do you know|it melts in your mouth?
Well, truth is|we can't afford it ourselves.
Mm-hmm.|I'll take two.
Don't you want to know how much?
Yes, sir.
And three of your finest cigars.
My friend and me got a hankering|for Switzerland chocolate
and a good smoke.
Now, these come all the way|from Havana, Cuba.
Thank you.
- Anything else?|- No. That'll do it.
How much I owe you?
It's... $5.
Here you are.
Believe I'll enjoy|these later, Boss.
You ought to do yourselves|a favor and ride on
while you still got time.
Tried minding|our own business.
This is good.
Worth every penny.
You're gonna|get yourselves killed.
Try that, Ralph.
Go on.
Sitting right here|in front of you.
Never even tried it.
Shame to go forever without|taking a taste of something.
Charley, let's go.
BOSS: Percy!
Up here!
Brought you a cigar.|All the way from Havana, Cuba.
You don't say?
I've heard about them,|but I never had one.
Much obliged to you.
What do you think?
Better than them crappers|I usually smoke.
So, you're gonna make|your stand down here?
Yeah.|But out there around our wagon.
Not much choice without getting|a lot of innocent folks shot up.
Like to place some guns and ammo
where we can get to it|on a short run.
Help yourself.
We'll try to stay|out of your barn.
Might not be able to.
Best bring in your livestock.
Be wishing you good luck now.
Thank you.
It's a pretty day|for making things right.
Well, enjoy it.
Because once it starts,
it's gonna be messy|like nothing you ever seen.
I ain't survived my years
without being in|some fights, Charley.
I ain't doubting|your grit, Boss.
You got more than any man|I ever known.
It's just that...
I don't mean to be hard.
It's just the other night,|them fellows
back in them trees we let go.
It was my call, Charley.
I can see now|it was probably a mistake.
It's not what I meant.|I mean, maybe it was.
But the fact is it's what I|always respected about you.
What I always appreciated.
How you treated other people|and how you treated me.
How you never look|for no trouble.
That kept me from trouble.
But it's found us here, Boss.
And if we're to have|any chance, you'll...
You go on and talk, Charley.|I'll hear you.
I'm almost certain
they'll be overly confident|in their numbers.
Especially if we're standing|right out here in front of them.
It's not like we'll have|any advantage.
But if they're out there|with us,
then they won't have as much|as they might have otherwise.
I don't figure all of them|to be killers.
Only two or three like Butler|will have done much of it.
I'll be looking to him.
The others will be hired men.|Probably saddle tramps.
Maybe ex-Army.
The rest will be cowpunchers.
They won't want to line up|in front of us.
It'll happen fast|once I start.
So just keep yourself|moving forward.
And they'll either move or root.|Maybe even freeze up.
It don't matter which.
You just start right in on them|with that scatter-gun.
When you've done both barrels,|drop it, pull your pistol,
and make a run for that building|where we stashed them others.
I'll be trying to do the same|if I can.
Sounds like you got it|all worked out.
Except the part|where we don't get killed.
Best smoke these|while we got the chance.
I'm thinking about getting out|of the damn cattle business.
You never said nothing|except nag me and Button
about getting ourselves out.
Well, maybe my own words|struck a chord.
Thought maybe|I'd sell off the cattle
and have enough to start up|a saloon somewhere.
Man could stay cool|in the summer
and dry in the winter.
Some dancing girls might be|nice, you know?
Have to get me some.
"If I die,|please sell my good horse
and my good saddle and my guns
to buy a tea set|for Miss Barlow."
"Charley Waite."
I like this one.
But I don't know."
"Princess pattern."
Oh, hell.
What's the matter?
Oh.|Looks like you waited too long.
Kind of like us|and free grazing.
Well, good is good.
Melted or not.
Looks like you're plumb chained,|to your work, Marshal.
Get up, Poole.
He ain't worth a damn.
Get them all up!
Sobered up!
I got a feeling there's gonna be|a new marshal in town.
All right!
It's time to settle|these free grazers.
Oh, you leave your horses.
We're walking down|to their wagon.
When we get there, you better|empty your guns in them.
Or I'll damn well|shoot you myself.
Now, you three skirt|the buildings.
Get into the alleys|on the side.
- Come on.|-
Hayley!|Come away from there.
Finish these later.
I'm not going to my maker|without knowing your given name.
Mine ain't Waite.|It's Postelwaite.
Charles Travis Postelwaite.
What's yours?
Sure ain't Boss.
I mean it, Boss.|I'm asking you straight up.
It's Bluebonnet.
Bluebonnet, yeah.
No middle name?
No, just Bluebonnet Spearman.|And don't you tell no one.
I want to hear you swear|an oath. Now, go on.
I swear it.
All right.|Okay.
Just in case.
Said eight.|Count five.
You should have run when you|had the chance, Spearman.
Not much for running|from cowards.
I see the marshal ain't|with you.
You won't find it so funny
when you're all shot to hell|and dying.
- You the one killed our friend?|- That's right.
I shot the boy, too,|and I enjoyed it.
Back up!
Where's the back door?
- Back door!|- Right this way.
It's locked.
You hit?
I'm good.
You get out of this house!
You pull that trigger, Baxter,
and you can forget about me|patching you up.
You get your bag.|You're with me.
Go on.
Get the hell up, Poole!|On your feet, God damn it!
You're... going out there.
We ain't ourselves yet!
I see they hobbled you.
It's been a while|since I was in a fight.
I panicked. Fell back.|Like to have broke my foot.
Ornery old fool.
Well, or that damn Cuban cigar|got me riled up.
CHARLE Y:|You two wait here.
BOSS: Hold on, there, Charley.|Hold on.
I ain't looking over my shoulder|the rest of my days.
You said we was gonna|kill them all.
I aim to do just that.
I meant kill them.|Not murder them.
Splitting hairs,|ain't you, Boss?
Mister, I heard what you said.
I won't come after you.|I promise.
No, I expect you won't.
I ain't gonna let you|do it, Charley.
You do this, you ain't no|different than Poole or Baxter
or that gunhand of his|that murdered Mose.
Him killing Mose|is how this started.
We come for justice,|not vengeance.
Them is two different things.
Not today, they ain't.
Step aside!
Listen to him, son.
You done what you had to here|because they give you no choice.
Don't go making this|into something bad.
This ain't the way, pard.
Mister, thank you.
Thank you.
Didn't do it for you, boy.
Just make peace|with your bad deeds.
Get in here!
Oh, my God.
Get out of the way.
- Put it down.|- Let the lady be!
BAXTER:|We got your boy, Spearman!
You better drop them guns|and come walking down the street
or I shoot him.
You've got ten seconds!
We ain't giving up our guns.
He's gonna kill Button anyway.
The only chance for him or us|when we walk up is these guns.
SUE: Stop!
Stop it!|Stop it right now!
You're a disgrace,|Marshal Poole.
You always have been.
I know it.|That's just the way it is.
Have a nice rest,|did you, Marshal?
You'll be having a long one|yourself in a minute.
Been enough killing for you?
Be enough when you're|both dead and buried.
Let the woman and boy go.|They ain't a part of this.
If you want considerations,
you drop them guns|on the ground.
Let her take him to the doc's.
The doc's in jail,|and he ain't leaving
unless your guns|are in the dirt.
I'll crush any man|who stands with them!
When I finish that,
I'll torch your homes and drive|your wives and children
out into the cold prairie.
So you women, you better|take hold of your men.
If you don't, you'll be raising|orphans by winter.
Mack Langly!
It doesn't matter|whether you run or stay!
You and your boys|are already dead!
Mack Langly is our friend!
I didn't come all the way|from Ireland
to see my land pissed on|by free grazers.
Now, I want them guns|in the dirt.
Him first.
The gunhand.
Looks like you're losing|your army, Marshal.
MAN:|Get down!
It went through?
Is he hit, Sue?
- Sue, is he hit?|- No! No!
But he's bleeding bad again!
God damn it.|Can you stop it?
I'm trying.
I'm gonna kill you, Baxter!
Well, come on, if you're coming!
Can you cover me?
Might be best to wait him out.|Probably bleed to death.
I ain't waiting.
Button needs that doctor|right now.
Well, you know,|that door's locked.
Well, it won't be|when the scatter-gun hits it.
I'm waiting for you, Spearman!
I'm coming for you,|you son of a bitch.
Okay, Charley?
You ready?
I'm dying.
And for what?|More cows?
Killed a good man.
And maybe that boy|out there out yonder.
You get no sympathy|for your death.
You're... nothing.
Yeah? Maybe so.
But I'll still be breathing|in another minute.
Well, kill me, then.
I ain't wasting a good bullet|to ease your pain,
you son of a bitch.
Your man's in the saloon.
Ordered everybody out.
Asked to see your sister|iffen she's willing.
He'd like to speak with you,|Miss Barlow,
iffen you ain't offended|by entering a saloon.
Bring him on up.
Put him in there.|We'll make room.
Baxter got any kin?
Daughter is all he has left.
It'd be right if somebody|explained things to her.
There never was|any love lost between 'em.
Even so, she's his daughter.
And kin is funny|about such things.
Come on.|Come on.
I didn't mean for you|to have to...
walk into this place|in front of those people.
I don't care what anyone|out there thinks, Charley.
You don't have to|stand up for me.
Well, just the same,
I wanted to tell you that I'll|be leaving in a day or two.
I'd like you to stay.
I think others would, too.
I can't say I haven't|thought about it.
Truth is, there wouldn't be|a corner here
that don't have|a bad memory for me.
I've been holding my love|a long time, Charley.
I know you feel something|for me, too.
I do.
But I ain't no more|than those who come to kill us.
You seen that yourself.
Maybe you've done|some bad things.
Maybe worse than bad.
But what happened here today|wasn't one of 'em.
And those killings,|they don't give you pause?
I'm not afraid of you, Charley.
It brought me luck.
Just like you said.
It's yours now.
You keep it.
I don't have the answers,|Charley.
But I know that people|get confused in this life
about what they want|and what they've done
and what they think they|should have because of it.
Everything they think they are|or did takes hold so hard
that it won't let them see|what they can be.
I've got a big idea|about us, Charley.
And I'm not gonna wait forever.
But I am gonna wait.
And when you're far away,|I want you to think about that.
And... come back to me.
I'm in love with you, Sue.
Been that way since|I first laid eyes on you.
Just took me a while|to see things clear.
I know I'm not the kind of man
you expected to walk up|your front walk.
If I was your brother,|I wouldn't choose me for you.
Do you know how old I am?
Don't care how old you are.
I'm not a girl anymore.
You're the handsomest woman|I ever saw.
I've had my disappointments,|Charley.
Well, I'm not gonna be|one of them.
I never thought I'd live|as long as I have, Sue.
I guess living the way I have,|it never really mattered.
But thinking I was never gonna|see you again was maybe...
Was maybe the most awful feeling|I ever had in my life.
I know I can be|a good husband to you.
And I know I ain't|asked you proper.
But I'm asking you now.
Will you marry me, Sue?
I'll marry you.
And can I kiss you?
I'm gonna give you a thousand|of these before I'm done.
Hey, Charley!
Looks like the doc|changed his mind about you.
Something wrong?
No.|Everything's fine.
I forgot to tell you|I'll have word about the saloon
by the time you get back.
Sounds good.
You take care, now.
I'll be along.
Told you I was wanting out|of the cattle business.
There's a saloon right back|there just had its owner die.
Hoping you'd be my partner.
I cant afford something like that.
Not even half.
Well let the brains of the outfith|do the thinking.
You are comming back, arent you?
And i will be waiting for you charles!
Keep nothing private.
Have to go back know.
I dont want to loose side of the roof tops.
I mean it Sue.
Got to go!
How this gona work if |you dont do what i say.
I told you, i gona get 8000
Before i die!
You make sure you do.
Let go get our cows.
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